The Cincinnati Reds hit the road in Arizona this afternoon as they cross town to take on the Chicago Cubs at 4:05pm ET. Graham Ashcraft will get the start for the Reds.

Reds (2-1) and Cubs (2-2-1) Lineups

Reds Cubs
1 Tyler Naquin RF Nick Madrigal 2B
2 Mike Moustakas 3B Willson Contreras C
3 Shogo Akiyama CF Jason Heyward CF
4 Jake Fraley LF Patrick Wisdom 3B
5 Colin Moran 1B Alfonso Rivas 1B
6 Jake Bauers DH Michael Hermosillo LF
7 Alejo Lopez 2B Brennen Davis RF
8 Andrew Knapp C Narciso Crook DH
9 Miguel Hernandez SS Sergio Alcantara SS
10 Graham Ashcraft SP Keegan Thompson SP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster:

Pitchers Infielders
Phillip Diehl Quincy McAfee
Hunter Greene Matt McLain
James Marinan Leonardo Rivas
Reiver Sanmartin Cristian Santana
Art Warren Francisco Urbaez
Nick Hanson Eric Yang (also a C)
Pedro Payano Outfielders
Matt Pidich Trey Amburgey
Spencer Stockton Lorenzo Cedrola
Catchers Allan Cerda
Chris Okey TJ Friedl
Garrett Wolforth Michael Siani

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

The game will be live on the Reds on Radio Network. The broadcast will be on 1360 WSAI in the greater Cincinnati area. The game will be available on live.

Reds links and news

Cincinnati signs Brandon Drury

The signing isn’t official as I’m tying this, but Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Drury has a locker in the clubhouse…. so assuming he doesn’t fail his physical he’s going to be in the Reds organization. We wrote a little bit about Drury here earlier today.

Allen Corboda reassigned to the minors

There was one cut made today from big league camp as the Reds sent utility player Allen Corboda to minor league camp. He had not played in either of the two Cincinnati spring training games.

Wade Miley: “They kind of try, then they stop”

Wade Miley is the latest former Red to chime in about how the organization is run. Over at the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bobby Nightengale spoke with him about his time with the Reds and also got him to speak about the sell off.

It’s a little bit of a pattern there ever since they had that core group in ’13 or ’14,” Miley said. “After those guys left, it’s they kind of try, then they stop. Kind of try and they stop.

Game Recap: Cubs 3 – Reds 2

The game was dominated by pitching on both sides, but the Cubs scored twice in the bottom of the 8th inning to grab a 3-2 lead and they held on in the 9th.

The Highlights

Graham Ashcraft allowed a run over the first 3.0 innings. The big righty allowed a hit and he hit two batters while getting six ground outs and striking out two. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that he hit 100 MPH in the first inning of the game, too. Lefty Reiver Sanmartin followed up with an inning of relief that saw him retire the Cubs in order. Hunter Greene had to work around a “hit” on a pop up to first baseman Colin Moran, who lost the ball in the sun and watched it bounce on the dirt for a single. Greene struck out two batters in his inning of work, throwing 17 pitches.

Art Warren worked around two hits and a walk in a shutout inning that also saw him strikeout two batters. Ryan Hendrix made quick work of the Chicago lineup in the bottom of the 7th with a perfect frame.

James Marinan struggled in the 8th inning, giving up two hits and two walks while only recording two outs, and being charged with two runs. He was relieved by lefty Phillip Diehl, who induced a ground out to end the inning.

The offense got rolling when shortstop Miguel Hernandez doubled into the right-center gap and scored on Tyler Naquin single. Cincinnati took the lead when Mike Moustakas crushed a home to right field to make it 2-1 in the 6th inning. He finished 2-3 on the day.

Shogo Akiyama, Jake Fraley, and Jake Bauers all went 1-3 on the day. Allen Cerda was the only reserve to pick up a hit, singling in the top of the 9th inning to represent the tying run. He was stranded as the Cubs held on to a 3-2 win.

You can see the box score for the game here.

Tuesday’s Game

Vladimir Gutierrez will take the mound at 4:05pm ET. Game will be on MLB Network as well as Radio broadcast will be on 1360 WSAI in the greater Cincinnati area.

21 Responses

  1. RedsFan11

    Miley’s comments come as no surprise to anyone who cares about this team. But it doesn’t matter. As tough as it is to accept, the fact is Bob doesn’t need us.

    Does winning help overall hype and ticket sales (yes look no further than 2 blocks west). But the casual fan who goes to 2-3 games a year will still go to 2-3 games a year. Why? Because its a great environment and great summer activity with friends and family. I’ll probably go to 2-3 games at least, even though I am at peak frustration with this organization.

    The early 2010 Reds averaged 2.3-2.4M fans per season. The misery that finished the second half of the decade averaged about 1.7-8M fans per season. That difference of 500k may seem like a lot, but when multiplying by an average ticket cost of $30 that’s only $15M. To get that extra revenue through the gates Bob would need to sign 2-3 solid players costing him $20M plus. I truly believe Bob would rather suck and save even a measly $5M which is pennies on the dollar to him.

    Sell the team Bob

    • BK

      Just a thought … Bob Castellini is a part-owner with reportedly a minority stake (meaning less than 50%). Most importantly, he’s the CEO with oversight/day-to-day decision authority. Rather than “Sell the team Bob,” a better mantra would be “fire the CEO.” The CEO is accountable to the Board of Directors which for the Reds is headed by W. Joseph Williams (Chairman) and Thomas Williams (Vice Chairman). While the Reds are handicapped by market size and the CBA, their largest problems are a lack of a coherent strategy over time. From my perspective, this offseason has potential to have been their worst since at least 2015. The CEO should be held accountable for this.

      • Tom Reeves


        In the early years, Bob tried to replicate the St Louis strategy – create a great fan experience and boost attendance, using increased revenues to develop and attract talent. Reds fans did begin to show up for winning seasons and there were a few trips to the playoffs – but neither the winning nor the attendance were sustainable.

        The team botched the mid-teens rebuild waiting too long to trade talent from a flawed roster for developable talent. Further, until the last few years, the minor leagues failed to convert nearly enough prospects to solid big leaguers. Dick Williams was doing well converting a strategy but I think 2020’s financial loss sunk him (plus, I understand that he had to jump ship to save the Williams family business in downtown/metro commercial real estate, which was crushed during covid).

        With the TV contract it makes sense why the Reds bet the farm on 2020. Of course, covid hit, the Reds lost over $40m. There’s speculation the Reds lost money again in 2021 but Forbes hasn’t released its analysis.

        Krall doesn’t yet strike me as a strategic genius but, of course, maybe we can’t see the full field. The trades he recently made does do inject some talent into the farm system and the Reds do seem a bit better at developing talent. They also seem to have a small core growing with India and Stephenson. Hopefully Senzel and Naquin (also a 1st round draft pick) can join that core. The starting pitching farm talent is getting closer.

        Regarding the “CEO,” there’s no doubt Bob C. invested a lot of revenue back into the fan experience. The fan experience at GABP is top notch. But that investment never really converted to attendance. That strategic didn’t work. If we’re indeed in the middle of a new strategy, it’s going to require a lot of prospects be developed into high performing big leaguers. We’ll see.

    • LDS

      You are only looking at narrow revenue and expense. Consider media subscribers, etc. Winning teams drive revenue ACROSS the board. It’s not just gate receipts.

      • BK

        No LDS, I’ve looked at the data provided by Forbes, the total revenue picture. Go check out the differences in revenues between the top 6 or so teams and the Reds and then consider that most of those dollars enable discretionary spending (or profit) for those teams vs. the Reds.

      • BK

        Whoops, you weren’t replying to me … my humble apologies.

      • LDS

        BK, nbd. We all do it. Small market doesn’t have to mean mediocre. That’s a choice.

    • Joey Red

      I used to go to 2-3 games a year but no more. It ended when this franchise entered rebuild mode a few years ago. Yes it’s a great environment but why give my money to an organization that don’t care? There’s plenty of things to do and it no longer includes Reds baseball. This organization is pathetic but I have my memories as a kid when Reds baseball was everything to this area. These so called rebuilds just rip the heart right out of fans who think success might be around the corner but instead it’s just another money grab by ownership.

  2. Grand Salami

    Moose with a bad E-5 ranging just a bit to his left on the shift but Ashcraft rings up Wisdom looking on an inside breaking curve or whatever his breaking pitch is.

    He looks very good.

  3. Grand Salami

    Funny to hear cubs announcers presume Colin Moran will have a big role with the club. Predicting he will platoon with DH and spell Joey as a featured backup. Don’t see that.

    • Indyred

      You’re forgetting that David Bell seems to play any veteran over a young player unless he has no choice.

      • MK

        So what young player do you see in that role.

  4. VegasRed

    I do. Moran has played fairly steadyl in the central and against the reds and probably the cubs. Journeyman kind of player that Bell loves. IMO, he sees himself in them and loves playing them over younger guys with more potential upside.

    Plus, bell loves to tinker with different lineups and personnel per his history. He sees players like Moran as if they are fungible and he can plug and play, pinchhit, and otherwise move his chess pieces on the board. It is a weird way to manage but he is part of a school of thought that manages this way.

    I don’t like it, and it only seems to work for special teams like the dodgers who have quality players across the board. It is frustrating to watch but I guess it really doesn’t matter for a team that isn’t going to compete anyway—like the reds.

    I know there are some who think it really doesn’t matter who the manager is or what he does, that the record isn’t really affected one way or the other. Maybe that’s true—I don’t really know. Part of the fun of baseball is thinking what move should be made, as the game does have a ton of chess-like strategy.

    We all kind of recognize a team that has the balance, experience and talent to win. It seemed the reds might have close to something last year but just lacked too many pieces. I don’t think they will be close to winning this year —probably 72-75 games or so.

    • LDS

      It matters and I agree with your assessment. We knew when Bell was extended last August that they had no intention of competing in 2022 – short of miracle overperformance. And should that miracle occur, Bell will scuttle it.

      • TR

        As long as Big Bob is the CEO and Bell is the manager, the Reds will never be a youth oriented team like the Rays or the A’s.

  5. Wayne Nabors

    Well Moran ain’t really showed me anything today,which means he has probably impressed bell,we definitely do not think alot

  6. MK

    The DH is typically a 35+ quality hitter with declining defensive skills. Sounds like #19 to me.

  7. MBS

    Very excited for GA, HG, and RS outings today. All 3 could be on the opening day roster in one role or another. Well Greene would be up as a starter, but the other 2 could start or relieve.

    I don’t think I’ve missed it, but I’m wanting to see Minor and Castillo. Minor because he’s new, and Castillo because of how he started last season.

  8. AMDG

    I’m torn between who has the better plan for achieving an objective of winning,

    The Reds’ management & David Bell, or Wile E. Coyote.

    Sadly, I think I have to side with the coyote…

    • TR

      If the Reds have an ‘objective of winning’, IMO, it is to play, in general, low cost veterans in order to increase Bob Castellini’s profit when he sells his share of the franchise. Bell’s contract has been renewed because he prefers playing veteran players. The team will only again be competitive when Dick Williams returns as CEO.