The Cincinnati Reds have signed free agent reliever Kyle Zimmer. Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that he was in the locker room on Saturday afternoon.

Kyle Zimmer was drafted 5th overall by the Kansas City Royals back in 2012 out of the University of San Francisco. It would take him nearly seven years before he reached the big leagues, debuting in March of 2019. That season he would pitch in 15 games for the Royals, but he really struggled as he posted an ERA of 10.80 with 28 hits allowed and 19 walks in just 18.1 innings pitched.

For as bad as the 2019 season was for Zimmer, he came back and put it all behind him in the shortened 2020 campaign with Kansas City. The right-handed reliever pitched in 16 games and threw 23.0 innings with a 1.57 ERA, allowed just 14 hits, walked 10, and struck out 26 batters without giving up a single home run.

Last season saw the righty go 4-1 and pitch more games and innings than he had in his career to that point, but his ERA jumped up to 4.83 in his 54.0 innings and 52 games. His walk rate went up as he handed out 30 free passes. The home run rate went up, too. After giving up just two homers in his first two seasons that covered 41.1 innings he gave up seven homers last year to go along with 46 strikeouts. Following the season he was released by the Royals.

In today’s game, Kyle Zimmer doesn’t miss too many bats. His strikeout rate for his career is just 21.6%, and it was just 20.6% in 2021. And his walk rate for his career is quite high – 14.2% – and it’s never been lower than 11% in any of his three seasons. Low strikeout rates combined with high walk rates is never a good combination. Where Zimmer does stand out a little bit, though, is his high ground ball rate. For his career he’s a 49.6% ground ball guy, but he’s been at 50% and 52.4% in each of the last two seasons. The league average rate is just 42%.

As of the publishing of this article the deal has not yet been announced by the club. Nor has anyone reported whether the deal is a big league one or a minor league deal that includes an invite to spring training.

9 Responses

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    Nothing special to expect from this guy unless he repeats 2020 performance but along the 162 games of this 2022… Another arrow shot from the Reds’ Front-office

  2. LDS

    I can’t look a acquisitions like this without thinking of last year with Doolittle & company, guys Bell will go to in high leverage situations, long after the fans and media have figured out that the guy can’t deliver. By the time the guy is cut, the Reds will be 15-20 GB. Who knows, maybe it’ll be different this time. Maybe not.

  3. Max BRAGG

    Said for years As long as you got this owner group take your kids to Kings Island. 105 at least in loss column! ZIMMER who?????

  4. Harold

    I thought Jeter left the Marlins because of the tight money situation that would not allow him to sign players. Let’s face it the Reds are going to continue to tear down our team. We have not plan that will lead to winning only to saving money for ownership. I predict 90 – 100 losses. With our two decent starters being traded at the deadline for young unproven talent. It will be a long time before this team sees 80 wins again.

  5. Jimbo44CN

    Has beens, cast offs, whatever you want to call them, this is exactly how the bullpen was built last year. What fun, get ahead by 3 runs in the 4th, lose by 5 in the 9th,UGHH

  6. Ken

    Another game-changing addition to the roster, and the only way we find out is because someone saw him in the clubhouse? Why are they being so secretive? Oh. I get it. While the Twins pick up Carlos Correa, we get a pitcher who can’t miss bats and can’t find home plate. Terrific. Who do they think they’re kidding?

  7. Brayan

    Throw – threw – thrown
    He threw the ball through the window.