The Cincinnati Reds are about to begin playing spring training games. There will be 18 games in 19 days beginning on Friday March 18th. Some teams, like the Los Angeles Angels, broadcast every single spring training game. While the Reds have had more games broadcast in recent years than in the not-so-distant-past, they still don’t have too many games available through Bally Sports Ohio. Every game will be available on the radio, either on 700 WLW or 1360 WSAI in the greater Cincinnati area.

The Spring Training TV Schedule

Bally Sports Ohio will broadcast 6 of the teams 18 games this spring. An additional 4 games will also be available on if you have that service. Here’s the breakdown of the schedule for both radio and television (as always, this is subject to change – and if it does we will do our best to update this):

Date Time Opponent TV Radio
18-Mar 4:05 PM Guardians BSO 700 WLW
19-Mar 9:05 PM A’s N/A 700 WLW
20-Mar 4:05 PM Giants BSO 700 WLW
21-Mar 4:05 PM Cubs 1360 WSAI
22-Mar 4:05 PM Dodgers MLBNet 1360 WSAI
23-Mar 9:05 PM Brewers BSO 700 WLW
24-Mar 4:05 PM Royals N/A 1360 WSAI
26-Mar 4:05 PM Giants MLBNet 700 WLW
27-Mar 4:05 PM Rockies BSO 700 WLW
28-Mar 9:05 PM Cubs MLBNet 700 WLW
29-Mar 4:05 PM Rangers BSO 1360 WSAI
30-Mar 4:05 PM A’S 700 WLW
31-Mar 9:05 PM White Sox N/A 700 WLW
1-Apr 4:05 PM Angels BSO 1360 WSAI
2-Apr 9:05 PM Padres N/A 700 WLW
3-Apr 4:05 PM Dbacks N/A 700 WLW
4-Apr 4:05 PM Royals N/A 1360 WSAI
5-Apr 3:05 PM Mariners N/A 1360 WSAI
All games on Bally Sports Ohio will also be on

John Kiesewetter of reported on Wednesday that Bally Sports Ohio has not yet announced their regular season television schedule for the Reds. With that said, it’s been a long time since Bally Sports Ohio (or formerly Fox Sports Ohio) didn’t carry a game that was not exclusive to a national broadcast. I would expect that to remain the same and that every game this season will be available to watch (though you may need to have access to one of MLB Network, ESPN, FOX, or Apple+ for the odd game here or there).

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  1. Jimbo44CN

    These may be the most entertaining games of the year. Sigh

  2. Bdh

    I like the Colin Moran signing today. Solid hitter to slot in as the DH

    • Jimbo44CN

      Never liked that guy, but I guess he could spell Joey at 1st base