Bill Lack and I got together for the first ever The Riverfront live stream on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. We discussed the trades of Sonny Gray, Jesse Winker, and Eugenio Suarez, and what to expect next from the Cincinnati Reds.

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9 Responses

  1. Vada

    If Reds fans are upset about the trades made so far they might want to checkout the details of the stadium LEASE. Not only has Mr. C been pulling the wool over the fans eyes he has probably the BEST stadium LEASE in baseball. The current lease expires in 2037. The team only pays $1.00 on rent. Fans are begging him to SELL the team. With a deal like he has why would he sell. While the fans are becoming frustrated I can’t understand why the mayor and city council hasn’t gotten involved in Mr. C’s “get rich on the city” scheme. Fans may feel like crying but the team owners are laughing all the way to the bank. Think about it: as an apartment renter you are asked to help bankroll a new apartment complex. So you agree to put down say 10% of the cost to build. Then sign a contract that says you only pay $1.00 a year to rent an apartment. That’s the deal the Reds owners have in their new ballpark. Fans can either WALK or they can continue to HOPE for change for the better. The fans should be blaming the mayor and council members for this fiasco not the owners. My figures on the LEASE could be wrong. Ian not a lawyer. If I am wrong I’d appreciate it if someone would educate me.

    • Alex

      I’d be curious if the Reds deal is thru the city or the county. Not sure on reds but the Bengals deal was thru swindling the county. Oh big Bob. Inherits a sweet stadium, after inheriting daddy’s company. Some ppl have it made. Poor downtrodden Bob. Being a billionaire owning a team is difficult and terrible and we are lucky to have these billionaires. Just read the redlegnation thread during the CBA. BK and Stock will tell you all about downtrodden big Bob. It’s not because he’s a total trust fund baby moron. It’s cause his life is hard and the whole world is against him and he just needs more free revenue sharing money to compete. More free money for big Bob! Just like the free money he got from daddy, the free money he’ll get when he sells the team, and the stadium deal. What a crock of crap.
      Mike Brown is now a better owner than you big Bob. Drink that in you pathetic sack of snake feces. Sell the team and take your jersey boys crew of trust fund baby sons with you. BOYCOTT!!!

  2. RedsFan11

    Can Doug or Chad get a hold of their contacts and reach out to Votto? Tell him the fans are perfectly okay with him demanding a trade. We WANT him to leave, he deserves a chance with an actual team

    • Vada

      Sorry, but Votto leaving will only pad the pocket of the owners by another $22 million a year. Sad to admit but a complete BOYCOTT is the only solution. I wonder if the tv series WKRP in Cincinnati was Mr. C’s idea. There are ALOT of similarities.

    • MuddyCleats

      I can’t believe Votto has stayed this long. Never understood how a player w/ his abilities wasn’t bothered by playing for a perennial loser….?

  3. TR

    If all this hyper activity for undervalued gain is not for Big Bob to sell his controlling interest in the Reds, then it must be a change in operating philosophy to the ‘Tampa Bay way’ without the quality of the Rays front office.

  4. Redfuture

    These moves dictated by Mr. C are definitely disturbing and hard to justify for someone who claims to want nothing more than to bring a championship to the Reds. They had a good base especially with an additional playoff spot to play with. Regardless I try to put together a lineup from the current roster. The key is to move India to 3B. Hard to believe good free agents can be enticed to join the team at the point.
    C Tyler Stephenson
    1B Joey Votto
    2B Alejo Lopez/Max Schrock
    SS Jose Barrero/Kyle Farmer
    3B Jonathon India
    LF TJ Friedl/Jake Fraley
    CF Nick Senzel/Shogo Akiyama
    RF Tyler Naquin/AristidesAquino
    DH Mike Moustakas

    • Old Big Ed

      Or move Senzel back to third.

      The outfield is AAA level, outside of Naquin.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d prefer they don’t screw with India’s position and leave him at 2B. I’d be in favor of seeing Nick Senzel back at 3B.