The Cincinnati Reds are not likely going to be bringing back free agent outfielder Nick Castellanos. Reds general manager Nick Krall spoke with the media on Saturday evening and was asked about Castellanos and possibly coming back.

“We have not been engaged with his representatives.”

That’s about as definitive of a statement as you can have. So if you were holding out hope that there would be a reunion, those hopes are likely dashed at this point. Things of course can always change, but it seems very unlikely that if they aren’t even talking at this point that it would take some absolutely unforeseeable circumstances for all of that to change.

While Castellanos does seem to be off the table, the team hasn’t been sitting on their hands since the lockout was lifted.

“We called agents and other teams,” said Krall about the first thing the front office did when the lockout was over. “We touched base with every team and about every agent that we possibly could. Our focus is looking at long term success and focus on sustainability. Everything we do is geared toward those two goals in mind.”

The outfield situation is undetermined

With Nick Castellanos seemingly out of the picture, Krall was asked about what the outfield situation looks like, but couldn’t provide a good answer just yet since everyone isn’t in camp at this point.

“Right now coming into camp we’ve got Wink (Jesse Winker) in left, Tyler Naquin in center/right. We’ve got to re-evaluate Nick Senzel, where he is. We need to re-evaluate Shogo (Akiyama), from a health standpoint when he gets here. We just haven’t seen these players and where they are, so it’s tough to answer that one right now.”

Lucas Sims is behind

As things go every spring, some players are going to be behind for one reason or another. This year one of those players is going to be Lucas Sims, who is delayed with what Krall said was “some elbow stuff”. It was not specified just how far behind he was.

Update at 9:45pm

Sims told Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer later in the day that he’s “all clear” with regards to any injury concerns.

Lucas Sims could be a pivotal part of the bullpen in 2022. He had a bit of a strange season in 2021, posting a 4.40 ERA in 47 games while striking out 76 batters in 47.0 innings pitched and allowing just 34 hits. In the first half of the season he posted a 5.02 ERA and hit the injured list in late June after giving up three runs without recording an out against Minnesota. After returning on August 9th he posted a 3.44 ERA over his final 19 games of the season.

Tony Santillan had offseason surgery

The 2021 season was a good one for Tony Santillan. As a rookie he pitched in 26 games – mostly out of the bullpen – and posted a 2.91 ERA in 43.1 innings where he struck out 56 batters. During the offseason he underwent ankle surgery, but he’s back on the mound and is already throwing bullpen sessions according to Nick Krall.

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  1. Broseph

    Nearly 9 months removed from surgery and they have to see where Nick Senzel is? Really? They had no idea how he was doing in November?

    Joe Burrow came back from total ACL surgery faster to play a contact sport. The non-committal, political language from Reds FO is really wearing thin.

    • MBS

      Are you shocked that they can’t be confident in Senzel? I was as excited as anyone for him when he was drafted, but the shine has been off that apple for some time. Hopefully he pulls a 2021 Naquin, and realizes his potential. Fingers crossed.

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      The words coming out of this organization’s mouths are often weird and incomprehensible. Castellini is just a bad owner, who doesn’t care about winning, only selling bobble heads.

      The owner is destroying his fan-base.

      • Rick Sander

        I agree. If your not going to spend money to compete, sell the team to someone who will. They should have known, when they bought the team, they won have to spend to compete.

    • redsfan4040

      If the players were locked out, does that include medicals? Could Reds’ medical people not do rehab with Senzel over the course of those 99 days that would have otherwise happened in a normal off season?

      • Doug Gray

        Yes. The Reds medical people were not allowed to interact with any players – rehab or otherwise. Guys that were doing rehab had to do it with someone else.

  2. LDS

    I think Krall succeeded in demoralizing the Reds fanbase even more. I didn’t hear his comments but none of the written coverage implied that Reds fans should expect anything other than a patchwork lineup. If I was really cynical, I’d infer that his comments on long term success and sustainability point to a salary dump for prospects. Who knows, maybe something will change for the better but I’m not hearing it here.

    • DaveCT

      I should not be surprised in Krall’s lack of leadership but here we go again. Krall is a bureaucrat. His role requires someone who can communicate and, for lack of a better word, market the club in a positive way. This droll ‘maybe this, maybe that, if this, if that’ is borderline incompetent. Thanks Big Bob. This hire is shameful.

  3. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    Message received, the rebuild is on. 2022, no chance of competing, unless Greene, Lodolo and Ashcroft turn into Gooden, Cone and Darling.

    Even with success from the young pitchers, this Owner would probably refuse to go out and get some bats at the deadline. And you can bet all three will be shut down in mid-August due to innings.

    Castillo and Gray are next up in the fleecing process.

    • Votto4life

      A “rebuild” indicates they have a plan to improve the team. Their only plan is to reduce payroll.

      • jim m

        Yeah how did that so called rebuild work the last time???? They are going back to sucking and zero accountability…. sell the team Bob!!!

      • Greenfield Red

        The big mistake of the last rebuild was only trading for major league ready prospects. There is little to be gained by trading a cheap high end prospect for a much more expensive established player. It was all smoke and mirrors. None of them made any difference. Not from Cueto, Chapman, Frazier, and of them. Pathetic.

  4. Melvin

    No matter how crazy and frustrating Big Bob, Nick Krall, and David Bell can be, we still have baseball. They can’t take away from the game itself. It’s still the best. By the time those three are done it doesn’t sound like we’ll have much in terms of expectations. When you have nothing to lose sometimes you get very pleasant surprises. We still get to watch a Hall Of Famer. Hope he stays healthy and away from bean ball pitches.

    • LDS

      And it’s what Bob and company are counting on – we fans will buy the product regardless of its quality. Thus far he has been right. The Reds need a Steve Cohen type owner.

      • Votto4life

        The Reds are going to make money from the TV contract and revenue sharing. They are not going to increase their payroll on the chance of increase revenue at the gate.

        There is absolutely no incentive for the Reds to spend money. You would think the other owners would get tired carrying teams like the Reds and Pirates.

        Bob Castellini may be the worst owner the Reds have ever had and that is saying quite a bit.

  5. Redsvol

    This team needs the young guys to step up. If we bring in a bunch of has beenw and journeymen then the manager is going to give them playing time. If he has to rely on the younger guys early- barerro, friedl, Moretta, santillan, Greene, lodolo, kolasvary- then we will know what we have going into 2023. I’d like to see one experienced Outfielder added, but other than that I’m ready to embrace a youth movement. Time to see what we have.

    • Jason R Franklin

      I agree, it is time to throw away the old baggage. I would love to see Lodolo and Green make the rotation at some point this year. I think it is pretty slim that even one will make it out of Spring Training now that it has been shortened. I wonder what would happen if Jay Allen tears it up this year, would they consider a rush job if they are in semi-contention?

    • MK

      The Reds had three Rookies receive votes for Rookie of the Year in 2021. I don’t ever remember that happening (maybe 1970). Seems to me they are allowing the young people to step up.

  6. Votto4life

    The one good thing about the lockout was not hearing Nick Krall’s doublespeak. He also seems to think he should get credit for making phone calls to other GMs.

    • JayTheRed

      Yes, of course he had to call all the GM’s. He had to see who was interested in his players since he can’t afford all of them. I am sick of them trying to compete halfway. At least when Linder owned the team you knew he was a cheapskate and what was coming. I still am mad about them just letting Wade Miley walk for nothing and every trade not counting the trade deadline deals that got us a better bullpen, have been salary dumps. Even the Barnhardt deal was a pure shot in the dark with the guy we got back.

      • Greenfield Red

        I’ve said it a hundred times on here, give me red hot or ice cold. Luke warm is for losers.

  7. Brad

    The one thing I was thinking is that the Reds are probably going to have to cut more payroll. The league minimum went from $570,500 to $700,000. Don’t know how many Reds are going to get a raise but that money doesn’t grow on trees. Krall needs to redo his mandate to “align payroll with our resources” and “cut baby cut”.

  8. Rednat

    Geez, spring training has not even started and I am already depressed about the reds. I appreciate Melvin’s statement above that at least we have baseball this year. But GEE WHIZ, this pattern of getting are brains beaten in night in and night out by teams with twice the payroll as us has been going on for over 20 years now and it is getting old. Part of me wishes the lockout would have continued until the league totally collapsed and had to be rebuilt from scratch.

    maybe I am being pessimistic but i don’t think an outfield of Winker, Naquin, Senzel is going to be enough. (that is assuming they can even stay healthy)

    • JayTheRed

      Don’t worry they will pick up some scrap heap guy to fill the Outfield.

      • TR

        There could be big changes in the next month. The outfield could be a pleasant surprise if Winker and Senzel are healthy, with AA and Shogo as the 4th. and 5th. outfielders.

    • Alex

      Teams that spend less have alot more success than the Reds as well. Though it is hard to spend less than the reds. Perhaps the real bad news is that payroll isn’t the main issue with this team.
      We have to accept that it’s always going to be big Bobs fantasy draft. Everyone in the org that was building a smart org is gone. Krall does what big Bob says.

      • Redsvol

        which Teams would those be @Alex? I count 1. And 11 teams are spending less than the Reds this year and 15 last year. Apparently it isn’t that hard to spend less than the Reds.

        Not too many teams have prospects like Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, Graham Ashcraft, and Jose Barerro breaking into the major leagues during the same year. Not 2 mention 2 guys named Tyler Stephenson and Jonathan India who did quite well as rookies last year.

  9. jim m

    I never dreamed That Mike Brown would ever be loved way more than Bob with the Reds…i just want him to sell.. it has to suck for him knowing he will never get what he promised Reds fans when he bought the team.. a World Series Championship back to Cincinnati.. Marge has what he will never have because he doesnt care….A World Championship trophy!!!! I am more excited who the Bengals will go get to help Burrow, than wztching a front office of the Reds pocket money and thinking fans care more about free pizza, bobbleheads and the dang ballpark experience!!

  10. jim m

    What message can fans send by not selling out opening day…whenever that is

    • Redsvol

      How about sending a message to the team and the staff that we are going to support them, regardless of ownership, by attending the games this year. The team was competitive 5 out of 6 months last year and attendance stank – and no it didn’t just stink when the capacity was reduced for COVID purposes.

      Reds are projected to be in the middle of the pack with payroll. Yes, I would like for ownership to spend a bit more but its not like we are the Pirates, Guardians, Orioles or A’s. I prefer to support the team and focus on the young guys development.

      • Old-school

        Ill be their @Reds vol rooting for the Reds.
        Gabp is a great place and surrounding banks is outstanding atmosphere.

        That said, I’m still going to gripe about the bullpen, underperforming overpaid vets and David Bells handedness rotations with AAAA players

  11. Old-school

    Nice work Doug. Good info, even if its not what we want to hear.

    Focusing on the long term means waiting for some old contracts to expire and sustainability means no more big contracts.

  12. Russ S

    As a fan, anger comes from the fact that the Reds exist is an extremely winnable division and have a strong core. If the Red’s owner had a win now mentality, he’d attempt to resign Castellanos, get bullpen help, and go for it. Red’s fans might understand if the decision was not to try to re-sign Castellanos and instead use the money to bolster the bullpen and sign a combo of Winker, Castillo, or Mahle to extensions. Neither of these paths are where the Reds are choosing to embark. Rather, they seem resigned to firmly believe that Cincinnati should be a Tampa Bay. Meaning – trade any player who is on pace to make substantial money and focus purely on creating windows of opportunity by draft and development, hoping to hit on groups of young players who can be paid little and exceed expectations all at the same time. Like it or not, that is a strategy.

  13. Hotto4Votto

    Interesting that Krall didn’t mention Aquino in the OF mix. Of course I didn’t expect him to go through everyone, but Aquino has been part of the team for a few seasons and so is more established than a Friedl or Shrock. Sometimes what is not said is just as important as what is said, and if true that doesn’t bode well for Aquino.

    Also saw that the Reds released Alf-Rod. That signing frustrated me like few others when it was made. I couldn’t fathom how the Reds thought it was a good idea to sign a no-bat all glove SS for that much money when it was going to put them in the penalty. Especially when it was thought at the time that the bat may never develop (it didn’t and strangely enough the glove wasn’t as good as advertised). It made Vlad and Barrero cost twice as much once they signed Rodriguez to such a bonus. Should have just signed Vlad and Barrero and not gone so deep into the penalties and wouldn’t have been barred from signing IFA’s in subsequent years. Well, now that era, like so many other failed short lived eras are over for the Reds.

  14. Adam

    Does anyone know how I can watch the Reds? I live in the KC market. Is it just

  15. RedsGettingBetter

    Is there any info on Tejay Antone´s recovery? The most recent was written on August 27, the surgery day…

  16. Mike Adams

    Let me join the pessimism but on a different topic.
    Players report today and spring games start Friday the 18th?
    Five days to get into playing shape?
    I fear there will be injuries due to the hurry up spring training.
    I know, all teams are in the same boat but I fear injuries will hurt the Reds more.
    Somebody talk me down off the ledge…..

    • Mark Moore

      I have to believe it will be a far slower start than what we have normally seen. Plus, a good number of the players have been conditioning and getting ready on their own. Doesn’t replace Spring Training, but this isn’t like the old days when this was where the work started. Not by a long shot.

    • doofus

      “HANG ON MIKE, Bob Castellini will be there to catch you!”

  17. blue_n_white61

    Just a horrible organization. Rebuilding a rebuild that didn’t work.

  18. Bill

    Let’s catch lightning in a bottle, the trouble is that bottle has been broken years ago. This team will never go anywhere until you get different ownership. If you want to be competitive you have to go out and spend more money to get quality ball players. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this. Better Players Better Team Better Attendance More Money$$$$$$ Figure it out please.

  19. doofus

    Most teams that have reached the playoffs improve their team by making offseason moves, not the Reds. They start the dismantle.

  20. Bet on Red

    Sonny to the twins, return not released yet. Another 10 mil saved

  21. doofus

    Bob Castellini should never, never bemoan the fact that fans do not buy tickets to see the Reds play at the GABP. “BUILD A GOOD TEAM AND THEY WILL COME BOB!”

  22. Stock

    Sonny Gray is a Twin. Chase Petty (18 year old pitching in Complex league (40+) FV per Fangraphs) is now a Red. Seems much less than what the A’s got for Bassitt.

  23. Bill

    Dumpster fire. What a stupid trade. Throw in the towel Bobby before the season begins. Do use all a favor and sell the team

  24. Tim Hunt

    This team and the Organization is a complete dumpster fire. If the ownership is not prepared to spend money then why did you buy the team ???? You have a good core and you are single handedly tearing it apart. You want to solidify you team for the next 5-10 years.. you sign Nick. C. He is your heartbeat !!!! He was your leader… NOT Joey Votto… This was Nick’s Team and the Fans loved him. Honestly.. NOBODY should show up to games this year. INCLUDING OPENING DAY !!!! Force good ole Bob to sell this team. He has made it a dumpster fire. Make a statement everyone ! There has got to be someone in Cincinnati that actually wants and has the ability to make this team competitive.

    Let me put it this way.. When the city of Cincinnati has more respect for Mike Brown than yourself… It is time to cut your losses because you are a complete failure !

    I am so glad I moved to Florida last month. I have been a Reds fan since 1977 (I was born in 1970) It may be time for me to actually be a Ray’s fan, or even the Marlins. All I know is when you are quitting before the season has started…. YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS OWNING A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL TEAM !!!!