Todey is the dey. The Cincinnati Bengals are playing in the Super Bowl. It’s been 31 and a half years since a franchise from Cincinnati has played for a championship. Some of you may remember the 1990 World Series. Some of us don’t. It’s been a long time coming.

While not everyone that visits Redleg Nation is a Bengals fan, a large majority probably are. And the rest of you who aren’t probably plan to watch the Super Bowl tonight. Even non-football fans tend to watch the game, celebrate in some manner. The commercials. The snacks. The halftime show. And it all gets started with The Puppy Bowl at 2pm.

What’s on your menu for today? At Casa de Me we’re going to have calzones and Gold Star dip (Skyline and I are not on speaking terms). There will be chips and pretzels. And around 11pm, hopefully there will be fireworks in the greater Cincinnati area.

If you’re, uh, life-experienced enough to remember the previous Bengals Super Bowl or two, do you have any good stories to share? I’ll start.

In January of 1989 I was 4-years-old. My parents were hosting the Super Bowl party. I have zero memories of the actual game. But perhaps that’s because I was traumatized before the game even began. You see, my cousin, who was five, came over with his mom to watch the game. And he showed up with his face painted like a bengal. My mom asked me if I would like to go get my face painted before the game started. In my 4-year-old brain my mother was asking me to get a face tattoo that would be there forever and I just lost my mind and had a meltdown. Why would my mom want me to look like that for the rest of my life? I couldn’t handle it. Anyways, that’s my only memory from the last time the Bengals played in the Super Bowl. I really hope today goes better than that one.

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  1. Rick

    My only memory — and I’m not sure it even happened — is Jerry Rice diving an holding the ball over the pylon for a TD. I just recall how unfair it seemed at the time and how it signaled that the 49ers we’re so much better than us.

  2. Jeffery

    Chris Collinsworth desperately trying to recover his own fumble in Superbowl XVI

  3. Tom Mitsoff

    My Reds and Bengals fandom began in the same year, 1973. So I’m in year 48 of the Cincinnati pro sports experience. 🙂 I was a little older than Doug in 1989, 26, and I remember watching the game at my parents’ house. Two memories linger (other than the late loss):

    I remember when Stanford Jennings returned a kickoff for a touchdown, I jumped so high that I scraped a knuckle on the ceiling. (I don’t remember which knuckle.) And when Jim Breech hit a field goal with about two minutes left to give the Bengals the lead, I remember thinking, Oh my God, the Bengals are going to win a Super Bowl. Of course, Joe Montana had other ideas. So today, I won’t make any assumptions about anything until the game ends.

    It’s a monumental moment for all of us Cincinnati pro sports diehards. I do have some champagne cooling in the fridge if things go the right way. I don’t have a prediction. I think it’s a true coin-flip game. The Rams have several probable Hall-of-Famers taking the field, but the Bengals have the better quarterback.

    Have a great day, all!

  4. Mark Moore

    I wasn’t a Bengals fan (still chasing the Phish in those days). I do remember some of the players like Collinsworth.

    What I’m seeing tells me these Tiggers had better start bouncing or they’ll have to count on a 2nd half miracle … again.

    We were in Grand Rapids when Stafford was the Detroit Lie-Downs QB. You could see he was talented but … Detroit. I’d like to see Joe and the boys pull it out, but I won’t be completely disappointed if Stafford has his day.

  5. Mark Moore

    Quite the game so far for Joey and the Tiggers. Stafford won’t go quietly though. Not by a long shot.

  6. Tom Mitsoff

    The window for rookie contracts for Burrow and Chase is three years before they have to start blowing things up to afford both of them. If I’m Duke Tobin, I’m trying to acquire established veteran OLs who have more than a year left on their contracts, and I’m using 2022 draft picks to make those trades if needed. Relying on the draft to fix the OL is a shortsighted strategy for this team at this time. It takes time for young players to develop. Go get players who are established and take advantage of this window.

    • Steven Ross

      There are some high quality FA OL to keep an eye one. Scherff is probably too expensive so Armstead, if he leaves the Saints, would be a nice addition. Laken Tomlinson from the 49ers and Conner Williams from Dallas would also greatly improve the OL.
      Resigning Reiff is also on the table since his deal wouldn’t be too expensive. This organization has nearly $60m in Cap Space so they need to get this done.

      • JB

        Scherff and Corbett are going anywhere between 8-12 mil a year. Jensen the center for The Bucs is about 10. Spend the money now and get it done.

  7. TR

    Similar result to the 1989 Super Bowl in Miami where the Bengals were winning and Montana and the 49er’s beat them in the last minute.

  8. Rut

    Charlie Brown always has hope and thinks he is going to do it, but Lucy always swipes that ball in time.

    Not sure Aaron Donald wants to be called Lucy, but if the shoe fits…