Father time is no match for Joey Votto and the Cincinnati Reds first baseman showed why on September 27th when he hit the longest home run of the Reds 2021 season. The lefty crushed his 35th homer of the year as his year-long assault against Cody Ponce continued.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

Cody Ponce has not had any luck against Joey Votto and on September 27th that trend continued. The righty tried to get a cutter by the Reds first baseman on a full count. The 89 MPH pitch left the plate at 111 MPH and landed way up in the sundeck for Votto’s second homer of the day.

Distance Metrics

Distance: 466 feet

Reds Rank: 1st

Major League Baseball Rank: 30th (tie)

Joey Votto Rank: 1st

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 27°

Exit Velocity: 110.9 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 13th (tie) out of 222

MLB Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 404th (tie) out of 5935

The Story Behind The Blast

Joey Votto had homered off of starter Connor Overton in the 1st inning as the Reds put up four runs and ran him from the game. Cody Ponce took over for the Pirates to begin the 2nd inning and pitched well through the first two frames he saw. But then he ran into the top of the Reds order for a second time and they didn’t play around. After a sacrifice fly by Nick Castellanos, Joey Votto came up with a runner on and he laid into one, cracking a 466 foot homer to put Cincinnati up 7-0. It was his 35th homer of the season and it helped the Reds clinch a winning season as they picked up a 13-1 victory to move to 82-75 on the season.

To say that Joey Votto has the number of Cody Ponce would be an understatement. Votto is 4-8 against Ponce with four home runs. Perhaps the fear of Votto is what led Ponce to explore the option of pitching in Japan for the 2022 season. Maybe it was the paycheck, too.

You can follow along the entire series here

7 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Not the fastest exit, but it sure flew a long way. What a sweet swing!

    Thanks again, Doug, for this series during our “dry season” of waiting. Some fantastic memories of what was. Let’s hope some of these are shadows of what will be in 2022.

  2. Rednat

    people tend to blast the owners and i get it. But look at the sparse crowd in this highlight. i may be wrong but i think we were still technically in the playoff hunt at this date. it appears to be a beautiful day. and yet very few fans are there.

    why should Castellini “go all in” when it won’t produce anything at the ticket gate? We reds fans deserve the team we get!

    • redsfan4040

      I get the angle you’re coming from, but, this was a 1:10 game on a Monday afternoon. If my math is correct, the Reds were still *technically* in the race, but required winning out and the the Cardinals losing out to obtain the postseason spot.

      • Old Big Ed


        Plus, the overwhelming majority of baseball tickets are sold in advance. Last season – due to Covid – teams and fans did not know what attendance protocol would be until well into the season, and every team had lower season ticket sales and advance sales in general.

        So, attendance that day was sparse, but nobody is to blame or at fault. It was instead a consequence of outside events.

  3. redsfan4040

    This is why I hope we don’t lose any games this season. I want to see Joey Votto play as much baseball as possible before he retires.

    Thanks for the series, Doug. Got anything else planned since it doesn’t feel like we’re gonna get spring training coverage in the near future? I’d be interested in some type of “nastiest pitches” or highest spin rates or something from the pitching side of things!

  4. JayTheRed

    Really enjoyed this series thank you so much for the time you put in for putting this together. I really do hope we have baseball this year but with both sides being bull headed I am beginning to worry the season will at least be delayed.

  5. CFD3000

    Votto’s resurgence was a big highlight of 2021, with his home run streak and Player of the Month award at the top of the “that was fun!” list. But All Stars Winker and Castellanos, ROY India, Tyler Naquin’s Scooter Gennett imitation, Tyler Stephenson’s arrival, Wade Mikey’s success, Kyle Farmer’s rescuing shortstop, and Luis Castillo’s turnaround were all big highlights as well. The bullpen, especially the first two thirds of the year, injuries to Winker, Castellanos, Votto and perhaps Senzel too, the slow start of Castillo and the dismal year from third base kept the Reds from bigger success. But there really was a lot to appreciate and enjoy.

    2021 was a fun year to be a Reds fan, and though perhaps I’m in the minority here I remain optimistic about 2022. Now all we need is actual baseball games! Thank you Doug for this fun series and all you do. I wish I was getting excited for pitchers and catchers to report. But I’m always grateful for Doug and Redleg Nation.