Plenty of teams are out there signing players to their big league squad. The Cincinnati Reds haven’t been one of those teams. But on Monday they did add to the coaching staff. Rolando Valles got a promotion, moving from associate coach to assistant coach. No, we don’t know what the difference between the two gigs is.

Kyle Arnsberg also got a promotion, but his seems to be quite a bit larger. He was named as as assistant coach on the big league staff. He was the New York Yankees bullpen catcher in 2015 and 2016 before joining their player development department. In 2019 he joined the Philadelphia Phillies organization as a player development associate at the Triple-A level. He came over to Cincinnati in 2020 and worked at the alternate site, then in 2021 he was in Double-A Chattanooga as the team’s game planning coach.

Joel McKeithan is joining the Reds organization as the new assistant hitting coach. He has previously worked as the Philadelphia Phillies hitting coach at their affiliate in Williamsport in 2019 and he was assigned the same role for 2020, though with the season not taking place he didn’t get a chance to get out there. In 2021 he was hired by the Detroit Tigers as their minor league hitting coordinator. Prior to joining pro baseball he worked at Driveline as a hitting instructor from 2016-2018. He played collegiately at Vanderbilt and NC State before playing indy ball in 2017 and 2018 for three teams in the Frontier League.

In a move that sort of mirrors what Kyle Arnsberg went through earlier in his career, bullpen catcher Nate Irving will now be the Double-A Chattanooga game planning and bench coach. He had previously worked as a graduate assistant at the University of Virginia before joining the Reds organization in 2019. He played professionally for two seasons in the Arizona organization in 2014 and 2015 before spending three seasons playing indy ball.

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  1. DataDumpster

    Who is the director of hitting? What is the game planning coach? I Don’t Know (Suarez, Moose, or David Bell) is on third.

  2. doofus

    We are now hiring graduate assistants to teach baseball? What would Yogi have to say?

    • Doug Gray

      Yogi would say “Let’s go get that picnic basket, Booboo”

      • Gonzo Reds

        Ranger Smith isn’t going to like it Yogi…

    • TR

      Yogi would probably say something from his days growing up in St. Louis: it ain’t over till it’s over.

  3. Ryan

    Syndegaatd gets 21 mil for one year after TJ surgery while some guy named Braxton, who’s only played more than 92 games once, gets nearly 15 mil a year for seven yrs. The Reds can’t compete with insanity

    • Doug Gray

      You are confused. The Reds are choosing not to compete in the market. They absolutely can do so, they are choosing not to.

      • doofus

        Just got back from a week in the Smokey’s near Asheville where I saw 6 Yogi’s. No picnic baskets were harmed.

    • Old Big Ed

      To be fair, Byron Buxton was leading the American League in WAR when he went down, and his major injury last year was breaking his knuckle on an HBP, which is not a sign of being injury-prone. He still managed to accumulate 4.5 WAR in 61 games last year. Buxton is the real McCoy.

      • Ryan

        But my point on Buxton is fragility (see Senzel, Nick)

  4. LDS

    I suspect we’ve all worked in companies where the management gets the perks and the workers are short staffed, etc. The Reds are no different. It’s cronyism that would make DC proud.

  5. burtgummer01

    This is pretty much shuffling the deck chairs around on the Titanic.Unfortunately the same captain (Castellini) will again hit that iceberg and sink

    • LDS

      And the same pilot – Bell. How could we not all be optimistic about 2022?

  6. donny

    For me, it really doesn’t matter who they hire . Bob C. knows best and makes all the decisions right ?
    Bob C is like a former president who is clueless and needs more yes men to feed his ego and bank account but at least he is not spreading hate in the world just in the city of Cincy and the Cincy fans toward baseball and the organization .

    • donny

      He just wants us to continue drinking that Kool- Aid and spread conspiracy theories to convince us that he’s building a winner.

      • donny

        The only thing we can hope for at this stage is that Bob C. is a slow learner and his ego will pass.

  7. doofus

    There are more teams not indulging in the FA market than are. Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox are on the sideline. All 3 teams have deep pockets and needs.

    I like it. I abhor offseasons that are slow and stagnant.

    But, alas, all will come to an end tomorrow when the suits on the east side of Manhattan, owners and players call a time out and spend months fight over the crums of a multi-billion dollar market that is major league baseball.

    At least Manfred the Maniacal will not have to worry about such minutiae as the seconds a pitcher spends between pitches for several months. Why is baseball run by some of the biggest bozos in the 4 major sports?

    • Bill J

      Sorry, the CUBS are dealing with Fraizer the ex Yankee.

  8. Eddiek957

    Castillo will be paid less than Cobb this year. What a bargain. I saw a couple of catchers signing and a trade involving a catcher seems we could have gotten more for Tucker. I hope we stop giving players away

  9. JayTheRed

    While many teams are addressing player needs and a chunk of teams are spending like crazy, many teams are sitting on their hands and doing nothing but maybe a few minor league signings which will come to nothing for their major league clubs.

    Some teams find talent to make their teams better
    Some teams do nothing
    The Reds Hey lets promote some coaches with new titles. This offseason stinks so far.

    At least my 2nd favorite team is doing something to improve. I tell you they will be my favorite team real soon.

  10. LWBlogger2

    Extra special appreciation for Joel McKeithan as he played in the Frontier League. I played in that league for 2 seasons (1.5 really) as well, for Lancaster, which is now Evansville. ANYONE who plays independent ball truly loves the sport. Good to see him in his role in the org.