The Cincinnati Reds announced on Thursday afternoon that they had outrighted infielder/knuckleballer Alex Blandino to Triple-A Louisville. With the offseason just now beginning, we are going to see many teams making moves to outright players to clear up spots on their 40-man roster. What you’ll also see plenty of is the other three moves the Reds made – activating players who had previously been on the 60-day injured list. Pitchers Tejay Antone and Brandon Bailey, both of whom underwent Tommy John surgery and are still recovering, as well as Nick Senzel, were activated since there is no injured list during the offseason.

Alex Blandino spent plenty of time on the injured list in 2021 after breaking his hand in June. He would miss nearly two months before beginning a rehab assignment. When his rehab assignment was completed he was optioned to Triple-A where he spent the rest of the season. From the start of the season through June 4th, Blandino hit .200/.317/.257 with 8 walks and 28 strikeouts in 82 plate appearances. Including his time on rehab with Louisville he played in 18 games and had hits in just 6 of them, hitting .102/.289/.153 for the Bats.

The three players that were activated, plus Blandino being outrighted places the Reds current 40-man roster at 36 players. That number still includes both Wade Miley and Justin Wilson who could become free agents depending on whether Wilson picks his up and whether the Reds choose to pick up or decline theirs on Miley.

The roster moves aren’t over for Cincinnati, though. They have a few weeks left to make their decisions on who to add to the 40-man roster to protect from the upcoming Rule 5 draft. One player, Hunter Greene, is 100% going to be added. Beyond him, though, there are a handful of players where you can argue either side on – whether to leave them exposed or whether to add them and take no chances that someone will both select them and keep them on the roster all of 2022.

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  1. Tomn

    Always liked Blandino though he was never a big contributor. Hope he catches on somewhere or maybe becomes a coach/mgr somewhere. Seems like a good guy.

  2. Alan Horn

    Doug, are you saying that the option is the Red’s on Wilson. I was under the impression it was Wilson’s. That would make it an easy decision for me. Who knows what the Reds think.

    • JaxDan

      Reliever Justin Wilson has a $7.15 million club option and a $2.3 million player option.

      • Alan Horn

        So we have to pay 7.15 million unless he agrees to take 2.3 million which isn’t happening. I wouldn’t pay him 7.15 million or even close, so I would let him walk.

      • Hotto4Votto

        My understanding from the explanations I’ve read on here:
        The Reds have the first choice (club option) to pick up Wilson at $7.15m
        If/when they decline that option, then Wilson has the option to opt in at $2.3m. The catch is, I believe that also locks him in for 2023 at around league minimum.
        The Reds will decline the club option. Wilson has to decide whether to take a guaranteed $3m over two season or bet on himself on the open market.

      • Alan Horn

        Which is why if I was Wilson, I would hit the open market. He could get 3 million on the market for one year. Someone might offer a two year or better contract. Of course the Reds could renegotiate his contract themselves.

  3. David

    Adding players to the 40 man roster to prevent losses from Rule 5 was another driver behind basically letting Tucker go.
    I know this has already been beaten to death, but the young guys coming up are the future. The key ones have to be protected on the 40 man, to prevent losing them.

    I look for a couple more roster moves in the next week (subtraction and addition), and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. This is obvious, of course.

    I would really like to see a move where Shogo’s contract is traded (with some money going to them) to a Japanese team.

    • Alan Horn

      Agree on the last sentence. Addition by subtraction.

      • Bubba Woo

        How is letting go of the best Defensive Catcher in MLB for a .190 Low-A prospect addition by subtraction?

      • Alan Horn

        Was talking about Shogo. Nothing was mentioned about Barnhart in this particular thread. I thought we should have kept Barnhart.

    • Luke J

      Bubba, David already explained that. You free up a 40 man spot and 7.5 million dollars by losing Barnhart, as well as save his $500,000 buyout by tading him for a ham sandwich. That’s the subtraction. The addition is allowing you to put a top prospect in the 40 man to protect them. Barnhart was going to be a backup here. He may get to start elsewhere. It made sense all around. Not to mention you might be overstating his defensive prowess. I’m not sold it’s as good as people claim.

      • Alan Horn

        His arm is his only down fall on defense I see. It is on the weak side of average. His mechanics, quick release and handling of pitchers are gold glove caliber. I don’t notice a lot of catchers with a gun for a arm anymore but maybe they are out there. The Braves for example didn’t have one, but teams don’t steal bases like they used to.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Outside of Greene there’s no sure-fire adds. From the Reds site it also lists guys like Marinan and Cerda among others. I was also under the impression that Cedrola would need to be added, but I could be wrong on that. If he is, I’d add him.
      Marinan and Cerda have both flashed great potential, but neither is close to contributing at the ML level and neither has been very consistent (although Cerda did put together a nice season overall). I’d probably protect Cerda just on potential alone, and the fact that he’ll probably reach AA next season. Marinan is a tougher call because maybe someone tries to stash him in a bullpen, but he’s further away and didn’t pitch a lot this past season. Both are unlikely to stick all season on a ML roster all season.

  4. Mark

    I think Avasail Garcia could be an interesting pickup for RF? I believe he is now a free agent. Maybe consider Schwarber both could probably rake at GABP

    • Alan Horn

      I mentioned that on another board. The Brewers can offer him a qualifying offer but I have to wonder if he accepts it.

      • Alan Horn

        The Brewers didn’t off the QO. Garcia would be my number one target but I doubt the Reds will even make an effort.

  5. redsfan4040

    Regarding Rule 5: Greene is the easy option to add. I think Cedrola is a hard maybe.
    The one I’m interested is Diomar Lopez. 24 year old reliever who had a good year in AA/AAA. Traditionally doesn’t walk a whole lot of people (saw a slight uptick to 3.5-4.0 range this year).

    • Optimist

      The Lopez choice is basically get him ready for a 2022 call up, or outright release. Someone else will certainly pick him up, and likely call him up sooner rather than later. Really nothing left to prove in MiLB, and may not have MLB talent, but some team will want to find out.

  6. Bet on Red

    What is this I am seeing about Wade Miley being claimed on waivers

    • LWBlogger2

      Wow… The Reds couldn’t work out a trade for a pitcher with a good track record, coming off a good year, and signed for one more at a very reasonable salary… Cubs claim him off waivers. This is very disappointing. I’ve got a history of being an optimistic fan but I think I’m done with the Reds.

    • LDS

      Really makes fans look forward to next season doesn’t it? If they couldn’t work out a trade for Miley, they didn’t even try. And if they didn’t think $10 million was a decent price for their best pitcher last year then look out below. The Reds are simply not a serious franchise. They are a money laundering scheme for the inner circle.

  7. burtgummer01

    As I’ve said more than once the Reds will not be a relevant team without new ownership

    • Alan Horn

      I am beginning to think they are trying to lower payroll for a potential sale. Make the books look good with less debt.

  8. Old-school

    Reds 2022 payroll should now be around $122 million with the latest purging. I dont see the Reds trading Gray because they are now within the budget that appears to be in the mid to high 120’s.


    Righties: Santillan,Sims, Cessa, Moreta,Warren,Hoffman
    Lefties : Garrett,Wilson

    Starters: Winker LF Senzel CF Naquin RF
    Suarez 3b, Garcia SS, India 2b, Votto 1b,Stephenson C, Moose DH

    Farmer- primary utility, Akiyama 5th OF

    That’s the Opening Day 24 at $122 million.
    The Reds will allocate another 5-6 million combined for a back up catcher plus right handed hitting 4th OF.

    There will plenty of non-guaranteed pitching invites to ST as injury insurance and better options for Sanmartin and Hoffman.

    Greene and Lodolo will start in the minors because neither can throw a full season yet and be ready to step in when needed.