Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell noted on Saturday afternoon prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates that the season was over for shortstop Kyle Farmer. He’s been battling injury much of the year but has been able to play through it for the most part. But he’s now also dealing with an abdominal strain and with no playoffs on the table for the Reds he’s going to miss the final three games of the season (including yesterday’s contest).

For Kyle Farmer, his season ends with a .263/.316/.416 line in 147 games played on the season. The 31-year-old began the year as a utility player, but injuries quickly opened up significant playing time for him and before long he was entrenched as the starting shortstop for the Reds.

Kyle Farmer may not be the only player that’s out for the rest of the season. Second baseman Jonathan India may not play today or in tomorrow’s season finale.

“He’s had a great season,” said Bell of Jonathan India on Saturday afternoon. “He’s played through a lot. No player’s 100% right now, and he might be the furthest from it, physically. So I just made the decision to take him out of there because he’s never going to let on or ask out of the lineup. He wants to play so bad, I just had to do it. I didn’t need to talk to him about it. I just took him out of the lineup for his sake. I don’t know if he’ll play tomorrow or not. He might not. He should feel very happy and proud with how his season ended if he doesn’t play today or tomorrow.”

If the season is over for Jonathan India he would finish the year with a .269/.376/.458 line in 149 games played. That includes 33 doubles, 2 triples, 21 home runs, and 12 stolen bases. He’s also been hit by 22 pitches this year – unfortunately leading the National League in that category. Is that enough for him to win the Rookie of the Year?

“I have a first hand view of Jonathan every day, playing on the field, clubhouse, going about his work – I’ve gotten to know him well,” said Bell. I’m an expert on Jonathan. I’m not an expert on the rest of the league or rookie of the year candidates. But I just can’t imagine someone being more deserving than Jonathan. He’s done everything. He’s done everything in his power to make our team better, and he’s done that. Personally he’s just had a great season, great accomplishments. He’s simply made us a much better team by being in our lineup every day and I think that’s what it’s all about. I absolutely think he’s deserving.”

We here at Redleg Nation do have a little better idea of who the other contenders are in the National League, and we came to the same conclusion as Bell did: We also can’t imagine someone being more deserving than Jonathan India for Rookie of the Year.


9 Responses

  1. David

    Kyle Farmer has been playing hurt for quite some time. And since Barrero has been here, why wasn’t he rested more?
    This reminds me of playing Cozart, the year after his knee injury (2016), until he was in pain and couldn’t play anymore.
    So I suppose that Barrero will now play short the rest of the way, and Schrock will play second.
    DeShields will play center, and Aquino plays left.

    Two more games, if they don’t get rained out.

  2. David

    Oh, Friedl plays left. Of course. Why would you play two young players like Aquino AND Friedl in the outfield, when you can play DeShields, who is a known quantity.

  3. Fanman

    India should be NL ROY. I wish every player plays game as hard as him.

  4. Klugo

    It would be a disgrace if India didn’t win ROY.

  5. BUCK

    EUGENIO: SO MANY bashers of this man and, IMHO, such ignorance! He didn’t hit for average THIS YEAR…I’ll take him over Moustakas, and most of the remaining 3rd baseman in baseball today, ANY day! GO REDS!!

    • Greenfield Red

      I’ve liked him since the Reds traded for him. However, his approach changed and he was trying to pull everything out of the stadium. I hope he changes his approach and restorws some of his batting average or 30 HRs or not, he is a detriment to the team. Only 1 other guy in history hit 30 and hit u der 200.

      • greenmtred

        He has not been a detriment to the team for the past month: He has been one of the most productive hitters. Something has appeared to change, and he looks like the Suarez of previous years. There’s no way of knowing whether that carries over to next season, but it certainly seems possible.

  6. JayTheRed

    Anyone one of the players that will be starters next season should be rested the last 2 games if they are hurting. The games mean nothing now. Not worth pushing someone who is hurting and have it bite you and maybe affect next season.

    Let them rest probably one of David Bell’s best moves this whole season.

  7. Max BRAGG

    Shogo must GO
    Amir must GO
    Barrero still can’t hit the slider
    Shrock great off the bench
    Coaching Wellll
    Ownership TERRIBLE