Chris Garber and I discuss one of the more eventful weeks in the Reds season, despite the fact that the team on the field continues to lose. David Bell is returning and the minor league gurus are leaving. What does it all mean?

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10 Responses

  1. ryan

    The problem is that the only people in town rich enough to buy the Reds are the Lindners, who’ve already spent millions on the “sport” called soccer.

    • CI3J

      And Carl Linder Jr. already took a crack at owning the Reds. Didn’t go so well.

      But hey, their company’s name (Great American) is already on the stadium, so maybe one of the sons would be interested in giving it a try.

    • Chris

      That “sport” you call soccer is the biggest sport in the world. If we are being honest, most sports, including soccer, are more entertaining that baseball.

  2. Austin

    Chad I agree with most of what you say but I don´t see how keeping David Bell signals that the Reds are not going to make any changes to try and be better this off season. I also don´t get all the love for Dick Williams. He did try to make winning moves and overhauled development but he also handed out some really bad contracts that are part of the problem with the teams salary situation know.

  3. centerfield

    Why does it have to be someone from Cincinnati? This head-in-the-sand attitude is part of the reason this franchise continues to barely stay relevant rather than actually winning some post season games. It is mediocrity, but at least it is our own?

    • TR

      A new principal owner does not have to be from Cincinnati or the metro area. But the new owner must be a die-hard Reds fan who is dedicated to keeping the franchise in Cincinnati. As we know, there are a number of fast-growing places who would love to have the Reds, although I’m not so sure MLB would let that happen since pro baseball goes back to 1869 in Cincinnati.

      • Old Big Ed

        Why? The ownership of the Brewers (Mark Atanasio, etc.) were not “die-hard” Brewers fans and in fact live in primarily in Los Angeles. They are instead astute businessmen.

        Modern baseball is a sophisticated business operation, and the Reds need a sophisticated owner. Maybe Phil Castellini fits that bill; Bob no longer does. While I have feared that a move to Nashville would be possible if the franchise continued to flounder, it would be much easier for a competent business operation to rebuild the revenue base in Cincinnati, than it would be to start from scratch in Nashville or elsewhere.

        The owners need not be lifelong Reds fans; they need to be astute business people who (1) understand that a winning franchise in Cincinnati could be a fabulously valuable business, and (2) dedicate themselves to hiring the best people and making the tough decisions needed to accomplish that.

      • TR

        The owner of the Brewers could still be a die-hard Brewers fan and live primarily in LA.

      • Melvin

        That’s true. A SMART owner could make a lot more money in Cincy than Big Bob is.

  4. Melvin

    Unfortunately, I agree that the entire organization, from Big Bob all the way down to the manager, is becoming a joke. I think we need to remember, the fans are the ones that really own this team in a sense. Without them there would be no Cincinnati Reds. We do have ways of showing our disapproval. We don’t like to be treated like crap. Maybe the silver lining in all of this craziness, hopefully, is a sign that Big Bob will be selling the team.