The Pittsburgh Pirates scored six runs against Wade Miley before the Cincinnati Reds got on the board. Cincinnati would score five unanswered runs, but it wasn’t enough to pull off the comeback to begin the series against the last place Pirates.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (75-70)
5 11 2
Pittsburgh Pirates (53-91)
6 10 0
W: Peters (1-2) L: Miley (12-6) SV: Stratton (5)
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The Offense

Cincinnati went quietly in the top of the 1st. But after the Pirates grabbed a 3-0 lead, the Reds got singles in the 2nd inning from Eugenio Suárez and Delino DeShields to put together their own threat, but Tucker Barnhart would fly out to end the threat and strand both runners.

The 4th inning was pivotal in the game for Cincinnati. Joey Votto had a 1-out double and Suárez walked to put two men on base. Aristides Aquino got ahead 3-1 before taking the 5th pitch of the at-bat. It was clearly a ball, but it was called a strike. Aquino would then strike out on the next pitch.

Instead of the bases loaded and just one out, there were now two outs and two men on. Delino DeShields grounded out to end the inning and the Reds threat was over and they still trailed 3-0.

When the Pirates padded their lead to 6-0 in the bottom of the 5th it may have felt like the party was over. Cincinnati hadn’t scored a run since what felt like Boomer Esiason was the Bengals quarterback, but surprise, surprise, the Reds weren’t quite dead yet.

The Reds loaded the bases in the top of the 6th on a walk by Votto and singles by Suárez and pinch-hitter Max Schrock. Tucker Barnhart singled in two runs on a blooper to right field. Mike Moustakas came off of the bench to single and once again load the bases. Jonathan India grounded out, but drove in a run and kept the inning alive by beating out an attempted double play by half of a step. That came into play as Kyle Farmer followed with a bloop single of his own to drive in another run and make it 6-4. That was all that Cincinnati would get in the inning, but they pulled the game within a bloop and a blast range.

Cincinnati went in order in both the 7th and 8th innings, though, leaving things to the final inning to try and get things done. Jonathan India struck out to lead off the top of the 9th. With the pitcher’s spot due up after a double switch, Asdrúbal Cabrera came on as a pinch-hitter. After 11 pitches he flew out to the wall in right field. Nick Castellanos took the first pitch he saw and crushed a solo home run to cut the Pirates lead to 6-5. That brought Joey Votto to the plate, but he struck out to end the game.

The Pitching

The game did not begin well for Wade Miley and the Cincinnati Reds. Pittsburgh scored three runs in the bottom of the 1st inning after four singles, a walk, and an error. Miley settled in over the next two innings, but a double and an infield single in the 4th put two on with one out. With pitcher Dillon Peters up, he laid down a bunt that led to a force out at third base and a ground out followed to end the inning.

Then the 5th inning happened. Pittsburgh went single, walk, single, double to begin the inning and extended their lead to 6-0. After the next batter grounded out, Wade Miley left the game and was replaced by Justin Wilson who got out of the inning without any further damage.

Luis Cessa took over for the 6th inning and he made easy work of the Pirates lineup, going 1-2-3 on 14 pitches. He returned for the 7th inning and only needed 8 pitches this time around to get another 1-2-3 inning.

Amir Garrett took over for the bottom of the 8th inning and after picking up strikeouts against the first two batters, he needed seven pitches to do the game to Wilmer Difo as he struck out the side and sent the game to the 9th to give the Reds one final chance to tie the game up or take the lead.

Notes Worth Noting

Tyler Naquin was seemingly unavailable in the game as multiple opportunities presented themselves that would have been the perfect spot for him to enter the game.

Jesse Winker went 0-2 with a strikeout before being replaced in the lineup in his first rehab game in Triple-A. This has been standard practice on rehab – to get guys two at-bats in their first game and then work their way up from there.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Wednesday September 14th, 6:35pm ET

Vladimir Gutierrez (9-6, 4.05 ERA) vs Mitch Keller (4-11, 6.29 ERA)

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  1. Bet on Red

    Ahhh, good old Mitch Keller…. Pirates have totally destroyed that dudes self confidence this year… Tomorrow needs to be THAT game…. that, 12-0 by the end of the third game. I will point out, Suarez did not produce an out all game.

  2. Doc

    Anemic though the offense may be, this was a loss by starting pitching. I wonder how many times this year starters have put the team in a hole by not being able to get through the first inning cleanly. It happens to a lot of quality pitchers who start shakily, then seem to find a rhythm. One would think someBoddy would be able to figure out why and tweak the pregame routine a bit.

    • Votto4life

      Derek Johnson gets all the credit for the starting pitching but no criticism for the bullpen. Granted, he can only work with what the front office gives him, but it seems to me he should share some of blame.

    • Alan Horn

      Agree. The starters all seem to have the same disease. After the first inning they seem to do fine.

  3. Old-school

    Lots of people criticize krall or Bell

    I think both are on the same page

    If Reds dont make playoffs in year 8 of rebuild with a 7th place finish in a 60 game season only post season appearance- both need to go

    Reds fans endured 2014-19 worst losing since the Great Depression Reds in the 30’s For what? This? One asterisk playoff in 2020 with 21 scoreless innings?

    • Votto4life

      Krall and Bell both will be back next year unless the team finishes under .500, which is not all that crazy as it once seemed.

      This has to be one of the teams worst collapses ever.

      • Old-school

        If Reds dont make playoffs this year in year 8 of rebuild… thats a big deal

        If mlb doesnt start in 2022 thats a big deal

      • Old-school

        Bell and Krall married forever

        They both own it

        This team was a playoff team september 1 until wrong rostering and wrong lineups

      • Votto4life

        Old School, I totally agree but I am not convinced it’s enough for Bob Castellini. Bell and Krall both work cheap. That is all
        uncle Bob cares about.

        By the way, I always enjoy reading your posts Sir.

      • Old-school

        Ouch on BC but you are unfortunately correct

        Reds fans need to demand more in year 8 of a botched rebuild and folding in 2021 with a decent roster isnt acceptable

        Castellini doesnt own the Reds

        We own the reds

        Hes the landlord and pays the rent but reds great long before him and long after him and this 2021 fold after 2014-20 isnt ok
        Bell and krall folding

        Reds great franchise and great fans
        Fix it daggumit and fix it now

      • greenmtred

        Old School, I’m not so sure that it’s a botched rebuild. Not yet, at least. The Reds have some excellent young talent–both at the MLB level and in the minors. I don’t think this year was thought to be part of the window: witness the preseason predictions by nearly everybody and the lack of off-season activity by the FO. The success has been a surprise, but strengthening significantly in the middle of the season to augment it would have been difficult, and without correcting the flaws in the roster, a run deep into the postseason is unlikely. This is just my guess, of course, and I’m undoubtedly trying to think if this in the most optimistic light.

      • Old-school

        I appreciate your optimism and balanced way of thinking. But, i think preseason predictions were soured by the offseason inactivity by Krall
        Bullpen and SS and those areas crushed the Reds – until july anyway.

      • greenmtred

        Old School, you’re absolutely right about the reason for the pre-season pessimism, and that’s my point. The bullpen was historically bad and, though improved, is still far from reliable. Suarez was a disaster at SS, and little or nothing was done to fix these things (hence my thought that the Reds are looking to 2022 and beyond). Then came the injuries to key players. But the team still managed to make itself relevant, and it still is, though maybe not for long. Waiting in the wings are multiple talented young pitchers, and while I don’t necessarily agree that he’s ready right now, Barrero may anchor the infield. Add India and Stephenson, and the core of a very good team is easy to see.

    • Gary

      I think if the Reds DON’T make the play-offs Bell should have his bags packed. And perhaps he shouldn’t be the only one.

  4. Votto4life

    And the Cardinals now lead the Mets 4-3 in the 8th.

    The Reds about about 15 minutes from 3rd place.

  5. LeRoy

    Castellanos has looked listless for the last week or so. Yes, he hit a home run in the 9th with no one on but could have hit it earlier with men on base but didn’t. Bell loads up with right handed hitters against lefties to consistently find out his right hand hitters are terrible against them too. Bell over analysizes what is needed and every post game keeps things positive by saying everyone is trying and doing their best to win. How about pointing out once in a while that they suck and needs to do whatever it takes to get better. If all you hear when you look awful is someone saying how good you are they are not motivating you to work to be better.

  6. Mark A Verticchio

    The Cardinals are getting big hits and the Reds are not, it’s really that simple and sad. There isn’t much they can do but start to win and with the Dodgers coming in things look really bad. I think they might finish over .500, but Bell needs to go regardless. He has no clue what he is doing.

    • Redsfan In TX

      Mark – I have a friend whose son played for both the Reds and Cardinals and upon arriving in St Louis, he was immediately impressed by the Cardinals organization top to bottom (including the minor leagues as he ended up spending some time there in re-hab). The Cards had the same approach to pitching, hitting and game time execution on all levels. You’d think that Walt Jocketty would have brought with him some of that mojo but apparently not.

      I am still hopefull for 2021 season. After all, at the beginning of the year, the NL East was up for grabs, and that has played out with no real surprises. The West was going to be a showdown of LA and San Diego, but flip the Giants and Padres (Padres fans have had a tougher year then us REDS fans). Milwaukee was expected by many to win the Central and they have performed to expectation. That left the REDS and several other teams hoping for the outside chance of hitting it big by squeezing in to the wild card spot. It is the middle of September and they are still in it. They may not catch fire, but they might and if they win the 2nd wild card slot, who knows? As bad as they have played recently, they would still be in a one game playoff most likely against the Dodgers – they could pull off the upset.

      • Gary

        The Cardinals have almost always, in spite of whatever pitfalls or misfortunes were handed to them, found a way to be in the conversation at season’s end. What they do this year? They went out and practically stole Arenado from the Rockies. That’s what money and ownership NOT AFRAID to spend it will do for a team.

        The Reds have never really quite caught on to that concept. But really the writing was on the wall when they gutted the bullpen of two of the big guys and thought they get “just get by” with a bunch of “has been” and “never was” types. Raisel Igleias has had a pretty good season and would have looked pretty good out in the Reds’ pen.

  7. Magnum 44

    I always say I consider a good season is keeping me interested till football season. This season has done that but wow this month has felt like a month long dong punch…..(Doug I think I am within the guidelines here there are only so many adjectives that can describe this)

  8. Cyrus

    For those of us who have followed the team this season, this feels like when you go into halftime of a football or basketball game with just about everything you could ask for and then you collapse in the 2nd half and, even though there is still time left to right the ship, you know it’s over and, in a way, it would no longer be satisfying if you did manage to pull it out because the collapse was so real.

    I know there are many who will remind all of us that we probably exceeded expectations this year but let’s be fair about that as well: The Cardinals have had a slew of injuries to pitchers. The Cubs did nothing to bolster their starting pitching and unloaded any chance they had in July.

    The Reds have showed that they cannot beat teams with winning records and losing series after series down the stretch just leaves a really bad taste in your mouth.

    It’s like when NFL teams with losing records win their division.

  9. Indy Red Man

    Watched like 3 Reds at-bats and thats it, but I saw Miley gave up all 6 and we ended up scoring 5. Maybe Bell could’ve used his 10 man bullpen? Miley didn’t have it! His long career says he doesn’t have it in September. I did watch the game where we scored 4 runs in 7 innings but Bell left Miley in to give up 5.

    Last week sometime I watched Nick come up with India on 1st twice or maybe India once & Naquin once…..point is decent speed on 1st and your best hitter at the plate so hit-n-run shouldn’t be a foreign language. Both at-bats 5-4-3

    Its not all on Bell, but you can’t fire the team. Bell is not the guy to move this team forward. They need somebody new!

  10. Mark A Verticchio

    Last Saturdays game where they blew a 4 -0 lead to the Cardinals may have been the last gasp for this team, a win there would have been huge but was not to be.

    • Mike V

      Agreed .. That one really hurt . Castillo is the problem there . He can’t stand prosperity . Time after time, right after the team rallies .. he immediately loses his concentration and the results are predictable .. Saturday was the prime example . Losing that 4-0 lead to St.Louis was the final blow to team moral .. Castillo is so frustrating !

  11. Chris Holbert

    How did the Reds go from having “way too many good OF options”, in spring training, to trolling the scrap heap, for players and playing the best SS prospect they have had in awhile out there. As has been said many times before on RLN, roster makeup is the issue and the usage of the said bad roster pieces.

  12. Gpod

    if i had a dream…… would be to wake up in the morning & find out that Reds management made the bold move to fire their manager with 3 weeks left in the season in order to snap the Reds out of the freefall…….this would go down as one of my greatest moments in sports …….now back to reality…….we are stuck with Bell for at least the end of the season…..god help us

  13. Bet on Red

    Mets have tied it up in the B9. Tie game in SF as well

  14. LT

    There is no problem that a HR can’t take care of. Baez just hit a HR to tie the game for Mets. If Mets win, Padres will lose, no if there, lol, nothing has changed. It is looking bleak but there is nothing a win of next game can’t take care of.

  15. Gpod

    OMG….the mets are about to bring in HH in the 10th inning

  16. Mark A Verticchio

    Looks like Hembree to pitch for Mets in the 10th talk about irony.

  17. TR

    If ownership, led by Bob Castellini, really wants the Reds in the playoffs, if only for one game, then a change in manager is needed now. Freddie Benavides, the bench coach who knows the team and has a different approach should be brought in now before the Dodger series. If ownership is not up to making the change, so be it.

  18. LT

    Mets seem smarter than Reds, walking Nolan.

  19. Mark A Verticchio

    Not that it matters the way the Reds are playing but Cards didn’t score in 10th. Lets go Mets, now i am rooting against Cardinals as much as anything. Reds appear dead in the water.

  20. Votto4life

    The Brewers are having such a great year. Have to give them credit, their front office has put together a pretty darn good baseball team.

    Before the season started I thought they had a chance at the title, but no more than the Reds or Cardinals.

    Once our men in Red are eliminated, I may have to root for the Brewers during the post season.

  21. Michael B. Green

    We are 10-15 since Winker last played in a game.

    Hopefully our guys bounce back tomorrow and we get back to playing winning baseball.

    Guessing Winker is back Friday.

    Also guessing that Senzel is dealt this off-season. We sure could’ve used him during this stretch but he is always hurt. Wonder if a Robles for Senzel trade is a possibility.

    We either get hot or we go home. I’d love to see us win the Wild Card and play some playoff games.

    Not sure what we do if Castellanos opts out and does not re-sign with us.

    • Votto4life

      I have to think the Reds will at least try to replace Nick’s offense when he leaves. Of course it will be cheaper, less productive version of Nick Castellanos. A Ryan Ludwick type.

  22. Jim Walker

    In the 2nd inning, Suárez somehow didn’t get to 3B on DeShields 2 out “single” deep down the LF line. If he gets to 3B Deshields’ single turns into a double. At the worst Barnhart probably gets walked and the lineup is turned over for the 3rd.

    In the 5th inning, Miley gets caught standing flat footed on the mound following a Pirates hit instead of moving into position to back up 3rd or home. The throw to 3rd hits a 1st to 3rd hustling Pirates runner as he is sliding in and goes right to where Miley should have been backing up. The 5th Pirates run scores directly on this play which also sets the table for the 6th and ultimately deciding run to score.

    During the Reds 4 run 6th inning, Reds runners seem to be leisurely trotting from base to base in full station to station mode. Maybe if someone would have run hard it might have forced a Pirates miscue in getting balls back to the infield?

    This is where and what the Reds team is right now. They need a massive injection of interest and energy to have any shot of pulling out the WC2.

    • Bet on Red

      agree with everything but the suarez second inning statement. I beleive SUarez would have been gunned out at third for the third out and everyone would be complaining about him making the last out at third. That play developed real quick in LF

      • Jim Walker

        But he basically got no secondary lead or jump on the ball with 2 outs when it was hit. Up to the coach to stop him if the play isn’t there. Up to Suarez to force the Pirates to make that play that gets him held up by he coach.

  23. Michael B. Green

    Looking at our catching for next year.

    Tyler Stephenson has 4 DRS while Tucker Barnhart has 1 DRS. Guessing that CIN picks up their club option for Barnhart at $7.5M and deals him.

    Perhaps they sign Martin Maldonado to a minor league contract or bring Curt Casali back.

    Wonder what Barnhart would bring back in return?

    • Bet on Red

      A mid-level reliever at best….. with some control. We would have to minor league deal another vet catcher to give Stephenson a spell

      • Michael B. Green

        You are probably right. Still. New relievers are better than guys that have a 5.00+ ERA on our club but still get high leverage appearances during a playoff push. That’s baffling to me.

      • Bet on Red

        If you are referring to AG, He did do good tonight… he did save another more important arm from having to be used. as for the rest of them… they are gone…and not coming back

      • Michael B. Green

        No. Not AG. He was solid tonight. Sims should not pitch in high leverage situations. Way too many gopher balls.

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t think Barnhart projects to bring back enough to take the risk of exercising the option and getting stuck with the $7.5m salary or paying a significant % of it to move him. Just thank him for his service or maybe try to sign him on the cheaper to be the 2nd catcher in 2022.

      Casali basically won the job from Barnhart last September. He was out of contract and arb eligible. He would have come in under $3M for 2021 vs the $4.1M due to TB in 2021. So, doesn’t it make sense that Barnhart was shopped before the nontender date; and, keeping him turned out to be the cheaper option than paying part of his 2021 salary to move him plus a full 2021 salary to Casali. Thus Casali was nontendered (and signed for $1.5M with the Giants).

      • Jim Walker

        Don’t look past Mark Kolozsvary as the Reds #2 catcher next year. After being the prime catcher for the USA silver medal Olympic team, he has returned and been working at AAA. He looks ready for the job defensively, but his offense is a question mark.

        However, I think they are more likely to decline Barnhart’s option but try to sign him for backup catcher money then if failing that bring in a veteran. Casali will be under the arbitration control of the Giants unless they nontender him.

      • Luke J

        What about the way that Bell has handled the catching situation makes you think that if Barnhart is still on the roster next year he will use him in a backup role? I fear Bell will always give the vet more playing time than the young stud. Every time. You can’t really take that chance.

    • Droslovinia

      Apparently nothing. Apparently a GG means nothing, and having a catcher who can actually catch and commits less than 1 error per year is no help at all to any pitching staff anywhere. Sometimes, I read what people say about Barnhart and wonder if there’s a team out there planting “comments” on Reds sites in an attempt to snooker cheap Uncle Bob out of a piece they don’t want to have to pay for.

      • Jim Walker

        Barnhart has at least 2 errors this year because he has committed catcher’s interference (with a batter’s swing) twice and that is scored as an error.

        For the record, Stephenson has committed 1 error this year while catching.

  24. Bet on Red

    Mets bullpen in a meltdown, not hembree, he actually went scoreless…. it is some Reed guy. STL up by one, 1st, 2nd No outs.

    • Bet on Red

      Down by three… we are in third. Hopefully, this is the spark that the reds need to get their buts in gear. Additionally, the Mets need to get their buts in gear. Thankfully, the Giants do have their buts in gear so all we have to worry about is the Dirty birds right now

  25. Michael B. Green

    Looking at SS for next year.

    Kyle Farmer will enter into his second year of arbitration is due for a big raise. Wonder if CIN trades him instead. That gives the job to Barrero. Could then add depth at AAA.

    I don’t think Farmer would accept a UT gig with CIN – nor if CIN will pay A2 money. He has had a pretty good year – especially with the glove.

    I think the club goes with Stephenson, India and Barrero as part of the youth movement. Those three save the club a good deal of money too – allowing for signings.

    • Jim Walker

      Farmer will be in his age 31 season and shows career earnings of just over $1M on BBRef. He will gladly take an arbitration influenced salary and whatever role comes with it.

      It is not outside the realm of possibility he gets nontendered (again) if he and the Reds cannot reach a deal ahead of the tender date.

    • Droslovinia

      I fear that you may be right. According to a lot of people, Farmer’s only had the “one good month” in his career, while Barrero had a whole season of fecklessness, but hit a “triple” that one time. Good thing no one has ever failed to hit MLB pitching after looking good in the minors, or this could spell disaster someday.

      • Hotto4Votto

        By whole season do you mean the 10 games and 23 PA Barrero has had with the Reds this year?

      • Jim Walker

        I think the reference is to Barrero’s 20 games in 2020.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Oh, the year he went from A ball to the majors? In total, Barrero still doesn’t have 100 PA as a major leaguer, and I personally think anything in 2020 should come with an asterisk as it was an unprecedented jump in competition.
        For comparison sake, Jonathan India reached 100 PA in mid-May. He was hitting .235 with and OPS of .732 and a negative WPA. He was in danger of being part of a roster crunch and sent back to the minors. Glad the odds-on favorite for ROY was given a little more time than people wanna give Barrero (who had a better minor league season this year than anything India ever did).

  26. LDS

    Stick a fork in it. 2021 looks done at this point.

  27. Michael B. Green

    I’m assuming that Suarez is dealt in the offseason. Moustakas is under contract for through at least 2023.

    Wonder if WAS still has interest. Would like to see what we could do with the Robles. He has a good glove and lots of speed. He changes the station-to-station make-up of the club.

    They may not have interest after their fire sale though.

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    Mets fell apart, Reds trail by 1/2 game. I wonder if they will ever see #2 wildcard again? St. Louis has all the momentum and Reds look dead, but you never know, not very likely.

  29. Michael B. Green

    Looking at LF. Jesse Winker can rake but his defensive metrics are not very good (-6 DRS). If you have a CF that can cover a ton of ground (like Robles), perhaps that still works. Winker will get a big A2 season pay raise too. He is too young to DH (in case the new CBA points to a NL DH – I hope not).

    Guessing we keep Wink at LF and keep a defensive-type OF on the roster for late inning replacements.

  30. Bet on Red

    Mets mount a comeback….just not enough of one.

    • TR

      Mets and Reds. Not enough of a comeback.

  31. Votto4life

    The Third Place Cincinnati Reds.

    The Reds played very good baseball for the first five months of the year and then they threw it all away over the past three weeks.

    We will not see second place again this season.

    The whole organization should be ashamed of this collapse.

  32. LGR

    Hey look. Schedule still favors the Reds. Cards finish up with the Mets tomorrow, play the Padres next and still have 2 series with the Brewers. Somehow all is not lost for the Reds which is wild considering how badly they’ve played. They need Winker back, badly. He went 0-2 tonight in AAA. I don’t see why they don’t just put him back on the big league team and let him play whatever amount he’d have played in AAA in the majors instead. I’d take 2 Winker AB’s over.. a lot of people on the team currently.

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe because Naquin is already on the active MLB roster and apparently unavailable? If Winker were to be activated but unable to go, they would be looking at 2 dead spots on the roster or losing him (or Naquin) for 10 additional days from that point (less any backdating available on Naquin) on the IL.

      • LGR

        Yeah, but they still have the extra 2 guys on the roster. It’s not like Akiyama has played in the last.. month. I think they’d be fine even if Naquin and Winker didn’t play or if Winker only played.. 4-5 innings for the next few games.

  33. JayTheRed

    Flat out going to continue saying what I have said all year. This team in not playoff bound.

    They surprised us for a while but the hitting this month is just like it was in the playoffs in 2020. nonexistent.

    I’ve stopped watching the games even now cause I know where this team is heading. Leadership is a disaster on this team and I just don’t see anything changing in the coming year. I would be shocked it something changed.

  34. Votto4life

    The most important steps the Reds could make this off season are:

    1). Fire Nick Krall

    2). Conduct an extensive search and hire the best GM available. Under no circumstances hire a relative or anyone connected to the current team.

    3). Fire David Bell and allow the new GM hire a competent manager with a record of success. Under no circumstances hire a relative of anyone connected to the current team.

    Do not hire Barry Larkin.

    The Reds desperately need someone from outside the organization to change the organization culture.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      No need to fire Bell, just do not exercise 2022 option. As for a new GM, root cause is with ownership. Unless Mr. Owner leaves and open the door for a new organization culture, it’s very unlikely to happen.

      • TR

        Unless ‘Mr. Owner’ and others want to take profits from their investment, I see no chance of an organizational culture change.

    • scotly50

      “The Reds desperately need someone from outside the organization to change the organization culture.”

      This is the most important.

    • DataDumpster

      Absolutely. Sure, it would be tough for the owner to change his tune but even he must realize what this little circle of gad fellows has not produced and is extremely unlikely to produce in the foreseeable future. I’m sure he notices attendance (pretty bad compared to the contenders), fan and media reaction/opinion (the Bell/Krall team have no results, no respect, and no personality to even project a vote of confidence). I believe Bob wants to win, get people in the stands, and realizes that with some good trades and a new manager, he may have the nucleus of young players necessary to insure a consistent winner.

      • TR

        We fans need action from Big Bob. I sense Molina loves to put it to the Reds and that’s what the gritty Cards are doing at present.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Overall I agree with the steps, but if ownership is still the same I’m not sure it’ll make a difference.

  35. GreatRedLegsFan

    The offensive is in intensive care, there’s no way they’ll be able to get back into the WC race as St. Louis has already surpassed them. Moreover, the team looks hopeless and waiting their fate. I’d like to think that Winker will be the saviour, but it may be just too late at the time he returns and yet everybody else is struggling at the plate, goodbye to 2021.

  36. Bet on Red

    The Reds face mitch keller tonight. This is the real test….. Keller has been beaten around so badly this year that he may quit in the offseason. He is also Right handed. The reds should unload on him tonight. I am not only talking a win, but one of the monsters wins. Yea we are chasing the STL, but they are only up half a game. Padres just continue to fail. And STL plays SD after tomorrow and they both cant win those games. Season isnt done just quite yet

    • TR

      The Reds usually follow a monster win with a struggle to score a run or two.

  37. realist

    Things seem back to normal in Cincinnati, that is looking up at the Redbirds in the standings. The Reds sure look like they are ready for the offseason. Aquino, Akiyama and Cabrerra can you DFA 3 guys all at once? What an epic collapse.

  38. CI3J

    Reds are now 1-3 in their 16 “easy” games remaining on the schedule. They can still salvage it by going 9-3 in their remaining games against the Cubs, Pirates, and Nats, but boy is it getting hard to keep the hope alive. This team just seems completely lifeless.

  39. Hotto4Votto

    Well, it’s frustrating that we can’t even seem to beat the Pirates at this point. During this losing stretch we’ve lost every way imaginable. Starting pitching has been great some nights but we get zero offense. Offense scores enough runs to win, our starter doesn’t have it that day. We have a late lead or tied, the bullpen blows it. It’s been super frustrating to watch the Reds continue to blow it.
    I posted a few weeks ago about how it appeared my end of year prediction of 76-78 wins was wrong and how the Reds had outplayed my expectations. Maybe that was premature.

  40. Pablo

    Was flipping back and forth between the Reds game and the 30 for 30 about the hated 86 Mets. Saw the clip where that thug Ray Knight sucker punched Eric Davis and my blood was boiling just like when it first happened! Always despised Knight from that day forward and certainly never warmed up to him during his tenure here.