The Cincinnati Reds (75-69) have not been playing their best baseball, but the Reds took over sole possession of the NL second wild card spot during the off-day yesterday when the Padres lost 9-1 to the Giants. The Reds control their own destiny now with a half game lead in a crowded race. The Reds magic number is 19.

The Reds have finally made it to the Pittsburgh Pirates (52-91) part of the schedule. The two teams will begin the first of nine remaining games in 2021 (50% of the Reds final 18 games), tonight at 6:35 PM at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The Reds are 9-1 against the Pirates this season. The Reds are 12-1 against the Pirates dating back to the final series of 2020.

The Pirates have won back-to-back series (Tigers and Nationals), but they are 12-27 since the trade deadline. The Pirates are 1-6-1 in their 8 series post-trade deadline vs teams above .500. They are 30-59 overall against teams above .500 on the season.

Starting Pitchers

The 2021 Wade Miley show rolls into Pittsburgh. He was absolutely dominant in his last start coming at Wrigley Field: 7.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 8 K. Miley has not allowed a run in 13.0 innings this season against the Pirates. Miley has a 2.91 road ERA this season.

Nothing scares Reds fans more than a below average, soft-tossing left-handed pitcher. They’ll get just that tonight with Dillon Peters. He was DFA’d by the Angels this spring, out-righted to AAA and traded to the Pirates mid-season. He has pitched in the big leagues every year since 2017 (just 1.2 innings in 2020), but has a career 5.53 ERA/5.56 FIP in 151.1 innings. He has never faced the Reds.

Peters was not pitching well for the Angels AAA team (4.35 ERA/6.38 FIP in 8 starts) before he was traded. For whatever reason, that has changed so far in the Pirates organization. He only allowed 2 ER in his 2 starts with the Pirates AAA team before being called up. He has made 4 starts for the Pirates, and overall it has gone well. He has only allowed 1 home run in 18.2 innings. He has not thrown more than 78 pitches in game however.

Starting Lineup

1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Kyle Farmer (SS)
3. Nick Castellanos (RF)
4. Joey Votto (1B)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Aristides Aquino (LF)
7. Delino DeShields (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Wade Miley (P)
1. Ke’Bryan Hayes (3B)
2. Kevin Newman (SS)
3. Bryan Reynolds (CF)
4. Yoshi Tsutsugo (1B)
5. Jacob Stallings (C)
6. Anthony Alford (LF)
7. Ben Gamel (RF)
8. Wilmer Difo (2B)
9. Dillon Peters (P)

Bryan Reynolds (140 wRC+) is the guy that you clearly don’t want to let beat you. He is one of the best hitters in baseball and the only good proven Pirates hitter. Yoshi Tsutsugo is the other player to watch out for. ZiPS only projects him to have a 105 wRC+, but he is hitting .279/.375/.721 in 72 PA since the Pirates acquired him.

Kyle Farmer returns to the Reds lineup. This is the second time in Farmer’s career that he is batting second (the other was on August 14th of this season). Farmer is hitting .266/.317/.500 vs LHP this season.

News and Notes

Jesse Winker will begin a rehab assignment tonight

The Cincinnati Reds sent outfielder Jesse Winker on a rehab assignment with Triple-A Louisville tonight where he’ll join the Bats in Memphis.


It’s go time. All year, we have been looking ahead to these nine remaining games against the Pirates as the Reds security blanket. The Pirates are not only a bad team, but they currently have one of the worst rosters that you will ever see in a major league baseball game. The Reds aren’t likely to go 9-0 in these games, but they need to win the majority. Hopefully that starts tonight.

It’s easy to be frustrated and disappointed by the Reds recent play. I certainly get and feel that, but it is important to remember that over the last 10 weeks, the Reds have gained 10 games on the Padres in the standings. It was remarkable turnaround to get the Reds back in the hunt. For the majority of my lifetime, the Reds have been very far away from any sort of hunt this time of the year. Hopefully they can finish the job. Go Reds!

201 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Suárez, Aquino, and DeShields while you’re in a pennant race? Sheesh!

  2. Redsfan4life

    If Bell is true to his word about finding more time for Barrero. Then it sounds like when Winker returns that Cabrera will be DFA. And Barrero stays up.

    • Mark Moore

      I didn’t think of it that way, but I could see that interpretation. I hope it’s the right one.

  3. Mark Moore

    It most definitely is go time … we need the Crooked Number Parade early and often tonight.

    I haven’t purchased my tickets for the 23rd and 24th just yet, but the long-range weather looks good and I’m planning on locking in very soon. Looking at section 117 or 118 at the moment. Senior discount, so pretty affordable.

    Let’s kick this pig into gear, Reds!!

  4. Melvin

    The Reds will mostly likely be able to kill the Pirates with power. However, for the remaining nine games they play them, I highly recommend practicing their “small ball” skills and learning how to manufacture runs. Otherwise the playoffs mostly likely won’t matter even if they make it….just like last year.

    • Doc

      You mean like the Pirates did in the first?

      • Melvin

        Maybe I should have said, “Most likely SHOULD kill the Pirates”. Yeah I know.

  5. SOQ

    Clearly the Reds have run out of gas, but somehow still are hanging in there. I have been reading a couple of books lately “Before the Machine” by Mark Schmetzer, about the 1961 Team, and “The Big Red Dynasty” by John Erardi and Greg Rhodes, about the 1970-1976 Team. One thing that struck me was that both books stressed how intense the conditioning was during spring training under Hutch and Sparky. It makes me wonder if the Reds have possibly softened their approach during ST and this may contribute to their lackluster play of late , (lineup construction and not withstanding)

    • centerfield

      I think running out of gas is mostly between their ears.

    • Jim Walker

      Look at the plate appearances for several of them compared to past seasons, even in the minors when they were playing every day versus MLB where they might have been part timers. I am thinking particularly of Farmer and Naquin. Also, this is the first full MLB season for India and Stephenson. Votto turned 38 over the last week or so. Moose is 33 and trying to play through a persistent injury. They are running on empty and either too proud to admit it; or, the manager chooses to continue to run them out every day versus his bench guys.

  6. BZ

    Three ML-caliber hitters in the entire lineup during the middle of a playoff race. The Reds have zero desire to make the playoffs.

    • Jim Walker

      Must be in someone’s contract that Miley can’t pitch if Barnhart doesn’t catch? But whose?

      • Old-school

        Nick Castellanos taught David Bell early on dont challenge veterans who have accomplished more than you.

        Bell has 2 standards for how he treats players.

        Those who who have accomplished more than him and those who haven’t. Hes going to shy away from challenging an alpha dog.

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    Look at this line up 4 of 9 under .200 and the pitcher has the highest average of the 4. The Pirates have better hitters than those 4. How can a team playing for a wild card birth have such a weak line up. Somebody is going to have some explaining to do if this team continues to go off the rails.

    • Grand Salami

      And it’s not like they are collectively lefty mashers.

  8. Mark A Verticchio

    I hate to harp on this ,but this has to be the weakest line up ever put out by a playoff contender with 18 games to go, hope the pitchers come through big time.

  9. RedsGettingBetter

    Every time I see DeShields in the lineup (and by the way jumping up the spots, today is at 7th) I remember Mike Freeman… What a poor depth hurting the Reds… WANTED right handed hitters crushing LHP …

    • Doc

      Management obviously gave up on this season. When Deshields and Cabrera are the best you can do, and then both keep showing up in the box scores, they’ve given up. Barrero and Lopez couldn’t be worse even if they had one hit between them in a week of starts.

  10. Old-school

    I guess Tyler Stephenson cant help the reds offense against lefties in September. Clearly Jose Barrero cant help the reds offense or defense either against lefties in september.

    Clearly David Bell has identified 8 better hitters than Stephenson and Barrero against lefties. It is the pirates after all and a DFA’d AAAA+ Starter though. This should be an easy 8-1 win against a terrible team starting a minor leaguer.

    • SOQ

      And you can throw Schrock in that mix too 🙁

      • Mark Moore

        Schrock you can at least explain away with the lefty/righty bit (though it wears pretty thin pretty quickly). The rest is just Tinker being Tinker and playing the money.

    • Mark Moore

      The TySteve thing irks me. I’ve never been a fan of the “personal catcher” bit and that’s obviously what’s going on with The Hulk. As somebody else noted, perhaps Joey could have benefitted from another day off and put Rook2 at first.

    • Bet on Red

      TS getting the bench due to the TB Miley personal catcher rule. Barrero has not proven himself yet.

      • Old-school

        Suarez has?
        Deshields has?
        Aquino has?
        Stephenson hasn’t?

        The issue is best 8 players against a lefty pitcher in a must win game. But, its the Pirates so its doesn’t matter. Easy 8-1 win. They arent an MLB team.

      • doofus

        How does a player prove himself if the manager does not pencil his name into the lineup to give him a chance to prove himself?

        Has Barrero proved himself to you at Louisville?

  11. Mark Moore

    Happy 49th birthday to Tinker … a win tonight would be a great gift. Pitching deep into the game by The Hulk would also be a nice birthday treat.

  12. Mark A Verticchio

    1-2-3 no contact or weak contact.

  13. Old-school

    This is an easy 8-1 reds win
    Pirates are awful
    Reds lineup will crush this AAAA lefty
    6 series losses in a row notwithstanding…Bell and Krall dig their heels in because, well,,its the Pirates and automatic win and sweep

    It’s the 100 loss Pirates with 821 fans in the stands
    Reds sweep

  14. Dennis Westrick

    It’s “Put Up or Shut Up” time gents! Not happy with the lineup but they are all professionals and need to perform as such! Only 18 games remaining! HALF of those are against the Pirates! No excuses at this point in the season! Need to start a winning streak while the Cards are playing the Mets in NYC! Then the Cards play 3 at San Diego so any Reds win against the LA Dodgers will be a plus! First things first! Win tonight and put pressure on the other pretenders!

    • Kevin H

      Pirates are a mlb team just like the Reds. Gotta show up to play. 2-0 is not a good way to begin

  15. Old-school

    Suarez boots a routine ball. Good thing barrero not proven and Suarez is.

    17th error for Geno per Sadack

    • Bet on Red

      Barreros numbers at 3rd in the minors are worse

      • Mark Moore

        Yeah, he may be passable in LF, but not at 3B

      • Old-school

        All 3 games?
        Barrero is a SS and should never not play SS.
        Farmer should be at third base tonight

      • doofus

        Seriously, Barrero has only played 18 innings at 3B.

        You are definitely a Barrero hater.

        Give it a rest. You are ahead of your skis.

  16. Reds Fan

    Your prognostication looks real good so far! With this lineup, this game is over. I will be happy to eat my words.

  17. Dennis Westrick

    Thanks a lot Geno! Miley not sharp is not helping! Wake up Reds!

  18. Dennis Westrick

    I am at a loss to explain the lethargy being displayed by a team trying to secure the last NL playoff spot! More energy in an episode of The Walking Dead!

    • Mark Moore

      That’s the ticket … we’re watching Zombie Baseball

  19. RedsGettingBetter

    The things can not start worst … It is a classic beginning of a lost team … 1-2-3 in the first offense chance and after his best pitcher is overwhelmed

  20. Mark Moore

    This is looking like a very painful game to watch. I find myself questioning if I really want to make the trip next week or not. P-Thet-Ick!!

    At least Geno went the other way and it looks like a line drive in the box score.

  21. Mark Moore

    Just a thought from a fan, not a player …

    If you are intent on pulling it, this is the kind of guy who will make you whiff and be way ahead (like AA on that last swing). If you would think about going the other way, you get the benefit of swinging later which could well mean you just kill that change-up.

    But what do I know?

    Oh, and Geno not standing on 3rd is a crime here given 2 outs. He wasn’t off with the crack of the bat by any stretch.

    • Bet on Red

      not nessesarily on suarez, remember do not make the last out at third. play develped pretty quickly in LF

      • Mark Moore

        I thought about that … but if he’s off on contact (or even before just a bit) he’s on 3rd. Ultimately doesn’t matter now, but still.

    • VaRedsFan

      Totally agree on both points.
      1st the error, then the base hit down the line. 2 gaffs by Suarez. not the first time with lack of hustle.

  22. Mark A Verticchio

    This is an absolute embarrassment to this team, losing 12 of 18 and then coming out flat as can be against the Pirates. Heck with wildcard, .500 record is slipping away. Bell needs to go, period.

  23. Jim Walker

    Two outs, two on, three runs down, Maybe enough of the personal catcher stuff and send Ty Steve to the plate there in Inning 2?

    • Mark Moore

      Must not upset the veteran psyche, Jim …

  24. Old-school

    Maybe the reds could trade Miley for a good young righty catcher.
    Clearly , they need one. Barnhart left 2 on and cant hit lefties and Miley is struggling against the AAAA Pirates.

      • Old-school

        Not a commentary on Miley pitching.
        A commentary on the Reds best catcher who hits lefties is sitting while Barnhart is playing. Bell enables the dysfunction of Stephenson not playing against a righty.

  25. Mark Moore

    Both of those pretty hard hit, but right at the defense. Hoping Miley has settle down for his side of the 3rd.

  26. Mark A Verticchio

    I think this team has not scored in 18 innings. What a joke job.

  27. Gpod

    this is becoming the definition of a “choke job”

  28. Kevin H

    So here’s a thought. When Senzel got hurt they didn’t go out and get a proven mlb hitter. When Moose got hurt, they didn’t go out and get a better bat. Instead, Payton, freeman, heinman, and Schrock. (Schrock has done well) Now desheilds, and Cabrera. Just like bullpen earlier, this is what Bell has. Not defending Bell, however he plays who he has. Brewers made trades earlier in year. Etc etc

    • Bet on Red

      However these moves are more on Krall then bell

    • Mark Moore

      To a point he plays who he has … but his line-up construction, albeit from a limited supply, is often questionable from my point of view. But you are completely correct – David Tinker Bell doesn’t make the trades.

      • LDS

        Remember he commented previously that his office had been moved up with the “big guys”. He, at least, comments on transactions.

  29. Mark A Verticchio

    I agree 100%. Very sad time to be a fan of this club. It seems to happen every year to somebody, this must be the Reds turn.

  30. Mark Moore

    I have to give Sadak credit for pointing out the 3 against Miley included that bone-head error and a krap-load of singles (you know, the kind of hits we seem to be allergic to most nights). He seems to be settling in at this point. Not sure we’ll squeeze 7 out of him, but even 6 is a good thing. As long as we start scoring.

  31. Mark A Verticchio

    Sadek need to shut up about how the Reds have owned the Pirates this year, it is a bad look.

    • Mark Moore

      Sadak generally needs to shut up far more than he does. He’s completely afraid of silence and, I’m thinking, he has a target number of words he commits to himself he must say on any given night.

  32. Bet on Red

    Miley does seem to have calmed down. The reds need to get the bats moving

  33. Mark Moore

    But … but … but …

    Cueball shot for a double!

    • Bet on Red

      no no no…. do not abuse the but

  34. Mark Moore

    Good job, Geno. Waited him out. If you can do it, anybody on the roster can.

  35. Bet on Red

    It is time for Aquinos weekly homer

  36. Bet on Red

    That is ball 4 period. BLOWN CALL

    • Bet on Red

      Ultimately we can hypothesise that they would have successfully turned a GIDP on the Desheids at-bat with the bases loaded… but that call was garbage pure and simple

  37. Mark Moore

    9-8 inches outside and he’s staring it down … un.freaking.believable!!

  38. Mark Moore

    The likely GIDP there takes a little bit of the edge off that ridiculously bad call …

  39. Mark A Verticchio

    19 innings and counting. Please quit playing Aqiuno, he just can’t hit.

    • Bet on Red

      no no, Aquino clearly earned a base on balls fairly that was taken away from him by a sloppy ump. Had to swing at strike three no matter where the ball was after “showing up the ump”

  40. TyGuy88

    It’s a sad state when the Reds are in a playoff chase and they have to insert Desheilds into the lineup pretty much everyday. Also Aquino in the lineup everyday is not far behind on that sadness. He’s shown himself to be a good 4th OF.

  41. Indy Red Man

    There’s a strike zone for Aquino and then a strike zone for everyone else. Almost every at-bat I watch he gets ripped off atleast once. Its ridiculous. He needs to go Puig on somebody. Nice guys finish last

    • Bet on Red

      If bell wanted to get tossed…. that would have been a good place to do so.

      • Mark Moore

        Maybe Tinker getting tossed would fire up the guys. Heaven knows I trust Freddie B more at the helm.

  42. RedAlert

    Miley throwing batting practice again

  43. Mark A Verticchio

    As talked about, during this losing span the other teams have score in the first inning a lot and that is really hurting. A good left fielder catches that ball, tell me why he is playing.

  44. Old-school

    Aquino deserved a walk on the 3-1 pitch that was 2 inches inside but there’s no law that says you then need to strike out on the next pitch. Good hittes find a way

    Aquino is hitting .173 with an OPS of .620 and a wRC+Of 68 in 130 plate appearances since the all star break with Castellanos out then Winker out. he’s had a fair shot.

    • Bet on Red

      there is the Unwritten “show up the ump, everything is strike three rule”

  45. RedAlert

    These guys look really interested don’t they? In a pennant race and can’t give it best effort for 3 hours against one of the absolute worse teams in baseball !!!???

    Says a lot about David Bell…

    • RedAlert

      Well , wild card race anyway – lol

    • Old-school

      It’s not about the X’s and the O’s its about the Jimmy’s and the Joes’

      David bell and Nick Krall have the wrong Jimmy’s and the wrong Joe’s and have all year. 6 series losses in a row and yearlong offensive ineptitude against lefties and in the bullpen and we get this lineup tonight.

      This is a Nick Krall David Bell issue.

  46. Gpod

    in the category of “money flushed down the toilet” The cash given to Shogo to be a pinch runner once a game

  47. RedAlert

    Sadak is totally lost …

    Talks non stop, makes very few few
    informative remarks; simply aggravating to listen to

    • Mark Moore


      Nearing time for me to Clete or switch to the WLW audio feed

    • Old-school

      You mean you didnt want to know the Reds swept the pirates last year on David Bells birthday?

    • Beaufort Red

      He’s the worst. Never shuts up with inane facts. Jim Day is starting to sound like a female sideline reporter. No substance just human interest stories.

  48. Bet on Red

    Nick C has to produce something here… quite frankly so does Votto

    • Bet on Red

      or just line out to short yea…. just do that instead

  49. Mark A Verticchio

    This is getting almost comical to watch, 20 scoreless innings in a wild card chase. I think this should do Bell in for sure. However, to be honest, I think the players have to take a lot of the blame for this utter collapse.

    • Mark Moore

      I think it’s more of an “udder” collapse … due to the proximity of the fertilizer show we’re seeing 🙂

  50. dhmorgan

    Let’s see a picture of the Farmer baby.
    That’s about the only good thing I’ve seen during this game so far.

  51. Mark A Verticchio

    Sadek actually makes a good point that Bell needs to do something, bunt, hit and run something to score a dang run.

  52. Votto4life

    This has been a totally different over the past month. The players seem anxious for their off season to start.

    • RedAlert

      Seen enough of this little league clown show – out

      Bell and these guys don’t care – why the heck should we !!!!!

  53. Moon

    Shut out through 5. This is what, 20 straight innings without a run?

  54. Mark Moore

    And we’re done at my house … cannot watch this multi-car pile-up. Now I’m really thinking hard about skipping the trip next week …

  55. Dennis Westrick

    Miley at 80+ pitches with no outs in the bottom of the 5th! One (1) more batter and then time for the BP aka The Arson Squad!

  56. Bet on Red

    ok Part of this is the bats, but Miley is not totally without blame for this. This needs to be his last inning and we may have to bite the bullet on this one, and take the two with Right-handers tomorrow and Thursday

  57. Dennis Westrick

    Only word I can come up with is Pathetic!

  58. Mark A Verticchio

    You can talk about the hitting, but Miley has had a terrible outing when his team needed a great one.

  59. Dennis Westrick

    6 earned runs and 2 walks! NOT what we needed from Miley tonight!

  60. DataDumpster

    Is Yasiel Puig in the house? Can David Bell find a way to get himself thrown out of this game. The 2019 rendition of this “rivalry” is making an appearance again but at a much lower intensity level. As I write this, it appears Bell is trying to convince Miley to leave the game. What am embarrasment!

  61. Bet on Red

    For those worried about a 2022 Bell managing the Reds its simple. If the reds are the away wild card team, he is staying, if they are not, he is going. This is strands of Dusty after the late collapse of 2013

  62. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    The team is a disgrace, a lifeless bunch. They reflect their manager, they just don’t give a crap.

    They are not worth my time anymore, this team is a joke.

  63. LDS

    When will the FO man up and fire Bell? Erroneously knew this was not the best lineup the Reds could field. He didn’t even try. Denny McClain, Pete Rose, David Bell? He can’t really be this bad, can he?

    • Votto4life

      The past three weeks alone is enough to warrant firing David Bell. I have never seen a team so listless in my whole life and that includes the 1982 Reds which was the worst team in my lifetime.

      Frankly, the players don’t even seem like they even care.

      • LDS

        Agreed. In the real world, I.e. not sports, managers whose teams perform so poorly are fired. And typically once they are gone, one hears what the team actually thought of the guy not what they claim publicly. So it goes.

  64. SOQ

    Miley must have seen the lineup and said “Why Bother?”

  65. Dennis Westrick

    Once again we need to root for the Mets, Cubs & Giants! Another wasted opportunity with the Dodgers looming when the Reds return to GABP!

  66. dhmorgan

    Earlier in the year, with a 6-0 deficit halfway through the game, we might have expected, or at least hoped for, a late inning comeback.
    This is a different Reds team now.
    It’s sad how they have regressed.

    • votto4life

      Exactly this is a different team from the one we saw in late July.

  67. Old-school

    So the real question becomes when will David bell and Nick Krall do something different with personnel?
    They stubbornly dig deeper despite 6 series losses in a row.
    Dodgers throwing Buehler, Scherzer, and Kershaw this weekend, so Reds staring 8 series in a row.

    Bell got his 28 man roster Sept 1 and went back to his 2019/2020 rotation mode and handed fetish mode. Asdrubal Cabrera and Delino Deshields and Aquino and Schrock and Farmer and Moose and Suarez and Stephenson and Barnhart plus a 14 man bullpen. I can play fantasy manager again and rotate to my hearts delight.

  68. Gpod

    and this will be the clown on the postgame: question: your team continues to struggle to hit left handed pitching…..clown in manager hat: “I’m not concerned, these guys will hit…..there is plenty of games to be played” Translation: I’m clueless & have no answers

  69. Broseph

    I love baseball, and the Reds. Lifelong fan, but this is getting real hard to stomach, year in and year out. When Castillini took over and said championship baseball, I had hopes. This can’t be want he meant.

  70. Old-school

    Friday night high school football
    UC Indiana football Saturday and bengals Bears Sunday

    This team is on life support for apathy


    • Votto4life

      Baseball, when it is played well, is the most beautiful game in the world. When it’s not, like we have seen lately, I prefer watching football and I’m not even a big football fan. Having said that Go Bearcats!

  71. RedsMonk65

    The Cowboy is questioning the Reds’ sense of urgency on the air:

    “You’re getting hammered by the Pirates. I SAID THE PIRATES!”

    • Old-school

      It wont matter.
      Bell has his lineups planned thru October.
      Don’t want to overreact to 6 series losses in a row and an ass-kicking by the Pirates. But, as Sadak, say Reds have an explosive offense so 8-6 win is coming. It’s the Pirate after all and they are still awful

      Votto just broke Lance Bergman’s record for most walks at Pirates Stadium per Sadak. That’s good to know

      Aquino being Aquino

  72. Mark A Verticchio

    They should ask bell how it feels to be the captain of the Titanic.

  73. Beaufort Red

    Did Sadak just say incredible offense ? He’s lost it.

      • Old-school

        2 incredible bloopers and not explosive so you win.

  74. Mark A Verticchio

    That’s it Bell should be fired on the spot for letting Aqiuno bat.

    • bug

      I concur!!! Aquino can’t hit a basketball. Bell is stubborn. His determination to be stubbornly wrong all season is why we will not make the post season. How can anyone know less about baseball and his players than Bell? He’s the WORSE manger I’ve ever seen. And I thought Dusty was stubborn and wrong! Dusty “Bunt” Baker was brilliant compared the Tinkerbell. Maybe next go round we can hire a manager that has an ounce of common sense.

  75. Bet on Red

    I do not get subbing for Aquino they better PH for Desheild. Plus, Suarez has not produced an out tonight

  76. Joe P.

    This is what happens when you create expectations of future outcomes based on past results. It’s unrealistic. If anything, the more realistic expectation was that the Reds would struggle and that this race for the final spot would go down to the wire. The Padres aren’t finished yet as some on here said they would be.

    So many people had the Reds just rolling over the Pirates like it was a foregone conclusion. You just can’t do that in sports and with so many other things in life. This isn’t something that is programmed to happen. Some people defy expectations while others underperform. The Pirates got rid of some their better players, gave other younger guys a chance and those guys collectively are playing better ball than they did earlier.

  77. Bet on Red

    Why is Moose on deck and not Naquin… is he still hurt

    • RedsMonk65

      Must be….Moose comes through, though.

      • Bet on Red

        yes he did…. will withhold further criticism for now

  78. RedsMonk65

    Finally — Reds score some runs! Woo-hoo!

  79. Bet on Red

    Barnhart comes through to break up the shutout…. if moose can have a blue moon homer we could be back in this

  80. Bet on Red

    alright, Indias hussle produces a run

  81. Bet on Red

    And farmer, hitting it to where they (barely) are not…. 6-4, this is a game again….. Blast from nick will do this

  82. Bet on Red

    Alright, 6-4 is doable. Still have 3 more at-bats

  83. Gpod

    nick is not having good at bats, swinging at anything & everything

    • Bet on Red

      hasn’t really since he returned from injury

  84. Old-school

    Farmer out
    Suarez SS
    moustakis 3b

  85. Mark A Verticchio

    Castellannos hasn’t been the same since the injury, he is going to cost himself some money if this continues these last 18+ games.

  86. Mark A Verticchio

    Why would you take out Farmer and leave in Moose? Farmer can hit both right and left handed pitchers while Moose has no chance against a lefty.

    • bug

      >>>Why would you take out Farmer and leave in Moose?

      For the same reason Bell plays Aquino (when he is the worst hitter I’ve seen in a long while) and does NOT play Barrero (who mashes a baseball in most of his at bats). Then he eventually plays Barrero in the outfield,…. after the game is already lost the game anyway, and Aquino has struck out 3 times. Same reason for both. The reason? Our manager is NOT very smart,..which is an understatement, nts!!! He does not have a clue what he’s doing or why. And these two announcers are the worst I’ve ever heard. I like all the other Reds announcers, but Welsh and Sadak embarrass me. Welsh said “we are in the advantage from here on out”,..that after we pulled within two. (I said, when we are still behind by two runs.) That’s with the Pirates leading two runs at Pittsburg. To paraphrase, Welsh says “we are in the driver’s seat now in this game”. That is not a very smart thing to say, Chris. After the game is over I wish someone would ask him,..”I thought we had the advantage there going into the 7th, Chris? What happened???” Fire those two!!! That would be the first thing the higher ups could do for this organization. Welsh is horrible, and Sadak is a jinx!!! And the Reds are chokers.

    • Reds Fan

      I would suggest you check Moose’s stats against lefties from 2015-2019. Throw out 2020 (Covid) and 2021 (injured most of year) and your will find he hit between .260 and .283 with an OBP between .296 and .383 every year without being pulled from the lineup when a lefty was pitching. That is before Bell got ahold of him and started his ridiculous plattoning.

    • wkuchad

      No, Farmer doesn’t hit right handed pitching.

  87. SOQ

    Not to mention Farmer’s defense. Short is not Suarez’s strength

  88. Bet on Red

    Allows Suarez to move back to third if Barrero is inserted

  89. Luke J

    These comments have been an intersting read so far. So many people sing like 4 different tunes over the course of a game. If it weren’t so annoying it might be funny.

    • Old-school

      Comment on Baseball content pal.
      Commenting on comments makes you a troll
      Do you have anything to offer about Reds baseball @ Luke J?

  90. Mark Moore

    Checked the score and had to come back … just in time to see some lazy fly balls.

    Still have 2 AB’s coming though. Tonight proves anything can happen. I suppose keeping Geno in for his bat is a good choice since he appears to be hitting more of late. Have to wonder if we see Barrero for his glove now though.

  91. Old-school

    Jose Siri crushed AAA pitching and now playing for the Astros.
    Aquino NL player of the month august 2018

    Both players tremendous trade values and raw talent yet mismanaged by Reds FO who lacked the fortitude to trade at peak value and lacked the fortitude to play every day for 1000 at bats in a rebuild at the mlb level.

    Both will leave for free.

    • wkuchad

      Anyone in the majors could have had Aquino a few years ago. No one took him.

  92. Bet on Red

    If AG has suddenly found it here at the end

    • Mark Moore

      Welsh was commenting on that … says he isn’t doing a little hip twist of late. The results that inning were what we all hoped for back in April.

  93. Broseph

    If Cabrera goes in to hit for Garrett in the 9th, Bell has completely lost it.

    • RedsMonk65

      Don’t think there are many options at this point, with all the PHs already used in this game. Shogo, maybe, and Cabrera. Those are the choices.

      • Reds Fan

        And we are about to trail the Cardinals in the standings!!!

    • wkuchad

      I understand criticizing the manager, but at least make it valid. Who would hit here instead? Shogo?

  94. AllTheHype

    Don’t know what to root for….Reds to win WC2 and Bell stays another year……Or Reds miss playoffs and maybe both Krall and Bell are gone. If I were assured of the latter if they miss, then I’d rather miss the playoffs and get better personnel running the team next year.

    With just a little bit of competence, we’d be +5 or more in WC2 and it would sure be a lot more fun to watch and root for.

  95. Mark A Verticchio

    Who is left besides Shogo, bad and worse.

  96. Bet on Red

    Well this answers the question. Naquin still injured. Will be interesting who starts in CF tomorrow

    • Chris Holbert

      Will there be a Shogo sighting?

  97. Bet on Red

    Well, Admittedly, that was better then most of his at bats

  98. Bet on Red

    Nick C…. if nothing else…came through for the Beat the Streak pick. Back to back pls. Votto

  99. RedsMonk65

    Castellanos! 6-5. Too bad someone had not gotten on base before him. Only 1 more out.

  100. Votto4life

    I wonder if any of the Reds players think to themselves “Man, this Cabrera guy stinks” ?

  101. LT

    HR a couple innings too late Nick. No moral victory.

    • bug

      I heard that! That’s who they are,..always a day late and a dollar short.

  102. Bet on Red

    Well the scoreless streak is over. A righty starts tomorow. NY is beating STL rn. They did make a fight of it, but this was a poor start by Miley.

  103. RedsMonk65

    Rats. Bats came to life, but too little too late. Hope they stay awake to do some major damage in the days to come, because this season is almost gone. Cannot afford to waste any more chances to take that WC spot.

  104. RedAlert

    This loss started with the atrocious lineup constructed by the absolute clueless David Bell . Crap lineup construction – is it even a surprise any more ???! I cannot stand this man as the manager of the Reds – he might be the nicest guy in the world . He can’t manage a Major League Baseball team worth a flip !!!! This team is a complete
    reflection of him , no doubt .
    Guy should have been fired already .

  105. Bet on Red

    Winker out after only 2 AB….. no hits…one K

  106. Chris Holbert

    At least he kept his word and got Barrero into CF…