The Reds offense never got on the board as Cincinnati wasted an outstanding start by Sonny Gray as they lost the game and 6th straight series in a 2-0 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday afternoon.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (75-69)
0 5 0
St. Louis Cardinals (73-69)
2 3 1
W: Happ (9-8) L: Gray (7-7) SV: Gallegos (8)
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The Offense

Cincinnati didn’t have a baserunner until the top of the 3rd inning when Asdrúbal Cabrera reached on a throwing error by Nolan Arenado. Two outs later Jonathan India would single to put two men on, but a ground out ended the inning.

The Reds offense didn’t threaten again until the top of the 8th inning when Delino DeShields led off the inning with a double into the left-center gap. With Sonny Gray due up the Reds turned to Jose Barrero off of the bench to pinch-hit. The rookie struck out on a 99 MPH fastball on the outside corner of the plate, turning the lineup over and bringing Jonathan India to the plate. He hit a fly ball toward the right field corner and Dylan Carlson reached into the stands to make the catch while DeShields tagged up and took third base. Tyler Stephenson worked a full count, but he too struck out and the threat ended.

The middle of the order came up in the 9th, needing two runs to tie things up. Nick Castellanos struck out to start the frame. Joey Votto then popped up. With Eugenio Suárez due up, David Bell called on Mike Moustakas to pinch-hit and get a more favorable lefty-on-righty match up against Giovanny Gallegos. The call worked as he lined a double to the wall in left-center to bring the tying run to the plate in the form of Max Schrock, but he struck out to end the game as the Reds were shutout.

The Pitching

After getting two quick outs to begin the game, Sonny Gray gave up a single to Tyler O’Neill and then served up a 2-run homer to Paul Goldschmidt that put the Cardinals up 2-0. Gray then retired the next 14 batters in a row before Tommy Edman singled in the 6th inning with one out.

Edman would steal second base and Goldschmidt would later walk to put two on and lead to a visit from pitching coach Derek Johnson. Tyler O’Neill worked a full count, but he took strike three right over the middle of the plate for the second out of the inning. Nolan Arenado followed up with a lazy fly out to center to strand both runners and send the game to the 7th inning with the Cardinals still holding a 2-0 lead. Gray returned for the next inning and picked up two strikeouts in a perfect inning to cap off a 3-hit, 7-inning performance that saw him strike out six batters.

Tony Santillan took over for the bottom of the 8th inning, looking to keep the Cardinals lead at just 2-0. He did just that, needing just eight pitches to record three outs and send the game to the 9th to give the Reds offense one last chance.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds have now lost six straight series. Maybe the Pirates will be the cure for all that ails. Tuesday can’t get here soon enough for Cincinnati.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Tuesday September 14th, 6:35pm ET

Wade Miley (12-5, 2.89 ERA) vs Dillon Peters (0-2, 3.38 ERA)

91 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Well, it was nice seeing Barrero start 2 games. Knowing Bell, we won’t see him start again for the rest of the season.

  2. Brian M

    Very disappointed in Joey that last at bat. Down 2, any way on base is all that mattered. And they gave him the whole 3rd base line open. But he wouldn’t take it. Lack of winning baseball play and situational awareness from the front office to the manager to the players

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      But he knows how to dance. The Cards were begging to be swept and the Reds once again prove their mental toughness comes up zero every time they play meaning- ful baseball games against St. Louis.

      “Deer in the headlights Reds” against Happ of all pitchers, what a joke.

      • LT

        What about pointing at this Jersey number? What about calling himself unpitchable? Which one annoys you most? But Cincy falling in love with him hard and calling him HOFer

  3. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    Another pathetic effort by a lifeless team playing like zombies.

    Now we are to get excited if they win the series against the Pirates?

    If they do that, they will probably get swept at home against the Dodgers.

    Nobody steps up, no leaders on this team, only “dancers.” These guys are playing a brand of baseball that feels like they are dying for the season to end.

  4. Hotto4Votto

    The Reds need more offense, but for the life of me I can’t figure out where it will come from until Winker returns. Votto and Castellanos have both carried the Reds for stretches, but have looked run down recently. The baseball season is a grind, but coming off a shortened 2020, I’d guess this year feels even more challenging. Today it looked like both were pressing, swinging at many pitches well outside the zone. Our top 4 hitters were 2-15 w/ a BB. That’s not going to win you many games.

    • Scott C

      Could be after the day off they hit better.

  5. J

    I would say it looks like they’re just going through the motions, but with this team it’s hard to tell the difference.

  6. RedsMonk65

    Hey, Bengals won today. And my Browns are up 15-3 over the mighty Chiefs.

    Looking for light where I can find it…..

    • RedsMonk65

      Now Browns up 22-10…

      Sorry — I’ll stop that now. But definitely more exciting than the Reds have been for weeks now.

      We fans just want our teams to win! Do you hear that, Reds?

    • Jim Walker

      Hockey camps open in 2 weeks; the season starts for real in a month. The CBJ have a major retooling (I think that was the latest label) underway and have done more in one off season than the Reds managed to get done in 3 or 4. Plus past performance indicates if luck smiles and things fall right putting them in sight of the playoff bar at midseason, management will step up and try to help the team as opposed to disappearing.

  7. burtgummer01


    Billionaire to buy MLB baseball team
    A desire to win games is a requirement
    Contact asap Bob C

    • Dewey Roberts

      I remember when Bob fired a GM because he said the losing must stop. Well, Bob’s tenure as owner has been the worst period of losing in my lifetime. It has been atrocious. I said a few years ago that Walt’s tenure as GM was really bad. He drafted a few pitchers but position players who could hit and maybe also field were just too, too rare.

  8. Roger Garrett

    Its sad that Bell had to play such a lineup.Its worse that the roster is what it and has been for a long time.Four hitters can not beat the other team but for the most part they have but that run is over. Our guys certainly know they have little help 5-9 on most nights so of course they press and swing hard to try to get 1 run with 1 swing and well that just won’t work.Maybe if Wink returns and maybe if Bell can put his 8 best hitters out there on most nights then maybe they have a chance but thats a lot of maybes.Front office threw this team and Bell for the most part under the bus right out of the gate.Got a couple of relievers and a couple of position players that nobody wanted and that was it.Young core is in place and really am looking forward to 2022 but more so to 2023.

    • Votto4life

      I am looking forward to 2024 when the bad contracts come off the books.

      The Reds made it clear last off season that they are not going to increase payroll.

      The team will save a little dough when Castellanos leaves for greener pastures. Of course, that leaves a huge hole
      In the Line up. That alone dooms the team’s chances for the post season even with
      expanded play offs next year.

      I would not be surprised if the Reds let Wade Miley go. They probably won’t pick up Tucker Barnhart’s option, but may re-sign him at a lower salary. Similar to what they did with Kyle Farmer last year.

      I also look for them to trade at least one of their starting pitchers. They will do it a vane attempt to replace Nick Castellanos’ offense.

      They will likely acquire a big name who is well past his prime ( a Yasiel Puig type). Poor man’s Nick Castellanos.

      Overall, the 2022 Cincinnati Reds will substantially worse than the team we saw most of this summer.

      After those albatross type contracts come off books (Votto, Moose, Suarez, Shogo) they might be able to right the ship.

      I suspect we are 3 or 4 years away from having a championship caliber team. Of course, to do that we will still need a skillful GM. I don’t think Nick Krall is that GM.

      It just baffles me how year and year, decade after decade the Reds and Bengals are unable to win. You would think they would “luck” into something every once in awhile. The only thing the franchises are consistent with is losing.

      • Greenfield Red

        These are the reasons I hoped for 65-97 this year so they could draft in the top 5 again to really have a good team in 3 to 4 years. Drafting about 20th, whether wc2 or not, hurts those chances. This year and last were wasted years.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Even when those contracts come off and they have hypothetical money to spend, it doesn’t mean they will spend it well or wisely. I mean, two of the contracts you’re hoping to come off came from the last round (actually…only round) of making a splash in free agency with Moose and Shogo. I don’t mind the Castellanos contract, but many others have noted it’s very one-sided toward the player. If he plays well, he plays his way out of Cincinnati. If he plays poorly the Reds are stuck with paying him a decent chunk despite the production.
        Even with money to spend, I don’t really trust the FO to use it well. Or to use it without also giving up good prospects (Josiah Gray, Jeter Downs, Stuart Fairchild, etc) along the way.

      • Indy Red Man

        “I don’t mind the Castellanos contract, but many others have noted it’s very one-sided toward the player”

        Thats how you get guys to sign in the first place. Only maybe 25 elite hitters like Castellanos on the planet. They have the power.

      • Hotto4Votto

        I get it, that’s exactly why I don’t mind it. Part of the business.

  9. Jim Walker

    I think the baseball season effectively ended for me today about the time Arenado’s HR made it to the stands. And to be clear, the start of pro football had nothing to do with it. I don’t watch that zoo at all.

    No, I just found myself out of interest to watch anymore Reds same old same old. The guys are still trying but their joy is gone, and, with it mine in watching them.

    Maybe the day off and a dose of the Pirates will reenergize the team and me. I hope so, but I am not holding my breath.

    • Old-school

      I was there and frustrated last Friday against the Tigers and seeing what was coming and quit for 4 days. I hear you.
      I think we all are. Waiting for BC NK and DB to do something different and different is Deshields and Cabrera.

      Reds wont change until they have to and they now have to.

      See what happens Tuesday when Farmer gets activated and someone needs to go.

      • Jim Walker

        One would think it has to be Cabrera to go but they could use the Barrero injury to shuffle him off to IL or just claim he is healthy and return him to AAA as the corresponding move to Farmer’s return. With this run of 13 straight games starting, they aren’t likely to back off the 14 man pitching staff.

        It is really difficult to figure what is even going on with the 40 man roster. The roster page on the official Reds website lists 42 names with only 2 identified as 60 day IL (Art Warren and Brandon Bailey). Antone is still listed as 10 day IL and Senzel is still listed as “minors”, the designation they use for 40, man guys on option. And interestingly enough, Senzel is listed on the Louisville website as “active” with the Bats and on the Reds 40 man roster. So is theReds 40 man full, or at 39 or 38?

    • Alan Horn

      Same here Jim. It is just exhausting. Roster management or lack there of has been most of the problem all season No BP pieces early. Lack of hitters lately. Injuries have been a part of it but all of it is just too much to overcome.

      • Chris Holbert

        If I was Senzel, I would tell my agent to get me the heck out of Cincinnati

    • Grand Salami

      Jim I had same reaction. My season tix deliver a few more games but even making the playoffs will feel too much like last season.

      The Cards are not a better team on paper or in real life but the Reds are listless. I hope that Bell’s managerial career hangs on at least winning a WC

      Regardless, this malaise has put enough a damper on things for me not to renew my package.


    • Maloney63

      Agree 100%. Couldn’t watch an inning of this game when I saw that lineup. A shutout was inevitable!

    • greenmtred

      I hope it does, too, Jim. I’m not done with them for season yet–it may not happen, but it wouldn’t be surprising to me if they turned it around–again. They certainly miss Winker, but there are still bright spots. Unlike some, I’m pretty optimistic about next year and beyond.

  10. Mark A Verticchio

    Not much positive to say, except all year people have talked about playing the Pirates 9 of last 18 games. Well that time is here and it won’t be easy the way they are playing. However they will either be tied or 1 game out and San Diego just lost their best pitcher Snell. St. Louis is biggest concern their schedule looks ok for them. Mets = 3, could be tough, Padres for 3 = following apart, then 7 with Brewers = who knows how motivated they will be, new call up rule helps and 7 with Cubs= hope rivalry motivates Cubs. Reds must win 6 if not 7 from Pirates. Things must change asap or season goes down drain.

    • CI3J

      I’m more worried about the Phillies, honestly.

      • Still a Red

        They got the easiest of the schedules.

    • RedsMonk65

      Honestly, based on what we’ve all seen from this team the last 2 weeks, they simply don’t deserve a playoff spot. That said, I still hope they turn it around here down the stretch….but I am not optimistic right now.

      • Jim Walker

        My thoughts and feeling exactly.

    • Daytonnati

      Using the Chris Welsh imperative, the Reds need to go 11-7 to get to 86 wins.

  11. Joe P.

    Today, I watched the Bengals instead of the Reds. Let’s face it, the Reds aren’t a playoff team this year and the season is almost over.

    Hopefully, the Reds can make some moves in the off-season to improve the lineup and improve the bullpen and make a good run at it again in 2022.

  12. Old-school

    Reds lost 6 series in a row at playoff time.
    It’s not on RLN.
    It’s on Krall and bell do something different.
    Will they?

    • Jim Walker

      When the tough get going, the Reds have been gone.

  13. Old-school

    Reds post game looks like Chinese controlled media.
    Reds employee Jim Day lofts softballs to David Bell
    Reds employee Sam LeCure cant identify why offense is struggling

    Sad that Covid has crushed journalism and freedom of the press to ask real questions.

    • Jim Walker

      So true and at this point, I could care less about the exact accomplishments of India in his rookie season or the career marks Votto has passed on the last couple of months. Those are things to note in passing now but not really concentrate on until the season is settled.

      Not sure how much of the media change is actually COVID and how much was happening anyway because nearly everyone is now “partners” meaning they share from the same growing revenue pie. Maybe Trent (The Athletic) and the Enquirer guys could get more if they pre-COVID access but who knows.

      • Grand Salami

        Trents too busy yucking it up in Cooperstown. Ha. But this was the reason I stopped following a lot of Bengals reporting and I don’t read Sheldon for much.

        We need our podcasting crews and these sites to call what they see.

      • Old-school

        Covid it and the Reds are more than happy to allow “access” and control of the message to those media outlets who depend on the chinese ….errrr…. Castellini control of the media message

        Mark Sheldon is an employee of mlb
        C trent isnt independent… hes trading access for favorable content

        Bobby nightengale is trading first access as an insular media partner for favorable reds reporting

        Paul Daugherty is the only true journalist

      • RojoB

        I think Daugherty is more like Castellini’s pal

  14. Melvin

    This is the time of year when lack of “small ball” will kill you. I don’t know for sure if Larkin would be a good manager but if you listen to him talk and his philosophy and go by that he definitely would be a lot better. A good “winning” team has to be able to manufacture runs. “Power” does not always win. Offensive “balance” is the key to being a winner. This team has the potential to do just that as much as any other team. It’s obviously not emphasized or exercised most of the time.

    • Byron

      My thoughts exactly. The Reds couldn’t “manufacture” a run to save their lives. Power baseball is so predictable and boring.

  15. Still a Red

    As the saying goes, you go with what got you there and for a while I was willing to go with that, hoping whatever funk the Reds offense is in will flip…BUT, time is running out for sure. A sweep of the Pirates might right the ship, but 2out of 3 maybe not, and heaven forbid losing another series. Regardless of if he should have done it sooner, if the Reds drop the first game to the Pirates, he’s got to try something new. What? I dunno…but something. I don’t buy any of the frustrated comments about desire, or dancing, zombies…either they are dragging or the hits that use to drop or get through before are just not doing it now. That said, we are still in the hunt…it may not be pretty but we can still get there.

  16. dhmorgan

    With the Padres about to lose to the Dodgers, the Reds must be the most fortunate team in MLB to still be even in the WC race.
    Even though their bats are dead at the moment, the team isn’t.
    As goes the hymn: “Count your many blessings, count them one by one.”

  17. RedsGettingBetter

    I am imaging how this Reds offense will face Dodgers pitching… Three games turning now pivotal due to the Reds consistently losses so there will no be margin to give LA takes the series unless Cards and Padres would be swept in their next series respectively at same time the Reds sweep Pirates…

  18. Mark Moore

    Small victory that the Friars got blown out again. Still, it’s getting very tight in this game of musical chairs for the last seat available to join #163. And heaven help us all if we have to play #162-and-a-half just to get to #163.

  19. LeRoy

    The Reds are in a tie for the last playoff spot against the Dodgers who are clearly superior to the Reds. They have lost 6 or 7 straight series and hitting has been pitiful. They look like they have no hitting plan and only go up to the plate looking for the pitcher to make a mistake so they can hit a home run. Need more see the ball, hit the ball and not looking foolish at the plate. They are not a good hitting team against good pitching but are even very inconsistent against medicore pitching. Its time for a team meeting to tell the players to step up and do their jobs, which means the manager would have to do his job so it won’t be done. The wildcard is still within reach but its only going to be one and out. Its time to get the lead out of their butts and put it in their bats.

  20. BZ

    Today was another day where as soon as the lineup was posted I knew two runs would be best case scenario. The Reds organization has absolutely no desire to make the playoffs.

  21. DaveCT

    Another disheartening game, kralling to the finish line let alone the wild card.

  22. Mark A Verticchio

    On a negative, but realistic note, must go 7 and 11 to play over .500. Man I didn’t see that statement coming about 3 weeks ago today. Which coincides with the last time the Reds won a series, a sweep of the Marlins at home. Oh how times have changed a 3 week span of going 6 and 12. Brewers, Marlins, Cardinals, Tigers, Cubs and Cardinals. Makes me sick to even type this. Well 3 weeks and 18 games left, let’s hope the next 3 weeks are better than the last 3. I am not sure of anything at this point.

  23. TR

    A fascinating Red’s season that has turned frustrating. The Burrow Bengals will one of the surprises of this NFL season. And I didn’t go to UC but I love Bearcat football.

  24. Doc

    Winker is more valuable to this team than many may have thought. However, the future is brighter now than it was 2-3 years ago. Changes put in place then are slowly starting to pay dividends. In many ways, 2021 has been a superb year. India, Stephenson, Gutierrez, Santillan, have all been big bright spots with bright futures. Mahle has been a huge plus. Joey Votto returned to yesteryear’s form.

    So, if things don’t go well the rest of the season, we have a lot to look forward to, and to be POSITIVE about.

  25. Old-school

    As many have said

    Kralling to the finish

    Fix it Krall and Castellini
    You are renters …. Not owners
    You pay the rent every day … thats it

    Reds fans own this team… long before you and long after

    Fix it Tuesday!!!!!

  26. Redsvol

    Stephenson and Barerro need to play every game – Bell needs to figure out where to put them but time to worry about their defense in a new position is over. Play Stephenson in left field, play Barerro at 3rd base or shortstop, and have Lorenzen pinch hitting every game he doesn’t pitch. Then entire offense just seems too tired to manage a good at bat the last several weeks. We are shrinking from the moment instead of seizing it. I agree with several others on here that we have no business in the playoffs. We have a good team over a 162 game season but not a playoff team.

    • RojoB

      Put them at catcher and shortstop, respectively.

      Because this does not happen is one of several if not many reasons why I have zero faith in the people that run the franchise to build a winner. It does me no good to complain so I won’t.

      • Jim Walker

        Amen. Their “natural” positions are their strongest positions. That’s where they should play. Playing people put into the lineup for their offense at their strongest defensive position minimizes any possible defensive loss.

        The defensive side isn’t even an issue with Barrero at SS; and, there are indicators like DRS and CERA which suggest that Barnhart is not the clearly superior receiver/ defensive choice over Stephenson that he is generally presumed to be.

        In 1975, Sparky Anderson didn’t try to teach George Foster how to play 3B. Pete Rose, yes Pete Rose, saw the handwriting on the wall and got himself a 3B glove because he knew Foster to LF was going to happen one way or the other.

        In retrospect, I suspect we will see that letting the tail wag the dog has been one of the downfalls of the season. Trying to find spots to keep older guys in the lineup is an example.

      • RojoB

        “ Trying to find spots to keep older guys in the lineup”

        This is the tragedy of the 2021 Reds organization. We’ve seen enough of Krall and Bell to know it’s their real M.O. And if they have to do it because Castellini mandates it? All the more tragic

    • greenmtred

      Barrero needs to be given chances to play, but he hasn’t shone in the limited chances he’s had so far at MLB level. It’s still a playoff race.

  27. DaceCT

    No. Commit to next year sooner rather than later. It’s over. Play for 22. They will all understand..

    If Nick Castellanos wants a sign of ownership’s commitment to, say, the next four years … play .. the … future … now!

    No excuses. Farmer is a pro. You won’t hurt his feelings. In fact, you’ve increased his value.

    Stevenson/Barrero/India/Senzel up the middle.

    Winker: Castellanos on the flanks.

    Moose/Suarez/Farmer/Votto/Lopez/Schrock on the corners. This team will hit with anyone. Just get it started.

    /Lodolo next year.

    A better bullpen next year — being the worst isn’t hard to raise the value of, in forums such as this.

    What the org does *now* means more to what they think about the future than a wildcard loss.

    You want to compete? Start now.

    • Votto4life

      I agree, many of these things should be done.

      Nick Castellanos is going to opt out. The Reds won’t be able to sign him, although I am sure they will say they made a competitive offer and just came up a little short at the end. (The Red’s front office tends to lie
      about such things)

      Think about how bad the Red’s offense will be against lefties without Nick Castellanos in the line up.

      If the Reds re-sign Nick Castellanos along with the emergence of young players like Barrero, they may be competitive next year, especially if baseball expands the number of Wild Card teams.

      I really don’t see the Reds resigning NC though. They are just too cheap.

      How embarrassing would it be for the Reds to lose a Cy Young award winner and (potentially) a Most Valuable Player in back to back seasons?

      What the Reds do with regards to Nick Castellanos will determine their fate next season and for a few seasons to come. I hope they choose wisely.

      • Broseph

        There’s a few variables here: what does 2022 season look like, will there be a lockout between owners and players?

        You can overpay for Castellanos, but if 2022 doesn’t happen, suddenly you have a plus 30-year old outfielder that is making $25-30M a year.

        This ownership knowing they weren’t going to go out and spend by the dwadline should’ve done what some, including myself were saying, move Castellanos for younger talent. They were never going deep in the playoff with this roster, and next year they’ll be just that much older.

        This team is always behind when it comes time to trade or rebuild, and it’s always patch work that gets them the same results – losing seasons or wild cards.

  28. Hanawi

    Another hit and a walk tonight for Crook at AAA. He’s been on fire for a month and a half. Surely he can give a spark. Moreso than Cabrera or Deshields have provided. Or Shogo, who has all of 2 at bats in September. Do something other than sit around and watch the WC slip away.

  29. LGR

    Screw it. Bring up Rece. He’s been tearing it up since the start of August. I don’t care if it’s been in low A. I probably should. BUT HEY. CAN’T BE ANY WORSE THAN WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Its too bad. I’m a lefty so I could probably go 6 innings 2 er vs the Reds. Jesus Lazardo started the Reds slide in Miami and he had a 7.91 era coming in. Everyone hits him but not the Reds. Everyone, including little kids playing in tee ball, move up on a wild pitch but not Geno. That was the last straw for me. Its not that easy to lose 6 series in a row. Milwaukee is scoring runs like crazy since they got the dead weight out of their lineup. I see no reason why they can’t put a stranglehold on the division for 4-5 years. Nobody else is even remotely close.

    If Nick leaves then I’d blow it up and try to get more athletic. Maybe move Miley, Gray, Tucker, etc. Anyone that can’t help them win when Moose/Geno come off the books. The front office is more concerned with marketing….fireworks night, bobbleheads, etc. Why not worry about the 27 bobblehead appearances at the plate every night?

  31. GreatRedLegsFan

    Considering all the roster patches, injuries and underperforming players during this season, I’d say the Reds have exceeded the expectations. They may actually still finish in 2nd place, which would be outstanding. FO shall now focus in addressing the upcoming roster’s decisions concerning several players, i.e., Castellanos, Suarez, Moustakas & Akiyama.

    • scotly50

      The Reds tried and bolstered the team prior to 2020 and got nothing out of it but shut-out in an expanded play-off game. I have stated over the past few years that the Reds can not succeed with this core of players. (Votto, Suarez, Barnhart)

      They are not winners.

  32. Kevin H

    Bell’s gonna do the righty/lefty lineup no matter the batting average. Sad he won’t play his best 8. Winker hurt and Senzel being out then not able to get knee healthy. Has hurt as well. I literally laughed out loud yesterday at work when seeing the lineup Bell made. September collapse is in full swing.

  33. realist

    I really thought there was no way they would roll out this line up again. Saurez, Deshields, Cabrerra and Aquino giving away 4 outs out of 9. I wasn’t able to watch the game as I was coaching my sons game but after my son told me they lost 2-0 i told him I bet they faced a left hander and those 4 awful baseball players were in the starting line up. BINGO. Losing 6 straight series has shook off all but the hardcore fans off of the band wagon.

    • greenmtred

      I did watch the game, and nobody–Castellanos, Votto, Stephenson and India included–did any hitting to speak of. They’re in a slump, but Happ had great control and located his pitches very well. And then the bullpen came in throwing 100mph. I’m not sure, given the players actually available, which lineup could have done much better.

  34. TR

    With the pitching the Reds have been getting, it’s not over yet. We’re pulling for the Mets and Giants tonight and for the offense to wake up tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

  35. DataDumpster

    Two things said by others that nicely sum up the conundrum of David Bell (plus the unknown owner/FO influence):
    “Play the future now” and don’t keep “finding spots to keep older guys in the lineup”).
    I want to see an offseason of well thought out roster reconstruction and decisions on taking significant write offs of dead weight. A combination of a savvy new GM (who can bring a new manager with him) would create a ticket worth buying into with the Red’s young players. A more exciting brand of baseball that does more than double switch and wait for the big hit and doesn’t need 14 pitchers for 14 micro roles. Cut ties with the Bell family “legacy”, and send the latest one to pasture after a 3 year experiment (just like Buddy’s fate 3 times before him).

  36. Roger Garrett

    Lots of great ideas this morning but will the Reds do it.Outside of the break out years of India and TySteve its still the same Reds team on offense.Said all year long it would come down to could the Reds score runs.Said starters would keep us in the game for the most part.So here we are with 19 games left and we can’t score.Partly because the 4 or 5 guys that have carried the offense are either out,hurt or worn down.To continue to run out guys that haven’t hit all year long and hope they do is insane right now.India,Ty Steve,Casty,Joey,Farmer,Barrero,Shrock and Naquin need to start every day period.I don’t care who is pitching.Wink in and Shrock to third at some point.The roster is what it is and no need to try to manage something that is so flawed.Play the best hitters cause this match up thing doesn’t work with this roster.If we face lefties we just face lefties.

  37. indyDoug

    not difficult to see why they were shut out. 5-9 in that lineup are near automatic outs. Pathetici

  38. Don

    I have not been posting a lot this year due to a lower set of expectations but even with that I have watched every game and turned off early maybe 10 games the entire season.
    I agree with those whom commented that the game was pretty much over after the HR in the bottom of the 1st but I watched it all anyway, having MLB TV and watching “tape delayed” which is letting the game start and I start watching the 1st inning about 45 minutes to an hour after the 1st pitch allows for fast forwarding through the commercials so the game view time is usually about 2 1/4 hours and I usually catch up in the 8th or 9th inning.

    Reviewing the season predictions (just to see what everyone through on March 31st)

    My prediction was 71-91 with Bell as season long manager 81-81 with AVG MLB manager.
    I was incorrect, the team will most likely exceed my wins expectation.

    Jim W – 78-84
    Tom M – 79-83
    Doug 83-79
    Jason 85-77
    Richard 87-75
    Nick 87-75

    Board comments
    Frankie = 82-80
    Citizen54 = 78 wins
    Greenfield = 67-95
    JB 87-75
    Redsfasn4life 82-80
    MBS 81-81
    west larry win 82 or 83
    rednat finish .500
    JaytheRed 78 wins (range 72 to 84)
    ChadJones 84-78
    wanderin between 81 and 91 wins
    Mk 3 to 5 games over 500
    sultanofswaff 88-74
    TR .500 or a couple above
    daytonnati – under 500
    Indy Red man 82-80
    Matt Wi 76-78 wins
    2020ball – 90 wins
    LDS – Bell fired after 6 games and the team wins 90+
    IndyReds 84-78
    Votto4Life – 74 wins
    TXRedLeg – 72 wins
    VaRedsFan – 76-86

    If the team goes 9-9 it finishes @84-78 which would be better than the vast number of predictions.

    Based on the vast majority of pre-season predictions this team has been a pleasant surprise to even be competitive and in the mix for a wild card.

    Using the baseball reference – Wins above Average statistic
    Starting rotation is #1 in all of MLB.
    Relief pitching is 22nd
    3rd Base is the 30th, CF is 29th, SS is 26th,
    1st base is 14th, Catcher is 13th
    2nd Base is 7th, LF = 7th, RF = 9th

    WAR is very similar results.

    Even the Reds position players which are the best and have led this team are not top 5 players at their positions based and some are basically average on Baseball Statistics Win above average or WAR.

    For comparison
    Starting Rotation is 3rd
    Relief pitching is 14th
    1st based is 30th, 3rd base is 24th, CF is 20th, Every other position is in the top 1/2 of MLB and none in the top 5.

    Starting Pitching is 24th
    Relief Pitching is 26th
    Worst position player is LF at 16th
    All other 7 positions are above average
    LF is 1st
    1B is 3rd
    3rd base is 6th
    CF is 7th

    My conclusions:
    The Reds record is better than most predicted and the Reds are where they are due to starting pitching and being carried by a couple of players at a time with hot streaks that have all gone cold the last 3 weeks.

    The Brewers poorer performing position players are better then the poorer performing Reds position players.

    The Cards pitching has keep them from being close to the brewers in 2021. The Cards have better position players at 5 of the 8 positions than the Reds. Reds are better @ 2nd base and RF. Catcher is very close with a slight Reds advantage.

    Hoping the Reds can stop trying to hit a HR with every swing (like the 2020 Reds) and return to the line drive hitting of the 1st 4 months of the 2021 Reds season which gave them a potent offense. They have been to HR happy since Votto went on his incredible streak a month ago. Everyone seems to want to have that type of streak and they are tense and trying to hard at the plate.

      • Bet on Red

        MLBTR reports Brach has been DFAd for Farmers return from the PL. Another arm that Bell is prevented from using. Barrero also stays up

    • CFD3000

      Don –
      We should all be pleased that the Reds have exceeded our collective expectations for the season, and despite the gloom and doom the Reds are in position to capture the 2nd wild card playoff slot. I promise you the players and coaches expect that to happen. And that’s exciting. As for Wins above Average and WAR as a basis of comparison, keep in mind that those are both counting stats. All three of the Reds big bats (Castellanos, Winker, Votto) each missed a month or more this year. Other teams had injuries too, but certainly that affects your assessment. I haven’t looked today, but a day or two ago all three of those guys were in the top 10 in the league in slugging and OPS, and top 12 or so in OBP. No other team was close with their top 3. The Reds have five strong positions (when they’ve been healthy) – C, 1B, 2B, LF and RF. Unfortunately the other 3 have largely been a black hole with the brief exceptions of Naquin and Farmer for a month or so. But the net result for those three slots is really rough.

      I choose to focus on the positive. The Reds will almost certainly end with a winning record and may well get a game 163. Go Reds!

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Very good analysis, the biggest factor the last 18 games is that through out the year a hitter or two would get hot and along with good starting pitching keep this team going, and during the last 18 games nobody has been hot and it has really shown.

    • Roger Garrett

      Good stuff and right to the point.Supports my question that I ask from time to time.Who on this team could start on other teams around the league?Time to move on from the old and go forward with the new.Let the young guys play.Maybe by 2023.

      • TR

        I prefer the young guys, who are ready, play sooner than soon because in 2023 they will not be so young.

    • Steelerfan

      Great post. Thank you for taking the time to put it together, and a pretty good guide where they need to improve.

  39. Mark Moore

    Brach DFA which means Barrero stays (for now). Hope Kyle’s newbie is healthy and happy.

  40. Steven Ross

    I said multiple times Reds would finish 80 & 82. Hoping to be wrong but not sure anymore. It feels like this team peaked in mid-August. Bell needs to mix up the lineup. Try something new. Focus on more speed at the top of the lineup. Manufacture some runs. India followed by Naquin was working earlier. Go back to it.

    • TR

      IMO, if the offense is going to get going for the remaining 18 games, Naquin with Winker, if possible, should be in the lineup.

  41. Indy Red Man

    Actually Don brought up all those old predictions and made a good point.

    If you told me in March that:

    Antone will miss most of the year
    Lorenzen will miss 60% of the season or whatever it is
    Suarez will suck beyond belief. Mario Mendoza is petitioning to have it called below .200 called the Suarez Canal

    Moose hurt/suck
    Shogo suck
    Senzel….well I knew that already. Hint hint…..the bad guys will not kill the Rock in his next movie

    Castillo will be a C- pitcher
    Garrett/Sims flunk
    They’ll blow 10-15 games when leading after 6
    Votto will miss a month, Nick 3 weeks, and Wink 2 months

    I’m going to say 74-88 so that makes this season wildly successful))) Its all about perspective! “Other then that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”