An up and down week seeks the Reds lose a couple of series, but maintain their place in the National League Wild Card race. Nate Dotson and I discuss the news from the week that was, and make the case for why Reds fans should try to relax and enjoy this September.

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3 Responses

  1. Doc

    Reds have the 4th best record in the NL and the 12th best in all of baseball. Something for the critics to chew on since they almost uniformly expected a losing record in 2021.

    Maybe the offense is bad. Maybe the SP is bad. Maybe the BP is bad. Maybe the manager is bad. Maybe the GM is bad. Maybe the owner is bad. Maybe call up decisions are bad. After all, every one of these facets have been constantly criticized in these columns. Amazing how it is that with every facet of a major league club operation being so bad that a team could have the fourth best record in the league, and stands only .001 behind the third best record. Well done, Reds!

  2. doofus

    “I’ve covered Major League Baseball for 50 years, and with every year I am more firmly entrenched in the realization that it’s not about numbers, it’s not about owners, it’s not about concessions, it’s about Bryce Harper playing like he’s 15, Tatis loving every minute of it, Jonathan India in the role of Pete Rose.” ~Peter Gammons

  3. doofus

    Reds need to play .667 ball to reach 90 wins.