The Cincinnati Reds have announced that tonight’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals has been postponed. The two teams will have a doubleheader tomorrow in a day-night split.

Game one will begin at 1:10pm at Great American Ball Park. Game two will begin at 6:40pm unless game one somehow is going on to the point in which 6:40pm is closer than 30 minutes from the end of game one.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day for the doubleheader and more. Wednesday is September 1st, which means teams can expand their rosters from 26 players to 28 players. The days are over of calling up 10+ players in September. Teams are going to need to be more picky about who they call up given that they only get to make two choices. The Reds haven’t tipped their hat as to who they will choose at this point.

Even with expanded rosters, in doubleheaders teams can still get the “extra player” for it. That means that tomorrow’s game two could have a 29-man roster for each team.

If you were holding tickets for Tuesday night’s game you can use that ticket for the 1:10pm game on Wednesday. If you can not attend that game you can exchange that ticket for any of the remaining Sunday through Thursday regular season home games this season. For more information on ticket exchanges you can visit the rainout procedures at (click here).

13 Responses

  1. Old Big Ed

    Watch them bring up two extra relievers, instead of guys who can run and/or right-handed bats.

  2. Redsgettingbetter

    I wonder if this DH will benefit or hurt the Reds… In one way, they have one day like a day-off this could help the offense rejoins power and this 7-inning games are in favour of teams having weak BP with good starters (like Reds) but we have to remember Reds are very frequently a come-behind-win team though it is better 9 frames for them and day games have been harder than the night ones during this season.. Let’s see..

  3. LDS

    Clock ticking and still no moves announced? Is last minute the usual practice for the Reds? Or is this like the trading deadline – again nothing?

  4. Moon

    I think a double headergives the Reds a bit of an advantage. The Reds starters have been pitching very well and we only have to go through 7 innings. If we can get a little hitting I like out chances.

  5. LGR

    Is there a good reason of why they’re not just making it up Thursday? I don’t think the Cards play either.

  6. Greenfield Red

    Hey Doug… Wben are they making up the game?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  7. Gonzo Reds

    Padres have caught us and the hated Cards are on our heels. This might be the biggest day of the season for our Reds, hopefully they are up to the challenge.

    As for call ups… I’m sure Senzel has to be one of them, right?

    • Jonathan Linn

      @ Gonzo Reds – I think Senzel is in Arizona rehabbing is knee still.

    • Old Big Ed

      Senzel is still hurt and will need some AAA games. I’m not sure, though, that the Reds and Senzel will ever kiss and make up.

      We can still hope that Senzel will soon be fine and itching to play, because in theory he is the cure for several woes — RH hitter who can play CF and hit lefties, and brings a lot more speed to the lineup.

      • TR

        If Senzel is still with the Reds come Opening Day, I hope he’s not in centerfield but at third base.