The Cincinnati Reds have picked up infielder Asdrúbal Cabrera off of waivers from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cincinnati had multiple spots open on their 40-man roster, so no one needed to be let go of in order to pick him up. As things stand currently the Reds have 38 players on their 40-man roster. He is out of options, though, so a move will need to be made to add him to the 26-man roster. That move has not yet been announced.

The 35-year-old infielder has spent this season playing first and third base for Arizona. In 2020 he did the same thing, but for Washington.

At the plate he’s hit .244/.324/.392 this season with 21 doubles, 7 home runs, 33 walks, and 73 strikeouts. His OPS+ is below-average at 93 (100 is league average). Those numbers don’t really tell the story, though. In June he posted a .492 OPS. In July it was just .638. So far in August it’s .692. Since the beginning of June he’s hit just .213/.274/.337.

The switch-hitter has struggled to do much against right-handed pitchers this year, hitting just .221/.309/.363 against them. He’s had more success against lefties, hitting .290/.356/.452 against them. Unlike his season as a whole, he’s found more success against lefties since June began. The sample size is smaller, but in 70 plate appearances against lefties he’s hit .313/.357/.516. He’s also hit just .152/.224/.229 against righties in that stretch. That tells us that even though he’s a switch hitter, he should not see a single at-bat against a right-handed pitcher this season if the game is even remotely close.

As for the contract situation for Cabrera – he’s a free agent after the season. He’s making $1.75M this year. As a waiver claim the Reds will be paying the remainder of that contract. That’s roughly $300,000 the rest of the way.

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  1. SultanofSwaff

    Makes you wonder if Geno will even sniff the field moving forward.

    • JB

      So they are basically paying him Doolittles salary that Seattle picked up. Barrero is probably going back to AAA. He isnt playing anyways so send him back to get playing time. 3 guys now at 3rd that arent hitting. Hopefully one will step up. Cabrera I actually have faith in over Geno.

    • Boomer

      Why? Were you able to read Votto’s lips a couple of weeks ago when he fielded a soft bouncer to 1st with a runner halfway between 3rd and home for the third out, but Geno was standing flat-footed with a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face? Other than a few timely HR’s, Geno usually doesn’t look entirely awake.

    • VaRedsFan

      He hits lefties better than the guys we currently have.

  2. AllTheHype

    Great pick up. Contrast his line against LHP to Suarez, Moose, and Votto, and anyone can see he will help the team. He should be playing 3B (or 1B) every day against LHP.

  3. Jim Walker

    As Doug said, the 40 man roster spot is a nonissue. For the 26 man spot, I suspect the Reds will come up with some sort of injury situation to send someone to the 10 day list from where they could be returned as soon as the minimum time expired. Might they actually get brave and go with “only” 12 pitchers? If so that would put the spotlight on Tony Santillan who is optionable.

  4. AllTheHype

    One of the other facets of this claim is that is blocks the Brewers from getting him. They have a need with Escobar now out.

    • Jim Walker

      yep, Also wondering about this angle.

    • Jefferson Green

      Reds willing to play a little chess with the waiver wire. Nice to even be able to consider it! And willing to pay a couple hundred grand to do it.

  5. DaveCT

    Like it. It lengthens the bench very nicely for hitters.

    As for a corresponding move, who backs up SS? Barrero > Geno.However,. Barrero has options.

    So, I’m guessing Jose goes down until rosters expand and we hold our breath if Farmer gets pulled from a game. Which oretty much means Farmer is in for nearly every inning.

    • Jefferson Green

      Cabrera played more SS earlier in his career. The Reds may be banking on this ability if they send Barrero down for a few days

  6. Roger Garrett

    D Backs want to try out younger players? Wow thats just a smart idea.We have a young guy thats 23 thats what 7,8 and 10 years younger then the 3 guys that play on our left side every day but they are producing at such a high level.Sorry scratch that high level thing.Oh I get it we bring in a guy thats 35 to maybe help out.Just takes me awhile sometimes to figure out what we are doing.

    • Old-school

      David Bell said Schrock is starting in LF because they needed his bat and couldn’t keep him out of the lineup.
      That doesn’t sound like a guy who is being optioned tomorrow.

      Looking like Jose Barrero will be sent back to AAA tomorrow.

      • Jim Walker

        The 10 day down rule will then mess with them bringing him back on the expansion. Not saying it won’t happen. am saying it will be a typical klutzy Reds move.

      • Jim Walker

        Hardly fair to Samtillan but maybe try to get through 5 games with 12 pitchers then bring up Moreta on the 1st as an expansion move.

      • 2020ball

        whomever goes down we probably see him in a couple days

      • 2020ball

        oh forgot the 10 day rule, maybe i should read replies first

    • LDS

      Old & cheap, the Reds formula for success. Let’s see if Suarez actually sits. Let’s just say I’m skeptical.

      • Jim Walker

        Can’t let go of those aging security blankets that were good enough to slip in through the WC backdoor last year then get put away with hardly a whimper.

      • TR

        I doubt Suarez will sit for long. He seems to be, regardless, a favorite of the manager.

    • ChrisInVenice

      Think about the Reds’ contributions from rookies this year.

  7. Klugo

    Sounds like a move for SS depth. May be that they are not too happy with what they’re seeing up here from Barrerro. Cant waste time waiting and seeing right now.

    • amdg

      Seems like they would have to give Barrero a legitimate chance to play, before deciding they want to demote him for a guy who is only hitting 0.240 the past couple years (Cabrera), with inferior defense.

  8. Arthur

    I think this is a move to try and add someone who can hit left-handed pitching. Reds have struggled mightily against lefties all season, and Cabrera may be a guy who can help in that area. We’ll see where he plays – likely first and third base.

    As for who goes down, that will be interesting. Cabrera isn’t a bad defensive 3B, but he isn’t really a SS any longer.

  9. 2020ball

    This move confuses me. i dont hate him in a vacuum, but i dont see a fit unless they dfa suarez. id be very surprised if they did that.

    • Eddie

      I read article today where saying he will start at 3b because of struggle session from Suarez and moose. I like the pick up. He help Nationals after Astros cut him. He was good for dback so. We will only pay 395k for his service and playoff experience will be good for this club and for him. I see it as a win win situation for both parties

  10. docproc

    Play first base against lefties? Stephenson can and should do that.
    Play third base against lefties? Suarez should do that (yes I know his numbers are bad, but he has to hit SOMETIME).
    Switch-hitting bench bat? Alejo Lopez should do that.
    Picking up a castoff veteran from one of the worst teams in baseball? Classic Reds move.