Last night was supposed to be the return of Tejay Antone. And technically it was. But the Cincinnati Reds reliever only threw a handful of pitches before exiting the game with an elbow injury.

“He definitely felt something in his elbow,” said manager David Bell after the game. “Obviously very concerning. I don’t even know if he’s had a full exam yet. He was just upset. He worked so hard to get back.” Bell would later add, “We’ll know more tomorrow. It was tough to see that”.

It’s highly unlikely that Tejay Antone isn’t heading back to the injured list. Everyone is hoping for the best, but given the time he just missed, the way he reacted – it just seems improbable the he’s going to be able to throw again this week.

That leads to the question of who could the Reds bring in to take his spot on the roster. If we assume that they will replace him with a pitcher that leaves just four players on the 40-man roster: R.J. Alaniz, Ryan Hendrix, Riley O’Brien, and Cionel Pérez. All of those guys are currently in Triple-A.

Riley O’Brien is the only one of that group who hasn’t gotten the opportunity to pitch in the big leagues in the last two years. He’s struggled the last two times out, allowing 11 earned runs in 9.2 innings in two starts. On the season he’s posted a 4.70 ERA over 90.0 innings with Louisville.

But Cincinnati also has two spots on the 40-man roster that are open for the taking, too. And that opens up more possibilities that are potentially better options.

The first name on everyone’s mind is Hunter Greene. He certainly has the stuff to come to the big leagues. His performance has been a bit inconsistent in Triple-A since his arrival. When he’s been on, he’s been real good. But there are some times where he’s run into problems there, too. Nearly everyone is going to have those outings, but it’s even more likely to happen when a guy turned 22-years-old last two weeks ago and is already pitching in Triple-A.

The things that are working in his favor are that, one, he’s got the best stuff of any of the options. Two, he’s rested and ready to go. He is serving a 3-game suspension for throwing behind a batter in his last start that the umpires apparently deemed as intentional. That suspension will be up on Wednesday morning. And while it probably shouldn’t matter, sometimes teams do stupid things and try to play games with service time – Greene has to be added to the 40-man roster this offseason anyways, so calling him up and adding him to the roster doesn’t waste any option years unless they were to then send him back to the minors at some point between now and the end of the season. With expanded rosters, even if it’s just to 28 players in September, that wouldn’t make any sense at all to do.

What’s working against Greene is the fact that he’s never pitched in relief. He’s never been asked to even try it. Pitching every 5th day is what he’s always been asked to do as a professional. It’s a different animal, especially out of nowhere, and in a playoff race.

Another option from Triple-A could be left-handed pitcher Nick Lodolo. Like Greene, he’s certainly got the pure stuff to get the job done. And as a lefty he could potentially fill a role in the bullpen that has a ton of questions around it with Amir Garrett and Justin Wilson being the lefties available and ERA’s over 5.75 this season for the two of them.

What’s working against him is that the team has been very cautious with him since he returned from his blister issues he was dealing with in June. His pitch counts have been low since returning. He also skipped a start last week due to shoulder fatigue, though he did return to pitch an inning on Sunday for Louisville in a bullpen game. Unlike Greene, he would not need to be added to the 40-man roster this offseason to be protected from the Rule 5 draft. Not that it should matter at all.

The other option in Triple-A is Dauri Moreta. Unlike the other two guys, you may not have heard about him much, or even at all. He’s a reliever, so he’s not going to get the same kind of publicity or prospect ranking that a high-profile starter is. But Moreta may also be having the best season of anyone in the organization’s farm system. The righty has split his season in Double-A and Triple-A and has a 0.83 ERA this year in 43.1 innings where he’s given up just 24 hits, walked just 8 batters, and struck out 53. Hitters have a .439 OPS against him this season.

He’s not getting by with smokes and mirrors, either. He sits in the mid-90’s with his fastball and has been up to 97-98 in the second half of the season as his outings have become more 1-inning appearances after having more 2-inning appearances in the first half of the season. He’s also got a good breaking ball and he’ll bring out a change up at times, too. As a reliever for his entire career, he’s used to the routine of pitching multiple times per week, warming up in quick fashion when asked, and has experience in the role. Like Greene, he will need to be added to the 40-man roster this offseason to protect him from the Rule 5 draft.

Another option that the team could look at, though not likely if a move is made to bring an arm in for Wednesday or Thursday, would be Graham Ashcraft. He started on Tuesday night for Double-A Chattanooga and threw 84 pitches, so he would not be able to take the mound again for a few days if the team wanted to explore this option. Ashcraft has been starting since the Reds selected him in the 2019 draft and he’s been one of the big breakouts on the farm this year. He’s a big time ground ball pitcher who also throws 100 MPH, has a devastating breaking ball, and has generally thrown strikes all season.

We’ll know early in the day if the team has plans to call up Hunter Greene. He’s the scheduled starter for Louisville in their game that begins at 1:35pm. Dauri Moreta and Nick Lodolo are both on the Bats roster, too. But with Greene if he’s not in the lineup, you will know something is up. If it’s going to be one of the other two, the lineup won’t give you that clue.

It’s also possible that the Reds could buy themselves a few days to make the decision by calling up a position player and go with an 8-man bullpen since Monday was an off day and everyone should be available to go on Wednesday, and most of the bullpen is likely to also be available on Thursday unless the game today goes bad or into multiple extra-innings and the tam has to eat through everyone in the game.

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  1. Redsvol

    You called it earlier Doug. If they’re not going to use garret or wilson in that spot last night then they need a new lefty. Lodolo is the guy. He’s ready for one inning stunts, just not for starting. Oh, and Garrett and Wilson need to step up and quit just collecting a paycheck. Time to contribute.

    • Alan Horn

      Moreta is the guy for me. Lodolo supposedly has shoulder fatique plus he and Greene haven’t proven they are ready for AAA much less the ML. Our BP still can’t match up against the better teams which is an ongoing problem. Maybe Moreta can’t either but he is our best choice at the moment.

      • MFG

        Agree 100% Alan! He is a relief pitcher and we are not asking him to change his routine at all!

      • burtgummer01

        You nailed it.Needs to be Moreta

      • MK

        I’m with you Alan and MFG. Moreta has had as good or better year than the other two and has more relief experience.

      • Chris

        Agree with Moreta. The kid has truly earned this promotion.

    • Chris

      Wilson has been good while in Cincy. His last outing was his only subpar outing. He has been an excellent pickup by this team.

  2. Klugo

    Can we call Doolittle and tell him “Just kidding”?

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    Someone has confidence in Cionel Perez? LoL… I’d like the Greene or Lodolo debut was not in urgency situation so I reserved calling them up right now… I rather the choice of Dauri Moreta and giving him a shot this week. He is a natural reliever with excellent numbers in the minors and has to show nothing more there…

    • redsfan4040

      I’ve got a little bit of confidence in Perez. Since he was sent down in June, his numbers between AAA and MLB are fairly decent. Lots of Ks, walks down to less than 4bb/9 in that span (still high for a reliever).

    • TR

      Not again. Cionel has been up a couple times with little positive affect.

  4. Hotto4Votto

    I agree with calling up Moreta. He’s been getting it done all year in the bullpen. Let’s see if he can keep that rolling.

  5. Alex Reds

    Dauri Moreta would be my choice. Nick Lodolo second. Ashcroft third. Greene fourth.
    My issue with Greene is he’s giving up a lot of homers in AAA and had some bad outings lately, and hasn’t done relief pitching yet. Seems like a bad recipe unless it’s when rosters expand.

    Key consideration – who do you want in the playoffs?:
    “any player who is on the 40-man roster or 60-day injured list as of 11:59 p.m. ET on Aug. 31 is eligible for the postseason.”

    The Reds clearly need a lefty for the playoffs, so possibly it would be Lodolo on or before Aug 31st.
    Moreta has been so good though, would still expect to be useful in playoffs.

    • KG

      Totally agree with you on Moreta. My biggest fear with Greene is that it turns into an Aroldis Chapman repeat. He comes in and is lights out in the bullpen and the Reds FO decides to switch gears on his future, from starter to reliever.

      • Alan Horn

        It is too early to decide, but when you throw 100 + MPH it is hard on your arm. Maybe a little throws per outing versus a lot of throws per outing is better for him. He has already had arm surgery. He could be another Antone. and be useless for both.

  6. Ghostrunner_onthird

    Playoff races demand the right mentality and swagger. This is a no-brainer. I don’t care if he’s never relieved. The talent is there. He’ll put butts in the seats. We generally feed off the crowd. It’s the kind of move that clubs make when they need to take a giant step. Free. Hunter. Greene.

  7. DataDumpster

    The Reds have been extremely cautious about bringing up and playing prospects for reasons only known to them. If their hand was not forced by injuries, who knows how much we would have seen of Santillan, Gutierrez, Barrero and Lopez among others. The “rookie” class has been the unquestioned surprise and essential ingredient on this team. I wouldn’t totally discount Bell pulling another reverse DFA trick for Doolittle for his “experience.” I opt for the position player route if and until a bullpen arm is sorely needed. They need to start planning for the roster expansion soon. Surely, Bell can function with a 13 man staff for a few days, can’t he?

  8. LDS

    Moreta sounds like the better choice. Except for a couple of down years in A ball, his stats look pretty good. Personally, I don’t see that Perez or Alainz (who is 30+) have shown any reason, at any level, to be optimistic of their future contributions. Open up a couple more 40 man roster spots. I prefer to see Greene and Lodolo as starters. Bring them up later in September for a trial start or two. It’ll help judge how to play the Miley/Gray off season. As last night showed, Bell can’t manage a bull pen. Don’t let him ruin two of the Red’s best prospects.

    • west larry

      You are blaming Bell for the bullpen blow up, or is this sarcasm? The first reliever he brought in had a zero era in 19 previous outings and got lit up like a Christmas tree. Then he brought in his closer, then Antone, the shining star of the bull pen in the first half, who, unfortunatly, goes back to the d l after several pitches. Then he brings in Garrett, who has a clean one third of an inning. Surely you are jesting.

      • LDS

        He stayed with Lorenzen too long. That should be obvious to the most casual observer. And given how he’s managed bullpens the last three years, no not sarcasm. The Reds may make the post season, assuming the Dodgers keep SD on the mat, but they’ll be out in the first round. Bell simply isn’t the guy that will ever get the Reds to the World Series, no matter what the FO does, which appears to be barely anything.

      • Alex Reds

        Lorenzen himself said after the game that the long wait between innings after he pitched 1/3 of an inning is what caused him to unravel. That’s on Bell

      • west larry

        Bell has been ripped in the past, by some of these same bloggers, as not using a reliever in a second inning after getting one or two outs in then prior inning. Bell does that with his best reliever in this game, hoping he can pitch out of that jam, as he has done several times this year. It didn’t work. Hindsight is beautiful. Let Bell get into the world series to quell the noise. Remember when you were in high school, there was one guy who appeared to have one eyebrow accross his forhead. He was kind, humble and polite, but the girls didn’t like him because, well, he had one eyebrow. The teachers and parents thought he must be up to no good, for the same reason. I never looked closely, does Bell have what appears to be one eyebrow?

      • beelicker

        The first 2 guys in the 7th got hits and the 3rd on did on his 2nd pitch… that’s not enough time to even get somebody up and warming up unless you showed Lorenzen you had zero faith in him by having Givens warming up before the inning

      • beelicker

        Yeah this is the number one thing the clueless complainer rag about not letting the reliever pitch a 2nd inning after only 8 pitches the inning before but now Bell needs to be executed for that lol

      • beelicker

        Bell has to manage the game. This is why he tells the pitching coach and he makes the call to the bullpen. That’s on Lorenzen and Johnson if he’s not warmed up enough. Lotenzen also said he wasn’t warmed up all the way in the 6th and the length of Aquino’s AB was the big time consumer… also that the clubhouse there isn’t big enough to warm up in properly but again that’s on Lorenzen and the pitching coach to rectify or at least communicate to Bell

      • west larry

        Agreed. That verbal communication, or lack of it, can be crucial.

      • beelicker

        Bell leaves Mahle in to close out the 6th against the back half of the order … then he decides rather than push Mahle past 1oo pitches he’ll let Lorenzen finish the 8 hitter and come back for the high leverage PH-1-2 after making the AA/SA double switch so Lorenzen doesn’t lead off the 7th. Best case ML is supposed to get those guys out leaving the 4-5-6 in the 8th for Givens who’s a 1 inning guy and then it’s TJ or whoever against 7-8-9 in the 9th. According to clueless complainers these guys all need to pitch 2 innings every night whether they’re ahead or not. Lorenzen had a day off like everybody else and his arm isn’t worn out like he’d been used all year. This is the role he’s got. Check out Milwaukee bullpen usage chart they’re almost all higher pitch count used than Lorenzen this week smh

      • Indy Red Man

        The same people with the same complaints. Lorenzen is a groundball pitcher and gets a ton of doubleplays and has a ZERO era, but its Bell fault)))

        Why can’t they go more then 1 inning? Wahhhhhhhhhhhh
        It was the wait between innings that made Lorenzen fall apart and thats on Bell. Wahhhhhhhhhh

      • LDS

        Sorry folks, it’s not bringing Lorenzen out for the 2nd inning that’s the issue. Generally, I think they should come out for the next inning assuming they are doing well. The issue is that once it was obvious that he wasn’t doing well, Bell should have made the change. It’s no more difficult than that. Bell has a habit of sticking with pitchers that aren’t doing well longer than he does one who is. Most of you are well off base on my comments. I’m consistent. Sadly, so is Bell.

      • wkuchad

        Well, I agree with one thing you just said. Yes, you are consistent.

      • LDS

        As are most of the folks here. One day Bell is the worst manager in the league. The next day, he’s the second coming of Sparky Anderson. So we’ll all just agree to disagree. But history is clearly on my side.

      • west larry

        Don’t you get it? When Bell brought back his ace reliever for a second inning, he didn’t have anyone warming up behind Lorenzen at the start of the inning (and shouldn’t have ). By the time he got himself into serious trouble, Bell didn’t have enough time (the relievers weren’t warmed up yet) to replace Lorenzen. Nineteen previous outings and zero runs allowed. No one, not even you, could have predicted this by having someone else warming up at the start of the inning.

      • LDS

        My last comment on this. He should have had a guy getting ready after the second hit. Bell routinely assumes that the pitcher will get out of it, as he did with Hembree, Hughes, Doolittle, Hernandez, et. al. It’s a pattern. If he was actually held accountable for results, as he would be in the real world, he would have been fired years ago.

      • beelicker

        Ummmm Lorenzen threw 8 pitches in the 6th and retired the only guy he faced. So you’re saying Bell should’ve known right then to pull him? Lorenzen comes out for the 7th and Cain singles on his 2nd pitch. So this is where Bell comes out to get him? Pina pinch hits here and singles on the 3rd pitch, a 95.4 mph sinker. This is where Bell comes out and gets him, before anybody even has a chance to even get up in the bullpen? Bell just snaps his fingers and a warmed up & ready reliever appears on the mound ready to go. After 5 pitches? So next up here is Wong, who laces the 2nd pitch (96.2 mph 4 seamer; there have also been no foul balls as yet) to knock in a run. This is where he replaces him? I’ve still got the DVR of this game so i can go look to see when the call to the bullpen goes down and Givens gets up to start throwing) … at this point here’s where Bell or Johnson or Barnhart goes to the mound (all it says is ‘mound visit’) to talk to ML and/or stall for time to get someody throwing, on account of a reliever HAS to warm up before they come in the game. Game now resumes and Lorenzen throw 3 balls, 2 strikes and a foul, and walks Joc Peterson on the 7th pitch here and now Bell comes out and gets him … so Bell would have to be pretty much clairvoyant to know Lorenzen was not gonna have it and would never have let him come out to throw his 9th pitch in the 7th? I’m gonna go watch the tape to see how long this all took

      • Indy Red Man

        Lorenzen has been better then Givens lately and Antone had 4-5 pitches left in his arm or whatever so unless a manager is granted with your time machine and the ability to 2nd guess EVERYTHING then Bell did what he could.

        Not every negative happening in the planet (or on the Reds) is the fault of David Bell. Gets zero credit for any victory but 1000% of the blame for every loss.

        Thats ridiculous and you can call it “realism” or whatever, but its idiotic!

      • Indy Red Man

        So results are the only thing that matter so by that theory then 29 managers should be fired every offseason. Riiiiiiight

      • Indy Red Man

        “One day Bell is the worst manager in the league. The next day, he’s the second coming of Sparky Anderson”

        No. Adjective no!! Its a gray world and most things are not black/white. A reasonable person can find faults with the good and positives about the bad. Thats life. Only seeing things in black/white terms is one of the signs of narcissism.

      • Old-school

        Bell has matured as a manager and I believe is much better now than in 2019 and 2020.
        I was at the game Sunday and pleased but surprised Lorenzen came in to shut things down and sweep the Marlins since he did the same thing Saturday.

        My only critique of Bell would be Lorenzen might not be the best guy pitching 3x in 4 games.

        That said, Bell has earned his 2022 option and the Reds have a great shot playing Wednesday OCt 6 and I hope its the Giants to get a shot at redemption for 2012.

        David Bell will not only get his 2022 option renewed, he will instead get a 2 year contract covering 2022-23.

      • beelicker

        Less than 4 minutes from Lorenzen’s first pitch in the 7th to Johnson waddling out to the mound for his visit. This is where they panned up to the owner’s box showing Giannis and his kid and they stalled around yakking as long as they could and only showed shots of the crowd and yakked

        First single was the ball Farmer dove for and #2 was the line drive to center. #3 Moose fell over and it shot past him at short and Aquino was late to the plate with the throw. While Johnson was still on the mound Sadak mentions Givens is throwing in the bullpen, and no doubt the call went down somewhere there before Johnson took his first step up out the dugout. Givens assumes he’s coming in the game in the 8th so he’s already out out there in the bullpen preparing before this, but i doubt he was already warming up throwing but he’s out there ready to get right on it. Him seeing all this i don’t think he’s gonna start prewarming up before the run scores, so he’s still a few minutes away from ready. After they’ve stalled as long as they could Lorenzen labors through the 7 pitch walk and then his night is done. All that took less than 1o minutes. Lorenzen’s one out in the 6th was the warning track fly ball where Aquino fell on his butt, but that was just at the edge of the warning track so i’m thiking that’s not really a precursor to disaster to Swami Bell. Lorenzen threw 92.7, 95.9, 97.3 and 96.3mph balls to Tellez getting him out on 7 pitches there, not 8. It was 7 total pitches before Johnson visited the mound there while Givens was getting up and throwing and Lorenzen was not really dawdling around too much out there after that, then the walk on 7 pitches with two 3-2 counts and then Bell pulled him

      • beelicker

        Satuday’s outing for Lorenzen was only 8 pitches even though i think that was over 2 innings. Bell rarely lets guys throw much over 2o pitches per outing if he can help it or unless sit’s a long relief appearance but even then it’s usually below 35

        50 for a 5-day total is about his limit although sometimes he’ll let a guy get over that if he knows he’s going back to AAA or something

    • west larry

      Great stats for the comparison of the reds bullpen usage compared to the brewers bullpen usage. thanks

      • west larry

        That’s a response to beelicker.

      • beelicker

        They’ve had 2 starters get knocked out in the 4th inning back to back Saturday and Sunday but a big enough lead Sunday that those 2 3o+ pitch guys took care of them … tracking the chart really gives you feel for what Bell is doing and what he’s looking at when he makes his decisions, as well as others bullpens are being managed. Pay special attention to how Bell matches up which pitchers with lineup orders. Ironically, this last game he really played it pretty safe and straightforward and Lorenzen just completely burned him. More normally he’d roll with Mahle on that #8 in the 6th or use Cessa or i thought he might use Santillan there but instead he played it like he needed to win it lockdown style with Lorenzen. Usually he more walks the tightrope like a Wallenda. Thank Jim Walker for turning me onto thoise charts

  9. Dan

    What’s the latest on Art Warren? I like him – really thought he was sneaky good.

    • Jim Walker

      Still on the 60 day IL the last I saw. Maybe about to or just started a rehab?

      • Alan Horn

        Sound like a candidate for roster expansion after Sept. 1.

  10. Jim Walker

    Lorenzen went 21 pitches, Givens 17, and Cessa 16 on Tuesday. Given their reluctance to use anybody else besides these guys and Sims in leverage situations, I think they call in reinforcement.

    In terms of a LH, is it so crazy to think about Brandon Finnegan. He almost made the team out of Spring Training over Perez or whoever. They have 2 spots on the 40 man, so that isn’t an issue and per Fangraphs he had an option so they could avoid exposing him to waivers until the off season if he didn’t work out.

    • Alan Horn

      He can’t be any worse than some of the others in the pen who have thrown BP most of the season.

  11. RedBB

    I believe Lodolo only pitched 1 inning in his last start too

  12. Jim Walker

    1120am Wednesday. Louisville Bats website just tweeted a picture of Hunter Greene captioned “today’s starting pitcher’ in the last hour they’ve also tweeted hyping Moreta’s run this season. Is he the man on the move?

  13. Old-school

    Looks like Flaherty’s season is over for the Cards. Back on the IL and velocity way down

  14. Votto4life

    I feel really bad for Tejay, but it’s baseball..injuries happen. Hopefully, he won’t need TJ surgery. Look forward to seeing him again when he is healthy.

    It would have been great having Tejay for the stretch run, now we just have to do it without him. I don’t mean this in a callous way, but we are 11 games over .500 without him.

    Starting to hate playing the Brewers though they bring bad juju. Next man up!

  15. Old-school

    If Lodolo is being limited and not building innings every 5 th day as a starter but only pitching an inning or so anyway, Bring him up. They need a lefty

    • beelicker

      According to the article, he pitched one ‘simulated inning’

      ” He also skipped a start last week due to shoulder fatigue, though he did return to pitch an inning on Sunday for Louisville in a bullpen game”

      … so before you anoint him the new savior should at least get some reports on how the fake inning suited him Shoulder fatigue with him pitching limited by blister innings already sounds concerning to me but what do i know?

      • beelicker

        maybe that means it was a bullpen by committee dealio though, so it was live fire?

      • Doug Gray

        To add some clarity in this little conversation – he pitched a real inning in a real game. But it was what is referred to as a bullpen game where the plan is to basically just let every reliever you’ve got throw an inning (or two in some cases). This particular game had everyone in it throw one inning for Louisville – including Tejay Antone.

      • Old-school

        Lodolo pitched a perfect inning, striking out all 3 batters on 11 strikes with no balls in the Louisville Bats AAA game Sunday.

        What fake inning are you referencing @ Beelicker?

      • wayne p insko

        No, that’s what i meant by “bullpen by committee” on second thought, the reliever smorgasbord approach like Sad Diego has had to use lately

      • Doug Gray

        I believe that he took “bullpen game” as a side session or live batting practice situation instead of what bullpen game actually means.

  16. shawn sexton

    Moreta is a no brainer. The issue with Bell is that he absolutely refuses to let starters finish a game when they are on a roll. When a starter is lights out for 6 innings, he inexplicably pulls them to turn to an awful bullpen. One hit shut out going? Sorry, pulled after 6 innings. Double digit K’s and dominating stuff? Sorry, pulled after six innings. The starters have to be frustrated. Every opposing line-up drools when you takeout a dominant starter and replace them with a very hittable pen. Makes zero sense.

  17. Doug Gray

    Looks like it’s not going to be Hunter Greene, who is in the lineup and taking the mound in 25 minutes in Indianapolis.

    • Jim Walker

      Koloszvary reunited with Greene as battery mate it looks like Greene at AA all over again which is a good thing. Greene out for PH in 6th. Bats lead 6-0.
      Greene’s Line for the day.
      5IP 65P/40S 0R, 2H, 2BB, 3K.

      About as vintage as a 22 year old can be. I’ll take fewer Ks for this kind of efficiency all day along

      • Old-school

        @ Jim or Doug-
        Is Koloszvary a major league catcher defensively in 2022?
        Know nothing about him other than he took Bieber deep in ST and was on the Olympic team and is now in AAA.

      • Doug Gray

        Defensively he is absolutely a big league caliber catcher.

    • Old-school

      I think the Reds will make a short term filler announcement and then Hunter Greene will be added to the Reds roster September 1.
      He’s thrown 93+ innings, had a solid year and will now play for the Reds in September and the post-season and still be ready in spring training 2022 to be a SP for the reds.

      Why else would the Reds pull him after 65 pitches and 5 shutout innings? He’s pitched his last game in AAA.

      Hunter Greene will be a Cincinnati Red on September 1.

  18. beelicker

    No, that’s what i meant by “bullpen by committee” on second thought, the reliever smorgasbord approach like Sad Diego has had to use lately

  19. MBS

    Lodolo, Moreta, or Sanmartin. If Lodolo is a no go, It would be nice to see if Sanmartin’s stuff plays up here. I feel like Greene would just come up and try to blow people away, if he was put into a reliever role.

    However Moreta is probably the smartest, and safest choice.

  20. Old-school

    Mark your calendars.
    NL wildcard game announced Wednesday Oct 6.
    Might need a late morning Thursday Oct 7 either way.

  21. burtgummer01

    I got a notice on my phone that Castellanos plans on opting out.Moneybags Bob is loving that

    • MBS

      He’d be crazy not to. Hopefully Moneybags will be willing to negotiate a new contract.

    • Old-school

      That was a Jon Heyman tweet I believe.
      The blessing in disguise with Winkers injury and for that matter Castellanos’ missing 17 games is that Aquino and Naquin and Shogo are getting long looks.

      The Reds dont have any expensive expiring contracts but they do have some young good cheap pitching and young good cheap position players.

      This is where I might trade Sonny Gray in the off-season for a young elite prospect and take that money and give Castellanos an elite AAV market offer but not for more than 3 years.

      • LDS

        Who is surprised that Castellanos is reportedly opting out. Hopefully, it’s a negotiating tactic. I’d like to see some sense of financial rationality return to FA contracts but I’m guessing that’s wishful thinking.

      • Bubba Woo

        I’ve seen all of Shogo that I need to see. He’s not a Major Leaguer. The trade of the off-season would be to find someone to take the 8 mil he’s owed off the books. Friedl gives you what Shogo does for 7 million less. Aquino will never hit breaking balls well enough to be more than a 4th OF. Naquin is hot right now but he’s not an everyday starter on a WS team. If/when they lose Castellanos, they probably need to see if Moose/Farmer can play RF, and give Senzel one more chance at staying healthy.

    • Redgoggles

      Why now? (Distractions in the middle of race.)

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, I would be disappointed in Nick if his side is leaking his plans in the middle of a pennant race. Not that it excuses Castellini’s cheapness but it is kinda a crappy thing to do IMO.

  22. Bred

    At 3pm today unannounced and maybe not on the move I guess who ever it is will be of no help today. I would have thought they would have decided last night as it seems obvious Antone is done. Another victim of Bauer and the relentless search for spin.

    • RedAlert

      The Reds way …. idiotic

      Worst front office in MLB

      • RedAlert

        Ok Schrok, fine with that – now what’s the other move ???

        And why isn’t Barrero good enough to get in this lineup somewhere ????
        ridiculous !!!! as usual find him on the end of the bench – should have left the kid in AAA .

      • Michael

        Baltimore called and is offended by your comment Redalert.

  23. SteveO

    Sanmartin, Diehl and the newly signed Milone are also options, but need to be added to the 40 man roster. There are a couple of open spots, so it’s possible it could also be one of them.

  24. burtgummer01

    Recalled from Triple-A Louisville IF Max Schrock

  25. Old-school

    Max schrock up for a cup of coffee.
    Hunter Greene will be a Red next week

  26. Chris Holbert

    Looking at today’s lineup, I still shake my head wondering what more Tyler Stephenson has to become #1 behind the plate.

  27. Chris Holbert

    That profile seems to work fine for the Reds OF…

    • RedAlert

      I agree Chris , dude should be in the lineup period . Tucker can’t hold a candle to him with the stick , not even close

      Not surprising though, cause Bell has zero clue how to optimize a lineup , never has never will

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    Castillo needs to pitch his best game of the year in a game the team really needs. They need to set a tone with the Brewers, they lost 4 straight to them, it needs to end.