The Cincinnati Reds (69-58) will look to rebound from a painful blown lead last night to the Milwaukee Brewers (77-49) tonight at 8:10 PM. The Reds enter play on Wednesday 8.5 games back in the NL Central. The Reds continue to hold the NL second wild card spot with a 1.0 game lead thanks the Padres losing again last night. The Padres have lost 10 of 12.

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo‘s last two starts have been great (13.2 IP, 4 R, 3 BB, 15 K). Castillo had the one bad start in Cleveland, but other than that has been a completely dominant SP since the beginning of June with a 2.73 ERA. Castillo has a 3.26 ERA in 16 career starts against the Brewers (2.79 ERA in 5 starts this season).

Brandon Woodruff is coming off his worst start of the season against the Cardinals: 5.0 IP, 8 H, 6 ER, 2 HR. Overall though, Woodruff, like his teammate Corbin Burnes yesterday, is in serious consideration for the NL Cy Young. Woodruff’s numbers just continue a steady stream of improvement over the last 3 seasons. He has a career 3.45 ERA in 8 starts against the Reds (1.54 ERA in 2 starts this season).

Starting Lineup

Reds Brewers
1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Tyler Naquin (CF)
3. Nick Castellanos (RF)
4. Joey Votto (1B)
5. Mike Moustakas (3B)
6. Kyle Farmer (SS)
7. Tucker Barnhart (C)
8. Aristides Aquino (LF)
9. Luis Castillo (P)
1. Kolten Wong (2B)
2. Omar Narvaez (C)
3. Christian Yelich (LF)
4. Avisail Garcia (RF)
5. Rowdy Tellez (1B)
6. Luis Urias (SS)
7. Jace Peterson (3B)
8. Lorenzo Cain (CF)
9. Brandon Woodruff (P)

News and Notes


The Reds chances of winning the NL Central sit a very slim 1.6% according to Fangraphs. The Reds really need to win both of these next two games to really have any sort of chance should the Brewers fade fast down the stretch. Borrowing a Brewers collapse, these games really aren’t any more important that Reds upcoming games against the Marlins, Cubs, Pirates or Tigers. The Reds just need to find a way to win as many games as the Padres the rest of the way. Go Reds!

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  1. Klugo

    Looks like they’ve seen about enough of Shogo.

  2. LDS

    I think Reds fans are in the regrettable position of having to root for the Dodgers. Unless the Reds surprise us tonight, they just aren’t competitive with the Brewers of late.

  3. citizen54

    I doubt Castellanos is going to get a much better deal elsewhere as he has been average at RF outside of Great American Ball Park this year. For comparison, Winker’s and Votto’s Home/Away splits are nearly identical. Don’t blame Castellanos for trying though.

    Home Away

    AB 201 201
    OPS 1.130 .751
    wRC+ 190 102
    HR 17 5
    BABIP .419 .331
    HR/FB 33% 10%

    • Votto4life

      Thanks for posting this Citizen54. It’s pretty illuminating, but I still believe some team will pay him.

      If Nick walks, I hope the Reds will reinvest the money saved into the major league roster, specifically for a right handed bat. Otherwise we are probably going to have to wait until Moose, Suarez, Shogo and Votto come off the books before we we see the play offs again.

      I get flashbacks when the Reds refused to replace Ryan Ludwick’s bat in 2014 or so.

      • Ed3

        I have to agree, some team, somewhere, always has the eyes for hitter with good power. This guy CAN hit. So sadly another smaller market team gets crunched by the big money teams. Teams that can take mid-level or just below top tier guys and give them top tier money. The ripple this can cause is so weak. Now even players that clubs could afford are now being out priced. It’s why the Cali59.Howardfornia, New York, Texas, and other big money teams can and do outbid everyone. Which is why I REALLY WANT a smaller market team to win it all this year!

      • Ryan

        Yes because 34 million would not be enough “for him and his family.” All hail mercenary baseball!

      • Votto4life

        If NC walks the Red’s offense is really going to suffer.

        This team has some very good young players and will be fun to watch the next few seasons, but if the Reds let NC leave, I don’t see this team being competitive again until the big contracts come off the books which is what 2024?

        Losing a Cy Young Award winner one season and following that up with losing a potential MVP candidate the following year is going to take its toll on any organization.

        This season has turned out much better than I excepted this Spring. So hopefully they will fool me again.

    • CI3J

      Oh, Castellanos is going to get a much MUCH better deal than what he has now with the Reds. He is going to be THE #1 FA outfielder this next offseason, and he’s going to get paid like one. Which isn’t to say the Reds couldn’t offer him a better deal to get him to come back, but if someone like the Yankees or Red Sox come calling, there’s little chance Cincinnati can match their offers. As far as I’m concerned, he’s as good as gone.

      However, the Reds are still in a good spot, because they have starting pitchers they could trade to shore up the outfield (Gray or Castillo) to make room for Lodolo, Greene, and/or Santillan. Packaging one of them with Aquino and maybe another prospect could probably net the Reds a pretty good outfielder in return.

      It’s just a shame there are so many sunk cost contracts on this team. Shogo, Moose, and Suarez are going to hamstring this team for the next few seasons (unless Suarez can suddenly re-discover his old form, which I don’t rule out).

      • Joe P.

        Suarez has to discover his new form as others have already pointed out. He must change his approach at the plate. Unless he’s stubborn, he’ll adopt an approach that lets him hit to all fields.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    As a lifelong engineer I tend to look at things as a realist! Most things have a cause & effect, even sporting events! In order for a team to be successful all of its members, including the manager & coaches, must contribute and be responsible for the good & bad! That being said I went back and looked at the stats and play-by-play results from last night’s game! Yes, the bullpen had another meltdown for the 20th time this season! However, the stage for those late inning results was set up earlier in the game! Mahle’s 30+ pitch 1st inning all but assured he would not last past the 6th inning! To his credit he fought back and carried a 4-1 lead to the 6th inning. However, his propensity to take 0-2 or 1-2 counts and stretch them out to full counts further ran up his pitch count. Walking the 3rd batter in the 6th, followed by a single forced Bell’s hand and he called on Lorenzen to close out the inning. If Mahle finishes the 6th, and with a lower pitch count possibly the 7th then Bell only needs 2 innings from the unpredictable bullpen. Less BP innings = less chance of something going wrong! In any event the Reds loss cannot be pinned on a single player or play! Another disappointing loss but the damage was minimized by other teams in the NL Wild Card race losing as well. We move on to fight (play) another day! Facing another of the Brewers Big 3 tonight! Let’s hope for better results all around! Sorry for the long post! Losing a game is not a tragedy! Losing a child like one of my co-workers did last week is a tragedy! Enjoy life! Hug your kids, your significant other, your parents, etc.! Baseball is just a game we get to enjoy for a few months each year!

    • Jim Walker

      +100. We engineering types have to stick together ‘;-)

      • Daytonnati

        After last year’s COVID-shortened season, I promised that I would not take baseball for granted again. I am fortunate to live in one of only 30 cities with an MLB franchise. Losing still hurts, winning is still more of a feeling of relief than joy, but as Warren Zevon advised us during his last days on this planet, “Enjoy every sandwich.”

      • Dennis Westrick

        Practicing engineer since 1978! Still working at age 68!

    • Mark Moore

      Definitely a +100 or more. Thanks for those great insights.

      As much as I dislike the prospects of heading West for #163, that does seem to be the most likely destiny at this point. Then staying West for the first round of the playoffs. The question there would be, would you rather see us in a winner-take-all game against the Trolley Dodgers or in a full series against them?

    • SteveLV

      Aren’t you supposed to end every post with Q.E.D.?

    • oklared

      You are correct enjoy your loved ones always

  5. Old-school

    I hope castillo pitches Well

    Just seems this would be a game stephenson would catch

    Im a reds youth future fan

    Hope tucker justifies the start

    See what happens but castillo has had lots of awful outings with barnhart catching

    If the Reds play the NL west #2 oct 6

    This is the lineup minus winker

    • Jim Walker

      Yep Castillo tends to work better with TS just as he did with Casali last September

    • Mark Moore

      Agreed. It’s a complete Tinker Bell move as I see it.

    • beelicker

      Generally Stephenson will catch every start vs LHP becuase he bats RH. Lefties like Barnhart generallly don’t hit LHP well but have advanatages hitting RHP. Only about 3o% of the starting pitchers in the league are LH … Stephenson gets some starts vs RHP so they try to split it evenly so far. RHP is tougher on RH batters but Stephenson hits them pretty well. He will start against tomorrow’s LHP and it’s an early day game which usually means the catcher who catches tonight gets his legs a rest tomorrow from the other guy playing in the early game. So that’s why Stephenson isn’t starting tonight he’s playing early tomorrow against the lefthanded starting pitcher

      • Mark Moore

        That all actually makes some sense. I forgot about tomorrow being a day game. That could put TySteve in line for 2 days over the weekend as well (with the exception of a Miley start). And he’s still available as a PH bat tonight.

  6. Jim

    I wish Bell would quit giving injury updates. Anytime he does you can count on 3 or 4 times the amount of time he gives out.

    • DataDumpster

      It sure seems that way. I don’t know if this is due to the pitchers screwing up their arms with spin doctor moves, befuddled medical staff, Bell’s always optimistic outlook, or guys not taking care of themselves. But, the “calls” have been way off for most injuries this year.

  7. CI3J

    Honestly, is anyone shocked that Castellanos is going to opt out? If I were him, I would too. He’s been one of the best outfielders in all of MLB this season and he’s in his prime years. He will probably get offered something like 6 years, $130 million.

    While this doesn’t preclude the Reds from re-signing him, I doubt the Reds will be willing to hand out another big contract, so he’s probably gone.

    • Mark Moore

      +500 and I’d say you are spot on. You may even see either more deferred money or some kind of performance accelerators.

    • ZitoBC

      With a strike looming, I highly doubt any owners are going to give him 103 for 6 years at his age, Free Agents better believe it’s going to be a long winter, I expect a long strike next year, baseball has huge financial issues between the owners to fix.

  8. Mark Moore

    That’s not good at all. My wife is now yelling at the TV.

    • greenfield red

      Milwaukee took out NC and now hit JI. It’s time to hit back.

  9. RedAlert

    I’m sick of this from the Brewers !!!
    Somebody needs plunking on that side ,….

  10. Mark Moore

    Did they say CB Buckner is behind the plate? I guess that means we’re in the Flex-o-Zone

  11. CI3J

    Nasty looking bruise for India on his hand/wrist. He may have to sit out a few days.

    At least is doesn’t appear to be broken.

    • Mark Moore

      Nick’s didn’t either, though it was in a different spot.

  12. Bet on Red

    I am about done with Reds players getting HBP. REds need to get a big lead and plug someone

    • Mark Moore

      It’ll clear the benches if it happens.

  13. Mark Moore

    Good-on-ya Tyler!!! Let’s make these Bernie Punks pay tonight.

  14. Mark Moore

    Productive out there by Nick. Great baserunning. Joey finds green and we’re up by 2 to start it.

  15. dhmorgan

    Did a Reds hitter just bunt for a base hit?
    I had to see the replay to believe it.

    • Mark Moore

      And he’s done it before … go figure.

  16. Old-school

    Castillo needs to plant 99 mph in rib cage of Yellich

    India and farmer lead nl in hit by pitches

    Stop it bell

    Castillo needs to plant 99 mph in Yellichs ribs . Stop this garbage that its ok to hit india

  17. Mark Moore

    C’mon Mr. Moose. We really need something out of this mess. And a soft roller ain’t it.

    • CI3J

      He may be moose, but he hits like squirrel.

  18. Bet on Red

    Votto robbed, and Moose could not come up Clutch. Dang it. Maybe get 2 outs and drill their #3 batter.

  19. Old-school

    Clearly the brewers want to be in first place more than the Reds

  20. Indy Red Man

    Already put Nick out….now they’re throwing fastballs off India and of course we never retaliate. Time for Yelich or Woodruff to wear 100 mph between the ribs and see how they like it

  21. RedAlert

    Buckner sucks !! how does this guy still have a job !!! Been like this with him forever – bring on the robots !

    • Mark Moore

      Because there is zero accountability by the umpires or their union.

  22. Indy Red Man

    I like Luis but 4.35 era with his stuff is one of the biggest chokejobs in mlb.

    In my mind its a bigger choke then Geno because isn’t one of the top 6-7 most talented hitters in mlb

  23. Old-school

    Jon india is NL ROY because he takes inside pitches over the left field fence

    Hes leading the league in hit by pitches

    Very sad reds organization doest protect him

    • Indy Red Man

      I don’t get it? It not only builds up intensity for your team and that “us against the world” mentality, but it puts it into the pitchers head that they better be careful coming inside and your guys will get more pitches out over the plate.

  24. Bet on Red

    LC flashing leather on the regular this inning

  25. Mark Moore

    I hope the entire team gets really fired up over what happened to RoY. Get a big lead and then start hitting Bernies.

  26. Indy Red Man

    Can we get India back for the playoff? This adjective sucks? How many times are they going to bully us before we do something?

    Just the stones and lack of respect it takes for Hader to bean Geno the day after an upper deck Hr. Geno did nothing wrong except beat him once.

    Its ridiculous?

    • Indy Red Man

      They hit us 4 times in 10 innings between that Hader/Geno hbp and Nick’s broken wrist

    • Bet on Red

      I believe we will get India back for the next inning let alone for the playoffs.

      • Indy Red Man

        Sadak’s whiny voice told me he was going down the tunnel. I swear that guy??

      • Joe P.

        India went back into the clubhouse to get treatment and then he came right back.

    • Joe P.

      Hard to believe, but the Reds can’t get any offense from LF with Winker out.

      • Mark Moore

        Got it last night from Naquin … then zippo from CF.

      • Joe P.

        Same difference. To be more precise, no offense from Aquino or Shogo.

  27. Bet on Red

    So new term for mining for a diamond

  28. Mark Moore

    Full props to Sadak for the Mr. Myagi bit … it made me laugh.

  29. Indy Red Man

    Sadak? Where can we chip in to buy him a lifetime supply of running shoes? May I suggest the Grizzly Maze or Kabul for your next jog

    • Joe P.

      He’s eventually gonna catch that ice cream truck.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Schrock/Farmer platoon in LF. That gets Barrero some playing time too. Win/win

    • Mark Moore

      I’m not convinced Farmer to the OF at this point is a good move. I want to see Barrero as well. I’m just not sure how it plays out.

      • Indy Red Man

        Farmer has played OF before. Its a break compared to diving, twisting, etc at SS

      • Mark Moore

        I know he’s played before … but how long ago? Yes it’s a break from SS and most of us can see he needs that. I’m not saying it’s a bad option. Just saying I don’t know if it solves the issues. And it still leaves MooSuarez manning 3B.

      • Joe P.

        With Naquin in CF, somebody on this roster besides Aquino or Shogo should be able to play some LF.

  31. RedAlert

    Sadak can’t shutout for 30 seconds …. unbelievable

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. He feels the incessant need to fill what he thinks is dead air when what it really is, is just space he should allow to happen.

      • Jim

        Agree, has anybody told him he’s not doing radio. To much crap that in my opinion you don’t need to repeat over and over. Maybe it’s me , but I don’t care how many times somebody went to the bathroom during the game on May 3rd when so and so was pitching. Glad I could get that out of my system after a disappointing game.

  32. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking when Woodruff bats, he needs to get plunked. I’m not usually that vindictive guy, but tonight … I say do it. His stupid move has rattled our guys. CB has us chasing garbage (as does our own plate discipline problems). So plunk him hard and get people thrown out. Little to lose at this point as I see it. We’re playing flat and lifeless in the 3rd. We need something to fire us up.

    • Indy Red Man

      India, Naquin, and Nick all battled. Woodruff is almost to 60 pitches. I don’t call that lifeless….he’s just an AS pitcher. I’m all for a good beaning though, but I’m a head for an eye type of guy.

      • Mark Moore

        I know … I’m just all cranked up tonight

  33. Bet on Red

    Well we are running his pitch count.

  34. Shel Keitel

    My first live Reds game was at Crosley Field sometime in the late ’50’s. Talk about diehard…. The Big Red Machine of 1975-76 was the thrill of my lifetime. Hasn’t been a lot to get excited about since. But this year is different. I’m following every game on the MLB Network. The secret to success — and the reason for the late season failures — is simple: LIP. Late inning pitching. Every time the Reds take a four-run early inning lead, the bullpen lets it slide away. Another wild-card berth in 2021? Maybe. If not, wait ’til next year…. Just like last year.

  35. BUCK

    Mahle plunked Garcia last night…
    In other news and IMHO, the Reds will regret their treatment of Suarez; as they should! GO REDS!

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    There bullpen is so much better that running up the pitch count isn’t as big a deal as them running up Castillo’s

  37. Mark Moore

    The Hulk wrapping Joey’s bats … it’s such a fantastic side story.

  38. Mark Moore

    I’m guessing BoR wants those T-shirts 🙂

  39. Mark A Verticchio

    The Reds need to get to September and still be in control of their destiny, won’t be easy.

  40. Mark Moore

    Sorry, friends. With the late start and Woodruff still dealing (with nobody plunking about 5 Bernies), I’m going to Clete on this one. I hope for a good outcome, but I’m too wound up to watch it. Plus I stayed up WAY too late with last night’s game.

  41. RedAlert

    Can’t stand the punk Brewers – most of their dudes spend majority of their time in the buffet line

  42. RedAlert

    Tucker not half the stick Stephenson is ….

  43. Mark A Verticchio

    The bottom part of this order against a good pitcher can not get a hit. it is just a fact, that is why even if they get to game 163 the odds would not be good. Bell starting Barnhart tonight was a terrible decision.

    • Joe P.

      Why can’t they find a spot for Barrero? Or, they could have brought up a 3rd catcher (perhaps instead of bringing up Schrock) and that would enable them to put Stephenson in left. Instead they keep riding with Aquino and Shogo and so far it’s not working.

  44. Mark A Verticchio

    Reds major problem in game like this they can’t create a run.

  45. VaRedsFan

    Nice hit by Nick…but poor choice getting thrown out at 2nd

    • Joe P.

      I thought he should have held up with there being only 1 out. But that was a great piece of hitting.

    • dhmorgan

      I don’t blame him for trying to stretch for another base.
      The way the Reds are hitting (not), they’re going to have to scratch out a run somehow.

      • Joe P.

        The best chance to scratch across a run would have been for Castellanos to hold up at 1B. There would have been 1 out with Naquin at 3B and Votto at the plate. As it turned out, Votto hit a fly ball to left that would been a sac fly to score Naquin. Instead it was the third out.

  46. VaRedsFan

    Back to back brilliant starts by Mahle and Castillo. Hopefully, this 2nd one doesn’t go to waste as well

  47. Bet on Red

    Bringing all the Cincinnati out tonight… watching clips from a mild talk show staring a former Cincinnati mayor listening to basic relationship issues of the little guys

  48. dhmorgan

    I’m thinking that Castillo is the Reds’ version of Jacob deGrom.
    It doesn’t matter how well he pitches, the Reds don’t score for him.

  49. Roger Garrett

    Brewers just win with pitching.Their starters are really good and their pen has been set and very good with the hammer on the back end in Hader.They could beat anybody on a given night and could be dangerous.We just aren’t there yet.Wink out and TySteve watching hurt tonight and I see no reason for Barrero to be up here if he isn’t going to play.

    • Joe P.

      They should send Barrero down if he’s not going to play.

      From an offensive standpoint with Winker out, they have a hole in the outfield that they refuse to address, and they have the same issue at third base. From a defensive standpoint, Barrero is likely a better defensive player at short than is Farmer.

      Hard to compete against the better clubs when you have these holes in the lineup.

  50. Mark A Verticchio

    Two Points, If Barrero isn’t going to play he should not be here and in a game where hitting is at a premium Stephenson gives you a much better chance then Barnhart.

  51. Chris Holbert

    Sadak is the President of the TB fan club..

  52. Roger Garrett

    I don’t think we will score anyway but I pull Castillo right here.We have no chance if they score any more.

  53. Roger Garrett

    Too late and this one is over.Bell must figured we weren’t going to score either so he left him in.Brew Crew goes for the sweep and the dagger tomorrow.

  54. Mark A Verticchio

    Sometimes you just have to admit the other team is better, the reality is the Brewers are better in every phase of the game than the Reds. It is really a good thing they wont see them after tomorrow. Maybe the team can pull one out with Grey tomorrow. I do agree the announcers are having a love affair with Barnhart tonight. Sad thing is he should only start twice a week, but don’t tell Bell.

    • Indy Red Man

      Schrock in LF…shouldn’t even be debateable. Milw is just hot, but the Reds are a good team too. We’re still 6-3 in Milw so that doesn’t sound like we’re overmatched to me.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        The Brewers are playing much better ball than when the Reds beat them earlier, this will be 5 losses in a row. Please quit playing Shogo and Aqiono = giant holes in the line up.

    • Indy Red Man

      I agree. Reds need to be firing on all cylinders to beat them. No weak links in the lineup, but just look at this game. Gave them a run because of a Farmer error. Lost 1 run when Nick got thrown out. Another run just now by Garcia. He’s not even that good defensively, but he’s saved them. Had a nice lead yesterday and pen melted down for the first time really w/Lorenzen and Givens. We’re right there.

  55. Roger Garrett

    Now TySteve could have started and went 0-4 as could have Barrero but they have shown they could hit,the first guy all year and the rookie at AAA.Just have to play your best hitters when you know runs aren’t going to come easy.May not have mattered anyway but we won’t know.

    • RedAlert

      You are right Roger – we will NEVER know because Bell doesn’t put his best lineup on the field to promise his chance of winning . I just won’t ever understand that !

  56. dhmorgan

    The Reds just cannot catch a break tonight.

  57. Bet on Red

    Really ready to chalk this one up. At least tomorrow we get one of their garbage pitchers.

    • Joe P.

      I doubt he’s garbage. He’s on one of the better pitching staffs in baseball. And he’s a left-hander? That’s been Reds kryptonite.

  58. Roger Garrett

    Dude’s change is unhittable.ROY just got schooled but he will back tomorrow.

    • Joe P.

      Looks to me like India is feeling the effects of getting hit on the hand by that pitch. On that drive that he hit to center, he had no power.

  59. Roger Garrett

    Amir has lost all confidence.I don’t if he can’t throw strikes or if he is afraid to.

  60. RedAlert

    Tired of Garrett’s act – auto walk on first batter almost every time

    One of the most unreliable relievers in the pen .

  61. Bet on Red

    NO, I have an under that should be comfortably cashing. Figure it out GARRETT

    • Indy Red Man

      Bet the first 5 innings only. I had Reds/Milw under and also Nats/Miami under tonite. Both 1-0 after 5

      • Bet on Red

        took a live bet at 4.5 under during the 5th when there was not a run. Assuming the reds roll over should get it.

  62. Gpod

    I don’t think he (Garrett)cares anymore….he can say he cares….but he doesn’t

  63. Indy Red Man

    I realize Moose made an error, but what is wrong with Justin Wilson? Does he also walk the leadoff hitter 99% of the time?

    DFA Garrett and PRAY the cubs/pirates pick him up

    I was wrong on Aquino too. Same as Senzel. Maybe he makes it somewhere or carves out a successful bench role somewhere but it won’t be with the Reds.

  64. Bet on Red

    I can afford only one more run in this game. AG getting non tendered during the offseason and signed to a minor league deal. Let Louisville figure him out.

    • Indy Red Man

      Somebody will snap him up quick. Baltimore? Cmon. He throws 97 and he’s tall/left-handed. Somebody will try to fix him

      • Bet on Red

        someone wants to waste Major league money on him…. fine. I’m done with him

  65. Roger Garrett

    It looked like a 1-0 game but Bell left Castillo in one batter to long but Sims kept it at 2-0 by striking out 2 guys with runners on second and third.Now this makes me feel much better at 3-0 so maybe they get more.

  66. Joe P.

    I hate the shifts. Hate them. We keep putting on the shift and then Garrett throws the ball outside to left-handers and they keep hitting it the other way down the 3B line. What’s the point of the shifts if you’re not going to pitch inside to get them to hit into the shift?

    • Indy Red Man

      Good point. Alot of pitchers don’t pitch to the shift. Thats how Castellanos got to .350 in late May or whatever it was. Nobody on the right side at all

    • RedAlert

      Need to find a way to get Schrock and Barrero bats in this lineup – Aquino ain’t gonna cut it and Farmer ought to move to 3rd or the outfield . FIGURE IT OUT BELL !

    • Roger Garrett

      Garrett doesn’t pitch inside to lefties and everybody knows this.He can’t throw strikes or doesn’t so its away away and walk or away and away and hit it to left.

  67. Roger Garrett

    I understand why Garret came in but it didn’t work and it won’t going forward.Next lefty up from Louisville please.Release him he will not help us.

  68. Hanawi

    Two runs without hitting it out of the infield. Reds just can’t get over the Milwaukee hump in the 2nd half. Gotta hope they can hold on for the WC

    • Roger Garrett

      Walks and an error and the Crew just putting the ball in play.

    • Indy Red Man

      At Miami is no day at the beach either. Alcantara struck out 11 Reds and its a huge park. After that though….its cupcake city while SD plays 17 more vs LA/SF. The Reds just need to get atleast half of the 6 with St. Louis so they can’t make a run on us.
      They suck though….Reds should work them over!

  69. Joe P.

    If you have to credit the Brewers. They went out and got Adames and Escobar. They got rid of Shaw. And before that they went out and got Wong (why the Cards let him go is beyond me), and all these other guys Narvaez, Urias, Tellez, Peterson, etc. all decent players who have elevated their game.

    They kept their payroll open enough to make the moves and the Reds didn’t.

  70. Doc

    At season’s start no one expected the Reds to seriously contend for the division title, and half of those who forecast a record were predicting at or below .500. Although the season is not over until they are mathematically eliminated, no matter the outcome the Reds have made more progress than most thought they would. They have youth who have developed nicely and the future is bright. If they take advantage of their favorable schedule the rest of the year, the off season should bring positive reflections on the strides they have made, despite the horrible bullpen, the horrible start by Castillo, the perceptions of David Bell, the fall of Suarez, and so on. It’s quite amazing they have done as well as they have.

    Thanks, in advance, Reds, for an entertaining season.

  71. Roger Garrett

    14 punch outs and counting for the Reds and zero walks.Dominating performance by the Crew.Look for Hader tomorrow.Council is just a smart dude.

  72. Bet on Red

    and thanks for nothing Nick…. needed that quite a few innings ago

    • Roger Garrett

      Joey follows that at bat and never swings and punches out for the third time.Guess he is upset at whats happened tonight.

      • Joe P.

        I think that guy yelling from the stands combined with the Brewers pitching got to Votto. He was definitely off his game.

  73. beelicker

    Cards won, Phillies lost, SD leads 1-o batting bottom 4th with LH Snell one of their regular pitchers at 59 pitches … ultimately i believe Philadelphia ends up the closest WC pursuer

  74. Bet on Red

    Alright, while last night was a gut punch, tonight was reality. AG has no business on a major league deal next season. Tomorrows pitcher is hittable and we can salvage something here. Reds can not finish the night worse then tied for WC2

  75. Roger Garrett

    Hader nope Cousins strikes out the side.Reds punch out 16 times and well lose.

  76. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    Aquino and Garret need to be sent packing. Both do nothing for this team. Garret provides nothing but negative energy and Aquino doesn’t know the meaning of a quality at bat. Yeah he fouled off like eight pitches the other night, he’s Tony Gwynn.

    Having said that the difference in Reds and Brewers bullpens is glaring. Your not going deep in the playoffs with the Red’s bullpen. We are all basically rooting for a one and done against Dodgers. And the Tinker Bell renewal which comes with that.

    • Joe P.

      That’s the facts.

      Also, send Shogo and Moose packing. $22 million for those two. Unbelievable.

  77. Mark A Verticchio

    I am much more concerned about St. Louis and San Diego. They both have tough seasons, with the Pads much tougher. The Reds need to right the ship asap, they really miss Winker and it shows more every day. Shogo and Aquino are not the answer, but I bet one starts tomorrow.

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      At least Shogo gives you great defense in an outfield that is below average defensively, he covers up alotta mistakes out there.

      Mistakes that don’t don’t show up in the box score. All the other outfielders get poor “jumps” on balls. Most always take that first step back, fooled by the swing.

      • Joe P.

        That defense ain’t worth $7 or $8 million.

  78. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    Votto back to prioritizing walks. No longer ambushing that low pitch early in the count when he was raking with regularity.

  79. Gpod

    Twice in at bats, Votto was punished for having a great eye at the plate….that is just wrong

  80. Erik the Red

    This has been a fun team to watch most of this season besides the play at 3rd base and the bullpen. We are still a few pieces from being a championship caliber type of team in my opinion.

    • TR

      There should be a number of interesting moves in the offseason.

    • RedsMonk65

      Could use some more depth in the outfield, as well…..