Tyler Naquin homered twice and Vladimir Gutierrez allowed one run over seven innings as the Cincinnati Reds completed a sweep of the Miami Marlins to move to a season best 12 games over the .500 mark.

Final R H E
Miami Marlins (51-74)
1 3 0
Cincinnati Reds (69-57)
3 6 1
W: Gutierrez (9-4) L: Alcantara (7-12) SV: Lorenzen (3)
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The Offense

Cincinnati didn’t wait long to get on the board as Tyler Naquin hit the 5th pitch he saw in the 1st inning into the seats in section 144 to put the Reds up 1-0. They only had one hit over the next three innings – a single by Nick Castellanos. But Mike Moustakas led off the top of the 5th with a solo home run to break a 1-1 tie and put Cincinnati back in front. The offense went quiet from there until the bottom of the 8th inning. That’s when Naquin connected on an 0-2 pitch and put another ball in the seats to extend the Reds lead to 3-1.

The Pitching

Vladimir Gutierrez took a perfect game through the first three innings before Miguel Rojas singled to lead off the 4th inning. He would later score on a perfectly placed double by Jesús Sánchez down the third base line past a diving Mike Moustakas, tying the game up at 1-1. A pop up to follow ended the inning and threat from Miami. The Marlins had a quiet 5th and 6th innings, but came threatening in the 7th. A 1-out walk and a 2-out error put runners on 1st and 2nd base, but Gutierrez struck out Sandy Leon to end the inning and hold a 2-1 lead. It was the eighth strikeout of the day for the Reds rookie starter. It was also the last batter he would face as he completed another seven strong innings.

Lucas Sims took over in the 8th inning. He went to a full count to the first hitter he faced but came through with the strikeout. Another full count followed, but Sims was bale to get Brian Anderson to fly out to left fielder Tyler Naquin. Miguel Rojas popped up to end the inning as the Reds held onto a 1-run lead. Michael Lorenzen entered for the save in the 9th. After two quick outs he would walk Jesús Sánchez on 10 pitches to bring the tying run to the plate. But Lorenzen got Lewis Brinson to ground out to end the game and seal the sweep for the Reds.

Notes Worth Noting

Vladimir Gutierrez has a 1.86 ERA in his last six starts that have covered 38.2 innings. He’s allowed 31 hits, 10 walks, and struck out 36 batters in that span. Jonathan India might need to look over his shoulder in the Rookie of the Year race if this continues.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers

Tuesday August 24, 8:10pm ET

Tyler Mahle (10-4, 3.78 ERA) vs TBA

95 Responses

  1. Alan Horn

    Good game all the way around. Especially good to see Moose get a HR.

  2. Mark Moore


    Great game today. On to Bernie-Land!!


    Is there anyway at all the Reds can play the Marlins every game from now on…..?

    • Joe P.

      Careful what you wish for. There are no guarantees. We will see the Marlins again next weekend in Miami and we will face Alcantara again.

      • Alan Horn

        Alcantara was as good a starter as we have faced all season. Hats off to Gutierrez who slightly out pitched him. Lorenzen is starting to be the closer we haven’t had all season. They have slowly worked him up to go on back to back days.

      • Reddawg2012

        Agreed. Can’t be overly confident. The Marlins are a .500 team at home. Not great, but they are more competitive. And the Reds just lost 2 of 3 vs. the Cubs. Baseball!


    Great Job as always Doug on the game summary, you always do great work here on Redlegnation.

  5. RedsMonk65

    Very impressed with Gutierrez. We all talk about ROY contenders India and Stephenson (and rightly so), but Gutierrez is right there with them. Without the contributions of all three, this team would not be where it is right now.

    • David

      Very true. I was going to make that comment today, but you made it first.

      Gutierrez may certainly be the ROY this year, if he finishes strong in his last 7-8 starts.

      And glad to see India get a day off (PH’d late). Bell needs to find ways to get his starters days off, especially Joey Votto, to keep him fresh.
      36 games left, and they all will count.

      • Don

        great way to finish the homestand.
        listened to game on radio.
        Tommy said Bell mentioned before the game that he told India this is his last scheduled day off and will be starting every game rest of year. With the off days India does not need any rest days.
        No other players mentioned.

      • Reaganspad

        I have been saying he is our 4th best starter for some time. He is better than Mahle Ashe not a one pitch pitcher.

      • redsgettingbetter

        Gutierrez threw first 14 strikes of 15 pitches and 19 strikes of first 24 with very accurated locations, looking dominant during his 7 frames… This was a very very good outing of this underated rookie, let’s see him in his next probably in Miami vs Fish again…

    • 2020ball

      I was just thinking that earlier that he’s kinda overshadowed by our other rookie contributors, +1. He’s been very good and very needed for this team.

  6. TR

    Vladimir Gutierrez, quite a surprise this season. A solid young pitcher who gets the ball over the plate.

    • JayTheRed

      I’ve been saying all season since he came up that I really enjoy watching him pitch.. I really think he has #3 potential in this rotation

  7. Doc

    Do we get credit for two wins since Barrero played, or does this count the same as the last three wins without him?

    • Hal

      Counts as one win – just like all the games that this team has squandered due to lineup construction and BP utilization only counted as one loss.

      • 2020ball

        And all the wins that the lineup was perfect and we lost? …guess we should throw those out too.

      • 2020ball

        Oh and the one’s where the line-up was awful and we won, we should also not count those. That and the wins where it was perfect and we won. How dare they.

  8. CI3J

    These next 12 games are the last really tough stretch of the Reds’ schedule. First 3 against the Brewers in Milwaukee, then 3 against the Fish in the soup of Miami weather with no off day in between. Then back to Cincy to take on a suddenly dangerous Cards team followed by 3 against the sneaky-good Tigers.

    Then they have a relatively easy September with 16 games against the hapless Pirates, Nats, and Cubs, with only 8 tough games against the Cards, Dodgers, and White Sox.

    By way of contrast, the Friars have an extremely brutal September, with every single game being against a contender (except 2 against the Angels) including 13 games away at the Giants and Dodgers.

    Point is, if the Reds can come out of these next 12 games and still be 10 games over .500 or better, then the Wild Card should be theirs for the taking. If they are 3 games or fewer behind the Friars on the morning of September 7th, then I like the Reds chances very much.

    • beelicker

      Albeit both bullpens will enjoy a day off, Milwaukee’s starter (Houser) for the 2nd day in a row got run in a jam 2o pitches/1 out into the 4th inning after 68 pitches. Peralta will miss his scheduled start for this upcoming series with a precautionary IL for shoulder inflammation, absorbed by their 6-man starting rotation. Their bullpen is likewise absorbing a lot of pitches lately too. It would be to the Reds decided longterm advantage if they could continue that trese trends in immediate support of Road Mahle, Castillo and Gray

      Marlins still grinding the bullpen down at least 3 more cracks today down 3-1


    • Joe P.

      The Reds will need to continue to play well on the road, particularly on the 9 game road trip in September. They need to continue to get some wins against Chicago and St. Louis, but especially against the Pirates. The Reds have played only 3 games in Pittsburgh and have 6 games left there with 3 left against them in Cincinnati. Also, the 10 game homestead – with 3 games against the Dodgers, 3 games against the Pirates and 4 games against the Nationals – obviously the Reds need to do well there. And then you have the 3 “hidden” games against Detroit and 2 against the Chicago White Sox.

      19 of the Padres 36 remaining games (after their game today against the Phillies) are against the Giants and Dodgers (10 games against the Giants and 9 games with the Dodgers). However, it’s worth noting that the Padres have a fine 7-3 record against the Dodgers, while they are 4-5 against the Giants. So, a team’s overall winning percentage doesn’t necessarily equate to one team winning the head-to-head matchups.

      Now, how much will the trade deadline acquisitions come into play here to affect these remaining head-to-head matchups? Most notably Kris Bryant, Max Scherzer and Trea Turner vs. Adam Frazier? We know the Dodgers are on a tear right now in part because of those trade acquisitions. How will September call-ups affect these teams/games? Will the Giants and/or Dodgers rest some of their starters? Which teams – who have nothing to lose – might play spoiler?

      • beelicker

        Arizona just swept 3 from the Pads and they turn around for 3 more @AZ after 5 vs LAD/LAA followed by Houston (3), 5 more with LAA/LAD plus 4 with the Giants before taking a 3 game breather @ St Louis before 3 more vs Giants … they’re toast

      • Joe P.

        The Padres have a tougher schedule. But they also have a lot of talent. I wouldn’t count them out.

      • beelicker

        Philly 4, SD 1 bottom of the 5th. Their starter gave them 2 innings

      • Joe P.

        Thanks for the update ? I see Rhys Hoskins is back for the Phillies and he’s homered twice. Hopefully the Phillies don’t blow another one like they did last night!!

      • beelicker

        Top o’ the 7th, top of the Phillies lineup up Hosmer HR to CF, 5-1 phillies

      • beelicker

        Check that, Herrera … my alliterative attraction musta got the best o’ me lol

      • beelicker

        oooo … 2 run dinger from Realmuto, 7-1

    • earmbrister

      How are the Cards “suddenly dangerous”? They’ve managed to creep above .500, going 6-4 in their last 10. They’re 4.5 games behind the Reds, and for once I’m not concerned about them.

      • beelicker

        They put together an little 8-2 streak before stumbling over the most recent twin 1-2 series vs the Brewers and Pirates to manage cornered animal status. They’ll dangerously play the rivalrous Reds 6 more times ending 9/13 and also 1o hopefully extra-dangerously in total vs the Brewers the rest of the way

  9. CI3J

    By the way, my prediction for the Reds’ final record:


    You heard it here first!

  10. Bred

    Hey Doug, enjoy your day kind of day off tomorrow. We are going to need you at your best for the Brewers!

  11. Jim t

    This ended a stretch of 20 games in 20 days. To be where they are with the injuries they have had to the position 8 and bullpen is astonishing.

    Fellas let’s also keep in mind that Jose Barrera was rushed to the majors last year with never playing above high A ball. This year he performed well at AA for half a year and had about a 1/4 of aa season a AAA. Let’s be patient and cautious with him. Asking him to step into a playoff run is a tremendous amount of pressure. Especially if your expectation is for him to be a difference maker.

    One last thought with how the team has performed and all they have overcome it is highly unlikely that the manage is the Buffon many on here want to make him out to be. He has access to much more information then anyone posting here which drives his decisions. While I know it’s fun to play major league manager let’s appreciate a very fine season he and the team are providing and cheer him on occasion for bringing us a very nice team to watch.

  12. Old-school

    Went to game today

    Gutierrez threw 20/22 pitches for strikes the first 2 innings

    He can throw all his pitches in any count and locates well and competes

    Alcantara was outstanding too

    Good baseball game.

    • wkuchad

      Same with me. Took most of my kids today (our second of the year). It was hot, but there was little complaints. Great game today!

      And let me say, I’ve especially enjoyed reading the comments (at least up to this point), due to the lack of Bell-bashing and negativity. Go Reds!

      • Old-school

        It was very hot

        But good baseball

      • wkuchad

        lol, very good baseball, especially when it matters, supersedes the heat!

        I personally think Bell/Reds management has been smart with Barrero. Today you saw the highs (outfield basket catch) and lows (error, lack of double play, plate appearances) of having an unproven rookie in the lineup. Reds are fighting for the playoffs, so they’re easing in Barreor.
        And I’m very excited at the thought of him as our full time SS next year.

      • beelicker

        “Jose Barrero is considered the Cincinnati Reds’ shortstop of the future, but he’s been used as a utility player since he was promoted to the Majors last week.

        Barrero has started one game at shortstop and one game at second base. Sunday was his first start as a second baseman since he was playing with the Low-A Dayton Dragons in 2018.

        “He did a lot of work and got playing time at second base in Triple-A, definitely trust the reports there,” Reds manager David Bell said. “I know Farm can move around too, but at this point he’s been playing shortstop for us very consistently and playing it extremely well. To me, it’s nice to be able to put Barrero at second base and feel good about it, even though he’s played a majority of shortstop in his career.”

        He could receive some playing time over the final six weeks of the season in the outfield, too. He’s spent time before games with outfield coach Jeff Pickler to prepare for the possibility of playing center field, something he’s embraced.

        When Barrero was asked about how ready he felt to play in a game in center field, he immediately responded, “100%.” He did a few outfield drills with coaches in Louisville, though he never appeared in a game there. Barrero is an exceptional defensive shortstop, but teams always want to increase a player’s versatility.

        “I’m here to play wherever the team needs me to play, support them and help them in any way I can,” said Barrero, according to team interpreter Jorge Merlos, noting teammates give him tips on how to play the outfield.” (from Nightengale at the Q)

    • Melvin

      Was at the game too. Stayed out of the sun and just stood behind home plate inside the front gate. it was a good win.

  13. Frankie Tomatoes

    The only thing that is better than a 3-game sweep is a 4-game sweep and stupid MLB did not let the Reds play the Marlins 4 times this week!

    • Roger Garrett

      Great win against maybe the best guy pure stuff wise we have faced all year.Hitting 100 in his last inning.He made a few mistakes with his secondary stuff but who sees sliders and changeups at 90 and 91.Naquin is not missing anything and when I looked at the replay of Moose’s homer he didn’t miss it for sure.Good and I mean great recovery from the Cubs series.Rest up and on to Milwaukee.One at a time and lets keep going.Sims and Mikey got 6 outs and our pen is shaping up nicely.Hopefully Antone is back soon for the stretch as well as Wink and Senzel.

    • beelicker

      I’m afraid they did lol … you just witnessed a 4 game sweep, winning pitchers: Castillo, Gray, Cessa and Gutierrez

  14. Hotto4Votto

    Vlad is having a very impressive rookie campaign, and has especially been on a roll lately. I was a Vlad believer but even I didn’t expect this type of season out of him. If I recall, he tends to be a strong finisher in his minor league career. Speaking of being on a roll, Naquin is having himself an August. He’s been a huge lift to the offense with Winker being out. With the offseason we had, I didn’t expect Reds baseball to be as exciting and fun as it has this season. Glad to be wrong on that.

    • Arthur

      Remember – Vlad lost 2 games where he gave up only one or two runs. If he had gotten just a little more run support, his record might be 11-2. And he would absolutely be a legit ROY candidate.

      He has been the biggest surprise this season. I don’t think anyone was counting on quality major league innings out of him. But he sure has delivered.

    • MBS

      I think Gutierrez has earned a spot in the 22 rotation.

    • wkuchad

      I was one of the (less than smart) posters that suggested it was time to option Naquin to the minors and bring up Senzel a few weeks ago.

      Let me say, I’m extremely happy Reds management and Bell listens to zero posters on Redlegnation lol.

      • JayTheRed

        Thank you for admitting you were wrong. and I hope they don’t pay attention to any of us as individuals cause that would be scary.

  15. Jim t

    Padres losing 4-1 in the top of the 5th.

    • Moon

      7-1 Phils going into bottom of the 7th. Looking good…

      • LDS

        Sole possession of the 2nd WC slot by the end of the night? Who would have thought. Hopefully, that will motivate them going into Milwaukee. They need to be up and hitting on all cylinders for that series.

  16. Magnum44

    I am 40 something I pay way too much attention to the Reds my favorite season was ever was the 99 team……I won 20 bucks and a case of beer off my college roommate from Cleveland when I bet him the Reds would have a better record than the Tribe. I am beginning to think that this is my all time favorite team. The lineup is so deep the starting pitching is very good if the bullpen can come together this last month it could be a fun October……..

    • beelicker

      The wisdom of the OMG Principle pitching staff (One inning, Maximum effort Guy) is about to demonstrate itself down the stretch here …

  17. Mark Moore

    Phillies hold on and we’re now the team to beat for the second spot in #163 (for the moment).

    • Arthur

      Let the speculation begin!!

      We’re probably gonna have to play in Chavez Ravine. So, who would be the choice for the Reds starter in that one game??

      • Votto4life

        I would go with Miley. Guiti would be my second choice.

        I know the Dodgers will be favored, but anything can happen in one game. I will say if we get passed the WC game, I like our chances.

      • Alan Horn

        Castillo or Miley right now. Depends on how the rest of the season goes.

      • Arthur

        I would pick Mahle first – he has been brilliant on the road all season. Second choice is Castillo. When he’s on his game, he can absolutely dominate any team in baseball.

      • Alan Horn

        We don’t have a bad starter now with 2-3 top minor league candidates who should be ready sometime next season. I would hang onto the 5 we have until the others master AAA..

      • Hotto4Votto

        Honestly, I expect us to be playing in Oracle Park. I think the Dodgers overtake the Giants for the West. I think I’d pick Castillo.

      • Gonzo Reds

        Still what if as we have a lot of work left to do but… I think I’d rather play at LA than SF. The chance to knock LA out in that single game is too tempting to pass on. Think we can compete in a 7 game series against the Braves/Brewers/Giants but don’t really want to play LA in 7 as they are so deep due to their deep pockets.

    • Alan Horn

      We have a tough series coming up with the Brewers. We need to win the series. If we win every game that would be great. At least 2 of the pitchers we face will be as good or better as the one we faced today.

      • Arthur

        Brewers are going for the kill shot this week. If they can smack the Reds, it would likely give them an insurmountable lead. Then they can coast the rest of the way out and set their team up for the playoffs.

        It would be great to win 2 or even all 3, and make them sweat a little bit.

      • Alan Horn

        Gaining ground on the Brewers, but also and maybe more important is to not let them knock us back in the wild card race. We need to hold our lead and getting some help from the Padres (or whoever plays them)would help also.

      • beelicker

        That would immediately be their highly motivated divisional rival Dodgers for 3 who are 2.5 games behind the best record in the NL and division leading Giants

  18. RedsMonk65

    The new few games are big. If the Reds cannot get up for this upcoming series with the Brewers, then they don’t deserve the division. They have to win the series. Now that the Reds are in the driver’s seat for the WC, why settle for that?

    Go Reds!

    • Alan Horn

      We have time to over take the Brewers but we certainly don’t need to lose the wild card berth as a fall back.

  19. Bet on Red

    Obviously, with COvid still out of control, the safe thing would be to end the season today and immediately go to the playoffs…lol

    • wkuchad

      Spock would not disagree with this logic.

  20. kevinz

    Love to see Tyler N step up.
    Nick went down.
    Votto Winker Farmer got Hott.
    Winker Gets Hurt Tyler steps up.
    Good sign for good Teams.

  21. BK

    Reds have just completed 20 games across consecutive days. I think it’s time to reset the roster to an 8-man bullpen and 5-man bench. I’d call up Shrock for the bench role. Also, Antone went back-to-back on the 18th and 19th and pitched a clean inning, today–potentially he’s ready to return to the bullpen as well. Based on recent usage, I see the contenders as Garrett, Wilson, Hoffman and Doolittle.

    – Garrett: hasn’t pitched since the 12th and has the worst ERA (6.23), FIP (5.37), worst WHIP (1.673). Second half trend produced a better ERA (5.14) but an abysmal WHIP (2.143) as he’s walked 7 in 7 innings of work. His career relief #s are better than his 2021 results. -0.3 bWAR in 2021. Controllable through 2023 via arbitration.

    – Wilson: pitched twice in the last 5 days. Year-long totals aren’t good: ERA (5.88), worst FIP (6.13), but a better WHIP (1.385). Time with the Reds has gone well: 2.25 ERA, 4.67 FIP and 1.125 WHIP across 8 innings generating 0.2 bWAR. He’s had a sub 4.00 FIP every other year in his 10-year career except this one. Has both a player and team option for 2022.

    – Doolittle: Pitched once in the last 5 days. Best year-long totals 4.46 ERA, 4.56 FIP, and 0.6 bWAR among our LHP relief corps along with 1.513 WHIP. Second half has the worst ERA (5.87) but a solid 1.174 WHIP across 7.2 innings. Wasn’t very good in 2020, but was well above average prior to that. He’s a free agent after this season.

    – Hoffman: Pitched once in the last 5 days and probably the RHP most vulnerable to DFA, but has the best numbers among this group. Overall season: 4.32 ERA, 4.94 FIP, 1.543 WHIP, and 0.9 bWAR. That said, most of his innings have been a starter. He’s done well in relief: 1.35 ERA and 1.125 WHIP across 13 innings. Hoffman will be first time arbitration eligible prior to the 2022 season.

    Of course, Santillan can be optioned, and probably will be. This gives the Reds ready depth at AAA. Like Hoffman, he spent much of the season as a starter.

    I tend to favor a lower WHIP for relievers, and Garrett is really the worst of the group and simply hasn’t corrected the walks this year. So, he’d be my choice to DFA. I’d be interested to read what others think.

    • wkuchad

      I don’t want to give up on Garrett. I think the best thing for him and the Reds is to find a minor injury, allowing him to continue to collect a major league salary while “rehabbing” (i.e. getting work in and figuring things out) with the Louisville Bats.

      • Jim Walker

        Garrett has never really been the same pitcher since he suffered that hip pointer (or whatever exactly it was) injury which put an end to his magnificent run as a starter back when.

        It is ironic and sad but he isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last pitcher whose career got rerouted or derailed by something which started as a nonthrowing arm/ shoulder injury.

  22. LT

    Took care of business with 4-game sweep. I am so so excited but need to keep it in check bc Reds have a tendency to lay an egg when expectations are high. Keep it mellow and hopefully there will be no repeat of 3-game sweep right after the break.

  23. Doc4uk

    Do very little should be DFAed today and Garrett should be placed placed on the injured list. Antone is activated as is Shreck. Then add Moreta and Lodolo after September 1 and roll with those 28. To me Santillan is almost a closer at this point and should not be sent down

  24. CFD3000

    Is it just me, or would this off day be a really good time to announce a contract extension / renegotiation for Nick Castellanos?

    My short term big wish for this team is that they not only activate Antone, but also drop the 9th man from the bullpen with a slightly less hectic schedule coming up. They had pitchers that just aren’t pitching even with the 20 games in 20 days that just wrapped. Garrett, Doolittle and Hoffman have been rare sightings. I think they could drop any two of those three for now (IL, DFA) and be a better team with Antone and Schrock (or Lopez) joining the Reds. Maybe that’s just me… Go Reds!

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t like naming names when it comes to dropping people but I surely agree the Reds have an abundance of worthy candidates to go away in order to get the pitching staff reduced to 13 to make room for another position guy and also get Antone activated.

      However, I doubt that the guy who can give them multiple innings on short notice (JH) ends up being one of the guys dropped. We all mutter about burning a spot on a mop up/ long man but then it only takes one occasion with an injury or blowout to remind how not having such a guy can mess up the bullpen for several days.

  25. Doc4uk

    Also bring up Lodolo to be a long reliever after sEptember1