The Cincinnati Reds go for the series sweep on Sunday afternoon against the Miami Marlins after they have taken the first two games of the series. First pitch is set for 1:10pm.

Starting Lineups

Miami Marlins

Cincinnati Reds

Miguel Rojas – SS Tyler Naquin – LF
Jazz Chisholm – 2B Tyler Stephenson – C
Jesús Aguilar – 1B Nick Castellanos – RF
Jesús Sánchez – RF Joey Votto – 1B
Lewis Brinson – CF Kyle Farmer – SS
Isan Díaz – 3B Mike Moustakas – 3B
Sandy León – C Jose Barrero – 2B
Bryan De La Cruz – LF Shogo Akiyama – CF
Sandy Alcantara – SP Vladimir Gutierrez – SP

Starting Pitchers

Vladimir Gutierrez

Since a poor start on July 19th where he allowed six runs in 4.0 innings, Vladimir Gutierrez has dominated over the last month. In his five starts he’s posted a 1.99 ERA in 31.2 innings with nine walks and 28 strikeouts.

There are some splits for Gutierrez. Righties are hitting .279/.344/.459 against him. Lefties have hit .222/.308/.438 against him. Lefties walk more and hit for more power, but they don’t get nearly as many hits. He also pitches much worse at home than he does on the road. In Cincinnati his ERA is 5.35 while it’s just 2.92 on the road. The OPS splits for home/road are also extreme – it’s .962 at home and just .645 on the road.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.2 77.3 83.1 81.1
Usage 47% 19% 23% 11%

Sandy Alcantara

The former All-Star (2019) is having the best season of his career, posting a 3.39 ERA in 25 starts. He’s walked 44 and struck out 135 in 151.1 innings pitched while giving up just 128 hits. Alcantara is among the top ground ball rate pitchers in the league.

The lefty/right splits aren’t much different for Alcantara. Righties are hitting .228/.287/.343 against him. Lefties are hitting .223/.291/.378 against him. But the home and road splits are significant. On the road he has a 4.40 ERA (2.43 at home) and hitters have a .259/.331/.429 line against him (.193/.245/.291 at home).

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 97.9 97.5 90.3 91.7 83.8
Usage 20% 29% 22% 25% 4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 86°, sunny, 2% chance of rain

News and Notes

John Sadak breaks his elbows

Off day for Jonathan India

With Monday being an off day it’s going to be two days in a row for Jonathan India getting some much needed rest.

NL Central Standings

Playoff odds via Fangraphs

Team W L GB Playoff %
Brewers 75 49 0 99.3%
Reds 68 57 7.5 56.5%
Cardinals 62 60 12.0 3.7%
Cubs 54 71 21.5 0.0%
Pirates 44 79 30.5 0.0%

183 Responses

  1. ChrisInVenice

    So, breaking both of your elbows sounds pretty horrible. Sorry to hear that.

  2. Arthur

    Team really needs a good performance from The Impaler today. The Fish starter is a legit ace. Reds could use some crooked numbers early in the game, and a solid 7 from Gutierrez. Getting a sweep and keeping momentum, while keeping pressure on SD before heading to Beer town would be really nice.

    • Alan Horn

      I was going to say the same about the Marlin’s starter. He is a good one.

  3. burtgummer01

    Barrero in
    Day off for India
    No Aquino (great news here)

  4. Frankie Tomatoes

    Let’s hope for the sweep today. Marlins look like they are running out a good pitcher today so we should not assume anything. Series win is there but a sweep would be sweet!

  5. Melvin

    I’m here today just to make sure they/we win. 🙂

  6. Old Big Ed

    The home/road split on Gutierrez is a small-sample-size issue. He had a cruddy outing against the Padres at home in June, and another against the Mets on July 10, but he has been fine over the past 6 weeks at home. He only has 6 home starts total.

    Moustakas is 1-32 with 12 strikeouts. Looks like a relief pitcher at the plate. But they only owe him $38 million more after this season.

    • beelicker

      Pitchers will just keep pounding Moose hard up and in on the hands. Over/under on infield pop-ups is 2.5

  7. Bet on Red

    gotta get the win. Phillies failed us last night. Got to keep going

  8. Mark Moore

    Squish the Fish Part IV coming up

    Let’s make it happen, guys

  9. RedsGettingBetter

    No hoy aquí-no
    When Castellanos got injured Farmer had a breakout and hit as slugger while Castellanos returned… After that, Winker is injured but Naquin got on fire mitigating the absence… Today India is idle so we need Barrero becomes a star…

  10. Melvin

    I think it’s kind of ridiculous that our best SS is playing 2B but oh well. 🙂

    • Mark Moore

      I can neither confirm nor deny that I also think it’s more than a little bit of insanity on the part of DTB.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      He just made a basket catch while running away from the infield. Could Farmer have done that? I’m listening on radio so have no sense of how easy or hard the play was.

  11. Mark Moore

    Hard throw to even moderate power does stuff like that. Nice way to work the count and get the cement mixer.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Naquin? Omg? Guy is insane right now! All started with 3-4 bloops pushed the other way and he just picked up confidence in a hurry!

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Naquin had a 1.183 OPS in August BEFORE that homer.

      • JB

        Farmer in July, Naquin in August. Who will be the next guy to step up in September that isnt the big 4( Castellanos, Votto,Winker,India).

  13. Bet on Red

    Tyler Naquin getting started early

  14. dhmorgan

    Votto and Farmer both first pitch hitting.
    You don’t see that too often. If it works, fine.
    If not, you’re extending the possible innings that the pitcher will work. I’d rather see Alcantara out sooner rather than later.

  15. Mark Moore

    Vlad making it look easy today. Mostly strikes (thanks Jim Day for jinxing it) and pretty efficient. Marlins would like to just get out of town.

    • Bet on Red

      noone ever is the number of people that have started a game not throwing a ball ever. Not blaming JD for that jinx

  16. JB

    Moose and Suarez just keep swinging at balls.

    • Mark Moore

      C’mon, JB. You can’t blame Sir Strandsalot for that one … 🙂

      • JB

        They are like the same person. I think Moose should bat righthanded and Suarez lefthand. They might have better luck.

  17. Mark Moore

    MousStrandus K’s … imagine that. He still doesn’t look right.

    Larkin is calling it out in more polite terms.

  18. Indy Red Man

    Moose 1 for last 33. Hard to believe anybody could be as bad as Moose/Geno? Seems like they could return Moose to IL and check him out. Open up more playing time for Barrero and maybe Schrock

    • LGR

      You spelled Lopez a bit weird there. 😉

      • Indy Red Man

        Lopez? RLN gets a flavor of the week and they WEAR IT OUT)))) Hope the kid does great, but he’s Jose Peraza II

      • LGR

        As much as I think you’re wrong and Lopez could be a solid .300 hitter, I’d take Peraza at 3rd this year anyway.

      • Indy Red Man

        I just like Schrock. He’s got surprising power for a little guy. Actually Lopez has it over Peraza. Switch-hitter and he’ll take a walk unlike Peraza. Time will tell.

      • Alan Horn

        Difficult to say he is Peraza when he hasn’t even been given a chance. He has hit wherever he has been. I saw him earlier in the season in Montgomery and I was impressed with his bat. He isn’t going to supply much power but he usually makes contact. We need some of that at 3B and LF right now.

      • JB

        IRM so after what 20 at bats you figured that Lopez is Peraza but after about 350 at bats you tell us we need to give Aquino time.

      • Melvin

        I’d take 181 hits like Peraza had from anyone.

      • Indy Red Man

        Well Lopez is 5’7 and 150 or whatever. Better chance to play Tattoo in the remake of Fantasy Island then to be another Altuve.

      • Indy Red Man

        Peraza 181 hits that first year til they figured out they needed to move the RF up 15 feet. Then .210 forever after

        Schrock 2 doubles, 3 hrs this week
        Lopez 0 extra basehits in last 2 weeks

        When they know you have no punch then you can’t walk either because they don’t fear a bloop over the infield

      • Indy Red Man

        Yes I’d take Lopez at 3B too. Or George Lopez or Billy Crystal. Barry Larkin to unretire or Sean Casey. Somehow Moose made me wish for more Geno too

    • Indy Red Man

      Schrock 2-4 with double & hr both Friday and Saturday. Not playing today

      Lodolo 1 ip, 3 Ks, nothing else
      Antone 1 ip, 2 Ks, nothing else

  19. JB

    I have this fear that in the wildcard game it will be 2 outs in the 9th and Reds are down by one with the bases loaded and Moose or Suarez will be up. The weak link will always show up at the wrong time.

    • Mark Moore

      Don’t go there JB … not yet at least

    • Tom Mitsoff

      You have to classify what Moustakas is in as a slump. Hopefully he’ll come around soon. Suarez is in what his baseline has been for the past season and two-thirds, so that is who he is, at the moment.

      • Mark Moore

        I’d say you have to classify what we’re seeing from Moose is not healed from his last injury. His batting stance and approach say that to me at least. It’s breeding the “slump”.

      • Indy Red Man

        1 for 33 and nothing really even hit hard. Thats more then a slump. He needs to go back on IL

      • Alan Horn

        It looks more like father time may have taken it’s toll on both to me. Whatever it is they have worn out their pass for being in the starting lineup for now.

      • doofus

        Barrero! Yeah, we would not want a “raw rookie” to make defensive plays as the team fights to win a playoff spot.

        Farmer, Barrero, India, Votto should be starting infield (left to right side).

    • beelicker

      Saurez 51 PA late/close games .283/.37o/.5oo

  20. Mark Moore

    RoY India’s hair is in a bit of a man bun …

  21. Bet on Red

    Awfully small crowd at GABP today

    • Mark Moore

      My wife noticed that. I’m actually thinking of taking a trip up there in September to catch a couple of games. Perhaps during the Pie-Rats for Formerly-ESPN-Washington-Harpers. I’ve got some Delta credits and hotel points, so tickets, food, and ground transport would be the only costs.

      • Indy Red Man

        Would you call that the Delta variant?

      • Mark Moore

        Given how I got the credits, absolutely I would.

    • Bet on Red

      you would think that there would be more considering the Reds are in the midst of a Playoff race and the Bengals havent started the regular season yet.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Hunter Greene should watch alot of Alcantara videos. He throws 100-101, but he’s not trying to K everyone. He just pounds the zone and gets alot of weak swings and the Ks happen too.

  23. Mark Moore

    WOW! All that and he still almost got him at 1st. Good heads up quick choice there.

    Why isn’t he at SS again? Asking for a friend …

    • Beaufort Red

      If he threw it it to Farmer double play. Cost us a run. He’s a shortstop. Move Farmer to 3rd!

      • Mark Moore

        Maybe. Could be he’s “thinking like a SS” and acted on instinct with an oncoming runner. I’ve no doubt at the very least he and Farmer should be flipped for an India day off.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      The only reason I can understand is that I read somewhere earlier that Farmer has a -7 on Defensive Runs Saved at shortstop, which I believe I read ranks seventh out of 36 qualifying shortstops. Very impressive. That being said, it seems apparent from the eye test that India and Barrero, provided that the latter hits in the big leagues, are going to be a pretty special double-play combo for hopefully many years.

      • Mark Moore

        Thinking the same thing. And the newly signed prospect SS still plays into the infield mix in a couple years (max, I hope).

      • Tom Reeves

        I think 2022 sees Farmer at 2B, Barrero at SS, and India at 3B. Add Votto at 1B, and the catching tandem of Stephenson and Barnhart, that’s a pretty solid infield defense.

  24. Indy Red Man

    Barrero at 3B and he keeps that ball on the infield

    • LGR

      Anybody other than Moose has a chance at that. Suarez might’ve gotten that one.

    • Mark Moore

      And he waved everybody else off.

  25. Roger Garrett

    Bells hands have to be tied by Bob or Krall.All can see this kid is ready to at least field the position and by moving Farmer to 3rd and Barrero at short we end up having our best lineup on the field.Beel knows this but unless he is free to do it he will not and well he works for Krall who works for Bob.

    • Mark Moore

      You have to believe that is the case with the push to achieve Game #163 and still outside shot at the NLC title.

  26. Bet on Red

    So who is following the Scoreboard messaging drama between Tom and Caitlyn?

  27. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Something for everyone. . .from what I can tell, the “strength of schedule remaining”, the Reds have a better change of making the playoffs over the Padres.

    Also, odds are that we won’t “win the division”. But, the Brewers do have a harder SOS remaining than we do.

    We have one of the easiest SOS remaining in the league. My only hope. . .we don’t let up because of this. We have one of the easiest SOS remaining? Fine, then come out of it with one of the best winning percentages during this time.

    • Mark Moore

      Nice points, Steve. Fangraphs still favors the Trolley Dodgers to win the NLW. That means the GIants have to drop and, if they do, we might be able to overtake them and bring Game #163 to GABP. So winning is very important on multiple fronts. The best scenario would be to leverage that weaker schedule into edging out the Bernies and hosting the first series.

    • beelicker

      the Reds have 6 w/ Cards chasing WC2 (w/ Castillo, Gray and Miley scheduled as it now stands), whereas the Brewers still have 1o remaining. Brewers will see the Dodgers 6 more times, the Reds 3. Brewers will enjoy 4 w/ the Giants and 3 more with Phillies, probably the closest WC2 pursuers by that point. Winning the next 4 would assure the Reds of being at most 4.5 back of the Brewers and with a firm focus on actively pursuing NLC1 rather than holding off pursuers of WC2, a worthy attribute in its own right

      • beelicker

        so 1 of those down, 3 to go and then a revisit with these Marlins for 3 more

  28. JB

    Well that helps Moose. More of that would be nice.

  29. Mark Moore

    Proof that even an injured Moose finds his swing every now and then.

    Nice shot, Mr. Moose!

    • JB

      I hope he doesnt lose it again and keeps on hitting. The Reds need something from 3rd.

  30. Roger Garrett

    Moose may have just broke loose.Reds up 2-1.

  31. earmbrister

    THAT’S one way of ending a slump (we’ll ignore the obvious Suarez record)!

    Let’s chase Alcantara here.

  32. Bet on Red

    Mooses second strike on swinging looked good…. the homerun was even better

  33. earmbrister

    Three pitch K of Barrero followed by a 5 pitch BB of Akiyama.

    A little wobbling by Alcantara

  34. Mark Moore

    Catch a little magic here, Tyler

  35. Indy Red Man

    Alcantara averages 98 and hangs 2 breaking balls for 2 HRs. Hanging breaker inside to a guy on a 1-33 skid? Thats just beating yourself, but we’ll take it

  36. Mark Moore

    Add that little ditty to our growing cadre of double-plays.

    Nice work, Vlad. Erased that lucky flare single to Rojas in fine fashion.

  37. CI3J

    I have to say, that Vladimir Gutierrez has been one of the more pleasant surprises this season. He looks like he could be a perfectly serviceable #4 or #5 type starter in The Next Great Reds Rotation, with Mahle as the #3. Now we just have to hope Lodolo, Greene, and Santillan can help to round it out.

    I’d like to see them trade Gray and possibly Castillo for some outfield help, especially if Nick C. opts out this offseason. I feel the Reds’ rotation is in good hands for the next half a decade at least.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d say he has upside potential to the 2-3 slot in the rotation. He throws more strikes and is more efficient than Mr. Mahle (or at least the home version of him).

    • Arthur

      Vlad might have gotten ROY attention if not for his own teammates – India and Stephenson.

      I still say the Reds will have 3 of the top 5 vote getters for the award.

  38. Mark Moore

    I’d wager this inning is it for Alcantara no matter what happens here. No real reason for the Fishies to stress his arm or risk it at this point in their season. Playing for “pride” doesn’t mean jack for the future of this kid.

  39. docproc

    Anyone else enjoying Jim Day so much more than John Sadak?

    • Mark Moore

      (raises both hands and jumps up and down enthusiastically)

    • Arthur

      Day is much better.

      I would really enjoy Larkin and the Cowboy do a game together.

      • Mark Moore

        Who would be the “straight guy” in that setup?

    • VaRedsFan

      I really liked Day last year, but a lot of folks here really poo poo’d him.

      • Mark Moore

        I just find his vocal tone and cadence easier to listen to. Plus he doesn’t seem to babble like Sadak does (or like Thom used to).

      • JB

        I didnt like him last year but I do this year. I think maybe he was just a little raw then. He is more of a talker this year.

      • doofus

        I think Jim Day babbling is a sad attempt to fill time.

        I like the guy who broke his elbows running. He is always yapping. he reminds me of a cross between Al Michaels, Bob Costas and Howard Cosell. I will drift from the game doing other stuff, but his way of exclaiming what just happened will bring me back to the game.

        I get a kick when he asks Lark or the Cowboy a probing question that provokes them, and they just ignore him.

      • doofus

        Jim Day is like…the Barney Fife of the TV broadcast crew.

  40. Mark Moore

    So Barrero is definitely NOT our 2B going forward. It’s not as easy a transition as some want to think. And I don’t believe he’s played any games there at this level, has he?

    • earmbrister

      Farmer would’ve had that, lol.

    • Arthur

      I doubt any other manager, at any level, would look at Barrero and think, “I believe I will play my best defender at 2B.”

      • earmbrister

        In fairness, this isn’t fantasy BB. Farmer has done all that the Reds could ever ask for. Why risk a clubhouse split for a short term gain?

      • Jim t

        Farmer has not been chopped liver from a fielding perspective.
        Barrera should have made that play. He was brought up to play multiple positions down the stretch. He has to make that play. That not on the manager.

      • LDS

        How is playing Barrero at SS a short term gain? If Farmer thinks he’s the SS going forward then both he and Bell are delusional. Barrero is the future. Farmer, despite his performance thus far, is a utility guy. And as SS, since OPS+ is 86, while the best of his career, is still well below average.

      • beelicker

        IIABDFI … if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

      • LDS

        Beelicker, sometimes I think you’ve lived a very sheltered life

      • doofus

        He just gets over his skis sometimes.

  41. Mark Moore

    Dropped a NASTY hammer on him. Nice work through 7 innings.

  42. Bet on Red

    Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers belts his 500th Home Run. Good start by Vlad. Now get some more crooked numbers

    • Mark Moore

      Remember when Miggy was a lean 3rd baseman?

    • VaRedsFan

      After seeing this Geno was overheard saying he wants to be the 2nd Venezuelan to hit 500

      • doofus

        He was actually overheard saying: “¡Quiero ser el primer venezolano en poncharme 3,000 veces!”

  43. Arthur

    Seems like Gutierrez has just gotten better as the year goes along. He has become a very reliable pitcher. And today may be his best start of the season, just when we needed a solid starting performance.

  44. Mark Moore

    Just a little surprised to see Sandy back out there.

  45. earmbrister

    Moustakas had a nice AB there, and was robbed.

    • Mark Moore

      Little bit … Debbie is NOT happy with that call

      • earmbrister

        I following on Gameday. Has the ump been consistent with that call?

      • JB

        I dont think this ump has been bad . Hsvent really noticed anything before that strike on Moose.

  46. Mark Moore

    So 4-6 outside is still a strike … good to know some things don’t change

    • Broseph

      Yeah. Hitting in modern MLB is already hard enough. Now the I LS are making it even harder. It’s well beyond time for automated strike zone. Keep the HP ump, but let him read it off a screen or whatever

  47. earmbrister

    Well that 23 pitch inning should be the curtain on Mr. Alcantara.

    Can’t say I’ll miss him

    • Mark Moore

      Same. He’s looking like a great young talent. Wonder when the Fishies will shop him to another team.

      • earmbrister

        With a team payroll of about $62MM, I think that SHOULD be able to afford him. Besides they need to win a WS before they sell off again.

  48. vared

    Sims and whoever pitches the 9th…..just please don’t walk the leadoff man.

  49. Mark Moore

    At least Sims worked more recently than 4 days or so ago. Hope he’s on a short leash here.

  50. Beaufort Red

    I said I’ve enjoyed watching the games more this weekend and got rejected by the post police?

    • Beaufort Red

      I said I’ve really enjoyed Jim Day. Sadak wears me out. I guess I’m old school but constant sabremetrics grinds.

      • Mark Moore

        I thought I responded to you on that thread as well. Sadak wears me also. Just seems like he tries to hard, as if he’s constantly “auditioning” to keep the job. And I don’t mind some metrics, but he just seems to babble on as I see it.

  51. Broseph

    Sims flirting with walking batters. So much dancing around the strike zone by Reds bullpen. Throw to weak contact. Games will be shorter, fewer pitches, better health and more action

  52. Jim t

    That 2-2 pitch to Anderson has been a strike all day. SMDH!!

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Inconsistent zone once again

  53. Mark Moore

    OK, glad Sims has that clean inning under his belt. We’ll need him to be sharp for the next several weeks.

    A little add-on would be pretty sweet here.

  54. Jim t

    Looks like Mikey biseps gets the 9th unless we score a bunch of runs in the bottom of the 8th

    • earmbrister

      Doing his best Da Wink impersonation

  55. RojoB

    Looks like Naquin has stepped into the offensive void left by Winker to the IL

    Great news for the team!

  56. Jim t

    Is it just me or were there people posting here that we need to have a better option than Naquin to man one of our outfield spots?

    • earmbrister

      People here have been complaining about Winker until this year. No patience with some people.

    • Hanawi

      He had a .568 OPS in July and was pretty middling in May and June as well. Don’t pretend like that didn’t happen. Happy to ride the hot streaks, but I wouldn’t write him in as a starter for the next five years either.

      • Jim t

        He has 361 ab’s 16 hrs and 64 RBI’s. What he has been is timely. With our injuries he has been huge . Especially considering in the spring he was considered a 5 outfielder

    • Michael j Lassandro

      yes all the time. i posted about this about 2 days ago. People really have no clue about talent, chanting aquino and shogo should be playing and naquin has options and should be sent down. i will say it again, dont know where this team would be without naquin in the outfield all year while senzel has been out and the other 2 not doing anything offensively all year. Naquin should be resigned for next year. One of the few thins this front office did right.

  57. Melvin

    I don’t think they’re going to exercise an option on Naquin and send him down. Just a wild hunch. 🙂

  58. Arthur

    When Naquin is hot, he’s truly remarkable. And boy, did he pick a good time to heat up.

    Only question is – how long will it last? Hopefully, at least until Winker gets back.

  59. Hanawi

    Wow. Not sure what happened to Naquin between May and July but he is on fire now.

    • Arthur

      He reminds me of Jay Bruce – streaky left-handed power hitter. Bruce could carry the team when he got hot, and so can Mr Naquin.

      Naquin = Baby Bruce.

  60. dhmorgan

    Reds are going a little Bass fishing.

  61. Mark Moore

    Would love a little Nick – Tyler – Nick action here. Already feeling more at ease about the 9th.

  62. Mark Moore

    Actually a good call there. He was right on top of it and saw where it landed.

  63. Mark Moore

    Time to make the Fishies pay for walking Joey there

    • Mark Moore

      Or not … Bring on Mikey Biceps!!

  64. earmbrister

    The Marlins want no part of Votto.

    Healthy respect from Mattingly

  65. dhmorgan

    Well, that ends Farmer’s hitting streak.
    Naquin keeps on chuggin’.

  66. Mark Moore

    So as long as this holds up, it’s got to be Naquin for the Jim Day interview, doesn’t it?

  67. Mark Moore

    4 pitches in … that’s 12 total in 1.2 innings going back to last night

  68. earmbrister

    Mikey pitching fat in the middle of the plate. Getting away with it so far

  69. Mark Moore


    Great game today. Fun to watch with y’all.

  70. Bet on Red

    4 game Sweep… finish no worse then needing Game 163. Tyler Naquin takes the team on his back as Moose loosens the Funk.

  71. Arthur

    Full credit to Guerrero for a terrific start. He matched the Marlins’ ace, an All-Star, pitch for pitch.

    And yes, credit to Moose for a big HR. If you’re gonna go 0-30, you might as well break your streak with a HR. Hopefully, it will help him going forward.

    Naquin is really stroking it right now – just let him pull the wagon.

    And The Big Man is now the closer on this team. Mr Castellini needs to find some $$ to pay this man, because he needs to be back next season.

    Reds looked like a playoff team today, didn’t they??

  72. earmbrister

    Lived on the homer today vs a tough pitcher. It will work in small doses.

    The Friars are up 1-0 after 1. Hopefully the Phils will help us out.

    • Mark Moore

      Every game is precious here, including seeing the Friars falter.