The Reds and Marlins square off at 7:10 tonight in game 2 of the current 4 game set at GABP. Thursday was a very productive night for the Reds. Their victory over the Marlins paired with a Milwaukee loss in St. Louis moved the Reds a game closer to the Brewers. More importantly the Reds moved to within a single game of the idle Padres in the wildcard chase. Despite fits and starts along the way, including an ownership seemingly more interested in dumping salaries than winning games in 2021, the Reds are in an old fashion playoff race.  Enjoy.

 Starting Pitchers

Sonny Gray is scheduled to start for the Reds. He will be opposed by Elieser Hernandez in a match up of righthanders.

Sonny Gray

2021 has not been the year Sonny Gray, the Reds or their fans hoped it would be for him. He started the season on the injured list (back issues). Gray was activated in mid April but returned to the IL on June 8 (groin) and briefly again on July 8 (rib cage sprain), Between and among the IL stints, Gray has made 18 starts and compiled a 4.47/3.80 ERA/FIP.  Maybe he has been a bit unlucky; but, clearly he has not been the force on the mound he was on 2020.

Gray’s pitch usage and velocities appear largely unchanged from the recent past; but, the effectiveness of his slider and fastball seem diminished in 2021. This said, he remains essentially a three pitch pitcher, 50% fastballs (low 90sMPH), 25% curves (~80MPH) and 15% slider (low 80sMPH) along with a change up shown for effect.  Over time Gray’s slider and curve have become nearer to the same velocity. Could this be an emerging issue for him?

Elieser Hernandez

Elieser Hernandez, a 26 year old from Venezuela, will make just his fourth start of 2021. It will be his second start since returning from the 60 day IL on August 15. Hernandez has been sidelined nearly all year with bicep inflammation followed by a quad strain. The Marlins had been expecting big things from Hernandez in 2021 based on his performance in last year’s COVID shortened season. In the abbreviated 2020 season Hernandez compiled an ERA/FIP of 3.16/3.89 during 6 starts covering 25.2 inning.  In 2019, over 21 appearances (15 starts) totaling 82.1 innings, he posted a not as eye catching  5.03/5.58 ERA/FIP mark at the MLB level

So what should the Reds expect from Hernandez?  The historical charts say he is not a power pitcher and has not significantly changed his mix or velocities from 2019 when he wasn’t that good thru to the present. Hernandez throws a 90ish MPH four seam fastball about 60% of the time and an 80MPH slider on about 35% of his pitches. He flashes an 85 MPH change on the remaining ~5% of his pitches. He walks very few batters and finds a way to strike out  a more than just healthy percentage of them. His out of zone swing percent is >30 which would seem to indicate his slider and fastball move a lot.

Pitching Tale of the Tape

Sonny Gray 4.47 3.79 1.39 1.19 9.3% 28.5%
Elieser Hernandez (2019-21) 4.40 5.13 1.14 2.09 6.3% 26.0%



The Reds pen was called upon to cover just 2 inning each last night. Michael Lorenzen (17 pitches) and Tony Santillan (15 pitches) each completed an inning. Lorenzen should be OK for an inning tonight. Santillan has thrown 27 pitches over the last 3 days and may be limited.


As the losing visitors, the Marlins were spared covering the 9th inning which reduced their pen exposure to 3 innings. Bryan Mitchell needed 37 pitches to cover 2 of them and is no doubt out for tonight. Such as it is, everyone else should be available. Here’s hoping we don’t see old friend Dylan Floro who appears to have possibly inherited the closer job.

Starting Lineups

         MARLINS           REDS
1. Miguel Rojas (SS)
2. Jazz Chisholm (2B)
3. Jesus Aguilar (1B)
4. Jesus Sanchez (RF)
5. Brian Anderson (3B)
6. Lewis Brinson (CF)
7. Jorge Alfaro (LF)
8. Alex Jackson (C)
9. Elieser Hernandez (P)
1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Tyler Naquin (CF)
3. Nick Castellanos (RF)
4. Joey Votto (1B)
5. Kyle Farmer (SS)
6. Mike Moustakas (3B)
7. Aristides Aquino (LF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Sonny Gray (P)

Several things not exactly to my liking here; but, it is what it is. GO REDS!

News, Notes and Thoughts

Nick Senzel has been reinstated to the MLB Injured List

Confused about what’s been going on with Nick Senzel? Check out Doug Gray’s time line and explanation to get as unconfused as possible about Senzel’s status

We wish thee well Heath Hembree, especially versus the Phillies and Braves

The Reds DFA’d Heath Hembree on Tuesday. This afternoon he was claimed off of waivers by the New York Mets. As Doug Gray wrote earlier today, Hembree was either really on, or really off.

Calling all dreamers, it is now official!

National League Wild Card Standings

(Top 2 teams qualify for wild card play in)

Dodgers 76 46 .623 +9.5
Padres 67 56 .545
Reds 66 57 .537 1
Cardinals 62 58 .517 3.5
Phillies 61 60 .504 5
Mets 60 61 .496 6


When: 7:10pm EDT

Where: GABP, Cincinnati

Watch: BallySports Ohio, MLBTV

Listen: 700WLW

Data courtesy of, Fangraphs and Baseball Reference

272 Responses

  1. Luke J

    No sign of Barrero in tonight’s lineup either. This is so frustrating.

    • Jim Walker

      I guess Barrero has to sit long enough to lose his timing at the plate so he will be as ineffective as the older higher paid guy he would be replacing.

      • LDS

        It’s the Bell way. Happened with Lopez. Happens routinely with Stephenson. And so on.

      • Jim Walker

        @Dennis> I agree on the Dusty comp. Bell is a good to outstanding long haul manager for working with established talent just as Dusty was with the Reds. And like Dusty, Bell often seems to lack the situational awareness to raise his urgency level, especially when it requires breaking the mold of established patterns.

        But Dusty seemed to be a very much more interesting and engaging personality over all.

    • amdg

      Well, Barrero is the top defensive shortstop in the organization…

      …So they probably won’t give him playing time until he learns how to play center field.

      After all, based on the amount of playing time they gave Suarez, hitting below 0.200, even if Farmer goes 0-for-50, with 50 K’s, he still won’t get benched for Barrero 🙁

  2. Mark Moore

    Time to play Squish the Fish – The Sequel!!

    • Fanman

      Well written Jim Walker. Farmer has been Bell’s favorite son all season. I was not a fan of his decision to play him everyday. Recently, he has earned playing time. Barrero needs to play. If not everyday, more consistently, at least. Good problem to have. Too many good players. I know Geno and Moose are struggling. Alot of thunder in their bats, as well. Can Barrero play in OF occasionally?

  3. doofus

    .588 winning % since 106th game. Needed to play at a .607 clip to make 90 wins. Now the Reds to win 24 of the next 39 games (.615) for 90 wins.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Not impossible! Goal is to win a Wild Card spot as a minimum!

  4. Dennis Westrick

    I cancelled my afternoon appointment with my therapist and opted instead for a run to ABC Liquors for more rum for Jobu! Need to keep bats hot! Go Sonny! Go Reds!

    • Jim Walker

      It is Friday so that seems appropriate.

    • Bet on Red

      Wait, ABC is North Carolina isnt it?

  5. Bred

    Your well written comments, IMO, out Elieser Hernandez as a pitcher that the Reds should chase early. However, the poo tossers, as AG labels them, guys with no heat but lots of spin give the Reds problems. Hope they stay patient at the dish. Go Reds!

    • Jim Walker

      Could be dangerous to underestimate Hernandez. He must have decent location, control, movement and mix of velocity to stoke up that 26% K rate. I checked that twice at least. Wade Miley or Bronson Arroyo both popped into mind. But Hernandez is young to be that dialed in to such a style.

  6. Mark Moore

    Larkin and Day doing the pre-game. Does that mean we get a break from Sadak and his endless chatter tonight?

  7. Bet on Red

    SO it looks like all the Sadak Haters are in luck. Jim day leading the Broadcast.

    • Mark Moore

      Hate is a strong word … for me it’s more like he’s trying way too hard and talking way too much (about nothing). I get it that he’s trying to find his voice and rhythm, but I just find it annoying about midway through the game (if not earlier some nights).

  8. docproc

    Looking forward to a NIGHT OFF FROM JOHN SADAK!!!!!

    • Beaufort Red

      Cool, I can turn the volume on tonite!

  9. Bet on Red

    and it looks like the 640 start times are going to be a full season thing next year. Gotta love what that is going to do to Cincinnati Rush hour traffic

    • Mark Moore

      Interesting. I know what it would do over there in the Park area by you. I’ve done some work in Cincy in the past. Could be a real snarl.

      • JB

        You’ll get to stay up and watch the whole game next year Mark!

  10. Mark Moore

    Single digit pitches and a 1-2-4 inning. I like that kind of a start.

    Crooked numbers right from the start, please. Let’s start squishing some Fishies.

  11. Magnum 44

    Just tuned in Holy Jim Day! His voice is like music to my ears.

    • Mark Moore

      If we can have Sam visit the booth, that would pretty much make the night.

      • JB

        I didnt particular care for Day last year but wow he sounds great. A whole night of not hearing someone over emphasizing everything.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Naquin continues to produce.Now lets get him in.

  13. Mark Moore

    Way to go Tyler Naquin! Hardest part of the cycle in the books.

    And Casty doubles him home.

  14. Mark Moore

    Kind of looks like this kid on the mound isn’t fooling anyone.

  15. Old-school

    Naquin isnt making it look good for Akiyama

    Triples and doubles are good

    Barry larkin apparently likes Jazz Chisolm a lot

    Memo to barry – india is the better rookie by a long shot

  16. Mark Moore

    Hits and miscues. That should rattle the Fishies a bit. Now let’s capitalize on the situation.

    • Mark Moore

      Like that. Thanks, Kyle. Did what we needed done.

  17. Old-school

    Jim day is way better

    I might not hit mute unless barry continues to prefer marlins over india

    Farmer solid

  18. Arthur

    What’s this?? Run support for Sonny Gray? Inconceivable!

    Oh wait – Moose is up. Rally over.

    1 for his last 28.

  19. Mark Moore

    Moose batting means we get the top of the order guaranteed no later than the 3rd inning. And we could get it sooner if the next guys up pound it like that inning.

    Could be a fun evening. Let’s see if Sonny has another efficient inning in that arm of his.

  20. Mark A Verticchio

    Good first inning, now let’s get a solid start from Gray.

    • Old-school

      Dont ask !!!!

      Ive not muted yet

    • Mark Moore

      No explanation … just no Sadak tonight.

  21. Old-school

    If Sonny gray can get back to a top of the rotation pitcher … reds make the playoffs easy

    • Mark Moore

      It’s still Game 163 that scares me, especially if it’s against our long-hated rival the Trolley Dodgers. But I completely agree having Sonny pitching to form is a big bonus.

      • Old-school

        I hate the wild card format

        162 games and 1 game ???


        Reds get a chance so lets go

        Id be more worried if i were the 200 mil dodgers and it came down to 1 game against our team

    • Arthur

      It sure would be a huge lift. We would have 5 starters who will keep you in the game every single night.

  22. Mark Moore

    When’s the last time one of our starters got through the first two innings with under 20 pitches. Seems like 15 for the FIRST inning was a regular occurrence for quite some time. Love to see this version of Sonny Gray.

  23. Mark Moore

    Time to continue the Punishment of this pitcher.

  24. Reddawg2012

    I hate that I’m saying this, because I thought I liked Sadak (he’s still better than Thom). But turning on the game and hearing Jim Day was so refreshing.

    • Mark Moore


      He is better than Thom, but for most of us that was a pretty low bar.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Jewel is a beautiful woman! Not many females could pull off a full length Little House on The Prairie dress when its 90 degrees and still look beautiful!

    • Indy Red Man

      47 and looks like she’s 33. Wow!!

      • Indy Red Man

        Well long sleeves and everything. I missed her singing. I just saw the interview

  26. Mark Moore

    “Slowly getting his spin back” after the injury and banning of Spider-Trak stuff.

  27. Mark Moore

    Under 9 pitches per inning … color me impressed. And he’s got them chasing.

    Another crooked number now, please. Calling RoY India … get a hold of one and give it a ride to the 2nd deck.

  28. Votto4life

    Now the Reds are working Jose Barrero out in CF? I would love to see him get more playing time, but how about putting him at SS and just let him play there.

    • Mark Moore

      Porque??? Where did you see that?

    • Arthur

      What?? Put a guy who plays defense like Ozzie Smith at SS??

      That’s just crazy talk. Let’s put him someplace he’s never played before.

  29. Mark Moore

    15 more runs for RoY to catch Redus for runs scored as a rookie … it could happen.

    • Old-school

      Jazz chisholm is ROY
      Just ask larkin

      • Mark Moore

        You must be listening to a different Larkin broadcast. I heard Day feed him a line early in the game and Larkin said he liked the kid. That was about it. He’s sung India’s praises plenty in the games I’ve watched.

      • Old-school

        Sorry mark

        Chisolm is no where remotely near India . Larkin absolutely elevating him
        Ill take facts and announcers who promote Reds who actually deserve rare awards

      • VaRedsFan

        exactly Mark. OS is over-reading Larkins comments. He can like a player that isn’t a Red, because he’s a good ball player. It doesn’t mean he likes him more than India

      • Votto4life

        You’re welcome. I meant to include it with my original post.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Gary Redus! The mini-Eric Davis before Eric Davis. Scored 90 runs in his rookie season so you would think he’d have a much better career. He had talent!

    • Mark Moore

      I remember one of the sports mags (may have been Sporting News) with a headline calling him the “Big REDus Machine”

      • Indy Red Man

        I remember Pete Rose talking about how he had the highest flyball ratio in the NL (or mlb?) and wanting him to hit it on the ground more. In 1985 he had 48 steals in 295 at-bats! Thats crazy!

  31. dhmorgan

    The fourth inning is when Gray starts getting the yips.
    Be careful out there. Don’t let that happen today.

    • Mark Moore

      Time to put up or shut up … we shall see.

  32. Mark A Verticchio

    Gray has been having 4th inning problems, end that tonight.

  33. Indy Red Man

    Safe!! Sorry guys I need the steal for my fbb teams))) We need to steal that kid away somehow. He’s going to be a star! Took DeGrom 100 mph heater upper deck earlier this year.

    • Mark Moore

      He was. Larkin’s comment about India catching it too far in front of the bag makes sense. It was VERY close, but he was safe.

  34. Mark A Verticchio

    All our 4th inning concerns are coming true, oh boy.

  35. Mark Moore

    Walks to load the bases and suddenly at 46 pitches. Need a GIDP right here, right now.

  36. Mark Moore

    Was looking for maybe Aquino to field that with his arm, but Naquin had the right line and threw a laser (with one bounce) to Tucker. Go back to 3rd Mr. Jazz.

    • Arthur

      Aquino has a cannon of an arm.

      But for a ball of that depth, accuracy is paramount. And Naquin made a really accurate throw. Good for him.

      And then Sonny cashed it in. What good pitchers are supposed to do – work out of trouble.

  37. Mark A Verticchio

    Glad he overcame the 4th inning.

  38. Bet on Red

    Alright, this shows that there needs to be some more runs scored by the reds.

  39. Mark Moore

    Wiggled out of it and still under 50 pitches.

    Now let’s squish some more Fish into Crooked Numbers

  40. Indy Red Man

    Omg if we got Jazz and put India back at 3B. Not just winning, but winning with an entertaining style. Mlb needs more speed and fewer teams relying on the 3 outcome tiny park philosophy

    • Mark Moore

      Mr. Jazz does have some fleet feet. I’m coming around to the PoV about the SS we drafted ending up at 2nd and India moving back to 3rd. He’s getting better, but seems to me going back to 3rd would be relatively easy for him.

    • Arthur

      What you said!! All day long.

      If I want to watch slo-pitch softball, I can go down the street and watch a bunch of big fat guys slug balls over the fence.

      But that isn’t what professional baseball should be.

  41. Indy Red Man

    Mahle take a note there! Off speed and nearly in the dirt, but it started over the plate and looked appetizing. Mahle’s garbage is easily seen as garbage coming out of his hand

    • Mark Moore

      Plus Mr. Gray starts things in the zone from the first pitch and then works outward from there. Mr. Mahle hasn’t learned how effective and efficient that can be yet.

  42. Mark Moore

    OK, Moose. Table is set here. None of that weak ground stuff to the left side this time, OK? At least a decent fly ball to score Joey.

  43. Arthur

    Moose alert: now 1 for his last 29.

    Total, complete failure. Over and over again. Like Groundhog Day. Except not funny, and no Andie McDowell.

  44. Indy Red Man

    MouSTRANDUS 1 for August! Can they IL him to a land far far away and the direction isn’t that important.

  45. Old-school

    This thread tonight is insane

    Jose barerro is the Reds SS for a decade

    Jon india is the 2b for 8 years

    I love 31 yo Kyle Farmer but Anyone who thinks you move Jose Barrero to another position to accomodate Kyle Farmer at 31??? Smh

    Someone actually state on the record kyle Farmer at 31 is the SS and Jose Barrero needs to learn another position

    Absolute insanity

    For the record- the best rookie isnt jazz chisolm

    Its jon india

    • JB

      Totally agree. Why try Barrero in CF? How about Barrero at short and try Farmer somewhere else. I love Farmer and he saved the Reds hineys because Suarez would have 60 errors by now at SS. But he is 31 and Barrero needs to play now.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d be completely fine with JI at 2nd for the next several years. And I agree Barrero should be at SS almost every game right now. I’d support the Farmer to 3B even, given he’s been more productive than either Moustrandus or Sir Strandsalot of late.

      But as somebody noted, Bell is Dusty 2.0 when it comes to favoring the names over actual performance. We’re playing for our chance at #163 with an outside shot at the NLC. These games do count and who plays does matter.

    • Votto4life

      I agree Old School – Kyle Farmer is a 31 year old utility infielder/ third string catcher. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, he has proven he is a valuable member of the team.

      In now way, should you keep your prized prospect on the bench just to give Kyle Farmer playing time.

      Kyle Farmer can get plenty at bats filling in at 3B, LF, SS, 2B, and even behind the plate.

      The whole idea that the Reds are having Barrero working out in CF reminds me of what they did with Nick Senzel.

      Jose Barrero is a SS. Let him play there.

  46. Roger Garrett

    Man we just struggle to score when all we need to do is put the ball in play.Goodness just have to stop that.Little things matter.

  47. Mark Moore

    A little chip shot here would be fantastic

  48. Indy Red Man

    Bad at-bat there by Aquino. Seems like AA and Geno will take the first strike right down broadway and then end up chasing balls off the plate.

  49. Arthur

    Larkin blistering Aquino and Moose for not making contact there. He’s absolutely right.

    Neither of those were professional ABs.

    For all the people who think Aquino can replace Castellanos if he bolts for free agency next year – no. Just … no.

    • Tomn

      Terrible ab. But we should be used to it from Aquino. Dfa him and put Shrock on this team. Or trade him.

    • JB

      But but but he is the punisher! I think people just like saying Punisher.

  50. Bet on Red

    This is going to be a problem. Moose has to get it together and get his timing back. Aquino….. not the greatest at bat there but has come through before. Obviously not blaming Gray for not getting a hit. At least we are at the top of the order again.

    • Mark Moore

      Moose still looks hurt to me. His fielding looks a bit improved tonight. Throws are strong and on target. But the batting stance and swings look way off after that first game where he hammered everything.

  51. Roger Garrett

    On some nights its the difference.

    • Arthur

      Right. Maybe not against the Fish, but against the Brewers?? Different story completely.

  52. Jim t

    AA just doesn’t make enough contact to play at this level. It also illustrates why we miss Winker. If he is playing Naquin would have been hittingnin that spot.

  53. BUCK

    I never was on board for Moustakas…Keeping Iglesias would’ve been just fine! Suarez gonna be another Duvall for the Red’s organization? 31 years and counting, cause Bell won’t taste any championship glory, nor the current ownership! GO REDS!

  54. Mark A Verticchio

    Total failure, besides Moose’s failures another reason why Stephenson has to play somewhere, gives team 6 mlb hitters. Bell playing Moose is still beyond Dumb.

    • Arthur

      The TV guys say they have to play Moose “so he can get his timing back.” That’s just absurd. By that logic, you would build your lineup by finding the 8 guys who are struggling the most and sitting your hot hitters. Because the guys who are slumping must “get their timing back.”

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Radio guys were saying the same thing about playing Moose.

  55. VaRedsFan

    It’s crazy that they keep saying Moose hasn’t got his timing back yet. The man got 3 hits his 1st game back. Did he have timing then? The timing comment is just an excuse

    • JB

      Just like they kept saying Suarez is close! 3 months later he ain’t any closer.

      • Mark Moore

        Geno lost his timing in his search for 50 HR’s. Moose is obviously still hurting from the plantar fasciitis (at least as I see it, not an Podiatrist but I do stay at HI Expresses).

    • beelicker

      Pirate pitching was batting practice that game. The Reds got 14 hits the next game and Moose got zero off more batting practice pitching. They saw he can’t get around on the high inside hard stuff and he still can’t

  56. Gpod

    Geno,at this point, has to be sitting on the bench wondering “how can I be riding the pine for this guy “

    • Roger Garrett

      Nope he is saying I hope he doesn’t get 400 at bats before I get to play.

    • Arthur

      Suarez: “My .172 avg and one HR a week looking pretty good right about now, eh amigos??”

      Worst part about that: he’s right!!!

  57. Mark Moore

    Joey Votto subscribes to the NY Times to do the crossword puzzle. When it arrives, the puzzle is already done. It knows Joey is coming and getting solved is inevitable, so it bows to his greatness and saves him the trouble.

  58. Mark Moore

    So he got through the 4th and now the 5th looked a LOT like 1-3. I like that. Now the top of the order needs to produce, starting with RoY Hobbes India.

    • Arthur

      Naquin is the streakiest hitter the Reds have had since Jay Bruce. When he is “on,” just sit back and enjoy. Because he is hitting everything right now. He can carry a team with that bat.

  59. Don

    Thanks to Votto, India, Stevenson, Castellanos, Castillo, Winker and Barnhart there will be a lot of good memories from this season, however it plays out.

    Thanks to Suarez, Moustakis, Hembree, Garrett, Dolittle and Bell, there will be a lot of queasy ones, too. None of these guys should be on the roster, let alone seeing regular pt. I’m hoping – maybe? – once Moustakis is safely sub-Mendoza, Farmer might move to 3rd? Maybe?

  60. Old-school

    Really cant understand how Barrero and India arent starting SS 2b every day

  61. Roger Garrett

    Naquin again for the good guys.If he sets tomorrow well let me shut up.

  62. Indy Red Man

    Just for the record:

    George Foster rookie year 473 at-bats .681 ops

    Mike Schmidt 1st 2 years 401 at-bats sub .700 ops

    Aquino coming into tonite 370 at-bats .831 ops

    Give him a little more time please.

    • JB

      Please dont compare Aquino to a legend like Schmidt. You are just embarrassing yourself.

      • Indy Red Man

        Never said that. Just saying you don’t know what a guy is based on 370 at-bats. Half of RLN wanted to stick Lopez in LF and release Naquin after his 4 dribblers/bloopers . I’ve forgotten more baseball then you;ll ever know so worry about yourself

      • JB

        IRM its amazing you can get your head in the door

      • Indy Red Man

        Well I’m not trying to be rude, but plenty of words come out of my mouth/keyboard. I don’t need you to put words in my mouth. Of course Aquino isn’t and will never be Foster or Schmidt. I’m just saying he’s shown enough to have potential and 370 career at-bats ain’t nothing

        RLN judges Lopez another Adam Frazier after 4 hits, but AA hits 10 bombs in 2 weeks or whatever and nobody cares.

        “Everybody’s talkin bout the new kid town. I don’t wanna hear it…about the new kid in town”

    • Old-school

      George foster would hit 75 homers and 200 RBI in GABP

      Aquino is who he is

      A power bat with low avg and low obp who carries his roster spot

      • Indy Red Man

        I see a guy with talent. His obp is 114 pts above his average so he’ll take a walk. He’s not a hacker. Its just pitch recognition and situational hitting. If he’s going to K against a mediocre pitcher bases loaded 1 out then he won’t make it. At worst I think he could be a Phillip Ervin mash lefties that make a mistake type

  63. Mark Moore

    Naquin now has the 2 hardest cycle hits under his belt. Would love to see that happen tonight.

  64. RedsMonk65

    Hit Castellanos. Votto makes you pay. Again

  65. Mark Moore

    Hit Castellanos, Joey bombs you as payback.

    • Mark Moore

      It was sooooooo good. Just as Day is saying the last 3 times … Joey bombs it and Day leads the cheers.

      The guy who got the ball out there in the Moon Deck did the Joey thumb move for the camera.

      • VaRedsFan

        He made quite the catch….that was a missle

  66. Bet on Red

    BUT BUT BUT you hit nick….MVP Chant activated. Naquin Cycle watch activated. FBI enroute. Murder in Progress

  67. Indy Red Man

    Naquin having some kind of August! People forget he’s a former 1st rounder too. Injury problems have held him back

    • Mark Moore

      (in my best Johnny Carson voice) … I did not know that

      • RedsMonk65

        Something else I didn’t know until the other day — Moose is a first rounder. Picked second overall in 2007.

    • Michael j Lassandro

      Ive been saying it for 3 months, Ihave not forgotten. Almost everyone on this sight has wanted Naquin sent down because he has options, I dont know what people have been watching. Naquin is light years better than Aquino and Shogo, not even close.He was a first round pick for a reason and the hate this guy gets amazing. Dont know where the reds would be without him.

      • RedsMonk65

        Yes, he has been an instrumental member of the team. 16 HRs and 64 RBIs is nothing to sneeze at. There have been stretches where he can’t seem to buy a hit, but also periods like now, where he is white-hot. Hope he keeps it up. With Winker out right now, we need someone like that.

  68. Arthur

    We are watching a truly great player. One of the all-time greats. Enjoy it – we might not see another hitter this good in a Reds uniform anytime in the next 2 decades.

    I know the word “great” is overused and misused. But Mr Votto – he is nothing less than a great hitter.

  69. Mark Moore

    I would have been OK with a switch to Geno here. Really OK with Barrero.

    • Mark Moore

      Wild swings at balls 3 and 4 … kind of like Geno most of the time, no?

    • Bet on Red

      was just thinking that Suarez deserves a spot start against a righty. Mooses strike three swing was awful

      • Bet on Red

        with no burrow and the starters only playing a few drives, dont really care. We will see which reserves that they are going to play in september `

  70. Roger Garrett

    Lefty in to face Moose.Must be afraid of him.

  71. Old-school

    This a bad night and bad year and a bad reds career for Shogo Akiyama

    • Dennis Westrick

      2nd coming of Ichiro he’s not!

  72. Broseph

    My instinct says Moose is playing himself out of the Milwaukee series. I give up if Bell runs him out there after the showing against the AAA Miami team.

    • Mark Moore

      We have to hope that’s the case

  73. Old-school

    Castillo and gray burying the marlins

    Need a sweep

    • Indy Red Man

      Rogers and Alcantara are their 2 studs. Maybe one of them Sunday? We should beat the hades out of their B team guys.

  74. Dennis Westrick

    Sonny could go deeper into his starts if he would reduce the WALKS!

    • Chris Holbert

      It looked like Aguilar was out of the box

      • Mark Moore

        He was. His back foot was behind what WAS the line. But when have you ever seen an umpire call that?

    • VaRedsFan

      1/2 game from the record….shame

  75. Dennis Westrick

    Errors happen! That’s why we have divorce lawyers!

      • Dennis Westrick

        Actually married for 44 years! My Kentucky bride died in 2019.

      • Mark Moore

        That’s a good run, Dennis. We hit 35 this past April.

      • Old-school

        Sorry Dennis

        Thanks for being part of this loyal but frustrated lot and keep letting us know your opinions. You add a lot to the threads

      • Dennis Westrick

        Married in 1975! Good year for the Reds! She knew very little about baseball but soon learned to give me space when the Reds lost!

      • Mark Moore

        That’s a good wife and partner. Mine is sitting here most nights watching the games with me.

  76. Old-school

    I agree with Indy the Reds are front runners for the Wild card

    Just need to play the best 26 and start best 8

    • Mark Moore

      And bring up the right couple of extras to give some breathing room and rest.

  77. Magnum 44

    6 innings of no talk of movies video games is so refreshing……

  78. Dennis Westrick

    Short leash for Sonny even though his pitch count is manageable!

    • Mark Moore

      You have to think so, even with a 5-run lead and under 90 pitches.

  79. Bet on Red

    Correct me if I am wrong but its a earlier start right?

    • Mark Moore

      Tonight was 7:10 as usual. 6:40 games come into play next season.

  80. Bet on Red

    I let Gray go for the CGS. Pull him if he gets into trouble.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m in agreement with that plan. I’d define “trouble” as nearing 105 in the 8th or letting 2 runs across.

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. It’s going to be Sims based on what Day said and that handshake we just saw.

  81. Dennis Westrick

    6:40 start time is good for everyone except those driving in rush hour traffic on their way to GABP!

  82. Mark Moore

    Not going to be RoY’s night to hit. But others did, so that helps.

  83. Indy Red Man

    The other night my parents/antique dealers/hoarders gave me a 1976 Cincinnati Reds team picture party tray

    Guess who was in the middle of the middle row? Everybody knew who the straw was that stirred the BRMs drink!

    Santo Alcala was kind of tall)))

  84. Bet on Red

    Alright… mid pressure area for Sims who needs some work. Like the mood. Its like noone has ever heard of a complete game before. Still can understand that too as you want to keep a little in the tank for the end run. Not like Gray was throwing a Perfecto or a No No either.

  85. VaRedsFan

    I’d rather pitch Cessa over Sims, but we’ll see.

  86. Mark A Verticchio

    i think Gray could have gone another inning. He should have back up for Sims.

  87. Indy Red Man

    Thats the problem with a 9 man pen and a good rotation. You’re never going to give everyone enough work to stay sharp. AG has 2.1 ip for the whole month?

  88. Bet on Red

    alright… seen enough…. get the ML Givens connection up…stall till their ready

  89. Roger Garrett

    Sims walks the first guy now 2nd and 3rd with one out.Had an easy one last night and was hoping for 2 in a row so we will see.

  90. Indy Red Man

    Sims? The guy has really stunk it up this year. Walks and bombs. Get Lorenzen in there and finish this inning

  91. Dennis Westrick

    Walks! Always a walk before the inevitable HR!

  92. Roger Garrett

    What a joke.Just never seems to go away.

  93. Arthur

    Refs bullpen power – activated!!

    At this point, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Sims and Garrett. Both have ERAs well north of 5.00, and neither should be trusted in a close game.

  94. Hanawi

    Can’t watch, but following on Gameday. Is Gray not able to go more than 87 pitches?

  95. VaRedsFan

    No lead is safe….Sims puts guys on base….1 swing later it’s 5-3

  96. Mark A Verticchio

    So far the Guys the Reds got back from the injured list have not helped at all.

    • Doc

      You mean that Lorenzen’s 0.00 ERA hasn’t helped? In what universe?

  97. west larry

    Sims is not the second coming of Lorenzen or Antone. He makes me nervous when he comes in.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      You are right Lorenzen has been fine.

  98. Mark Moore

    “Are you saying Jesus can’t hit a curveball?”

    Apparently not that time around 🙂

    • dhmorgan

      I’ll be he can’t walk on water either.

      • Mark Moore

        Likely not. He did give the ump the stink eye though.

  99. Roger Garrett

    Sims at 28 pitches and still out there.

  100. Bet on Red

    Sims limps through the inning. They had Givens up so it better be him or ML in the ninth. At least Sims will be unavailable tomorrow

    • Mark Moore

      Very true. They guy hadn’t worked in 4 days, but to let him walk 2 in a row like that? C’mon, man!

      • Jim Walker

        Sims showing the issue of a reliever (in particular) who leads then lives or dies with his breaking stuff. Got to be able to spot an quality fastball for a strike early in the count. Get a 2 seamer if nothing else.

  101. Mark Moore

    So the Hulk goes tomorrow which means Barnhart catches again no matter which hand the Fish pitcher throws with. Really not fond of the “personal catcher” stuff.

    • Bet on Red

      It is disappointing how so few remember the No-Hitter rule

      • Mark Moore

        Thought he and Barnhart were a “thing” before the no-no.

        I just miss TySteve’s bat in the lineup because of this.

      • Bet on Red

        good news is we will have it sunday

  102. Indy Red Man

    Sometimes I wonder what some of these other guys would do if they were Reds in gabp? For instance I’ve seen Kris Bryant hit humpback liners that end up in the 2nd row in LF. He’d hit 45-50 every year if he was a Red

    • Roger Garrett

      I have thought the same thing at times.I often think what a guy like Nelson Cruz even today or Miggy Cabrera in his prime would do in our park.Stanton may hit 60 here.

      • JB

        Ohtani in GABP might hit the Toyota sign a few times a year

      • Doc

        Everybody thought Puig would hit 40 as a Red. Didn’t work out quite like that.

    • Jim Walker

      Send a memo to Krall b/c Bryant figures to be a FA this off season.

  103. Mark A Verticchio

    Right now of the 9 guys in the bull pen I put Sims at # 8 only ahead of Garrett, That is bad for what I expected.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m in the camp that says 9 is too many. For me it’s a tight race for the bottom among a couple of them.

  104. JB

    Nats and Pirats up 2-0. Looking good so far.

  105. Indy Red Man

    Givens is nasty!! Especially against righties….hides the ball well. I’ve wanted him since his days with the O’s, but he’s better then I remembered then

    • Indy Red Man

      Don’t make me eat these words. I ran out of salsa

  106. Doc

    The Reds are really deep. DFA Hembree and Sims seamlessly slips right in and picks up where HH left off.

    • Arthur

      That’s cold. But perfectly true.

      Anyone else enjoy Day and Larkin way more than Sadek??

  107. Mark Moore

    I’ve really gotten to like seeing how the Fangraphs projections stack up. I have no idea how they calculate it all, but given how widely cited they are, I’ll put some stock in their accuracy. We’re just ahead of the Friars even before our expected win here.

    I use this specific link:

    • Mark Moore

      I expect the Trolley Dodgers to do what they do. But given the tanker trucks of money the Friars have spent, to miss out by THAAAAT much has to be painful.

  108. Indy Red Man

    Givens 9.1 shutout so far on 3 hits. Lorenzen 0.00 era too. Not a bad dynamic duo

    • Mark Moore

      I’d take those guys and Santillan into the playoffs any day.

  109. Bet on Red

    Reds win. Temporarily half a game out. Could be tied for WC2 by the end of the night. JOEY VOTTO STILL BANGS. Got Nats and Phillies

    • Mark Moore

      Naquin deserves the post-game interview he’s getting.

  110. RedsMonk65

    Just a tad uncomfortable there at the end, but no harm done overall. Need to keep beating the Fishes before heading up to take on the vaunted BREW CREW

  111. Mark Moore

    Fish Squish #2 Complete. Reload for tomorrow.

  112. JayTheRed

    Yah for all those of you who kept saying Naquin should be not playing shame on you and quit flip flopping. Naquin has been a nice addition to this team and that’s final.

    • RedsMonk65

      No argument from me. And with Winker out, we really need him right now.

  113. west larry

    how great is that! the padres, brewers and cards all lost today.