It has certainly been an interesting week for the Cincinnati Reds and Nick Senzel. Late on Thursday the team announced that they had rescinded their option of Senzel to Triple-A and placed him back on the injured list.

How did we get here? Well it all started back when Nick Senzel tore meniscus in his knee in mid-May. He had to undergo surgery to clean things up in there. He wouldn’t get back on the field for 10 weeks, but on July 30th he headed out to join the Triple-A Louisville Bats in Iowa to begin his rehab assignment. He went 1-2 in that first game, but then went 0-8 in the next three games. But the next week he picked up at least one hit in six straight games, hitting .360 with a walk, three doubles, and a triple.

Then on Sunday the team announced that they had activated Nick Senzel from the 60-day injured list and optioned him to Triple-A. Earlier that day he had been in the Bats lineup, but after the option he was no longer in it. By rule he could take up to 72 hours to officially report to Louisville.

General Manager Nick Krall said this on Sunday:

“Right now if we bring him to the club, who goes down? There’s only so many players that are optionable right now. I think that’s the main factor. He had some flexibility and the guys up here were playing well, so we wanted to keep this group together for right now and keep moving forward.”

Triple-A manager Pat Kelly told C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic on Sunday that he believed Senzel was not 100% and was slightly favoring his knee.

The timing was strange because the Reds did not have to activate Nick Senzel on Sunday. He still had three days after that before the team had to make a decision on whether to activate him or call him back off of a rehab assignment and keep him on the injured list. But they did choose to activate him.

You are kind of getting two very different things from the General Manager and the manager of the Louisville Bats with regards to Nick Senzel, his knee, and his health.

With an off day on Monday there was no lineup for Senzel to be in. Then he wasn’t in the lineup on Tuesday. And he wasn’t in the lineup on Wednesday. Thursday was another day and another lineup without Senzel.

Shortly before the game began on Thursday it was announced that the team had called Senzel back to the injured list – essentially making the option non-existent. He had gone and seen multiple doctors and they checked out his knee, finding that there was fluid in there.

Krall addressed the media in Cincinnati before the game. He told Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer (among others) this:

“He deemed himself healthy for the five days prior to trying to come back. At the end of (his rehab assignment), he was not healthy. He was trying to push through it and didn’t want to say anything. We had him go see the doctor. He still has fluid in his knee, so he will be just put back on the IL.”

There seems to be plenty of blame to go around here. Nick Senzel reportedly said he was healthy when he wasn’t. The communication between what Pat Kelly was seeing on rehab wasn’t getting to the General Manager. Or maybe everyone involved simply couldn’t get their story straight and stay on the same page. No matter who it’s sliced up, it’s a bit of a mess.

Cincinnati will be sending Nick Senzel to Arizona. He’ll continue rehabbing there at the spring training site. It’s unclear when he will return to the field.

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  1. realist

    It seems that Nick Krall is in over his head. He never seems to have his story right.

    • Klugo

      Oh no. It’s the owner’s fault. (Tongue in cheek).
      Yeah, this sounds like a mess and it looks like another instance of Nick Kralling. Not the first time Senzel has been given the jerk-around, either.

      • Alex

        Who hired krall? So, yes. It kinda is. Also, big bob said himself all baseball decisions go thru him

      • Ken

        I would reserve judgment on playing “blame game” politics and relying on conjecture to analyze Nick Senzel’s situation. I have a torn meniscus and my knee was drained, and you’ll not be going from first to third for a few days.

        As far as what teams are telling the media, it seems they’re standing behind the HEPA laws regarding personal privacy as it relates to medical evaluations. We are thus left to our own judgment. The lack of clarity on their part is aggravating to me as a fan, but players are people, too. Their health should not be an open book for public scrutiny unless the player deems it permissible.

        Let’s graciously allow the issue to run its course and hope Senzel begins to realize his lofty potential as a Red.

    • RedBB

      Agree….Krall is the definition of amateur hour. A fitting GM for the Reds I guess

  2. Fanman

    We could have really used him. Especially with Winker out. Is there any chance that Nick comes back this season?
    …Winker and Senzel are either very unlucky or very fragile. India, by comparison, will not come out of the lineup. Early in season he got beaned in head. After the game, Jim Day asked if he was okay? He replied, “Just pissed me off”. Watching game with my Dad that day, he said I love this kid. Recently he has battled shoulder issues. Disappeared into club house after landing on his shoulder, he ran to 2b afterwards, just like we have come to expect. Injuries are part of sports. Going onto IL is unavoidable at times. Wishing Winker and Senzel well and a speedy recovery. Hoping their litany of injuries are just an anomaly.

    • MFG

      Fanman, I agree with you. India is a “throwback” type player and is very gritty and scrappy. Winker, Senzel and Moose seem to be a little fragile or just bad luck.

    • Max BRAGG

      Some of theses decision also are perpetrated by players willingness to listen to their AGENT!

  3. CFD3000

    A healthy Nick Senzel would be a nice addition to the roster. Whenever that happens, let’s hope he can finally stay healthy and realize his potential in Cincinnati. In the meantime this mess does not reflect well on Reds management. With Senzel back on the shelf, does this also mean Barrero at SS every day soon, with some combination of Farmer, Moustakas and Suarez at 3B? Here’s hoping. Get well soon Mr. Senzel.

    • MFG

      Barrero at SS, Farmer at 3B and bench Suarez and Moose.
      Farmer has earned a starting role and I love his attitude and work ethic.
      Suarez is terrible this year and I am not really sure why the Reds signed Moose in the first place.

      • Jefferson Green

        While he had a solid recent track record, the Reds signed Moose to be a leader for a team that badly needed one. All of the significant additions that off season were veterans with some gravitas and leadership abilities. If the FO had known it would ultimately be able to get the others, especially Castellanos, I wonder if they would have committed quite so much to Moose.
        And if he gets healthy and hot in September and the team makes the post-season, he may yet earn his contract.

      • Tom Reeves

        If Moose is a leader of the team, he’ll want the best chance for winning on the field and right now, that’s Farmer and Barrero.

        Now is the time for doing everything possible to get to the playoffs. Suarez has been given every chance to get out of his slump. Moose doesn’t look healthy and is struggling. He can still lead but the way he leads right now it critical.

  4. David

    Reading between the lines, I think there was suspicion by Krall (and others) that Nick was not fully recovered. He was favoring his knee. Off the 60 day DL, back on the roster, but not brought up to Cincy because they might have had to make an irrevocable roster move, for a guy that was not 100%.
    So Nick gets re-examined and there is fluid on his knee; they put a syringe in there and draw it out, but it will take a few days for the inflamation to subside and see if there is more damage to the miniscus, etc.
    Knee injuries can be serious and career ending if this goes the wrong way. Yeah, Senzel does seem to be pretty unlucky or injury prone.

  5. Votto4life

    Obviously, it was handled poorly. I can understand Nick being anxious to get onto the field. I’m sure the rumblings that he is a bust (stupid rumblings in my opinion) has put a lot more pressure on him.

    The Reds have mismanaged his career from the very beginning. It will be interesting to hear Nick Senzel’s version of events when he is able to speak freely.

  6. doofus

    Senzel is somewhat comparable to Anthony Rendon, who was also hurt at the beginning of his career. He did not take off until he was 26-27 years old. Senzel will turn 27 on June 29 next season.

  7. Hotto4Votto

    It’s all been a bit of a mess and a bad look for the Reds.

  8. LDS

    I guess Senzel is going to be a draft fail. The man is just too fragile.

      • LDS

        Sadly, it may be wishful thinking. Hope he’s right but history sure isn’t on his side.

  9. wkuchad

    So, does Senzel move back to the 60 day IL (opening up a spot on the 40), or the 10 day IL?

    I only ask because Krall said something like it was if he never came off the IL (thus preserving the option year).

  10. MFG

    Barrero at SS, Farmer at 3B and bench Suarez and Moose.
    Farmer has earned a starting role and I love his attitude and work ethic.
    Suarez is terrible this year and I am not really sure why the Reds signed Moose in the first place.

  11. Michael Spriggs

    India playing through pain. Farmer playing through pain. Senzel “lying” about playing through pain? You just can’t tell me most of these players don’t have something going on with them. If I was Nick S. I’d want to get back out on the field too and knee issues can come and go. I hope he gets back soon. Then maybe Doolittle or Amir can go on the 10 day, not that a team would make up an injury. Something just doesn’t feel right about this whole situation. Players are human beings but commodities in MLB and if they can push players with minor injuries out on the field hopefully they’ll start pushing out the good relievers a couple of days in a row. Only 40 games left.

  12. Steven Ross

    Senzel seems done as a Reds player. I wouldn’t count on him being around anymore.

    As for Moose, I’ll back him over Suarez. He’ll figure it out. Suarez on the other hand, hasn’t figured it out since April.

    • Jim Walker

      My suspicion is that Moose is as hurt (or more so) as Senzel but because he is a veteran and sunken cost of $18M AAV thru the end of the 2023 season, no one is telling him to stand down when he reports as ready to go. Not that they shouldn’t tell him to sit, just that they won’t. Mismanagement of a different sort.

      • Jefferson Green

        But they are also in a playoff race and desperate for someone to perform at 3B.

      • TR

        Farmer, the Red’s super utility guy, has got it done at SS so far. Put him at 3rd. base, and he’ll get it done there also.

  13. Jim Walker

    Why wasn’t Senzel (and all folks coming off the IL) thoroughly examined prior to being activated to assure he was hale and hearty, especially when his rehab manager had doubts?

    It never ceases to amaze me that things I tend to presume a billion dollar organization would do as standard operating procedure aren’t done by the Reds (and other MLB teams).

    • RojoB

      Don’t you love how they apparently let the player “deem himself healthy”, as if they can trust highly competitive athletes to be completely honest about getting back to playing.

      That’s why they have concussion protocols and such—because players will lie and fake it to get back to playing.

      If the Reds actually rely on the player instead of their medical people—well nothing shocks me anymore about this franchise. And if they don’t do that? Well then Krall is throwing Senzel under the bus, and my distaste for the Reds’ GM is growing. Beginning to make my skin crawl

      I wish that my favorite baseball team was operated by wiser people

      • Doug Gray

        Sorry Rojo, but this is a terrible take. Senzel had to be checked out by doctors prior to being sent on rehab. They cleared him. If a player says they are healthy, after being medically cleared, then there’s nothing out of line here at all.

        As Shaggy just noted in the comments below – the fluid almost assuredly didn’t show up until after he began playing more and placing more stress on the knee.

        Concussion protocols are a different animal. A concussion is a brain injury. It impairs your ability to think. It could literally lead to death. It’s not the same thing.

      • RojoB

        “If a player says he is healthy after being medically cleared,” as you say, that should mean that he’s been medically cleared. So why did Krall throw shade and say “he deemed himself healthy” instead of saying, “at the time we started his rehab he was medically cleared”?

        You can see how Krall did nothing to assure his audience that Senzel had been cleared by a medical staff. And if indeed he had been cleared, as you state, a much better way to report it without alienating your player is “He was cleared by our staff at the time rehab started, but unfortunately developed the complication of an effusion. Not ideal, but it’s a risk”

        So we either have the Reds GM just being awkward at communication, or spinning it. And to be fair, we really don’t know which it is

      • Doug Gray

        Senzel was medically cleared to begin playing games three weeks ago. That does not mean that he was 100% at the time (though it could mean that) – just that he was close enough to being at a point where it was reasonable to expect he wouldn’t actually be doing future harm by getting out there and seeing how things go. That’s how rehab works.

        What Krall did was assume that everyone understood the process of rehab, which includes being medically cleared to begin rehab.

        The communication was poor on a lot of fronts. I’m not even sure all of it seems believable….. but I don’t really know that I agree at all about the “assure the audience that Senzel had been cleared medically” holds an ounce of water. He would never have begun his rehab assignment if he weren’t cleared. It’s assumed the audience would know that.

    • Roger Garrett

      Well said and to the point.Why wouldn’t the players union insist all players coming off the injured list be cleared medically with documentation?Any player worth his salt would say he is ready to play all the way down to T Ball.I tend to believe as you said the Reds just march to their own drum beat.

  14. RedAlert

    Krall does not know what he is doing . He is a weak GM . I agree with what someone said earlier , he is WAY in over his head.
    This is typical Reds though….

    Won’t be the first time they have bungled and injury situation either . How this front office is managed is just plain baffling – One of the worst in baseball

    • Indy Red Man

      Well we do have more young talent then the rest of the division put together so atleast some credit is due! I do get irritated with how slow they are to play them though. They should just IL Moose again til he goes 2 for 50 and start playing Barrero as much as possible. Turn Farmer into a Mark DeRosa type that plays about 4-5 times a week all over the place.

      • Indy Red Man

        Santillan for HH is a step in the right direction too, but will they send him back down for Antone? AG has 2.1 innings in August and hasn’t pitched in over a week so maybe they’re finally going to cut him loose. I hope so? You can’t count on him. If I was going to groom a lefty with a big arm then it would be C Perez.

  15. Richard Kramer

    It seems easy enough. Suarez and Moose should sit. Play Farmer and Barreo. The numbers back it up. Trade Senzel to an American League for whatever you can get.

  16. Jim Walker

    I am not certain to what degree I buy into the narrative that the Reds have mismanaged Senzel’s career prior to this episode. He was drafted #2 overall (2016) as a top flight offensive talent who graded out as an all around strong athlete. However even as he was drafted the Reds were expressing that they did not project him as an MLB level shortstop, which had been his primary college position. The Reds even gave him multiple looks at SS in spring camps but afterwards always held to this evaluation.

    Yes, they have since moved Senzel around looking for a long term position for him. However, is that mismanagement? The same process hasn’t seemed to hinder the career progress of Kris Bryant, another #2 overall choice (2013). In fact, it has probably made Bryant even more productive and marketable as he approaches free agency.

    The issue with Senzel is that a string of illnesses (vertigo, COVID) and injuries have kept him off the field literally more than he has been on the field. Then when on the field he hasn’t performed to anything resembling his projected levels. Who knows? Some of the underperformance may even be a corollary to illness and injury.

    However, where is the team mismanagement prior to this episode with his knee rehabilitation?

    • Michael


      Senzel played one series at shortstop at Tennessee. His primary position was third.

      • RojoB

        That’s the way I remember it too Michael

      • Jim Walker

        Thank you. I stand corrected. I recalled the talk by Reds he wasn’t a SS and guess I translated that in my mind he had been at Tenn.

    • greenmtred

      I agree with your analysis, Jim. Asking players to learn new positions is not mismanagement. It didn’t seem to hurt Pete Rose.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I agree Jim. I don’t think the Reds have really mismanaged Senzel in the grand scheme of things. It has been the string of illnesses and injuries that have really railroaded his career to this point.
      The one minor quibble I may have, is that they did not add Senzel to the OD roster in 2019, then he sprained his ankle two days into minor league assignment, delaying his ultimate arrival. Other than service time manipulation there was no reason to keep him down. Reports from ST that year were he was far and away the best CF’er option and had made a successful transition to the position. It was an unlucky break for him to get injured, but one “management” call that may have impacted his ML career to a some degree.

    • Redsvol

      Jim – I totally agree. Nick has had a rough start to his professional career but there is time to turn it around. Other players get moved around and don’t seem to have a problem with it so I think its more the fans that think he’s been mismanaged. I will say that he needs to rededicate himself a bit. I saw a video of him playing in Louisville and it looked like he had put 15 pounds on. Thats not good for any player, much less a player that struggles with lower body injuries and his game relies on speed and flexibility to play multiple positions. That is squarely on him and not on management.

  17. RedBB

    This will help get Barrero at bats in the OF too. Gotta think this may be the last time we see Senzel in a Reds uniform. I’m sure he is furious with the Reds and rightly so.

  18. Arthur

    I suspect Senzel badly wanted to get to Cincinnati, and figured he could play thru the discomfort in his knee. After all, he was hitting the ball fairly well in Louisville. But if you have a torn meniscus and fluid on the knee, you can’t just rub some dirt on it and suck it up. The joint simply won’t work I think Senzel showed the same kind of grit that India has showed all year – do whatever is needed to help the team win.

    As for the “dump Senzel” crowd, who do you suppose is going to play CF for this team going forward?? The farm system does not seem to offer immediate help in CF. And if you say “Naquin can do it!” then you are wrong. The Reds have the second worst CF defense in all of baseball, with -12 defensive runs saved there. Only Arizona is worse. No one on this club is a really good defender in CF. Shogo is the best, but his bat has been brutal all season.

    So, the question remains – if Senzel goes, who plays CF?? I think we have the SS position nailed down with Barrero. The next gaping hole on the team is CF. If Senzel can’t fill it, the team is in big trouble. We dumped a bunch of $$ into guys who can’t field the ball, or if they could field, they can’t hit. And we’re paying for it now.

    • TR

      Ender Inciarte will be the Reds starting centerfielder on opening day. Senzel will be traded in the offseason.

      • David

        For a bucket of wet baseballs. 🙂
        So, an oft – injured #2 pick is going to bring….what?
        Senzel will be healthy next Spring, and will have a position on the Reds roster.
        It’s too bad his knee is still hurt, but it happens. I hope he doesn’t have an infection in the knee, and just irritation causing the fluid, which could make this a lot worse.

        And, for what it is worth, I think Jim Walker is correct about Moustakas, too. He is still hurt, playing hurt, and is really not in baseball shape. But he has a big contract and is out there….trying.
        Ditto what others have said: Farmer plays Third, let Barrero play short.
        We have plenty of outfielders that can hit (when Winker is healthy). What we need is someone who can play short and play it well, and hit.
        Farmer was NOT embarrasing the team, but Barrero is the future at SS. Maybe the future is now.

    • Jim

      The same guy who’s going to play the next time he gets hurt. Not through any fault of his own, he’s injury prone.

  19. Redgoggles

    I’m left with 2 questions: 1 – why did the Reds option him before they had to? 2 – was Nick planning on hiding the discomfort as long as he was back on the major league roster, but wouldn’t as soon as he realized he was being optioned back to AAA? (Draw your own conclusions, but that seems a bit selfish by the player for those folks that feel the Reds are doing him wrong.)

    If the 2nd is true – and if Nick C. is back – I wonder if that will lead to a fuss if the Reds start him out in AAA next year.

    Something is off, and I’m wondering if Nick S. is falling out of favor with the front office and isn’t real happy about not automatically being given the starting/regular role back. If this suspicion is true, kudos to the front office. It’s called accountability and it’s proven to work in practically all realms of life.

    • Redgoggles

      (And, I’m rooting like crazy for him to be an impact player for the Reds going forward!)

  20. west larry

    Senzel has had a series of injuries and illnesses that no one could have anticipated. How can you blame the front office for this? I hope we don’t trade him, we would get little in return. Let’s let him heal, and start over with him in spring training. In hindsight, he needs to play in the infield. We really miss Winker, a really great hitter.
    But for outfield purposes , I’m sure we could use Lorenzen in a emergency. Lets play Barrios at short, rotate Farmer, Moose, Suarez et al at third (preferable Farmer) and win this wildcard.

    • Ohio Jim

      Amen to Farmer! A true professional

  21. Capt. Phreddie Pizzazz

    I wonder if another reason Senzel was put back on the MLB IL (rather than optioned to AAA) was so that he would be post-season eligible for the Reds. Correct me if I’m wrong, but to be post-season eligible, doesn’t a player have to either be on the active 26-man roster or MLB IL at the close of August?

  22. shaggy

    with Senzel knee the fluid probably wasn’t there until he started playing everyday which in turn started the inflammation. being off of it and anti-inflammatory meds and ultrasound therapy are the best thing for him. If he wasn’t a professional athlete putting constant strain on his knee he would be able to be back in about two weeks, but he really should take off the rest of the year and let his knee fully recover for next year. which I doubt is something he wants to do or something I would have wanted when I was 26

  23. CI3J

    Senzel last played for the Reds on May 18th, so it’s almost 3 months to the day he’s been out, and it looks like he just set himself back even further. Sad to say, but looks like another lost season for Nick. I know he’s got to be about ready to explode with frustration.

  24. Bet on Red

    So the Mets just claimed HH… Guess they want that last minue tank

    • JA

      Good for him.
      Hembree had good moments with Reds.
      Hopefully he can find his way with Mets. Sometimes a change like that works

      • TR

        And Hembree had a number of pretty good years with the Red Sox.

    • JB

      Teams are dying for relief pitchers this year. Especially ones that have performed somewhat. DFA Doolittle and Garrett and they will get picked up immediately. Heck Romano just got picked up again by the Yankees. Brach would have been picked up as well if he didnt come down with some fictitious ailment.

  25. Rednat

    putting my doctor hat on. first he had issues with vertigo. now having issues with inflammation in joints. you wonder if he has an underlying rheumatologic or autoimmune disorder. i am sure he has been tested but often patients will have symptoms many years before the tests come back positive. anyway, i hope his health turns around because the reds have put a lot of stock in him. Siri and Trammel were traded so our outfield prospects in the minors are thin

  26. RedAlert

    Barrero on the bench again and
    Moustakas at third – IDIOTIC

    Performance and accountability mean ZERO if you are in this organization
    – Bell is not as smart as he thinks he is

    • TR

      Can’t let the guy with the big contract ride the bench.

  27. LGR

    Barrero, again, not in the starting lineup. Can we get #FreeBarrero trending?

  28. JA


    Did you realize that Votto was 2nd in LU in the two lost against the Cubs?

    LU matters. Don’t move what works. NC 3B, JV 4B. Yes. JV 2B, NC 3B No.

  29. RedsGettingBetter

    Well , it seems there are Akiyama and Naquin to play CF for a long time … By the way reportedly Barrero and Stephenson was practicing in the outfield two days ago in order to open other doors …We’ll see, folks…

    • LGR

      Stephenson makes sense to get some corner outfield opportunities. Barrero absolutely does not. If you’re ever gonna play Farmer and Barrero in the same lineup, Barrero should always be at SS and Farmer should be at 3rd or he should be the one taking a outfield spot.

    • TR

      Senzel not available so bring on Barrero and Stephenson.

  30. Mark A Verticchio

    Why in the world did they bring Barrero up if they were not going to play him and I am not talking about benching Farmer. My question is how can anybody support Bell any more, the man has no clue how to manage a baseball team . Look at Moose’s stats and tell me how he deserves to play. He is either still hurt or has lost it. You can’t start a 1 for 27 guy in a wild card chase. How many mangers bring up one of their top prospects and use him as a pinch hitter. Sorry for the rant but this is getting old, I hope they win in spite of Bell.

    • TR

      The same thing was done with Alejo Lopez. Contact hitter not given a real chance.

    • Arthur

      So the plan seems to be to play Moustakis against right-handed pitchers, despite his recent performance (1 for his last 27 at-bats.) I suppose that means we play Suarez against left-handed pitchers.

      How has Suarez done against lefties this season? He’s hitting a cool, crisp .128 against left-handed pitchers. Tell me we can’t find out another infielder who can do better than that., Might that help explain why the team gets abused by left-handed starters??

  31. MBS

    I don’t have a problem Barrero not playing, I just think if the Reds are not going to play him, they should keep him at AAA. Why run the clock on a guy when you don’t “need” him. Let him get his reps everyday in AAA. Bring up Rodriguez if you want to sit someone most days. They don’t appear to have plans for Rodriguez.

  32. Eddie

    I’m glad Suarez ain’t playing lately but otherwise I’m very shocked Suarez hasn’t played only pitch hit in the cub series. I hope we continue winning was nice Cardinals beat Brewers last night. Suarez ain’t playing today either so should help the offense As long mike take advantage of this time of playing so much

  33. Votto4life

    No Jose Barrero again today. I don’t get it why even call him up?

  34. Old-school

    For those who want a good l;aught, C Trent on his twitter has the “Jomboy” play by play of Castellanos and Bell ejections with lip reading.

  35. centerfield

    I’m surprised that Suarez isn’t in the lineup against a the young pitcher pitcher from Venezuela.

  36. Arthur

    The continued refusal to play Barrero is just baffling, especially considering there is a player in the lineup every day who is simply not hitting. Not even a little bit. The situation is even more absurd when you factor in that Barrero is probably the best defensive player on the team at a premium defensive position.

    Loyalty to your players is a fine thing, except when it so obviously handicaps the team’s chances of winning. This team is in the hunt for a wild-card spot in spite of, not because of, the play of Suarez and Moustakis.

    • Roger Garrett

      Your right but the Reds never have got that even when they were losing every year.Bob’s loyal to the vets regardless and they always play and in most years they were still better then the rest.Its different now but he doesn’t see it.Hard to imagine he doesn’t see how far Eugenio has fell and now we have to go through it again with Moose.It would be easy for me to say to both hey you are still going to get paid and we will try it again next year but right now we are going with those who give us a better chance to win.You are coming off the bench with maybe a spot start to give others a day off.No time to work things out

  37. CI3J

    Why oh WHY is Barrero not playing? He was red-hot and in a real groove at the plate when they called him up, he seems exactly like the jolt in the arm this team could use.

    Plus, he plays great defense and has some speed on the bases.

    What could POSSIBLY be the reason why he’s not starting every day?

  38. Indy Red Man

    Barrero isn’t playing because the Reds “dance with who brung you”. They’ve always been partial to vets. Atleast from the Dusty era on. Stephenson should be playing alot more then Tucker but he doesn’t. No sense beating a dead horse because thats their organizational philosophy.

    Moose and Geno? Money talks. I liked a girl when I was a kid and she liked me, but I drove a Ford Maverick that I paid for while a kid from my school drove a Corvette that his daddy paid for. Money talks! In sports, in business, in relationships, in life. Surely you guys know this? Once again beating a adjective horse to death. One of them is going to play. End.Of.Story

    • Arthur

      You know what should talk??


      Everything else is just noise. They can take their “organizational philosophy” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      Field the line-up that gives the team the best chance to win the game. Every. Single. Night.

      That right there is my philosophy. I didn’t even know I had one until I thought about it for a minute.

      • Indy Red Man

        I get it, but fans don’t look at the big picture.

        They REALLY NEED TO UNLOAD either Geno or Moose, but they can’t build any interest unless one of them starts to do a little damage. Now I would play Barrero>Farmer, but then there is the vet thing again.

        Most of RLN would’ve cut Geno& Moose and ate $73 million while installing Lopez because he got 4 bloops/bleeders one night. Jose Peraza did that too. Is he better then Suarez? If they get hot for 2 weeks then can do more then Lopez in 2 months.

      • Jim Walker

        at IRM> I would not release either Moose or Suárez. There are going to be teams in the off season who think they can “fix” them (at least Suárez) and pony up a substantial portion of the money due to get them.
        However in the midst of a playoff race where one is totally cold and the other cold and not in game shape to boot, I sure as the world would have a look at somebody else who might do better. Time on the bench might actually help Moose keep from continually aggravating his foot.

      • Old-school

        There will also be a minimum salary and bad teams will need to add dead money salaries that help them get to a $100 million minimum team payroll that also allow them to end that minimum salary at a time that coincides with their predicted winning window.

        Shogo will be a hot commodity with his 1 year $8 million deal in 2022, Moose might be a hot commodity for KC who needs old heroes to get them to 2023 but under the new CBA need to spend $100 million dollar salary floor

        Salary floor is coming in 2022

      • Old-school

        KC over. Not under salary floor

  39. Old-school

    I think Moose can still hit righties.
    I do think hes not 100% with a nagging significant soft tissue like Senzel and that makes it difficult to pencil him in every day.He is 1-27 or something like that and noticeably heavier

    Suarez is sitting but theres no improvement in production at 3b. The big winners in all are Aquino and Naquin

    They get their chance ….again

    It just seems silly to park Barrero on the bench. Farmer was born to rotate positions and Barrero doesnt need to risk injury trying to learn a foreign position

    • Jim Walker

      Moose is nada for 16 ABs (19 PAs) vs RH pitching in the last week with an OPS of .158 via 3 walks per Fangraphs.

    • Old-school

      Moose is hurt and he and Reds are trying to coax it along.

      If he goes 0-4 tonight and gets to 1-30….cant possibly say Barrero shouldn’t play everyday. I think that is already there.

      Who knows when his foot his 100%?

      He will probably go 2-3 with a walk tonight.

      I’m firmly in the Barrero every day SS camp and Farmer in the every day starter multi-positional camp at 3b/2b/1b/Lf/SS 5 days a week.

  40. Roger Garrett

    Not tonight they turn to wait for it wait for it yep its Suarez time again.

  41. Jeffrey Oakley

    Torn meniscus surgery can either be a shaving and cleaning of the meniscus or a rebuild of the meniscus using tissue from elsewhere. My daughter had the former as a D1 college softball player. She was back on the field within 14 days, full go at 20. The rebuild process can take up to 6 months. With the oft injured Senzel which is it? It looks like to me that the Reds are finally over him. I said this should be the case last year and they should have tried to move him then. Now I am not sure what they will get for him. The other fly in the ointment here is that Scott Boros (or how ever you spell it) is his agent.