Joey Votto’s 3-run homer in the 4th inning was more than enough behind Luis Castillo’s strong seven innings and a strong bullpen performance as the Cincinnati Reds beat the Miami Marlins 6-1 on Thursday night.

Final R H E
Miami Marlins (51-71)
1 8 0
Cincinnati Reds (66-57)
6 9 0
W: Castillo (7-12) L: Neidert (1-2)
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The Offense

Cincinnati had a lone single from Tyler Naquin through the first three innings of the game. Trailing 1-0 in the 4th the offense got to work. Rookie of the Year frontrunner Jonathan India singled to lead off the inning. Nick Castellanos would add a 1-out single to put two on for Joey Votto and he came through with a go-ahead 3-run homer. It was Votto’s 27th homer of the year. Tyler Stephenson followed up with a walk and he came around to score on Kyle Farmer’s double to make it 4-1 for the Reds.

In the 7th inning Cincinnati went back to work. Aristides Aquino led off with a double and he scored when Jonathan India doubled. Nick Castellanos drove in India with a single to extend the Reds lead to 6-1. That was more than enough to get the job done.

The Pitching

Luis Castillo had a no-hitter going until leadoff batter Miguel Rojas took the third pitch of the game and singled on a soft grounder to third base. Rojas, however, headed back to the dugout rather quickly when he tried to steal second and was thrown out by a laser by Tyler Stephenson. Castillo retired the next two batters.

The next inning was a bit of trouble for the Reds starter. A leadoff double was followed by a 1-out single to put runners on the corner. Alex Jackson however lined one back up the middle that Luis Castillo snagged and was easily able to double off Jorge Alfaro at first to end the inning and strand the runners.

After a 1-2-3 inning in the 3rd, Luis Castillo ran into some trouble in the 4th. Two singles sandwiched a walk and led to a Marlins 1-0 lead. That was all Miami got, though. In the 7th inning the Marlins were threatening again after back-to-back singles put runners on 1st and 2nd with one out. Castillo did what he does, though, getting back-to-back ground outs to end the threat and hold onto a 4-1 lead. That would be the end of the day for Castillo, finishing with a 7-inning, 1-run performance that included seven strikeouts.

Michael Lorenzen took over in the top of the 8th inning and made easy work of the 2-3-4 hitters with a perfect inning of work. Holding a 6-1 lead the Reds turned the final inning over to rookie Tony Santillan. He got Brian Anderson to fly out to start the inning and followed up with strikeouts of Jorge Alfaro and Alex Jackson to end their 2-game losing streak.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Miami Marlins vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday August 19, 7:10pm

Elieser Hernandez (0-0, 2.84 ERA) vs. Sonny Gray (4-6, 4.47 ERA)

63 Responses

  1. Mark A Moore

    Now THAT was a quick recap. I especially like your note about LC have a no-no going. Thanks for that chuckle.

    One Fishy squishing complete.

    • Doug Gray

      Some nights I’m feeling spicy.

  2. Klugo

    I dont know that Ive seen anyone pop up as much as Moustakas has in the last week.

    • Joe P.

      He’s popping up more than my toaster.

    • RojoB

      Remember Cozart the year before his all star year?

      Popup machine

    • Klugo

      Does it mean that his timing is there, but he’s just not seeing pitches well when a player is popping up like that? I hear folks talk about the good hitters rarely popping up. What’s going on? It’s crazy how much he’s been popping out to the INF.

    • TR

      I’ve not seen Moustakas make much of a difference since he signed his contract.

      • 2020ball

        He’s been above league average in OPS+ the last 5 years mostly on the back of his power numbers. His power has disappeared completely this year.

      • 2020ball

        In fact, his numbers the past few years are what I’d hope for from Suarez going forward, a .250/.330/.450 type. Unfortunately, Suarez’s power has also disappeared.

      • 2020ball

        among other parts of that slash line too. Moose/Suarez are looking like questionable assets moving forward. At least Suarez can play an emergency SS.

      • Luke J

        @2020ball Literally the only thing that hasn’t disappeared from Suarez is his power. LOL He still hits a lot of home runs. But those are pretty much the only hits he has.

      • 2020ball

        I wouldn’t call a .372 SLG power but I should probably be using ISO

  3. BZ

    It’s good to see the Reds back on the winning side of things. Another 0fer the 3B spot though. Suarez and Moose have combined to hit .167 over the last month. Hopefully, one of them cools off so Barrero can find a spot to play. Haha

    • Alan Horn

      It doesn’t cost a cent more to bench them both and put Barreo at SS and Farmer at 3B. Forget any egos it will bruise. Let’s make our best effort to win.

      • Melvin

        Larkin was saying that Barrero should play every day and suggested Farmer to 3B. Interesting… Hmmm… haha

      • Alan Horn

        I heard that. Anyone with any baseball mind at all knows that is the way to go. Someone within the Reds management has an extremely hard head. Forget the money and try to win. Put Suarez and Moose on the bench and let them PH with an occasional start.

      • TR

        Not an easy move for David Bell. He tends to favor the veterans whether producing or not.

      • MCT

        I’ve been saying Farmer at 3B and Barrero at SS for about a week now. I feel like it’s a no-brainer. Righty-lefty matchups at the plate be danged.

  4. JA

    Reds moved to 1 game behind to WC spot!!

  5. Stoney

    This is a fun time to be a Reds fan. Certainly keeps you interested. Great start by LC. Votto and India coming up big among others. I like most everyone else would like to see Barrero out there and Farmer at third. Let’s put our best on the field. We’re right there.

  6. Indy Red Man

    Antone vs the Stripers tonite, but no rolls of singles were involved and nobody made it rain to my knowledge. He did give up a run however

    I think we’re going to coast to the 2nd wildcard even with Geno/Moose combining to strand 139 more guys by October.

    • Jim Walker

      I saw Antone last night (Wednesday), he got through his inning with no real issues but I did not think his breaking ball looked as good as before he was injured (or hurt enough his effectiveness waned). He controlled and located it well; but, I thought the break did not have the snap to it he routinely showed before.

      • 2020ball

        This could also be due to his non-use of spider-tack

    • Jim Walker

      I sure do wish the Reds could catch the Brewers; but, I don’t see it in the numbers. At least the Brewers have earned it fair and square. When the Brewers have needed to, they have found ways to win (except vs the Reds) while the Reds have frittered away many glorious opportunities.

      • beelicker

        With the Cards winning tonight it’s 8.5 back and 3 games @Milwaukee (who have 3 @home vs Nationals) after the Marlins series. The Reds TCB and going on a nice multiple game win streak here could still make things real interesting

      • beelicker

        Padres’ next 8

      • beelicker

        Milwaukee also placed RHP Freddy Peralta on the 1o day IL Thursday with shoulder inflammation

  7. kevinz

    Pitching set the Tone.
    Votto Woke offense up enough.
    Now need to continue.
    Won 1st game vs Cubs as well.
    Like see more of Barrero.
    Guess will take time to see that.
    Go Reds.

  8. Bubba Woo

    Votto’s gotta be a top-3 MVP candidate at this point, right? I’ve never seen anything like this. Two months ago, everyone was counting the days til 2023 when the Reds could get his contract off the books.

    • LGR

      I’d say Tatis is definitely in front, but if he were to slow down or get reinjured, I think it’d be up between Votto and Harper. Which ever team made the playoffs (if either) would probably have the advantage.

      • LGR

        @bee My argument on any Dodger winning mvp is.. How valuable can you really be on that team? Bellinger, although having a Suarez like year but he also missed a ton of time with injury, is hitting 8th. I think that says enough about that team lol.

      • Broseph

        Tatie is definitely front runner if nothing more than him being plastered all over MLB as the greatest craze with as the American League Ohtani.

        Agreed if he’s injured again he’s out. Harper is prob has second place locked at this point.

        All comes down to who makes the playoffs and finishes strong. If Votto does what Votto does in the second half aside from his white hot streak and they get second wild card, he might win his second MVP.

        To think if he wasn’t hurt in 2012 he’d have two, might’ve gotten snubbed in 2017, and this year? That’s four MVPs

        Glad he’s a Red

  9. LGR

    Lopez playing LF tonight. I’m assuming that’s just because all the other infielders tend to not play the outfield, but it would be sure nice to see him in LF occasionally on the big league team while Winkers out.

    • Jim Walker

      Freidl has also been playing some at all 3 OF positions which always makes a person wonder what could be cooking there. He is not however on the 40 man roster; but, I haven’t seen that Hembree’s former spot has been filled.

      • LGR

        I think Lopez would be the more obvious call. I’d be surprised if Moreta and Inciarte are not added to the 40 man before September.

      • Alan Horn

        Lopez should get the call. Inciarte didn’t hit at all with the Braves. Call him up after Sept 1 for defense. He was sort of the Braves Suarez/Moose with the bat.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Why would the Reds call up Inciarte? If you need a defense-first no-bat option you already have it in Akiyama. The one good thing Shogo’s done consistently with the Reds is play good defense. Adding a capable bat should be the priority for the extra position player being added.

      • LGR

        @Hotto I said added to the 40 man, not directly to the team.

      • Hotto4Votto

        But why take up a roster spot if not planning to call him up? If there’s an injury which would necessitate adding him he can be added at any time since he’s already in the organization. I just don’t see the logic behind such a move.

    • Bet on Red

      Lopez on occasion has played LF in games. Dont know his defensive ability, but it usually has happened when the AAAA infielders and Schrock are in AAA. Could be a useful adition

  10. Rednat

    the reds offense has sputtered some since winker’s injury. at one point the reds farm system had a ton of outfield depth. not so much anymore. the front office has put all it’s eggs in the basket of Senzel in Center and Winker in left.

    it is just hard to imagine these guys playing a full season though

    • beelicker

      Should be ok riding Naquin’s hot hand … his last 15 games .347/.429/.551
      … last 7 games .4oo/.464/.560

  11. Reddawg2012

    I was at the game…the crowd was pretty disappointing. I know school is back in session, and many families are on a budget. I get it. But drawing 11K fans when the Reds are less than 2 games out of a playoff spot in late August is a bummer.

    • Alan Horn

      Covid is starting to rage again around most parts of the country. Even those who were vaccinated are getting mild cases.

      • Hal

        Agreed. Even though most all of the cases are mild it is still frustrating and it is wreaking havoc on the spirit of our country.

    • burtgummer01

      Yeah because giving more money to moneybags Bob is so much more important than anything else in the country

      • Reddawg2012

        Where did I write that giving money to Castellini was so much more important than anything else in the country?

  12. Pablo

    So nice to see a starter make it through 7! Keep it going boys.

  13. TR

    And it’s nice to have a stronger bullpen.

  14. Hotto4Votto

    Great start by Castillo. Nice shut down by Lorenzen and Santillan. Votto still bangs. Good offense overall. Good win. Beat the teams you should beat and keep at it.

  15. PhoenixPhil

    As the hair flows, the Reds goes. (Trying to see if that catch phase will gel (pun intended).)

  16. Indy Red Man

    I like Aquino batting 8th. If nothing else they just decide not to mess with him with men on base and the lineup rolls over. He’s walked 4 games in a row.

    • Jim Walker

      Statcast says Aquino had 2 of the 5 fastest exit velocities of the night, both >100MPH. Both those balls were struck versus RH pitching to boot. His double actually topped Votto’s HR 108.3/107.2.
      He has seemed to stabilize in OPS in the low .800’s with his OBP settled in at .320-.330.
      His defense has been solid to borderline outstanding at times. He has the best active OF arm on the team.

      I left wondering what folks want from him they think they would get from anybody else available.

      • Roger Garrett

        I agree.Just play him and Naquin every day along with Farmer and Barrera and let’s see what happens.Best players need to play

      • Jimbo44CN

        Plus 100, also, he is speedy for such a big guy. Single scores him from second every time.

      • Dennis Westrick

        For those of us old enough to remember, Aquino reminds me of George Foster (Yahtzee) from the BRM days! AA is a better outfielder with a cannon for an arm!

      • Jim Walker

        @Dennis? For his time with the Reds, Yahtzee had a 140 OPS+. The Punisher is at 106 (career) right now. He needs to pick up both his OBP and SLG both a bit to reach Yahtzee heights. But I think AA is clearly a better defender and base runner.

  17. Dennis

    Jim, The Punisher is young (and strong) and will hopefully improve his stats with more playing time!