It sounds like the Cincinnati Reds may be without All-Star outfielder Jesse Winker a bit longer than initially expected.

“He’s getting a lot of treatment and doing strengthening exercises and things like that – no baseball (activities),” said manager David Bell in his Thursday pre-game meeting with the press. “It might be a little longer than I thought, which doesn’t surprise me given that that area of the body is so important. Any sort of oblique/intercostal/core stabilizing muscle, usually it takes a little longer than you want it to because you don’t always necessarily feel it doing everything in every day activities, but it’s so important in a swing as one of the more violent actions in the game, might have to take a little bit longer. At this point I would not expect him back after ten days like I had originally mentioned. How much longer, I don’t know. At this point maybe around that time he’ll start doing baseball activities – have him a week or two later. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

That timeline is basically 2-3 weeks from now. With a maybe mixed in there.

In the mean time it will likely be a continuation of platoons and match ups involving Tyler Naquin, Aristides Aquino, and Shogo Akiyama in center and left for the Reds. Nick Castellanos, of course, will continue to man right on a daily basis for the team.

Tejay Antone could return next week

Last night saw Tejay Antone throw a shutout inning in Louisville for the Bats. It was his 5th appearance on rehab in Triple-A. He’s allowed one run on three hits and three walks while striking out six batters. He’s going to pitch again tonight, and it sounds like he’ll likely have one outing after that before a potential return.

“He’ll pitch again today (in Louisville on rehab),” said Bell prior to the game on Thursday afternoon. “It’ll be nice to get the back-to-back in, and then most likely one more. With the off day Monday, if everything goes well – still kind of on track for the beginning of next week.”

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  1. Mark Moore

    Not surprising they’ll take these precautions. Need him as healthy and strong as possible for Games 160 and beyond from where I sit.

    I wonder if this will have any further impact on getting Senzel back to Cincy. Again, have to be very cautious with a knee rehab. But we seem to have options galore for 3rd base and far less for the outfield that we can rely on at this point. Perhaps Barrero gets a start in LF like he’s had down in L’ville?

    Time to Squish the Fish tonight (and tomorrow, the next day, and the next day)

  2. LDS

    Would seem to dim the Reds post season prospects further. I agree, if Senzel is ready to play, get him on a bus.

    • JayTheRed

      From what I read Senzel was placed back on the IL today.

      He is probably done for the season I imagine Another wasted year for him.

  3. Tony Goodman

    Why the heck move Votto to the 2-hole?
    Let Naquin bat there against rightness Farmer against lefties. Votto won’t be hitting any 3-run bombs in the 1st inning, and if India stays cold, any homerun he does it will be a solo job.

    • Tomn

      I can see arguments for and against. Batting Votto 2nd ensures he bats more often and as he’s probably our best hitter right now (which is scary, given that he’s 37 years old), that’s a good thing. On the other hand, as you say, less likely to come up with multiple men on base. I’d like to see Barrero batting 2nd behind India. Votto 3rd, Castellano 4th, Farmer 5th (or Stephenson when he plays then followed by Farmer), Naquin, Lopez (get Aquino out of the starting lineup PLEASE!), Barnhart

      India, 2b
      Barrero, ss
      Votto, 1b
      Cast, rf
      Farmer, 3b
      Naquin/Aquino, CF
      Lopez, LF

      When stephenson plays
      India, 2b
      Barrero, ss
      Votto, 1b
      Cast, rf
      Stephenson C
      Farmer, 3B
      Naquin/Aquino, CF
      Lopes, LF

  4. LGR

    Barrero not starting today is the biggest joke of the year.

    • Arthur

      Ouch!! The stupid!!! It burns!!!

      To sit Barrero in favor of either Suarez or Moose is questionable, at best. Barrero was the offensive star of the game yesterday, and he has already proven he can pick it at shortstop. Sitting him down is just …. absurd.

    • 2020ball

      i was hoping he’d play today, but oh well i guess. Moose does need playing time to hopefully get right, but id like to see farmer 3B and Barrero SS one of the days. The Reds unfortunately have two struggling 3B on the roster.

  5. Mark A Verticchio

    First it was Suarez now its Moose, Bell just doesn’t play the best players. I don’t care what happens the rest of the year, I hope for good things, Bell needs to go, his line up constructions are horrible as are his in game adjustments. Sadly we all know he will be back, some may disagree, but I really believe he is the worst manager the team has ever had and that includes some bad ones, just my opinion.

    • RedAlert

      I agree 110 % – he’s awful ! NEVER PUTS BEST LINEUP ON FIELD , NEVER ! Terrible in-game manager also .

    • VegasRed

      Have to agree mark. It wears me out!

    • Susan

      Bryan Price was worse. But not by much. He needs to put the best 8 players on the field each day. If someone gets their feelings because they aren’t in the lineup – oh well. Yes Suarez. I mean you. And Moose. And Akiyama. Not to mention several BP players.

  6. Votto4life

    Three weeks is essentially the rest of season. The division is gone and three weeks without one of their top hitters it seems the Reds WC hopes are also dimming.

    I am tired of watching Shogo, AA and hit. The Reds essentially have 3 # 8 hitters in their line up. Yet, Jose Barrero sits on the bench. Pathetic.

    • RedAlert

      Davis Bell is on another planet . Wants to make sure he plays everybody to make them happy – performance and accountability mean nothing in this organization – from top to bottom

      Pathetic is exactly right !

      • Roger Garrett

        Got to play the best players as much as possible.I do understand Moose playing but the outcome will be no better then watching Suarez.Plantar is a tough one to recover from and he hasn’t.Playing in pain will have to be what he does and I admire him but it really comes down to performance.Barrero and Senzel are better options at the moment.Both should be getting playing time over Moose,Shogo and Suarez.Its not even close need our best with Wink out and others tired,hurt and not performing.

    • Arthur

      You’re tired of watching Shogo and AA hit?? When have they done that?

      I am tired of watching them NOT hit. They do that pretty well.

  7. Bet on Red

    It will probebly take a couple more days to get Barrero accustomed to a position other then SS. Farmers’ other positions of note are 2B and C, which are not positions of concern right now. They need to be working overtime to get Berreros or Farmer up in LF

  8. VaRedsFan

    Bad backs are no joke. I hope he can heal fully, but that, unfortunately, usually isn’t the case with backs.
    113 games is the most he’s played in a season so far. He needs to be 150 games per year guy.

  9. CI3J

    The offense has really struggled without Wink. This is a crucial stretch of the season coming up, so it might be really painful without him in there.

    But…. What can you do? Injuries are part of the game.

    Play ball.

  10. RedsGettingBetter

    Winker’s threshold is August apparently… Remember his injury in 2019 got him out the rest of the season… Hopefully he could return before the end this time…it is very hard to stay healthy …
    Tonight, the fans must show posters that say “Barrero must start ” or something like that

    • Melvin

      Winker has a series of injuries like this. He’s not nearly as bad as Senzel in that area but it’s enough to make you think really hard before signing him to a long term contract when the time comes. He’s not likely to improve health wise as he gets older.

  11. burtgummer01

    That will pretty much close this season out
    They had a better year than expected but people here ignore that fact

    • Indy Red Man

      We should still get the 2nd wildcard even if Wink doesn’t come back. We have enough depth and fewer holes then these other teams. Actually Philly should be better then they are but nobody can hit? SD and St. Louis have a ton of holes right now.
      I guess the Cards might beat us up death head to head, but they shouldn’t?

      • burtgummer01

        When it comes to outfielders they’re very low on depth.Aquino and Shogo can’t hit

      • Indy Red Man

        Its not ideal in the outfield, but they could mix-n-match. Farmer has played some LF and can hit lefties. That gets Barrero in the lineup vs lefties atleast. Shogo has a .406 obp in August so bat him 9th vs righties and see if he can keep getting on base. Aquino is still raw. He’s walked 3 games in a row so he’s not just up there hacking. He hit one a mile the other night, but has to do that more often! If he’s batting 8th like tonite then thats not a bad lineup!

  12. Indy Red Man

    Baseball? Oakland 1 out from a win 5-3 bottom 9 and Elvis Andrus runs all the way out to CF to clothesline himself on Marte’s arm and the ball drops. Andrus has played how long and doesn’t realize he’s in CF? Staying in the game. I took the A’s so I’d rather Trivino closes it out.

  13. Bill J

    With Winker or anyone on the REDS day to day turns into 10, 10 days turn into 30, 30 turns into 60, the FO tries to make it look less serious. If the bring Senzel it will be at least 3 days before he can play 1 game, then he will have to rest at least 1 game. See Barrero!

    • RedAlert

      Bingo – absolute worst decision makers I’ve ever seen in front office . GM weak as
      water …

  14. SteveO

    Doug, Senzel hasn’t played since 8/14. Any info?
    Watching the Louisville game and don’t yet see him on the bench

  15. jr53

    India is hurt. Castellanos is not fully recovered. Winker is out. Those guys are a lot of the consistent contact in the lineup. Home runs are too inconsistent to work well in the playoffs. I’d play Farmer at third and Barrero at short. Shogo in center. I’d bring up Senzel and let him rotate through the outfield and second base and third. India and Castellanos need some days off to enhance their recovery . Farmer needs a day here and there, and Naquin has never played a full season. No worries about enough playing time for Senzel. Use Saurez and Moose after India, Nick, and Winker are back at full steam.

    • RedsMonk65

      Senzel is back on the IL (option to AAA reversed). Knee is still not good. See above link.

      • JayTheRed

        They are not going to admit it but he is done for the year. Move on.

  16. jr53

    Too bad about Senzel . I Hadn’t heard.