The Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs will be the two teams that will play in Iowa next season at the “Field of Dreams” game. Gordon Wittenmyer of NBC 5 in Chicago was the first to break the news about the opponent. Last week Cubs manager David Ross let it slip that the Cubs would be playing in the game before quickly trying to backtrack after he realized what he had said. The cat was out of the bag at that point, though.

The game is currently set to be played on August 11th between the two teams. Tickets will be tough to come by, and if you do come by them if this year is any indication of the prices, it’s not going to be cheap. The “get in the door” price on the secondary market was over $1,300 per ticket.

This year’s game was played between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox and was won on a Tim Anderson walk-off home run into the corn field. The game was the most watched baseball game during the regular season since 2005. It will be interesting to see how the game will do moving forward in this respect given that at the time most felt like it was going to be a 1-time event and wanted to take in the spectacle.

With the NHL having their outdoor game each year and it becoming a very popular annual event, MLB could have something on their hands here if they do it right. That’s a really big ask of Major League Baseball who seems to be unable to do even the easiest, simplest of tasks correct these days, but one can hope, right?

For now it seems that the plan is to have the event in the same place. It would be great to see the game played around the country in a new place each year, celebrating or commemorating something new in a non-MLB stadium.

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  1. Luke J

    I think you meant Yankees and White Sox.

    • Doug Gray


      You KNOW I meant it, because that’s what happened Luke. I’m a dummy. And I also should really proof read when I write things at 3am. It’s been corrected. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Westfester

    I’d tap the brakes on the excitement meter. Those NHL outdoor games have had serious drops in viewers the more they’ve held them (fans have stopped caring). MLB is making a mistake by thinking they can capture the same nostalgic magic of the first game. This is “more interleague” all over again.

    Honestly, when you get over the novelty of it, they’re asking people to pay $1,500 per seat to travel to the middle of nowhere Iowa to watch a baseball game that is only famous because of a 1989 Kevin Costner movie (not his best baseball movie, BTW) that 80% of people under the age of 25 have probably never seen (or care about).

    Sorry for the rant about this obvious money grab. I’ll have it on the TV next year. Go Reds.

    • CFD3000

      Field of Dreams is a wonderful baseball movie, and W.P. Kinsella is a delight. But I agree about your Costner rankings. “I belong to the church of Baseball”.

      • Bet on Red

        For the Love of the Game is Costners best Baseball movie

      • beelicker

        Not Bull Durham? I never realized there were so many … like the BD sequel:

        10. Bull Tijuana (1996)

        An ill-advised attempt to recapture the Bull Durham magic, this dud finds a washed-up Crash Davis in the Mexican League, where he mentors the unpredictable “El Nuque” La Luz (Luis Guzman) while grappling with an irascible manager (Cheech Marin) and a seductive groupie (Salma Hayek).

    • ClevelandRedsFan

      Well schucks Westfester…please keep me posted when your proverbial sky actually does start falling.

      I, for one, think it’s awesome. My dad and I are already planning on going. Can we please, just for one day…just the one…let baseball be fun?

  3. CFD3000

    That’s exciting news, but I agree that playing in the 2nd FoD game, and the first for the NL, will be a whole lot different than when it’s the Twins and Tigers in year 9. I won’t be competing with Cubs fans for tickets, but I’ll certainly tune in on TV. Go Reds!

  4. SultanofSwaff

    I’d prefer they not do it. Why add more travel to someplace in the middle of nowhere just to play one game? I found the whole thing to be corny anyways no pun intended. Lazy nostalgia for older men. You don’t grow the game by catering to the diehards.

  5. MBS

    If you build it they will come, but if you charge $1,300 a ticket they will leave.

    • beelicker

      That’s not the original price for the limited tickets. That’s what some people were willing to pay to resellers i.e. scalpers

  6. Jim Walker

    If there is going to be a FoD game every year (or on a regular reoccurring basis), I like the idea of moving it around. A lot of the sites would not necessarily involve more logistical issues for the teams because a number of the games would be in proximity to the home base of an MLB team that could play in the game as the home team versus a regularly scheduled opponent.

    For instance, in Cincinnati, what about at the Crosley Field replica in Blue Ash?

  7. Votto4life

    I didn’t tuned into the first FoD game because I thought it was hokey. I’ll watch the next one because it involves the Reds.

    This sorta thing, like opening day, appeals more to the casual baseball fan IMO.

    Opening day is always a sellout. The real baseball fans show up the next night when it’s 22 degrees.

  8. ThreeG

    This years game was between the NY Yankees and the White Sox.

    • Doug Gray

      Don’t write articles at 3am and instead go to bed.

  9. Harold G. Bowman

    Can’t wait to see the Reds and Cubs in old style uniforms coming out of the cornfield. It will be a cool event and fun to watch. GO REDS!!!

  10. Rednat

    just watched votto’s 2,000 hit. looked just like Pete’s 4192 off Eric Show.

  11. beelicker

    That’s not the original price for the limited tickets. That’s what some people were willing to pay to resellers i.e. scalpers

  12. RedAlert

    Barreros sitting again – no excuse for this !
    What’s wrong Bell , is he still worn out from his trip from Louisville !

  13. Davis

    Good God these comments are full of some of the most boring, no-fun people I’ve seen for Cincy sports. There are over 2,400 games every regular season and some of you actually have a problem with them trying something fun and different? I thought it was great. Will it wear off? Probably, some. But who cares? Fans of the teams are likely to watch along with many others. Some people here need to get a life. Lighten up!