Jonathan India drove in five runs, Wade Miley threw seven shutout innings, and Joey Votto picked up his 2000th hit of his career in a Cincinnati Reds blowout win over the Chicago Cubs on Monday night.

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (52-69)
5 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (65-55)
14 14 0
W: Miley (10-4) L: Steele (2-2)
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The Offense

The Cincinnati Reds offense just couldn’t come through with a hit with runners on in the first three innings of the game. They had plenty of chances, too. But that stopped in the 4th inning after Jonathan India crushed a 94 MPH fastball from Justin Steele into the upper deck for a 2-run homer to give the Reds a 2-0 lead. It was India’s 8th home run in his last 17 games.

In the next inning the Reds offense came through with a big hit with a runner on once again. Eugenio Suárez drew a 2-out walk in a downpour and Aristides Aquino followed up with an absolute laser that banged off of the upper deck in left field for a 2-run homer to extend the Cincinnati lead to 4-0. Statcast measured it at 442 feet and 114 MPH off of the bat.

Cincinnati wasn’t finished, though. In the 7th inning Nick Castellanos singled to lead off the inning. That brought up Joey Votto, who was one hit away from reaching 2000 for his career. With the crowd chanting and cheering for Votto he battled with Michael Rucker before he singled up the middle on the 9th pitch of the at-bat, picking up his 2000th hit and getting a standing ovation from the Cincinnati crowd.

Kyle Farmer followed up with an RBI double off of the wall in left field, missing a 3-run homer by two feet. With the score sitting at 5-0 and two men still on, Eugenio Suárez drew a walk to load the bases and that led to a Cubs pitching change.

The pitching change did nothing as Aristides Aquino walked on five pitches to make it a 6-0 score and the Reds were still sitting there with no outs. Tyler Naquin then drove in another run with a grounder just out of the reach of the shortstop. Tucker Barnhart recorded the first out of the inning with a laser into right field that was caught but goes down as a sacrifice fly to make it 8-0. That brought Jose Barrero to the plate as a pinch hitter for Wade Miley. Like Joey Votto earlier in the inning he saw nine pitches, but he walked on the 9th pitch he saw to load the bases. Jonathan India only saw one pitch but he made it count as he doubled and plated all three runs to make it 11-0. Nick Castellanos followed with a walk and once again the Cubs went to the bullpen.

Joey Votto came to the plate picked up hit #2001 and made it 12-0. At that point he was replaced by a pinch runner in Tyler Stephenson and left the game to a standing ovation from the home crowd. That was all the Reds would get in the inning, capping off an 8-run frame to bury the lovable losers as they are once again known as.

After watching the Cubs score five runs in the top of the 8th the Reds went back to work. Aristides Aquino singled to lead off the inning and Tucker Barnhart blasted a 1-out, 2-run homer to make it 14-5.

The Pitching

Wade Miley was doing Wade Miley things for the first six innings of the game. He was getting ground balls, throwing strikes, and keeping the Cubs off of the board. But the 7th inning didn’t start out well as he allowed a single to David Bote and then hit Robinson Chirinos to put two men on with no outs. Miley won the matchup of lefties against Jason Heyward with a strikeout. He followed up with a strikeout of Johneshwy Fargas. Sergio Alcantara saw three cutters in a row and grounded the final one to shortstop for a force out to end the inning and strand both runners. Seven innings of shutout baseball with seven strikeouts is just what the team needed and Miley provided it.

Heath Hembree took over for Wade Miley in the 8th inning looking to hold onto a 12-0 lead. Three consecutive singles loaded the bases for the Cubs. Hembree buckled down and struck out Patrick Wisdom after running the count full. He followed up by striking out David Bote, too. The shutout was not destined to happen on this night, though, as Robinson Chirinos singled into left and two runners crossed the plate to make it a 12-2 game. Jason Heyward followed with an RBI double to make it 12-3 and bring on a pitching change as Jeff Hoffman took over for Hembree who saw his ERA jump to 6.38 after the outing because Hoffman allowed both runners left on the bases to score by serving up a double to Ian Happ. A ground out would finally end the inning with the Cubs scoring five runs and cutting the Reds lead to a touchdown.

Jeff Hoffman returned for the 9th inning and had a 14-5 lead to protect. He was able to do just that, getting a fly out to center, a ground out to third, and a fly out to right as Cincinnati picked up their 65th win of the year and moved to 10 games over .500 on the season.

Notes worth noting

The Cincinnati Reds have scored at least 10 runs in seven different starts for Wade Miley this season. That ties the all-time Reds record that is also held by Jack Harper from 1904. This stat provided by the fat-fingered Joel Luckhaupt.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday August 17, 7:10pm ET

Kyle Hendricks (13-5, 4.15 ERA) vs Vladimir Gutierrez (8-3, 3.95 ERA)

156 Responses

  1. Arthur

    Wasn’t India a big HR guy for the Gators in college??

    I don’t think a power surge from him is a big surprise. He just keeps getting better every week.

    It would be a great injustice if he doesn’t get ROY.

    • Cartel

      Yes he was a stud at Florida. Supplied the power. Fun to watch play.

    • DaveCT

      I remember it took him three years to break out. And when he did …

      He’s pretty much on schedule, all thi gs considered.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Well, he had his share of HR’s at Florida but was an average and on base machine, plus a very good third baseman. I always enjoyed watching him play. That’s why when a bunch of folks on this site were trying to include him in every off season trade they could come up with I told them they were crazy!

  2. kevinz

    Ever since India and Stephenson.
    Mentioned about turning on more Pitches.
    They sure have done that more Lately.
    Fun team Love to watch play.
    Congrats Votto On 2000th hit.
    Go Reds,

  3. beelicker

    Yuck … Padres just tied it 5-5 with a 3 run homer with 2 out in the 9th

    • Indy Red Man

      Walkoff CJ Cron. Pads are in a freefall

    • beelicker

      And Rockies walk off with their own HR 6-5! 1.5 back of WC2 and 1 in the loss column

      • beelicker

        Pirate @Dodgers locked up at zero bottom of the 5th as a 2 out 2 on Pirate threat dies … some deal where the Dodger starter only pitched an inning and the guy who came on throws 92

  4. Jeff Morris

    A first grader even knows which Reds bullpen pitchers should be in there for high leverage situations and low leverage situations. Proof. Look at what Doolittle did last Saturday vs the Phillies and what Hembree did tonight vs the Cubs. They should do an amendment of the contracts for Doolittle, Hembree, and Brach that says ” You will only pitch when the Reds have a Big Lead.”

    • Alan Horn

      Add Garrett to that list. On the good side we have Lorenzen, Givens, Wilson and Antone almost ready. Congrats to Votto on 2,000, India just keeps performing and Miley also. I see 3 positions we need to upgrade on next season. 3B, CF(maybe) and a LH reliever. If Castellanou doesn’t return then a forth will be RF. Bring Barnhart, Loerenzen, Givens, Farmer, Naquin and Wilson back also.


    Better yet it says none of those 3 pitch at all, oh yeah Garrett also, shame is Santallian should be up for any of those 4

    • Alan Horn

      Didn’t see your comment when I commented. Agree.

  6. CFD3000

    Suarez with another 0-fer on a night when literally every one of the starting eight had at least one hit. Can we please have Barrero at SS tomorrow, Moustakas at 3rd to face the righty Hendricks, and Suarez at center bench? Also, Hembree just confirming tonight who will leave to make room for Antone, but I’m going to continue campaigning for an 8 man bullpen to let Senzel join the Reds as well.

    Nice win in a stretch when the Reds need to win at least 5 of 7 against weak competition. Nice milestone for Joey Votto, and good to see him get #2000 quickly after 1999 to blow by that stressful hurdle. Nice bounce back start for Miley, nice night for India after a couple of tough games in Philly. Can’t wait for tomorrow and more Reds baseball. Go Reds!

    • SultanofSwaff

      7 LOB by Geno. Twice with a runner on third and less than 2 outs didn’t get the man in.

      • Grand Salami

        That’s fundamental baseball. Even if Moose is down, then let JB man SS and move Farmer to 3rd.

      • Bet on Red

        Geno did walk twice and scored twice. We can take that on a night he dominated.

      • LGR

        Twice looking at strike 3. The one was practically down the middle. Although Moose did the same stuff the prior day, so.. maybe it’s just a 3rd base thing.

      • 2020ball

        Moose hasn’t looked good since his return, worrisome. Suarez honestly looks like the better choice right now. I’d love to see a Barrero/Farmer left side one night though.

    • realist

      I figured it out. Suarez and Votto are besties and since Votto is the purebred racehorse, Suarez is his goat left in the lineup to keep Votto happy and content. So the Reds have an MVP and an LVP in the lineup at the same time. Can think of any other reason for the Reds to play the least valuable player in the league every game and bat him 5th.

      • Alan Horn

        I have thought the same. However, it could be the owner, kwral or Bell. It would have to be one or more of the above. Whomever it is they are doing the team and the fans a disservice.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Castellini, Krall and then Bell are keeping Suarez in the lineup. It’s all about the Benjamins.

      • Alan Horn

        If true, they are only going to look worse and worse because if the situation hasn’t improved by now it is not going to.

      • Still a Red

        You know, Heyward has never quite lived up to his big Cubs contract and he plays nearly everyday…and they didn’t, couldn’t dump him at the deadline. So, it could be a $$ thing that keeps Suarez and Heyward in the line up, or it could be a hope that they will recover some former performance. Maybe Suarez will, if not this year, next. I’d say Heyward is an example of someone that hasn’t. At least Suarez is not a Billy Hamilton, and I like Billy but he had to go.

    • 2020ball

      heh, i didnt look at numbers, ive not liked some of his ABs ive seen but m usually working during the games too.

  7. SultanofSwaff

    A bit unnerving to see how pathetic the Cubs are, but I’ll get used to it!

    Wade Miley is everything Sonny Gray was last year.

    That was some kind of at-bat for barrero to coax the walk after being down 0-2.

    Don’t look now but the Punisher’s ops is over .800.

    If there’s any hope to win the division the Reds gotta keep kicking these bad teams while they’re down.

    • CFD3000

      That last statement couldn’t be more true Sultan. The Reds schedule (and especially relative to the Brewers and Padres) gives them an opening to win a wildcard berth – that SHOULD happen – but also a shot at the division title. But they MUST win nearly all their games against these really weak opponents. They took care of business tonight. Bring on the Cubs again tomorrow!

    • Jim Walker

      And the Punisher was 2-2 plus a walk versus RH pitching by my quick count.

    • TR

      The present version of the Cubs are a reminder of their pennant drought of 70 years from 1945 to 2016,

      • Still a Red

        Cubs had some great players during the time…don’t have any at the moment.

  8. Doc4uk

    DFA Hembree and Doolittle immmediately. SanMartin and Moreta and Santillan and then Antone replaces Garrett. Then we are ready to roll into the playoffs

  9. Grand Salami

    Congratulations to Joey! Those milestone numbers are great for his HOF resume.

    The Reds 1st baseman on their all time team list was who? Klu? Casey?

    Joey joins Joe and Barry as obvious now on the IF.

    • CFD3000

      Next best Reds first baseman is clearly Tony Perez. But Votto is better at almost every aspect of hitting except (so far) longevity.

      • Optimist

        Perhaps what’s more interesting is that if you’re under 50 it’s a lot closer than you think, but if you’re older it’s really not as close as you think.

        I don’t treat analytics as absolutes, and it’s a very different era, but the WAR, 7 year peak WAR, and JAWS reveal Votto’s status.

    • Alan Horn

      I would go with Votto as the all time great Red’s 1B. I wasn’t on board with that until this season. He would be followed by Big Klu and Doggie in my opinion. That is from about 1950 on. I can’t speak for the old timers.

      • DataDumpster

        I loved Tony Perez but figured Votto would have much better stats. Tony was the 2-strike clutch hitter who took a very low number of walks. He also had very good longevity as he was used effectively in about every other game in his later years.
        Just for comparison, I estimated (with quick math and EOY projections for Joey) some stats for Votto and Perez during their 15 years of playing time;
        Hits; 2040/2100 (Tony slightly ahead)
        Runs; 1100/1030 (Joey slightly ahead)
        RBI; 1070/1280 (Tony way ahead)
        OBP; .937/.804 (Joey way ahead)
        Tony Perez cleared the 75% mark for the HOF voting in his 9th try. So many other modern stats will be used when Joey gets consideration but I think it comes down to this. Tony rarely if ever got injured and picked up 600 more hits after his 15 year mark. If Joey can keep some of this year’s magic for another year or two and/or obtain a good portion of the longevity that Perez showed, he’s in. Otherwise, the bar is high, as it should be. In any event, he is still arguably the best Red’s player outside of the BRM era and that’s quite a career…. and this year ain’t over yet.

      • Jim Walker

        Don’t miss Frank McCormick from the mid 1930s thru Mid 40s. he had 27.9 bWAR as a Reds player vs Klu’s 30 playing for the Reds. McCormick also won an MVP award (1940).

        to close the loop, Perez had 45.6 bWAR as a Reds player.

  10. Jim Walker

    This Reds team is turning into something incredible regardless of whether they get into the postseason. They have been very resilient in the face of a terrible bullpen. Guys get hurt but they just keep going. Then today not only did a key guy go down; but, there was also all controversy surrounding the Senzel situation and the recall of Barrero instead (plus the added intrigue of whether Barrero would be installed as starting SS). Yet, they just went out and played their game.

    • Rednat

      yes, after the first 2 weeks of the season when they won the first 5/6 then dropped the next 6. i was telling myself this season could be like the 1982 season or the 1999 magical run or anything in between. i think this team offensively compares very well to the 1999 team and may be a little deeper actually

    • TR

      Yes, this Red’s team is going to cast a positive shadow on the NL and baseball in the coming years.

  11. James

    I saw that the Reds will play the Cubs in next year’s Field of Dreams game. I don’t have social media, so someone feel free to steal this idea and pass it along. How great would it be for the players to wear the jerseys of Hall of Fame/Legends for their teams? This year we could have seen Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and DiMaggio(jerseys) walk out of the corn field. And next year, Bench behind the plate catching Jonny VanDermeer, with Morgan at 2nd, Larkin at short and Rose at 3rd. MLB needs to make this happen!

      • James

        I know there are many others in the Reds’ long history. Just throwing some out there. And I wouldn’t want the BRM to hold every position.

      • beelicker

        That was already clear with JVD and Larkin and identifying Rose with his more common incarnation as an outfielder might even subtly accomplish the same notion. Thematically, you might also want to consider limiting such jersey assignments to actual ‘ghost’ players?

  12. beelicker

    Oh man … top 7th this guy Graterol with the 1o1+ mph sinker plunks Polanco, the #8 man scraches out a hit to SS, pinch hitter sac bunts into a throwing error allowing in a run with runners to 2nd & 3rd … lineout, strikeout, IBB and the bases are loaded and now a pitching change to face the Pirate cleanup hitter … crap, one pitch, one out Pirates up 1-o

    • beelicker

      solo homer Dodgers tie it right up, now bottom 8th

      • beelicker

        Dodgers take offense at these puny delusional Pirates, another homer makes it 2-1 and now heading to the top 9th

  13. James

    If I counted correctly, Hembree has now allowed at least 1 run (earned or otherwise) in 20 of his 43 appearances. He has also allowed 4 (of 16) inherited runners to score. I did notice that he didnt allow any runs in his first 8 appearances. Is this good?

    • Hotto4Votto

      From his call up at end of April to the last week of June Hembree essentially was the pitcher we see now on his season stats. He allowed 15 ER in 22.2 IP for a 5.96 ERA. Then, Hembree had a really good stretch from the end of the June up to the last week of July. From June 28th-July 24th he pitched 12.2 innings giving up 2 ER (1.42 ERA). But since then he has fallen off a cliff. From July 26-present he has given up runs in 7 of the 9 appearances, with a total of 13 ER in 7 IP for an ERA of 16.71.
      He was well below average for 2 months. Really good for a month, and an unmitigated disaster for the last 3 weeks. Hopefully not for much longer. It was a nice stretch there in July, but in the end it amounted to just under 13 innings while his other 30 innings have been very poor.

      • Scott C

        I know, it seems as if the Reds are just hoping Hembree and Doolittle turn it around but at this point they are both disasters. I hear a lot about not wanting to upset the chemistry but this has to be grating on the rest of the team to battle so hard and not even be able to think a 14 run lead is safe.

  14. Rednat

    i was waiting for somebody on RLN but I haven’t seen any recent conversations about the topic.

    Bell has to find some playing time for Stephenson. I want his bat in the line up everyday. if he had the same number of at bats as India we could easily have co -ROY.

    Joey is on fire so 1b is out.

    I remember Sparky playing Johnny Bench all over the place just to get his bat in the line up including outfield.

    Stephenson looks like he is athletic enough to play a corner outfield position so maybe Bell needs to try that. maybe 3b?

    • LGR

      I agree. I’d prefer it more on days Farmer had off Which could be a few now that Barrero is up. Savant has Stephenson’s foot speed a few tics above Winkers so.. if that tells you anything.

    • beelicker

      His predraft scouting reports from HS generally assume/insinuate/project from his size/frame athleticism he’d possibly benefit from ‘growing out’ of catching stressors eventually. 3B could be an option but probably not this season. Both Reds’ corner OFs having generated -1.o ish defensive WAR values so far this season justifies such a LF potential platoon experiment shouldn’t be completely ruled out

      His superhuman 2o21 catching-only splits .33o/.393/.5oo vs his 1B-only splits .188/.371/.2o8 this season might say something about how taking on a newish position on the fly might affect his offense during the learning stages?

      • Jim Walker

        Stephenson doesn’t look like a platoon player. His handedness splits this year are almost neutral, they are close enough his wRC+ grades out the same, 121, each way (Fangraphs). A team has to find a solution that plays a guy like this every day.

      • beelicker

        That’s the thing, the physical grind of the catching position nearly demands lending itself to a shared workload, so it’s not necessarily the handedness issue that drives some degree of sharing. Stephenson’s splits from first base and pinch hitting (so far) are what have dragged down his combined batting splits. Catching only, he’s been Kal-El of Krypton.

      • old-school

        Stephenson played a lot of games at first base in May when Joey Votto was injured. He’s not playing any first base now virtually with Votto healthy. That also coincided with a small sample size of time when he was struggling at the plate. India struggled then too.

        That’s more due to a rookie early in the season trying to find his way.

        Association is not cause and effect.

        Ice cream sales and sunburns increase together. That doesnt mean ice cream causes sunburns.

        If you put Stephenson back at first base , he wouldn’t suddenly become a bad hitter. Its just as likely Stephenson was sad that Votto was hurt and that made him hit poorly or Stephenson cant hit in the month of May as Stephenson cant hit if he plays first base.

    • wkuchad

      No way I play Stephenson anywhere but C and 1B (at least the rest of this year). He’s been playing a lot more at C lately, but Barnhart will always start when Miley pitches, which I’m 100% fine with based on Miley’s season.

      • Alan Horn

        Agree. You would be taking a larger risk of injury if you put him in the OF. Plus, he is not that fast.

      • Jim Walker

        Stephenson is almost neutral in handedness splits. Just flip the tables by having him catch everyone but Miley and one other game a week decided by circumstances such as a day after night game or a particularly difficult RH opposing pitcher.

  15. Reddawg2012

    Is there a chance that David Bell is worried about destroying the clubhouse culture if Suarez stops getting regular playing time? I’m not trying to be funny or complain. I’m a DB fan and I think he’s smart, so I can’t find any other reason why Geno would continue to play with so much regularity. The guy just looks lost and there are better options to replace him. We are in the middle of a playoff race! And Geno would be a great bat to have off the bench.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well for one thing the Reds have faced alot of lefties lately. 4 on the 7 game road trip we just finished. I’m also guessing they don’t want to push Moose 5-6 games in a row, but who knows? I’d run Moose out there as much as possible. Geno is not fixable this season.

      I hammer this everyday, but a 14 man staff is stupid. Garrett has 2 innings in August and Wilson hasn’t pitched in a week? Call up Senzel or Schrock and give them some at-bats at 3B too. Geno/Moose are our twin Jason Heywards….overpaid and untradeable

      • Arthur

        A 9 man bullpen is absurd. All of baseball knows that three of them should never be used in a close game. Even Bell has figured that out. So why are they on the team??

        If you have reasonably strong starters, and the Reds do have good starters, a 6 or 7 man bullpen is sufficient. That would allow two more position players to come up who might actually help this team. Perhaps Mr Senzel and Mr Lopez or Mr Inciarte.

        It makes no sense at all to have three roster spots occupied by players who cannot help your team win.

    • 2020ball

      Well he clearly is respecting some sort of clubhouse culture by not benching him, I’d imagine most of the other guys in the clubhouse would tend to agree with it as well. If he just gives up on Suarez and benches him for a week, I think there would be many guys wondering “gee, if I struggle will he just do the same to me and not let me work out of it?” Him hitting a dinger every now and again is whats ultimately keeping him in the lineup, that and he hasn’t been bad defensively at 3B.

      That said I think its been long enough of a slump that it can be done as long as you’re playing him sometimes (something every manager should do with their bench anyway). I’d prefer to see Barrero play now that he’s up, and the message was sent by him getting the nod over Senzel – The Reds do believe in this guy as the future at SS. I’m sure we will begin seeing Barrero semi-regularly; I’m hoping he does something with the opportunity and that is ultimately what will get Bell to bench Suarez. If Moose didn’t look so off so far it might have already happened by now.

      • Brian Rutherford

        This. This is just the opinion of one clueless fan, but I think that is exactly what makes DB a good manager. There are guys out there that would be thinking of their own job (and ego) and not staying with the players that brought you to the party. DB has to know that he is getting crucified by fans and media for allowing Geno the time to push through it but is willing to shoulder the responsibility of his decisions. This is the kind of leadership that builds camaraderie has everyone rowing in the same direction. There are other guys who wouldn’t give a squat about Geno, his career or his value to the team. I don’t think Farmer would have been given the extended opportunity either. Some decisions require nuance and willingness to live with criticism to get the best results.

      • Roger garrett

        Eugenia is playing cause Bob says so.Sure he is liked but he isn’t doing his job and he doesn’t appear to being trying to change his approach at the plate.That to me says I am about me and not about the team.Its a team sport and we need all guys to help and he doesn’t

      • Still a Red

        I’m sorry, but as bad a Geno is hitting and leaving men on base…it has not yet hurt the team that much (perhaps it did earlier in the season and we’d be in a better place now). Suarez did get benched a couple days. Kicking him aside, while the team is performing would be counterproductive. Kudos for to Bell for managing the situation as well as he has.

      • RojoB

        “I think there would be many guys wondering “gee, if I struggle will he just do the same to me and not let me work out of it?” “

        I would hope that at this point every player realizes that Suárez has gotten way more of a fair shake than any two or three players could ever hope to get. He’s had 100+ games to “work out if it.”

        If he benched Suárez in May or even June I could see that. But it’s the third week of August

      • RojoB


        We have no way of knowing whether or not it has hurt the team to have Suárez play all the time—unless a super stat guy knows how to figure it out

      • 2020ball


        Yeah for sure, but no ones really pushing him off 3B yet. He’s been our best choice for defense there even with the offensive struggles, which might matter to me more than others.

    • greenmtred

      You ask a question with no obvious answer. Clubhouse culture could certainly be a factor, as it appears to be very good and very important to this Reds team. I can’t help wondering if he’s playing so much because of direction from management/ownership. But, of course, I don’t know.

      • Arthur

        I think that ownership has more control over who plays than we realize.

        Maybe Bell has been given the word “I’m paying him (Suarez) so you’re playing him.”

        Yes, he has hit 23 HR, but everything else about his game is sub-par. His average is historically bad, he can’t run, and he is going to lead to world in runners left on base. He may even take a run at the single-season strikeout record. And remember – he wasn’t very good last season, either. This was supposed to be a “bounce back” year.

        This problem should have been addressed in May or June when it was clear that Suarez isn’t in a “slump.” He’s not hitting into bad luck. He’s just flat-out not hitting. And it is costing the team runs, and wins. A well-run team wouldn’t ignore this – it would address the problem.

  16. Mark Moore

    Stopped commenting but watched it to the end and even the interview with Day and India. It just kept getting better and better.

    Back at it tonight. Employee #19 certainly clocked in and did his job yesterday. I’m sure he’s up to the task again tonight.

    • redsfan4040

      Employee #19 really enjoys his matchup tonight with Kyle Hendricks. 1.375 OPS against him in his career. 13-34 with 4 homers, 14 walks.

    • redsfan4040

      Antone was with the Reds in the dugout last night. Hopefully that means he’s fully rehabbed, and the easy roster move seems to be DFA Hembree (or phantom IL move) and activate Antone.

      • Alan Horn

        I noticed him also. Hope they activate him soon and he is healed and effective agian.

      • LGR

        AAA was also off yesterday, so maybe he just made the trip with Barrero. I’d assume if he was ready, he would have been activated yesterday. I think he’ll pitch a few more games for the Bats before they activate him.

      • redsfan4040

        He pitched for and threw 19 pitches Sunday for Louisville. If activated he probably wouldn’t have pitched yesterday.

        I agree he may yet still have some rehab appearances. Just looked and he hasn’t pitched on back to back days yet.

  17. Dennis Westrick

    If Bell is compelled to play Geno (aka Sir StrandsALot) all I wish is that he would move him lower in the batting order! I am amazed that Suarez continues to strand a small village of baserunners night after night. He refuses to make adjustments at the plate when the situation calls for just making contact (i.e. runner at 3rd, less than 2 outs). Case in point, Votto’s adjustment in his batting approach this year to forego the walks and hit for power!

    • Still a Red

      Mmmms…refuses might be a little wrong. We don’t know what he and the hitting coaches are working on. It is clear, yes, that it’s not working or he is unable to do it, but its not fair to say he’s refusing. Also, we can’t compare his ability to adjust with Votto’s…not many can do that.

  18. scotly50

    “Playing, (Bell), an inferior player, (Suarez), is needed to keep clubhouse moral up.” Come on these guys are not children. They are professional players making millions of dollars. Put the best talent on the field. It will come back and bite them.

    The Cardinals are ONLY 1 game behind us in the loss column. I have not heard anyone mention this. We may overtake the Padres but be overtaken by the Cards.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Thank you. Let’s not forget that over 7 years of losing we were told that the clubhouse culture was good and positive. TALENT is what wins, period.

    • DataDumpster

      Agree, I have to assume that players are more interested in winning than somebody’s feeling being hurt but my millennial children keep reminding me otherwise. We are all similarly clueless about David Bell’s strategy but the results have been very good in this run in spite of a lot of deadwood still drifting along unimpeded.
      We know Bell is very deliberate, gives every chance for rehabilitation, and likes tinkering rather than decisive action. Expect some meaningful moves only when his hand is forced by callups, the 2 player MLB expansion Sept. 1 and the composition of the playoff roster. Thus far, the Padres look very vulnerable and so a wild card berth may be enough for Bell to receive an extended contract… without hurting Geno’s feelings and just maybe he’ll hit a dinger or two off the bench in a key situation.

    • 2020ball

      I think it can be both, they aren’t children if they believe in a teammate. Hopefully moose and barrero push him to the bench more but they need to hit for that to happen. Then it’s an easy accepted solution.

  19. Hotto4Votto

    Love getting a laugher of a win in on the Cubbies. I really want to get back to saying “cubs gonna cub” more often.
    Congrats to Joey Votto on a milestone hit. It’s been amazing to watch him play and interact with the fans. I look forward to congratulating him on more milestones in the future.
    Everyone contributed something on offense tonight. (Even Suarez with 2 BBs). Miley pitched a gem. The only blemish on the night was Hembree, but I’d guess he won’t be a blemish much longer for the Reds. Good to see Barrero work a tough walk last night. Kid is going to be good.

  20. realist

    Has any reporter ever asked Bell why he is playing Suarez?

    • wkuchad

      No, because reporters know the answer.

      Yes, Suarez is having a bad year. He’s been a below-average hitter. But look at recent history. He’s been the Reds’ best hitter for a while. He’s not old, and he’s signed for a few more years. You certainly don’t DFA the guy. Many great players have a bad year. And his playing time has been decreasing. OPS in 2017, 2018, and 2019 was outstanding. Yes, it was down a little last year (.781), but that’s still above average and same as Castellanos last year.

      I think he should be sitting several days a week (and think he will be going forward), but the constant DFA suggestions make no sense.

      • Alan Horn

        He really hasn’t hit since his injury in the off season a few years back.

      • AllTheHype

        I’m not seeing DFA suggestions regarding Suarez here, and certainly not “constant DFA suggestions”. Many are suggesting a benching, or at a minimum stop putting him in the middle of the lineup, ever, this year.

      • Chris Holbert

        How do they know how old he really is? Could that be a factor?

  21. Mark A Verticchio

    Been talking about the Cardinals threat for days. Their schedule has really helped them, won 8 of 9 = Royals for 6, Pirates for 3. Following this current 3 game series with Brewers they have 7 vs Pirates and 2 with Tigers. The positive is their September schedule is somewhat tougher but they still have 7 with Cubs. Starting tonight they play the Brewers 13 times, not sure who to root for, but leaning toward the Brewers. The bottom line is the Reds just have to win especially the 6 vs Cardinals and 3 with Brewers. Regardless it’s nice to play meaningful games this time of year.

    • Doc4uk

      Yes a little nervous about cards and I think we have to root for Brewers when they ply the cards

      • Jim Walker

        I’m thinking a 7-6 or 8-5 split the Cardinals way in their games with the Brewers would best serve the Reds interests. If the Reds can’t stay ahead of the Cards and makeup ground on the Brewers with that breakdown, they aren’t going to going to catch the Padres either.

        The Cards had a run of soft games and made the most of it. The Reds have to do the same with their soft runs. The Reds have 24 games with Pirates (9), Marlins (7), Cubs (5) and Tigers (3). Is it crazy to think the Reds have a legitimate shot of winning as many as 18 of those? If they do that and split their other games down the middle, they end up at 92 wins. If that is not enough, so be it.

  22. west larry

    What a great player Jonathon India is ! He may look like a guy on a grand theft auto wanted poster, but he’s an awesome second baseman. Give Bell credit not only for playing him, but for moving him to the leadoff spot in the lineup. Genius! I’ve been a reds fan for a long time. Johnny Temple was the first great second baseman I remember, followed by the likes of Rose, Morgan and now India. And we have other great rookies like Stevenson, perhaps Barrios, and a minor league system apparently teaming with good prospects, both position players and pitchers. What a exciting time time to be a reds fan! If India doesn’t win ROY, it would be grand theft trophy.

    • Jimbo44CN

      No, who he looks like is Captain Jack Sparrow. And it’s a great look for the kid. What a rookie!!

      • west larry

        Intentionally. He tried to undermine the team once he became unhappy with his contract, et al

      • Indy Red Man

        Everybody wants to get paid. BP was a very good player for the Reds.

      • Alan Horn

        The Reds really shafted Phillips. He signed a low team friendly contract with the Reds and if I remember correctly they turned around and signed Votto for twice the amount(not Votto’s fault but the Reds). Still, I would only place Phillips behind Morgan for the greatest modern time Reds second baseman.

      • Old Big Ed

        Votto got paid twice as much because he was twice the player. Phillips had 7992 PAs in MLB; Votto now has 7974.

        Phillips had a slash line of .275/.320/.420, for a .740 OPS and a OPS+ of 95, in a hitter’s ballpark. Votto has slashed .303/.417/.520, for a .937 OPS and an OPS+ of 148. Phillips had one season in which his OPS+ exceeded 105; he was essentially a league average offensive player. Votto exceeded an OPS+ 150 in 8 of 9 seasons in his prime.

        Phillips had 614 XBHs; Votto has 769, or more than 25% more. Phillips grounded into 244 DPs; Votto has grounded into 156. A great defender, Phillips amassed bWAR of 28.4, with a 162-game average of 2.4. Votto has a 63.1 bWAR, with a 162-game average of 5.5.

        Phillips was a lot of things, but he was not underpaid.

  23. Westfester

    I remember right after the Cubs won the series that I told my Cubs fan friends, “congratulation, you’ll never look at your team the same way again.” Now, they’re no longer the lovable losers. They’re just losers. BTW, the Ricketts are so “broke” they just got a loan from the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago to help them build a sportsbook in Wrigleyville, which they own. This was the day after they dismantled the on field product.

    • RojoB

      Yeah for me they lost the “loveable” because their fans forgot where they came from and got all kinds of cocky and obnoxious.

      No more sympathy from me

  24. Dennis Westrick

    Cards, like the Reds, are getting healthy! They have Flaherty back, their stud pitcher, and they WILL play a role in the Reds playoff chances in the NL Central and the NL Wild Card races.

    • Jim Walker

      Cards are getting healthy but they can’t ship their players to Cubs, Pirates, Marlins and Tigers who the Reds play 24 of their remaining 42 against while the Cards play 21 against the Brewers (13), Dodgers (4) and Padres (3). The Reds will cover the Cards unless they fall flat overall or lose more than 4 of the 6 head to head vs them.

      • Dennis Westrick

        I like the way you think Jim! Respected the Cards back in the 60’s & 70″s but now I just view them as the NY Yankees of the NL.

  25. Michael Spriggs

    So yes this is getting way ahead of where the Reds are now but if they do get into the Wild Card game don’t they have to start Wade Miley? Who would have thought a 80+ mph flamethrower would be the staff ace this year? The team certainly seems to score for him. Hulk smash!

    • wkuchad

      We may not have a choice who we start, unless we were able to lock it up far enough in advance. There’s a good chances we’re playing meaningful games until the end.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Again, Tom Glavin and Greg Maddux of the Braves were VERY effective without an overpowering fastball.

    • LGR

      If it’s a road game and we have a choice, I find it hard to believe the answer isn’t Mahle.

      • Arthur

        Correct. If the game is on the road in a place like LA, with a big OF, I think you have to go with Mahle. He has been dynamite on the road all season long. Although, in fairness, Miley or Castillo wouldn’t be bad options either.

        That we are even having a discussion about which starter would be best in a playoff series is pretty cool.

  26. SOQ

    You always have to go with your best available pitcher to win that particular day-if it is a must win game. So yes, if it is a one game playoff and Miley is available, you gotta pitch him.

  27. Roger Garrett

    Regardless of what happens going forward thus has been the most excited I have been about a Reds team in years.Every position player has performed better then expected except one and I will not go in to that.In addition our future is bright with a young core to build around along with pitching depth in the minors.Most of us will look at this year as what it could have been if Bob had done his part but it is what it is so we play on.With a few additions and a few being let go this team could be ready for a long run of competing starting in 2022.It will again be up to Bob however and his willingness to eat some salaries and play guys that are just better.I will finish by saying Votto has done some things this year that at his age is almost unheard of.He has brought professionalism and is running around like a kid at the same time.Could be because of what he sees on the field every day.This team has young talent and everybody can see it.

  28. burtgummer01

    The Reds were predicted to finish 4th.They started the year with the worst bp in mlb.A rash of injuries and a cheap owner have made things difficult,but here they are in the thick of the playoff race and some not very smart people here are still whining about Bell
    If the Reds get in he has a good chance at manager of the year (that’s a big if)

    • RojoB

      Now—if we can’t blame Bell for losing, why should we be allowed to credit him for winning?

      It’s all about player execution is what we hear

    • Dennis Westrick

      I respect your opinion but I am puzzled! Name me another MLB manager, past or present, who would A) have a player hitting .172 in the starting lineup on a regular basis and B) have that same player batting 5th in the lineup! Asking for a friend!
      PS: that player leads ALL of MLB in runners left in scoring position!

      • Indy Red Man

        Bell has dropped him down in the order many times. It also hasn’t helped that Moose/Senzel have been out for most of the season. The game is littered with underperforming guys with big contracts and their teams keep playing them normally. I would think they would sit him vs rhp and hope Moose warms up, but who knows?

      • Old Big Ed

        Well, World Series champion manager Dave Roberts has played Cody Bellinger all year, when not injured, to similar results. Bellinger has hit .147 in 96 ABs in the 4-hole.

        I would prefer Schrock or Lopez at 3B, for the record. The answer to your challenge, though, is “Dave Roberts.”

    • burtgummer01

      If they do get in it’ll be the second time in back to back years since 1990 (if I’m remembering right of course)

      • Hotto4Votto

        Went back to back years in 2012 and 2013.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Oops, I see now that you said second time. My bad. Although for a second I thought they’d done so in the 90’s….but then I recalled the strike season.

    • TR

      If not mgr. of the yr., Bell will most likely be extended by Big Bob Castellini.

  29. beelicker

    That’s the thing, the physical grind of the catching position nearly demands lending itself to a shared workload, so it’s not necessarily the handedness issue that drives some degree of sharing. Stephenson’s splits from first base and pinch hitting (so far) are what have dragged down his combined batting splits. Catching only, he’s been Kal-El of Krypton.

  30. LGR

    Barrero not starting, again. Sigh. I’m surprised they stuck with India throughout the year with the way they treat some Rookies.

    • RedsMonk65

      Disappointed as well. But at least Suarez is not in there for a change (Moose instead):

      Jonathan India (R) 2B
      Joey Votto (L) 1B
      Nick Castellanos (R) RF
      Tyler Stephenson (R) C
      Mike Moustakas (L) 3B
      Kyle Farmer (R) SS
      Tyler Naquin (L) LF
      Shogo Akiyama (L) CF
      Vladimir Gutierrez (R) P

      Barrero’s day will come — and hopefully soon. At some point, India, Farmer or even Suarez/Moose will need another day off.

      • JA

        Shogo and AA have better numbers than Naquin vs KH … let’s see

      • beelicker

        With the Reds and many teams, it’s lefty batters vs RHP whenever possible, i.e. with this team, only the righties India, Castellanos and Farmer (and formerly Saurez) are going to play nearly everyday, same as lefties Votto and Winker are the lefties that nearly always play vs LHP (although Winker is exceptionally weaker vs LHP so some platooning should be considered, except Aquino has also been the only RH ‘regular’ platoon OF sub, so Winker generally starts all the time) … there are various valid reasons for this and the Reds are generally a lefty batter-centric organization

      • Alan Horn

        What’s the difference? A SO is a SO. Suarez does play better defense.

      • beelicker

        Saurez wore KH out in 2o2o .8oo/.833/1.6oo .. 4 for 5 double, HR … yet o for 5 against him here in 2o21

  31. MBS

    No Barrero? No Aquino? I have no clue what the reasoning is behind this.

    • burtgummer01

      As far as Aquino goes the 3 starters today are all better than he is
      Barrero will have his day give him some ph for a couple games then throw him to the wolves

      • MBS

        Better how?
        Aquino .821 OPS
        Naquin .750 OPS
        Akiyama .575 OPS

        Akiyama does play a nice OF, but Aquino is faster, and plays defense far better than Naquin.

        I agree Barrero will get his day, but playing against a AAA Cubs team seems to be the right time.

      • Bet on Red

        its the pitcher. It’s a soft-tossing right which is exactly the type that Shogo does hit well and get on base alot against.

      • 2020ball

        AA is not faster than Shogo. Still, I’d have him in CF today personally, but thunder off the bench is always nice.

      • beelicker

        Aquino would be perceived to have less chance of success against a featured breaking ball veteran pitcher such as Hendricks

    • Dennis Westrick

      Patience grasshopper! (from the TV series Kung Fu)

      • MBS

        Well Barrero can pick the pebble from Farmers hand already. lol

    • wkuchad

      Aquino should always start against a lefty. But against a righty, it’s a toss up between him, Naquin, and Shogo to me. Not worth losing sleep over.

      I prefer Barrero to start today, but India was eased in, and now starts pretty much every game. That’s turned out pretty well. Barrero will get his shot.

    • Old Big Ed

      Kyle Hendricks is the Wade Miley of righthanders, and those guys can befuddle aggressive young hitters. Plus, starting Farmer today will allow Barrero to start the day game after the night game, and effectively give Farmer 2 full days’ rest between starts. Finally, doing it this way preserves both Barrero and Aquino to hit later if needed against the Cubs’ awful bullpen.

      I’d rather see Barrero every day myself, but I am guessing that is the logic behind it.

      • Alan Horn

        Me as well. Barreo’s sample size is going to be really small already at the ML level this season.

      • Old Big Ed

        Barring injury, Barrero will be the SS next season and for the next several seasons. Farmer knows that, and Bell knows that.

        I generally think that Bell is just trying to break Barrero in slowly and to keep the hype down and pressure off. I also think that Farmer is running on guts and fumes right now, and is an injury waiting to happen. Like a lot of things in baseball, these things tend to work themselves out, and this one will, too.

  32. DataDumpster

    I can’t get too excited about lineup criticism except in an aggregate sense. Remember, David Bell has so much more information than the rest of us so that is always a good excuse for whatever choices he makes even though he struggles to explain them if asked.
    Barrero will get decent time, Suarez much less, and Moose more than necessary as a last gasp effort to see if they can build some trade value for him during the offseason. Maybe this is good strategy for the long term even though odd scheduling makes a division title within the realm of realistic possibility this year. The analytics probably do point to locking up the wildcard and forgetting about the Bucs. This allows Bell a chance for a 1 game playoff series win, sense of fan optimism and the extension Bell has not yet earned.

  33. Alan Horn

    Santillan called up and Hembree DFA’ed. Freeman cleared waivers and was assigned outright to Louisville.

    • Alan Horn

      Now DFA another and call up Antone.

  34. Bet on Red

    Reds FO: Heath, your hurt.
    HH: No I’m not.
    Reds FO: ok, your fired

    • Alan Horn

      Some team desperate for pitching will pick him up and go through what we did.