The Cincinnati Reds have called up shortstop Jose Barrero. He’s taking the place on the 26-man roster of Jesse Winker who injured himself on a swing yesterday and is now dealing with an intercostal strain and has been placed on the 10-day injured list.

It was just yesterday that Reds General Manager Nick Krall said that Jose Barrero was still getting comfortable in Triple-A Louisville. Barrero, the 23-year-old shortstop, is currently hitting .305/.389/.584 for the Bats and has 19 doubles, a triple, 17 home runs, and 15 steals on the season between his stops in Double-A Chattanooga with the Lookouts and his time with Louisville this season in 80 games played.

The best defensive player on the roster with exception of Tucker Barnhart, Jose Barrero has done seemingly everything he can to show that he’s ready. His struggles in the last five weeks of the 2020 season were real. But he was also asked to do something that almost no one could do – jump to the big leagues without ever playing in Double-A or Triple-A. This season, though, Barrero has tore through both Double-A and Triple-A with no remorse for the feelings of the pitchers he faced off against.

The question may be, and likely is: How much will Jose Barrero play? Kyle Farmer has been the shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds most of the season. He’s done all that one could reasonably ask of him. Farmer has played a solid defensive shortstop – perhaps even better than solid. And his July at the plate was Barry Bonds-like. But even with an incredible July at the plate, Farmer’s posted an OPS+ of just 86 – meaning he’s still been 14% worse than the league average hitter. Since August began he’s hit just .259/.286/.389 with one walk.

Jose Barrero is the future shortstop of the Cincinnati Reds. He’s absolutely been killing the ball in the minor leagues this season. He’s the best defender at the shortstop position in the organization. No sanely run organization would, or should default to a 31-year-old who has had one good month at the plate in his entire career over a stud top rated 23-year-old prospect who has killed the ball in Triple-A – which we wrote about just a few days ago. This is where you hand the keys to Barrero and let him show you that he’s not the answer before you take them back from him.

Update: 3:45pm

Manager David Bell said that the plan is to use Jose Barrero off of the bench.

“I think the way I see it, number one, this team has played well and the players on this team have played well to be in this position we’re in,” said Bell on Monday afternoon. “No one’s looking to disrupt anything. We’re always looking to get better, we’re looking to have the best team on the field. The fact that Jose can play third base, second base is going to help the situation. We’re day-to-day and I’m not going to look too far ahead, but it’ll happen. He can play some short, play some second, play some third and he’s going to come off the bench. We’ve had four bench players for a long time. The guys that aren’t starting the game, they factor in big to almost all of our games. I know it’s important to everyone who is starting, but some of these at-bats that these guys coming off the bench are getting, coming into the game and staying in the game – late in the game they make a big difference. I’m not too worried about finding playing time for him.”

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer followed up, stating: I don’t want to put words in your mouth but it sounds like you’re not calling Jose up to start him every single day at shortstop. Is that a good read of the situation?

“That’s right. Exactly. The guys that have been playing on a regular basis have done a great job. So it’s going to be a team effort and we’ll figure it out. We lost Wink today, but we did the best we could to keep our team as strong as we can without him.”

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  1. LGR

    They better let him play or so help me.

    • Eric Wormus

      They won’t. We all know they won’t. He’ll see some late inning defensive time, maybe pinch hit occasionally, and then go right back down to Louisville. It’s the Reds Way.

      • Indy Red Man

        Maybe Matt Moore changed things up a little bit? I hope so!

  2. realist

    No Sanely run organization would not replace Winker with Senzel either, or let Suarez and his feeble bat enter the line up against a pitcher regardless of handedness.

    • LGR

      There’s definitely something deeper going on with Senzel that we’re not aware of. Barrero is the hottest player we have at AAA to hopefully fill in the hole of missing Winkers spot in the lineup. It makes sense to me.

      • Indy Red Man

        Maybe a guy coming in cold like Inciarte and outhitting Senzel has led them to decide that a guy needs to produce to move up rather then rely on his #1st round status

      • Alan Horn

        One would think so but draft status and amount of contract seems to rule even with little or no production..

      • RojoB

        Dude he had knee surgery!

        How fast do most people recover from knee surgery? When did Inciarte have knee surgery, since we’re trying to compare the two?

        Since I read that C.Trent reported that Pat Kelley says Senzel is still favoring the knee, I think that is the real issue. He needs to heal, and bringing up Barrero makes sense with that in mind.

      • RojoB

        I apologize for my tone. A little silly of me. But the point is that I feel better about Senzel staying down if his knee is not well enough

      • beelicker

        With the 3 days to report thing and Louisville not playing Mondays maybe Senzel was in the wind, one way or the other?

      • Charles

        I agree, its an easy swap. Move Naquin to LF and bring back Senzel to CF. Shogo can platoon between them. Must be something bigger with Senzel.

      • Melvin

        The fact is Senzel is most likely not 100% and will not be the rest of the year. Votto tried to come back from a similar surgery, as i understand it, and was not close to himself the rest of the year.

  3. Indy Red Man

    Its about stinking time!! Farmer is not going to suddenly turn into Michael Young at 31. They could put Kyle in LF tonight! Turn him back into super utility like he’s supposed to be. If Barrero doesn’t hit then move him back.

    • RojoB

      How about Farmer at 3B and Suarez and Moose to left and right bench? That’s my vote

      • Indy Red Man

        Moose deserves a chance to get going! He hasn’t had a million opportunities like Geno. Farmer to LF also avoids L vs L matchups.

      • Melvin

        I agree. You can’t come close to putting Moose in the same category as Suarez. Geno has the second most PA on the team.

    • Tim

      This conversation from Bellis very telling. He’s thinking team psychology more than ability. It explains why Geno plays so often…he and Votto are close. Farmer is loved by the team. Right or wrong, this is what is driving a lot of the strategy.

      • greenmtred

        Well, Farmer leads the league in hits since the All-Star break, so there’s that.

  4. wkuchad

    I’ll be okay with Barrero not starting tonight and coming off the bench. BUT only tonight. It’s time to see what the rookie can do.

    Ready for Farmer to become a supersub. I’d let Farmer start against all lefty starting pitchers, either at 1st or 3rd. I’d start Farmer once a week at 2nd, giving India a breather – it’s been a long season.

    • beelicker

      Lefty starter tonight so all RH batters on deck… thankfully he’s a rookie hard thrower like that last one in Atlanta rather than the Philly junkerballer

  5. kevinz

    Play everyday or no call at all.
    Just one opinion on it.
    Hope does well.
    So have no choice to play him.

    • RojoB

      “ Play everyday or no call at all.”

      An organization with winning in mind does this. Will the Reds?

      Time will tell

      • kevinz

        Fair Point for sure.
        But they Did allow India and Stephenson to make the team.
        Both never even Played in AAA.
        So kinda gives me more hope.
        If Does well with Flashes.
        Think he will Play pretty often.

  6. Gonzo Reds

    I’d let him pinch hit and get coached up by Joey tonight and then start on Tuesday. Then Farmer moves to super-sub 4-5 days a week. It’s pretty easy, all the infielders get one day a week off with Farmer subbing in for them or subbing in for who moves around the diamond to cover.

    • Indy Red Man

      Rookie lefty tonight and Hendricks tomorrow

  7. Ahimsa

    Don’t see the point if they bring him up to ride the pine.

  8. MK

    I think the goal should be to put the best lineup on the field to win. Farmer has been a great part of the teams winning formula, from all reports a clubhouse favorite. So, I think you can have some internal problems if it appears Kyle is treated unfairly. Jose is going to be a star but is not yet. Maybe it is time to hurt Eigenio’s feeling and move Kyle there, or put him in left field.

    • Alan Horn

      100% to 3B for Farmer. Put the best team on the field.

  9. Jim walker

    What is going on with Senzel? That may be the biggest question here. They could have used the injury exemption to bring him up but chose otherwise.

    Waiting to see the be lineup.

    • wkuchad

      That’s the biggest question I have. Love that they’re bringing up Barrero, but why not Senzel too. You have at least two bullpen pitchers you can DFA (or IL). Something going on that we’re not privy to. Time for some of Doug’s investigative journalism.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It’s my opinion the front office currently ranks Barrero ahead of Senzel. That isn’t shocking, IMO. Senzel has had some good moments, and others not-so-good in his career to date. He’s no longer a can’t-miss guy.

      • Jim Walker

        But Senzel more closely fits the profile of what they need with Winker going down. He can play any OF spot and at least on a short term till injury reinforcements could arrive SS, plus 3B/2B in the infield.

        Beyond this, I agree that Senzel has used up the currency of being the #2 overall pick 5 years ago. Folks tend to latch on the flashes he has provided and overlook that he has had sustained issues staying on the field and has underperformed on the whole when he has been on the field.

      • beelicker

        I wonder if this “72 hours to report” thing requires a formal filing process or declaration, technically making him off limits to control (or enable the excuse to do do)? Then it would become a matter of palace intrigue in re just who is zoomin’ who here?

    • Scott C

      I have the same question. Senzel could have subbed in Center, 3B, 2B and SS, plus he would have brought some experience to the bench. Barreo’s only Big League experience is negative last year, he is young and needs to play not get one AB a game. Plus why do we continually have 9 pitchers in the pen.

  10. AllTheHype

    He’s an uber-prospect. He better play and not sit. The way the Reds’ FO has flubbed Suarez, bullpen, Bell, Senzel, et all does not give me confidence they will get this right.

  11. RedAlert

    Bout time !!! Don’t sit the kid on the bench – put him in the lineup . He doesn’t need an “adjustment day “ as Bell likes to call it . He was in the majors last year – put his name on the card Bell ! Can still play Farmer too !

    Hopefully Jesse back in 10 days or so . Need his stick in that lineup badly !

  12. Klugo

    I agree with all that about Barrero, but I’d rather have Winker right now. Hopefully, he’ll do the minimum on the IL. I’m also surprise this wasn’t Senzel today. Maybe getting this kid up so he’s eligible for postseason roster?

    • Alan Horn

      I would think need and getting the experience. They could have waited to Sept 1st and he would still have been eligible for the post season provided they dropped someone else on the roster. I hope Farmer either goes to 3B or LF or a combination of both.

  13. Hoyce

    As a fan. I wanna see barrero. Follow him everyday in milb. Kids gonna be good. But needs to play.
    Also I think the next most important player to call up is antone

    • LGR

      ..Obviously? He’s not ready yet. Maybe sometime during the Marlins series.

  14. Tom Mitsoff

    I have very mixed feelings. Farmer has done nothing to deserve a demotion. My concern all along has been, do you take a guy out of the lineup who has been playing well at the major league level for a guy who MIGHT play well at the major league level? With the move having been made, I think Barrero needs to be the starter. He should not be sitting anywhere after the last month he has had. It will either be a very good or very bad decision. Not much middle ground.

    • Alan Horn

      Farmer should be at 3B or LF. Hopefully, they have seen enough of Suarez and Moose.

    • Jim Walker

      +100 And the hard decision time has come at catcher too. Stephenson is ready for 5 starts a week till he shows he isn’t. That leaves Miley and Mahle for Barnhart; and, they just happen to be the 2 he seems to be the best fit with.

  15. Bubba Woo

    DON’T GET THIS. Winker getting hurt means that two negative WAR, sub 700 OPS players (Shogo/Naquin) will now occupy an OF spot everyday. The dropoff from Senzel to Shogo/Naquin is much greater than the drop off from Barrero to Farmer. I’m fine with Barrero coming and playing the bulk of the time at SS, but why wouldn’t they also bring up Senzel and DFA either Hembree, Doolittle, or Hoffman?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Because the ownership does not want to pay anybody for not playing for the Reds.

      • Bubba Woo

        Ya, you’re probably right. Just frustrating. Shogo, IMO, is a great defensive CF who has shown he can’t hit MLB hitting. Naquin is a 5th OF at best. Senzel is just much better than both, and can also play 3b or 2b if you need him to. Hembree/Doolittle/Hoffman should not be a part of the present or future of this team. Santillan is also a better option than anyone of those 3, but is stuck in AAA thru no fault of his own.. Sometimes, you gotta just admit you made a mistake and eat a contract. Unfortunately, the Castellinis apparently haven’t sold enough produce to feel they can afford to do that!

    • Doug Gray

      We’ll see how it goes, but I’d venture to guess that Aquino gets more playing time than Shogo does.

      • Alan Horn

        Agree. He has been better lately. It is what they do with Farmer that worries me.

      • Doc

        And I hope he does. Curious that earlier posts do not include Aquino as someone who can play all three OF positions despite the fact that he has done so.

        Shogo has raised his average 30 points with more steady play. I’d take 20 points with power out of Aquino and not look back.

    • JayTheRed

      Also what has Senzel done at the major league level… Honestly not a whole lot. So all these people saying he is better than Naquin or Shogo… Your basing your analysis on hope and minor league numbers. At the major league level Senzel has had very small sample size of success.

    • Hotto4Votto

      FWIW, Naquin has a .747 OPS coming into tonight’s game. He also has a .940 OPS in August.

  16. Alex

    I thought them not bringing him or senzel up was bad. But now we are going to watch barrero not play in MLB and senzel stay in AAA. All so we can keep bad bullpen guys, subpar outfielders and big contracts not performing. Sweet.

  17. Bet on Red

    completely caught off guard on this. Thought they would use the injury exemption with Senzel who they could option when WInker is healthy. Agree with the consensus that after today, the travel day, he should be starting at short for the Duration. If it turns out that he is not MLB ready then we still have farmer and he still has options.

    • Doc

      And we may not have time to recover if a poor start results in losing winnable games. He has done all he can do in AAA at this point, but it is still a gamble, and the fact that everyone assumes he won’t miss a beat is an optimistic assumption based on a century of MlB experience regarding the MLB performance of high performing AAA players. Let him get acquainted with the team, work him into the lineup, and let him win the spot.

      Interesting that so many have been calling for his promotion, but when the promotion happens, so many are saying it should have been Senzel, who is not excelling in AAA to the extent Barrero is.

  18. Maloney63

    If Bell has any sense at all Barrero will start at SS tonight and Farmer will be in LF. To me that’s a no-brainer. And then leave it just like that until Winker is back.

  19. Art

    Is Senzel the player to be named later in the Cessa deal?

  20. LDS

    Glad to see Barrero up but I would think they could find a spot for Senzel as well. Again DFA candidates on the 26 man roster are plentiful. As for paying guys not playing? In the line up doesn’t mean they are “playing”. This is a clear example of the “sunk cost fallacy” that a high school freshman could understand. As for the cost, last I read, player contracts are depreciable assets (change back during W’s term). Consequently, anyone DFA’d could be written off.

  21. old-school

    Moose is hitting .091 against lefties and Saurez is hitting .130 so that solves SS and 3b against a lefty pitcher- Barrero at SS and Farmer at 3b. India leads the team in OPS against lefties with Stephenson/Castellanos solid as well.
    Aquino goes to LF against lefties but they need a right handed hitting fast CF to give a better lineup against lefties. Wish they could find one of those.

    • LGR

      Akiyama actually hits leftys pretty well and has been playing well in general as of late.

    • Klugo

      Theyve made it painfully obvious they’re not gonna sit Suarez. 23/65.

    • Jim Walker

      Moose is flat out not in game condition. period.

  22. MBS

    Very happy to see this, just wished it happened a while ago. Tonight’s OF will hopefully be Castellanos (RF) Aquino (CF) Farmer (LF).

    • Maloney63

      If I was a betting man that’s exactly what it will be. Knowing Bell, there is absolutely NO WAY Suarez is coming out of the lineup at 3B, especially against a lefty even if he can’t hit lefties (and he can’t obviously).

    • m2

      Yeah Aquino…carries a big stick and can’t hit a lick. Ok he can hit a mistake pitch or seven. Those of you who can’t get enough of his flexing might well have a peek at his plummeting average of very recent.

      • BatsLeftThrowsRight

        Gives you the worst at bats on the team next to Geno. Never works the count, constantly swinging out of the zone. Sucker for any high pitch, especially out of the zone. Aquino is terrible yet people build him up based upon a lucky initial month.

        Would have been glad to give him up for a two month rental of Bryant. Castellini was too cheap to pay the remaining seven million on Bryant contract.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Give me a (bad word bad word) Break. His defense and speed is stellar and he will hit. Mark my words, you all will probably get your wish and he;ll get dumped, then watch what happens.

  23. David

    If I have read between the lines, Farmer has been playing “hurt” for a while. A few days off and rest might be the best thing for him.
    Shortstop is the hardest position to play on the field, besides catcher.
    Barrero will likely be a star someday, but don’t burn him out by making him play everyday at SS from here on out. Farmer will still play some SS.
    Maybe third base, maybe second to spell India, maybe pinch hitting, maybe some left field. Maybe Left field tonight. Who knows?
    3rd Base has been a mess this season, and Moustakas is frankly not in baseball shape. And may not be the rest of the season.
    I have to think Senzel will be up ….soon. RojoBenji had a good point, that Senzel is still favoring his surgically repaired knee. He may not be “fit” to play up here yet. But Senzel will have to be up soon to be on the playoff roster.
    The Reds are probably sweating out who on the BP staff to release. Yeah, like that’s a hard one, too.

    • SOQ

      Agreed. Farmer has been playing with a lot of “intestinal fortitude” (excuse the pun)
      and definitely could use some time to heal a bit. Still has hit in every game in August but 2, and most have been timely. Hopefully Barrero can make the adjustment quickly to the big leagues and help get us across the finish line to the playoffs

    • Bubba Woo

      LOL. I’m glad someone brought that up about Moose. Look at video from earlier in the season or even in the car commercial they show 10 times a game. He’s gained at least 15 lbs. and it isn’t muscle. Based on that, maybe the plan is to play Farmer more at 3b.

    • Luke J

      Senzel is already playoff roster eligible. His service time earlier this year counts (as does his 60 day IL time).

      • Jim Walker

        don’t think so. when Senzel was activated then optioned to AAA he became ineligible unless he is back in MLB prior to 1 Sept (or replaces someone on the MLB IL prior to 1 Sept or on the MLB roster prior to 1 Sept and sent to the IL during Sept).

    • RojoB

      Well CTrent tweeted today that Farmer’s injury is a sports hernia.

      To me that’s amazing that he can play baseball. That’s a tear in the abdominal wall—how can he field and swing a bat with his core compromised like that? A true MVP and for sure playing with a lot of intestinal fortitude—he’s literally been holding in his guts to play!

      A football player mentality, apparently

    • Steve Remley

      THIS. You nailed it. Sadly, the elephant in the room is Geno. Besides just his contract? He seems to be universally loved by his teammates, but you have to wonder if those guys secretly wish he’d just be a cheerleader on the bench because anyone with any baseball knowledge knows that the guy is holding them back. Simple statistical facts.

  24. Indy Red Man

    Oh by the way. Farmer .675 ops in August with 1 hr/1 walk. I wouldn’t let 1 month trick me into thinking he’s suddenly a very good hitter! Geno has a .717 ops in August by comparison

    Shogo .862 ops in August
    Naquin .940 ops in August

    Guys just have pick up the slack for Wink. They did it for Joey and Nick. Maybe Barrero is it? Personally I’d like to see India, Barrero, AA, and Naquin play together. Multiple guys could actually get around the bases.

  25. LGR

    Dude. I’m done with this lineup. It’s whatever if Barrero doesn’t start today. I’d assume he’d have enough time to get there, but it’s whatever. But Naquin vs. the lefty instead of Akiyama? And I know Tucker is Mileys personal catcher, but come on. This is bad.

    • greenmtred

      Since decisions are judged in hindsight, it couldn’t have been that bad–Reds win 15-4.

  26. Jpser05

    Suarez got a promotion! He is at 3B and batting 5th. Farmer at SS batting 4th.

  27. beelicker

    Lineup is up at mlb .com … Farmer at SS batting 4th, Geno at 3rd batting 5th, Naquin CF, AA LF, Barnhart C with Miley, Nick hitting #2

    • RojoB

      What pitcher is going to give Farmer anything to hit being “protected” by #7?

  28. MBS

    LOL, Barrero is riding the pine. Should have know

    • RedAlert

      Pathetic – expected nothing left from this clueless organization !

  29. SteveO

    Lineup prediction India, Naquin, Castellanos, JV, Stephenson, Farmer(3B), Aquino, Barrero, Miley

      • SteveO

        I like my lineup better. If Barrero is going to sit, should’ve brought up Schrock, buddy

      • LGR

        Barrero was probably always sitting today. That’s not why this lineup is questionable.

  30. Bet on Red

    I will give Bell the benefit of the doubt with the travel day for Barreros being out. Still don’t like Suarez batting that High. At least its the Rollover cubs.

    • LGR

      I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt with Naquin over Akiyama. Pretty sure he’s just drawing names from a hat.

    • RedAlert

      I’m not giving Bell the benefit of the doubt – travel day from Louisville too much !!!???

      • Bet on Red

        as a general rule, getting his Louisville affairs in order, getting to Cincinnati, getting Cincinnati affairs in some state of under control, gives a little leeway of calling for him off the bench tonight. Now he should start tomorrow, once he has had a chance to get settled. Dude does need to sleep somewhere in Cincinnati too.

      • RedAlert

        Not meant to get on your comment Bet on Red … just saying that he’s been up here before .. he doesn’t need to sit out – he probably could have ran to Cincinnati on foot once he got the news he was called up . I mean he’s coming from Louisville – that doesn’t require a days travel . Drive to ball park , gear up , play . This is not new for him . It’sDavid Bell’s stupid “adjustment period “ rule . Again , this isn’t new to him – I disagree with putting him on the bench tonight . As somebody said earlier , “it’s the Reds way “ . I don’t agree with it especially with this kid – he’s been there, down that . Play him !!!!

    • Bet on Red

      No your right about that, Shogo was on base three times yesterday with 2 RBIs. He shouldnt be sitting either

  31. Fanman

    Barrero is the future and now the present. He doesn’t need to sit. Farmer is beat up and can still contribute in a utility role, pinch hitter and spot starter. Ends Suarez filling in at short. Platoon with Moose at 3b. With India favoring shoulder a bit, give him rest once a week or so. Good move. Adds speed and defense to a team that needs more speed. Just hope Bell doesn’t hold him back on base paths. Aquino will start against lefty tonight. Akiyama can be useful on defense and as a baserunner. Loved the way he played carom off wall on Realmuto’s triple. Bang/bang play at third. Not a good arm, yet smart and plays all-out. Senzel getting reps at SS and hopefully 2b and 3b /OF is only reason that makes sense to leave him at AAA. Or testing his knee? I hope that there isn’t a rift with F.O. Is he a prima Dona? Idk. Speculation is rampant at moment. India has become favorite son. He plays hard. Tough as nails.

  32. Votto4life

    Kyle Farmer is playing SS and hitting clean up tonight.

    Barrero is not in the starting line up

    • Arthur

      Even when they do the right thing, (calling up Barrero) they still screw it up (by sitting him).

      I suggest that the player most in need of some time off is Farmer. I would be playing Barrero every single game at SS starting tonight and ending in the World Series. He doesn’t need a day off – he has had every Monday off all summer.

      Farmer is playing hurt, and could probably use a few days off to rest up and heal. Then play him at 2B for a bit so that India can heal up. After that, he should play 3B where he is a better hitter and fielder than any other option we have (other than Mr Senzel, but …. who knows when or if we will see him in Cincinnati?)

  33. Votto4life

    A dumb question I know, but do the Reds have corporate apartments for players who get called up or squired in a trade or do they just stay in a hotel?

    Sorry I recognize it’s a dumb question, just curious.

    • Jim Walker

      Think I have read in the past that the team has a deal with a hotel and/ or apartment place somewhere in or near downtown and assists in getting them settled in.

      • Votto4life

        Thank you Jim. I appreciate your response.

      • beelicker

        This is a CBA mandated matter … if you like reading such process, it’s worth a search

  34. Jpser05

    C. Trent on the Athletic tweeted the following according to David Bell – Barrero will be playing SS, 3B and 2B. Bell said he will be coming off of the bench for the most part.

    This is CRAZY!

    • RedAlert

      It’s plain idiotic ! Not surprising ….

  35. Roger Garrett

    Wink is on IL and Barrero is up to fill his roster spot and thats all there is to it.Nothing else changes.Look at the lineup against a lefty and because Barnhart catches Miley there is no Ty Steve.The thought that Barrero should be at short and Senzel in center and Farmer at third is just foreign to the Reds.There though is we need 9 guys in the pen and we must play Suarez and all rookies go for coffee and doughnuts makes more sense then putting our best lineup on the field.For the record Barrero needs to take over at short and lets move Farmer to third.Now that will never happen cause 28 mil sets in Suarez and Moose.Moose is hurt or out of shape or both so I will give him a little more time but Suarez is just awful.Its insane the way this organization is ran.My 10 year old grandson could figure this out in less time then Bell takes to write out the lineup.Krall is either just dumb or is following orders and somebody should be fired for this mess.Most talented team in years and can’t figure out who to cut from the roster.Its just insane.Reds will win anyway because they play their butts off and its not for Krall or Bell or Bob its because they play for each other

    • RedAlert

      Great post ! Worst run organization in MLB period . Clueless top to bottom ….

      • centerfield

        maybe not the worst, but bottom 5

      • greenmtred

        Ten games over .500. The mind boggles to think what the record would be if we were managing and making personnel decisions.

  36. SOQ

    Regardless of tonite’s starting lineup, It’s important to remember that the “position players” are not the reason this team isn’t 10 games in 1st place. Despite the individual struggles and failures here and there (and suspect managerial decisions), the positions players have kept this team in the chase. The fact that Barrero isn’t starting starting tonite doesn’t mean it’s the end of the season. The starting 8, regardless of who they are on any given night have done a pretty good job of holding it together. I see a team tonite in a good position to put up a W. I also see Barrero probably getting his feet wet in a PH situation this evening as well. It’ll be alright

  37. BZ

    Bell’s comments are such a joke. He is more concerned with being players friends with him than he is with making the playoffs. It does explain his fascination with guys like Hembree, Brach, and Doolittle though. He sees it as the team did good enough with them and they deserve to keep playing no matter what.

  38. Votto4life

    Then why even bring Barrero up? At least in Louisville he can play everyday. If you just wanted a utility guy bring of Senzel or Lopez.
    He’ll keep Freeman. But don’t let your prized prospect waste away on the bench. This makes absolutely no sense.

    David Bell is a hard guy to figure out at times.

    • Jim Walker

      Freeman was DFA on Sunday to open the required 40 man roster spot to activate (then option) Senzel. Got it? Quiz to follow 😉

    • Doc

      He couldn’t play today in Louisville. Neither can Senzel or any other minor leaguer.

  39. SultanofSwaff

    Don’t stop there with the roster changes. hunter greene needs to be the next to come up. Remember only one of your two September callups can be a pitcher. If you bring up greene now then senzel and lodolo would make sense. I’d also like to see santillan rotated in for Brach. There’s your best team and your playoff roster.

    • beelicker

      You don’t need 5 starters for any potential playoff roster. Gray and/or Gutierrez become your playoff starter-as-reliever or deactivation candidates before Santillan

  40. Indy Red Man

    Everyone try to relax. Bell has his issues, but they play hard and they trust him. They suffer a horrific loss and yet they keep their eye on the prize and win the next day every single time! 12-0 from my count.

    The only spot that hasn’t really contributed is 3B and nobody can prove thats even Bells call? They have $73 mil going out in future money so thats not a situation where you just start stacking them on the end of the bench? This isn’t fantasy baseball?

    Cody Bellinger .183 w/a .630 ops. They sat him for a few days, but he’s making $16 mil/year so he plays. Michael Conforto $12 mil/year….same thing. Moose just came back? I never liked the signing, but they’re not sitting him down for Lopez for God sakes? I know I can be irrational as a fan, but some of you guys would flip the whole roster over twice in a week if you could)))

    • Jimbo44CN

      Good post. Common sense. YOu would think by a lot of these comments that this team didn’t play hard, and that’s the furthest thing from the truth. They play their butts off every nite.

  41. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell is still clue less if you bring Barrero up you play him, put Farmer in left and put him at short. I also think he should have Shogo in instead of Aquino he has earned it lately. Bell can’t manage in a playoff race because he wants to be the friend of everybody. We can only hope they win in spite of Bell as a manager not because of him in any way.

  42. Melvin

    “This is where you hand the keys to Barrero and let him show you that he’s not the answer before you take them back from him”.

    Now why is it, I wander, that I don’t feel confident that David Bell will do that?

  43. centerfield

    The Reds do this every time. They call up a hot hitter and then sit them on the bench. This has to be on Bell. Louisville is a 2 hour car ride. I get that Bell has the team playing hard for him, but that doesn’t mean he knows what he is doing. Memo to all outfielders: don’t get thrown out of the game.

  44. centerfield

    What Bell should do is rotate Farmer and Moose at 3rd and let the kid play.

  45. Redgoggles

    If the kid is half as good as some of the posters here, JB will be in the lineup regularly……but he’s going to have to earn it, as he should considering the success of the team. The other alternative most frequently suggested would be to publicly announce him as the starter, putting a ton of pressure on the kid and setting him up for failure if he isn’t better than Farmer, who appears to be well liked and has been solid over the course of the season.

    Suarez continues to get chances because of his ceiling and contract. It’s not going to change in the middle of the pennant race/chase for an unproven rookie. And, apparently they are signaling to Senzel that he now needs to earn it. It’s actually refreshing, and showing the organizational depth now finally available.

    He’ll play if he proves he’s ready. See India, Jonathan, Gutierrez, Vlad and Stephenson, Tyler for examples. None were given anything. All seemed to be developing nicely under this strategy.

    • wkuchad

      Refreshing to see such a common sense post – thank you!

  46. Steve Remley

    Bingo. Why don’t we ALL know this by now? I agree with not jacking up team chemistry, but don’t they want to win?

  47. CI3J

    Other organizations call up their hot shot prospect: PLAY HIM EVERY DAY! GIVE THE TEAM AND FANS A JOLT OF EXCITEMENT! SHOWCASE THE STAR OF THE FUTURE!

    The Reds: Straight to the bench, never, ever, under any circumstances, let him anywhere near the starting lineup!

  48. Harold G. Bowman

    This has been David Bell’s best year by far. Give him the benefit of the doubt. He will sub Barrero in and get him used to the “show”. Third and left field are still open to Farmer. Everyone in Cincinnati should love this guy both his effort and desire makes in a rising star. What a story Farmer’s has been and will continue to be. I just hope we can see this team get into the playoffs and show what they are made off. I like our starting pitchers, but please get rid of Doolittle (appropriate name), Garrett, Hembree and bring back Santillan and soon as possible. Love this team and roster except for these few!!! Get the roster right before the roster is set for possible playoff run.

    • RojoB

      If we aren’t allowed to blame Bell for failure, then we sure as taxes aren’t going to give him credit for success. Let’s be consistent with our logic.

      • greenmtred

        Okay, Rojo. But that works both ways, doesn’t it? You guys are certainly allowed to blame Bell–you do it constantly. Do I think that Bell makes no mistakes? No, of course not: all managers make mistakes. In the end, though, many games turn on things they have little control over–execution–so I look at the forest and see a team playing above expectations despite a flawed bullpen. We could–and have–second-guess any manager, but no manager, including Sparky, is significantly better than the players on the team allow him to be.

  49. Max BRAGG

    Front office does same OLD stuff call up someone that is hot an sit them on bench. Why just not bring up Inciarte,because I belief Senzel(an his agent) have BURNT bridges in REDS LAND!

  50. Steve Remley

    THIS. You nailed it. Sadly, the elephant in the room is Geno. Besides just his contract? He seems to be universally loved by his teammates, but you have to wonder if those guys secretly wish he’d just be a cheerleader on the bench because anyone with any baseball knowledge knows that the guy is holding them back. Simple statistical facts.

  51. Hotto4Votto

    Face palm. This organization man…..

  52. Bill J

    If Senzel is still favoring his knee shouldn’t he still be on an IL? Seems like in the past the Reds have tried to minimize injuries and rush players recovery. Give them time to heal and fully recover.

    • RojoB

      It’s a total random cluster when it comes to figuring out what the Reds’ front office is up to this season