On Friday when the Cincinnati Reds put out their lineup Jesse Winker was in left field and batting second. But about 35 minutes before first pitch he was scratched from the lineup card and replaced. We would find out later that night that he had lower back tightness.

Prior to the game on Saturday there was no word yet on how Winker was doing with manager David Bell noting that he was going to be examined before the game. After the game there was an update and it was a good one.

“I think he’s going to be back, either in the lineup tomorrow or the next day,” said manager David Bell. “He had an exam today and it was good news. I don’t know for sure if he’ll start. That decision hasn’t been made for tomorrow, but I imagine he’ll at least be available as a pinch hitter and be back in the lineup in the next two days.”

The Phillies will be handing the ball to right-handed pitcher Aaron Nola on Sunday. He’s found success against both lefties and righties this year, but left-handed hitters have had a bit more success against him. For Jesse Winker, he’s found almost all of his success at the plate this season against right-handed pitching. After a day in which the Reds were nearly no-hit it would seem to be a great fit to get Winker back in the lineup if he’s feeling well enough to make it happen.

The Reds made a trade!

While the trade deadline has come and gone that doesn’t mean that trades can’t happen. Teams are allowed to trade minor league players as long as they are not on the 40-man roster. Earlier today the Cincinnati Reds traded outfielder Mallex Smith to the Toronto Blue Jays. He had been in Triple-A Louisville this season and recently returned from the injured list. The return from the Blue Jays has not been specified.

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  1. LGR

    Mallex was someone I thought could end up being on the post season roster if they did make a run. His speed off the bench could have been useful. Although savant has Senzel being faster than him, so that might be a moot point.

  2. Bet on Red

    Oh Mallex smith how little did we know you

    • Alan Horn

      Inciarte likely made him expendable.

  3. Alan Horn

    Mat Nelson, the catcher from FSU was 2-3 in his debut at Dayton today. McClain, Allen and Nelson have all started with a bang. It will be interesting to see if McClain and Nelson can move swiftly through the system.

    • Reds2021Champs

      Would love to see Mat Nelson get on base more frequently

  4. beelicker

    Including the splits would really drive this home

    .351/.432/.652 •316 AB vs RHP 21HR
    .176/.288/.284 •1o2 AB vs LHP 3HR

    That’s some MVP vs sub-Saurez actual results right there… and OBP in particular is also the main driver of generating offense overall. Man on base
    a) puts pitcher in a weakening stretch
    b) splits pitcher concentration
    c) limits pitch selection
    d) limits pitch placement
    e) limits defense concentration
    f) limits defense positioning & strategies

    to the definite benefit of who’s coming up next to batter away, plus it confers potential and specific weaknesses to attack. Of course righty/lefty strategy makes a difference in baseball and with LHP vs LHB typically the most imbalanced dis/advantaging situation, for both logical and physical reasons

    • 2020ball

      I saw a conversation on another thread about OBP etc. vs BA, and your comment reminded me about it. I always looked at OBP as very simple: men on base are usually how you score runs. i.e. not making outs is how you score runs. Everyone can debate about a walk vs a hit and whatever, but its purpose isnt to differentiate those things. All stats aren’t perfect sure, but as long as you know their limitations whats the issue with using them? esp if it better captures a players true value.

  5. Alan Horn

    Analyzing Heath Hembree’s stats:

    5.40 41.2 27 28 25 10 19 66

    His stats would be great for a RP if not for the ERA, HR and BB. He appears to be a victim of giving up HRs and BBs at inopportune times. His IP, H and SO taken alone are quite impressive. I know he has blown some games with inopportune pitching.

    • Alan Horn

      Lets try that again so that it is readable(got to love blog software).

      ERA(5.40), IP(41.2), H (27), R(28), ER(25), HR(10), BB(19) and SO(66)

      • Indy Red Man

        Last 2 seasons:

        60.2 ip, 19 hrs, 27 walks

        The Reds have too much talent in the organization to justify keeping a guy like HH around. Cut bait!

      • Alan Horn

        Yep. If is the biggest word in the dictionary. If Hembree didn’t give up all the Hrs and walks he would be a good pitcher. His total hits given up and SOs look pretty good. It boils down to when you give up the hits and walks in clusters that do you in.

  6. Votto4life

    San Diego was no hit tonight by a rookie making his major league start for Arizona.

    • Alan Horn

      We are not taking advantage of opportunities to move up in the wild card race.

      • 2020ball

        It can be a slow process sometimes, and San Diego doesn’t seem to be running with their opportunities either. Same things are likely going to be said 4 series from now. All it takes is one hot streak. And the pen might be fully healthy soon.

  7. beelicker

    LA beat the Mets in 1o and that’s the one that hurts now 8.5 back

  8. beelicker

    Factoring out the substantial home run advantage this collection means against righties Winker enables the offense around almost a 2/5 rate vs 1/4 against lefties. This threat means India would likely see more better pitches from the righties rather than pitch around. Both on base synergistically has something to do with Castellanos’s somewhat unexpectedly better splits against RHP too. All part of the red kryptonite effect

  9. CFD3000

    Only very indirectly Reds related, but here’s one more tiny reason why I love me some baseball. Arizona’s Tyler Gilbert no hit the Padres (thank you) in his first major league start. He joins an awesome list of “you can’t make this up” three other baseball immortals, and the first in almost 70 years:
    Ted Breittenstein, Bumpus Jones, and Bobo Holloman.
    Yep, just me, Ted, Bumpus and Bobo. Beautiful!

  10. Jim Walker

    The lineup has posted. Winker is in. Hard to say the Reds absolutely need a win today; but, it sure would come in handy and be a nice foundation for the week ahead vs Cubbies and the Florida (east coast) Fish.

  11. Old-school

    Reds against lefties this year don’t offer a good lineup.
    Moose is hitting .095, Suarez .130, Winker .176, naquin .191

    India has an OPS over .900 and Farmer/Stephenson /Castellanos hit them well. Senzel has hit lefties very well over his short career, especially if you throw out his brief 2020 Covid season.

    The best lineup would be Farmer at SS/Senzel at 3b and Aquino in CF. Reds have to do something different against lefties and running Suarez and Moose out there will just give the same results.