Cincinnati didn’t record a hit until Tyler Stephenson’s solo homer in the 8th inning as Matt Moore and the Phillies bullpen got the job done on the mound. The Reds defense had some issues, and Sean Doolittle giving up three runs in the bottom of the 8th inning put any comeback plans out of reach as Philadelphia won 6-1 to set up Sunday’s game for the winner to take the series.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (63-55)
1 3 1
Philadelphia Phillies (61-56)
6 8 0
W: Moore (2-3) L: Castillo (6-12)
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The Offense

The Cincinnati Reds had zero hits through the 7th inning. Matt Moore kept the Reds hitless through the 6th and then Héctor Neris did the same in the 7th. But Archie Bradley did not have the same fate as Tyler Stephenson unloaded on a 3-1 fastball and put it over the wall in right field to get the Reds on the board in both the hit and run column.

The good vibes didn’t last very long as the Phillies scored three runs in the bottom of the 8th to take “a bloop and a blast” off of the bingo card for the offense to tie things up. The Reds sent the top of their lineup to the plate in the 9th. Jonathan India flew out to shallow center to begin things. Kyle Farmer singled on a hard grounder to third base, but Nick Castellanos struck out to leave the Reds final opportunity up to Joey Votto. He popped out to end the game.

The Pitching

Luis Castillo had a perfect game through the first two innings. But former Cincinnati Reds prospect Ronald Torreyes got his revenge on the club for trading him away as he led off the 3rd inning with a home run to put the Phillies on top 1-0. That’s where the score stayed until the 6th inning when a leadoff single led to a run on a 2-out double by J.T. Realmuto.

Things got a bit dicey for Castillo in the 7th inning. After Andrew McCutchen struck out to begin the inning, Brad Miller walked and then Ronald Torreyes continued his revenge tour with a bunt single to put two men on with just one out. A pop up to Tyler Stephenson brought up another former Red, Travis Jankowski and like Torreyes, he got his revenge with a line drive RBI single that made it 3-0. That was the end of the day for Castillo as Jeff Hoffman entered the game with runners on the corners. Hoffman got the job done as he induced a ground out to end the inning.

Sean Doolittle entered for the bottom of the 8th to face the 2-3-4 portion of the lineup. He walked J.T. Realmuto to begin the inning. Bryce Harper then line a triple into right-center past a diving Nick Castellanos. The throw back to the infield to Kyle Farmer was fine, but then he lobbed the ball towards the pitchers mound area where Joey Votto was sort of at, but walking back towards first base, and when Tyler Stephenson raced to try and grab the ball, Harper broke for home and scored as no one was covering the plate and made it a 5-1 ballgame. That score didn’t last long as Andrew McCutchen followed with a Didi Gregorius strikeout with a 385-foot homer to make it 6-1. After allowing three runs, Doolittle finally started recording outs and held Philadelphia from there for the rest of the inning.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Philadelphia Phillies

Sunday August 15, 1:05pm ET

Sonny Gray (4-6, 4.40 ERA) vs. Aaron Nola (7-6, 4.35 ERA)

46 Responses

  1. RojoB

    Earth to David Bell—ALL these games count for real.

    Don’t you want to do a good job and make the playoffs?

    Why not act like it

    • greenmtred

      I was pretty sure that somebody would blame Bell. I saw only the first five innings, though, and what I saw was the Reds’ best hitters not hitting at all. Should Bell have taken India, Votto and Castellanos out of the lineup as soon as it became apparent that they weren’t cutting it? By the time Doolittle entered the game, they were done scoring. The three runs he allowed did nothing other than provide a morbid synchronicity by balancing the Reds’ 6-1 win the day before.

      • RojoB

        Are you saying that Bell lost faith in his hitters?

        Any use of Doolittle at this point constitutes waving the white flag. Had he used any pitcher other than Doo or HH I would not have made a single comment.

      • greenmtred

        No. I was saying that the hitters weren’t hitting–nothing Bell could do about that. By the time Doolittle came in, the story was already written. Yes, events could have played out differently. But just as the Reds could have staged a comeback, Doolittle might have retired the side in order, or a different and more acceptable pitching option might have given up the runs. The first two alternate scenarios were unlikely yesterday and the third–given the state of the bullpen,–slightly less so. On a day when the heart of the order was not hitting, to focus on Bell-s theoretical mismanagement of the pen seems to me to miss the point.

    • realist

      I agree RojoB starting Saurez the highwayman stuck on I73 and bringing in Doolittle would suggest this game didn’t count to Bell. The real culprit is Krall, who we can thank for the bullpen.

  2. shaggy

    why is doolittle still with the Reds?

    • Michael Armstrong

      Good question – the fact that Tony Santillan is in the minors and this guy (whose name could not be more fitting) is in the majors is an absolute travesty in a pennant race.

    • JayTheRed

      You know I have kept kinda quiet about this topic cause I know the guy used to be a successful pitcher in the big leagues… Sample size is over with this guy is done. I don’t get why they pitch in important situations he is not reliable at all.

      I too at this point don’t understand why the Reds don’t cut their loses at this point in the season.

    • centerfield

      I would assume that he would be DFA when they call up Senzel.

  3. Mark Moore

    No comment other than to say I’ll be watching tomorrow. Let’s take the series and head back home to spank the Stupid Cubs and the Fishies.

  4. Tim

    “You know the nearer your destination the more your slip slidin’ away.” The way this past week has felt.

  5. Bred

    When Harper scored, I did a double take and checked to see if I was watching the Little League WS instead of the Reds. Then I thought there is no way they would make that mistake. Oh well, sometimes you just have to laugh. They sleep walked through this one. Gotta get them tomorrow.

  6. beelicker

    My guess he was just given a de facto opportunity to pitch for his MLB life, as there was extremely low probability of even a bloop & blast scenario to only tie for the Reds … not a compelling case did he make

    • RojoB

      We say that just to make sense of the apparent ineptitude.

      Who has gotten more benefits of the most doubts than this Reds manager? Time is running out

      • Joe

        David Bell has a team with no legitimate shortstop and a game of Russian Roulette for a bullpen sitting eight games over .500 and in the playoff hunt. I don’t agree with every move he makes, but big picture, that’s a Manager of the Year resume.

      • TR

        It depends on the Timekeeper, Big Bob Castellini.

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    I live in the St. Louis area, which has bee tough for a Reds fan, and the Cardinals now trail the Reds by 2 and 1/2. They have a tough September but for the next 2 weeks they have, except for a 3 game Brewers series, a cake walk. What bothers me more than anything though is how they play with much more urgency than the Reds.

  8. Old-school

    Click on the box score

    Reds didnt score

    It happens – but some just never contribute in the box score

    Geno suarez hit his once a week home run already.

    Embarrassing david bell and Nick Krall play him over nick senzel who was drafted 2nd overall as a 3b because the Reds earned a 2 pick because they were the Pirates in 2015

    Yet they play Suarez over the picks they got losing 5 years in a row

    Dig deeper krall

    • Alan Horn

      I tend to agree on Senzel. Farmer is now cooling off with the bat. Play him at 3B or CF and put Barreo in at SS. What have we got to lose. Suarez and Moose haven’t gotten it done with bat all season and worse show no signs of getting it done. Lopez is who I would really like to see get a chance at 3B. Just sit Suarez. He can’t hurt the lineup from the bench. We are 2 weeks away from roster expansion. I would then bring up Schrock for some bench help.

  9. beelicker

    Hitter urgency against that one particular left-hander with the sun/shadow field situation was playing right exactly into his hands and you saw the result … and the Cards’ backs are also more clearly to the wall too, so that’s not surprising either

  10. Mark A Verticchio

    I don’t know how their backs are that much more against the wall than the Reds. They have an easy next 2 weeks to build momentum and they still have a ton of games against the Brewers so they have some control of their destiny. Trust me I can’t stand the Cardinals but I admit they have put the Reds to shame for a long time, except for a few years.

  11. beelicker

    India is .12o/.185/.32o over his last 7 games played … “rookie wall” theory or just a slump, a little more R & R wouldn’t have hurt … albeit in hindsight Moose’s still-struggling 1 hit ways (apart from the 3 double debut against Pirate batting practice pitching) since wouldn’t have uplifted much in his place

  12. LeRoy

    I don’t guess and major league team sets a game plan for their hitters each day as different pitchers pitch. They are major leaguers but the Reds players never did try to adjust to a pitcher throwing at the top at 93mph or lower. Sometimes when your players think too slow you have to remind them what they have to do to be successful against pitchers that don’t throw 95 to 100 mph. If they don’t have a clue like today all they are going to do is look for 100mph and look simply foolish at offspeed pitches and slow fast balls. Preparation is the key and they are way too often not prepared when they face this type of pitching.

  13. Hanawi

    Feel like tomorrow is pretty big game for the Reds. Realize there’s still a lot to go but it would be nice to finish the road trip 3-4 instead of 2-5. Braves, Cards, and Mets are right on the Reds’ heels in the WC race, so need to worry about them along with catching SD. Catching the Brewers is feeling less and less likely.

  14. LGR

    Well Dbacks are up 5-0 after 1. So that’s something I suppose.

  15. beelicker

    Yes, they actually do set a separate plan every day. No way to prepare for how the moving shadow/light/shadow situation between the mound and home plate constantly changing made it extremely difficult to even pick up pitch speed, location or rotation today though, much less hit it. With a guy they absolutely knew his strength relies on spin, location and rotation and isn’t capable of over 93 of course they weren’t sitting on fast balls, which if they were, he simply uses that to get them to swing at them in unfavorable locations or set up his changeup … coming next right after a power pitcher like Wheeler that’s just brutal. Votto is as cerebral and scientific a hitter as there is and he always has a plan and even he looked sick against him. What does that tell you?

  16. Bet on Red

    Caught a break with all the ahead teams. Just gotta hand it to Moore…. we all got worried at the wrong side of history. Instead we are now fighting for a series win tomorow. Still well within this race.

  17. Bet on Red

    Everyone get on your knees and thank the D backs. No-hitter through 6 on the padres putting up those runs. We are not losing any position in the WC2 race.

    • west larry

      now a no hitter going into the bottom of the eight. Let’s see if the Padres get a no mo against them.

      • west larry

        padres no hitted! reds lose no ground to them.

  18. Redsvol

    sometimes Moore can spin a gem like that. If we played him a 2nd time in 10 days I am confident we would slaughter him. In general, have to play better in day games.

    I agree its time to sit Suarez. Even though I think Naquin’s been a good addition, Its time for him to sit also. Time to promote a sense of urgency in the team and I can’t think of a better way to do it. Time for Senzel and Moustakis to get the majority of playing time at 3rd base and CF. Also time for Shogo to get more time, he gets on base.

    • JayTheRed

      Yes thank you Shogo has been doing a really nice job the past two weeks. I think he finally is getting enough playing time that he is not asleep anymore at the plate. This is a good thing since he has speed and defense and can get on base at a pretty good clip once he gets going.

  19. Bet on Red

    Arizona is like…. we got you fam…. Tyler Gilbert with his first career start throws a no hitter against the padres.

  20. Maloney63

    Another soft tossing lefty shuts down the Reds! Man, every team seems to have one now and they’re all lining up to pitch against the Reds!

    • greenmtred

      Pretty sure I saw him touch 95, and I know I saw him at 94 several times. But I wonder about the radar gun in Philly–Castillo is a hard-thrower, but that’s the hardest he’s thrown in a long time, if ever. Moore had excellent location and movement, plus the hitter visibility issue. Good substitutes for high velocity.

  21. GreatRedLegsFan

    Looking into IF line-up, FO shall decide upon Moustakas and Suarez future. Either India switches to 3B and Senzel takes over 2B or vice versa, and with Barrero taking over SS, there’s no room for them in the roster from 2022 and beyond. Moustakas’ contract still has $34MM left and run for two more seasons (+$4MM buyout in 2024), which has been a bust so far (.235/.335/.450 in just 78 games), while Suarez’s contract run for one more season at the same cost w/-1.8 WAR since 2020.

    • Old Big Ed


      In short, the Reds owe Moustakas $38 million from 2022-23, and Suarez $35 million from 2022-24, plus $8 million in 2022 to Akiyama. Almost every single penny of that $81 million is dead money. They might could find a takers for a wee bit of the Moose or Shogo contracts, and some team would pick up Suarez if he were DFA’d, but for the most part it is all dead money. Moose could fool me, because I thought he had a simple swing that would age fairly well, but after his first day back, he has looked like a 48-year-old beer league player.

      This raises two issues: First, it is not true that Castellini’s ownership group is cheap. They spend, but they spend foolishly. If they had not wasted $25 million/year on Moose/Shogo, the bullpen and team would be much better.

      Second, and the bigger issue, is what to do with Moustakas and Suarez. They aren’t good enough to play as regulars. There are 5 IF/DH spots next year, of which 3 are already taken by Barrero, India and Votto. Stephenson and Winker will get a lot of the ABs at DH. Farmer, Schrock and Alejo Lopez are all better options (at the plate, with the glove and on the base paths) than Moose and Suarez. I think that they should just eat the contracts over the winter for whatever they can get, even if it’s only for a case of Billy Ray Cyrus CDs. (And maybe try to palm Akiyama off on the Angels, too.)

      In the short run, they need to pretend that Moustakas is hurt, rather than simply bad, and put him on the IL, to be replaced by Senzel.

      • Jim Walker

        IMO they would not be pretending Moose is hurt. He is as recovered as he is going to be without more time to recuperate. What he is able to give in his current condition isn’t enough.

        So, now watch him have a big day today (Sunday) coming off a somewhat restful week; but, can he perform at a high level 5-6 days a week for a stretch run? That’s the issue.

      • Melvin

        If we’re going to “pretend” why not “pretend” Suarez is hurt?

  22. Old Big Ed

    Enough Doolitte already.

    He was horrid in spring, horrid in the early season, horrid in mid-season, and he is horrid in the dog days.

    How is the team better with Doolittle on it, as opposed to Barrero or Senzel, or for that matter a 70-year-old Don Gullett?

    • Jim Walker

      {snark font on} Doolittle saves another slightly less mediocre or worse arm for a slightly higher leverage situation. {snark font off}

  23. steven ross

    Best part of yesterday’s loss, besides Stephenson’s HR to end no-no and shutout, was Naquin’s bunt single. Thank you! It’s there for taking. Use it. There are occasions when you get ‘um on, get ‘um over, and get ‘um in by playing small ball. Never see it with Bell.

    Worst part of yesterday’s game? Doolittle. It’s time to say goodbye.