A Joey Votto 3-run home run helped set the tone behind 7-innings of shutout baseball by Tyler Mahle as the Cincinnati Reds topped the Philadelphia Phillies to begin their 3-game series at Citizens Bank Park.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (63-54)
6 8 0
Philadelphia Phillies (60-56)
1 5 0
W: Mahle (10-3) L: Wheeler (10-7)
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The Offense

There wasn’t much going in the first three innings for the Cincinnati Reds offense. A lone single in the 3rd inning was all they had to show. But that changed in the 4th inning. Tyler Naquin singled to lead things off and then Nick Castellanos was hit by a pitch. That brought Joey Votto to the plate and the first baseman hit a 425-foot 3-run homer into the Phillies bullpen to put the Reds on top against Zack Wheeler.

In the 6th inning it was Castellanos that got things going again, this time by crushing a 417-foot solo home run of his own to extend the lead to 4-0. Cincinnati wasn’t quite finished, though, as they got one more home run on the night in the top of the 9th. After Tucker Barnhart singled, Eugenio Suárez pulled a line drive down the line for a 2-run shot to once again extend the Reds lead, making it 6-0.

The Pitching

After getting the first two outs of the 1st inning on fly balls, Tyler Mahle blew a fastball by Bryce Harper for strike three to end the inning in a preview of what was to come. Mahle breezed through the first four innings, giving up just one single along the way. But in the 5th inning a double by former Red Didi Gregorius had the Phillies threatening for the first time all game. Mahle didn’t sweat it as he struck out Andrew McCutchen, got a ground out from Brad Miller, and then saw Ronald Torreyes fly out to end the threat and the inning. The next two innings were more of the game as Mahle completed the 7th inning with a shutout intact, allowing just three hits along the way and picking up seven strikeouts.

Michael Lorenzen took over for Mahle in the 8th and kept the game at 4-0 with a shutout inning of work. For the 9th inning Cincinnati turned the game over to Heath Hembree. Things didn’t start out well as he led off the inning by walking Jean Segura. Bryce Harper and J.T. Realmuto both flew out to Shogo Akiyama in center, bringing up Didi Gregorius as the Phillies last hope. He saw nine pitches and came out the victor with an RBI double to put Philadelphia on the board and make it 6-1. But that was all they would get as a ground out ended the game two pitches later as the Reds picked up their 63rd win of the season.

Notes worth noting

Tyler Mahle had thrown 7.0 innings twice on the season before August began. He’s now done it two starts in a row. His ERA dropped down to 3.58 on the season as his dominance on the road continues.

Nick Senzel went 2-4 for Louisville on rehab on Friday night. His two hits both went for extra-bases as he picked up a double and a triple. Senzel also started the game at shortstop.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Philadelphia Phillies

Saturday August 14, 4:05pm ET

Luis Castillo (6-11, 4.53 ERA) vs Matt Moore (1-3, 6.79 ERA)

138 Responses

  1. Tim

    Is it my imagination or does Hembree look timid? He just looks uncomfortable.

    • Maloney63

      Boy does he ever. He fidgets around on the mound between every pitch. Cowboy has commented on that. Man, was Votto’s home run impressive! Breaking ball down and away and he went out and got it. When he hit it I thought it was a routine fly to center but it just kept going and going….

      • Mark Moore

        Sadak and Welsh appeared to be co-presidents of the HH fan club tonight. Figures Cowboy would see something tangible like that.

        Anyway, it worked out in our favor and we sent the Cy Young leader packing tonight.

    • Ghostrunner_onthird

      Tim you are absolutely spot-on. Been thinking this for a couple of weeks. The infielders cannot enjoy the dead time created with him walking laps around the mound after every pitch.

    • Joe P.

      My biggest problem with Hembree is just how slow he works. Especially with a big 6-0 lead.

      The first at bat with Segura (that ended up in a 7 pitch leadoff walk) – took 3 minutes. 3 minutes to throw 7 pitches. The at bat by Gregorius took 5 minutes. 5 minutes for 9 pitches. Hembree is the polar opposite of Wade Miley in terms of working quickly.

      I’d prefer Hembree work quick, get the ball, get the sign and let’s go. I have to think the fielders playing behind Hembree think the same thing.

      • greenmtred

        Of course he’s nervous: he had some success earlier in the season and not much recently. He probably feels that he’s pitching to save his career.

  2. Mark Moore

    I’m guessing tonight was one of those nights the recap kind of wrote itself along the way. Great team effort with minimal miscues along the way. And you’ve got to love the outcome. Put a little more distance between us and another WC possible behind us.

  3. J

    This team is so hard to figure. They can look so bad against bad teams and bad pitchers, and then they’ll do stuff like this with two key starters on the bench. This looked on paper to be an almost certain loss, and turned out to be one of the easiest wins. To some extent that’s just the nature of baseball, but with this team the unexpected highs and lows seem pretty extreme.

    • LGR

      I mean, you don’t need to do a lot as a team if your starter is going to do what Road Mahle did tonight.

      • Doc

        You still had to do enough to beat a possible Cy Young candidate on the opposing mound. The team with the better record starring the night won the game. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to happen?

      • J

        They didn’t need to do much, but they scored 6 and played solid defense. And Lorenzen pitched a shutout inning when it was still 4-0. Lots of guys contributed.

    • Indy Red Man

      They came off of 5+ runs in 13 of 14 games or whatever. The positive, but strange, thing to me is how rarely they actually get completely beaten. That Indians game and then you have to go way back before that. Corbin Burnes game maybe?

      Dbacks up 1-0. Blake Snell? That kid has had bags under his eyes twice the size of mine since he was 22. The Kardashians going on vacation size bags. Arizona looks like they’re free and easy. Maybe they’ll beat them 2 more this weekend?

    • LT

      Can’t agree with you more. Can’t get too high with this team because they can let you down quickly. Something in the water in Ohio because Bengals, Browns are the same lol

  4. Michael B. Green

    Only one pitcher allowed a walk. He gave up the only run. Limit walks, win games.

    Great game guys!!!!

    • Maloney63

      Is it my imagination or does Hembree ALWAYS walk the first hitter he faces??

  5. Doc

    I wonder if all the Barrero boosters on this site, the ones who call it a ‘no brainer’, ever consider how wrong they have been, and how often they have been wrong, and consider that just maybe they could be wrong about Barrero. After all, the game thread prior to the start of play was heavily conceding that the Reds were going to lose tonight. With Winker out nobody could hit Wheeler. With Suarez at short a defensive blunder would change the game. Wheeler would eat the Reds alive and spit out the bones.

    Same crew of folks were wrong about Votto, who instead of being retired or benched or salary dump traded is putting together a season that could even garner some MVP votes. If Barrero is called up and flops, it would be a safe bet that a minimal percentage of those boosting his promotion would admit they were wrong. No, they would be blaming Bell or the FO. It’s incredible how wrong many people have been on this site, yet they charge on undaunted, unaffected by reality, spewing opinions as though they were gospel truths and incontrovertible.

    • Indy Red Man

      Welcome to the internet sir! Your first time on a sports blog?

    • LGR

      I fail to see the point of any of this.

      • Hotto4Votto

        +1. The sweeping generalizations and holier-than-thou attitude about sports discussion is some of the best the internets has to offer.

    • J

      I haven’t taken a position on Barrero, have been a Votto supporter, and didn’t post any predictions about tonight’s game, but I’m curious: If Barrero comes up and is dominant, will you be heaping praise on everyone who was saying it was a no-brainer to bring him up, and taking this into consideration when they make future predictions?

    • Alan Horn

      One game makes everybody wrong? Suarez had his weekly HR and Moose didn’t add anything. This game was won largely by Mahle, Votto , Castellanos and a few others. I fail to see how who was at SS and 3B had any effect on the game other than Suarez’s HR. You seem sure that Barreo will flop when he comes up without even giving him the chance he has surely earned. Surely you see we have people playing who make a ton of money and haven’t contributed all season. This is an opinion/discussion board where people express their opinions without attacking others. Maybe you should try that also. Not everyone will agree on anything.

      • Rcsodak

        Well said
        Rookies need to be seen…not heard

    • Indy Red Man

      Fans overreact, but sometimes management underreacts too. I’ll be 55 next month and I’ve never seen anyone on any team have a season as bad as Geno’s. Then lead the team in games played on top of that. Mario Mendoza never had 500 at-bats. Maybe somebody at sometime sucked to this magnitude, but I doubt it?

      Of course Reds fans are going to hammer the guy and the manager for playing the guy.

      • LGR

        The year Chris Davis hit .168, he played in 128 games, so a good majority, but not leading most people in games by any means. Geno’s at 110 games this year with 22 HR’s and 63 RBI compared to Davis’ 16 HR and 49 RBI. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Suarez should be starting every game either)

      • Alan Horn

        I am going on 73 and have been a Reds fan since 1955 and I have never seen anything like it either. I have thought for a while that someone very high up is pulling those strings.

      • Indy Red Man

        I forgot about Chris Davis….good catch

      • LGR

        @Indy The big difference between Suarez’s 2021 and Chris Davis’ 2018 is the fact the Orioles went 47-115 that year. The Reds are in the midst of a chasing a playoff spot and THEY DO have people who could replace him as the starter, not sure if the Orioles had better options that year.

      • paul olbert

        c’mon –you’re my age and live through the drew stubbs era –and billy h. –suarez has potential to pop and doesn’t do TOO much harm batting 7th or 8th –he will be minimalized with moose back

      • Indy Red Man

        Yeah Billy’s Ops was horrible, but he saved a ton of runs defensively and stole bases like crazy. Stubbs was a very good defender and runner as well. Plus they weren’t hitting in the middle of the lineup!

        Somebody found it last week, but Geno led mlb in stranding runners by like 19 over 2nd place. Thats not the category where you want to run away with 1st place. Add to that his horrible defense at SS. At best a C+ defensively at 3B. He’s been horrible. Plus he’s slow and hits into dp’s when he’s not whiffing or popping up

      • Jimbo44CN

        King Kong Kingman comes close, but still better than Geno. Sad isnt’ it.

      • greenmtred

        First, I agree that Geno–based on his performance–shouldn’t be starting every day (and never at shortstop). He is one of the team leaders in homers and rbi’s, and that has had some impact, but his futility seems to override that. I also suspect that Bell has little choice about playing him: it is otherwise utterly not in his interest to weaken the team’s chances. But, another point that nobody here will like: It’s hard to ignore how much his teammates root for him and how much he returns the favor. The dance he and Votto did last night speaks volumes. The cohesion and spirit the Reds have this year is one of their great strengths. Maybe messing with the chemistry wouldn’t do much harm, and would be compensated for by better performance. But I don’t know that.

    • Melvin

      Does that mean you don’t think Barrero should be up?

    • Joe P.

      Anything can happen in one game… as the old cliche goes “that’s why you play the game.” So, the Reds beating Wheeler wasn’t an impossibility. The fact they did beat Wheeler doesn’t mean that they’re wrong about Barerro, although the Reds certainly have monetary reasons ($ to Moustakas and Suarez) to not bring Barerro up, and with respect to Votto, he (finally) made the changes he needed to make to elevate his game. Credit the players – like Votto – for making adjustments to change their game and to change their trajectory.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes, was just thinking of Votto’s very candid remarks about how watching the game while he was out injured made him realize his old approach did not cut it anymore; and, he needed to reinvent himself.

        And kudos to JV for doing that instead of just continuing to collect his check.

    • Indy Red Man

      I hammered Joey nonstop for the last 2 years, but he got complacent from my point of view. His baserunning was horrific. He’d just matador (Ole’) most hardhit groundballs in his vicinity instead of getting in front of them. Maybe it was his legs or his health because this year has been completely different!

      He cost the Reds that first playoff game in Atlanta!! 0-0 in the 9th and Geno hit a one out ground single to the left of the 3Bman with Joey on 2B and Duvall was way over in left-center and had to run like 25 yards to get the ball. I could’ve jogged home, but Joey went back to 2B for some weird reason on contact. Replay showed Geno over at 1B and glaring at Joey like “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are you doing over there?”

      But he’s cleaned it all up. Everything. Defense is very good. Still slow, but not sleepwalking on the bases, and hitting like Barry Bonds!!! I was wrong

      • Alan Horn

        Joey deserved the complaints in the past and certainly deserves the compliments for what he has done this season. It has been a miraculous turn around at age 37. He deserves a lot of credit.

      • greenmtred

        Joey’s play this year is inspiring, but so is the very evident joy and enthusiasm he’s bringing to the game and the team.

    • Arthur

      So …. You are saying that because Tyler Mahle pitched an absolute dominating game tonight, and Mr Votto had another huge HR, that means that we should continue playing an.170 hitter who can’t field at SS?? Is that the point you are making??

      • LGR

        I also found it hard to locate any point.

      • beelicker

        Saurez was the relief SS tonight, resting Farmer. Likely at 3rd tomorrow for Moose again vs their lefty starter’ Moustakas hasn’t gotten 1 hit off a lefty since he’s been back. There are no other spare infielders on the 26

      • ChrisInVenice

        There is no reason to screw with this roster or rush Barrero who was totally overmatched at MLB level last season.

        He should not be playing ahead of Farmer and he should be getting full time playing time at SS vs shifting to 3B at this stage of his development.

    • Rcsodak

      C’mon dude. Suarez either goes hitless or 1 hit per game. Look it up. He needs to get sat or waivered for a jelly sammich. Then moose can play 3rd. Or somebody with a pulse.

      • beelicker

        Yes and 23 of those hits have been HRs, 3rd on the team behind Winker’s 24 and Votto’s 26 … he’s not going anywhere, yet

  6. oklared

    Votto rules please file away complaints about his contract and performance

    • Alan Horn

      Votto has been awesome this season but he had a couple of seasons that were not so good. That is baseball. His performance this season makes you forget those other years. I am elated with his performance.

      • Doc

        Maybe this, and last, are/were two of those seasons for Suarez and next year will be one to make us all forget 2021-22.

      • Alan Horn

        Maybe so with Suarez but Votto was never remotely this bad. Comparing the 2 isn’t even close. I will say Suarez has maintained his HR rate and RBI rate but he is all or nothing. Usually nothing.

  7. centerfield

    Where is the guy who always wants to put Mahle in the bullpen?
    I think Castellanos got his mojo back after that HBP. Look for him to take his turn carrying the team. Senzel needs to be promoted to back up SS and a few other positions.

  8. Joe P.

    Votto has put in the work and changing his batting stance was something he should have done sooner. Hitting for more power, when he is still in good physical shape to hit for power, makes sense.

    • Indy Red Man

      I think his knee (or legs) are better. He scored on a double from 1st in Milwaukee in June and I swear he’s hasn’t ran like that in 5 years atleast. When you’re 100% then great hitters don’t have to choke up, crouch, and all the other weird things he was trying before.

      • Alan Horn

        I agree with what one of the former players(Franocur SP?) said while they were in Atlanta. In the past he was trying to walk first instead of looking to hit first like the 3 or 4 position in the lineup demanded. His job was knock people in which he is now doing. I had that opinion long before he mentioned it. Make no mistake. He is an ultra aggressive hitter this season.

      • Jim Walker

        @IRM> Part of it is coming to terms with what age has taken from you and learning to use what you have left to its maximum.

        One night on the post game during the consecutive game HR streak Votto mused that a perfect night in his mind was still a couple of doubles and a couple of singles but he couldn’t do that anymore. However, by trying to hit HRs, he could hit more of them than ever had before and that was his goal now.

  9. Bet on Red

    Great game. Starting to look around for someone to take a MVP bet on Joey. REds got a win noone expected. Shows the winning spirit. Lets get the series win tomorow

    • Alan Horn

      A great 2nd half will usually take you further in the MVP race than a great 1st half.

  10. Rednat

    Doc lets face it. The reds have sucked for the entire century. Yes things seem to be turning for the better for the club but the pessimism and negativity from the fans on this site is certainly understandable

    • 2020ball

      i disagree, i get why its there but i still dont understand it

  11. Doc

    The Reds have the fifth best record in the NL, the twelfth best record in all of MLB, yet people consistently talk as though nobody in the Reds organization has a clue.

    • beelicker

      The Mets are tied 4-4 with the Dodgers in the 1oth … could pull within 6.5 of WC1

      • beelicker

        well crap 2 run HR by Dodgers 6-4 still batting

      • beelicker

        AZ scored a run in the 9th to win 3-2 .. back 2.5 games out for WC2

    • Alan Horn

      Fans want to see the Reds be successful and get over the hump. There are 2 areas the Reds have done a terrible job on this season. The BP which they have tried to address and 3B which they haven’t addressed. Most fans see what is holding us back and want to see it fixed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix the weak links with the team. If you have 3 slots in the lineup that are automatic outs then you should try to fix 2 of them. You can’t do much about the pitcher. The Reds have the apparent means to fix the 2 slots and have made little effort to do so. They should at least try. You can always go back to what you have now in the unlikely event that changes worsen the team.

    • J

      I find it hard to believe that anyone who’s followed this team for more than the last couple years wouldn’t be fairly skeptical about the organizational decision making. The mere fact that Reds fans are supposed to be impressed by the 12th best record in MLB is testimony to how badly the organization has been run for. And, despite this year’s somewhat better than average record, it certainly isn’t hard to find areas where ownership and the manager have made terrible mistakes that didn’t require any hindsight to realize were terrible mistakes. The fact that Hembree and Brach were considered the most reliable bullpen arms for WEEKS should make any Reds fan doubt the seriousness of this organization’s commitment to winning — no matter what the record happens to be. Is the organization supposed to get credit because Hembree was somehow able to save some games when they were forced to turn to him out of sheer desperation? We’re supposed to give them credit for coming up with that wonderful backup plan?

      • Indy Red Man

        Well to be fair…they didn’t expect Lorenzen to have 8 total innings by mid-August or Sims to be hurt and/or stink. To expect AG to go from 2.50 to 6.50 or for Antone to barely pitch. Thats alot to overcome.

        They should’ve sweetened the pot w/Colorado to get Givens a month earlier. That would’ve saved them atleast 3 games, but then they would’ve had to give up a better prospect.

      • TR

        Wilson, Lorenzen, Cessa, Sims, Givens and Antone, when ready, give the Reds, suddenly, a pretty good late inning closing group.

      • J

        Part of being a good organization is being prepared for injuries and players not playing as well as you hoped. With a team that’s as good as this one, under no circumstances should it have come down to Hembree and Brach being the two most reliable bullpen arms for weeks on end. And I have no reason to believe the Reds would have had to give up anything more than they did to get Givens a month earlier. What did the Rockies gain by keeping him an extra month? They knew they were heading nowhere, and his contributions to their team were meaningless, so if they had made the trade a month earlier they could have dumped more of his salary and had control of two prospects for another month. I think what’s more likely than the Rockies asking “too much” for Givens is that the Reds were trying to save money and hoping it would somehow “all work out” without assuming any additional salary at that point in the season.

      • greenmtred

        I agree, J, that the Reds are good and that a better bullpen from the beginning would have made a –possibly–big difference. But few thought, going into the year, that they would be this good, and it looked as though the organization was partially writing the season off and waiting for Greene, Barrero, Lodolo et al to start a window in 2022. As it is, it has taken better than anticipated–much better–performances by Votto, India, Castellanos, Winker, Farmer and Stephenson to put them where they are. Lets hope it isn’t too late.

  12. kevinz

    Good W for sure.
    Mahle set the Tone.
    Votto being Votto at this Point.
    Now get Greedy Win the series tomm
    Go Reds.

  13. JA

    I just watched the HBP on Castellanos… what a dangerous pitch … very near his face. I understand his reaction throwing the bat … he showed his feeling but still keeping cool… but after his wirst injury on a hbp and recently other 2 from braves game… not easy to keep cool… glad he took revenge ln next at bat.

  14. west larry

    two and a half games behind sad diego now. That looks like our only shot to get into the playoffs, unless the brewers totally fall apart..

    • west larry

      San Diego. Although I guess they will be Sad Diego if they don’t get into the playoffs.

      • Indy Red Man

        They look out of gas! If we keep pushing we might put them away and then they can rest up a little and plan for the big showdown in LA!

        I was hoping LA would catch SF, but then the Reds would have to beat LA in a series and that would be pretty tough with all their great starters.
        One game we could pull off and then its on to SF!

      • beelicker

        Might as well chase LA too see if can make them travel to us … very well could make up 7.5 on LA trying to gain 7 on the Brewers

      • Votto4life

        Of their final 44 games the Padres play the Dodgers and Giants 19 times. They also have a series against the Astros.

        The second WC likely won’t come from the NL West.

  15. Reddawg2012

    I missed the end of the game. Is Castellanos okay? I saw he got taken out early.

    • beelicker

      i think just a double switch for defense. Aquino pinch hit for Lorenzen in the Reds 9th and took Nick’s place in RF. NC got hit by a pitch on the foot the middle game in ATL and missed the last game there for that, plus he’s also not the best of defensive outfielders, so both are valid reasons

  16. GreatRedLegsFan

    Mahle seems to have turned the corner into a more efficient & effective pitcher, it was about time. Votto, Winker & Castellanos are now 2, 3 & 4 for OPS leaders in NL, only Harper is above them. Looks like Hembree is not able to pitch a clean inning anymore, next DFA candidate when Antone returns. The big question is who’ll make room in the active roster for Senzel.

    • Doc4uk

      My preference is replace AG but I suspect they will DFA either Doolittle or Hembree. It is always an adventure when Garrett comes in and you can count on a walk or two to lead things off. Same for Hembree .

      Preference of Lodolo and Antone to replace AG and Hembree

      When roster expands add Senzel and Barrero and we are ready for the post season

      Looks to me like Moose is really out of shape and is a liability in the field so not sure where to use him. Really not an upgrade from Suarez.

      • Jimbo44CN

        I noticed that too about Moose. Seems to have added a bit of weight in the backside. Has to happen when you cant run for a couple of months.

      • Jim Walker

        Thinking the same about Moose. Perhaps they are giving him a shot to play his way back into condition; and, he becomes a (surprise) move back to the IL ahead of September 1 if he is not up to snuff. The Reds only need to open one 40 man spot (for Senzel). Antone or Barrero could be directly swapped in for Moose going back on the IL.

        This would allow Moose to focus on conditioning work; and if the Reds make the postseason, he could be activated; or, his IL spot could be used as a cutout to make someone else playoff eligible

  17. Jim t

    If you want to be a playoff team today’s game is a must win. LC has to have a good outing that results in a win

    Would also like to mention the resolve this team has continually demonstrated throughout the season. Losing that second game to Atlanta could have broken this team but they rebounded with back to back wins by beating one of the best pitchers in the league. This team is focused and mentally prepared every game. They have overcome injuries and a bullpen that has underperformed and still are putting together a very nice season. While many want to second guess our manager daily he gets very little credit for having his team ready to play everyday. He is a exceptional leader who quietly has given us a season we have all enjoyed to this point. This team battles everyday. That my friends is a result of good management.

    • Jefferson Green

      Yes, this team’s performance after various tough losses and injuries to key players shows that it’s managing/coaching staff is doing at least a solid job – and perhaps an elite job. In the face of adversity (and little help from the front office, I may add) this team is performing above projections.

  18. beelicker

    Project Geno’s 11o game numbers to Davis’s 128 games you’d get

    16 HR and 49 RBI Davis
    26 HR and 75 RBI Saurez

    Clearly the fixation on batting average is blinding people, as there’s obviously no relevant comparison otherwise. BA by itself is an obviously flawed and inadequate analytical statistic

    • Indy Red Man

      RBIs are a worse barometer then batting average. Somebody found it last week that Geno led mlb in stranded runners by 19 or 20. Thats not where you want to be a runaway statistical leader! Add to that his terrible defense at SS and how slow he is. He’s been really bad and no way to sugarcoat that.

      • scotly50

        I disagree. RBI and BA are extremely relevant. The least, in my opinion, is OBP. RBI importance is related to where in the line-up the player is batting.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Sorry but Batting average tells a much better story than most stats, especially all the new ones(I cant even keep up with all of them). What counts in baseball is hits, rbis and most importantly runs scored. You cannot score if you don’t get on.

      • wkuchad

        Batting average by itself is a terrible way to evaluate/compare offensive output.

        If you want to make it simple, evaluate by looking at ability to get on base (mainly walks and hits) and ability to hit with power (doubles, triples, homeruns).

        Look up OPS (on base plus slugging). It’s a very simple stat that does a much better job of measuring offensive output compared to batting average.

      • scotly50

        I disagree WKUCHAD. Linking Walks to hits in importance is absurd. And that is what those skas do.

      • Jim Walker

        I am with WKUChad> the most important thing is to avoid making outs. OBP is the best measure of this. Walks are better than outs. Singles are better than walks. Doubles better than singles and so on. Slugging percentage measures the values of the types of hits.

        So for me, OPS is the best simple measure without getting into the more complex derivatives such as wRC, WPA etc.

      • greenmtred

        And singles are better than walks only if the bases are empty. RBI are not meaningless, but they do relate to where you bat, because the more men on base when you are up, the better your chances of getting ribbies.

  19. Eddie

    The padres lost so we are back being 2.5 games behind of them and 7.5 bc pirates and brewers was postponed last night

  20. Indy Red Man

    Just noticed it last night after the game. The Reds have had 8 different guys homer in 2 games. Thats crazy!

    Just need Aquino, Moose, Tucker, and Shogo to join the party!

  21. SFRedsFan

    Hi RLN. Anyone know why they have Senzel playing SS for the Bats and Barrero at 3rd? Senzel played 3rd in college and Barrero is always referred to as a SS. Confused why they would be doing this (unless it is to give them some experience at a different position). Nick’s been moved around so much, I’d like to see them put him somewhere and let him focus.
    Great win last night! Mahle is turning quite the young pitcher.

    • CFD3000

      I think you hit on the answer yourself. Barrero is the Reds future at SS, but if Senzel is going to get some reps at short and perhaps be an emergency backup there once he’s activated, the only place he can get game experience is in AAA. The RLN consensus seems to be that the need to get the major leaguer some innings at short before he’s activated (soon) over rides Barrero’s natural position. Senzel is not the big league SS of the future, and Barrero will not be a regular 3B in Cincy.

    • Indy Red Man

      Because Senzel is coming up next and Geno is a horrible backup SS.

    • DataDumpster

      Already forgot about Mike Freeman? This guy’s only ticket for the Reds was sole backup SS to Farmer. Now, with Moose back and Senzel being likely judged not suitable (injury wise) for outfield play, this seems reasonable. Making Senzel an infield option only from now on seems prudent as well with the injury history. In Mike Freeman at age 34 still wants to pursue his MLB dream, good luck to him (with another team).

  22. steven ross

    A win is a win but was there any reason Lorenzen couldn’t pitch the 9th? Does Bell not allow anybody from the bullpen except Hoffman go more than one inning? I just don’t get it. Hembree comes in and promptly walks the 1st batter who naturally, came around to score. Lorenzen wants to be a starter. He can pitch another inning.

    • Jim t

      The most obvious reason is if he went 2 innings he wouldn’t be available to pitch today.

      • greenmtred

        Exactly. A six run lead makes it unnecessary to squander one of the few reliable BP pitchers with an important game coming up the next day. In general, limiting BP guys to one inning makes sense in the Reds’ situation, since it gives them more options for every game. The BP is better than it was, but still lacks enough reliable options.

    • CFD3000

      I agree with Jim t but in that game why even run Lorenzen out there at all? Doolittle has pitched exactly 2 innings all month (why do the Reds need 9 relievers again?) and I’m thinking Sims could have used a “back in the saddle” inning with a 6 run lead. Why did Lorenzen pitch at all?

      • Dennis Westrick

        Why you ask? Because Bell is clueless when it comes to managing, especially the BP.

    • JA

      I guess JB sees Hoffman in the role of SP if something happens to the 5 pitchers rotation, so let him go more than 1 inning to keep him “on”.

      On the contrary, Lorenzen is playing the RP #1 role so would see him 1 inning but more games.

      • Doug Gray

        I can see it now, two weeks later, when the entire Louisville Bats bullpen is called up because Dennis got everyone hurt in the Reds bullpen by pitching them multiple innings every day.

  23. Klugo

    For some reason, I’ve always felt that there was a bit of an “old guy/new guy” rivalry going on between Votto and Castellanos. No matter what was said, the body language between the two has always had me wondering if they were holding back a bit. The body language between the two after Joey talked to Nick following the HBP and followed it up with the HR, tells me that’s been put to bed. That was AWESOME!! Lookout, I think that tandem is about to take off.

    • Klugo

      Oh yeah, and that was THREE IN A ROW!! Unbelievable!!!

    • Doc4uk

      Don’t look now but the reds 1-4 is the best in MLB. Sign Nick and this is also what we can expect next year

  24. Doc4uk

    For now it is clear Lorenzen is our closer. He would have pitched the ninth if we had not got the extra two runs in the top of the ninth

    • Indy Red Man

      Actually Givens was warming up. Lorenzen just threw 26 on Wednesday. Bell is trying to keep him available for either today or tomorrow.

    • Jim t

      BELL prefers to use his RP’s in conjunction with what part of the order the opposition has coming up. Example if the heart of the order is coming up in the 8th inning why not use your most effective RP in the 8Th instead of the 9th?

    • CFD3000

      See my comment above – I’d have preferred to see Doolittle or Sims in the 8th with the 4 run lead and the 9th up 6. Is the bullpen so bad that only the closer can pitch with a 4 run lead? And Doolittle has thrown exactly 2 innings in August. Why do the Reds need a 9 man bullpen if some of them (almost) never pitch in spite of Bell’s weird (IMO ridiculous) one inning each rule?

      • Jefferson Green

        This BP has blown four run leads multiple times. Lorenzen was rested and ready. The heart of the Phillies order is potent (more potent than some of the teams that have whooped on the BP), so the eighth was the leverage inning. I might have given Doolittle and his newfound 98 mph heater a shot, but I have no problem with using Lorenzen to put the win in the books.
        With today’s pitching matchup, there is a better than normal chance that a large lead will present an opportunity for the BP guys who need work.

  25. Doc4uk

    FYI San Diego faces a very tough schedule once September rolls around and will be fortunate to go .500 for the month. LA, SL, LAA, Houston, and lots to games against SF The reds must stay within 4 or 5 games of them at the start of September and if they do we will be play off bound

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, SD has 22 games against LAD, SF and Houston. They also have a series against StL, ATL and LAA.

  26. CFD3000

    Random question – does anyone else think Moustakas looks gassed and/or still less than 100% healthy? Jim Walker suggested that on here a couple of games ago and the more I watch him the more I’m inclined to agree. If that’s the case, all the more reason to get Senzel back the second he’s ready, and to call up Barrero. If Moose isn’t an upgrade from Suarez then shut him down and get him healthy and in shape for 2022. Thoughts?

    • Jefferson Green

      He couldn’t run for a couple months and was immobilized in a boot for some of it. Yeah, he does not look back in shape yet.

    • Jim Walker

      @CDF> The play which really sticks with me is when Moose fell down running off 1B in Atlanta. We got a replay from the 3B side dugout area. As he was following the ball to RF to read whether it was going to fall in or be caught, he was in what seemed a very unnatural position with his back to RF and his head rotated at a sharp angle looking over his shoulder. Then instead of being able to push off and start running he turned his body, shuffled his feet, and went down in a heap on all fours as he tried to step ahead.

      Add in last night with him getting doubled off 2B by a mile on the ball routinely caught by Harper; and, a person can’t help but wonder. Either he was confused about how many outs (there were zero) or he did not read the ball effectively. Perhaps because he can’t rotate his body and just took a quick look, read wrong, and broke?

  27. Still a Red

    Is it time to trade India, Stephenson, and Gutierrez for some promising prospects, while their value is up?

    • Jimbo44CN

      What? YOu got the three of them vying for the ROY and again, what? Trade for who, Tatis?

    • Votto4life

      Ha no, but I think this winter may be an ideal time to move Kyle Farmer for the right deal.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Absolutely NOT! They represent the future of a successful Reds team!

      • west larry

        Ha! Sarcasm! Maybe they could move Moose and Suarez for Tatis.

    • Still a Red

      Sorry. Just thought that was the armchair general management strategy on this website [smile]

  28. Roger garrett

    Let’s agree Suarez is going to play.Before it was because we had no one better and now Farmer is nicked up,India is a rookie and has hit a wall and Moose is out of shape and can’t hit lefties.All legit reasons for him to continue to play so Senzel comes up and he is used in the outfield again to spare those guys and Berrios May come up after awhile also.My only beef is that Eugenio is no longer a starter based on his performance.

    • Jimbo44CN

      What wall did India hit? STill looks pretty good to me, unless you are basing it soley on last night’s game where he did not get a hit.

      • JA

        Exactly… Wheeler is an extraordinary stellar pitcher, he had just 1 bad pitch last night… the HBP…. The 2 HR were more hitters merit than bad pitching.
        Said that, kudos to Mahle… phillies fans were yelling on their team saying they were unable to hit that “ average “ pitcher , they were not facing Tom Seaver or so… i’d take that as a compliment to Mahle

      • Jim Walker

        Welch commented Friday that teams seem to have found a hole in India’s swing by working him away and were pounding him there. He suggested it was adjustment time for India

      • Roger Garrett

        Just offering possible excuses to use to explain Suarez continuing to play.Bell scripts everything and he can always find reasons to not play certain guys.Suarez is not one of those guys he will play at the expense of other players that are better.

  29. docproc

    Naquin is quietly having a very good August. Note that he’s had several days off this month. I think he needs rest to stay sharp.

    India could probably use a day off or two in the next few weeks. Same with Farmer.

    Wish we had someone on a rehab assignment who could rejoin the team and fill in for all those guys. 🙂

    • Jim Walker

      yep, relief for those guys is spelled either S-E-N-Z-E-L or alternately B-A-RR-E-R-O 😉

  30. SOQ

    I would hate to see Farmer go anywhere. He is too versatile in the field and could probably play somewhere in the field more often than not. Plus he’s very popular in the clubhouse, a trait that should not be discounted. That being said, if the Reds are NOT going to play him, then they should move him somewhere where he can see a lot of playing time. He’s proven himself to be a solid starter–and playing like he’s one of the hungry rookies.

    • Jim Walker

      In terms of career salary received, Farmer is the equivalent of a hungry rookie. BBRef estimates his career earnings at just short of $1.2M. This is excluding the $640K he signed for this year. He will be first year arbitration eligible this coming offseason. I’d say opportunity knocked at just the right time and he has taken full advantage.

  31. JA

    From mlb.com LU :

    Aquino (LF)

    Hopefully Winker is ok and return soon.