Tyler Mahle pitched one of his best starts of the year at Great American Ball Park, leading the Cincinnati Reds to a 3-2 victory and a four-game sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (41-71) 2 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (61-51)
3 6 0
W: Mahle (9-3) L: Wilson (2-5) SV: Givens (2)
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A three-run rally in the bottom of the fourth inning was all the offense was able to generate today, but it proved to be enough as the pitching stepped into the spotlight.

Cincinnati scored its fifth consecutive win, sixth win in its last seven games, and reached 10 games over .500 for the first time since Dusty Baker was manager. The win is the Reds’ 12th consecutive win over Pittsburgh at GABP, the longest such streak in over 80 years, according to TV announcer John Sadak.

Some more pleasing numbers from our Nick Kirby:

First-place Milwaukee’s home game against San Francisco was in progress as this game recap was set live. At last check, that game was tied 4-4 in the seventh inning. Pending that result, the Reds temporarily closed within 5 1/2 games of first place in the National League Central.

San Diego’s home game against Arizona was just getting started as this post went live. Pending that outcome, Cincinnati drew within two games of the Padres for the second Wild Card berth.

The Offense

In the bottom of the fourth, trailing 1-0, the Reds offense put three runs on the board on an RBI fielder’s choice from Tyler Stephenson and these two hits:

Jesse Winker stayed hot. His two hits raised his batting average to .310.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle pitched one of his best games at GABP this year, at a time when the team truly needed it. Pittsburgh starter Bryse Wilson held the Cincinnati offense in check, but Mahle allowed six hits, no walks and struck out 10:

Michael Lorenzen was assigned the task of retiring the top of the Pirates’ order in the top of the eighth and did so without incident. Sadak made the very pertinent observation that perhaps facing the top of the Pittsburgh order in the eighth inning was a higher-leverage situation for Lorenzen than facing the middle and lower part of the order in the ninth for the save.

Mychal Givens continued his sterling pitching in a Reds uniform by retiring the Bucs’ middle of the lineup in order in the ninth for his second save.

Notes Worth Noting

When I saw this play on live TV many years ago, I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the greatest plays I have ever seen, and @Reds Twitter shares it every year on its anniversary date, August 8:

With today being August 8 (8/8), the Reds held Joe Morgan Day to commemorate the life of the late Hall of Famer. I watched the game on TV, and I thought the broadcast team did a terrific job of highlighting memories of Morgan, whose uniform number 8 is among those permanently retired by the team.

I was particularly struck by Jim Day, reflecting on being a kid to whom the Reds meant everything. He would listen to ballgames on a transistor radio while in bed. He was drawn to tears when talking about being able to call Joe Morgan a friend. I’m betting that, like me, many of our Redleg Nation regulars had young lives similar to Jim Day. I certainly had the transistor radio in bed. What about you guys?

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds at Cleveland Indians

Monday, August 9, 6:10 p.m. ET

Luis Castillo (6-10, 4.09 ERA) vs. TBA

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  1. Beroader

    My Dad and I were at the game for that catch by Ryan Freel. Best catch I’ve ever seen in person by a long shot. The crowd lost their collective minds over that play; I believe they gave him a standing ovation when the play was made and at the end of the inning.

  2. Klugo

    #1: This is a team Joe Morgan would be proud of.
    #2: What’s up with the black slash across Morgan’s #8 out in the outfield. What am I missing?

    • Mark Moore

      The “8” has always been there. I’m taking the black slash to be like a mourning arm band. Got to admit, it first looks like the “no” symbol.

      • Tom Reeves

        It is the equivalent of the black arm band to significantly mourning. This is very normal in other parks.

  3. LGR

    What we thinking for tomorrow’s lineup boys? We don’t know the Cleveland starter I think. With Castillo on the mound I think it’s a good day for Farmer to grab an off day. You don’t do that with someone like Miley or Guti on the mound. Gonna guess something like..

    India 2B
    Winker DH
    Castellanos RF
    Votto 1B
    Moose 3B
    Stephenson C
    Aquino LF
    Suarez SS
    Akiyama CF

    Think it’s a good game for Farmer to get off against a week Cleveland offense with Castillo on the mound. And we’ll need Farmer for the next 2 series. Also maybe Naquin over Aquino if it’s a righty starter. Who knows.

      • LGR

        It’s not like Naquin is playing much better.

      • Jimbo44CN

        You really just don’t like him do you. Done pretty well in the PH role the last couple of days. He has a ton of potential.

    • beelicker

      Pitcher handedness will likely determine the C assignment, but also LHP is scheduled for ATL gm1 so that’s TS’s assignment and Miley goes vs ATL gm2 so that’s a TB game … leaning toward Barnhart tomorrow with Moose the preferred DH and Naquin in CF

      • LGR

        Lefty starter tomorrow. I actually like the lineup I suggested then.

      • LGR

        Probably switch moose and ts in the order tho

      • beelicker

        A 25 YO 6’6″ lefty, last tossed a pair of shutout innings on 8/3 & 8/4 (against normal 7.86 ERA 2.o1 WHIP 44.2 inning form as a spot starter/long reliever) but before that last pitched July 2 & 7 before a stint at AAA … has gone 3 and 4 innings before this season … A strikeout/inning, but i still select Aquino over Akiyama in CF

        India 2B
        Winker LF
        Castellanos RF
        Votto 1B
        Farmer SS
        Stephenson C
        Moose DH
        Saurez 3B
        Aquino CF

      • LGR

        The whole idea of my lineup was to give Farmer the day off on a Castillo start. Makes more sense to get him rest against a weaker offense with one of our better pitchers pitching imo. Akiyama also has been getting on base a ton as of late, which is good at the end of the lineup. .600 OBP the last 7, .395 the last 15. Solid.

      • beelicker

        After the top 4 with DH Votto
        Stephenson 1B

        This reflects keeping TS’s hamstring out of the crouch for as long as possible and his OBP hitting in front of Farmer’s RBI potential. TS does crush LHP

  4. beelicker

    To sIgnify observing the recent RIP?

  5. Arthur

    Great to establish dominance over the Pirates. We have them 9 more times at the very end of the season. If the Reds are close, this team knows they should be able to bully that club.

  6. Mark Moore

    Yeee-Freaking-HAH!!! What a sweep.

    Count me as one who had a transistor radio tuned to 700. I was in the Southern Tier of NY State and then in Northern Indiana in the early 80’s. Always hoping for a cloudy night so I could get the “skip” off the atmosphere and a little better signal. Checking the box scores was a passion. Late games with those delayed were a pain. This Week in Baseball (good old TWIB) was a mainstay. The few televised broadcasts were a true treat.

    • Michael Armstrong

      Hey Mark, we must have been the only two Reds fans in the Southern Tier of New York in the late 70s/early 80s. I lived in Afton, about 25 miles from Binghamton, and sometimes had to settle for Phillies games on KYW in order to keep tabs on how the Reds were doing if I couldn’t get WLW on a given night. Binghamton had two newspapers back then, and my family got the Evening Press, which always had the box scores of the late games, which was perfect for those long west coast road trips back when the Reds were in the NL West. Of course nothing beat seeing the Reds on Monday Night Baseball or the Saturday afternoon game of the week on NBC. Good times back then, but this current Reds team has been one of the most enjoyable to follow in my 45 years as a fan.

      • Mark Moore

        I have family in Afton. We were in the Elmira/Horseheads area (moved right after the 72 flood). Parents and grandparents buried in Windsor cemetery. Only one brother still lives in NY.

        Family name on that branch is Latham.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I lived near Cincinnati for most of my life, so I didn’t have to try to hope for radio signals. But I understand what you mean, because evenings when the Reds weren’t playing, I would scan the AM dial for games in distant cities — KMOX (St. Louis), WSB (Atlanta), WWWE (Cleveland), KDKA (Pittsburgh), KYW (Philadelphia) and WGN (Chicago) are the ones that come to mind immediately. And Detroit — can’t remember the call letters.

      • Mike V

        I was right there with you in those days Tom .. But they all were a little tougher to pick up in Louisville .. except maybe WSB .. Good times

    • ScreamingStrat

      I had the game on radio but I wasn’t in bed because I lived in the middle of Dodger country (Bakersfield,CA) so being on west coast time didn’t have to stay up till the middle of the night most nights. What was it like going up being a Reds fan there, took a lotta friction. As I’m sure your well aware the Dodgers/Reds rivalry in the 70’s was the best in baseball and we battled it out for NL West title almost every year. One good thing I got to listen to the great Vin Scully every night. He was awed by the Red Machine and let you know about it. The only player who ever left him speechless was Concepcion, he made a play behind 2nd base one night that Vin said he just couldn’t describe. Believe me that is a feat to make Mr. Scully an inarticulate mess. Davy was the most underrated player on the Red Machine and became a clutch hitter as well which most people forget.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I grew up West of you, near Alfred in Allegany County but I was a Yankee fan back then (born in 1954 for context). Didn’t become a Reds fan until moving to the area in 1985 and was fed up with Steinbrenner’s actions. Had an old tube radio in my bedroom during high school that had an outside AM antenna. Got games from all over: Detroit, Boston, Philly, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore, even Astros games out of a New Orleans station some nights. For some reason I could rarely get WLW.

    • TMS

      Remember many a night sneaking my transistor radio to bed during the mid-70’s so I could hear the last few batters. I was in Southwest Ohio, so WLW was always loud and clear.

      Remember being in Greenville, Tennessee for a family event the night Tom Seaver pitched his no-hitter. I still could hear WLW pretty clear.

      I learned a lot about baseball listening to Joe Nuxhall interviewing player before games, and during the “Star of the Game” broadcasts.

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    5 out, it’s been a long time since the Reds have been involved in a pennant chase. I am not counting last year.

  8. Arthur

    Reds have a challenging week ahead – Atlanta and then a red-hot Phillies team. I think in 7 days we will have a clearer idea of whether this team is built to make a legit run at the NL pennant.

    It doesn’t hurt that Covid smacked the Brewers, and that they played a LOT of baseball this weekend. It would be nice to see them slide for a couple of weeks so we could put some real pressure on them.

    • LDS

      And over those next seven games, Milwaukee has the Cubs and Pirates. Really need a bit of luck. I saw Ramsey tweet that today brings Bell to 50-50 for his Reds tenure. That’s something I gues.

    • vared

      Yep – those Braves/Phillies games look much for formidable than they did 10 days ago.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Both of those teams are right there with the Mets at the top of the East, so they are very big games.

      • RedsMonk65

        Yes, it will be a good test. Hopefully, the recent momentum and mo-jo will carry through.

    • beelicker

      Dodgers also battling from behind for their division @PHI so let’s hope for a real nail-biting, bullpen straining, emotionally draining series for both sides

  9. Andy

    Fun radio broadcast today featuring full innings from Bob Costas and Jon Miller reminiscing on Joe. Loved when Costas broke into play-by-play mode but didn’t know any names; then apologizing for not doing his homework.

    • RedsMonk65

      I enjoyed that as well. I miss Miller and Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball.

  10. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I still think we should lock up Mahle and Winker. Also, I believe we should extend Nick if possible. And, maybe offer an incentive-laden contract to Gray.

    Also, for longer term, I believe we need to finalize some positions, namely 3rd, SS, and CF. I mean, I can understand starting some bench players. No problem with that. I believe I heard somewhere where Sparky in 75 or 76 started the “regulars” together only 100 games during the season. However, I’m confident that Sparky knew exactly who to send out there when we needed a win, aka during the playoffs, WS, etc.

    But, for the team now, who do we send out to CF? 3rd? Are we really going to go with Farmer at SS?

    I mean, our weakest positions offensively, in comparison to the rest of the league position-wise, have been 3rd base and CF. Who would we start at those positions? Lots of possibilities, but no one definite.

    At least Farmer has been “holding his own” offensively so far. And, it could have been simply he’s been looking to “find a consistent role”. I mean, his “role” for years has been “put me in wherever, coach”, even catcher. Now, he’s had a shot at playing SS consistently. And, he seems to be excelling a bit, at least in comparison to his previous offensive stints.

    I mean, I could even understand platooning guys. But, it seems as if we have even more guys than that for platooning. Second, do you really platoon someone with Suarez’s contract, Moose’s contract, etc.? I mean, could they be platooned? Sure. But, just consider how much money we have rolled into that position, and how little offensive production we have gotten from those players.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Steve, I understand your point about Farmer. But my goodness, I don’t know what more you could ask of the guy than to donate a kidney. I know this is a small sample size, but I am not willing to dismiss what he is currently showing because it is a small sample size. And I know that Barrero is tearing up the minors, but when you have a shortstop who is playing great already, I don’t see any rush or need to move Barrero up. That may change, but that’s just how I feel at the moment. In summary: Farmer is currently playing shortstop at a slightly-above-average level defensively and an outstanding level offensively. Why would we want to change that?

      • Alan Horn

        Agree. Farmer maybe to 3B next season with Votto, Moose and occasionally Stephenson rotating at DH and 1B . Stephenson and Barnhart would be my catchers. Barreo would be my SS.

      • beelicker

        Based on actual production in the admittedly small sample, Stephenson should avoid playing first base. His split stats at only 1B = .159/.362/.182 … 1 double, 6 singles, 11 walks, 3 HBP in 58 PA. He’d have truly eye popping overall stats if he had just never picked up a first basemen’s mitt. He’s also not displaying being any kind of real power hitter attributes vs RHP, which is a corner infielder imperative. He should get every reasonable start at C vs LHP, only sitting healthy then if it’s a potential Miley/Barnhart vs LHP situation. Unless the Votto/Moustakas/Saurez salary/roster conundrum somehow gets otherwise resolved, the Reds have painted themselves into the corner of doing everything possible to feature them as a viable 1B/3B/DH rotation solution (albeit also seriously figuring out how to address ES’s own seriously dreadful splits vs LHP) instead

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Hey, I’m all for him. . .right now. But, as soon as all are healthy, do we go with him? During the off season, do we decide he’s the guy? Like I said, I just want some defined people in defined positions. We have too many players for too many positions.

      • Alan Horn

        Stephenson’s poor numbers at 1B are likely due to a lack of confidence. He is trying to learn on the job in the majors since he has never played 1B at the lower levels. That added pressure and concentration likely impacted his bat. Still, any time for him at 1B or DH would be minimal since he would be catching also.

      • beelicker

        Like i said, vs LHP he should start at catcher. As a weak power bat vs RHP he’d be robbing valuable ABs from 2 bonified power LH bats @1B. This is the biggest hitting weakness of the Reds on offense, vs LHP, and likewise the biggest single ongoing driver of negative WAR for Saurez and that needs to get fixed somehow. Stephenson at 1B is just not a good idea, period.

    • Doc

      Farmer is leading the NL in hitting since the ASG. Along with superb defense, can’t ask much more!

      Brewers lost, Padres won. The division is not out of reach.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I had to check this. And, . . . you’re right!!!

        Now, do I think this is Farmer? Not at all. However, play the hand till it runs out.

        Come on, Steve…. you know better than to avoid the swear filter.

  11. RojoB

    Find and listen to the Jim Day podcast in season one where he interviews Joe Morgan and you will not regret it

  12. Jim t

    I was definitely one who listened to the games on radio in bed. Waite Hoyt was broadcasting then and the games came on later. Had a ear plug so my mom didn’t hear the radio which would of been bad news for me. If I fell asleep I would make a mad dash to the front porch to grab the newspaper to see who won and who did what r to heading off to school.

    As a 20 year vet who was stationed out west for many years I would
    Listen to Dodger broadcast with Vin Scully to catch the score of the reds game. I also picked up The armed forces radio broadcast as well as the Giants.

    Great series against the Pirates.with the injuries and bullpen failures to be sitting where we are I tip my cap to the team and most certainly the manager.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I definitely had the ear plug, too! 🙂

    • RedsMonk65

      Thanks. Us “old guys” really had to scrounge for live action, scores and stats back in the day, didn’t we? We are spoiled today by the immediacy of the Internet.

      • greenmtred

        We are, but there was something exciting about waiting for the morning paper and finding the box score and the game write-up. I had a bit of an advantage there because, for a while, I delivered it.

  13. Old-school

    Great series for the Reds

    Great write up tom
    Its amazing people and the blog are talking about being at a reds game 15 years ago

    I was at that game too and freels catch was Amazing and that game was amazing

    I caught a bat … not a ball.. a bat at the game for my then 7 year old son

    Its still in his room. Hes not in his room… because hes 22 and away in college but that Jason Larue bat sure is and I wasnt giving it to two cards fans who wanted it. Thanks Tom

  14. Harold D.

    I was 8 years old and already a bigReds fan when Joe Morgan came to the team in 1972. When the trade for Morgan was made, I was extremely upset because Lee May was one of my favorite players and he was shipped to the Astros in that deal.

    I quickly got over it when I saw how good Joe Morgan was and how much better the Reds were with Joe as the everyday 2nd baseman.Those were my formative years as a Reds fan and Joe Morgan was a big reason why I have such fond memories of those times.

    • Jim t

      Harold something else for you to consider was that the reds got Jack Billingham, Cesar. Geronimo, Ed Armbrister , as well as Little Joe. Quite a haul for Lee May, Tommy Helms and jimmy Stewart. Like you I was skeptical at first but was easily won over with one of the best deals Bob Howsan ever made. Of course getting George Foster for Vern Geiherst was a good one as well.

      • beelicker

        Bobby Tolan and Wayne “The Lone” Granger from the Cards for a badly fading Vada Pinson was also quite brilliant. And i can say i actually witnessed the anorexic-looking Granger’s only career mlb HR/R/RBI (1 of only 2 XBH in 74 PA) in person versus the NY Mets in 1971. Somehow he managed to totally shock the world in hitting the LF foul screen at Riverfront right off the very top of the fence … after getting 3oo+ very valuable innings in relief from him ’69-’71, Howsam then dealt him straight up for the even more anorexic-looking Tom Hall, who then pitched 3 fine years of relief for the Reds, himself

      • beelicker

        3B Denis Menke was the 5th Astro in that trade. I was likewise a huge Lee May fan. Aquino sorta reminds me of him, a little bit

        I also first fell in love with Nuxhall ’68-9 listening to both his pre- and postgame interviews, ‘Turfside’ and ‘Star of the Game’ back when his partner was the immortal Jim McIntyre. Utility guy extraordinaire Chico Ruiz became my first favorite Red, because any time Joe couldn’t entice somebody into talking (especially the Turfside show) Joe could always count on Chico for his special brand of super optimistic 9o mph broken English to completely fill the airtime. Chico also i think held the advanced PhD in wry bat scatology, so you never really knew where these sessions were gonna go but it was frequently due South lol

      • MK

        Beelicker the only comparison I can get between May and Aquino is height, complexion, and proclivity for power hitting. May had a very short almost choppy swing while Aquino is long to the ball. May ran with a short choppy almost BabeRuthesq type gate where Aquino is long and flowing. This was why May was very challenged when he tried to play the outfield and they traded him to get Perez off of third base(and protect the fans in the first few rows of seats behind first base from his throws).

      • beelicker

        Sounds like sorta a little bit to me lol … somebody else had posted he reminded them of George Foster which to me was much further off. There’s a youtube of a very young Lee May running the bases with a fairly flowing gait

  15. Bet on Red

    Need all the productive wins we can get. A productive win being when we win and either MIN, SD or LAD lose. Got one of those today. This team is the most put together it has been in ages.

  16. Jimbo44CN

    Use to listen to the transistor with my friends, had our own made up scorecards to keep track. I remember Waite Hoyt well. Back in the 60s and early 70s.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I made my own scorecards, too! 🙂 I knew you guys would get this. 🙂

  17. RedsMonk65

    Packy Naughton now on the mound for the Angels vs. the Dodgers

    • RedsMonk65

      Packy not faring so well thus far…..

  18. Melvin

    Thanks Tom.

    Good tribute to “Little Joe”. Good win for the Reds. Five games back. Forget about the wild card. Win the division. Let’s go! 🙂

  19. Ahimsa

    Tip of the cap to the Reds fans at the games this year. Really cool to see/hear them all supporting Reds baseball, after last years cardboard cutouts.

    • TR

      It’s nice to see crowds of 20,000+ on weekdays and Sunday with 30,000+ on Friday and Saturday. This team is catching on.

  20. Mark Moore

    With this little bit of magic on Joe Morgan day plus the Bernies’ loss, our Reds have moved up a little bit in their odds of making the playoffs. Currently at a whopping 38.1% with another day in, albeit low, double digits to win the NLC crown. This is how August baseball should feel.

  21. Michael Spriggs

    This military brat did the same thing with the Reds games as a youth from Florida to Virginia to Penn. Who would have thought living in Hawaii would suck but 700’s signal didn’t quite carry that far. Now if iHeartRadio would just quit blocking my signal every time I get a call during the game here in Alabama I’d be thrilled. There’s still nothing like listening to a game on the radio and as much as I like Tommy and Jeff I still wish it was Jeff and Marty. He deserved a career ender like this season could be. Hoping the team can just keep it close during what could be a tough week. Almost impossible for me to so but I’m back pulling for the Pirates this week.

  22. JB WV

    I was a transistor kid too, staying up way too late listening to west coast games and getting rattled out of bed in the morning. Loved it.
    How refreshing to have guys at the back end of the pen do their job.

  23. Old-school

    4 game sweep sends a message to the only few teams who are trying to win

    Mlb problem is few teams trying

    Cards are but are done

    NL east 2nd best is worse than the Reds and increasingly NL west 3rd best is worse than the Reds and maybe 2nd best

    Lets go

  24. Jim t

    My 3 favorite reds

    1 Frank Robinson. Worse trade in history of the franchise.
    2. Pete Rose. While he is a complete ass there wasn’t a kid my age who’s father didn’t use him as a example in how the game should be played.
    3. Joe Morgan. He was the best 2nd baseman in the history of baseball. His all around game was unmatched. He was the final piece in forming the big red machine

    • Melvin

      The Reds may very well have had two players that were the best all time at their positions on the same team. Bench and Morgan. Then you have the all time hits leader….and so on. lol The best team of the 70s? More accurately, arguably, the best team of all time.

      • Alan Horn

        Right there with the 1927 Yankees.

    • Alan Horn

      JIm , I always heard the same about Bench(being an a$$) . I don’t know if it is true. I do know Bench was the greatest catcher that ever played. Robinson, Rose and Morgan were also 3 of the all time greats of the game.

      • beelicker

        Don’t forget Doggie being the alleged straw that stirred the psychological clubhouse drink in keeping all those big egos in line

  25. Hotto4Votto

    Mahle pitched a dandy. The Reds swept the Pirates. The offense did enough. New and improved bullpen showing up. Keep on chipping away and close ground on those ahead of us. It’d be great to have a September to remember.

  26. Don

    great pitching my Mahle, timely hitting against a team that was desperate to not be swept. Great day to be a Reds fan.
    Being in Rochester,NY growing up radio would never come in, had to look at box scores in the afternoon paper (Times Union) which I delivered at watching TWIB and the game of the week as Mark mentioned.

    Us Reds fans need to cheer for the Cubs, Pirates and Cards for the next 10 days (then the Nats for 3) so that the Brewers are no more than 5 ahead going into that 3 game series.

    Reds are better on the Road than at Home so a 5-2 road trip is quite possible this week.

  27. Tim

    Had the transistor radio and those white earplugs. Also spent my candy money on baseball cards and bubble gum. Still have them all…including Joe’s

    • jazzmanbbfan

      My Mom didn’t throw my baseball cards away, thankfully. Lots of memories of opening up those packs, me hoping for a Mickey Mantle.

  28. beelicker

    The NL Central involving themselves in the WC1 scenario is also the best way to eliminate any dreaded west coast trips from our own post season menu

    • JayTheRed

      If memory serves me our last road trip to the west coast went great, but once we got home we couldn’t win for anything.

      • beelicker

        So you’re saying you want them to go to SD or LA for a one and done elimination game? I go back to ’67 and the west coast for the most part is historically where Reds’ hopes go to die

  29. Amarillo

    I’m a bit young for a transistor radio, but count me in for 700 under the pillow. Just with a more modern radio.

  30. KDJ

    I remember starting little league and sitting on the front porch at my grandfather’s house listening to Nuxhall and Brennaman call the BRM games on the radio. Good memories.

    • Moon

      I was a fan of the Reds long ago. I still have a photo with Gerry Arrigo taken when I was a boy at old Crosley Field. So I would listen to the Red on an small transistor radio like others have described. My Father would take us once a year to see my Grandfather who lived in Marked Tree Arkansas just outside of Memphis. They were very poor. No indoor plumbing. We took baths in a washtub with water heated in a stove. We always went in the summer. No air conditioning so it was not comfortable. My strongest memory of granddad was seeing him after dinner sitting on his front porch hunched down with his ear next to black square radio with a long silver antenna sticking awkwardly into the air. He did not hear well so he had to get his ear close to the radio. I would walk out on the porch and ask him if he needed anything and he would say “The Cardinals are winning 3-2”. I would just chuckle and sit with him and listen to the game with him. He was a Cardinals fan and listened to their games every chance he could. I think part of my love for the game comes from listening to those games with the old man.

  31. ScreamingStrat

    Hearing all this talk about the past generation of Reds players I got to mention the most over-looked under-appreciated player on the Red Machine. Davy Concepcion was in the same league as Ozzie Smith with the glove, didn’t have quite the range but he too was a magician at SS. He became something of a clutch hitter from about ’75 on. I heard little Joe say one time that the Reds don’t win back to back WS without him. He most definitely an integral piece to that team.

    • Arthur

      Here is a thought about the Big Red Machine: everyone remembers the starting 8, with good reason. Every one of them was awesome. You may even remember some of the relievers on that team – The Hawk, Pedro, McEnany and Eastwick – but almost no one remembers their starting pitchers, except perhaps Don Gullet and maybe Jack Billingham. Because their starters weren’t really especially good. But in 1970, the Reds had a phenomenal young pitcher who went 13-1 out of the gate his rookie year, and then his shoulder basically fell apart. He was a big right-handed power pitcher, and might have become for the Reds what JR Richard was to the Astros. His name was Wayne Simpson.

      But for his injury, Simpson would have been in his prime in 1975 and 1976. And the Machine might have won 4 or 5 championships that decade.

      What might have been….

      • Moon

        Wayne Simpson was unbeatable in 1970. Yes he was 13-1 but that one lose should have been a win as well. The game was lost due to an error allowing 2 runs. If that catch was made Simpson would have been 14-0. Simpson threw out his shoulder due to overuse. He was only 21 years old and with better management and attention to his workload he would have been a hall of famer. He had pitched many innings in winter leagues in Puerto Rico and pretty much rolled right into the major leagues from there with no rest. And the Reds rode him hard as well the first half of the year. His young arm just could not take it. That would not happen today with the attention to pitch counts and proper rest.

      • beelicker

        Yeah, Concepcion dropped that popup behind shortstop in St Louis … i was watching that one late that night with my Mom. Simpson was gonna be the next Bob Gibson

    • VegasRed

      I started the transistor radio with ear plugs in 1970 in Lima Ohio up I75 also. Al Michael’s and Nuxie and then Marty the rest of the way!

      Had the good fortune in later years to meet up with Marty, Joe on San Diego trips when we played golf at Aviara and Del Mar and then sitting in their radio booth with another red fanatic. It was when Joe was really having a tough time getting around but he was a gamer and didn’t want to miss the fun. Marty should have been the GM in those years instead of uncle Walt—he was hilarious in real life—and as much outstanding baseball he reported in the early BRM years, he had to watch way too many horrible teams in the 90’s and 2000’s under Linder and Bobby C. Turned him a little bitter in the end I think.

      But great memories both as a kid and later years.

  32. Tom Reeves

    I grew up with a view of downtown. We’d sit on the front porch on humid nights and listen to Marty and Joe call the games on a transistor radio while bugs flew around the street light. We had a glider on the front porch and there were several mornings I woke up to fresh dew and birds chirping. I always considered baseball the background to my summers.

    • VegasRed

      I should mention Billy Hatcher and Chris welsh played golf with us also. Great guys.

  33. Tim

    And how many of us flapped our arms like Morgan when batting in little league?

  34. Jim Walker

    All kinds of great recollections here this evening…. I’m guessing I am (at least) 10-15 years older than many (or most) of you folks who listened to the Reds games on the sly via a transistor radio stashed under the pillow since I was at or approaching my teenage years before they became common items around the Wilmington, OH area where I lived then.

    My brother and I would usually be run back to bed before games ended even during the summer; but, the table radio in the living room always seemed to be just loud enough to reach us. And if my parents headed to bed before the game ended, then their bedroom radio would be on with the door open just enough for the sound to make it through to my brother and me.

    My mother bought my dad a really nice transistor radio for Christmas in either 1961 or ’62. In retrospect, she was probably hoping he would use it to listen to the Reds games in bed so she could get to sleep. However, the broadcasts continued to play through the traditional radios for my brother and me after lights out for another season or so until the prices of decent transistor models had fallen enough that we had our own.

    A few weeks after my dad passed 16 years ago, my mom gave me a bag containing some of his small personal possessions that she felt certain he wanted to be sure ended up with me. In the bottom of that bag was that transistor radio she had given him for Christmas 40+ years earlier. The radio looked like it hadn’t been used for many years. However, I cleaned it up and used it to listen to Reds games from work.

    • VegasRed

      Good times/memories. It’s in our blood man.

      • TR

        Baseball is memories you never forget. I’m in my eighties now and am a lifetime Reds fan. A memory that is foremost for me is, as a kid, laying under the Philco radio listening, with my brothers, to the melodious, warm voice of Waite Hoyt describe the Reds game for us crazy fans in the village of Trenton.

      • Melvin

        Sounds like you have some really good memories. I’m happy for you. 🙂

    • beelicker

      I’m thinking their bedroom radio was cover for other extracurricular type noises so that maybe it wasn’t sleep so much that she hoping to avoid there?

      • Jim Walker

        Possibly but there were nights when their bedroom door was closed and so was ours and we understood no going out to the hall even for nature calls until our door was reopened

  35. LGR

    Am I crazy for thinking the Reds could have 4 people in the top 10 for MVP? India, Votto, Castellanos and Winker? It’s weird. They’ve all been so valuable for this team. I don’t think any of them are leading currently. but they should all make it interesting.
    Think right now it’d be something like..

    Tatis (if he comes back and plays this year that is. Unfortunately his OPS,OPS+, and WAR are way to high to say he’s overrated atm.)
    Harper (his stats are kinda nutty, I’d say he wins if the Phillies make the playoffs.)
    Winker (and I’d say Winker would have a good shot if the Reds make the playoffs.)
    Muncy (I can’t see a Dodger winning it this year. How valuable can you be on that team really.)
    Votto (he missed a month and his stats are still pretty insane. And without Castellanos, he carried this team pretty hard.)

    Then idk who else I’d put in front of India. He’s been that valuable.

    • greenmtred

      India has been great, and I have no idea what the Reds would be without him. He’s good, but not great, in the traditional counting stats, though, and a rookie to boot, so he should get ROY, but MVP seems unlikely, even though the case for him from our perspective is strong.

    • Indy Red Man

      Harper’s stats are weird. A .983 ops, .302 with 26 doubles and 20 Hrs, but only 45 rbis? Castellanos had numbers like that 2 years ago with Detroit/Cubs. Like 24 hrs and 52 doubles or something, but yet only 73 rbis I think

      That Philly series is going to be tough, but I think Milw and SD both have to play them too.

      • Jim Walker

        A guy can’t drive them in if they aren’t there to drive in? Do you follow the RE24 stat? I think it is a good one for getting a feel of how much a guy makes of the opportunities available to him.

      • Jim Walker

        Phillies have 3 games each left with Padres and Brewers. They are In SD starting Aug 20 and host the Brewers starting Sept 6.

        They also have 3 at home with LAD this week ahead of the Reds.

  36. Jim t

    30-20 in last 50 games gives the reds 91 wins on the year. Does that get them in the playoffs?

  37. greenmtred

    This sweep has been so much fun, and it’s great to be checking other teams’ scores because the Reds have a shot at the post-season. However, I’m trying to remind myself that the season has, mostly, been fun to watch for a change and keep my expectations in check: it was the Poor Pirates we whupped, and tougher teams await us. For that matter, the next time we see the Pirates, they may be be so focused on revenge that they actually get it.

    • RojoB

      But I have to give the Reds credit for whupping said Pirates like they’re supposed to. We know from experience that a lot of Reds teams would play down to the competition and lose games to these Pirate-like teams

      And a sweep helps make up a game or two that has been given away earlier in the season

      • Jim Walker

        Right now the Pirates are knives in a gunfight vs Reds. Personnel wise, I don’t see that changing in the next 6-7 weeks. If the Reds don’t win at least 6 or 7 of the 9, they’ve nobody to blame but themselves.

      • Indy Red Man

        Yeah SD just lost 2 at home to the Rockies and 1 to Arizona. Can’t let up!

      • LGR

        As a Reds baseball fan and a Notre Dame football fan, I know what it’s like to play down to your opponent all to well.

  38. Indy Red Man

    Reds big favorites tonite. Cleveland throwing lefty Sam Hentges (7.86 era). He hasn’t been starting lately. Probably only 2 innings unless the Reds come out slow.

    I’m predicting Geno as the DH and AA in CF, but we’ll find out soon enough

    • James A Walker

      Let’s just hope Bell doesn’t burn the DH spot by putting Barnhart behind the plate with Stephenson as DH/ sitting or by putting Akiyama in CF b/c it is larger than GABP. TS has caught Castillo when they have matched up together in the LH/RH catching platoon; so, the larger risk is probably Akiyama in CF with Suarez DH and Aquino sitting.

      Right now it also looks like 2 lefties against the Reds in Atlanta. Miley is set to go in the middle game vs a righthander for Atlanta which should get TS two starts there. I’m not sure Bell will go 4 of 5 games with TS behind the plate which would be the situation from yesterday (Sunday) through Thursday if he sticks to the LH/RH platoon. So, the DH tonight (Monday) looms as a chance to get Barnhart a start vs LH pitching with minimal damage.

  39. SultanofSwaff

    If the Reds get thru this week with a winning record you don’t have to squint to see them making the playoffs. After this week the schedule is as soft as a baby’s bottom. Just 3 games with the Brewers and Dodgers and the rest are also-rans.

    The wild card would be the worst cast scenario—-you’d play one of the Dodgers/Giants/Padres in a one game play-in, then face one of those other two pitching rich teams in a 7 game series. I’d much rather win the division and face the NL East team. All that said, I like our chances against any of them with our top 3 starters and the retooled bullpen that will hopefully include Lodolo and Greene.

    I was the most optimistic poster here on opening day when I said they’d win 88 games. Can’t wait for them to prove me wrong!

    • Indy Red Man

      Beat LA once and then go to SF. I’m thinking that they signed Inciarte with the bigger outfields of the NL West in mind. Senzel/Lorenzen might be able to help defensively too. Winker/Naquin/Castellanos would get eaten alive defensively in SF.

      • Indy Red Man

        Maybe Shogo is going to slap his way past Naquin though? I make fun of his weak stroke, but when everyone behind you is slamming the ball then his run still counts!

      • Indy Red Man

        Shogo since July 28:

        8-22 (.364) with 2 doubles and a .500 obp

      • Jim Walker

        To bring back an old phrase, lately from the #8 lineup spot, Akiyama has been sitting up the drink to be stirred by the top of the order.

      • MK

        Loved Votto’s comments after the game that Shogo called him out for not hustling out of the box on the single off the wall. Watching the replay Joey did stand and admire it a little. Good for Shogo, nobody is exempt from positive criticism, and that is kind of what Joey said.

    • Jim Walker

      Can’t believe a Chicago area guy looked past those 2 the Reds have with the WhiteSox in Chicago the last week of the season 😉

      Guess you figure the south siders will be in cruise mode then and use the weekend to tweak for the playoffs?

      • SultanofSwaff

        Yes, that, and I’ll be in attendance and I’m 2-0 on the year! lol

      • Old Big Ed

        I was looking at that the other day. The White Sox may be in the hunt for home-field advantage, as they are only 2 games behind Tampa Bay now. They would thus have a little more incentive than to just line up the rotation for the playoffs.

        With Luis Robert and Eloy Jimenez now both back, I think the White Sox are the team to beat, so it is possible that they will have home-field wrapped up by the time the Reds play them.

  40. Jeffery Stroupe

    The quantum physics of every at bat is beyond stupid. All we need to know is batting average.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      Raimel Tapia is hitting .288. Fernando Tatis Jr. is hitting .290.

      They are basically the same guy at the plate if we only need to know is batting average.

  41. Still a Red

    Anyone else notice Given’s little Cueto back-turn to the plate…seems pretty effective!

    • MK

      They talked about it on TV and radio the first couple times he pitched.

  42. Frankie Tomatoes

    Good news and bad news from this game for the old tomato. The Reds won. But the old tomato dropped his cheese coney on the concourse and had to go back and buy another one.

    It has been a fun last couple of weeks. Lets hope they can take the show on the road and keep kicking butt.

    • Old Big Ed

      Be happy it wasn’t a $14 beer.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        I will never pay that much for a beer. I can wait until I get home and open my fridge.

  43. Indy Red Man

    Since we’re talking golden oldies:

    I still have my autographed copy of “Catch You Later” by Johnny Bench. My cousin is the one that actually met him and got it signed for me, but I remember reading it over and over. My 13 year old self was especially interested in the chapter regarding the action at his bachelor pad with Tommy Helms)))