Final R H E
Minnesota Twins (45-62) 7 9 0
Cincinnati Reds (56-51) 5 9 0
W: Coulombe (2-1) L: Hembree (2-6) S: Colome (3)
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The Reds offense going rolling in the third inning. Eugenio Suarez hit a solo home run to tie the game at 1.

Tucker Barnhart made in back-to-back home runs to the put the Reds on top 2-1.

Tyler Mahle looked to be cruising, but he ran into trouble in the fifth inning. Have gave up a 2-run home run to Mitch Garver, and the Reds were quickly behind 4-3.

The Reds would not let a little deficit bring them down as they’ve shown all year. Jonathan India hit a 2-run home run in the bottom of the 5th to put the Reds back on top.

Luis Cessa, Michael Lorenzen and Mychal Givens each pitched scoreless innings to get the Reds to the 9th with 5-4 lead. Heath Hembree did not have in the 9th. He walked the first two batters and then allowed a 3-run home run to Jorge Polanco. The Reds brought the winning run to the plate in the bottom of the 9th, but they could not find a way to get their 30th comeback win of the season.

Biggest Play of the Game

Source: FanGraphs

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the biggest play of the game was Heath Hembree allowing a 3-run home run to Jorge Polanco with 1 out in the top of the 9th, giving the Twins at 7-5 leadThat play decreased the Reds probability of winning by 62.8% (from 71.5% to 8.6%).


Newly minted NL Rookie of the Month, Jonathan India just continues his incredible 2021 campaign. He had two hits, including a go-ahead HR. India’s OBP now sits at .401.

Jesse Winker reached base three times (2 hits).

Aristides Aquino ripped a 102.0 MPH single in a pinch-hit appearance.

Two Reds who have been really struggling of late hit big solo home runs back-to-back. Eugenio Suarez entered play with a 71 wRC+ since June 1st and Tucker Barnhart entered with a 72 wRC+ over the same span.

Michael Lorenzen and Luis Cessa each pitched very solid innings of relief. Mychal Givens also pitched a scoreless inning, but he did walk two batters before getting a double play.


Tyler Mahle looked really good at times tonight, but ended up with a lackluster final line: 5.0 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 5 K. Mahle’s struggles at home continues as he still only has 1 quality start at home all year. It should be noted the Reds as a team have not pitched nearly as well at home. The Reds entered play with a team 5.13 ERA at home vs 3.90 on the road. Some notable other Reds that have struggled at home this season: Antone (5.56 ERA), Sims (7.36) and Gray (5.23).

Heath Hembree has struggled with command of late. He has walked 5 batters in his last 3 appearances (3.0 IP). Hembree has a fantastic 14.79 K/9 this season, but he certainly can not keep pitching in the 9th or any other high leverage spots if his command is this shaky. His BB/9 is now up to 3.99. His career is 3.43.

Not so random thoughts………………….

This was a really tough loss. If you were looking at this week, you would have expected this to be the toughest matchup against Maeda. The Reds of course scored 5 runs off him, so you would have really liked to take this one. The Reds obviously need to rebound and play well the rest of the week.

Up Next:

Twins at Reds
Wednesday, 12:35 PM
TV: Bally Sports Ohio
Luis Castillo (22 GS, 4.22 ERA/3.88 FIP) vs Charlie Barnes (1 GS, 1.93 ERA/6.16 FIP)

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  1. Jeff Morris

    Hebrew getting fatigued and should not be closing…whoever is pitching well in there last few games, should be closing! Also…not sure why relievers can’t go more than one inning. If they pitch well the one inning, let them go two innings! Bell needs to manage on a sense of how things are going well or not. Not on doing things out of habit, like putting in Doolittle and Hembree all the time, because that is what he has been doing all year.

    • Indy Red Man

      Fried pitched tonite….thought you were talking about him. Wonder if Schrock is Jewish? All the Max’s I’ve known personally are Jewish. Not that it matters, but I can’t think of any Jewish REds of note

      • Indy Red Man

        The diversity of baseball from people all backgrounds and all shapes/sizes is interesting to me. Randy Johnson to Altuve

      • Jim Walker

        Art Shamsky with the Reds from 1965-67. Pinch hitter deluxe and utility OF/1B (because there was no such thing as DH anywhere in MLB back then). Went on to be a key contributor with 1969 Miracle Mets World Championship team.,while%20he%20was%20with%20Cincinnati.

        The linked article says Shamksy was one of 17 MLB players to hit 4 consecutive HRs over 2 games and the only MLB player to ever hit 3 HR in a game he did not start. I don’t recall if the 3 consecutive in the single game were part of the 4 overall; but, the linked article infers they were. He did both these feats with the Reds in August of 1966.

      • paul olbert

        Max Schmelling (not even close)? Time for Lorenzen to get a chance. Agree that 2 ip if you’ve thrown under 20 pitches the in ning before is not stressful – he just wont’ be available for the following game.

      • beelicker

        OF Richie Scheinblum in 1973 for 27 games. KC Royals traded him here along with P Roger Nelson for OF Hal McRae and P Wayne Simpson

    • Scott C

      Despite the number of saves he had in July, we all knew that Hembree was not a closer. As of right now the best three options are Lorenzen, Givens and Cessa. The next level you have Garrett and Wilson, then maybe Brach if you don’t overuse him, Perhaps Hembree and Hoffman but again do not overuse them. Then Doolittle should only be used when the game is out of hand.

    • DK072257

      Ya, know… it’s about time to question the decisions made by Bell. It’s one thing to deal with the sloppy bullpen that management handed him. Its another to look at Bell’s repeated mistakes. Hembree isn’t capable of closing. Every time I see him, he blows up. Hembree has refused all year to pitch inside, which isn’t a bad thing to say however but it makes him that more predictable thus hitable. Why doesn’t Bell see that. Also his pitches are all over the place and he has no #1 pitch that can consistently get batters out.

  2. RojoB

    Nick—thanks for doing the wrap. I’m sure you had some major rewrites.

    But for me, this game wasn’t a heartbreaker—it made me really angry.

    It’s the ones you love that can make you the angriest

    The Reds team as a whole played really well in this game—but were let down by one performance and what many think were some bad managerial decisions.

    These players deserve more. Nick Krall got them three better relievers—he’s done his part. Now it seems the manager is giving all he has to offer—and we see the outcome

    • beelicker

      Mahle gave away at least 1/2 of this game in that inning … pitcher gets on, then a critical nonclutch and signature unnecessary BB and then a horribly inept o-1 waste pitch for a 3run dinger

      • Tomn

        Exactly. Really disappointed with Mahle in this game. Reds should have won this game.

  3. Indy Red Man

    Cessa went 2-3 innings 8 times this year w/a 1.04 era. Lorenzen is a tank and can go 2 innings without a sweat and most likely give you 1 inning on Thursday if you need it. 4 innings so far with 1 hit 1 walk….that it! If one of them struggles in the 2nd inning then try to match up AG on 1 lefty to end the inning. The goal is to get the game to Givens! He’s closed before and he’s 3x better then HH. Thats not debateable?

    HH is 32 yrs old with 2 stinking career saves coming into this season. A mediocre 4.01 career era and he was scored on in 3 straight games coming into tonite.
    They can’t even score in 1 straight game off the new guys and Lorenzen so put the game in their hands! Its not that hard to figure out.

    They need to fire Bell. He’s not cutting it. They’ll have good talent for a while, but he’ll find a way to blow it if they make the playoffs. He just doesn’t get it.

    Its like giving a caveman 4 rifles (Lorenzen/new guys) to fight with and he decides to send his guys out there with rocks again


      Never have agreed with someone’s comment on here more than what you just said. Only thing I can say different I’ve been saying it since May. Earlier in year Sims N Tj went multiple innings, now no one can. I’m 62 yrs old and never have I been this disgusted witha reds manager than DUMMY won’t ever say his name just DUMMY, great thoughts on your part

      • MFG

        Because Tinker Bell plays matchups which drives me nuts!

    • Tomn

      This one inning per reliever us BS. Should have kept Lorenzen in for at least one more inning. Bell over-managing again really cost us this one.

    • DK072257

      Couldn’t agree more. Bell has made some really dumb moves… ok, but he just keeps repeating them. Enough! Time to fire bell and move on. Send HH packing. Lorenzen should be the closer moving forward. Bell hasn’t the guts to stand up to the players and for all I see, a 6th grade fan could manage the team better. How many times has the bullpen lost games this year? Seems like every time we get thru the 5th inning, they are calling the same losers out there. Bell also sent Nick out to pitch his with his fracture…. he’s just too stupid to manage this team.

  4. Reaganspad

    This is like the 60th game this year where Mahle has gone 5. 10 base runners. Who cares that he stuck out 6.

    He is a bullpen game every start now. I just said this a few days ago. Move him to closer. One time through the order.

    Vlad is our 4th starter, with Mahle a tenuous 5th starter right now.

    • Indy Red Man

      But half the time he comes out with 92-93 and can’t get righties out. Idk? I’d rather send him to AAA and let Tony have a go if Mahle can’t do better

    • Jim Walker

      Quick back of the virtual envelope pitch check on Mahle. He went to 2 strikes on 13 hitters tonight. AFTER having 2 strikes on these hitters, he needed 38 additional pitches before the PAs ended. Didn’t take the time to note how many ended in outs of any variety. Maybe tomorrow for that.

      • VaRedsFan

        Nice work Jim….that’s amazing

    • MFG

      Mahle walks too many to be a closer! Lorenzen could close!

    • MBS

      100% agree, Gutteriez is our 4, and Mahle should be in the pen. Mahle’s spot would probably be back end, maybe closer, maybe set up man.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Although Mahle is frustrating, last night of the 30 starting pitchers, only 15 went more than 5 innings and 4 of them didn’t get to 6 innings. So, Mahle is about average in terms of how long he went, at least last night. I’m guessing the number of starters on any given night that go more than 5 isn’t all that much different. If Vlad keeps up any semblance of his last start, it would be hard to argue with Mahle being rated higher on the pitching chart.

  5. JayTheRed

    I don’t think we have a prayer in the division catching the Brewers. They would have to have a total collapse

    Like others have said it was a good team played game until the 9th. sigh..
    On to tomorrow and hopefully better things.

    • weigarp

      The Brew Crew pen collapsed last night too.

  6. kevinz

    Being stubborn with guys.
    who cost you games already.
    Usually the Guys who get you Fired.

    • RojoB

      The guys that get you fired then ask you for 20 bucks

    • NorMichRed

      I’m getting really fond of kevinz’s terse comments which, whether or not by intent, make really good baseball haiku’s. They get right to the point.

      So, I’ll try one of my own:
      Reds lead in the eighth,
      Bell puts meatball hurlers in,
      More Heartbreak Hotel.

      Composed with props to my inspirational composition muse, the iconic Mary Beth Ellis!

  7. CI3J

    Brewers and Friars both won, so Reds lost a game in both races.

    Although really, the Wild Card is the only race that matters. 8 games back of the Brewers, who have really caught fire, is just a bridge too far.

    • Doug Gray

      The Brewers are currently losing 8-5 in the 10th inning.

  8. kevinz

    Brewers Lost which blown Save hurts worse.
    Well at least did not drop farther back.

  9. Jim Walker

    It was obvious after the first two Twins batters in the 9th that Hembree didn’t have it tonight, especially versus LH hitters. Yes, Polanco is a switcher. Yes, his slugging and HR rate is about the same from either side but his OBP is almost .070 lower vs LH pitching. After watching Hembree bumble through those first 2 LH hitters, don’t you have to get another pitcher in and preferably turn him around?

    Reds 5-3 in the last 8 games and all 3 losses feature leads blown in the 8th or 9th inning.

    • CI3J

      I’d be interested in knowing how many games the Reds lost that they were leading or tied in the 7th inning or later.

      • 2020ball

        The Reds are first in the NL in 1-run games at 18-12

    • TR

      I rarely get the feeling that winning a game is the #1 priority with David Bell. It was obvious last night, after the first couple hitters, that HH did not have it to close out the game. So, IMO, Bell does not remove him because he wanted to be nice and not repeat his mistake of a couple nights before where he took out HH with one out to go for no real reason. Winning managers are focused on winning only, certainly in the ninth inning.

      • Jim Walker

        I don’t think Bell does what he does because he is trying to be “nice”. I think he has a plan for how they are going to use the pen on given nights in given situations and is very slow to come off that plan.

        Tuesday night he might have been reactionary versus proactive in his bullpen decision usage because it blew up on him when he pulled Hembree with 2 outs in the 9th in NYC last week.

        The bottom line for me last night was that he had 3 lefties in his pen plus Brach available and chose to use none of them before the game was lost despite it being clear from the get go Hembree did not have his A game. If those guys, all seasoned veterans, were not trustworthy to use in the situation, why are they taking up roster slots?

      • Doc

        Couldn’t remove him until he had faced three hitters. Fourth hitter was the mistake.

      • Jim Walker

        @Doc> And he struck out #3 which may have influenced Bell to leave him in. But he was clearly struggling from the get go vs the 2 previous LH (which he had to face); so I question allowing him to face Polanco. Bell had LH and RH pitching choices other than leaving Hembree in. And after the near miss by Polanco just a pitch 2 before, why go back to the same spot which according to the pitch chart was where pitches 1/2/7/ (and the fateful) 8 were thrown.

  10. RedAlert

    Thanks to Pirates win , Reds will not lose ground . Too bad …. due to Bell’s
    buffoonery , Reds will not gain ground
    either . Worst mistake ever would be to bring him back next year . See enough to be convinced he is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD .

  11. Bet on Red

    Disappointed but not unsurprised. Hope the Hembree Experement is over. Getting extra baseball watching Todd and the US team face the Dominican republic.

    • 2020ball

      Whats unsurprising is all the replies in this thread.

  12. J

    It’s simply incredible to me that we’re all just BEGGING the manager to let a relief pitcher get more than three outs when he’s cruising along and hasn’t thrown many pitches. It seems like one of the most obvious decisions a manager can make, and we’ve all seen it done zillions of times in previous seasons, but for some reason this particular manager believes he’s figured out something that nobody else in the history of baseball has ever figured out. And he seems completely unphased by the fact that the bullpen, operating under his unique rules, has been one of the worst in the history of baseball.

  13. LGR

    So they’ll move 5 back of the Padres after tonight, which is STILL CATCHABLE if they can fix these stupid issues of letting Hembree come out to walk people on proceeded by homers. Padres still have a good amount left with the Dodgers/Giants. They could end up eating each other alive. The Reds have this series with the Pirates coming up, then play the pirates 9 TIMES from September 14th onward. That’s a ton. Plenty of opportunity to get back in it. I was really a believer of letting Greene stay in AAA for the rest of the year, until recently. Without Antone, not including Sims because I think he has the same problems Hembree does, without Antone there’s a lack of trustable people. Yes, he should let Lorenzon or Cessa get a extending outing, but he can’t be doing that every night. Let’s give Greene a shot before it’s to late this year.

  14. Bet on Red

    Juan Francisco playing for the DR. Let me say that he is not in MLB playing shape at all


    Not sure what the free agent market is like next year, but the Reds need to go after a true closer! Brewers have Hader, Padres have Melancon, ect….even when Antone and Sims come back, they are not true closers. Plus, we probably need Antone as a middle reliever, late reliever that can pitch the 6th and 7th inning both. Lorenzen did close at Cal State Fullerton when he was in College. But, he will probably be needed in the late innings, because you know how the Reds get injured during the year, just like right now, so you can count on making him the closer, because of the injuries. Trust me….Reds need to see what the free agent market is…..and go after a proven closer next year!

  16. Slicc50

    Loved listening to Brantley call the top of the 9th inning. You could tell he feels HH has no business trying to close out ball games for this team. It’s a shame. Could have gained a game on the Brewers…….again, but gave another one away.

    • RojoB

      I posted same in game thread.

      He seemed thoroughly disgusted.

  17. LGR

    Brewers signed Sal Romano. Maybe we have a chance.

  18. Bet on Red

    THe Japanesse made their stadium with an alarm system that allows fans to know when a ball is going into the stands is coming. the problem, no fans. trying to keep it positive as team USA is up in the top 8th.

    • Bet on Red

      and the USA former reds team moves on

  19. 2020ball

    Y’all need to reeeeelax, sheesh. I would like to see someone else tried in the closer role soon, but I dont see that as any reason to think the sky is falling. Tough loss but I see no reason why they cant recover from it. Hembree’s been league average this year, which is unfortunately good on this team. It wasn’t Bell out there struggling to throw a strike.

    This is what a good team looks like folks, love it or hate it I guess. But alas, this is good ‘ol IguessI’ Still a long 2 months left against mediocre competition. Been a fun season so far, cant wait for the finish!

    • 2020ball

      Moving forward I’d like to see Hembree only used versus righties as best as possible

    • Indy Red Man

      Dude they haven’t made it 2/3 the way thru the season yet and they’ve lost 16 games when leading after the 5th or later. Lately its in the 8th or 9th. One after another? Thats not acceptable! It would be one thing if Bell was outmanned like previous Reds teams and they were getting beat 7-2 all the time.

      He fails the eye test out there. If I can see it and type it 5 minutes before it happens then why can’t Bell see it? Why won’t the man come out and talk to the pitcher in crunch time? I can give you 30 examples if you want?

      Twice in a row we lead by 1 and he put Osich in the 8th against the heart of their lineup. Then Hembree comes in AFTER we blew the lead to throw a ton of pitches. If he’s your best then why can’t he face the heart of their lineup and lets the chips fall where they may in the 9th? Thats what the smart organizations are doing.
      Castellanos sits while we have the winning walk-off run on base then Bell FINALLY uses him in the 11th when we’re down 4 runs.

      How much time do you have?

      Sonny Gray getting pounded and we’re down 6-3 in the 4th I think. I said he has nothing…get him out before its 8-3. 3 minutes later its 8-3. It hasn’t even been a week since the trade deadline and Bell has blown 2 games with the new guys & Lorenzen. HH has been scored on in 4 straight now. He sucks. Everyone can see it, but Bell.

      • 2020ball

        youre overthinking literally all those moves you mentioned. first the bullpen is bad one game, then you want him panicking and pulling sonny early in another.

        what doesnt pass my eye test is yall on here freaking out over a poorly constructed pitching staff. HH was scored on in consecutive outings early this year, then he went scoreless for 3 times that amount of games.

        whatever, its time i went back to lurker land. ive learned if i want to enjoy watching this team, here certainly isnt the place to do it

  20. Rednat

    random thoughts from the game

    1. i know Jessie Winker has really improved his defense but he still doesn’t make plays an elite left fielder makes.
    2. Naquin just looks lost at the plate. i would rather see Shogo out in center at least until Senzel comes back
    3. it is too late for this year but i would like to see Mahle out of the bullpen next year.
    4. Aquino frustrates the heck out of me. every time I want to give up on him he hits a rocket.
    5. i enjoy watching the AL central teams. they seem to rely on speed and defense. they are sound fundamentally when i watch them. they remind me of the old nl teams of the 70s and 80s. i guess it is because they play in much bigger parks than here in the nl central.
    6. i would be curious if the reds have the biggest discrepancy between weekday and weekend attendance. so frustrating to me.

    • VaRedsFan

      You want to replace a guy who’s lost at the plate (Naquin) with Shogo? He’s the definition of lost at the plate.

      The AL Central is the worst division in the AL….You have the White Sox, and the rest are pretty sorry

    • Tomn

      1. But Winker hits, so I think the Reds can accept non-elite D from him.
      2. I’ve thought so too, but he’s had many big hits this season even recently. Plus he has a really good arm, better than Shogo though Shogo has much better range and makes better decisions on getting to the ball.
      3. Completely agree and it pains me to say so. e been a big fan of Mahle but this year he makes me pull my hair out.
      4. Agree again. I wish theyd package him and others (maybe Naquin, others) for a really good arm or two.

  21. GreatRedLegsFan

    I wonder what would it take having Lorenzen to close some games. Reds shall address the base running/defence skills, having so many slow runners in the everyday line-up (Barnhart, Votto, Suarez, Winker) as well as below-average defenders is killing the team.

  22. Reddawg2012

    Well, I’ve reached the point where these types of losses do not surprise or upset me anymore. It’s almost to be expected. This team would be in first place with a competent bullpen.

    • Alan Horn

      The last sentence is so true. The poor BP is on ownership/management. I am afraid it is too little too late. The Red’s off season preparation grades a flat “F” and dug a hole that we probably can’t get out of until this off season and that is if we don’t make the same mistakes.

    • Jim Walker

      This team would be in first place with a competent bullpen.

      And the $4M question is>>> If Bob Castellini and Nick Krall had been told this back in the offseason by a soothsayer they trusted, would they have done anything differently with Raisel Iglesias and/ or Archie Bradley?

  23. Pablo

    Brutal loss. Rumpke sure is getting their money’s worth sponsoring the bullpen.

  24. KG

    The Reds’ bullpen has blown eight saves in games that Mahle has started, which leads all Major League pitchers. We’ve blown over 20 total this season.

    • Doc

      The shorter a starter goes, the deeper into the BP the manager has to go, the more blown saves will occur. Mahle has got to get deeper into games, which means he has got to get more pitch efficient. Disappointed to have not seen progression this year on that front

    • Reaganspad

      That is because when Mahle pitches 5 innings, he exposes our bullpen further.

      5 innings to get to 100 pitches against a twins team that just traded its 2 best players.

      Lodolo needs to promote one more level now

  25. Roger Garrett

    Krill made it harder for Bell to find the wrong guy but not to be outdone he just keeps changing them out until he does.That will never change until they fire him.His need to prove he belongs out weighs everything.

  26. JB

    After the break the Reds got swept by the Brewers. I said they could still catch them. Between that sweep and last night every time the Brewers lost the Reds would also lose. They cant be giving games away like that. San Diego has a brutal schedule in September and I’ll be surprised if the Reds dont take the final wildcard with their cupcake schedule. But they have to close these games out though. I dont like to criticize the manager because it’s the players who have to perform. Saying that, the moves Bell makes are unbelievable. He has no feel for the bullpen whatsoever.

    • Bill J

      We know the final call is made by Bell but, since they have the best pitching coach in MLB shouldn’t he talk to him about which pitcher to bring in?

      • 2020ball

        if you dont think hes talking to his pitching coach then i dont know what to say. but yall on here will think all sorts of crazy as long as it means its all bells fault

  27. Dennis Westrick

    I challenge any of the regulars on this RLN site to identify another MLB manager, present or past, who limits their BP pitchers to one inning per outing! Bell is neither Old School nor creative! Just clueless!

    • 2020ball

      lolllll, is there a character limit?

      its clear to me people on here are woefully unaware what other managers do, since its basically exactly the same stuff bell does

    • Doug Gray

      Challenge accepted, Dennis.

      There have been 182 relievers this year to throw at least 30 innings. 95 of them average 1 inning or less per outing. 154 of them average less than 1.1 inning per outing.

      Sidenote: Tejay Antone has averaged well over an inning per outing.

      Double sidenote: The Reds bullpen is and has been terrible and filled with pitchers who have gotten their brains beat in all year long. Of course the Reds bullpen doesn’t have guys go multiple innings. Why would you keep in a bunch of guys for multiple innings when their ERA’s at 5+?

  28. Ghostrunner_onthird

    I meant to post this night but I just ran out of mental/emotional gas. The thing that bugs me the most with Hembree is the complete lack of optempo. It takes him forever (even when he’s reportedly fresh) to toe the rubber. He pitches “scared” IMHO. Frankly does not possess the mental fortitude to be a closer, perhaps not even a reliever. Every time he pitches I wonder what the D behind him is thinking.

  29. Gpod

    I know one thing as a fact: twice this year Bell used a pitcher out of the bullpen in a crucial situation (in which they failed & reds lost the game) and a few days later those 2 pitchers were DFA’d…..If a pitcher is so bad that they are basically released just a few days later… what the heck are you doing bringing them into a game at a high leverage spot….again makes zero baseball sense!

  30. Don

    And yet in a statement that defies logic, John Sadak last night stated that Hembree had been “sensational”. Since when is a 4.77 (before the three run dinger) considered to be sensational?

  31. SoCalRedsFan

    The fact that Bell waited until the count was 1-1 to pinch run for Barnhart in the bottom of the ninth shows how in over his head he is. Thank God India didn’t hit one into the corner on one of the first two pitches of the AB. Tucker would’ve had to have been held up at third or been thrown out at the plate and then everybody would’ve momentarily forgotten about how brutal Bell is at managing his bullpen.

  32. Beaufort red

    The only thing worse than watching Hembree blow a save is the mind exploding pace at which he does it. Any semblance of rhythm that the game has had goes out the window. I’m sure when you have the lead, guys want you to go and get the job done. You can see the fielders with their arms crossed, kicking at the dirt etc. It’s maddening.
    (Especially when you’ve had a few cold ones, it’s late and you have to use the bathroom.) ?

  33. Don

    Based on reading the comments this am, I decided to pull some data and crunch some numbers this am
    Reds starters have pitched 557.2 innings
    averages to 5.1 innings per start
    red bullpen is covering on average 3.2 inning and any extra innings every game.

    I was interested in what are the results based on what is the score after 6 innings compared to the final scores.

    I figured there are 6 possible scenarios and number of games in that category.
    In lead after 6 and lose = 8
    In lead after 6 and win = 38
    Tied after 6 and win = 10
    Tied after 6 and lose = 6
    Behind after 6 and win = 8
    Behind after 6 and loose = 37

    These are not the numbers I expected when I started as I expected a lot more than 30% of the games to have the outcomes be different than the score after 6 innings.

    No idea what to conclude but thought I would share.

    • Dennis Westrick

      You, sir, have way too much leisure time! Good stuff!

    • Greenfield Red

      I find that interesting. It shows basically a .500 team which is what the Reds are.

  34. Jeffery Stroupe

    Reds winning will happen when it is supposed to happen. It’s Baseball. Don’t need to break down pitchers breaths per minute but I’m sure that will come. I remember 1971 like it was yesterday. Hang Sparky….Bench needs traded ect. When they move Lorenzen into closers role then we will take off.

    • Greenfield Red

      Dude has a career ERA of 3.93. I don’t know that I would put much money on “taking off” with an ERA that says he gives up more than 1 earned run per 3 innings pitched. If it was up to about the mid 2’s I would agree. 3.91 no. It will be closer to what we are getting now than it will to shutting down the other team.

      • 2020ball

        you realize a 2.50 era is elite right?

    • Dennis Westrick

      Senior in high school in Northern KY in 1971. Remember the Sparky haters (including my Dad & Grandfather) plus the hatred towards some of the “new” Reds like Bench, etc.

  35. Jeffery Stroupe

    Maybe Heaths A1C little high when he started the inning

  36. Jeffery Stroupe

    We not had a closer all year and our 5th batter in lineup is Darrel Chaney so to speak