Joey Votto was named the National League Player of the Month for July. You probably aren’t too surprised by that since you’ve probably been following most of the games.

In the final week-ish of the month, Joey Votto became only the 8th player in Major League Baseball history to homer in seven consecutive games. He fell inches short of tying the record held by Dale Long, Don Mattingly, and Ken Griffey Jr. when a line drive hit the top of the wall in New York in that 8th game.

The home run streak, and home runs during the month played a big part in what helped Votto get the nod for Player of the Month. But it wasn’t just the home runs. The 37-year-old had 11 homers – more than doubling what he had hit on the season (10 – but let’s not that he missed a month while on the injured list). He also hit .319 during the month, added four doubles and a triple, and he also walked 19 times. All of that added up to a .319/.440/.734 line during the month for the Reds.

Votto’s production helped Cincinnati to a 16-10 month of July. But he didn’t do it alone. Rookie second baseman Jonathan India played a big role in things, too. And for his efforts he took home the National League Rookie of the Month award.

While Jonathan India didn’t put up the home run numbers that Joey Votto did, he was remarkably similar in every other facet of the game at the plate. India hit .319 – the exact mark that Votto had. And he walked 18 times – one time fewer than Votto. But his eight hit by pitches boosted his on-base percentage to .470 – higher than that of Votto. With seven doubles and four home runs, India slugged. 527 during July, too.

It’s been quite a run for Jonathan India over the last two months. In April and May he had an OPS under .700. There were flashes at times in there where he showed what we’ve been seeing lately, but they were just flashes. But since June 1st he’s played in 53 games and has hit .308/.442/.487 with 14 doubles, seven home runs, five stolen bases, and 37 walks. Oh, and he’s unfortunately also been hit by 10 pitches.

Looking at Fangraphs leaderboards, India is atop the WAR chart among National League position players with 2.5 WAR. But he is trailing Miami Marlins starting pitcher Trevor Rogers, who has a 2.45 ERA in 110.0 innings pitched. Rogers has a 3.3 WAR according to Fangraphs.

Joey Votto’s Gotten His Groove Back

Jay Jaffe has an article up over at Fangraphs on Joey Votto this afternoon. He really dives into the numbers on Votto’s turn around from what we’ve seen in the last few years. One interesting note from Jaffe was that it’s the edges of the zone where Votto has really made big improvements this year. He also argues that this season’s turn around really pushes Votto’s case for the Hall of Fame into a “he’s definitely in” range.

Jose Barrero just keeps crushing the ball

If Kyle Farmer hadn’t decided to do his best Barry Bonds impression at the plate in July, Jose Barrero would probably be kicking the door down as the Cincinnati Reds shortstop. But Farmer did that, and that’s left Barrero in Triple-A Louisville where he’s been making enemies on the pitching mound for the Bats. He was just named as the Triple-A East Hitter of the Week, but he’s been on fire for several weeks now. Going back to the Futures Game, Barrero has hit .400/.494/.733 in his last 90 plate appearances. For the season he’s hit .309/.386/.520 between Double-A and Triple-A, and he’s been even better than that in Triple-A since he was promoted five weeks ago.

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  1. RojoB

    Bobby N tweeted that it’s the first time EVER that he’s won it?


    • LDS

      I saw that. Though the Reds posted that it’s actually #6. Barrero and Castillo with the Pitch Hand award. So the Reds had a decent month. Could have won a few more games but good progress nonetheless.

  2. Rednat

    this is the most excited i have been as a reds fan in a long time. probably since when Junior signed. just seems like things are falling into place for the team. not sure if we will get the playoffs this year, but next year,…. look out!

    • Rednat

      such a strong nucleus with India, Barrero, Stephenson, Winker, Greene, Senzel, Lopez etc etc. we should be really good for years to come

      • Alan Horn

        Only 2 obvious ones left off at the higher levels are Lodolo and Ashcraft. With the drafts we have had the last few years there are many more top prospects at the lower levels.

      • 2020ball

        would like more pitchers on that list personally. At least until I would say it was a “strong” nucleus. Lodolo/Greene/Castillo is a good place to be for now.

  3. Mark Moore

    Well earned and deserved by the Senior Statesman and The Kid. Huge part of why watching the Reds play has been so much fun and why the losses were extra painful when they came.

    Onward to home and the Twinkies … who have pretty much given up, right? I mean, why play those games … 🙂

  4. Jim Walker

    Can’t believe this is the 1st time JV has won a player of the month award! I guess that just shows how consistent he has been across the board to have won an MVP and come so close other times without a PoM to his name.

    • Maloney63

      Two other outlets are reporting it as the SIXTH time Joey has won the award!

      • RedsMonk65

        I was curious about this, so I checked out his page on According to that site, this is indeed the first time he has won the player of the MONTH. However, he previously won the player of the WEEK award on five occasions. (He also won NL Rookie of the Month honors in 2008.)

      • Jim Walker

        Including an official Reds Twitter account unless they’ve reconsidered and taken it down,

    • JayTheRed

      If he keeps hitting anywhere close to like he has been for the past month.. Mr. Votto may get a chance for another MVP award. Lets hope he can keep up the hitting at a good level.

  5. Michael A Smith

    It would be wild if Votto finally wins the Silver Slugger award in his age 37 season after being robbed in 2015-17

    • Broseph

      2017 was the biggest snub of all time. Almost every other award besides triple crown is subjective. SS is the next one that literally has 4 or 5 categories and in 2017 Votto beat Goldschmidt in all but one of those categories. That to me, was waaaaaay worse than his second place MVP finish.

      • Frogem

        Totally agree. And that one category was probably RBIs. Yet, Arizona’s offense was far more superior that year, thus reducing the significance of Goldschmidt having more.

        Better than that, just look at Votto’s slugging percentage with runners in scoring position in 2017 (i.e., RBI opportunities) – Votto crushed Goldschmidt there as well.

        In other words, the Silver Slugger going to Goldschmidt was a travesty, and why I pay no attention the those ridiculous awards anymore.

  6. CI3J

    I really do wonder what Votto tweaked that led to this resurgence. We all know he is a massive student of the game and is always tinkering to get whatever advantage he can, so it seems like he changed something in his approach which led to him turning back the clock by a decade.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I thought his goose was cooked heading into this season, so it’s really been something else seeing what he’s done this year.

    • Michael A Smith

      A decade is a bit much. His slugging is still below his 2017 season an din line with 2016.

    • VaRedsFan

      You must not have watched many games over the last 2 years.
      It’s been well documented about his stance change…no choking up…and overall plate approach, such as not watching so many strikes go by….doing damage like he did in 2010 and 2017.

    • Old-school

      Deep dive on Votto
      On fangraphs . He basically stopped trying to get on base every bat by taking marginal pitches on the edges or fouling them off.

      He prioritized hitting the ball hard- which is what every hitter should do- and hes still not going to swing at balls .

      His resurgence gives new life to 2022 if hes a 3 WAR player. I now think reds should give Castellanos a huge 2022/23/24 offer and cut out the long term and maximize the AAV ala bauer

      Would Castellanos turn down a 3 year 90 mil deal to stay at GABP with this team?

    • greenmtred

      He evidently said that he is trying to hit home runs. That seems as though it would involve tweaking his approach.

    • 2020ball

      What Votto did a year ago was something I dont see many hitters do late in their career. He altered his approach/stance/etc and even if he wasnt lighting the world on fire, I was very impressed by his numbers regardless. He began the year with everyone doubting his statcast numbers and saying stats like that dont matter, and lo and behold we’re seeing him refine his approach to great results, now including the stats all the previous haters like too. Even when he wasnt hitting like this he was still a good player, if he keeps this going through the next few years it would be a huge boost to the Reds.

    • Jim Walker

      There is a lesson for all of us in what Joey Votto has accomplished in the last couple of months. He recognized and accepted that he couldn’t do what he used to do. Instead, he pivoted and put the same effort and energy into figuring out what he could still do then set about doing it.

  7. RedBB

    Both awesome and amazing at age 37. I will admit that I was wrong about Votto and one of the ones calling for him to sit vs LHP. So glad to be wrong!

    • RedBB

      Also crazy to me that Votto has never won this before even in his prime!

  8. RedBB

    We honestly could have had 3 players win it in July…Votto, India and Farmer. Those 3 are the reason we are still in the hung after Cast went down. Slash lines for all 3…

    .319 .440 .734
    .319 .470 .527
    .395 .456 .691

  9. Melvin

    If Votto keeps this up Casty won’t be the only Reds player in the MVP discussions. At the very least he should win the come back player of the year award.

    As far as Barrero, he’s making it exciting to think about. Farmer has done a great job, seemingly getting better and better all the time, and is much better than I or probably most anyone thought he could have been….except maybe him and his dad. 🙂 He does a great job of making plays on the balls he can get to but let’s face it, he still lacks range and probably always will.

    India is also surprising a whole lot of people including me. He’s the best leadoff hitter the Reds have had by far since Choo. Great attitude and will continue to get better. He and Stephenson have bright futures.

    • Alan Horn

      I watched him several years ago when he was at AA. I don’t remember him being the dynamo he is now. He was playing 3B then. He just seems to be the prototypical second baseman and lead off hitter now who is full of hustle.
      That is why you let them develop. You would be able to show more range and speed at 2B than 3B, so that may be some of it.

    • RedBB

      I was thinking this too. If Votto continues this he will for sure get some sentimental votes for the aging Superstar with a sudden late career resurgence in the Pennant race.

    • Jim Walker

      Watching India play, I don’t even think of him as a rookie anymore. It just seems like he is where he belongs doing very well what he is supposed to do. Is there anything else to say?

      • old-school

        He’s the perfect leadoff hitter, good arm, good range, decent speed and ultimately will be an outstanding defender at 2b who’s power should come along. One of the better stories of the 2021 season. You have to wonder when the new CB is hashed out, there will likely be a straighter and shorter road to FA for players like India.

      • Jim Walker

        at OS> I follow hockey in the baseball offseason. The NHL moves players through very fast. With a few caveats and twists, a guy signs a 3 year entry deal (basic MLB 40 man roster status equivalent) within 2 years after being drafted. At the end of that deal he is a restricted free agent (RFA) through age 27 then is an unrestricted free agent (UFA) unless under contract beyond that date.

        The way MLB reconfigured the minor leagues has me thinking they are moving in the same general direction. Exactly what the system will be and how they get to it, who knows. But I think some sort of RFA status is going to get rolled into or replace all or part of arbitration eventually. Along with that, I will not be surprised if MLB service time starts when a guy goes on a 40 man roster and accumulates regardless of whether a guy is on option or at the MLB level.

  10. Bet on Red

    Josh hader to the Covid IL with a positive test. Time for Votto to win back to back POTW honers

    • Indy Red Man

      Cousins too. They did get back Williams. I’m trying to figure out if Williams or Boxberger will be closing to pickup for fbb

  11. Arthur

    Can someone please explain why Barrero is still in Louisville, while the Reds starting 3B is hitting in the low .170s??

    Barrero to SS – Farmer to 3B. Make it happen. Tomorrow.

    • Alan Horn

      What needs to happen. Farmer’s success has along with Barreo needing some development time at AAA has kept him back. To do that you would need to bench both Suarez and Moose when he comes up. Someone higher up wouldn’t have that.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      There are about 32 million guaranteed reasons why.

      • Alan Horn

        Would that be Suarez and Moose’s combined yearly salaries?

      • west larry

        Almost twice that much in 2022 (moose and Suarez combined salaries).

      • Indy Red Man

        Geno 10.7 this year and Moose is at 14 mil = $24.7 mil

        2022 = Geno 11.2 and Moose is at 16 mil = $27.2 mil

        His numbers are a little if’s he just talking about Geno & Moose, but the point stands. Big salary always plays. Its hard to sit down Geno for good with 3 more years or whatever. Especially when his numbers are so bad that his trade value is nil. They’ll have to do something in the off season with all these guys.

      • Alan Horn

        Agree about the off season. It will have to involve eating a ton of money or padding a trade with prospects(or both).

  12. TR

    Congratulations to Joey. He’s undoubtedly one of the all-time greats in getting on base. I like his current offensive style.

  13. CFD3000

    Votto has been a joy to watch since he came off the IL, in a career that has also been a gift to fans (okay, excepting 2018 – mid-2020). But on a Reds team that is both good at baseball and fun to root for Votto has stepped it up exactly when the team and the fans needed it most. This stretch since his hand healed reminds me of his run a few years ago of two months hitting over and then just barely under .400. Hard to believe this is his first Player of the Month award. Congratulations to Joey Votto and Jonathan India! Can’t wait for more Reds baseball starting with the Twins tonight. Go Reds!