The Cincinnati Reds sprung a surprise on everyone this afternoon when they announced that Mike Moustakas would begin a rehab assignment tonight with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. Moustakas will be joining outfielder Nick Senzel and reliever Lucas Sims in Iowa where the Bats are taking on the Cubs.

We knew that Senzel was going to begin his rehab assignment today as he recovers from surgery on his left knee. Manager David Bell talked about it on Thursday morning prior to the final game against the Chicago Cubs. But there was no word about Mike Moustakas getting out to join the team on a rehab assignment today as he works his way back from a heel injury that has been plaguing him since mid-May.

“He’s passing all of the tests. I expect him to be playing games in Triple-A,” said Bell of Moustakas yesterday. “I don’t know how many it will be – at least a couple. I would say after their off day on Monday if everything keeps moving forward, that would be the plan. I don’t think it would happen before that, but for sure right after their off day.”

Well, it turns out that the rehab assignment is going to begin a few days earlier than expected. Louisville has three games left in Iowa before their off day on Monday.

This will be the second rehab stint that Mike Moustakas has been sent out on. On June 15th he headed to Triple-A to play for the Bats, and he went 1-3 in his first game. But he was pulled from the game after his third at-bat and the next day he came back to Cincinnati as his heel issue seemed to not respond well to playing in that game.

Reds lose Josh Osich, Edgar Garcia

When the Reds made their trades earlier this week they needed to clear spots on the 40-man roster. Two of the moves they made were to designate relievers Josh Osich and Edgar Garcia for assignment. Garcia has been claimed by the Minnesota Twins and Osich refused his outright assignment to Triple-A and has elected to instead become a free agent.

17 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Someone actually claimed Garcia? Is the state of big-league pitching that bad ? (unfortunately, yes…)

  2. LDS

    And Osich & Garcia gone is not all bad either. Still like to see something before deadline but we’re approaching the last hour so I’m not optimistic. Buxton & Story would be a nice add, especially if the Reds could salary dump in the process.

  3. Scott C

    I am glad they both are getting another opportunity.

  4. Bet on Red

    Funny story. Baez traded to mets who we are playing. So when we bean him, we are fighting the mets instead of the Cubs?

    • west larry

      I was hoping Baez was traded to a Korean or Mexican team. I can’t stand that childish clown. So the cubs traded Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, Their closer ( to the white sox, another lesser reliever … will they be able to beat the Pirates?

  5. JA

    It would be very interesting to see what position will play Moose while in his re-hab

    In the meantime, Geno announced to play at 7th in todays game LU

  6. BZ

    This is a good sign. The Reds desperately need Moose/Senzel healthy and Stephenson to get more and more time so they get anything from the bottom of the order. Since May when Senzel and Moose went down, today’s 5-8 have combined for a .219 batting average, 217 strikeouts, and only 66 walks. That strikeout to walk ratio is puke-worthy.

  7. RiverCity Redleg

    Seems like every team is getting their pick of Cubs today, except us. I would have liked to add a SP before the deadline. We’ll see what happens. Farmer has been good, but I still would like to add a SS, or at least a CF.

    • LDS

      I saw a posting by @RedlegNation saying trades could still be announced for 15-30 minutes. So maybe the Reds actually did something else and we just don’t know. We’ll see.

  8. LDS

    And there’s the buzzer. Milwaukee makes additional moves to improve their pitching. The Reds? Crickets once again.

    • weigarp

      Personally, I’m relieved they did not send out top prospects for a rental or worse. We are much improved with three new relievers and with our own players returning soon, the Reds will be further strengthened.

      • LDS

        Reds fans have too much optimism about a bunch of players that haven’t produced all that much these last two years. And they still have Suarez who will continue to cost the team games. And sadly they still have Bell. Lucky to hold on to second place let alone make the playoffs.

  9. Mark Moore

    Wow … the Stupid Cubs are gutted.

    • BZ

      They’re going to be dangerous in a few years though. They got some good young talent back.

  10. Melvin

    Hopefully playing time for Suarez will be drastically reduced soon.