The trade deadline has come and gone and the Cincinnati Reds did not make a trade today. After adding three relievers earlier this week it feels like they were the only team in Major League Baseball that didn’t make a significant trade this afternoon as the 4pm ET deadline approached.

What the team did do, today, was activate right-handed reliever Michael Lorenzen from the injured list. To create a spot on the 26-man roster the team optioned Tony Santillan to Triple-A Louisville.

For Lorenzen, his recovery has been incredibly fast after pulling up lame when he scored on a sacrifice fly in extra innings two weeks ago against Milwaukee. The righty has only played in one game this season. He missed the entire first half of the year when a shoulder injury that he suffered in spring training. His hamstring is good to go tonight in New York and he’ll be ready to pitch out of the bullpen if necessary.

Manager David Bell noted in his pre-game press conference with the media today that Tony Santillan would remain as a reliever while in Triple-A Louisville. Fair or unfair, Santillan was going to be the guy that was sent down for now because he was the only pitcher in the bullpen who has options remaining. When Lucas Sims comes back – he’s just beginning his rehab assignment with Louisville this week – it may make for a tougher decision for the Reds front office. The team is also looking at Michael Feliz, and hopefully sooner rather than later Tejay Antone. Feliz is on a rehab assignment with High-A Dayton currently, while Antone has not been sent on an assignment yet but is throwing bullpen sessions.

Mike Moustakas to play third base on rehab

There’s going to be a lot of discussion about where to play Mike Moustakas when he returns to the Reds lineup. But to fuel that one we were told this afternoon by manager David Bell that while on rehab – he’s set to begin an assignment with Triple-A Louisville tonight – that Moustakas would play “mostly third base and maybe some second base”. Read into that what you will, and we are sure that you will.

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  1. RedBB

    A little bummed we didn’t add something today but feel better knowing that we get Lorenzen today, Moose, Senzel and Sims soon, and Antone sometime in August. I also like the 3 relievers we got.

    Still think we shoulda swung for a SS and maybe even a CF upgrade.

    • west larry

      Why not Garcia-Barrios at shortstop? He was great defensively and awful offensively last year, and he’s tearing up triple a pitching…why not bring him up?

      • BZ

        They will probably ride the hot streak of Farmer before they call him up. Once Farmer gets back to doing Farmer things, JB will come up and Farmer will go to a super-utility role.

      • Tom n WC

        Didn’t he hit around .190 last year with the Reds, not many at bats but he was given a chance and didn’t deliver. Farmer has played well and getting better, wouldnt upset this chemistry except for 3rd base and Moose will likely work in there but no guarantees he will deliver either

    • Nelson Coble

      Moose and Denzel have not done anything this year.

      • RedBB

        Moose is still an upgrade over Suarez which is what is going to happen when he comes back. Suarez will probably only play vs LHP.

        Senzel is a better defender than all our outfielders save Akiyama and is a better bat than him, so he will be a hydra player with some value.

      • BZ

        You may think Moose and Senzel were bad in their one-plus month of ball BUT the two guys playing in their spots have been much worse for a longer period of time.

        Until they were hurt, Senzel and Moose combined to hit .247 with 24 walks and 34 strikeouts. Since those two have been injured, Suarez and Naquin have combined to hit .209 with 43 walks and 145 strikeouts.

    • MFG

      Farmer has been getting better and better at SS#.
      SS# is not the problem!

      • Beaufortcat

        It definitely isn’t but for some reason people on here keep downplaying Farmer. These posts talk as if he’s going to fail. Enjoy the man’s contributions. We have a lot more shortcomings.

    • AllTheHype

      SS and CF are not positions of need, certainly not SS.

      Farmer is slashing a best-in-the-league .394/.463/.676 in July among SS. And Barrero is raking in AAA and Senzel is coming back to man CF.

      No reason to spend prospect capital on trades that are not going to upgrade those positions anyway.

  2. LDS

    Yawn, How long before he’s back on the IL? Of all the guys coming off the IL, I am most skeptical of ML.

  3. doofus

    They (finally) promoted Nick Howard and Dauri Moreta to L’ville. Both have been doing well this month.

    Might they be a part of the bullpen revolving door btwn the big club and the Bats?

  4. Roger Garrett

    I will bite on where Moose plays.Suarez will go back to short and Moose goes to third and if India blinks Moose will play at second with Farmer back at short and Suarez to third.I don’t believe for one second that Suarez gets benched or his time is greatly reduced.Great to have Mikey back and lets get the win to open the series.Go Reds.

    • Arthur

      There is no chance – absolutely none – that Suarez goes back to SS. Leaving aside his hitting struggles, which are well known and often commented upon, when Suarez did “play” SS earlier this season, he was nothing short of an abominable fielder. Goodness – remember Opening Day??

      As a defensive SS, he is nothing less than a butcher. And the Reds have happily figured that out. That is why Freeman is on the team – so that if Farmer can’t go at SS, they won’t have to play Suarez there.

      • Roger Garrett

        I agree about his defense at short 100% but he is going to play.More then likely India will blink and Moose will take over at second citing India needs to work on something at the same time he is in the running for rookie of the year.Bob has told Bell to play him and it was kind of easy to say then well we have no better player.Remember Lopez started and went 4-5 then he gets another start a day or two later I think it was and goes 0-4 and we never ever got another chance.I love Eugenio but to say we don’t have anybody better is a joke then and now based on how far he has fell.He is the worst offensive player in baseball period but he will play cause Bob is paying him big bucks and Bob says to play him.Bell or nobody else on the planet would continue to play him unless he was told to do so.Bob played Billy for 6 years and never budged once inch and he won’t at least this year on Eugenio.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Sean Doolittle is candidate to be DFA after Sims return , I think…

    • Arthur

      Such a decision would be supported by his performance on the mound, but do you see the team eating the remainder of his contract?

      I don’t. I think Doolittle will be here until the end of his contract. Because team management would rather eat broken glass than pay a guy who isn’t playing, or who is playing for another team

      • Rex

        about the 3 new relievers:

        “It’s kind of like a shot in the arm,” Reds lefty Sean Doolittle said before the game. “It’s a good energy in the clubhouse again today.”

        …who wants to tell him?

        most other teams would cut him loose

        may all your sons be left handed pitchers

      • RedBB

        It’s gonna come down to Wilson and Doolittle as both are lefties and Wilson is paid more this year, plus he has guaranteed money for next year via a $2.3M player option that he is very likely to exercise. Wilson was also good last year, Doolittle hasn’t been good since 2018.No brainer….Doolittle is gone.

  6. BZ

    I’m frustrated Santillan was the one optioned to AAA while Brach, Hoffman, and Doolittle are on the roster.

    • docproc

      Yep, yep, and yep.
      I don’t care about who has options. We’re in the stretch run, and it’s time to load our bullpen with our best pitchers. Santillan has 0 runs and 7 Ks in his last three outings and looks like money out of the ‘pen.

      • Arthur

        Does it seem like he is more effective coming out of the bullpen than he did as a starter??

        It seems that way to me. He was so-so as a starter, but he has been very good as a reliever. I know …. small sample size.

        But there are a couple of guys who haven’t pitched well out of the bullpen all season, and they are still there. I’m not gonna name names, but his initials are A. M. I. R.

    • MBS

      I don’t mind Hoffman sticking, but Doolittle should absolutely be DFA’d

    • RedBB

      Well..he has options so that’s the only reason. You DFA one of the others and you risk losing them. You can always bring Santillan back up.

  7. Chris

    I’m glad they didn’t make any trades. It just feels better when you win with your own talent and not. Some rental players where you have to give up alot.

  8. Woodrow

    Leading up to today, it has been and will be more about catching the Brewers or maybe the Giants. The Dodgers and Padres won’t fade. At 7 back with two months to go, it isn’t too realistic to believe you’ll catch a team that continues to play decent-to-well – Mike Trout won’t get the Reds to 40-17 the rest of the way (plus, he’s hurt and they’d ask us to take Rasiel back). So these moves are based on a bullpen upgrades and the return of injured players catch a fading Milwaukie or San Francisco team. 34-23 on the way in catches a 27-30 finish by someone else. And that’s what we’ve got.

    Two weeks from now – the rotation is what it is, the pen has Sims, Lorenzen, and Antone in place of whoever, and Moustakas, Senzel, and Castellanos replace Schrock, Freeman, and whichever outfielder is fading the most.

    I believe every team calls up two more players September 1 by rule.

  9. Kevin Patrick

    I think its perfectly obvious (wink) that when Moose and Senzel come back, the reds will just forgo having a 3rd baseman at all and have Moose play “thort” thereby freeing the Reds to perpetually play in the shift with 4 outfielders…which is where Senzel comes in….he’ll play “stopfield”.

  10. Arthur

    The Reds are 7 games behind Milwaukee. The Brewers still have games against the Pirates, and a now-defanged Chicago Cubs roster.

    The Reds are 5 games behind SD. The Padres have to play a bunch of games against SF and LA. I think they are pretty good teams, and both got better today.

    So, who do you think will be easier to catch??

    • MBS

      To catch one, we need to play well, and they need to falter. I think the best chance of a team faltering is SD.

  11. Votto4life

    I am not disappointed with no moves today. I think Nick did what he needed to do in acquiring the three relievers. The Reds are the 6th best team in the National League. If we fall short this season we will still be in good shape for 2022. I would rather keep the talent we have on the farm then trade it for a two month rental.

    What I want the Reds front office to focus on now is signing Nick C. To an extension.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree and I like your thinking on Casty.Lets play it out,maybe scare a team or two and look to next year.Good young core in place,more help pitching wise in the minors and help at short.Keith Law said our draft was really good so whats not to like.Go Reds.

  12. JayTheRed

    I’m with you mate.. Like the moves glad they didn’t go crazy cause it is a hard road ahead to make the playoffs, and even if we do make it I don’t see us going too deep into them.

  13. Gonzo Reds

    ESPN has us listed as a loser with our “pedestrian bullpen additions and still no shortstop.” Of course the biggest loser was SD and that’s the team we’re really chasing at this point.

  14. Greenfield Red

    Just sickening to me. They did almost nothing. Other teams went big. If they do somehow find their way in as the last wild card, they will face some big time pitcher in a one game playoff, and in all likelihood will extend their playoff scoreless streak by another nine innings.

    More luke warm. Why anyone believes anything different is beyond me. This is far worse than the 67-95 I predicted and hoped for. Now they will draft about 20th again next year and will draft some undersized SS, pay him $5 million to sign and hope he makes it to the bigs as a back up in four years.

    Reds fans got duped again. NC could have brought back a package like the Dodgers gave up for MS. Tucker could have brought back young talent.

    Before anyone points out that NC is on the IL, the Reds are the team who put him there and shouldn’t have. Secondly, Milwaukee took him out, and the Reds did nothing about it, which is another issue altogether that needs to be fixed.

    The Reds have no shot at winning the Series using this formula.

      • Greenfield Red

        No. Can’t trade from the IL… u less that rule changed from the DL.

  15. Still a Red

    Really thought Lorenzen was going to be out for much longer. Hugh asset to have him back now, if he performs as all would anticipate.

  16. James

    Oh yeah for sure!! What can he not do?! They said 10 day IL and thought was true! Lorenzen has been my favorite player for a long time now. It has to be tough to miss 98 games but he will most definitely be a help in our relief pitching.
    He can hit, run and pitch. He really is like the new Shoei Ohtani! Except Ohtani doesn’t miss 98 games of injury.
    But very excited for what he can do this season!