It was a wild day around baseball with the trade deadline. The Cincinnati Reds (54-49) remained quiet today, banking on their moves from earlier this week. The Reds enter play on Friday with the best record in the National League at 15-9 in the month of July. They will start a series with the NL East leading New York Mets (54-47) in Queens, NY tonight at 7:10 PM. The Mets earlier today acquired the Reds nemesis, Javy Baez. He will fill in for Fransisco Lindor at SS, and then slide over the 2B when he returns. The Mets are 13-12 in the month of July.

Starting Pitchers

Sonny Gray is coming off two really rough starts. Gray’s ERA has ballooned from 3.19 to 4.50 after allowing 5 ER to the Brewers in 4.2 innings and 8 ER to the Cardinals in 3.1 innings. The positive is that both of those starts came at GABP. Gray has a 3.33 ERA in 5 road starts this year. Even better than just a normal road start for Gray is that Citi Field allows the 4th fewest home runs of any ballpark this season. That has really been his biggest issue this season. Gray has a career 3.18 ERA in 2 starts against the Mets.

Carlos Carrasco will make his New York Mets debut tonight. Carrasco was acquired from the Indians with Fransisco Lindor, but he suffered a torn hamstring which kept him out all season so far. Carrasco was terrific in 2020 for the Indians, which is all the more impressive since it came a year after he was diagnosed with leukemia. Carrasco made 3 rehab starts for the Mets (2 dominant, 1 where he got rocked). The good news for the Reds is that his longest start was 3.0 innings and 41 pitches, so he probably will not be going very deep tonight. Carrasco has a 3.43 career ERA against the Reds in 6 starts and 1 relief appearance. His only start agains the Reds last season was very good: 6.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 8 K.

Starting Lineups

Reds Mets
1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Jesse Winker (LF)
3. Kyle Farmer (SS)
4. Joey Votto (1B)
5. Tyler Naquin (RF)
6. Tucker Barnhart (C)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Shogo Akiyama (CF)
9. Sonny Gray (P)
1. Brandon Nimmo (CF)
2. Jeff McNeil (2B)
3. Pete Alonso (1B)
4. Dominic Smith (LF)
5. Michael Conforto (RF)
6. Jonathan Villar (3B)
7. Tomas Nido (C)
8. Luis Guillorme (SS)
9. Carlos Carrasco (P)

Joey Votto enters play having homered in 6 consecutive games, a Reds record. Can he keep the magic alive tonight? He has homered off Carrasco in his career.

The bottom of the Reds lineup is really struggling. Here are the numbers of the last 30 days:

Naquin: .222/.276/.296, 56 wRC+
Barnhart: .260/.315/.300, 69 wRC+
Suarez: .167/.247/.333, 56 wRC+
Akiyama: .132/.227/.184, 18 wRC+

Aristides Aquino sits for a second consecutive game. Aquino his hitting .233/.345/.548 with a 130 wRC+ on the season. Aquino has +1 outs above average in RF this season, and is +5 in RF over the course of his career.


Every Reds fan would have liked to see the Reds do more at the deadline. We will never know what the asking prices were for players, and time will tell if their lack of aggressiveness today pays off or not in the long term. That being said, there were plenty of moves that happened around the league that helped the Reds.

*the Brewers did not acquire any massive upgrades, or game changing players. They had some nice upgrades to their bullpen, and Eduardo Escobar will help their lineup, but none of those pieces or players currently on the IL comes close to outweighing the players the Reds currently have planned to return soon. I know that people hate that thought process, and it can certainly be an annoying company line at times, but it is the truth.

*the Pirates traded away Adam Frazier, Richard Rodriguez, Tyler Anderson, Clay Homes and more. The Reds play the Pirates 13 more times. The Brewers only play the Pirates 6 more times.

*the Cubs traded Kris Bryant, Javy Baez, Anthony Rizzo, Craig Kimbrell, Andrew Chafin, Joc Pedereson, Ryan Tepera and more. The Reds play the Cubs 6 more times. The Brewers play the Cubs 4 more times, all at Wrigley Field.

*the Cubs traded Kris Bryant to the Giants. The Reds are done playing the Giants, the team with the best record in baseball. The Brewers play them 7 times. The Reds finishing ahead of the Padres for the second wild card spot seems a bit far-fetched, but the Giants play the Padres 10 more times also.

*the Marlins traded Staring Marte, Adam Duvall and more. The Reds play the Marlins 7 more times. The Brewers do not play the Marlins again.

The only real positive on the Brewers side is they play the Nationals 7 more times to the Reds 4, but the Reds already easier schedule over the final two months got a lot easier today. This series with the Mets is huge before the rest of the schedule becomes very favorable. Hopefully the Reds can get a jump start on capitalizing on the schedule with a big series win against the Mets. Let’s hope this is an NLDS preview. Go Reds!

341 Responses

  1. Arthur

    Reds are -30 in defensive runs saved. That is, in a word, atrocious.

    Any thoughts on why this team is so awful defensively?? My vote is that a prime factor in our poor defensive effort is the outfielders. Love Winker and Castellanos as hitters, but they are simply not good fielders. And Naquin isn’t much better. Shogo is good, but he can’t hit enough to get PT.

    In general, the Reds are just SLOW. Just watching them run the bases, they look Jonathan India and 8 catchers. What this team could really use is a few guys who can run. That would help base-running, run scoring, and team defense.

    • Roger Garrett

      AA,Senzel,Lopez and the young short stop all can run.Just got to let them play.Ty Steve can as well as they say for a catcher.

    • BZ

      The stats I found show them worse with -39 in defensive runs saved above average on baseball reference. I agree that the major issue is the outfield. Naquin is -10, Castellanos is -7, and Winker is -6. Then you factor in Suarez’s -8 at SS and you get why they are not good defensively. Farmer taking over full-time and Senzel taking over CF will help.

    • Old-school

      I might be old school but believe defense needs to be strong up the middle. When I saw Twins were making Buxton available today, I was hoping Reds would pounce. He’s a gold glove CF, fastest man in baseball and All-star. He would make up for Winker and Castellanos deficiencies and add some sorely needed defense and speed to the team. He would also make Reds OF best in baseball.

      Platooning and rotating in CF isnt a plan. That position is too important.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Exactly! Case-in-point, the BRM days with Conception & Morgan in the middle of the Reds infield! Both solid glove men!

      • Melvin

        Was just able to tune in. Votto is getting absolutely more amazing all the time. Getting back to up the middle defense and the BRM. All four of our guys in the middle, Bench, Morgan, Concepcion, and Geronimo were gold glove winners the same four years in a row from 74-77. Yeah, defense does matter.

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      Their outfield defense is atrocious. All the outfielders get terrible “jumps” on balls. Most of the time it is a first step back being fooled by the big swing, so many catchable balls drop in front of Reds’ outfielders.

      You can’t teach that first step, it is an instinct good defenders have and it often can make up for speed. Shogo stabilizes the defense so much out there, it’s unfortunate his hitting has been so bad this year.

  2. Roger Garrett

    Start anybody over Suarez and AA for Shogo and Ty Steve for Tucker and we then have a deep lineup.Now worries we win despite not playing better players.Done it most of time playing 5 on 8 so why not tonight.Go Reds.

  3. Old-school

    Good info Nick.
    Reds also play the White Sox last 2 games of the season. They will be playing a AAA lineup resting up for the ALDS.

    Sonny Gray needs to be pitch well and help the Reds win game 1 of this series.

  4. Bet on Red

    So the cubs have waived the white flag. So have the nationals. Just got to keep winning. Really easy schedule coming up for the Reds with Reinforcements galore right around the corner. Will Joey do it again. Like the entire trade season even if we did not pull a deadline deal. We did get three relievers who like to throw strikes. Mikey is back already. I think some teams. STL LAA DET really was cautious this trade season and still think that they are in it, limiting their trade activity. Can’t trade if both sides dont agree.

  5. Dennis Westrick

    Say it isn’t so! We have to deal with Bad Boy Baez for 3 more games? Suarez at 7th in the batting order is a move in the right direction! Go Reds!

    • Bet on Red

      The funny thing is it sets up a brawl with a team that doesnt understand why everyone hates their new player. Probably still traveling today anyway

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Also, I suspect that Braves fans are rooting for the Reds! And, Mets fans are rooting for the Brewers this weekend!

  7. LDS

    My guess is the Reds get nowhere near catching the Brewers. Their best hope is that the Dodgers and Giants beat the Padres into the dirt. Then the Reds can at least get eliminated in the first round again. The pitching acquisitions earlier this week were a step in the right direction but FO reverted to form and did absolutely nothing to shore up the team. Mouse & Senzel will need to be well above their average performance to help this team. I would have given Suarez & Shogo away for a mid-tier prospect each. And I’d throw Bell in as a bonus for one of the teams and Krall in for the other.

  8. Luke J

    Not every Reds fan wishes they would have made a trade today. I, for one, am not a fan of late season rentals. I like the moves made to shore up the bullpen. The Reds have the rest of the pieces in house already and trading prospects for minor upgrades that won’t make significant win differentials in the final record outcome is not a good idea.

  9. Mark Moore

    Nice breakdown of the rest of the schedules, Nick. I really appreciate that.

    Let’s see if Mikey Biceps is used tonight. At least his arm is rested … hope his leg supports his pitching. And I hope Bell doesn’t fall into the trap of playing him in the field.

    It will be interesting to see how the rehab assignments progress, who sits, who plays, and who gets DFA’d. Almost worth getting for what we could watch over the next few days.

    Let’s go! Time to buck up and beat my original favorite team (grew up in Norther NJ as a kid for a few of the miracle years.)

  10. Bet on Red

    Louisville Bats lineup posted. Top three is STACKED

    • Mark Moore

      Where? I checked their site and didn’t see it.

      • Bet on Red

        yahoo had it on the comment section for this game.

    • Old-school

      Lopez LF too with his bat to ball skills. I like it.

  11. Old-school

    Shogo Akiyama has played in 15 games where he got 4 at bats .
    He’s played 26 games where he got 2 at bats or less.
    He’s been hurt or not played in 63 games.

    Akiyama was a batting average freak and obp machine in Japan.
    This is where the analytics fall apart. His numbers are atrocious.
    New league, new culture and interrupted playing time. Williams really missed badly on the Dodgers/Puig trade and the Akiyama signing.

  12. vared

    I don’t keep up as well as you guys, but just curious why you say catching the Padres is far fetched. I was assuming that was the easier road to the playoffs as compared to catching the Brewers.

    • LDS

      A few days ago I would have agreed. But the Dodgers & the Giants loaded up pretty well this week and the Padres, while they improved more than the Reds, could be a victim of the division play going forward. The Brewers improved both their pitching and their hitting while the Reds did sign a couple of pitchers but ignored all the other holes. They could have done more without burning down the farm system. They chose not to.

    • Arthur

      Have to say – Sonny Gray picked a bad time to pound the “stink” button. It is officially nut-cutting time, and he is working on his third terrible start in a row.

      He either bounces a breaking ball, or hangs one belt high. He ain’t fooling anyone tonight.

  13. Bet on Red

    India with his Votto impression

  14. Mark Moore

    Joey didn’t homer? Time for him to retire.

  15. Bet on Red

    So its going to be one of those games.

  16. Mark Moore

    I know it’s way too early, but Sonny isn’t looking sharp again tonight to my eyes.

    • Bet on Red

      I think Alonso was an unintentional intentional walk, but this is not engendering confidence

    • LDS

      As many of the baseball writers suggested, maybe Gray should have been traded at deadline. Hopefully, he returns to 2019 form but then we’ve been saying that about Suarez for two years and it hasn’t happened. Oh well, water under the bridge. And from the looks of this game so far, the Reds are going to wish they’d kept Santillian available. I think I’ll go do anything rather than watch this unfolding debacle.

  17. Indy Red Man

    Sonny is either hurt or suddenly washed up? Its like batting practice. I took the Over because Sonny just doesn’t have what he had in LA earlier or the game vs the White Sox.

    • Doc

      Interesting to read these comments after the game is over. Sonny got pounded for 1 earned run in 6 innings. That kind of pounding could be ridden all the way to the playoffs. The game is nine innings.

      • Slicc50

        Lol, I am sitting here thinking the same thing. Listened to the game at work, but I love to read the comments when I get home

  18. Old-school

    It’s almost like Sonny Gray cant grip the ball anymore?
    He’s awful the last 3 starts. Reds have zero chance if Sonny Gray cant pitch.

  19. Arthur

    Hope no one calls the NYPD.

    There are bullets flying all around the stadium so far tonight.

  20. LGR

    Very dangerous pitch on that strikeout too.

  21. Old-school

    Can someone get gray some sunscreen?

  22. LGR

    Mets pulling their best Reds impression there. Good damage control.

  23. Mark Moore

    Picked him up and we’re out of that mess.

  24. dhmorgan

    How about that! The Mets just ripped a page out of the Reds “bases loaded and no outs” play book.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Fb up to 94 and curveball had some bite. Maybe it just took some pitches to get it going?

  26. Gpod

    As hot as Votto is …is as cold as Naquin is

  27. LGR

    94 mph fast ball right down the middle and he can’t even touch it. It’s fantastic he’s still playing isn’t it.

    • Mark Moore

      My heart skipped a beat on that rainbow that went foul … but then reality bit very hard.

      • LGR

        I don’t get how he pulls his head so far off the ball and there doesn’t look like there’s been an attempt to fix that all year. It’s baffling.

      • Indy Red Man

        That was actually a decent at-bat. He tried to inside out a pitch inside and then crushed one foul. Idk? They stick him out there every night and then Naquin/Shogo do nothing and play over AA every night too.

        AA does something for you with the bat or the glove almost every night. He saved atleast 3 the other night in Chicago on a ball that Nick can’t run down.

      • LGR

        @indy Nicks not known for defense obviously, but he hasn’t been that bad on D this year. I’d say he’s at least average.

    • Bet on Red

      Moose is playing baseball games. As soon as his timing is ready, that problem will be corrected.

      • Mark Moore

        Let’s hope that’s the case. Frankly, it can’t be worse than what we’ve seen.

      • LGR

        With our luck he’ll start over India. Could you imagine lol.

    • MCT

      I was thinking the same thing. Moose can’t come back fast enough. And I don’t really like saying that because Geno is a likable guy from what I can tell.

  28. Dennis Westrick

    Sometimes the best pitcher’s worst inning is the first inning! Hope Sonny settles in and can give us 5 or 6 solid innings!

  29. Gpod

    When mike M. finally get back, you have to put him at 3rd, bench Suarez & see what happens, don’t you?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I would platoon at least at first — Moustakas against righties, Suarez against lefties. Moustakas is not going to get time at second or first except in case of injury (hopefully not).

  30. GreatRedLegsFan

    Can’t recall such firesales like this year’s Cubs and Nationals, truly roster overhaul.

    • Indy Red Man

      Sometimes its fun to watch if you have alot of young talent, but the Cubs never seem to get any help from the minors. Wisdom might be a Adam Duvall late bloomer maybe, but they don’t have much. 90+ losses for 2 years atleast

      • LGR

        They should have tried including Heyward in the Bryant deal. That contract is still pretty bad.

  31. Bet on Red

    you know what I just realized. Story wasn’t traded. In fact besides us, the Rockies did nothing

    • LGR

      Yeah a pretty bad deadline for the Rockies. I’d say the Cardinals are right there with them for the worst deadline this year.

      • Mark Moore

        Cards picked up Lester??? I was a little surprised to see that.

    • Mark Moore

      This afternoon, MLBTR was saying the Rockies even dropped their asking price. And he’s still there.

      Anybody know if we’re back to the standard waiver trade deadline for August this year?

      • LGR

        I don’t think waiver trading is a thing anymore. No more Verlanders.

      • JB

        Trading is over Mark. You play it out with what you got.

      • Bet on Red

        Not just him, Jon Gray as well… their closer…. Horrendous. And STL “buying” J Happ…. I laughed

      • JB

        Colorado said yesterday they were not trading Gray and Bard.

  32. Indy Red Man

    I think 4 will be it for Carrasco. No DeGrom and no Lindor. Good time to catch them! Lets get after them!

  33. Indy Red Man

    India is erratic defensively. Great range, but you don’t know what he’s going to do when he gets to it. He had him easy there if he doesn’t rush it. He’s a rook though. It happens

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. I’ll put up with a bit like that for what we’re seeing from him this year. He’ll develop. And I don’t even think about moving him at this point. Keep him as 2B.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yep but he will get better on defense.Reds need to jump Cy Carrasco now and take the lead.India and Tuck only 2 base runners in 3 turns

    • Arthur

      He’s a rookie third baseman playing second. He’s done remarkably well all things considered.

      But you are correct – a little inconsistency is to be expected, but can be tolerated considering what he has done with the bat.

  34. Bet on Red

    Fan Civil war in New York, why are they chanting Yankees suck at a Reds game

    • LGR

      Just stating facts. Maybe because Gray pitched for the Yankees? Probably not.

    • Mark Moore

      Is that what they were chanting? Makes absolutely no sense. Then again, it’s NYC baseball fans, so …

      • Bet on Red

        yea, they were over booed by the Pro Yankee segment

  35. Bet on Red

    Blandino also rehabbing by the looks of it.

  36. Mark Moore

    Senzel lined out, Moose singled, Barrero doubled. 2nd and 3rd with only 1 out.

    • Mark Moore

      Blandino walks. Bases juiced for Lopez.

    • LGR

      Didn’t realize Sims was starting that game. Neat.

  37. Indy Red Man

    Hate ground-rule doubles. Triples are fun. Scoring is fun. Stopping guys from running is not fun. HRs over some orange line is some 70-80s garbage too that needs to go away.

    • Mark Moore

      When they explained it and I saw the replay, it made sense. That “Honda” sign is beyond the fence and out of play. A run that would have been but wasn’t after that long fly ball.

  38. Roger Garrett

    Bring em up thats better then what we are doing.

  39. Bet on Red

    Suarez was legitimately robbed there that was a good play

  40. Mark Moore

    Oh what a grab … sucks for us, but fun to watch that kind of play.

  41. Mark Moore

    Lopez singled. Moose scored. Bats up 1-0

  42. Bet on Red

    Lopez singles in a run… we are now in the “they havent been up” part of the lineup

    • Mark Moore

      Friedl with the SF to score Lopez.

  43. Roger Garrett

    Bring em all up now.Cy Carrasco is killing us maybe they will do better.

  44. Indy Red Man

    I guess my Phillies +700 to win the division is in trouble. They didn’t do anything.

    • Indy Red Man

      Got Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy I guess. Not impressed with either really, but better then what they had.

    • LGR

      Got Gibson and Kennedy. Wouldn’t consider that nothing.

      • Roger Garrett

        Kennedy will help on the back end of the pen but you got to get to him first so I don’t know.

  45. Bet on Red

    Gray looks much better this time arround

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. A whole lot better. Move movement, better placement. Looking a little more efficient.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Read my earlier comment about good pitchers sometimes struggling in the 1st inning! Now for some crooked numbers!

  46. Arthur

    Looks like Gray has settled down. Good for him – better for the team’s chances to win

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Make it a 5-inning game now. Just need to put up the crooked numbers. Winning the first game at their house is a big bonus.

  47. Mark Moore

    Sims gets a ground out and then K’s another. Solid first inning for him.

    • Bet on Red

      I suspect that is his only inning and they will bring on the scheduled starter. Not bad.

  48. Indy Red Man

    Milw down 4-0, now tied 4-4. They’re probably better without Yelich. We’re not catching them

    • Mark Moore

      I’m in agreement. Which makes me happier we didn’t go the extreme rental route and empty out prospects to end up with an outside chance of playing one of those West Coast monsters in game 163 … in their house.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        There’s still two full months to go. If Milwaukee was the Dodgers who scoop up All-Stars as a general practice, then I would be pessimistic. If I had to put money on it (which I don’t do with sports), I would say Milwaukee is likely to hang on. But I’m not about to concede anything. This Reds team is pretty good, and has some big-time reinforcements coming soon from the IL.

    • LGR

      I’d still say there lineup is pretty weak, even with Yelich. There’s always a chance.

    • Jefferson Green

      This Reds team has a spirit, a moxie that is special. Let’s enjoy the chase.

  49. Bet on Red

    The Winker and India connection

  50. Mark Moore

    Nice little 1-2 bingo with 2 outs.

  51. Mark Moore

    Senzel singled, Moose flew out. Both of them making contact tonight so far.

  52. Bet on Red

    Nick S. Gets a single second time up. Moose lines out. Some bats SS is up.

  53. Indy Red Man

    New York City? I fly out of JFK every year and I can barely handle the shuttle bus from LaGuardia to JFK. The honking, screaming, and the one figured salutes…..and thats just driving by a nursing home.

    • Bet on Red

      I assume not the “we are number one” finger.

  54. Arthur

    Ever notice how much better a hitter Winker is when he doesn’t try to blast ever pitch he sees into the RF seats??

    Seems like his slump began just after he hit 3 HR to beat the Cardinals, and he began to think of himself as a power hitter. I think he is much better as a guy who hits the ball hard all over the field. When he does that, the HRs will come.

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah the shift was killing him for a while because he was trying to pull everything. He’s a beast when he’s spraying it around!

      • Arthur

        And if he slaps a few dozen balls into LF, his avg will jump back up near .330, and just maybe they will have to reconsider putting the extreme shift on him.

        If they’re gonna put that extreme shift on, you gotta make them pay the price.

  55. Bet on Red

    Oh you didnt want to stretch your starter out on his rehab assignment. Alright we will go deep into your bullpen game 1

  56. Mark Moore

    Barrero put one out. I’m inching closer to the “call him up” crowd. Definitely want him in September regardless.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Agreed, with a caveat. I can’t imagine why you’d take Farmer out with the way he is hitting and playing at the moment. If he reverts to his career norms, then yes, I agree. But for the small sample size of July, he’s been among the best shortstops in the bigs.

      • Arthur

        You play Barrero at SS and slide Farmer to 3B. You improve your offense and defense.

        That move is just obvious. So, of course, Reds management can’t figure it out.

    • Indy Red Man

      I guess they want him to play every day, but I don’t get it? What are they going to do next year? I’m guessing this July will be the last 1.000+ ops Farmer ever puts up. I like him, but c’mon?

    • Mark Moore

      That was actually for the end of last inning … but it works for JV’s display as well.

  57. Tom Mitsoff

    What in the world can you say?

  58. Dennis Westrick

    No he didn’t! When will they learn!

  59. LGR

    I mean he was 0 for 2. He was do, right?

    • Old-school

      So Castellanos goes to the IL

      Winker and India and Votto step up

      Thats called a winning team

      • Jefferson Green

        Amen. This is a fun team – that’s pretty good, too.

  60. Dennis Westrick

    Now need at least one more good inning from Sonny!

  61. Mark Moore

    Deep part of the park to boot. The man is beyond amazing on this run. That’s a pretty elite club to join. And the first of our Redlegs ever.

  62. Mark Moore

    I said the other night, with the DH coming and Joey’s resurgence, might his “twilight” be just a little bit of what I remember seeing from Jim Thome? Certainly can extend his longevity for us on the tail end of his contract.

    Now if The Hulk would just tape Geno’s bat (or his eyes, or something)

    • LGR

      His neck needs taped so he doesn’t whip it back every swing.

  63. Indy Red Man

    I was just a kid, but I remember Pete’s 44 streak. Idk who’s pitching for them, but its not DeGrom. He’s got a good shot!

  64. Bet on Red

    I make it a personal goal to write But but but at least once every game

    • Mark Moore

      I believe you now need 7 “buts”

    • Bet on Red

      superstition. don’t want to change it and ruin Votto

      • Mark Moore

        Don’t let Doug Gray read about that … he’ll tell you all about jinxes and such 🙂

  65. Arthur

    If Sonny goes 1-2-3 here, he will have retired 12 Mets in a row.

    Why not let him go out there in the 7th??

    • Mark Moore

      Got to think he’s going to lobby to at least start the 7th. He’s sitting at 94 pitches but looks strong.

  66. Mark Moore

    This is the Sonny Gray we all hoped we’d see.

  67. Bet on Red

    They Pinch hit for Senzel but left Moose in…. hum.

    • Bet on Red

      senzel one for two, two catches in the field

      • Mark Moore

        Playing CF and a knee surgery vs. 3B and a heel contusion I’d reckon.

      • Old-school

        With moose coming back and india ROY and naquin and Akiyama struggling- senzel coming back at CF

        No reason to play 9 innings first game back

  68. Reddawg2012

    It is so incredibly nice to see Sonny looking like himself again.

    • JA

      Gray recovered pretty well from an almost disastrous 1st inning.
      Now completed 6th and delivered.
      Time to test our renewed BP

  69. Mark Moore

    Senzel got his 2 AB’s in tonight. Moose up for the 3rd time. Took a 9-pitch walk. I’d say that’s a good night for both of them.

  70. LGR

    Wait.. IS THAT LORENZON? When did that happen.

    • Mark Moore

      Activated ahead of the game today.

      • LGR

        Wait they optioned Santillan? Kid looked electric in the pen lately. Dang.

      • Mark Moore

        Santillan was the only one left with an option. Anybody else would require a DFA. Plenty of those coming up in the next week or so.

      • Mark Moore

        And Santillan will continue in the L’Ville pen as well.

  71. Indy Red Man

    I would’ve tried for 1 more with Sonny. He’ll get 5 days rest w/the day off.
    I definitely wouldn’t use Brach here? Cessa and figure it out in the 8th with the bottom of the lineup then Givens in the 9th

  72. Roger Garrett

    WOW talking about going right in the fire.Go Mikey.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I’m very interested to see how he will do.

  73. Bet on Red

    When Joey starts doing the “me me me” at GABP, it is going to blow the roof off

  74. Mark Moore

    I barely recognized Mikey with that beard.

  75. MBS

    Missed the Votto HR, just rewound the app. Ted Lasso S:2 E:2 took up 30 minutes of Reds time.


    • Mark Moore

      Priorities, sir.

      Did you see the cut to commercial with the “me, me, me” action?

      • MBS

        Lol, yes I watched the inning to it’s end before catching up.

  76. LGR

    123 on 8 pitches? Alright we take those.

  77. Mark Moore

    Easy gas and a quick inning for Mikey B!!!

  78. Tom Mitsoff

    Hello, hello, HELLO, Mr. Lorenzen!

  79. Arthur

    If you are really serious about winning, put Mike in the OF as a defensive replacement after he is done pitching. He may be the best defensive outfielder on the team. He can help protect a 2 run lead.

    • LGR

      Heck no. Not again. Not just after the hamstring injury lol.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I agree. I don’t think Bell will do it tonight, but Lorenzen and Akiyama belong in the outfield defensively in the late innings.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d have to disagree with that for tonight given what happened the last time he played. Need to let him focus on pitching for the moment.

      • Arthur

        I can see that because of his leg. But – he is the best defensive outfielder on a team that has well below-average outfield defense. In close games, I want guys in the OF who can run and catch the baseball.

        And honestly – who wouldn’t want to see how hard that big old boy could throw a ball in from the OF to home or third base???

    • VaRedsFan

      Not for me… He hit good until they stopped feeding him cookies. I’d let him bat against a lefty instead of Akiyama though.

  80. Old-school

    Reds baseball is interesting compelling fun and relevant

    Its july 30

  81. Bet on Red

    I suppose there is one last unique ability to add players. There is the Olympic baseball tournament and the opportunity to get a look at some of the players there. I know some are wash-ups on their last Hurah but….

  82. MBS

    It’s seems like we got the locked in Mickey Biceps. That’s great!

  83. Roger Garrett

    We saw 5 pitches that inning and they saw 8.Both teams hacking away.

    • Jefferson Green

      Lorenzen was on it that inning. 6 of 8 pitches were strikes – the one patient hitter struck out on a beautifully placed 98 mph heater.

  84. JB

    Mikey!! When Sims comes up Doolittles nine lives is up. He should be gone now but Bob is to cheap to DFA him.

    • Mark Moore

      Somebody gets DFA’s at that point. Nobody left with options.

  85. Indy Red Man

    When Lorenzen pounds the zone then he’s a monster. Still have Kevin Brown/Charlie Morton starter vibes for him, but that ship has probably sailed. Should go 2 tonite atleast.

    • Mark Moore

      The starter ship has sailed IMO as well. Wish we could have seen it this year, but alas ’twas not to be.

  86. Bet on Red

    Well Atlanta aint gaining ground today

  87. Bet on Red

    Now we have givins. Some faith in the bullpen tonight now that we have proven arms coming from it.

  88. JB

    Didnt take long for Rizzo to homer for the Yankees.

  89. Arthur

    There are two rules which absolutely control Bell’s use of pitchers:

    1. No pitcher throws more than 100 pitches (with very few exceptions) and

    2. No relief pitcher may ever go more than 1 inning, no matter how dominant he was during his 1 inning.

    I surely don’t understand either of these rules.

    • dhmorgan

      The first one I can understand.
      The second? No.

    • Indy Red Man

      He’s pushed guy over 100 quite a few times, but I don’t get the 1 inning deal? Lorenzen only threw 8 pitches?

      • Bet on Red

        its a mental thing. Sometimes relievers lose it waiting in the dugout. Maybe they tell bell, I can only do one inning well.

      • Arthur

        What’s magic about 100???? That’s my point.

        Why not let a starter throw 110 pitches? Or even 115?

        I get it that we don’t want those Nolan Ryan 200+ pitch games. But who decided the optimal number was 100? It just seems completely arbitrary. Gray was absolutely on a roll. Why not go with him one more inning?

      • LDS

        Lose it waiting in the dugout? If so, they lack mental discipline. Is your afternoon at work wasted because you had lunch? Or a basketball player following a timeout? Not buying it. Just a Bellism.

    • Roger Garrett

      I really think you have to do things different with the 3 batter minimum rule and pitch count does matter when you look to bring a reliever back the next day as does what happens to a guy’s velocity using him 2 days in a row.Mikey threw 8 and I know I am going to give him another.Givins threw yesterday and his velocity was down today.All these things matter and as far as tomorrow you may not need anybody or you may need everybody.I don’t have to look ahead but Bell does so its always easy for me to say lets win today and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.Bell just loves to do what he does and he isn’t going to change.

  90. RedAlert

    “No Met has reached since then “

    Sadak = completely clueless ; again and again and again – dude has no baseball awareness during broadcasts

    • JB

      Here in NY I’m blacked out from Sadak for the series. Although listening to Gary Cohen might not be any better.

  91. MBS

    I don’t mean to be tell’n stories outside of school, but Barrero is begging to be brought up. I’d love to see Senzel, Moustakes, Barrero, and Sims back on Tuesday.

  92. RedsMonk65

    Judging from the radio broadcast, this Mets crowd is LOUD. Very rowdy and spirited.

    • Bet on Red

      I will put it this way…. you can tell that the game is in New York

    • JB

      They are loud because they are excited that Javy Baez is coming. The announcers cant keep talking about it. They are going to be so disappointed.

  93. Indy Red Man

    Givens doesn’t have nearly the velocity tonite. Back to back days….some guys don’t respond as well. He was popping 96-97 yesterday.

    • Bet on Red

      but even when he doesnt have it he doesnt collapse like former pitchers did.

    • Indy Red Man

      Givens is a pitcher though….struck out the first guy on a changeup. Popped up Nimmo on a changeup away too

    • Dennis Westrick

      Why not Mikey Biceps for 2 innings? He should have been well rested!

      • Jim t

        1st time out this year. Being cautious.

  94. Old-school

    Mets crowd loud

    This would be HUGE

    3 outs to go

  95. RedAlert

    Sit down Pete !!!! You’ll get nothing and like it !!!!!

  96. VaRedsFan

    A little shakey, but Givens does the job icing the Polar Bear

    • LGR

      It’ll probably be Garrett. 2 leftys and a switcher hitter do up.

  97. Indy Red Man

    Givens got all 3 on changeups after 97 yesterday. The guy can pitch!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Yes, but like most of the Reds relief pitchers has to walk someone to make us nervous!

      • Mark Moore

        Agree. If it slides by he’s home. If it’s a clean catch he’s not going anywhere.

        Of course, JI ensures it doesn’t matter.

  98. Indy Red Man

    Bell is a genius now! Funny how a couple of decent pitchers can raise your baseball IQ.

    Their guy leaves a lefty in to face a bunch of righties? Its only 3-1

    • Roger Garrett

      Thanks to the Mets manager Bell is a genius.Works for me but I hope somebody asks why he pulled Mikey to go to Givens for the 2nd day in a row.Just kidding of course.Go Reds.India for ROY.Let the young guys play.TySteve and AA do it in 1 at bat.

  99. Bet on Red

    Suarez on a 3 game hitting streak, TS ruining Indias roy chances, Aquino with a productive out.

  100. Mark Moore

    Just love TySteve and his approach. Completely looks like a ballplayer.

    And then Aquino flares one that either rolls to the wall or does what happened. Good result either way.

    Time for India …


    Great job AA, got that productive out !

  102. Bet on Red

    India taking his ROY votes right back

  103. RedsMonk65

    India having a game.

    Crowd has gotten a little quiet now….

    • Bet on Red

      cause they are heading for the exits in droves

    • RedAlert

      Never ending search for leadoff man is OVER ! I mean for years hopefully …..

  104. Mark Moore

    Did The Hulk tape The Kid’s bat too?

    Mass exodus by the fans.

  105. Arthur

    Mr India channeling his inner Votto tonight!!

    Show me someone who deserves Rookie of the Year more.

    • Mark Moore

      Not even close. TySteve is probably top 5 in the NL but that just shines a light on how good India has been.

  106. Old-school

    Get Doolittle up now!!!’

    This is his inning

    You got this!

  107. Mark Moore

    What does Joey have left in him this evening?

  108. Dennis Westrick

    If India doesn’t win ROY their should be a Congressional investigation!

    • LGR

      Gonna be a Soto over Votto situation all over again with Trevor Rogers of the Marlins. I can see it now. (Just kidding, India’s got it locked up.)

      • LGR

        I’m talking about rookie of the year back in like.. 08 or whenever. Stanton won mvp over Votto in.. 17?

  109. Dennis Westrick

    Now I’m worried Bell will bring in Doolittle for what may be his last hoorah!

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. He’s going to count on AG

  110. Indy Red Man

    The Reds are a solid road team. Should be 29-23 and atleast 4 of those were easy wins with the pen they have now. They just have to play better at home!

    Joey vs Rich Hill and that big 70 mph curve. Idk? He’s going to have to shoot for that 358 foot marker in LF or just knock Hill out early

  111. Dennis Westrick

    Braves creeping back! Down 3 against the Brewers

    • Roger Garrett

      Yep I am watching that one Dennis but Brewers got Williams and Hader to close.Time to do the chop for the Braves.Not sure I can at my age.Let me loosen up some.

      • Mark Moore

        Don’t throw your shoulder out Roger

      • Dennis Westrick

        Got a bad rotator cuff! Can’t do the tomahawk chop!

  112. Indy Red Man

    Need 1 more run for the Over. C’mon AG….you can do it! A walk and then the guy strolls to 2B

    • Mark Moore

      Sorry, doesn’t look like you’ll get a garbage run tonight out of our pen. AG looking pretty dialed in.

    • Bet on Red

      in trouble for that one….. I had to stop automatically putting money on the Will there be a blown save bet after the trades

    • Indy Red Man

      Now stroll to 2B and come home on a meaningless (not to me) hit

      • Mark Moore

        Well you got that much out of Villar

    • Mark Moore

      What have you done, Indy??!!!??

    • LGR

      There you go, buddy. If they blow the game tho, I’m coming for you.

  113. Indy Red Man

    Cha-Ching $$$$$$$$$$$$

    I’m living right evidently

    • Mark Moore

      You, sir, are Pure Evil!!!

      Bonus points to anyone who knows the somewhat obscure movie reference to “pure evil”

    • Indy Red Man

      It was 8 but I took 7.5 instead and paid a little more juice

  114. Arthur

    I have to admit – I wasn’t thrilled when the Reds drafted India. He was a 3B coming to an organization that already had Suarez and Senzel, and then he didn’t exactly tear up the minor leagues. I didn’t think he had a chance to even make the team out of spring training.

    But he sure has proven me wrong this season. (My wife informs me that proving me wrong isn’t really all that hard to do…. She thinks she does it like a dozen times a day)

    • LGR

      That’s why you just draft the best player possible for the MLB draft. Players can make position changes.

  115. RedAlert

    Just cannot trust Garrett when game on line , just can’t

    Thank goodness for some cushion

      • JB

        Yep. I just dont feel comfortable with him in the game. Those runs were huge in the top of the inning

    • TheCoastMan

      Why Bell continues pretending he’s a closer is beyond belief. Garrett needs to spend the rest of the year at Louisville.

      • TR

        No matter what, Bell favors Garrett and Suarez.

  116. Arthur

    If you want to think about someone who should be gone when Sims and Antone come back – he’s on the mound right now.

    • Mark Moore

      Didn’t realize they are both on $1.5MM contracts. Doolittle is a FA next year. Garret is Arb2.

      And Garret is out of options (I believe I read all the bullpen guys currently are).

  117. VaRedsFan

    Pitchers have to hate that defensive indifference…Hendrix got dinged last game…now AG

    • Indy Red Man

      AG should be more concerned about his indifference to outs


    AG problems continue, just one more out for the W

  119. Indy Red Man

    Get’em out Bell. Can’t let the tying run come up

    • RedAlert

      Waiting for tying run to come to plate

      Just STUPID


      Top of the order coming up if he can’t get an out

  120. Bet on Red

    AG isnt the first in line to be DFAed but he needs to get it together in a hurry. That did look like a passed ball though

  121. Indy Red Man

    4 straight reach and Bell does nothing. They called Sparky “Captain Hook” for a reason. If you’re not smart then just copy off the smart kids paper

    • Indy Red Man

      3 straight rather…hopefully not 4?

    • Old-school

      I was calling for Doolittle to get his inning in for the week

      But Garrett is Doolittle V2

      They just both cant pitch

    • Bet on Red

      No indy, this is entirely on you for betting the over….lol

  122. Roger Garrett

    This is just silly isn’t it for a guy with his talent not to be able to close out a game up 5 facing lefties and the bottom of the order.

  123. LGR

    Always gotta make us sweat it in the end. Oh well.

  124. JB

    Hopefully we dont see Garrett again in this series.

    • MBS

      Hopefully we do, it probably means we’re winning by a good bit

  125. Mark Moore

    After a minor cardiac event, we win it walking away. Nice start to a bite out of the Big Apple and the Mets. This is how we can play against a good team.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Need to teach my cat how to do CPR! Jeez Louise AG!

  126. Bet on Red

    see count on AG, Votto is a beast, and I feel that that isn’t enough of a compliment for him. This is a good step as they are probably losing Sundays game. Now we need to take the series tomorrow

  127. RedAlert

    He’s lucky – good job with the win .

    ABSOLUTE LAST GUY I want to see out of pen in close game

    Only saving grace is he’s left handed – will probably keep him up here ; don’t trust him one bit

  128. LGR

    Welp guys, have a good night. Go Braves, Go Rockies!

  129. Arthur

    Barrero 2-2 with a double and a HR tonight.

    Now hitting a crisp .330 on the season.

    I guess we don’t have any use for an infielder who is raking like that AND plays good defense.

    Just to be clear – I am NOT suggesting he play in place of Farmer. I say play him at SS and slide Farmer to 3B.

    • RedAlert

      I concur totally Arthur !!!!!!!

      Stupid not to bring that kid up – what more does he have to do

  130. Jim t

    Got to love this team. Every time the season looks over this team refuses to let it die. Injuries to Nick C, Votto, Moose, Senzel and a very ineffective bullpen are huge obstacles. They very well could be playing this stretch without the league MVP. Much heart and Grit!!!

  131. LGR

    In other Reds news,

    Bonnin 5IP, 3H, 0 Runs, 0 Walks, 9K tonight for Low A.
    Ashcraft 5IP, 7H, 3 Runs all earned, 1 Walk, 6K tonight for AA.

    Solid numbers.