The Cincinnati Reds bullpen blew yet another game last night, this time giving up a run in the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings in Chicago as the Cubs walked-off with a win over the second place Reds. The bullpen has been struggling with injuries on top of lackluster performance for much of the season, but today may be a step closer to improvement as the team is sending right-hander Lucas Sims out to join Triple-A Louisville on a rehab assignment.

Sims hasn’t pitched since June 22nd in Minnesota when he allowed three runs without recording an out against the Twins in a Reds 10-7 victory. Later in the week it was announced he had a sprained pitching elbow and would be placed on the injured list. Reports initially were that he’s miss about a month and that things looked better than they could have otherwise been. We’re now at that point where Sims is ready to get back on the mound in games and give it a go, so he’ll head to Iowa where the Triple-A Bats are playing – ironically enough, the Iowa Cubs.

Prior to the injury things had been trending in the right direction for Lucas Sims. Over his 16 games from May 5th through June 21st he had thrown 18.2 innings with a 2.41 ERA, walking eight batters and striking out 29. His ERA had dipped down to 4.08 on the season before his outing in Minnesota bumped it up nearly a full run to 5.02.

Michael Feliz to rehab with Dayton

Reliever Michael Feliz is now on his second rehab assignment. Early in July he was in Louisville and working his way back, but he had a little bit of a set back and was brought back from his assignment. He’s back on assignment again, but he’s on the move. Initially pitching in Triple-A – he made an appearance on Saturday night where he tossed a shutout inning with two strikeouts – he’s been transferred to High-A Dayton to continue his rehab assignment. The Dragons are at home this week.

Feliz, who was designated for assignment by the Pirates after five weeks despite a 2.35 ERA had struggled since being picked up by the Reds. In nine games and just 6.2 innings he had allowed 12 earned runs (16.20 ERA).

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  1. RedAlert

    Never seen an organization in MLB with less accountability than this one – from the owner to the front office to the manager to the players . It’s ridiculous !!!!

    Suarez batting fifth in the lineup again – what other manager than the clueless David Bell would continue to put him in the lineup EVERY SINGLE GAME AND BAT HIM FIFTH ON TOP OF THAT ????!!!!

    I give up , no words – this is just incredulous

    • RedBB

      I would imagine once Moose is healthy Suarez will mainly bat against lefties. I can’t see the team sitting India at this point with how good he has been.

      • LDS

        Against LH’ers this year, Suarez is batting .114 with a .497 OPS. Against RH’ers, Suarez is batting .188 with a .647 OPS. Batting him against lefties is suicide. Batting the worst hitter in MLB 5th means is either clueless or betting to lose. And if the Reds get swept by Chicago, they drop to 4th place. And how about all that trade action to shore up the team.

  2. PeteRoseBud

    Thoughts on Farmer- very up and down with the bat- hard to predict
    Trade bait- Salary is a deal — longevity?
    Defensive solid

  3. Rednat

    is it just me or does it seem like it takes a lot longer for players to recover from injuries these days. i just seem to remember patient staying on the old “15 day dl” and coming back ready to play. now it seems like at least 4-6 weeks per injury.

    • TR

      Since little or no new action will come from this front office, do not return Sims and Antone too early like happened to Lorenzen.

  4. Bet on Red

    Ian Krahl DFA’s by the tigers…. maybe a low-cost pickup. Certainly cant be worse then Osach

  5. wkuchad

    So much whining – good grief. I get frustrated at some moves made by Bell too, but some of you are broken records. Same exact anti-Bell comments on every sign RLN article. It’s like you just copy/paste them.

    In the starting lineup, there’s four offensive players doing much better than Suarez. All four of them hitting above Suarez. Shogo and Farmer are both below-average offensive players. And Naquin has been in a funk for a while. He’s basically a league average hitter after a very hot start.

    There’s NO ONE legitimate to replace Suarez with. Once Moose and Senzel is back, that will no longer be the case.

    • RedAlert

      Sorry , wholeheartedly disagree there are no better options

      • RedsFanInFL

        Agree with you. Lopez went 4 for 5 in one of the games he replaced Suarez. Even with limited PH opportunities, he was still batting above .300. Even when he was getting out, he was a least making contact with the ball vs striking out at whatever clip Suarez is at right now

    • Alan Horn

      Lopez and Schrock are better options. Remember, you are not replacing the Suarez of past years but the today’s version of Suarez.

    • JayTheRed

      Right now I continue to play Farmer while he continues to be hot at the plate.

    • BZ

      I love Suarez and hope he turns it around but Suarez is the worst everyday hitter in the major leagues right now. In this lineup, there are seven guys who are swinging better than Suarez and that is only because Shogo is playing. If Aquino or Castellanos was playing, there would be eight offensive players better than Suarez right now.

      I agree with you that Farmer is a below-average hitter and even he has a higher OPS than Suarez by almost a full point. I personally think Naquin is also a below-average hitter but he still has an OPS of almost 1.5 points higher than Suarez. This is not the 2019 Suarez and it took me a while to accept that. When Lopez was up, he should have been playing third base. With no other options on the roster, Suarez should be batting 7th or 8th until Moose returns. Suarez has been the definition of a “rally killer” which is unfortunate because the top of the order has been so good.

    • TR

      Alejo Lopez could cover third until the Moose and Senzel returns. Give the guy a chance in the Bigs.

    • wkuchad

      seriously, lopez is extremely unproven and has a .632 OPS this year.

      Suarez is not over the hill and has a great track record before last year. Again, I’m all for benching him once better options are available (Moose and Senzel), but some of you (LDS) nitpick every single meaningless move by Bell.

      • LDS

        Just curious wkuchad, what is your loss threshold before you deem Bell’s moves as not meaningless?

      • greenmtred

        The Reds, despite injuries to key players and Suarez, another key player, having an historically bad season, and a bullpen that is one of the worst in baseball, are doing better than most of us expected in the spring. They are actually still in contention. Manager’s moves are neither meaningless nor as critical as many assume–in my opinion. The tone a manager sets for a team and the cohesiveness (or lack thereof) that results may be important. It appears to be for the Reds this year. So using the ever-reliable hindsight to criticize Bell is fine–it’s what many fans do–but I feel very safe in saying that none of us would have done as well, never mind better.

      • LDS

        We’ll agree to disagree. Some of the folks on here have demonstrated a far better grasp of the game than Bell. Or better than I. I’d take my chances with some of them in the dugout. But having spent 30+ years in corporate management, ignoring results and playing favorites, e.g. Suarez was a prescription for a long walk down a short plank.

  6. jzbball

    Farmer is one of the hottest hitters in the MLB right now. Batting over .350 in the month of July. Not sure where you get he is a below average offensive player!! Probably should check the stats.

    • greenmtred

      Respectfully agree to disagree, LDS. A grasp of the game informed by hindsight and without knowledge of the specific day-to-day condition of individual players is what a dedicated fan has. If I didn’t care about the Reds, I’d be delighted to see any of you take the reins for a while.

  7. jzbball

    Offense is not the problem in Cincy. Need a couple of bullpen pieces and a manager that will make good in- game decisions.

  8. RedinNM

    You don’t have to put Suarez 5th!!!

    But the worst one was putting Aquino 3rd…ouch!

    This was another David Bell special last night in every way, shape and form. I am up to about a dozen losses that are DB Specials

    And his management of this pitching staff, even with its many wars, is abysmal. It was handicapped from the start by the Owner and Front Office, but Bell has demonstrated how really clueless he is, time and again.

    And somebody please explain the 3 player rule to David Bell. How many times has he brought in Osich to start an inning just because ONE left handed hitter is maybe due up, only to have Osich get bombed by a slew of righthanded hitters?

    The BEST move the Reds could make, this afternoon if possible, is fire one David Bell.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Aquino had a walk and a hit in four plate appearances. Suarez had a hit and NOTHING ELSE, AND LEFT 7 MEN ON BASE. How is that worse?

    • JayTheRed

      You know I am not a fan of David Bell but lets face some reality and please we as fans can’t change anything on the team so stop with all the whinning.
      A good chunk of people here call for Bell to be fired almost on a daily basis.
      WAKE UP!
      It’s never going to happen during the season unless the team completely falls apart and we start losing like crazy. The soonest there will be a manager change will come at the end of the season if the Reds don’t make the Playoffs, and even then that is not a guarantee. Which honestly I still don’t think they will make the playoffs. 7 back is a lot to come back from in a little over 2 months, and I don’t expect the western division wild card teams to start falling apart. I am not saying there is no chance but it’s not a very high probability.

      • LDS

        So pointing out Bell’s obvious management deficiencies is “whining” but Suarez gets a hit or a HR and the crowd on here starts cheering “Geno is back”. What do you call that?

      • Jimbo44CN

        I agree and am not a David Bell fan. The only change I think he should make is sending Suarez down, either sit or to Louisville. He needs and eye exam a smaller bat and some serious work on his hitting.

      • TR

        I think managerial change is needed, but if the Reds stay in the hunt until September, Bell will be in the running for NL Manager of the Year.

  9. Old-school

    Jon India is about to be interviewed on mlb network

    Maybe there’s a step in the ROY direction

    • Bet on Red

      national recognition certainly helps.

    • TR

      If India continues playing with grit, which I’m sure he will, he will be the ROY.

  10. Bet on Red

    Chicago’s lineup is now posted too….. game may get to the second before benches clear.