The Cincinnati Reds announced five roster moves on Friday afternoon. The biggest one is that they placed outfielder Nick Castellanos on the 10-day injured list retroactive to July 20th. He announced on Wednesday evening that he got a CT scan earlier in the day and it revealed a microfracture in his wrist that was suffered when he was hit by a pitcher. As of right now it’s still unknown how long Castellanos will be out. What is known is that it’s going to likely leave a big hole in the Reds lineup.

The Reds also announced that left-handed pitcher Amir Garrett was placed on the 3-day paternity list. They didn’t include #girldad, but congratulations to that family for their new addition.

Taking their places on the roster, at least for the time being, will be right-handed pitcher Vladimir Gutierrez and infielder Alejo Lopez. Gutierrez had been in the Reds rotation for the last two months before he was optioned back to Triple-A following his start earlier this week. Lopez, who had torn up Double-A and Triple-A earlier this season had spent several weeks with the Reds recently, but was mostly used as a pinch hitter off of the bench and was getting limited playing time before he was optioned back to the minors last week.

Cincinnati also announced that they released right-handed pitcher José De León. He had spent time with the Reds this year, and last year. In his parts of two seasons with the Reds he posted an ERA of 10.73 in 24.1 innings with 22 walks and 43 strikeouts. While in Triple-A this season with Louisville he posted a 4.63 ERA in 11.2 innings with seven walks and 19 strikeouts. He last pitched in early July and left a game with an injury. He was strangely never placed on the injured list with the Bats, but didn’t pitch for the last three weeks.

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  1. Klugo

    As a fan, I want to blame the Brewers for this. As a team, you cant focus on that and feel sorry for yourselves. Guys have got to step up and get the job done until Nick gets back. Until Antone, Lorenzen,Sims, Moustakas, Senzel get back. Injuries happen to all teams. The winners dont use them as a crutch. Gotta at least tread water here and hope for a little luck. Cant sit around complaining, whining, and blaming.
    Let us fans take care of that.

  2. Bet on Red

    This actually answeres alot of questions. 1. Nick C will not be traded, Even backdated he cannot come off before the 30th and that is the trade deadline. 2. Vlad is getting his starting Job back. Obviously Hoffman did not impress enough and they are getting Vlad back and I would bet he takes the next spot. 3. Lopez may be up as an extra OF, as he has played some LF in Louisville. alternatively, he may be used as a short term replacement for Suarez should his struggles continue. 4. congrats to AG

  3. ClevelandRedsFan

    The timing of Castellanos’ injury could not be worse. Reds can’t afford to tread water and still compete for the division. And they lose their best trade chip. This injury wrecks the 2021 season and hurts them into the future.

    • JayTheRed

      I saw someone got traded just yesterday or today that was on the IL Can’t remember what deal it was though. Pretty sure a team would be happy to take Castellanos still even with his micro fracture. Only downside is that said team could use it against us as leverage on what we get back.

      On a side note I don’t think he is getting traded period.

  4. musicclown

    If you need an outfielder why not TJ Friedl who is batting .273 .380 obp .803 ops and can play center. I’m fine with AA playing all the time. You can’t lose Castellanos then continue with Suarez and Farmer in the lineup as this team is struggling now to score runs. If Lopez is back on the club just play him more.

  5. Jon

    Where is Bob Castellini? Does he realize the trade deadline is now less than one week away? So far…crickets. With Castellanos out for an undetermined amount of time, now’s the time to trade for a bat like Story (in addition to a couple quality relievers). Yet I have not seen any rumors whatsoever regarding the Reds.

    • JayTheRed

      Jon, that is because their aren’t any… This team will do nothing at the break and if they do somehow pull off a move or two it’s going to be really minor.

      • David

        Jay, that is probably correct. Bob is not going to spend any of his hard -earned money helping the team he owns be more competitive.
        I will bet that the Brewers get a good offensive player (1st baseman?) from a team down in the standings. And maybe a good hitting outfielder too.
        The Reds have plenty of outfielders in Winker, Naquin, Aquino, Akiyama, and now Lopez can swap out to hit left-handed pitching. Or play third.
        Or more likely, Bell will just let him rust on the bench.

      • BUCK

        BINGO David: it begins and ends with David Bell and his astute decision making. I shall not complain too much though, because I have been blessed with THREE World Series titles as a Reds fan!

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    Now this series against Cards without Antone, Sims, Warren, Lorenzen and Garrett… Just Hembree is alive, my goodness take care of him please… A double A-triple A level bullpen as Alaniz, Garcia, Osich, Santillán, Hendrix, Gutierrez, Brach are the relievers… Castellanos definitely will be missed in the Reds line-up. Cards are lucky to face a very faded Reds , in theory , but the Reds have proven to be a resilient team. Go Reds!

    • JayTheRed

      Yes the bullpen is lets just be honest.. Not good right now.

  7. Eddie

    Cbs article I read has the top ten trades will happen on trade deadline at number ten the reds will either get story or Bàez for short stop we will give up pitcher with Lopez

    • David

      I don’t really want to give up talent to rent Story for two months.

      The Reds need help in the bullpen NOW, and have for weeks. Castellini will not really allow Krall to do anything though.
      Senzel, Antone, Sims are still likely weeks away.

  8. Eddie

    I hoping we do something this series be lovely we sweep these Cardinals bc I feel the matchup for pitching is on our side on this series. Also I know brewers r playing the white sox for three days so if we win three and they lose that gives a huge chance of getting right back into it again while we play brewers again late August