The Cincinnati Reds bad news keeps piling up today. This evening while on instagram live with Chris Rose (what a time to be alive he says, as he types that sentence), outfielder Nick Castellanos said that he had a scan today of his wrist that was hit by a pitch on Friday and that it revealed a microfracture.

“I had a CT scan today and I have a microfracture in my wrist that I’m dealing with,” said Castellanos. “I’ve got to rest it. I’m going to take a couple of days to see where I’m at.”

Rose followed up asking if he could swing a bat.

“No. I’m probably 50%. I was trying for a couple of days just to play through it and honestly see where I was at and honestly I’m at like 50%.”


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There are bound to be questions asked about why this wasn’t caught the other day. The answer is that an x-ray typically can’t see microfractures. Nick Castellanos had an x-ray on Friday after he was hit by a pitch and nothing showed up in the scan that was out of the norm. He had pain and swelling, which is typical when you are hit by a baseball. He got treatment and time to allow the swelling to go down and when things weren’t recovering as expected given there was no visible sign on the x-ray, that’s when you would then go and get a CT scan which is a lot more precise. That happened today.

Where the Reds go from here is still unknown. Nick Castellanos himself said that he was going to take a few days. Whether that means there’s not an injured list stint coming or not – who knows? We will have a better answer of that tomorrow or Friday when the Reds are next scheduled to play.

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  1. JB

    These guys are worth millions of dollars. I dont see why they dont get the best scan(CT) in the beginning.

    • Jim Walker

      The way this organization is pinching pennies, why should we expect any more (less) of them on care? Yes, it seems pennywise but pound foolish; but, cash money is cash money to someone who is acting like they aren’t sure they are going to make the next payroll. And as Doug pointed out, they have followed standard medical procedures

      • JB

        Thats what I’m saying. They went the cheap route and got the the simple xray. Pay a few bucks more and start out with the ct scan. Yeah standard practice is xray first but they are dealing with 16 million dollar investment here, not the ground crew guy.

      • Scott C

        JB, It is my understanding that you have to wait until the swelling goes down before you do a CAT scan. I am not a doctor but that is my understanding and I think that is what Doug is dying in his report.

    • 2020ball

      Did not doing a CT scan even change anything? Only difference might be 2 days of a guy like Lopez riding the bench instead. Given that, why bother worrying about it? This seemed like a standard approach from teams regarding these types of injuries.

      • greenmtred

        A 16 million dollar investment, not a grounds crew guy? Are you serious? Let them eat cake?

      • Jim Walker

        I am not a doctor; so, I have no clue whether Castellanos taking the AB on Monday could have (or did) exacerbate the injury. However, that’s certainly a possibility if Bell used him based on incomplete and inaccurate information that there was no fracture (or the AB Tuesday actually caused the fracture).

        From my viewpoint, it seems like both the Senzel and Moustakis situations were also downplayed and turned out to be much more severe than the team’s original belief and responses to them indicated.

        As nearly as I recall, in Senzel’s case, the knee situation may have been created or aggravated because he was trying to play through the heel injury. With Moustakis, the heel injury was reaggravated while he was on an official rehab assignment which certainly begs the question of whether he was accurately diagnosed and evaluated before being sent on the rehab assignment.

      • Scott C

        I understand the angst some have about mismanaging injuries, we all want the best players back and playing. I just don’t understand all the sniping at the Reds Front Office over these matters. Medicine is not a precise science, I know there have been a lot of advances over the years but still trying to determine the severity of an injury is not exact. Add to that some people respond to treatment and heal differently. Add to that many players have a competitive spirit and will push to compete. Tiger Woods won a US Open on a broken leg. Was that smart? Not at all but that is sometimes what athletes do. Was it smart to have Lorenzen running the other day? Well if he had not pulled his hammie we all would have lauded his competitive spirit.

      • 2020ball

        Id be shocked if his after-HBP AB was when the microfracture occurred. I can guarantee it was when he got hit by a speeding baseball, which just seems obvous when you think about it. People are just looking for any reason to gripe on the Reds.

    • beelicker

      Does seem a CT scan would have revealed this right away but you also wouldn’t automatically CT scan after every HBP … maybe the ones directly on bone?

    • Doc

      Because you don’t understand the practice of medicine, the limitations of technology.

      The millions of dollars in contracts make no difference. Whether you are worth millions or worth pennies, if it is broken it is broken, if it is too swollen and painful to use you can’t use it, and whether you know that a week ago, two days ago or now doesn’t change the outcome.

    • Christopher hoeb

      I agree this should have been done asap without nick Castellanos this team is done with Winker struggling now it’s time to become sellers and strengthen this team’s pitching and Castellanos comes back next year with unfinished business on his mind.

  2. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    See you in September, Nick.

      • CI3J

        No one is going to trade for a guy with a wrist injury. Those tend to linger.

        Reds just lost their best chance to improve for the future.

      • Doc

        Maybe Aquino has a month like his first.

    • Doug Gray

      You’ve been around long enough to know better than this. Gonna be the only warning you’re getting.

  3. LDS

    I guess it’s time for Aquino to put up.

    • TR

      It’s time for Bell and Krall to give AA a real chance or he’ll get it from some other team.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. I can see them letting him go eventually and some team like the Pirates picking him up for a little bit of nothing and AA beating the crap out of us 19 times a year. lol

  4. Bet on Red

    Alas. At least its not a full break, as Dr. Google seemed to indicate that those would take between 6 and 8 weeks to heal. This is Aquino’s spot to shine. Winker, Naquin, Aquino Left to right for the next few days. Not to be mercenary about it, but if this does turn into a longer-term thing then this may have an effect on his decision to opt-out. Almost guarantees he is not getting traded at the deadline now.

    • TR

      Give Castellanos and others time to heal. Too often the return is too early. Enough of this ‘are you swinging the bat yet.’

  5. Truman48

    This franchise is unbelievable. I don’t know how he could be swinging a bat the other night with a fracture. Malpractice.

    • Doc

      The original x-ray did not show fracture. Therefore resting it and then gently testing it is sound medicine.

  6. Rod

    I’ve been a Reds fan since May of ‘87, I can handle another kick to the bag no problem.

    • west larry

      I’ve been a fan since 1956. This cloudy explanation at the onset is SOP for this organization. On injury status reports, I feel like a mushroom- kept in the dark, throwing a little fertilizer on me now and again. Go reds anyway!

  7. DaveCT

    Well in his own self interest, I hope Nick C. takes the time to heal as there is potentially a lot of money on the table. Also, there is little to no effort on the part of the organization to improve. The front office appears to be quitting first, so be it.

    Second, this team needs Nick Krall to get aggressive in pointing out the disparity in getting hit by pitches vs. hitting other players. While that thug, Clint Hurdle, is gone, must the NL Central remain subjected to thug behavior. St. Louis. Milwaukee, especially the last series, and now Nick C.

    Let’s go Krall. Its high time to go public and pick a fight. If your backbone is lacking, resign. Protect this team.

    • Tom Reeves

      Milwaukee hit 4 Reds in 2 games and they weren’t just breaking balls that didn’t break.

      They literally broke the Reds chances of making the playoffs (or at least severely impacted).

      I also think it’s insane after the Joey Votto knee fiasco the team doesn’t have an MRI at the stadium to check things out. It’s 15-45 mins of laying still end an off-site radiologist can read it. This is potentially a multi million dollar mistake as Castellanos may not now we tradeable at the deadline. And he’s locked in a massive 2022 contract with his 2021 performance- and it’s likely a contract the Reds can pretend to be able to afford.

      Suspicious targeting by the Brewers followed by completely unforced error by the Reds = potentially blown season with the best trade bait on the IL

      • Indy Red Man

        They hit 4 Reds in 10 innings actually. Hader’s only hbp of the year comes against the same guy that took him upper deck the day before.

        Then Counsell pulls Boxberger after 1 batter on Sat to put in a lefty vs our lefties and completely cheats the 3 batter minimum rule. Of course Boxberger isn’t put on IL

        Its ridiculous. They basically ended the Reds season

      • DaveCT

        If Krall doesn’t escalate this, he really should just resign. He doesn’t know or have the willingness for a brawl. And this moment requires a brawl against the baseball powers allowing this charade to continue. Let alone the suspension nonsense. I’ll leave the sticky ball issue for now.

      • DaveCT

        The purchase of a facility is pennies on the dollar. And, as a public service, why not donate its service and make it available for all. What’s to lose (for baseball as a whole) if top shelf medical facilities are available and help with the players’ health. All of ’em. And provides a public service at the same time?

      • Doc

        And how would the outcome be different if they had the mri at the stadium?

      • Tom Reeves

        He wouldn’t have been clear to take an at-bat. He could have gotten BPC 157 shots immediate to trigger healing.

        There’s all sorts of things that could have been done if they new. Imagine if he took the at bat and is wrist broke?

  8. Redhaze

    Worst case scenario.
    Castellanos out for weeks.
    Reds make zero significant trades to fill his spot and help the bullpen.
    Reds trade pieces of this team at the deadline for little in return.
    Castellanos walks at the end of the season.
    Reds start all over again next season leading to another rebuild.

    • CI3J

      I think you meant to write “likely scenario”, not “worse case”.

    • 2020ball

      haha, good old

      • MCT

        Castellini had given us several consecutive years of disappointing baseball after promising the opposite. It’s only natural for fans to be pessimistic.

  9. Bet on Red

    Imagine if only the reds had someone who could take his spot that had a 1.000+ OPS. Imagine if there was someone when hot who could hit 10 HRs a week. If only there was a person who had corrected his issue of going after breaking balls. If only

    • DaveCT

      This person may in the future be known as ‘Mr Slider Away???”

      • Bet on Red

        No, he may have been that in the past but now he takes walks most of the time

      • DaveCT

        I see. Perhaps one and the same? At least, previously.

    • Melvin

      Bell still has to play the guy. No guarantee.

  10. BatsLeftThrowsRght

    I’ve thought things over and I am now open to a fire sale, let’s keep the prospects and build, adding more to the fold.

    Who I want to keep below:
    Castillo, Mahle, Gray, India, Barnhart, Stephenson, Senzel, Castellanos.

    Everybody else on the regular man roster I’m listening to offers.

    DL Castellanos, demote Hoffman. Bring up Schrock to play third base and Barrera to play shortstop.

    When Senzel returns put him in CF full-time and when Moose returns play him at first base full-time.

    Send Suarez and Votto to a dance contest….Pay three quarters of their salaries and give them away to other teams if possible.

  11. JayTheRed

    Why isn’t he on the IL tonight if he needs at least a few more days… Its already been a few.. Again this team likes playing short handed.

    So sick of Bell’s deer in a headlights responses to anything anyone asks him. Get someone up from the minors and put him on the 10 day already. Oh and it better not be a pitcher or I am going to lose my mind.

  12. DaveCT

    My gut is that it’s mid to upper management that is not just a deer but a ‘possum in the high beams. And it won’t be a pretty sight when its done. Very quickly, this organization has completely proven the need for a reckoning. A catharsis. This paralytic brain drain is debilitating. But I digress …

    Yeah get an MRI facility.

  13. RedAlert

    Barreros tonight – 1 for 3 , home run, 2RBI

    But this genius of front office gonna keep him in AAA ; he’s tearing it up right now

    Front office waiting for Christmas or something ? This ain’t rocket science . SS been issue all year and before the year started . This is nonsense !!!!

    • RedAlert

      This front office / ownership group can’t do anything right !!!!!

    • Christopher hoeb

      Just remember he couldn’t hit magor league pitching last year struck out as much as Suarez does.

  14. RedAlert

    Wrong date on box score I was looking at – I apologize . still 1-4 tonight batting ..308

    • RedAlert

      Apparently played 2 today – so both of those are correct ! Time to get the kid up here !!

      • DaveCT

        Not to worry. Its often a moving target

  15. kevinz

    Tough Break for sure.
    Return from Break has not been Kind at all.
    4 Games Back playing well.
    Seems awhile ago now.
    Baseball a tough Game.
    Frustrating all around.
    See who these players are now.
    Tough Times either man up or tuck tails.
    Go reds.

  16. Hanawi

    Go on the 10 day and call up someone that can actually help with some at bats. Give Aquino the full time RF position until he’s back. Not really that difficult.

    And explore trades to make the team younger and be in position for contention moving forward.

    • DaveCT

      It due diligence at this point. They’ve lost the season even though the players have kept after it, and, kept them in it.

  17. Hanawi

    Reading some of the rumors sites, it seems like relief pitching is going to be in high demand. Cost will probably be quite high to acquire more arms. Wonder if the Reds could sell a team on the upside and recent results of Garrett and get a nice young prospect back in return?

  18. RedLegg

    Long time observer, first time commenting. I have been a Reds fan since the ’70 season with the early BRM edition. That team of the 70’s was a group of players who never let up. This current edition of the Reds is an absolute embarrassment. They have several really good, young players in India, Stephenson & Aquino but don’t seem to want to take the next step & add the missing pieces. The ownership is obviously the core of the problem – too cheap to hire a qualified manager. Bell is easily the worst Reds manager in my lifetime – totally clueless in so many situations. Why was he hired in the first place? It just screams nepotism. I live in the St. Louis region and have to put up with hearing about the “Cardinal Way” constantly. I respect the Cards but am really tired of them beating up on the Reds the last 20 years of so. Not too optimistic about the upcoming series in Cincinnati either……

  19. Melvin

    Getting real irritating with all of the Reds getting plunked this year. Votto out for a month and now this.

  20. Hotto4Votto

    Without knowing how long he’ll be out, I have to wonder if the PH appearance will come back to bite the Reds. If he didn’t appear in that game then he’d already have been out 5 days with the off day coming up. If he only needs a few more days then a 10 day IL stint would be over soon. Now they can’t back date it to the first game he missed. In the end it probably won’t matter. But while no time table has been announced speculation is fair game. Votto was out for a month when he got hit. Hopefully it won’t be as long for Castellanos.

    • Steelerfan

      Great point on the PH appearance setting the clock back. Frustrating even in the AB didn’t worsen the injury.

  21. Votto4life

    It seems odd that Nick would announce this on Instagram. Doesn’t the Team usually make these kind of announcements?

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe he is as agitated about the handling of the situation as most folks here seemed to be and saw the opportunity to get the word out.

  22. Westfester

    Ok, see you in the Spring. Go Bearcats!

  23. beelicker

    Immobilization and elevation (above the heart) would seem to be the least of what you’d do for a wrist microfracture? Seems like once an image gave a Dx then some treatment would be fairly straightforward. And no immediate roster announcement would be necessary with today’s off day. As much as the Reds have been HBP you’d think their protocols would already be well established?

    #1. Rub dirt on it …

  24. beelicker

    True, the club wouldn’t want him spilling the beans like that but he didn’t really announce it, just answered a question (if you watch the whole thing, the thrust was a human interest focus on NC & his son and only at the end Chris clicked into ‘reporter mode’ to ask about injury status). It doesn’t seem like that was the purpose there at all. Early game and the team media staff was otherwise shut down and with the off day today … he had the test results but no other communications from the brain trust, who may not have even had opportunity to review, discuss or decide anything about that yet either. It would depend on what time this chat took place … and really, who set it up, if by the team or even with their knowledge at all. May have been w/o any by the team?

    • Jon

      Bryan Price would be dropping about 77 F-bombs at Chris Rose if he was still the manager…lol

  25. Bob Purkey

    Start the dumping now! The Reds aren’t coming back from all of these injuries, and recent losses.

    Not sure you can get anyone to take the Suarez contract, but if you can give him away, do it!

    As much as would like to keep Miley as he has been terrific this year, he is a FA next year. You should be able to get something for an above average LHP who would have 8 – 10 remaining starts in him.

    Moustakas(can’t get rid of that contract) and Senzel platoon @ 3B. Moose gets time at 1B also with Votto and Stevenson.

    Maybe see what you can get for Sonny Gray, and hopefully Greene and Lodolo are ready for next year.

    While I think that Farmer has done a pretty nice job at SS for a converted C and he would be a quality bench player, get Barrero up here now.

    When/if Warren, Antone, Lorenzen, Sims get healthy start to jettison some of the current junk in the bullpen – Osich, Hoffman, Doolittle, et al.

    • beelicker

      $1omil option with a $1mil buyout on old man Miley next season

    • DaveCT

      One minor note. Farmer was a college shortstop who LA converted to catcher.

  26. old-school

    Jon Morosi tweeted Castellanos is out weeks.
    Terrible news but AA should now get his shot.

    • Votto4life

      “A couple weeks” but yeah that’s long time with only 10 weeks or so left.

  27. Bet on Red

    So if this “couple weeks” is true. Castellanos is not getting traded. Winker is going to need to step up. So is aquino. His chance what he can do in an everyday role

  28. beelicker

    Speculation but still likely accurate

    If so a 1o day IL now probably won’t matter in Nick’s case but it coulda saved Lopez being sent down

    And Bell did everything possible to keep Castellanos out of the extra inning game

  29. RedBB

    The fact that this showed up on a CT scan means most likely he will be in a brace or cast and be out for around 4-6 weeks. I surmised in another thread that this could be a bone bruise and he could be out for weeks. This is unfortunately slightly worse. I am an Orthopedic Surgeon Btw in case anyone wonders

    • Votto4life

      Thank you for your very informed opinion Doctor. That’s why I love this group. Lots of great information without a lot trash talk.
      Thanks again.

  30. Max BRAGG

    I’m concerned there maybe some real damage to Nick,but what I’m really concerned about is this team can’t hit on day games. It might be time to set up curfew,and abide by that rule.

  31. docproc

    Others have said it but I’ll add my vote: Time to play Aquino every day in RF. I don’t care what hand the opposing pitcher throws with. Let’s find out if AA can be our right fielder next year when Castellanos is no longer with us.

  32. Votto4life

    The Reds just have the worst luck.

    If Nick is healthy and the team decided not to trade him, he could make the final two months of this season something really exciting and special.

    If the Reds decided to trade him, Nick could potentially bring back some good young talent that will help us moving forward.

    Instead we get neither. Unreal.

  33. MBS

    I was on MLB trade rumors and started down this line of thought. Someone said that if a pitcher hits a batter, he should be suspended for the time the player was injured.

    I had a rule thought that could improve hitting, reduce fighting, and keep players healthy. It’s a little more developed than my MLBTR concept.

    If a batter was hit by a ball that is more than 3” (pick your distance 3, 4, 5, etc) off the plate, it is an immediate ejection. If the batter goes on the IL, the pitcher would be suspended for 15 games. MLB monitors every game, so It wouldn’t be hard to use their cameras to judge how far the ball was inside with their cameras in real time.

    It’s probably a bad idea, but it would help protect batters, while improving the offense in baseball. Please someone poke holes in this idea, because I’m starting to think it’s a good idea, and I need to see the obvious flaws.

    • Votto4life

      I’m not sure what the answer is but there needs to be stiffer penalties if it can be determined a batter was hit on purpose.

      In addition to the ramifications for the Reds, that pitch may have cost Nick the NL MVP award and quite possibly real $$$ next winter.

  34. Alex

    Man. Knowing the reds the injury is actually way worse and we probably won’t see him again. And now they can’t trade him either. Does kharma hate any team more then the reds?

  35. old-school

    Reds organizationally have run out of right handed hitting outfielders.
    Castellanos and Senzel are hurt. Aquino is the only RH hitting OF on the 26 man roster.
    No one in Louisville either with 3 lefties plus Narcisco Cook- whoever that is.

    Cards starting a lefty tonight. Maybe Aquino plays center, Winker in RF and Farmer in left with Lopez called up to play 3rd and geno back to SS?

    How can you have no right handed hitting OF in AAA?

    Maybe they just call up Barrero and put him at SS and farmer in LF?