After a less than ideal weekend series against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Cincinnati Reds will welcome in the New York Mets and look to get things going in the right direction once again. First pitch is set for 7:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

New York Mets

Cincinnati Reds

Brandon Nimmo – CF Jonathan India – 2B
Pete Alonso – 1B Jesse Winker – LF
Jeff McNeil – 2B Tyler Stephenson – C
Dominic Smith – LF Joey Votto – 1B
J.D. Davis – 3B Tyler Naquin – RF
Michael Conforto – RF Eugenio Suárez – 3B
Tomás Nido – C Shogo Akiyama – CF
Luis Guillorme – SS Kyle Farmer – SS
Jerad Eickhoff – SP Vladimir Gutierrez – SP

Starting Pitchers

Vladimir Gutierrez

So far in July Vladimir Gutierrez has made two starts and allowed three runs in 12.0 innings. His last time out he didn’t strike out a single Brewer in 6.0 innings but kept them in check by allowing just one run. For the season his ERA is sitting at 4.29 through 50.1 innings with 23 walks and just 36 strikeouts. He’s not missing bats and his walk rate is higher than you’d like to see it. So far he’s avoided the typical pitfalls of that issue with regards to runs allowed, but he’s likely going to have to pitch better to keep his ERA where it’s at.

Gutierrez is rocking some reverse splits this season, but the devil is in the details. He’s walked more lefties than he’s struck out – 14 to 13 – but they are hitting just .212/.323/.376 against him. Righties are hitting .260/.325/.471 against him on the year but had just nine walks and 23 strikeouts in 119 plate appearances. He’s also pitched significantly better on the road, but he’s also made just three starts at home. Still, his OPS against is nearly 200 points higher at Great American Ball Park, and his ERA is 5.71 compared to just 3.55 on the road.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.0 77.0 82.6 80.2
Usage 46.7% 22.1% 22.9% 8.4%

Jerad Eickhoff

31-year-old Jerad Eickhoff has only thrown 12.2 innings this season in the big leagues. His ERA sits at 4.97, somehow, despite allowing 17 hits, four walks, and six home runs in that span. In Triple-A this season he’s posted a 5.09 ERA where he’s allowed another 11 home runs in 46.0 innings.

His splits this season between AAA and MLB are a case of “not good” and “MVP level”. Right-handed hitters have a .262/.316/.532 line against him on the year in 137 plate appearances. Lefties have hit .308/.363/.644 against him in 113 plate appearances this year.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam Curve Change Slider
Velo 90.4 74.4 83.4 82.3
Usage 48.3% 12.9% 7.0% 31.8%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: ­82°, Sunny, 1% chance of rain.

News and Notes

Reds call up R.J. Alaniz and Edgar García

The Cincinnati Reds called up relievers R.J. Alaniz and Edgar García from Triple-A Louisville today in a slew of roster moves that saw Mark Payton and José De León designated for assignment, Michael Lorenzen officially placed on the injured list, and Cionel Pérez optioned to Louisville. If you want some information on Alaniz and García, we wrote about the things they had been doing in the minors this season earlier today.

Nick Senzel could begin a rehab assignment next week

Mike Moustakas on the field taking grounders

We’re probably still a bit of time away before we see Mike Moustakas on the field during baseball games, but at least he’s back on a baseball field and doing baseball activities. Today he was out on the dirt at Great American Ball Park taking grounders.

NL Central Standings

Playoff odds via Fangraphs

Team W L GB Playoff %
Brewers 56 39 0 92.5%
Reds 48 45 7.0 11.6%
Cubs 46 47 9.0 3.3%
Cardinals 46 47 9.0 2.1%
Pirates 36 57 19.0 0.0%

411 Responses

  1. Klugo

    We’re gonna need all hands on deck if we’re going to be able to do this. The guys that have played have fought admirably, but it’s starting to get late and they are understandably showing signs of wear.

  2. Indy Red Man

    You could make a case for Shogo > Punisher defensively with Vlad being a flyball pitcher, but if you need runs then there is no comparison. This guy has given up 6 hrs in 12 innings so if they’re handing them out then it might be wise to pencil in some guys that can take them!

    Shogo>AA is classic Reds front office. The older guy with the bigger paycheck that “used to do it” over the younger guy that “is doing it”.

    • Doug Gray

      If you expect the opposing pitcher to get shelled and you’ve got a fly ball pitcher on the mound why not go with the better defender in center field? Runs prevented are actually slightly more valuable than runs scored if we are playing the total sum game.

      • Indy Red Man

        Like I said a case can be made, but everyone shelled Brady Singer since May except the Reds. Shogo’s not even drawing walks anymore. He doesn’t do anything with 93 down the middle so why walk him?

        I didn’t see AA homer the other night…off a lefty or righty? He’s going to outhit Shogo from any angle.

      • Jim Walker

        IRM> AA’s home run was off a right hand pitcher. Caught a fastball or dead fish slider over the outer half about belt high and rode it out just to the RF side of the CF/RF gap. I was no cheapie. The Brewers CF and RF both broke on it for a step or 2 then pulled up to admire it.

  3. Bet on Red

    Playing a game vs a team without their greatest pitcher, with a AAAA pitcher on the mound, whose manager is suspended…. is a refreshing turn of events. Hope this is the last day without Nick in the starting lineup

    • Bet on Red

      also the Mets bullpen had to cover 8.2 IP yesterday as well

  4. TyGuy88

    Castellanos still out. His injury could spiral this season down the tank (along with FO inactivity).

  5. west larry

    is Castelano due to start tomorrow, or are we looking at a ten I R back dated July 17th?

    • Bet on Red

      nick available off the bench to pinch-hit according to the broadcast crew

  6. Melvin

    I don’t think anyone, especially me, is ever going to agree with David Bell’s lineups and a lot of his decisions most of the time. You just never know what he’s going to do and it’s kind of scary at times. Le’ts just hope we win with whoever he puts out there and try to be optimistic. 🙂 At least we’re close enough in the standings to make it interesting.

    • LDS

      IMO, Bell is either a yes man for the FO, the world’s worst manager, or pulling a Rose/McClain. Some of his moves are just unfathomable.

  7. dhmorgan

    Ho boy. 3-0 and no outs.
    Looks like a long night.

    • RedAlert

      Guiterrez mediocre at best – bottom line .

      • RedAlert

        throwing batting practice fooling nobody

      • JA

        I don’t think he is mediocre, but rookie. (It doesn’t help the catcher is also a rookie)
        Need some coaching after the first inning

  8. Rex

    could be an early call for AG and DooHomer tonight

    are they both available?

  9. JA

    Wow, 3 batters, 3 runs.
    Need to comeback some how or clete now

  10. Bet on Red

    PItching coach better get Vlad straight after that first. Got lucky with the India Votto DP. This inning could have been alot worse.

  11. gregmlb

    It will be nice if Votto, Winker, and Suarez can make an appearance this series. They produced absolutely zero. Hard to win a lot of games when you have guys provide no production in important spots.

    • Indy Red Man

      Woodruff and Burnes don’t give up much to anyone

      • gregmlb

        I guess there’s an excuse for everything. Pretty sure they didn’t pitch all 29 innings of that series.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Total was 11 tonite…..crazy high, but its looking Over! You used to never see an 11 outside of Coors, Wrigley w/the wind blowing out, and Ballpark @ Arlington occasionally.

    • Bet on Red

      my thoughts exactly….looks like it is going to be one of those days

  13. dhmorgan

    Well now, if the Mets are determined to give the 3 runs back, the Reds will take them.

    • Mark Moore

      Oh we’ll absolutely take them back

  14. magi210

    Nice to see the offense picking up the starter.

  15. Mark Moore

    This is an interesting way to start the inning. And Naquin flairs one for a couple of RBI’s

  16. Bet on Red

    and Shogo comes through… was nearly 5 feet away from his first homer

  17. Indy Red Man

    Shogo better do something. This guy has nothing to get the Punisher out with

    • gregmlb

      Maybe Reds could trade for him? No matter how you look at it, that trade was absolutely and insanely bad for the Reds. Probably one of the top 5-10 worse trades the Reds have ever made.

      • Indy Red Man

        ? Maybe if Gray becomes a 15 game winner or a 7 year closer or something? LA took on $40 mil (or $60?) for Homer so it was something that had to be done. Reds lost 20 Homer starts in a row. It was amazing to dump that floater on anyone.

        I never understood all the hate?

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah maybe paying somebody $50 mil apiece for 2 no-hitters isn’t a good idea. They had to give away Gray to get somebody to pay off Homer. Homer was good #3 starter for a few years, but I guarantee nobody was in a hurry to give him $50 mil guaranteed let alone $100. The Reds competing against themselves like dummies

      • gregmlb

        Just another stupid Uncle Bob move to save him some extra money inspite of team success.

    • RedAlert

      Get Barreros up here already

      Like Farmers glove but he can’t hit a lickFreeman ought to be the one in AAA – not Barreros

      • Bet on Red

        Mets keep this pitcher in he may very well hit his first one today

  18. Bet on Red

    much better second inning from Vlad

  19. Old-school

    Outstanding bunt defense

    Stephenson with the 2-6-4 double play

  20. Mark Moore

    Talk about your Little League play …

    • Mark Moore

      Check that … THAT was the LL play

    • Indy Red Man

      Thats 4 outs given away by the 2nd inning. Crazy

      Lindor just got hurt though so its good timing for us.

  21. dhmorgan

    Mets shortstop might be available in a trade.

  22. Old-school

    Mets SS is a clown show
    Cue the benny hill

    He will be DFA’d tonight

  23. JB

    Suarez is thinking man that guy is horrible at Short.

  24. Bet on Red

    Joeys coming through.. Indy… I think the Over was too low… looks like a 21 run game today

  25. Mark Moore

    Must have been some clubhouse meeting last night or before the game. These guys are really playing heads up and taking advantages where they come.

    • RedsMonk65

      Good teams take advantage of their opponents’ weaknesses and mistakes. Nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.

      • Bet on Red

        we are obviously in the wrong division


      All of these castoffs and experienced relievers has gotten very old.It is obvious that Bell wants experienced pitchers no matter how bad they are,forget matchups just look at their numbers all the lefties can’t get left handed hitters out.Tampa Bay for years has brought very young starters to use in bullpen, let them learn develop in mlb, then when starters leave in free agency, young guys just take over, look at their history of doing this every famous name there that via free agency started career there as , small market smart copy it

  26. Mark Moore

    So, is Geno going to join the fun here?

  27. Indy Red Man

    Lolllllllllllllll. Baseball. I’ve never seen a SS try to bat a ball with his hand to where he wants it to go and this guy has done it twice already.

    Absolutely loving my Philly +700 to win the division

    • Mark Moore

      Right … like the rolling between his legs in the 1st inning

  28. Roger Garrett

    Little league moments at GABP and it ain’t us so thats good.

  29. JB

    On one hand I’m thinking the Reds need to save some runs for tomorrow night and on the other hand I’m thinking they need about 14 more runs so the bullpen doesnt blow it.

    • Roger Garrett

      I hear you and I vote for 14 today and lets worry about tomorrow well tomorrow.

      • RedsMonk65

        Absolutely. Score as many as possible. Mets aren’t finished yet — as Conforto just demonstrated.

  30. Dennis Westrick

    Let’s see if the BP can give away another 3+ run lead. I would say have a short leash with Vlad. However, I get physically ill when the call goes to the BP! Maybe it should be a collect call?

    • RedsMonk65

      May not need BP to give up the lead at the rate things are going. Not a whole of options right now — Vlad should come out, but who do you put in that you can count on? I’m at a loss.

  31. Indy Red Man

    I’m done being F Lee Bailey or Johnnie Cochran for Geno. No more defense

    If the mans going to K then he can no longer play

    Affordable contract and maybe he gets some September garbage off of the Pirates.
    They should be able to give him away somewhere. Cheeseburger gut Griffey was 99.9% used up and he brought back Nick Masset. Geno himself was acquired for washed up Simon

    Moose back to 3B and Geno can hit the reset somewhere else

    • Mark Moore

      I’d roll with that. But the Front Office won’t do it.

      • Indy Red Man

        Well .175 all year? They can’t run that back next year especially since he was bad in 2020 as well. Might depend on if they resign Nick

    • Rex

      Geno for Simon was a steal but it appears to have ran it’s course

      • Indy Red Man

        Their pitcher is horrible and Geno Ks on 3 pitches. The 0-1 pitch was a slider off the plate away and Geno just swung where he was and missed it by 2 feet? He never even leaned towards the ball? He mentally just gave up like a bad hitting pitcher does. Maybe he comes back and hits one 425 feet tonite, but his body language is horrible

    • LDS

      Less than 2 weeks to find a buyer. But there has to be a team somewhere that would give up a reliever or better yet a SS for a cheap, controlled power hitter. I still like Colorado but Castellanos has to open the wallet.

  32. Mark Moore

    .204 and 4 HR’s so far … but you tee it up to the short porch and that’s what happens

  33. JB

    Wow I guess we are just going to keep Gutirrez in there until the lead is gone. Can you throw up the white flag while leading?

    • RedsMonk65

      Demonstrates Bell’s degree of confidence in his bullpen, doesn’t it? Got to be about as low as the fans’.

      • JB

        He has so much confidence(lack of) in them that he has Alaniz up.

  34. Roger Garrett

    Reds have come out of the gate asleep it seems like.When we pitch,we can’t hit and when we finally score some runs we can’t get the other team out.Guti I guess was due a stinker so I guess this is it.

  35. Old-school

    Bunt defense

    Suarez covers 3b
    Farmer covers 2b
    Guti runs in to cover home

    Entire left half of infield wide open

    • gregmlb

      I thought that something looked way off on that. It’s like they totally forgot that the pitcher was up

  36. Indy Red Man

    I swear this is like a spring training game or game 160 when both teams are 15 out. Weirdest game ever for 2 winning teams.

  37. Dennis Westrick

    The one guy that can hurt you in the Mets lineup is Conforto! So, what does Vlad do? Serves up a meatball after giving up a leadoff single!

  38. Bet on Red

    Looks like the announcers are going on the lets buy tour with Jonney Bench

  39. AllTheHype

    This conversation with Larkin and Bench re: which 1990 players would make or start on the BRM is priceless. Wow. One Reds great asking another that Q.

    • Indy Red Man

      Easy one.

      Lark over Concepcion
      Eric the Red over Geronimo
      Rijo and the Nasty Boys

      O’Neill vs Griffey maybe? Griffey over Reds version of PON easily though

      Sabo > Doug Flynn or whoever on the bench))

      • Melvin

        Bench was great and was not happy with Suarez and his .170 BA AND swinging on a high inside FB on a 3-0 count….popping it up to 1B. I was gone but went back and listened. Have to remember Eric Davis was no longer playing CF in 1990 because of injuries. Hatcher was. Davis would not have replaced George Foster in LF in 1976. Larkin is the only one that would have replaced one of the “Great Eight” and not by much as Concepcion had a very good year in 76 as well.

    • RedAlert

      Has a 7-3 lead and can’t stand prosperity – again , stuff just ain’t that good

  40. VaRedsFan

    Is johnny Bench jinxing this inning?

  41. Old-school

    Where is Santillan?

    He could cover 4 innings easy

    This is just Krall and Bell letting Gutierrez fail so they can bring back Hoffman to the rotation

  42. Mark Moore

    And that’s why 7 runs ain’t enough

  43. Dennis Westrick

    Opposing teams must love coming to GABP!

  44. Dennis Westrick

    One (1) more inning for Vlad, maybe! Not fooling anyone!

    • RedAlert

      Bell will find a way to gift this game away again

      • Dennis Westrick

        Bell is like Santa Claus and it’s only July!

  45. Roger Garrett

    Just don’t see how you can leave Guti in this game.How can this be happening?What is to gain with this madness.No way to explain this IMO.

    • Indy Red Man

      Bell went to AG on Saturday in the 7th up 2-0 in a game we had to have. Tonite he could’ve pulled Vlad at 7-5 with 7-8-9 coming up for them. What easier start for one of those guys we just called up. Or Hendrix or whoever?

      The players like Bell and they play hard, but he needs a team like the Arroyo, Cueto, Latos group with pitching good enough where the guy can go auto-pilot. This staff is obviously too much for him

  46. VaRedsFan

    With a man on now, do they try to hit another grounder to SS….that was been their best offense tonight.

  47. Daytonnati

    Sadak wisely staying quiet with Bench and Larkin killing it.

    • Bet on Red

      he understands his place in history right there. Also, Bench has had some Broadcasting experience himself so it’s fine for Sadak and the producers go to Autopilot there. Thom would be in there with a bunch of “my dad remembers”

      • Melvin

        Didn’t Bench do TV in 1990? I enjoyed listening to him.

  48. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell just let a .173 hitter swing 3-0, this team will never never succeed with Bell as manager.

    • Indy Red Man

      Bench was stumped for a few seconds)))))))))) Beyond belief

  49. MK

    Nothing like .170 hitter getting the green light 3-0 with a guy with a history of control issues pitching.

  50. Indy Red Man

    Geno 3 for last 31 and he’s swinging 3-0? What? The guy is going to put a runner in scoring position for you. I give up

    I think even Bell will wise up and play Senzel at 3B and sit Geno. I’m probably wrong though

    • Old-school

      Pin this post
      Geno is not getting better


      Bell is just managing innings loads
      Guaranteed the guy who gets demoted or DFA’d is guy who pitches the most.

  51. LDS

    Fouls out on a 3-0 count? Take a pitch. In his case a walk is an improvement.

  52. Dennis Westrick

    Suarez is hopeless! Do we have anybody who can play an average 3B and hit his weight?

  53. Ryan

    Is Suárez really gonna start the rest of the year?Has any reds player ever fallen so far so quickly?

    • AllTheHype

      If the Reds trade him, they have to eat his contract. If they DFA him, they have to eat his contract. If they sit him, they have to give him a roster spot AND eat his contract. Unfortunately, they will be playing him and hope for the best, this year, next year, and the next. In 2024, though, they’ll probably give up hope and just DFA him. That’s the reality all Reds fans have to get used to.

  54. Dennis Westrick

    Welcome to the Big Leagues rookie! So now we have squandered a 7-3 lead! Looks like an early night for me! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

  55. Roger Garrett

    Had enough tonight.Watching Bell watching Guti melt down and Suarez swinging on 3-0 is just too much for this old guys to take.I hope we win but just tired of watching us be so well I don’t even know what word would even fit.

  56. Gpod

    this guy fits right in with this bullpen

  57. Arthur

    Alaniz is gonna fit in with our bullpen just fine. That HR almost left the State of Ohio.

  58. Bet on Red

    well at least he calmed down after that. Remember the mets BP threw a full game out in PIT yesterday

  59. Indy Red Man

    Outhomered 4-0. The ball is flying out like crazy and the Punisher is on the bench watching it all.

    I can’t defend Bell anymore either. I still don’t know why he didn’t pitch Miley against the Brewers. He shut them out for 8?

    • Chris Holbert

      He had to be saved in case he needed to pinch hit with the bases loaded and the game on the line in extra innings…..and guess what…..

  60. Gpod

    Regarding Suarez …..if your swinging at 3-0… swing at a pitch that’s in a good hitting zone….not at a 97 up & in fastball…..shows you where he’s at these days

    • Indy Red Man

      Geno left 5 on so far. No other Red has more then 2

    • AllTheHype

      He was swinging at almost anything there. He’s got to get to 50. That’s all that matters.

  61. Mark A Verticchio

    Sadek says how ball is popping Mets 4 home runs Reds 0. He has no clue.

    • Rex

      I think they got him at a pretty big discount

  62. Dennis Westrick

    Can’t wait for the Olympics to start! Watching rhythmic gymnastics would be better than watching Bell mis-manage another game!

    • Rex

      you do know them girls are all 4 foot tall right?

  63. JB

    Why do they keep asking the pitchers to bunt? DH cant get here fast enough.

    • Dennis Westrick

      As a baseball traditionalist I never liked the DH! However, it’s time to adopt it in the NL! Maybe it would enable someone like AA to at least get to the plate!

      • Melvin

        Well unfortunately if it’s a RH pitcher, witch of course most of the time it is, Freeman would have a better chance at being the DH with you know who calling the shots.

  64. Indy Red Man

    Wink 3 run shot right here. 10-7 good guys!

    • Indy Red Man

      Our key guys just aren’t stepping up. Righty and guy only has a fb and thats the best Wink can do? C’mon?

      India and Naquin only 2 doing anything with Nick out

  65. gregmlb

    Winker might be as bad as Suarez at the moment. He looks like absolute poo right now and need his $&- on the bench for a couple of games. He SUCKS!!

  66. Erik the Red

    Suarez might be a defensive upgrade over the Mets shortstop tonight. Not sure the Mets are real happy with Lindor either. Need to start planning for next year. There is some young talent in this organization. Need to get them ready for next year. Find out what veterans want to stay or least the ones have played decent.

    • LDS

      If they extend Bell, next year won’t matter either. The Reds need systemic change.

  67. Bet on Red

    that’s a ball to a met, but the same thing on the other side is strike 3 to Shogo?

  68. Dennis Westrick

    Yep, our young pitchers never learn. Another leadoff walk!

  69. Dennis Westrick

    I miss the days of Captain Hook, aka Sparky Anderson. Bell always waits until the wheels fall off! Like watching the wreck of the Titanic in slow motion on a continuous loop!

  70. JB

    I wonder If the Mets will put Peraza in as a late defensive replacement at SS.

  71. Chris Holbert

    Tony Santillan must be wearing a uniform that makes him invisible..

  72. Indy Red Man

    I guess Doug or somebody would hear if they are in negotiations with Nick? Thats about the only drama we have left this year. Really bummed out about Lorenzen and plasma injection for Antone not good either. They’ll be lucky if they get 20 innings from him this season. 80% hard sliders is not a recipe for long term success. Kerry Wood maybe, but he was a freak.

    Atleast they got me to August almost. That one year with Price, we started 3-15 or whatever and I didn’t make it to June.

    • Indy Red Man

      Wood never pitched more then 66 innings after the age of 27. I didn’t know that. Wow?

  73. Gpod

    how many times can Suarez come up in a spot to do damage…and fail

  74. Indy Red Man

    6 stranded for Geno now and 3 for last 33. Business as usual

  75. gregmlb

    These guys look so lost out there. No one battling and making the pitchers work. No one even hits the ball hard. This central division race could get out of hand quickly.

  76. LDS

    AG time. Hard to cut Bell any slack. He’s just not a good manager.

    • JB

      Maybe you forgot but you can count on AG.

      • LDS

        Once in a while but not every game he pitches. Strike out the side or give up 3 runs.

    • Indy Red Man

      I can’t defend him exactly, but what manager do you prefer? Who would be 12-15 games over with this bullpen? All Geno’s quality replacements have been hurt too. Even Shrock. I’m not taking Lopez (Tattoo from Fantasy Island little brother) as a viable option at 3B.

      • LDS

        Yeah, because short guys can’t play MLB.

      • Indy Red Man

        Altuve and Altuve. 5’7 3rd baseman? No. They’re already getting outhomered every night now

      • JB

        Indy you jumped off the Lopez bandwagon awful quick. You were screaming for him to get up here and get in the lineup. Now you are badmouthing him.

      • Redsfan4life

        You seem to change your mind on players daily. A few months ago you were calling for the Reds to trade for Jose Urena. Thankfully they didn’t.

      • LDS

        Altuve, Joe Morgan, etc. Don’t care that he doesn’t hit enough HRs . The idea that every team has to be constructed the same way is an error. It’s the same as the best practice myth in the corporate world.

  77. Tom Mitsoff

    That may have been Garrett’s best outing of the year. Good time for it.

    • Indy Red Man

      He can be on my staff, but he’s like pitcher #12 or #13. Maybe a long man if they have a bunch of lefties, but thats it.

  78. dhmorgan

    Oh My! Garrett!
    If by some minor miracle the bullpen can hold the Mets to zero, maybe the Reds can find a way to pull off a win.

  79. Arthur

    It is difficult to understand how Geno continues to start every game, hits in the middle of the order, and yet can’t hit over .180. Like Mr. Bench said, back in his day, a guy who hit .170 or .180 was sent to the minor leagues. He wasn’t handed a starting job and given the responsibility of hitting in the middle of the order.

    In my view, replacing Geno is more important than replacing Farmer. Farmer at least adds some value with his glove.

    Any chance Senzel gets a look at 3B when he comes back?

  80. Old-school

    Winker seems to be emotionally spent
    He had a horrible month last year and is now dupilcating it.

    Shared some personal stuff publicly

    Im a fan of his hit tool and his plate discipline- but he seems to be trying to hit 3run home runs

    Blame the the approach of the 2019 hitting coach

    His temper tantrums and throwing the bat are a terrible example for young players.

    Having coached 7 and 8 year olds- its important to teach them they cant cry if they make an error or throw the bat if they strike out . Its part of the game and need to prepare for the next play

    Im all for emotion in baseball but temper tantrums and throwing the bat if you pop up is sad

    • Indy Red Man

      Sit Wink for 2 games and Geno for good. AA Naquin Nick isn’t a bad outfield. Shrock at 3B until Senzel is ready.

  81. Indy Red Man

    So glad Shogo (.526 ops) plays while AA (.937 ops) sits.

  82. MBS

    With Senzel getting reps at SS, and Moustakes taking Grounders today, we might be well on our way to real help at 3B, and SS. Suarez will not become a bench player, but his playing time with Moose (New Super Sub 3B, 2B, 1B) back could be limited. Senzel would be a nice upgrade offensively at SS.

    • Indy Red Man

      Barrero is hot though and too much action for Senzel at SS. He probably gets hurt crossing the street, but SS and CF is too much.

      Call up Barrero and Farmer can help in the OF if needed. Wink needs a breather

    • Mark Moore

      I read they are talking about playing Senzel “everywhere” kind of like Ryan Freel 2.0

      And Winker unloads one for the lead. Nice double.

      • Indy Red Man

        Freel ate walls. Senzel eats walls. Nice the comparison I would hope for

      • Indy Red Man

        Not the comparison I would hope for

      • MBS

        I saw that, and that could be the intended use for him. However I doubt they’d say fully commit to saying they are converting Senzel into a full time SS. If the plan fails, they’d look bad. It’d be much easier to say he made such rapid improvement they had to give him the spot.

    • Indy Red Man

      I called a 3 run shot earlier. They gave him another righty…thats on their manager imo

  83. gregmlb

    These reds just love to pound balls in the dirt

  84. Old-school

    Winker has an elite tool

    He needs to channel his emotions and just focus on winning every at bat

    Glad he doubled to help Reds

  85. Bet on Red

    Bell and Osich relying on the fact we haven’t seen the Mets in 2 years.

  86. Gpod

    6 outs for the bullpen to get….what are the chances?

    • gregmlb24

      I’m going to say not very good

    • Bet on Red

      there was obviously an assumption that enough runs had been scored to win the game

    • Arthur

      Can anyone in that bullpen play the game of fast-pitch baseball???

      I will go out on a limb here and say – the Mets aren’t finished yet. Reds may have to score a dozen to win this game.

  87. Rex

    I can not remember the last Red to homer?


    • gregmlb

      Wondering the same thing. Didn’t hit many leading up to AS break I do t think

  88. Indy Red Man

    I said it the other day with Osich. I don’t want to see a scrap heap dude with a 4.90 career era as my 8th inning guy? Depressing.

  89. Old-school

    Any remnants in RLN supporting the bullpen or lefties in the bullpen ?

    Reds needs 2 external lefties- not 1

    And dont even start with Lodolo
    Hes a SP who had thrown 38 innings all year with a blister and never pitched above AA

  90. Bet on Red

    Osich is not good. I would have moved him in the litany of moves made today and sent him to Louisville. Garrett is salvageable. Osich is not. Bells move of putting in a lefty knowing McCann was on the bench was not smart either.

  91. RedAlert

    Can’t hide David Bell either …. bullpen another loss . Nice move getting Osich in game . Make sure everybody plays Bell …

    I’m sick of this guy managing his team

  92. gregmlb

    If the owner and the GM don’t care, why in the hell should we waste our time?

    • Arthur

      That is exactly correct. Management is not serious about addressing the team’s somewhat obvious deficiencies.

      If they don’t care, why should fans?? At this point, management is almost perpetrating a fraud. That bullpen cannot even masquerade as major-league quality pitchers.

  93. LDS

    Notice Bell hasn’t pulled Osich yet. The bullpen isn’t great but how much is bad utilization, the pitching program, etc?

  94. Roger Garrett

    I am a glutton for punishment and just checked back to see us ahead by 1 and two batters later down by 1.I admire these guys so much to continue to watch the same just awful bull pen every night and still come to work every day.Don’t know if I have ever seen such a mess.

  95. Indy Red Man

    Bell doesn’t have many options in reality. Anybody that can really pitch is hurt. HH isn’t that good either

    Only real option is to ride a “hot” guy like AG tonite for 2 innings, but that just eliminates them for tomorrow night. He can’t win with this dumpster fire. Nobody can

  96. Chris Holbert

    The umpires are probably wondering why they have to check the Reds relievers for “sticky stuff”. They watch them and should know they are not putting anything on the ball, the way it flies around the park when they are pitching..

  97. Indy Red Man

    Bell could’ve pulled a Counsell there. Osich can’t get the leadoff lefty out? Ok he’s “hurt” and here comes Hembree. Problem solved

    • Indy Red Man

      Boxberger not on the IL….big shocker

      • Bet on Red

        they did say shoulder soreness, and MIL is off tonight, could be a roster move tomororw

  98. JA

    Suarez due up on the 8th.
    Would you let him AB?

  99. Votto4life

    The Reds need to let teams know that Nick Castellanos is available. There is no way he is going to res-sign with Cincinnati.

    Trading Nick might net a couple of good prospects. The Reds have a nice core of young players and to add a couple more would be a smart move which is why it happen.

  100. Mark A Verticchio

    The bull pen is not good, but Bell’s handling of it makes it even worse than it is.

    • RedAlert


  101. Jeff Morris

    Don’t know why Bell doesnt realize that Osich does not have it and hasn’t had it for a while now! I know our options are limited, but why not try another reliever to pitch 2 innings, see if that works?

  102. Tom Mitsoff

    Unfortunately, Suarez is helpless at the plate right now.

  103. DeadRed

    It should be allowed to rush the umpire for their atrocious, game determining blown calls.

    • JimC

      Yep. The “strike” call on the 3-0 pitch to Votto changed the entire at-bat, and probably the whole inning. I see way too often where an umpire will call anything anywhere close to a strike on a 3-0 count a strike to sorta make it fair, I guess, for the opposing pitcher. Just call it as it is please.
      Credit to Joey there for not going ballistic.

  104. Indy Red Man

    Like watching the end of Ole Yeller and expecting a comedy

    We’re the dummies. Heck half the lousy crowd tonite are Mets fans. They know better

    • Rex

      yup…stuck like this for 40+ years now

    • RedAlert

      Awful at bats – unprofessional as they come

      Suarez needs to be benched indefinitely and Nick can’t get back fast enough;
      Shogo appears to be a bust

  105. JB

    Mets announcers have ripped Suarez all night. They just said why even throw him a strike. He will swing at anything.

  106. Tim

    Suarez is not getting better. REDS are chasing good money after bad. Cut your losses and put someone else at 3rd. Reds are paying millions for a guy batting 100 this past week when we needed him the most. He’ll hit a H R every or so but he’s exactly where he was in April….and 2020. On the other hand, India is one of the best players in the league right now.

  107. TyGuy88

    I have no idea why Geno is in the lineup everyday. I can’t understand any rationalization for it from Bell or FO.

  108. Indy Red Man

    Meanwhile AA and his .937 ops sits. Nick supposedly can pinch-hit so lets wait for their best reliever. Thats a great strategy

  109. Bet on Red

    glad to hear the boos at GABP. Stop rewarding bad production. I am not talking about a midseason slump, I am talking about sustained bad production. We have lopez now (after his ten days are up). We have Moose and Senzel on the mend. Suarez doesnt need a clear his head benching. he needs to be benched

  110. Mark A Verticchio

    I also don’t understand why the Reds best pitcher the first half wasn’t used u til game 5 after the break, great planning, looks like 0 and 4. The season is all but lost.

    • Indy Red Man

      Exactly! Like he couldn’t have gone 1 inning on Sat if you’re not starting him til Tuesday. Just win one over the weekend and we’re not looking that bad.

      Bell has it rough, but he has failed to think outside the box. Adapt improvise and atleast try to overcome

  111. Indy Red Man

    The way Milw knocked out Nick and then hit other guys and then cheated on the 3 batter minimum in a huge game. If we had Nick we probably find a way to win Saturday and maybe tonite. They basically knocked us out in July. Might be back to 3rd or 4th.

  112. Roger Garrett

    I realize it is a coin flip every night but Bell is very rigid in his thinking.We knew the pen would have to cover 5 innings and we knew it would probably take 5 or 6 guys to do it regardless of how they pitched and we knew we would lose cause somebody will give up some runs.I just feel you have to give a guy more then one inning if he has a good one with few pitches especially with this pen.Its just not feasible that all 5 guys would not give up any runs.

    • Indy Red Man

      AG had a quick inning with 12 pitches. Push him for 2 or just let HH try for 2 innings. How many late leads are we going to blow?

      All of them evidently

  113. JB

    Diaz has blown saves in last 2 games. See if our guys can do it here.

  114. Hanawi

    Going to get to the top of the order at least. Hoping they can push a couple across.

  115. JB

    Diaz throws 4 straight balls to Farmer and Barnhsrt swings at first pitch in the dirt. Then strikes out on a ball that wasnt a strike. Ugh

  116. VaRedsFan

    That was about as bad as an AB as Tucker has had all year.

  117. Indy Red Man

    So they lied about Nick’s availability and they used AA as a pinch-runner only.


    • Votto4life

      I still look for the Reds to put Nick on the IL

  118. Hanawi

    What in the world. Why use Aquino, who has some of the best power on the team, to pinch run in a one run game?

  119. Indy Red Man

    Bell got played tonite vs an emergency manager. He lets lesser guys blow the game and then burns up HH for 1.1 anyway?

    I can’t defend any of these clowns anymore

    • RedAlert

      Freeman – lol

      Wow Bell just wow

  120. JB

    3 hits for Winker. Yeah let’s sit him down for a couple of games.

  121. Roger Garrett

    This one is on Bell even though I have the hindsight benefit.Brach got 2 outs on 9 pitches and was pulled,Garrett got 3 outs on 13 pitches and was pulled.Osich gave it up and HH got 4 outs on 13 pitches.Brach or Garrett could have went longer and handed it off to HH.Five pitchers to cover 5 inning and 2 gave up runs and we lost.You just can’t have it set in stone how long and when to use THIS pen.

    • DeadRed

      Yes. Why pull Garrett after he finally looked good, and you still had the lefty lefty match-up.

      • Indy Red Man

        Yep and they also got the Hr off Vlad to make it 7-5. It was obvious he had nothing and yet Bell leaves him in for another run.

  122. Indy Red Man

    Why would they pitch to Wink there? Some real bad baseball from every direction tonite.

  123. Hanawi

    Why would you not pinch run Freeman and let Aquino hit? Glad they got a run to tie but that made absolutely zero sense at all.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      You saw why Aquino doesn’t play much. That move showed how much Bell thinks Aquino can hit a tough righthander — nada.

    • RedAlert

      Bingo !!!! Exactly right !!

    • Indy Red Man

      Lol…..can’t believe I missed that one. Bell does so many weird things on a given night that they’re hard to keep track of.

      Freeman L vs R ? Insane

  124. VaRedsFan

    You use Freeman as the runner….then save AA to bat for I don’t know…mike freeman?

  125. JB

    I cant believe he took Winker out of the game.

  126. BZ

    Every part of that bottom of the ninth was mismanaged and then he pulls Winker. If you really wanted Aquino in the lineup, maybe try hitting him in the bottom of the ninth and not pinch-running him.

    David Bell has to be an employee of the Brewers.

  127. LDS

    Well today’s call ups have been a bust so far. Bell pulls Winker when he’s finally having a good game. Tell me again what Bell’s grand vision is. My guess is the FO said tank the second half so we can sell at deadline. The fans are stupid. They’ll keep coming to games.

  128. VaRedsFan

    If Nick C didn’t bat there in the 9th, he never was going to…just let him Pinch run.

  129. JB

    If the Reds lose tonight they will be under .500 at home. Only 6 other teams can say that. Pathetic.

  130. Hanawi

    Assuming Nick would have hit instead of Freeman, I’m assuming he’s not available. Do the Reds have any other bench guys left now or are we going to see Miley PH again?

    • BZ

      I really hope he is not available because knowing he could have hit in the ninth might set me over the edge haha

  131. jctrum

    I know we have the benefit of hindsight, and maybe there is more knowledge or info in the decision making than we are possibly aware of, but I think the adage of a manager is more likely to lose you a game than win one is on full display tonight. Bell baffles me so much. Why AA was not swinging where Freeman was baffles me. Nick must be hurt because he really should’ve been the one there either way. It really does feel like this team wins in spite of Bell and not with his guidance.

    • JB

      I dont understand why pinch run for Farmer there anyways. It’s not like he is Votto or Suarez slow. He just burned a guy for no reason in my opinion. It’s like it’s his job to get everybody in the game.

      • Hanawi

        This. It’s not like Aquino is Billy Hamilton or something either. It made zero logical sense.

  132. Indy Red Man

    6.52 in the minors so here comes 1-2-3

  133. JA

    Suarez due up on 10th. Probably the last reds batter in the game. Would you let him have this AB?

    • BZ

      No choice but to let him hit. The entire bench has already been used on moves that weren’t necessary.

      • JA

        Why. That’s the whole point.
        Last time SO, this DP. Next, triple play?

  134. Roger Garrett

    Look if we can let Eugenio play every day and swing for the fences and hope he runs into one then we can do the same with AA in one at bat with a chance to win the game if he gets a hit.Nick obviously isn’t ready so we will see Miley again

  135. Indy Red Man

    If I was them I’d walk Naquin to set up Geno for the triple play. I think he could pull it off

  136. BZ

    This game ending on a baserunning blunder and/or triple play would be so appropriate.

    • JB

      They just showed on Mets channel that McCann hit the ball twice on his swing to drive in the go ahead run. Crazy game

  137. Bet on Red

    I will say this. The reds Bats showed up today. Save Suarez. Lets finish it now. 5 hit day for Naquin

  138. Tom Mitsoff

    Absolutely fantastic at-bat by Naquin!

    • Indy Red Man

      He was rolling over like crazy too. Trying like Dietrich to launch HRs. If he can go inside out then why can’t Suarez?

  139. Hanawi

    Votto and Naquin on base a combined 9 times. Let’s see if Suarez can finally make something happen

  140. BZ

    It is so good to see Naquin, Winker, and Votto swinging well. Positives out of tonight regardless of the result.

  141. TyGuy88

    Wow. 0-6. Guy has had multiple chances to be the difference maker.

    • Arthur

      0-6 with NINE men left on base. That’s some world-class suck right there.

      If it was one bad night, you could cut him some slack. But it has been like this all season long – beginning on Opening Day. Management’s refusal to replace him is bordering on obscene.

      It is even worse when you consider that he doesn’t play defense well, and he has no speed. (Although since he rarely gets on base, the lack of speed isn’t too noticeable.) Yes, it was great to see him take Hader deep. But, on balance, the few good moments are far out-weighed by performances like the one he has turned in tonight.

  142. Indy Red Man

    I called a triple play. Off by 1

  143. Hanawi

    Wow. Just looked at the stats for this guy the Mets have pitching. I thought the Reds were in rough shape but Mets must be desperate.

    • JB

      He was called up today because their bullpen pitched 9 inning yesterday.

  144. Indy Red Man

    Any Shogo fans out there still? Guy sucks! Geno’s ops is 80 points higher for God sakes

    Bell bats Shogo & Freeman and pinch-runs the guy with the fastest HR streak in mlb history

  145. Indy Red Man

    1st/2nd nobody out and 3-0 on Geno and we’re still going. Minus Wink of course. Just sickening

  146. Doc4uk

    Why no Castellanos for the 0-5 lefty Akiyama ?

    • TyGuy88

      He’s on the sit on the bench for 6 games 10 day IL plan.

  147. LGR

    Thank God we sent down Lopez so Geno didn’t have to worry about being replaced anymore. Am I right.

    • Indy Red Man

      I’d take George Lopez at this point

  148. BZ

    Hendrix warming up. Seriously, what did Santillan do to Bell? It must have been bad.

    • TyGuy88

      If he’s your long innings guy, seems like the perfect game.

  149. Bet on Red

    So, just making sure i am correct, we will start with Shogo on second and Aquino batting?

    • BZ

      That is what is scheduled. You never know with Bell though. You could see Miley trot out.

  150. DeadRed

    I’m finding myself angry watching this

    • LGR

      Must be your first Reds game in awhile. This happens almost on a daily basis.

  151. Roger Garrett

    Reds just can’t win with having to play certain players every night nor with this pen nor with Bell trying to deal with all of it.Just won’t happen.I mean its just not going to happen.Now Wink is out of the game and his spot will come up and Miley again for the second time in 3 games will be our last hope.You can’t script this kind of stuff unless you actually script it.

  152. Redlegs1869

    Game should have been won in bottom of 10. Two on no outs. Geno is the biggest rally killer ever. I know. He hits some big homer’s every couple weeks. I know. Everyone loves him. Love Barry Larkin and his positivity as well, but he sure defends Geno. Is never critical of his lack of productivity. Guess that’s what he feels he has to do. Bench was a breath of fresh air though.

    • LGR

      What did Bench say, I’m just following Gamecast at work atm.

      • Bet on Red

        implied that in his day a 180 player would be in the minors. 18 HR or no

      • Redlegs1869

        Bench said something about how the Reds had all off season to try to find the right pieces and didn’t do a thing. That’s a fairly accurate paraphrasing. He knows the top brass can’t fire him for his honest on air analysis, so he was fairly straightforward.

  153. LDS

    If Suarez starts another game, it’s proof that Bell is clueless. And Bell, fire him mid-game. It’s what he has earned.

  154. JB

    Why not walk McNeil with the pitcher up next?

    • BZ

      Was there a stat or spray chart to tell him to do it? If not, you’ve got your answer. He doesn’t make decisions. Analytics make the decisions and he just does what they say.

  155. Roger Garrett

    I don’t believe Bell has a choice but to play Suarez.That ones on the front office.

  156. Votto4life

    David Bell is quite baffling. It’s like he is coaching T Ball and has to make sure everyone gets in the game.

  157. Hanawi

    If this game goes more than 12 innings, one of these teams is going to just forfeit.

    • Roger Garrett

      Won’t happen cause we are done.I am also done for this season.See everybody in the spring Lord willing.Go Reds.

  158. JB

    So the Reds have Aquino,Barnhart and India up. Winker would have been up 4th but now it will be the pitcher. Where have we seen that before? SMH

  159. CFD3000

    Just checking back in. Rough day for the Reds pitchers. No surprise there… but Suarez is beyond brutal right now. 0-6 with 2 K’s, 1 GIDP, and 9 (not a typo, nine) left on base? On a night when the ball is jumping and the Reds have had 20 base runners (not counting errors)? Dude needs a AAA reset. Senzel and Moustakas (and Lopez) can’t get back soon enough. If they need a “but he might hit a home run” guy they have Aquino for that. Brutal.

  160. Indy Red Man

    Thanks Shogo….solid 0 for 9 since the break

  161. Mark A Verticchio

    This should be Bells last game, he has to be the worst manager in baseball, maybe ever.

    • RedAlert

      And Hendrix does what he does – ON A PLATTER

      Bell’s a genius – should be fired before the lights are turned off at GABP


      front office / ownership a joke

  162. magi210

    And that just didn’t work out. *sigh*

  163. Doc4uk

    Why Hendrix for Garcia? Bell should be fired tomorrow

  164. Indy Red Man

    Bell totally screwed up the pitching tonite…..both Vlad and the pen.

    Nick can play, but not when we’re tied and the game can be won? Pulls Farmer for AA to run for some unknown reason? Is Farmer hurt?

    Shogo/Freeman bat while AA pinch-runs. Freeman hits over Nick. Trying to drop 4 straight to basically end the race and Miley has yet to pitch.

    I’m sure I missed atleast 2-3 more stupid & pointless moves


      But some will never blame Bell, just the FO, News flash its both!

  165. kevinz

    Pitching pitching Pitching Folks.
    Chance Win it but failed inning before.
    Man Rough

  166. Hanawi

    WTF? Why didn’t Castellanos hit in the 9th? What was the need to take Garcia out? This is an all-timer from Bell.

  167. Bet on Red

    OK this was a front office loss. Hendrix is overmatched up here and needs to go back down. But who else was in the bullpen. This one is on Krall

  168. BZ

    This is comical. At least Hendrix knows this guarantees him an appearance tomorrow night.

  169. LDS

    Bell’s genius shines through again. If anyone is going to keep defending him, they must be related.

  170. LGr

    Bell giving Santillan some rest. Good on you, Bell.

  171. Indy Red Man

    Lol…..of course. Guy throws 96 so he gets beat on 85

    What else is new

  172. Stoney

    There is just no way this team wins with Bell. No way! Should have walked McNeil. No brainer. Now it’s a rout. What an embarrassment!

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Bell didn’t count on Hendrix throwing batting practice.

      • Hanawi

        Did Garcia get hurt? Why did he get replaced anyway?

  173. CFD3000

    Wait. If Hendrix is coming in for Akiyama, does that mean Hendrix has to start the bottom of the 11th running from 2nd base? Does anyone else have a problem with that? And does that mean Castellanos is coming in to bat 3rd in Winker’s original spot? Oh wait… never mind. Bell finally found a reliever bad enough to put the game entirely out of reach. Can someone tell him that it doesn’t have to be this complicated? This is not a game the Reds should have lost. Sheesh.

    • LGR

      I think that means Geno can start at 2nd. I think.

    • BZ

      They can choose anyone they want to run bc of the pitching change.

  174. TyGuy88

    CASTELLANOS COMES IN NOW?!?!?!? This is beyond idiotic by Bell. I’m done. Be sure to play Suarez everyday.

  175. JB

    Ok guys only need 5 to tie. Lol This bullpen is like a bad accident. I should look away when they come in but I cant.

  176. Indy Red Man

    Your closer and your best hitter both play, but not til AFTER they could’ve won the game for you? Its like hiring extra security for JFK in Dallas after Dealey Plaza

  177. JB

    Ironic that Suarez is the free runner. You have to laugh at that.

  178. Arthur

    How’s that off-season move to dump Raisel Iglesias looking now, boys??

    If you were Nick Castellanos, and you wanted to play for a winning team, would you even consider resigning with this outfit???

    • Votto4life

      Yeah the Reds really need to be open to trading Nick. He won’t be returning next year. The Reds might be able to get a decent prospect or two for him. But let’s face it the Reds are not going to trade him and will just let him walk away at the end of the season.

  179. Eddie

    Can we fire David bell because we was down by one and Garcia was doing well and Hendrix need to be sent down or cut. His head turn while pitching hurts him badly as a pitcher. This is pathetic and bad manage of the game season might be over and we will be sellers once again ugh.

  180. Doc4uk

    Why didn’t Bell bat Castellanos for Akiyama? Cannot think of an answer?

  181. Indy Red Man

    Why not pinch hit Nick for Shogo vs a lefty in the 10th? 100% stupidity all around tonite so I’m sure they would’ve pitched to him

  182. BZ

    5 runs will be nothing, the Reds have the top of the order coming up. Oh wait, the number 2 and number 3 hitters have been pulled for needless double-switches earlier…

  183. CFD3000

    I know we’re all grumbling about this game – rightly so – but how is it that Suarez ends up getting to start the 11th at 2nd? What’s the rule that allows that?

    • LGR

      They put a pitcher in for Shogo. If they sub a pitcher in for the guy who got the 3rd out, they can use the guy who made the 2nd out instead.

    • Indy Red Man

      Made the last out. Happens every extra inning

      • CFD3000

        Yeah that part I get – nothing new there. But Suarez did NOT make the last out so I was expecting Akiyama at 2nd, then Hendrix when he replaced Shogo. Weird that it reverts to the previous batter just because a pitcher is in that slot.

    • JB

      Akiyama was last guy up but he got replaced by a pitcher, so it reverts back to the next batter who was Suarez.

    • CFD3000

      I saw some replies above – thanks guys – but that’s a weird rule. Make a pitching change, swap him in for the guy who made the last out, then send your speedster to second. Won’t matter tonight but it might be huge somewhere down the line. Bizarre.

    • BZ

      If a pitching change results in the pitcher being the extra inning runner, they can choose someone else to run. They don’t want pitchers being hurt needlessly running the bases…


    Bell should have pitch hit for Suarez. Not sure who….just close your eyes and pick someone from the crowd to come down and pitch hit. Whoever they are, could not do any worse than Suarez. Even a strikeout would have been better than a double play.

    • LGR

      The fact that it wasn’t a bunt is mind blowing.

  185. bug

    Suarez leaves 9 men on base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NINE MEN LEFT ON BASE BY SUAREZ IN THIS GAME ALONE!!!! And Bell is the worst manager in the history of the game. The Reds have a lot of talent, but between Bell and Suarez we have no chance to compete. No other team in baseball would be playing Suarez game after game. Even Bench said earlier that back in the day, someone hits 170,..they were sent down to the minors. That’s a no brainer. And that would explain it. That’s who the Reds have calling the shots. Someone who has no brains. That is the only explanation. Suarez could go 0 for 10,000 and he would still be in the line up everyday. He’s embarrassing not only himself and Bell and Krall, but he’s embarrassing the game of baseball. Someone needs to let him quit. This is becoming a comedy like I’ve never seen in my 6 decades of watching baseball. Oh well.

    • LDS

      Yeah, and if Freeman had walked, Suarez would have stranded a dozen – IN ONE GAME. Bell and Suarez departing would do more for the team than another 30+ year old cast off.

  186. RedAlert

    Never seen such ineptitude from a manager at this level – it’s unreal


      Bell was managing like this in the minors as well.

  187. Jon

    Castellanos has to just be shaking his head, wondering what is wrong with this Reds front office.

  188. Indy Red Man

    India and Naquin get on base 23 times and we still lose. I give up

  189. Bet on Red

    Nick still injured unfortunatly. we will see if freeman can keep this going

    • RedAlert

      Front office will continue to allow Freeman on this roster and keep Barreros at AAA

      Absolutely clueless organization on ALL levels

      It’s sickening …….

  190. Hanawi

    You knew Winker’s spot was going to come up again as soon as Bell double-switched him out of the game.

  191. Jon

    Castellanos pinch hit tonight. Based on how the Reds operate, that means he’ll probably end up on the IL tomorrow and have to miss the whole ten days rather than it being back dated…

    • LDS

      Right. Trade Suarez. Fire Bell. And get serious about competing because they clearly aren’t serious now. 0-4 since the break with 40+ runs surrendered. It wouldn’t have taken much to win the division this year. But the FO sat on their hands and Milwaukee didn’t

  192. Bet on Red

    Poorly pitched game. Bach and Garrett and Garcia pitched well, but there were alot of individuals that should be on the bus to louisville. Good on all the bats that showed up. Since there is no announcement about the Mets pitcher tomorrow. Not too sure about Vlad. Want to see what post-IL Jeff Hoffman looks like to determine who should have the #5 spot. Some questionable moves by bell. While I understand after seeing his post swing grimace why he was trying to keep Nick on the bench, but some of the other moves were also questionable

  193. Mark A Verticchio

    I have watched the reds for over 50 years and that has to be the worst managed game I have ever scene. There is no excuse for Bells antics he along with the front office and Suarez have turned this team into a laughingstock. I am so frustrated but, the sad part is I will most likely watch tomorrows game.

  194. Indy Red Man

    One of the absolute weirdest games I’ve ever seen

    Got outhomered 6-7 to nothing and yet Bell blew the game. He blew it both pitching and hitting.

    Uses our best hitter and our closer, but not when either one could’ve actually won the game. So weird?

    I like making comments, but I’m not watching 3-4 hours of this bs again this season. Football is close

  195. Slicc50

    Wow… I don’t even know what to say about this game. Not a good night for David Bell. Several questionable moves. Geno??? He is done. I get disappointed when he comes up to bat now

  196. RedAlert

    We are all gluttons for punishment ….

    Been a Reds fan all my life ….but I don’t know if I’ve ever been as frustrated with a manger and front office / ownership as I have been this year .

    David Bell is not a major league manager period. Front office does absolutely nothing to improve this team … linked directly to an owner who cares more about bobbleheads and fireworks than a winning baseball team

    Embarrassment to this proud franchise

    • LDS

      I was looking at the team’s history not too long ago. Without Sparky & the BRM, the Reds have a cumulative losing record. At this rate, they’ll be under .500 again this year. For those of us who have been fans since the 60s, and many here have been, this is not Reds baseball. And despite the criticisms of her, Marge Schott was 10x the owner that Castellini is.

  197. Redhaze

    We are reaping the benefits of not getting a shortstop in the offseason. Could have had Marcus Seimien. 23 HRs for the Blue Jays. Could have traded for Wily Adames. He is carrying the Brewers on his back.
    Nick Krall says we are going to wait until everyone gets healthy?????? What a joke. The Reds will be 10 games out at the deadline and sell off just like Castellini wants. What are they going to do when Moustakas comes back? Can’t play second with India. Are they going to platoon at third base? Akiyama is a bust. Freeman is a bust. Farmer is not an everyday player. Senzel is a bust. Doolittle has done little. This is one of the worst bullpens I can remember.

    I digress.

  198. David

    I wonder how many times a team has been the beneficiary of 7 unearned runs and lost? By four runs? That’s hard to do. Your Cincinnati Reds.