The Cincinnati Reds made six different roster moves today. The first one was one that we knew was coming as of last night – the team officially placed Michael Lorenzen on the 10-day injured list with a hamstring strain. David Bell said that this would be happening today during his post-game comments yesterday. But the team also called up pitchers R.J. Alaniz and Edgar García to join the bullpen. And they optioned left-handed pitcher Cionel Pérez back to Triple-A Louisville.

Both Alaniz and García were not on the 40-man roster and required spots to be called up. To clear spots on the roster the team designated for assignment reliever José De León and outfielder Mark Payton.

Let’s start by talking about the two guys that are coming up from Triple-A Louisville. R.J. Alaniz has pitched in 21 games and thrown 28.0 innings with a 2.25 ERA, 28 hits allowed, no home runs, 8 walks – 2 intentional – and he’s struck out 36 batters. The 30-year-old pitched for the Reds back in 2019 when he threw 11.2 innings with a 5.40 ERA. He also pitched for the Mariners that season, giving up nine earned runs in 4.0 innings. Alaniz has dominated right-handed hitters this season, holding them to a .217/.270/.246 line. Lefties have hit .371/.410/.400 against him. He’s only given up two extra-base hits all season – one double and one triple. He’s had a 53% ground ball rate with Louisville this season.

Edgar García has a 3.38 ERA in 24 games with Louisville and has covered 24.0 innings with 13 walks, 29 strikeouts, no home runs allowed among his 17 hits, and he’s hit two batters. That’s a solid enough line on it’s own, but it doesn’t tell the story, either. García allowed eight earned runs in 7.1 innings in May and had a 9.82 ERA while batters hit .321/.472/.500 against him. Since June began he’s allowed one run in 16.2 innings while holding batters to a .145/.242/.164 line that includes just one double out of the eight hits he’s allowed. His ground ball rate this year in Louisville is an absurd 70%. He has thrown 42.1 innings in the big leagues, but the 24-year-old hasn’t pitched in the Majors this season.

Cionel Pérez was a logical choice to head back down. He pitched two innings yesterday and was going to be unavailable to pitch tonight. And he’s not exactly performed as well as you would hope this season with Cincinnati, either, posting a 6.95 ERA with 20 walks and 22 strikeouts in 22.0 innings.

José De León last pitched in Triple-A on July 1st when he exited the game with an injury. He was never placed on the injured list, but he’s been missing in action for three weeks now. With the Bats he had a 4.63 ERA and 19 strikeouts to go with 7 walks in 11.2 innings. In his 18.1 innings with the Reds this season he posted an 8.35 ERA.

Mark Payton spent some time on the bench with the Reds this year, but struggled as a pinch hitter, hitting just .182 with no extra-base hits in 24 plate appearances. With Louisville he had been better, hitting .281/.331/.446 in 35 games.

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  1. LDS

    The GB rate and the lack of HRs for these two pitchers is promising. Garcia’s BB rate is a bit high for the bullpen which walks too many already. I’m just hoping this isn’t all the Reds do before trade deadline.

  2. JB

    Why not drop Taylor from the 40 and bring up Diehl as well? He is a lefty with a 2.22 era and is probably better than some of the junk they wheel out there every night. Doolittle comes to mind but he lives another day. Incredible.

    • Doug Gray

      That requires more than just Taylor, though. You need to also get rid of someone on the 26-man. And then you also have no catching depth in the minors at all because your AA catcher is now in Tokyo for the Olympics. So if you get a catcher hurt, and DFA Taylor, you are then going to be stuck with your like 5th best catcher in the org getting playing time so you could swap out the last man you would use out of the bullpen.

      • Jim Walker

        What’s the deal on Gale who has been catching Greene at AAA? Not saying I’d ever want him on an active MLB roster but is Taylor really an upgrade over him or is it just luck of draw which was on an MLB roster and waived vs which guy was not?

  3. JB

    Thank you on that Doug. Although as bad as the bullpen is , anybody could be the last man out the way they are throwing. DFA Doolittle and bring up Diehl. Doolittle has nine lives. They need to find people who Bell can rely on every night. Doolittle is not that guy.

  4. LDS

    I just saw Heineman was released. That’s a good move

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    It seems a shame that Payton should be DFA , i don’t like this move at all but , apparently it was the only choice

    • Rcsodak

      I think if he played more, he’d show out. But that’s just me.
      And I see the 1st thing the new rp does is gives up a run. yay

  6. wkuchad

    Doug, what’s your best guess of the Reds record right now with league average bullpen?

  7. DataDumpster

    The hope for some trade activity seems to be diminishing. Some reliever around 5 million would seem reasonable for a long term pickup and possible short term boost. But, we already passed on that last year with Bradley (who is doing quite well on another team now as well as the Giant’s new Disco man among others).
    Maybe the AAA pickups of two more relievers gives a hint but it could be just David Bell wanting more “options” (if 12 or 13 pitchers won’t get it done, let’s try 14). He must also be OK with the pinch hitting of Miley last night because he has left himself with a depleted bench once again tonight.
    Unless you believe they will lay in something that doesn’t move for the Punisher to take it downtown, Barnhart to run the bases unlike a catcher and/or Freeman to get his first extra base hit of the season, options look pretty thin without Nick.
    Despite some sparkling play from some very promising young players, this whole season just seems like an ongoing experiment for purposes that rarely seem to be explained or determined.
    Are there any rear admirals on this ship or is David Bell and/or ownership commanding this sight unseen from the poop deck?

    • Jim Walker

      Sometimes it seems to me like Bell is a Lt(jg) who looked around the bridge only to realize he is the only officer present and has to try to keep the entire ship on even keel.

      • doofus

        Bell is rolling ball bearings in his hand as he stands on the bridge, muttering “Who stole the strawberries?”

      • doofus

        Or is it Bob C. standing on the bridge, rolling ball bearings in his hand while muttering “Who stole the strawberries?”

  8. Gpod

    Nobody can tell me that the bullpen problems have not affected this team. The lack luster effort and subsequent loss on Sunday had a lot to do with the Brewers starter, but I also think there was a major hangover from the loss Saturday. Big crowd, big series, team battling to win the division and Castillo works his butt off to give you 6 shutout innings….turns its over to the bullpen & they blow it immediately. Not the first time the bullpen has ruined the vibe!

  9. MBS

    The scary thing is I think the Reds are content to let this season slip away. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us become sellers. BTW I am happy to see Garcia and Alaniz get their shot after a solid AAA effort. I’m a little surprised Sanmartin didn’t get one of the call ups, but maybe that will be when Doolittle gets DFA’d.

    So will the Reds be “buyers”, “fire sellers”, or maybe just slight “retooling sellers”?

  10. redsfan4040

    I’ve been singing Edgar Garcias praises over at RML the last week or so. Hope he doesn’t disappoint !

  11. JayTheRed

    I like the fact the team is trying to make some changes with guys who have had pretty decent success in AAA. A little sad to see Payton gone he was a decent player even though he didn’t show much in the majors this season.

    Goal for the Week.. Just win each series. Winning 4 or 6 would keep things going pretty well. If we lose 4 or more games the season might be over for us. Course it depends on what the Brewers do too.

  12. MK

    Payton roster move somewhat of an enigma. He was the odd man out from the roster. Yet every time he was on the 26- man roster this year he got into about every game as a pinch hitter or defense. He played ahead of Akiyama when they were both there yet he gets released.

    Guess you can put DeLeon in the failed column for the Johnson/Boddy pitching experts.

  13. Jim Delaney

    Very disappointing to see REDS ownership and front office sitting on their hands instead of improving the team. There are players out there supposedly readily available that could make a huge difference for REDS at SS (STORY), CF (MARTE), SP (GRAY, GIBSON, Berrios, Davies, etc) and RP (Kimbrel, Garcia, Rodriguez, Bard, Givens, Tepera, etc…) and REDS ownership and front office are allowing any chance at playoffs to go by the waste side.. If this is the case then they should pack it in NOW and look to be sellers… Brewers are thanking the rest of the NL Central for a free run at the division title!!!!

  14. doofus

    The Brewers owners are sending Bob C. a case of strawberries.

  15. Max BRAGG

    Glad to see REDS fans are starting to see that the management group is at fault,but SHORTSTOP can be played by Farmer,but Suarez must be dropped or REPLACED. Shogo has to be traded or sent to minors,and there is relievers to be traded for little price!