Corbin Burnes and Angel Perdomo combined on a five-hit shutout to lead the Milwaukee Brewers to an 8-0 victory and a three-game sweep over the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (56-39) 8 11 1
Cincinnati Reds (48-45)
0 5 1
W: Burnes (5-4) L: Gray (2-5)
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Redleg Nation as a whole got its hopes waaaaaay up after winning three of four at Milwaukee last weekend. But the Brewers showed why they are in first place with a rather convincing sweep of the home team.

So if you’re looking for the bright side, here are some points to consider:

  1. Cincinnati entered the streak of seven consecutive games against Milwaukee in second place six games behind. After the seven games, they find themselves seven games back. The opportunity was there this weekend to make it much better than that, but a seven-game gap is not insurmountable.
  2. The Brewers are a very good team, but not invincible. There are still 69 games left, and if they have to deal with key injuries like many other teams have had to, they could have issues. Very clearly their pitching top to bottom is better than Cincinnati’s, thanks mainly to the significant difference in bullpen quality. But if their top four relievers all got hurt at the same time (as is the case with a certain team that we know and love), things would be much different. The Reds, when completely healthy, have better offensive firepower.

All of that being said, it’s impossible to gloss over that the Reds had a big chance this weekend and frittered it away. Ultimately it is head-to-head competition that determines which teams advance in the post-season and which ones do not. This was a big opportunity that we hope this team will not look back on as the point when their competitive dreams ended.

It’s time now to determine whether this Reds team has the inner strength, cumulative will and talent to bounce back. We’ll find out beginning Monday against the Mets.

The Offense

Cincinnati’s bats have been in hibernation for a while. On only four occasions this month have they recorded 10 or more hits in a game. In the three-game series this weekend, they had seven, six and five hits. You can certainly credit Milwaukee pitching for some of that, along with the fact that Nick Castellanos had only one plate appearance in the series and Jesse Winker is 7-for-55 in July. But the Reds are headed into another home series with a team with outstanding starting pitching, the New York Mets. If the Reds are going to keep hopes alive, the bats are going to have to awaken from their slumber.

The Pitching

Sonny Gray struggled with his control in his first game coming off the 10-day DL, allowing four walks and hitting two Brewer batters. He finally ran out of gas in the fifth inning when he approached the 100-pitch mark. Milwaukee scored four in that inning to essentially put it out of reach.

Ryan Hendrix, Cionel Perez, Sean Doolittle and Tony Santillan — clearly the “back end” of the current bullpen pecking order — finished things up.

It was interesting to hear TV analyst Barry Larkin, when talking about the bullpen in the seventh inning, say, “This team deserves so much better.” It’s the first time I’ve heard any of the announcers working for the team say that. If the front office decides to make a move, all we can hope for at this point is that it isn’t too little too late.

Notes Worth Noting

In a little “inside-Redleg-Nation” note, today’s Reds loss ended a streak of 11 straight Reds victories in games for which yours truly was the author of the post-game recap article. We certainly hope that a similar streak can begin very soon.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

New York Mets at Cincinnati Reds

Monday, July 19, 7:10 p.m. ET

TBA vs. Vladimir Gutierrez (4-3, 4.29 ERA)

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  1. Magnum 44

    Well the good news is football season is right around the corner.

    • CI3J

      Here’s hoping the O-Line can keep Burrow in one piece.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Big assumption that Magnum is a Bengals fan.

      • TR

        The Burrow Bengals could surprise a lot of knowing ones in the NFL, one game at a time.

  2. DHud

    I’m done. Critical series with division leader to start second half and what do we do? Bullpen blows two and our B lineup doesn’t show up for the Sunday matinee. If this isn’t the organization blatantly telling us “we know we’re not good enough to win and we’re not doing anything about it” then idk what is

    They KNEW our bullpen needed help; they traded Iglesias and non-tendered Bradley

    They KNEW we needed a SS; we had Mike freaking Freeman starting today

    They TELL US “Lorenzon will be back;” he pulls a hamstring last night running the bases because somehow a relief pitcher is our best option to play OF and bat in an extra innings game

    Castellini does not care. Trade everyone not arbitration eligible and hope current ownership sells to someone who will give the next generation of players a fair chance

    • Jon

      It’s garbage. The Reds have their best bat in Castellanos since MVP-caliber Votto of 2010-2012, yet he’s almost certainly either going to get traded within two weeks or walk away this winter and sign with a big market team.

      • DHud

        I hope they trade him! Cause he’s having an MVP season and will ask $20-25 mil a year this off-season and you KNOW Bob ain’t paying that!

    • beelicker

      Many pitchers pinch run in MLB and that’s been a feature of Lorenzen’s skill set his entire career, that he’s a converted OF. Due to NC’s injury, the Reds were shorthanded in the OF and Lorenzen moving from being in any single game as a P, directly to OF duty, is a valuable feature of his game, not a bug. He’d had all summer to be physically prepared for the role he begged to play willingly, a P/OF who might very well be the fastest OF on the team, as well as a plus defender who could be used as a plus late-inning defensive replacement

      and as utilityman roleplayer Mike Freeman’s last 7/15/3o game splits show, he’s been on something of a credible roll lately. With Farmer’ still recovering from abdominal issues and having played extras yesterday, with a rain delay to boot, who else was gonna play shortstop? Somebody’s gotta be the INF utility option

      2021 Games by Position: 1B (6) 2B (2) 3B (4) SS (11) CF (2)

      • RedsMonk65

        My questions: What in the world ever happened to Max Schrock? And while I understand the need to make space on the roster for Sonny’s return, why further deplete a bench that is already short? Apparently only Stephenson and Aquino available (with Castellanos and Farmer hurt). That is inexcusable.

      • DHud

        Ok, then put NC on the IL and bring in someone else to play the field. Or have enough talented bench pieces to cover down regardless. Planning on a relief pitcher to go above and beyond is just more evidence of this ownership group being cheap and not caring.

        Mike Freeman’s last 30 he’s hitting .213! What are you talking about!?

        “Who else is going to play SS?” That’s my point! The reds have had 3 years to figure this out, and the best they did was Mike Freeman’s .213!

        Everything you said further drives home that this reds ownership continuously refuses to acquire enough talent within the org to put a competitive team on the field

      • beelicker

        Shrock was activated from rehab assignment and optioned to Louisville on July 8th. He’s eligible for recall

      • earmbrister

        Bee — Spot on re Lorenzen.

        DHud — I get your frustration, because where is the investment in the BP? Castellini, you awake or just rolling around in the dough? When the herd is retracting, INVEST. That said, the Lorenzen comment is off base as was the Sunday B lineup. What lineup changes would have made?

      • beelicker

        Castellanos doesn’t need 1o days, he’ll likely be in the lineup tomorrow. Senzel (not fit yet) and Shrock (fit, but still with options) and Blandino (not fit yet and Freeman may be an upgrade on him anyway) were the options before Freeman and they got injured … what do you expect from a 4th option utility player, Ruthian production?

        There’s lots more viable things to blow gaskets over than Freeman

      • DHud

        Earmbrister, Mike Freeman has no business ever being the starting SS on a MLB team.

        Akiyama is batting .211 and Suarez .173. Sure, no better options available, but again that’s 100% on the front office for not building any depth of talent in this organization

        We say we want to win, but as soon as Nick is banged up our lineup goes belly up

      • DHud

        Beelicker, none of those players mentioned were ever serious options for the everyday SS job

        Again, the fact that the front office has had 3 yrs to find a better answer other than a banged up Kyle Farmer or Mike Freeman is the crime here

      • RedsMonk65

        “Shrock was activated from rehab assignment and optioned to Louisville on July 8th. He’s eligible for recall.”

        This is what I don’t understand (not piling on Bee, just venting against the “powers that be”). They sent Lopez down before the game to make room on the roster for Gray. But the bench was already severely short-handed with Castellanos and Farmer hurt but not on the IL. The night before, they ran out of positions players and batted Wade Miley (!) in a crucial situation. I just can’t understand that kind of ineptitude/mismanagement. The team needs enough players to play.

        That all said — the regulars didn’t get it done today, and Sonny was not on his game.

        Sigh…. Thanks for listening.

      • beelicker

        The extremely late nature of the saturday night game and Lorenzen’s unfortunate hamstring occurrence and need for an MRI to confirm his presumed unavailability likely meant Lopez being scratched today before the results of the MRI were known (there’s probably an A.M. deadline for this which possibly wasn’t physically possible to have been met) … last night’s game ended in the wee hours after all and i’d imagine they treated ML’s hammy in house as much as possible before transporting to the scan). Castellanos was perhaps a possible gametime determination. Byzantine 4o man roster considerations probably had as much to do with no options other than being a man short on Saturday and noone eligible on such short notice to summon if they did make such late breaking determination … it happens … and roster minutiae speculation is a thing – the contortions they just went through to get ML on and anticipating Hoffman and Senzel in short order may have just left them high & dry ‘in the switches’ and not wanting to make a permanent move they didn’t really have to:

    • Johnny

      Exactly….it’s a shame an owner spending 120 million is can’t see spending 130 million ish gets this team into the playoffs….if you want to make money…get into the playoffs and expand your brand. But hey,what do we know. We aren’t bob sitting back watching the team burn

    • Frostgiant80

      The sweep hurts. We did sweep four from them and take 2 out of 3 in the last series. Time to get back on track and win a bunch of series.

  3. Jon

    What’s the front office’s plan? Seriously. Are they actually going to add legitimate arms to the bullpen and a proven SS via trade? Or are they going to go halfway, say “we tried, but teams asked for too much in return” and simply bring up prospects that may or may not be ready (Greene, Lodolo, Barrero)? And are they ever going to get around to giving extensions to guys like Castillo, Mahle, Winker, and Derek Johnson??? Starting to wonder if Krall and Castellini are still breathing… This division is the easiest in baseball, yet it’s like the front office went on vacation and left their smart phones in their GABP offices.

    • DHud

      “Make money”

      That’s the plan. Screw your “winning baseball” nonsense. The Cincinnati Reds will never be more than an average ball club as long as the Castellini group has ownership

  4. Frankie Tomatoes

    Tom we need to start that streak tomorrow. Hope you have recap duty!

  5. CI3J

    A brutal way to open the second half.

    The trade deadline in 2 weeks away. If the Reds wait until then to make a move, it will probably be too late. Heck, it’s honestly probably already too late.

    Are the Reds buyers or sellers? They are teetering right on the edge right now.

    It didn’t have to be this way. If the Reds had gotten a bullpen arm or two back in early June, they very well could be in first place by now. Surely there were arms available on teams who knew they were out of it already.

    No matter what, the Reds need to do something before the deadline. If they are going to go for it, they need bullpen arms, now. If they throw in the towel, they need to move Castellanos, Gray, Miley, Akiyama, and try to find takers for Geno and Moose as well (not likely), get the best pieces they can get, and let the kids play.

    The absolute worst thing the Reds can do in these next few weeks is to do nothing.

    • DHud

      They’ll do the absolute worst thing and do nothing.

      Either commit to going for it or commit to being mediocre. Reds have no conviction to do either

      • CI3J

        I don’t want them to commit to being mediocre. I want them to trade away their best pieces and get some genuinely useful pieces for the future. A package of Castellanos, Gray, and a low prospect should be able to land a really decent young player in return.

        If the Reds can’t win this year, I want them to commit to going young. They have a good young core in Castillo, Mahle, Winker, Aquino, Senzel, India, Stephenson and possibly Barrero, along with almost a complete young pitching staff waiting in AAA, they just need to get some more good, young players and then supplement with some veterans in FA next offseason.

      • earmbrister

        CI3J — NO, we shouldn’t trade away our best peices. You easily named 5+ position players that are the foundation of the club. Castellanos is one of the top players in the game and you want to trade him away? Likewise, Gray and Miley are top pitchers. Trade for controllable BP help and stop waiting for some tomorrow to come. This is a solid club that just needs a couple of peices.

    • beelicker

      i think wouldn’t Moustakas need to be an active player first to be traded? but his contract is such an albatross anyway, making that a moot point

      He’d clear revocable waivers after the EOM July deadline too, as i wouldn’t see any team taking the chance in claiming to block that the Reds wouldn’t pull him back lol … but again, a moot point. I guess there might be some .oooX% chance. Same with Akiyama …

      • Jim Walker

        Used to be a rule that a guy could not be traded or moved off the MLB roster (including 60 day DL/ IL). I have no idea if this is still true and have been looking around to try and determine if it is.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I agree the worst thing the Reds can do is nothing. But their M.O. is generally doing nothing. I would think most fans would be happy to add bullpen pieces and a SS and take our chances. It’s a fun team that competes until the end. I don’t think most fans want to tear it down. That’s probably due to the previous years of futility, the “playoff” last season, and the competitiveness of the team in a weak division this season. I get it. But the Reds absolutely have to make a decision. Be active and aggressive in finding bullpen and SS help or cut bait and try to add pieces to help for a future run. Next year the team will be older and likely without Castellanos. You take your shot or sell off guys that aren’t going to be here much longer that’ll return value.

  6. Old-school

    Went to the game-29000 in attendance.
    Lots of families and people and generational groups with kids, parents,grandparents. Everyone had Reds gear on and the concession lines ( and prices) were steep. Reds baseball is a good brand with lots of fans. It’s too bad they couldn’t win Friday/Saturday as those were winnable games. Today’s was not.

    Couldn’t tell if Gray was getting squeezed or just nibbling but the crowd was certainly booing the home plate ump. The Reds have holes at both 3b/SS and that’s 2 positions that you cant just not get production from over the course of a baseball season. CF is an enlarging hole and Castellanos is out. That’s a bad combination with Byrnes on the mound who was dynamite and dominant.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Senzel at 3b and Barrero at SS and India at 2b.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Don’t forget about Moustakas. 😉

      • Old-school

        Until Bell says Moustakis is running and fielding and hitting and pain free and feels great and looking at a rehab stint soon- I’m assuming he’s out another month at least

      • beelicker

        Still with pain and in the walking boot last i read, like as of the 14th … out of sight, they hope out of the fans’ minds lol

        Plantar fasciitis is a bugger .. and painful .. and “rest until no pain” is the first Rx … and Moose is no nimble footed ballerina (i bet he’s at least 2-fitty by now) … you used to hear how he was doing work in the pool before the first rehab … which ended up being a setback (i also think maybe injury insurance offsets full salary some in his case)

    • Scott C

      Gray was getting squeezed. The Ump was fairly consistent with both pitchers inside and outside, but Burns was getting a lot of calls up and down that Sonny was not getting.

  7. Klugo

    The Brewers came into this series with a plan to intimidate and, if need be, injure some of our key players. They set the tone early in the series and obviously eliminated Castellanos. Unfortunately, we wilted in the moment. I don’t like how the Brewers went about their business coming-out of the All-Star break and running scared. They toed the line of gamesmanship and sportsmanship, but didn’t exactly cross it. It’s shame we didn’t do anything about it.

  8. Tom Mitsoff

    Allow me to add this point — last year when the Reds were floundering in August and looking nothing like a contending team, I was among those who ran up the white flag. But I will never forget the “September to remember,” when they won all of those important games against both good and bad teams. I don’t think this team gives up. They may not have enough talent to match up consistently with the big boys. But I don’t think they will quit.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      But I do think David Bell may face some decisions he doesn’t want to make, like finding a new everyday third baseman — Senzel and Moustakas are possibilities when healthy. I was at the game in Milwaukee and loved it when Suarez hit the game-winning homer against Hader. But clearly both his offensive and defensive performance are “inconsistent,” to be very generous.

    • JB

      They wont quit Tom but they literally have no one in the bullpen. Front office is not going to do anything that is worthwhile and if they do I’m thinking Reds will be out of it by double digits by then. Brewers have great pitching and no matter who they call upon in the pen they seem to get it done. Big difference there in pens. Reds need to get rid of at least 4 guys in the pen.

    • Indy Red Man

      The September to remember to come in 8th place. I do think the Reds are capable of 8th place this year! Will they get a participation trophy too?

      • Tom Mitsoff

        But they did what they had to do to get into the tournament. For a fan who had been enduring a rebuild, it was a very welcome change to see a team that showed it could win some games when it had to. Of course, the playoffs were another story.

  9. Doug Messinger

    Why in the world would Castellanos want to decide to stay on Cincinnati? Management did this team wrong by not signing Bradley and trading Iglesias. Go ahead and trade Castellanos before he walks away at the end of the year.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I think he likes his role as a team leader and the fact that he has been embraced warmly by the local fan base. I think there is potential for a long-term relationship, but ownership is going to have to make a move. And I don’t honestly expect it.

      • TR

        I think you hit it regarding Castellanos. He was with Detroit for many years where Cabrera and others had a higher profile. With the Reds he’s a star and a leader and I think he would like to stay. It’s up to Red’s ownership to make it happen

    • Jon

      The Reds can’t afford to lose Castellanos if they expect to contend next year. Though a small sample size, these last three games are an illustration of what the lineup looks like without him. If anything, the Reds need to lock him up long term. Shouldn’t be impossible to do if you make the contract heavier toward the back end. Akiyama and Moustakas come off the books after 2022 and 2023, respectively. Votto is done after 2023. If anything, Castellanos should be locked up long term as the next face of the franchise. What about a 6-year extension valued at $25 million a year? That would lock him up through 2027 and his age 36 season.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I agree, but if I was Castellanos, I would certainly be foolish not to exercise the opt-out and find out what my worth on the open market is. It is my impression that he and his family like being in Cincinnati and with the Reds, so there is some hope, IMO, that he might want to stay for something close to market value. What that will be? Who knows? It might be a lockout off-season with the CBA up for renegotiation. He might have to think long and hard before opting out of $32 million over the next two years in a lockout environment. So we’ll see.

  10. Indy Red Man

    The only way this Reds organization can make September interesting is to start the season in July.

    They had a 2 run lead on Sat lost. Had a lead after 5 on Friday lost. Had a lead after 5 in Milw lost. Had a 5 run lead in KC lost. Had a 2 run lead in SD after 8.5 lost. Had a 3 run lead after 8 vs Arizona lost. I’m sure there’s 20 more, but not looking them up. Its a pattern of neglect. If Bob C raised his kids like he runs his team then social services would’ve dragged them away.

  11. Vada

    Sad commentary today from die-hard fans. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What amazes me is HOW Reds fans can continue to be optimistic, even a smidgen. Their targets of criticism are dead-on but I seriously doubt they care as long as the bucks role in from sources other than gate receipts. For the next 10-12 years the city of Cincinnati will be a football town. Could baseball completely disappear? Reality says, you can unload players, fire managers, but you CANNOT get rid of an owners(s) unless the money well dries up. If the fans think things are bad now just wait until castellanos is either traded or becomes a free agent. Then, and only then, will Reality set in for those holding on to hope for a playoff win anytime soon. One last word: the teams failure isn’t about ownership not spending enough, rather, it’s about their poor way of recognizing and enhancing talent. Want proof? Votto is highest paid by far, yet produces little. Only fools offer ‘no trade clauses” in contracts. And yet, “it is what it is.” Next year the Reds owners won’t be getting a penny from me. I am dumping subscription. I am tired of paying for heartaches. Go Bengals ! Cincinnati will come alive. Finally !

    • Doug Gray

      Joey Votto is the highest paid player today because in order to keep him around for a decade of MVP level play you had to give him that money and that stipulation in the deal. It’s literally in every single long term contract. So either everyone is a fool, or it’s the cost of doing business to sign superstars.

      As for the “How Reds fans can continue to be optimistic”…. I mean, you literally ended your post with Go Bengals! Look in the mirror on that one. The answer is right there for you: Blind faith and hope. The Bengals have done absolutely nothing to give you or anyone else the idea that they should provide any sort of future success. Joe Burrow actually has me interested in the team again, and that’s great. The Reds have Luis Castillo, Sonny Gray, Wade Miley, Jesse Winker, Nick Castellanos, Tyler Stephenson, and Jonathan India right now, too. If you can be optimistic about the Bengals I don’t know why you can’t understand how some people could be optimistic about the Reds.

      • Old-school

        Joey votto is the second best reds career player of all time behind Johnny Bench.

        But- votto contract is the worst if you put it in the context of his last 9 years-2015-23 . Ownership was in rebuild mode or half in on winning. Not votto’s fault but why have Votto 2015-19 if zero commitment to winning and why have Votto making $100 million at age 36-39 from 2020-23 after his skills are eroded?

        Reds are clearly waiting for moose/Akiyama/suarez/votto contracts to end and 2021 CBA fiasco to unfold . They arent spending money or increasing payroll

        Castellanos will play the year out and garner a #35 pick in the 2022 draft.

        Im with Roger

        Play the young guys

    • beelicker

      Votto’s ‘no trade clause’ is a CBA-negotiated feature of being 1o years service with 5
      consecutive with current team (the “1o & 5 rule’) , not any ‘team offer’ per se

      • Bet on Red

        wrong, a NTC can be negotiated with any free agent for any contract. 10 and 5 rights also allows a player to block trades but is a different thing

      • beelicker

        ‘ntc’ in single italics is acknowledgement that i was not talking (or caring) about any no trade clause myself, but that Votto had earned such trade veto rights by virtue of 1o/5 … ‘ntc’ because Vada had stated “Only fools offer ‘no trade clauses’ in contracts” which i was disputing the Reds having made any such ‘other thing’ offer as my point, as 10/5 already automatically covered that in his case

    • LDS

      JV was worth it up through 2017 but has been declining steadily since then. Today, he is a solid platoon player against RH’ers and should be on the bench against LH’ers. If he doesn’t like that option, retire. But it’s going to take management being realistic. Suarez? Sorry, there is nothing that suggests he’s going to regain his earlier level. I know many of today’s analytics crowd will point to his HRs but that’s just not enough. Winker may be merely a platoon player as well despite the year he had up through May. Naquin looks more Dietrich like with each passing day. They should make every effort to sign Castellanos to an extension of a suitable term and size, maybe 5 years. Play the young guys. But the bottom line is that the Reds have too many holes and weak management from Bell up to think they can compete with the good teams. Just like last year, they squeaked into the playoffs only to be humiliated. This year the wild card is likely out of reach and the division is the best bet.

      • beelicker

        The first team chasing, next in line Reds are currently 1.5 games closer to WC2 San Diego (5.5 games back, 4 in the loss column) than they are to the (far more desirable) NLC1 Brewers (7 back, 6 in the loss column)

    • Old-school

      Reds baseball is hard-wired in the DNA of so many people.
      I went to the game today and overwhelmingly a lot of the others did too for the shared experiences with friends and family on a beautiful summer Sunday. I had a good time even though I told my daughter before the game Corbin Byrnes is pitching so dont expect the Reds to hit much. The concessions were long and the team shop was so crowded you could hardly move. The lower concourses were jammed. Families in Cincinnati like going to Reds games because Reds baseball is part of who they are and how they socialize with each other. I saw 2 month olds and 80 year olds at the game.

      Bob Castellini isnt the owner of the Reds- he’s the temporary curator of the oldest franchise in history. The Reds were here long before Castellini and they will be here long after he is gone. Castellini is an asterisk- and a stubborn annoying one at that- but the Reds are owned by the fans -who dont show up on cold weeknights in April or on football weekends in September when they are 14 games back….but Reds fans still love their team and its still a huge part of summer.

  12. Justin A. Fortner

    This team was in position to win all offseason and then cry poor and give away bullpen arms. then just 5-6 months later the reds are in position to compete at the deadline. this is just stupid. we all expected this team to win or compete and now because of ownership we are going to have to OVERPAY at the deadline when we could of just stayed pat in the offseason.

    I mean how many times can ownership screw it up.

    I am honestly torn. why risk the future in trading top prospects at the last minute when you are 7 games back. we should have not been in this position from the get go yet here we are.

    • Jon

      The sad thing is that Iglesias and Bradley are both performing well this season. The Reds got nothing in return for them, but will have to give up prospects to get them (or other bullpen pitching) back.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        In hindsight, those were misguided decisions by an owner whose top priority is what his balance sheets say. He’s certainly not alone in that regard.

      • Still a Red

        don’t forget half this site was down…way down…on Iglesias. No reason to think he’d have a relatively good season this year. The fact we didn’t really get much for him was that nobody wanted to pay much. I suppose we could have kept him…what’d we save $6M?

      • DHud

        Sure, I was down on Iglesias. But then the Reds did *literally nothing* to replace/improve upon him

        Coulda come out and said “he’s not cutting it so we’re going with someone else,” instead was a blatant salary dump with no intention of improving the club

      • TR

        I was one of those who wanted R. Iglesias traded because he didn’t seem interested in pitching unless he was in line to get a save. Bradley was a former closer but he was hardly used and getting rid of him was part of the overall salary dump. I expected good relievers to replace them in the offseason, but what we got were, in large part, castoffs. Now relief pitching is the weak link in an otherwise good team.


    Reds need to make decisions regarding who can stay healthy when playing upcoming games, like any job, if you cannot stay healthy…you are really no good for the team. If you are not reliable, you are really no good for the team.

    • Doug Gray

      The next team to figure this out will be the first team to have ever figured it out.

  14. Jon

    Regarding Moustakas: He’s owed $16 and $18 million the next two years, a total of $34 million dollars. Given that he was a fan favorite in Kansas City, is there any chance the Reds could trade him back there, while eating $12-14 million total of that salary? Or would $10 million a year still be too much for the Royals, especially as they rebuild?

    • beelicker

      Don’t disclude the $4mil club option buyout (vs a $2omil renewal) in 2o24!

  15. Bet on Red

    Well, to make matters worse, Mikey Biceps is going back to the IL. This was not good especially today but there is hope as the Mets, who let me remind you all nearly were swept by the pirates are coming in without their cy young pitcher and franchise SS. Hope fully the reds suck it up and beat up on them.
    As far as getting help, we need at least 1 RHRP and 1 LHRP. There are teams that will obviously be sellers now. But there are still teams that are on the fence. The Angels and Tigers for example. Waiting another week will cheapen the prospect cost as more arms become available, and for Bob it will cheapen the cost period.

    • Redsvol

      I think having lorenzen play innings in the outfield in his first game back in a pivotal series was the stupidest thing I’ve seen in awhile. He hasn’t play outfield defense all year and hasn’t pitched all year. So let’s have him do it all in his first game back??? He threw like 4 innings in his rehab assignment. He wasn’t ready for all that. We have shogo and aquino to play late inning defense. Probably most disappointed in Bell I’ve been all year. Now he’s gone just when bullpen needed a jolt. Ridiculous.

      • beelicker

        Akiyama was already in the game and switch hitter Lopez pinch hit for Naquin (Suter’s 4th batter, so if AA is brought up there Counsell could have brought RHP to face him) vs the lefty Suter was why Lorenzen stayed in there in the 8th to play OF

        If you had put AA in for defense to repalce Naquin then you unnecessarily burned a pinchhitter, being as AA hit for Akiyama vs LHP Hader (hard thrower, better matchup for RH AA) in the 9th … so even more complaining when they run out of pinchitters one slot before Miley gets called for another pitcher on the last AB

        (link also in here how fired up Lorenzen was to play all aspects)

        I’m not sure what point Lorenzen was tying to make there other than maybe *he* neglected to hydrate properly, but here you’d lose relatively less body fluid in humidity due to inefficient sweat evaporation into saturated wet air vs dry Arizona air, where you’d sweat more and evaporate much more efficiently (and be body cooler), yet you’d feel more sweat on your skin here (and be body warmer) in humidity because you’d not evaporate sweat from the skin or cool off as well …

        Pitchers run a lot of intervals in the outfield as a regular matter of their normal training routines. If elite athlete Lorenzen himself and training staff isn’t preparing him (knowing how he wants to contribute) for sprint bursts and baserunning as a matter of course in AZ, then that’s a serious and neglectful oversight … these people are professionals

  16. doofus

    The Brewers actually make moves to improve their roster. Nick Krall makes words to infer that the Reds “may” improve the roster.

    With glaring holes at SS, and in the bullpen, and underwhelming efforts from CF and 3B, fans would expect the front office and ownership of a team gutting it out to stay in playoff contention would ACTUALLY make moves to plug those holes. At least make some effort to do so.

    In the past Bob Castellini’s front office personnel have done squat to fortify the roster to help Red’s teams in playoff contention. What did Walt Jocketty do to get help for the 2010, 2012 or 2013 teams? I have ZERO faith that Bob “We know how it is done” Castellini will do anything to improve the Red’s roster this year.

    The present Reds roster has established the beachhead, but ownership has left them stranded on the beach, with no help insight.

  17. Erik the Red

    Unfortunately this bullpen prevented us from staying in the race. However even if Iglesias and Bradley had been kept this year it still would have a tough road with Suarez awful batting average and Amir’s blown saves. I could add a few others that have been disappointments. I am surprised they stuck around as long as they did this year. Stephenson and India have been pleasantly above expectations.

  18. Jon

    At this point, I can’t help but wonder if Todd Frazier would be a better option at 3B. Sad how far Suarez has fallen in such a quick period of time…

  19. Roger Garrett

    Good season for me because Reds have played India and Stephensen with I hope our next short stop on the way maybe by the middle of next month.Good new young core to play with next year and beyond and for the first time in a long time I am excited at what could happen in the future.Will just set back and enjoy the rest of this year.Bob spent some dough in the wrong places in 2019 but he did spend some so there is hope he will again.Got to just move on and remain positive and hope the flaws we have now can be fixed in the off season.I think they can and at least maybe by the middle of August when we get some of our players back we can get a look at what we have going forward.Would love to see what a healthy Sims,Antone,and Senzel can do over the last 6 or 8 weeks.

  20. redsorbust

    Well I will always be hopeful that the Reds can win the division but very unlikely. Last two games told a lot about our team this year. We needed our A game and got a C- and an F. We have had a lot of injuries to key players. Castillo and Suarez somehow lost their mojo this year. We are not a team built for these kind of problems. We are a so called small market. The Reds did spends some considerable bucks getting Castillo and Moustakas and at the time I think most were happy they did. Moustakas did not pan out and Castillo while a good player did not have this kind of
    career year any year prior as far as I know. Reds had to give him two opt out years just to get him to sign. Now he has a career year (so far) and he will walk and Reds have little chance of re signing him. Be it bad luck, cheap ownership, small market or mismanagement the Reds are in a constant state of being good enough to hold promise and bad enough never to pull through. PS. While I like John Sadak as the t.v. play by play man, seems very nice and knowledgeable and well prepared a lot of the time he tends to get overly gushy when talking about the Reds players. Sometimes I feel like I am listening to a romance novel. When the Reds do something good he sounds like we just won the seventh game of the world series. Exuberance is nice but golly gee..

  21. Redsvol

    The offense has definitely been in a hole lately. Not enough hits per game which really puts pressure on pitching staff. Bullpen stinks. Has all year. Trade garret to a contending team for a couple minor leaguers. I’m tired of seeing him.
    Tough series but I’m still happy with the team. Today was first game in awhile where it felt like they mailed it in.
    I feel we are a year away from really competing for a World Series – we aren’t beating the Padres or dodgers in a 7 game series. but it’s fun to have the team competitive again and they are only a couple pieces away (shortstop, closer) from being a really solid team. Go Reds!

  22. Hanawi

    Not sure I want to see the Reds give away young talent to improve the bullpen. They gave away Fairchild for 7 innings of Bradley last year. He OPS’d over 1.000 at AAA this year and could be playing CF for the Reds right now. They gave up two good young LHPs for Goodwin, who was flat out awful last year.

    They just are not good at identifying talent. They seemingly thought so little of India that they waaay overpaid for Moustakas, which is now an albatross contract. They have been punting on getting a real SS for 3 years now because they are waiting on Barrero, who may just now be getting close. If they were a well run team, I’d be more supportive, but they just make poor decision after poor decision. Sell Castellanos and Barnhardt, play out the string and hope some of the young talent can deliver next year.

    • Indy Red Man

      The Reds make alot of mistakes, but isn’t Fairchild in the PCL? Dilson Herrera had a couple of years in the PCL that made it look like he’d be Albies, but it never happened. Pitching/hitting stats are both flawed in the PCL and always have been. Heck Josh Van Meter was the white Joe Morgan at Louisville. It doesn’t always (or usually) translate. Moose contract was idiotic though and I never got the Goodwin trade either.

      Have to strongly disagree with you on Nick C. and Tucker though. 2 key cogs to this team. They should make a strong offer to Nick and see what happens. 7.5 for Tucker next year. Salaries would go up some, but only for 2 more seasons til Votto/Moose are finally paid off.

      Truthfully I wouldn’t mind trading Sonny somewhere. He was getting strikes 3 inches outside the zone and still got smashed today. He’s only had #1-#2 starter stuff like twice this year. At LA and home vs the White Sox with 94-95 mph and big breaking curves. He’s small and he’s aging. I rather keep him, but if they have to scrap to keep Nick then thats where I’d start. Or Miley? They both make $10-11 mil per year.

      Finally I wholeheartedly agree with you on the youth movement. Call up Barrero immediately. Get rid of Osich/Doolittle and try some young guys. Quit playing Shogo over Aquino. Shogo is a bust. I’d play Aquino atleast as much as Naquin.
      Hunter Greene/Lodolo maybe combine for 150 innings next year. Thats what Tampa does. Short starts or long relief….mix and match. Give Bell some options other then refried garbage. Max Schrock at 2B/3B….why not?

      Milwaukee will go out and get Brad Hand or somebody to strengthen their team for the playoffs while we do nothing. Anything that is done from this point on that doesn’t prepare for 2022-23 is wrong. Youth needs to be served!

      • Hanawi

        Well, he’s currently in the majors getting the Alejo Lopez treatment of sitting on the bench. The PCL doesn’t exist anymore, but yes he is in the Western side of AAA. Who knows what he can do in the majors but he had a plus 1.000 OPS at AAA. Trammell has killed AAA as well and then been completely overmatched in Seattle this year, so maybe Fairchild will as well. But, they gave him up for literally 7 innings of pitching by Bradley and almost none of them were in high-leverage situations. Just mind-bogglingly stupid.

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      They got a guy down there in AAA called Schrock, who has a nice compact short swing who drives the ball. Yet Freeman stays here and Schrock remains at AAA.

      • Indy Red Man

        Evidently they see the light on Geno at SS so Freeman is it for backup SS

      • beelicker

        Correct, Shrock has zero games logged at SS in 2 MLB seasons and nothing suggests that’s in his repertoire

    • Old-school

      That was insane considering the off season purge of payroll

      Only argument would be Dick Williams quit and new regime in place

      Cant blame Nick Krall for decisions and contracts of Bob Castellini and Dick Williams and Walt Jocketty last 5 years

  23. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    A Votto, Naquin and Suarez meat of the order is not a playoff team batting order. You can’t with these three duds followed by three more duds behind them. Besides Castellanos, India and two months of Winker along with the catching duo, this offense longs for that key bat to put behind Castellanos. The paper tiger offense is getting exposed.

    Joey Votto, please retire.

  24. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    That long loopy ugly swing of Mike Freeman has propelled the Reds to a 9-1 record when he starts. Bell is a genius.

  25. Indy Red Man

    How was Shogo an AS in Japan and yet Ohtani was not Barry Bonds/Godzilla in that same league? Thats a mystery that I don’t understand? Ohtani might’ve been 18-19 or whatever, but I would’ve bet on him at 14 over Shogo. Its like comparing Secretariat to a mule. I hope that scout was blackballed from the game. He should be cleaning cars at the airport

    • Old-school

      I was at the game today with good seats

      No idea what anyone sees in Shogo

      Hes a girls softball slap hitter anddoesnt get on base and 1/10 th of Billy Hamilton in CF

    • Bet on Red

      Ohtani was a high prospect in Japan as well who the Japanese team who signed him paid a lot of money to keep in Japan for the few years he played there. Shogo’s problem is a lack of playing time. In September last year he was getting on base at an extended clip, allowing others behind him to get him in.

      I would trade Naquin now to an Outfielder needing contender for a decent RP, ( or a 2 way trade to do the same) and start the combo of him and Aquino in center on the regular. Bat Shogo ninth to be the second lead-off guy. (DH is probably coming next year, no reason not to start early). After the strong start, Naquin is traveling towards earth with an impact. Shogo is not going to improve without consistent playing time.

  26. Scott C

    I am rooting for this team because they are easy to root for. Larkin was right the players deserve a better bullpen. I don’t mind the loss today, every starting pitcher not named DeGrom has a game or two like today. Every team has days when they can’t score, some of that is because the opposing pitcher is better. The truth is in the old baseball adage: Every team will win 54 games. Every team will lose 54 games (that was one of those today. What determines your season is what you do with the other 54. The first two games of the series were in that last category.

    • beelicker

      Hey, the Reds are still just 5.5 games back (4 in the loss column) of WC2 San Diego … there’s still that to root for at least

      • TR

        All is not win win. The many game baseball season brings on many ups and downs.

  27. Doc4uk

    Shogo is not a major league hitter Send him down to Louisville and see if someone can teach him to keep his shoulder in and to stop looking like Happy Gilmore in the box. I doubt he hits much at Louisville either.

  28. Doc4uk

    India at 2B , Barrero at SS, and Senzyl at 3B seems to be the future. Gino has now had 150 plus games of batting below .200 so time for that experiment to end.

    Like Tampa only plan to use starters for four or five strong innings and then secondary starters ready to go another four or five. So example Mahle goes his usual five and is replaced by Lodolo for remaining four . Gray goes his usual five and is replaced by Greene. Guitterez goes his usual five or six and is replaced by Ashcroft ( Antone when he returns) Miley and Castillo can go much longer so no long relief needed.