The 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star game takes place tonight. The Cincinnati Reds are sending two starters out to Denver with Nick Castellanos and Jesse Winker lined up in right and left field and hitting 5th and 6th for the National League. One of the things that comes along with being named to the All-Star team is joining in on the media scrums that inevitably exist at big events like this. Both players spent some time on MLB Network, with Nick Castellanos getting a little extra time on his own to talk about a few things from this season.

Jesse Winker and Nick Castellanos both talked about what it was like being selected to their first All-Star games.

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  1. RojoB

    Super sweet

    No puede ganar solo

    Means “You can’t win alone”

    The guys is truly a Legend in his own time.

    A side note—why so may #44 jerseys in players? I’m boycotting watching the game and things this year so I probably missed something

  2. Klugo

    I think Castellanos likes it on the Reds. And I like that. Hopefully, Jessica likes Cincinnati, too.

    • RedBB

      The only way Castellanos stays in Cincinnati is if the Reds rework his contract and come up with a couple million more a year.

      • Kevin

        Or if the Reds win a pennant this year.

      • RojoB

        And apparently also if Jessica says it’s ok 😉

  3. JayTheRed

    I love how Castellanos talked about how other players and umpires said he got a bad deal on getting suspended and fined. I also have seen in some of the games this year what he was talking about how he and Winker pump each other up and help each other out a ton. This plus what Votto has talked about with Winker and India helping him get pumped up every game he is in.

    This team is truly fun to watch. I have only missed a handful of games this year so far but I have to say this team’s fight is better than I can remember in a long time. The 2nd half will be a challenge for this team but I feel like they have a shot because of how they push each other and with guys starting to play we are used to. I am hoping Suarez can have a huge 2nd half and Votto too.. He has had a nice bounce back season so far.

    I honestly didn’t think we would be only 4 back at the all – star break. I was thinking more like 10 to 12 back on paper. Just goes to show you can use predictors to judge a team and sometime the team on paper could be more than you thought it ever could be.

    Go Reds lets catch those Brewers. I think it’s going to be a tight race.

    • SteveLV

      Agree with all of that, Jay. Well said.

      Really hope you’re last sentence is right. The point others on the site made about the number of innings thrown by the Brewers’ staff this year and previously seemed like a good one. Without all 3 of those aces, the Brewers would be what we thought they would be. Peralta turning into an all-star probably accounts for the entire 4 game difference between the teams.

      • Roger Garrett

        Your right and his hits per inning pitched is insane.Dude is awesome.Only way he loses is just like he did when Nick went yard for 3 runs.That doesn’t happen often.

  4. David

    I have to admire the team, and the results so far. I did not expect them to be this good.
    Bell has to get some credit. So does Nick Krall, and the people who drafted Stephenson, India, Winker. I give Nick and the front office some credit for keeping at the bullpen problem when the owner won’t let him spend any money. He hasn’t stood pat, and keeps plugging in guys. The bullpen is better than it was a few months ago.
    But Castellanos also gets credit, beyond his very good offensive numbers. I think he has a VERY positive influence on the team attitude.
    Attitude alone does not win games. But keeping up the morale in the clubhouse and in the dugout means something.
    In the Big Red Machine days, Tony Perez, in particular , was maybe the most consistent positive influence with the players in the clubhouse and the dugout. He never got too high with wins, and never got down when they lost. When they traded him after the 1976 season, you can see why they lost out in 1977 (besides the sucky pitching as a staff). Leadership picks guys up after tough losses.
    Votto has led “by example”, but I don’t think he was always the most outgoing personality guy on the team.
    I think, in the past, Eugenio was a positive influence. I think he still is (which is why I really don’t want to trade him….yet). But his offense is just not that good this year, which kind of lessens his impact and influence.

    • TR

      At age 29, Nick Castellanos is a star with the Reds. Your analogy with Tony Perez is a good one. Castellanos is an RBI type hitter with a quiet, intense leadership style. If the Reds make a real effort, I think they can keep him in Cincinnati.

  5. Indy Red Man

    The Reds are 9-2 in July and 26-14 since May 30. Alot of key contributions from young and old, but Nick has been the straw that stirs the drink! They’ve overcome alot of adversity and the chemistry & fight is strong! Its a fun team to watch!

    That being said, I cringe when its Osich, HH, AG, Doolittle, etc. in tied or 1 run games in the late innings. You can only pass a multiple choice test by guessing for so long. Bell needs real answers! Known quantities! Lorenzen is a step forward! What is the realistic estimates on Antone/Sims? I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but we need a good arm or 2! Atleast 1 proven guy! Thats the only thing holding this team back imo. The baserunning needs to improve, but the offensive pieces are there and the rotation is solid with enough depth!

    Lastly everyone else in the NL Central is extremely flawed. Milw is pushing their key starters farther then they’ve been before and their offense is weak. I remember one big criticism on Yelich in Miami was that he hit too many groundballs. Now they’re most weak groundballs. He looks horrible!

    • Armo21

      I hear you, but IDK if there are “real answers and known quantities” when it comes to any team’s BP. The Reds just beat Hader two days in a row and they beat up Mark Melancon 2 times in the past month. The Reds bullpen has a 2.06 ERA since June 25th. The only bullpen in MLB better is the Brewers at 2.05 (from RedsZone). Reds probably need to add to the current group, but outside of getting Lorenzen, Antone, Simms and other internal guys not sure we are going to get much via trade. I hope to see a SS though and Mouse by the end of the month. Really has been a fun stretch of baseball to watch.

      • Indy Red Man

        No pitching is unhittable, but Osich, HH, and company? They can’t sustain that til October. If we knew Antone was coming back 100% then thats another story.

  6. Roger Garrett

    Reds need help in the pen,a guy to spell Farmer and maybe most of all Suarez has to have a better second half.Reds just took 6 of 7 from the Cubs and Brewers and scored only 20 runs.Nick and Wink can’t be counted on to do it all in the second half.I don’t expect we will see Moose at all and Senzel will become the sub for everybody else so we live and die with what we have.Our top 3 hitters are as good as any with India in the top 5 in getting on base.The rest of our lineup has done well.Joey is Joey and will always battle,Naquin has had his moments and our catchers have done well.Suarez can’t just can’t be an all or nothing hitter in the second half that strikes out 33% of the time.Pitchers will find him there is no doubt and he should not hit any higher then 6th preferably 7th.Starting pitching has carried this team by pitching longer in games which reduces the bull pen,which does need help for sure,but it will be the offense and mainly Suarez that must step up.Games will be closer and we will need everybody on deck and producing.I believe Eugenio will step up so lets play ball.

    • Indy Red Man

      I’m not sold on Eugenio, but he’s here and he’s affordable! He’s a good teammate, etc. That does matter.

      Here’s a grass isn’t always greener example for you! Jesus Aguilar got off to a slow start for Milw in 2019 (.694 ops thru 222 at-bats) so they cut him loose after 35/108 (.890 ops) in 2018.

      This year Aguilar has 15/62 (.800 ops) while Hiura/Vogelbach have combined for 34 rbis. Vogelbach is hurt so Hiura (.573 ops) is manning 1B. If they kept Aguilar they may have put this division away already! Flip 2 of these Reds games and now we’re 8 games out. I glad they made a rash decision. The Reds won’t do that with Suarez.

    • Old-school

      Agree Roger. Geno needs 5 days off to hit the reset button. If he could turn things on, then look out.

      Reds just got 5 young prospects in the top 89 picks with a mature top SS, athletic young high ceiling OF to pair with the best power hitting high school OF a year ago, a Catcher with some pop, # 3 strike out pitcher in college and a lefty to boot and one of the best shortstop gloves in all of college baseball and age 21.

      Taylor Trammel and Yasiel Puig were traded for 1 Cy Young playoff season from Trevor Bauer and now Jay Allen. I’ll take that trade.

      Reds now can backfill their farm system and have the prospect capital to get a controlled good lefty pitcher beyond 2021.

      Taylor Rogers Twins, Gregory Soto Tigers, Paul Fry Orioles.
      Relief to the bullpen is coming to the right side. There’s no internal solutions from the left side if you are serious about winning the division. August is dead arm month for relievers as well. More injuries are coming. Need depth 1-13 on pitching staff over 162 games the year after a 60 game season. Bullpen depth and health are crucialGarrett and Osich might be 2/3 lefties in you pen but there’s no #1 .

      Very glad Winker and Castellanos were not in the HR Derby. They look relaxed and ready to roll

  7. Jim Walker

    I think from the manager right on down to the 26th man on any given day, these Reds have absolutely worked their tails off since late in May. There is a long way to go; and, I hope the front office steps up and helps lighten the load over the remaining 72 (or whatever) games.

    In the meantime, thanks to everyone for working so hard. Like all of us in our jobs, they don’t always get the results they or we want every day. Sometimes that frustrates us. But they are out there giving all they have until they win or run out of outs trying. That’s more than could ever be said of too many recent Reds teams.

    Now go get’em guys!

  8. Max BRAGG

    Reds are sitting in a NICE position so now is the time to use Moose and Shogo as trade ammunition for a shut down reliever. Senzel can be a back-up at second,third or CF and get plenty of at bats.