The last game of the first half. A huge game for both the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers. Cincinnati could climb to within 4.0 games with a win and take the series. Milwaukee takes the win and they head into the break with the same 6.0 game lead that they held when the series began. First pitch is set for 2:10pm ET

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers

Jonathan India – 2B Luis Urias – 3B
Jesse Winker – LF Christian Yelich – LF
Nick Castellanos – RF Willy Adames – SS
Joey Votto – 1B Omar Narvaez – C
Tyler Stephenson – C Avisail Garcia – RF
Tyler Naquin – CF Jace Peterson – 2B
Eugenio Suárez – 3B Rowdy Tellez – 1B
Mike Freeman – SS Jackie Bradley Jr. – CF
Luis Castillo – SP Brandon Woodruff – SP

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo

Since June began we’ve seen a very different Luis Castillo on the mound. His ERA in seven starts since then is 2.00 across 45.0 innings with 27 hits, 16 walks, 2 home runs, and 42 strikeouts. Opponents are hitting just .172/.253/.242 against him in that stretch in 172 plate appearances.

There are some details in his splits worth paying attention to. Righties are hitting .253/.308/.403 against him. Lefties are hitting .265/.358/.386 against him. Left-handed hitters are drawing significantly more walks, but they also do less damage when they make contact. Righties rarely walk against him, but they do a bit more damage when they do put the bat on the ball. Castillo’s home and road splits are similar – the OPS difference is .001. But on the road he’s holding batters to 30 points of on-base percentage lower, but guys are hitting for more power than they do against him at home.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 96.9 97.2 85.9 87.9
Usage 29% 22% 19% 30%

Brandon Woodruff

The other side of the dynamic duo, Brandon Woodruff has dominated through 17 starts for the Brewers this season. The All-Star has posted a 2.10 ERA in 107.1 innings while allowing just 59 hits, walking 25, and striking out 125.

Somehow the Reds haven’t seen him yet this season. Two of his worst four starts of the year have come in the last four times out. In 14 of his 17 starts he’s allowed fewer than three runs. But on June 17th he allowed five to Colorado and then the last time out on July 5th he allowed four to the Mets. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to give you hope or crush your dreams.

As you can imagine with that overall line, his splits aren’t going to be favorable in any way. With that said, right-handed hitters are doing better as they have a .173/.226/.306 line against him compared to a .145/.211/.215 line from left-handed hitters. Righties show significantly more power, but still slug just .306….. At home hitters have an advantage against him with a .199/.249/.330 line compared to when he’s been on the road where they have hit just .122/.191/.193.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Curve Change Slider
Velo 96.7 96.4 83.7 86.6 86.4
Usage 34% 29% 14% 13% 11%

When and Where

  • Game time: 2:10pm ET
  • Where: American Family Field, Milwaukee
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: ­It’s a dome.

News and Notes

Another off day for Kyle Farmer

The Reds are trying to give Kyle Farmer as much rest as they can and hope he can come out of the break a bit healthier as he’s been playing with a nagging injury.

Jose Barrero and Nick Lodolo in the Futures Game today

Jose Barrero will be starting at shortstop and hitting 2nd for the National League in today’s Futures Game. Pitcher Nick Lodolo is scheduled to pitch at some point. The game is at 3pm ET because MLB can’t figure out how to showcase the event and instead run it during the final games of the first half every year….. You can watch it on MLB Network or if you’d like.

The MLB Draft is tonight

Tonight at 7pm the 1st round will take place. The Reds have three picks on the night – 17th, 30th, and 35th. Day 2 will be rounds 20-10 and day 3 will be rounds 11-20. There will be a recap on Monday morning here at Redleg Nation, but for more in depth draft coverage I’ll have all 20 rounds with information on every player over at within a few minutes of each selection for the Reds.

NL Central Standings

Playoff odds via Fangraphs

Team W L GB Playoff %
Brewers 53 38 0 86.0%
Reds 47 42 5.0 19.4%
Cubs 44 46 8.5 4.2%
Cardinals 44 46 8.5 2.3%
Pirates 33 56 19.0 0.0%

307 Responses

  1. KYpodman

    Go Redlegs!!! Get that mini-sweep (win last 3 games of a 4 game series) and head into the break with momentum and a well deserved break!

  2. Old-school

    Thanks Doug. Reds have 3 of the top 35 picks and 5 of the top89.
    Sort of like the NFL draft where one year is deep in WR or lineman or whatever position, does this draft have any particular positional depth where the Reds might be able to get first round talent at 30/35? College bats or catchers or high school arms etc?

  3. Alex

    Interested to see the brewers head space today. They were tough calls, but that pitch to nick was technically low, but that seemed to shake Peralta and he grooved one. Yelich did make a slight move to 2nd, again a tough call. Adames took a 3-1 slider down the middle and just acted like it wasn’t going to be a strike. It just seemed like they got caught up in the crowd. The umps also hurt the reds but they seemed to make bigger plays. Brewers have excellent pitching so they could very well win this one, but I am curious if they are focused on the game or the umpires today.
    Lastly, will yelich get punished? Can you just scream the f word at an ump over and over on national tv and only get ejected? Go reds.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    One of the teams that the Reds have a horrible record (1-5) against, the AZ D’backs, lost to the Dodgers last night 22-1. Yes, 22-1. Apparently the Dodgers went for the 2-point conversion after their 3rd touchdown. My point is ALL games matter whether early or late in the season. Can’t change the past but the Reds were playing down to the level of their opponents earlier in the season! Obviously the Reds are playing better now! Go Reds! Win the series today!

    • Rex

      I just saw at espn MIL is an 89% consciences favorite today?

      for that reason alone I like our chances today

      • Tom Mitsoff

        They’re not accounting for how Castillo has pitched the last five weeks.

  5. Tom Mitsoff

    I went to the game in Milwaukee last night — great experience (of course, the win helped tremendously). Now called American Family Field, it’s a great place to watch a game. Brewers fans were cool to people like me in Reds hats, and I tried to return the favor. I’m guessing there were a few hundred Reds fans, but we were all particularly loud for Castellanos’s home run!

    This second half of the season is going to be fun and interesting! I’m particularly interested in watching Hembree. You may or may not have read the recent article about how assistant pitching coach Eric Jagers showed Hembree a new way to throw his slider which has apparently worked wonders. He’s looked very, very good in the last week to 10 days.

    I’d be surprised if there is a huge crowd today, because in Milwaukee right now, it’s all about the NBA Finals and the Bucks.

    • Rex

      I want to see that place someday

      it looks wonderful

      • Tom Mitsoff

        It’s fantastic. The roof closes — so there is never a rainout. In fact, they closed the roof late last night, and my wife and I had no idea that was happening until she happened to look up and notice. No sound! That was amazing to me that you have all of that steel moving and there is no noise.

      • TR

        American Family Field (Miller Park) is first class, in my opinion. There is a sense of spaciousness about the facility, along with the incredible roof that can be open or closed. The stadium has the largest tailgating area of any ML ballpark and they’re named for great Milwaukee Brewers/Braves players and they’ve had a lot of them. And they make it convenient for the disabled to attend a game.

    • JayTheRed

      Tom did you forget you were supposed to pick me up in Sheboygan last night haha… Kidding..

      Thanks for telling everyone how nice that stadium is. Tom is absolutely correct. Very fun place to go to the game and fans don’t care too much about what team root for. The treat away fans pretty good considering how other places treat away fans.

  6. JB

    So watching Yelich yesterday and seeing his numbers plummet the past year and 1/2 , I went and looked at his contract. They signed him to an extension last year that will take him till 2028 at 26 million a year. 2029 is a mutual option at 20 million when he will be 38 yrs old.
    If the Mutual Option is declined, deferred money is paid at $2.5M each from 2031-2042
    If the Mutal Option is exercised, deferred money is paid at $2.3M each from 2031-2041, & $2.7M in 2042
    Full No Trade

    As bad as Votto’s contract is now in his late 30s , at least he produced for most of the contract. Yelich wont start his extension until next year. Unless he finds it again , the Brew Crew might be in for a long haul with this albatross of a contract.

    • JB

      Forgot to add there is 28 million in deferred money. Bobby Bonilla anyone?

      • Rex

        there are many contracts out there that are far worse than Joey’s

  7. JB WV

    Was hoping that Shogo would get a start today, but maybe that’s when Naquin has a big day. Go Luis!! Shut em down!!!

    • Arthur

      With their ace on the mound, I also hoped to see Shogo in CF. He is far and away their best defensive outfielder.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Woodruff has a career high of 121 ip and he’s at 107 already. They may run out of gas? Wink, Joey, and Geno are 17-46 (.370) off Woodruff with 4 hrs. Hopefully Luis will have his command and we can get it done again!

    • Rex

      A win today would be 6 of the last 7 at MIL

    • beelicker

      HIs ERA has been trending upward all of June from a low of 1.27. That’s been against the dregs they’ve been playing, Pittsburgh, AZ x2 (98, 99 pitches) @Col (85, 5 ER) and the Cubs (1o4) before NY Mets got him for 4 last time out in 6.1 innings and only 76 pitches

  9. Bet on Red

    with woodruff on the mound, there was no suprise that the under was at 8. Would be nice to get the win here but we still secured the split with the win yesterday, Might have room for some good news if the Brewers allstars are used in the all-star game as it will force the Brewers to move their starts after the break back

  10. Old-school

    Winker great at bat

    8 pitches and serves it into lf

    Castellanos just being Castellanos

  11. Old-school

    Votto ambushes woodruff on first pitch

  12. Bet on Red

    votto brings in the run, lets keep this moving

  13. Rex

    winkie held at 3rd…awesome

    I thought for sure he would ran past a stop sign

  14. Arthur

    First inning shows a weakness for this team all season – aside from India, the team is just plain SLOW. You can measure their time running home to first with a calendar.

    They are unable to take an extra base, and they are gonna hit into a bunch of rally-killing double plays, because the batter can’t beat the relay throw to first base.

  15. VaRedsFan

    Freeman bloops one in to get the pitcher up with 2 outs.
    Luis then promptly singles to left.
    How about some 2 out magic?

  16. MCT

    Luis Castillo officially has a higher batting average than Geno. Good times

  17. VaRedsFan

    Woodruff is going strictly curve balls early in the counts after the Reds ambushed all of his fastballs in inning 1. Go up there looking for the get me over curve on the 1st pitch in inning 3 and smash it

  18. Bet on Red

    Freeman also bloops his way into the .200 Avg, past Geno

    • Melvin

      Freeman starting must be a guaranteed win today. Haven’t lost yet.

  19. Indy Red Man

    Evidently these umps need the break more then anyone. They SUCK!!!
    2 guys on they basically steal the at-bat from India by calling low strikes. He’s not Altuve from Fantasy Island?

    All series long these guys have absolutely sucked???

    • Indy Red Man

      Luis throws a 1-0 to Peterson. Same exact spot….about 3 inches low and they call it a ball. 4 pitch walk. Just be consistent? Is that too much to ask?

  20. doofus

    Give me the Cowboy’s analysis over Welch any day. When they describe the subtleties of the game: Cowboy is folksy and entertaining; Welch is didactic and somewhat smug.

    • steve d

      I like them both. I do get a little tired of Brantley’s constant use of the word “awfully” in describing something positive.

  21. TyGuy88

    The umps are consistent this series…consistently awful. This is converting me into support of a robot calling balls and strikes. Never thought I would be that way.

  22. MBS

    I honestly believe this is the best lineup yet. You got the alternating L / R, but everyone is in the right spot to.

  23. Indy Red Man

    Naquin seems to have a slider speed bat. If they have 95+ and don’t go down and in then he isn’t hitting it. Woodruff didn’t even nibble there….just fbs at the letters

    Maybe more Shogo 2nd half?

    • LDS

      Just looked up Naquin month over month in 2021 and he has steadily declined. It’s definitely time to move him to 4 or 5 outfielder and give Shogo & AA more playing time. He feels more like Dietrich as time goes on.

      • Indy Red Man

        Shogo has never homered. Not 1. Thats not acceptable. Thats why Lopez will never play over Geno. Bell could mix-n-match though? 3 way platoon. Wink is still weak vs lhp. They could give Lorenzen a few starts and improve the OF defense, but that ship has probably sailed.

  24. VaRedsFan

    Greg Vaughn in the Brewer booth.
    Well spoken, delightful former Red.

    • Melvin

      You’re listening to the Brewers broadcast like me aren’t you? Caught ya. 🙂

      • VaRedsFan

        Pretty much forced to. MLB Extra Innings package. I could stream on the laptop, but I like to hear other perspectives on their road games

  25. Tom Mitsoff

    Will Bell use one or more starters in relief today, since they all have the next three days off?

    • Melvin

      Pulling out all the stops would be in order for this game so hopefully he will if he needs to.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Looks like with Castillo’s pitch count, there will be a need for relievers around the sixth or seventh. I doubt Hembree is available after two saves back to back, and I would not use Brach today except in a desperate situation.

  26. Bet on Red

    this zone is horribly small left-right and horribly large up-down. This entire umpiring crew should retire over the break

    • Melvin

      Is it just me or does it seem like umps don’t even try as hard as they used to to get things right anymore especially on the bases with the replay available?

      • Bet on Red

        well there were some really big blunders prior to replay being avalible. I think, rightfully so, that Umps use a best guess call, knowing that they will go to review if they are wrong

  27. Melvin

    Great job by LC there to get out of that.

  28. Indy Red Man

    India again!! Lets go!!! I’d hit-n-run if the count was right, but I get the feeling he’s not running 100%?

    Pitching wise….hope for 6 from Luis and Warren/AG and then pray w/Hendrix, Doolittle, and maybe Santillan?

    • MBS

      I forgot Santillan was up. It’d be better for his 1st relief appearance to have a bit of a cushion. He may need to called upon, depending on how far Castillo can go.

    • VaRedsFan

      India definitely looked hobbled on his ground out in the 1st. But it might force Jesse to go oppo which would be good.

      • Indy Red Man

        India has got to get his wheels right over the break. He’s on base constantly, but station to station is rough. If he steals there then he gets to 3rd with 1 out and maybe that at-bat to Nick is different? Woodruff doesn’t have his good stuff, but we’ve still only got 1 run thru 5.

  29. Mark Moore

    Finally watching and checking comments. HP ump continues the terrible trend. How long Luis lasts will tell the tale. Woodruff looking pretty tough.

  30. Bet on Red

    Well you don’t see a double play like that every day, just bought himself another inning

  31. Dennis Westrick

    Late to the party folks! Just checked the box score for the pitching stats! LC has 5 walks thru 5 innings! Wow! Is he getting “squeezed” by the home plate ump?

    • Bet on Red

      its pretty bad, at least 2 of the walks should have been strikeouts instead. LC is getting squeezed

      • Indy Red Man

        Woodruff has no walks though and he’s not really getting calls. He’s just pounding the zone. Unfortunately, we’re not putting hits together

    • Indy Red Man

      Somewhat yeah, but he’s been wild. He walked Jackie Bradley on 4 pitches

      • JB

        He walked Bradley( worst hitter in the league) TWICE! Besides that he has pitched great.

  32. JB

    That’s twice in the last 2 starts Castillo had caught the comebacker

  33. JB

    6th inning is the Reds inning. Offense seems to come alive around then.

  34. Melvin

    I like the way Naquin battles and makes him throw a lot of pitches.

    • Indy Red Man

      Have to do something though? Frustrating because Woodruff has thrown a ton of hittable pitches, but we’re not driving anything? He’s thrown a bunch of 0-2s right down the middle and we’ve done nothing. Guy does have crazy control for a power pitcher though. Catcher wanted inside fb to jam Geno and thats exactly where he put it.

  35. Bet on Red

    Barrero scored again in futures game. First to home.

    • Mark Moore

      He and Lodolo represented well today

  36. Dennis Westrick

    Also, is that correct? 9 hits but only 1 run?

    • Indy Red Man

      Yep….double plays have hurt. Wink single, Nick double, Joey single in the 1st, but Stephenson hit into a double play. Then leadoff hits 2-3 innings in a row with nothing

  37. RojoB

    Time to get our nerves all tucked in for the Wild Ride of the Reds’ Bullpen!

  38. docproc

    So where the heck in Santillan? He’s in MIL, right? I haven’t even seen him warm up in this series.

  39. Bet on Red

    Well Luis is done, can win, no decision, but he cannot lose. Like Garrett here with back to back leftys.

  40. RojoB

    Mr. Garrett–THAT is how you attack weak-posterior hitters

    I like it!

    Bye, Heston

    • RojoB

      well dang

      0-2 and center cut cement mixer

      At least he didn’t homer

      • RojoB

        It was the batter that Castillo walked that scored, but still…

    • RojoB

      Glad they got out of the inning with only one run against

      But, Garrett–you take 10 pitches to get out Billy Hamilton’s little brother?

      Who was the guy that said we’d all be chain-smoking drinkers because of this team? LOL

  41. Mark Moore

    Walk and SB followed by a bit of a cookie to JBJ … NUTS!!

  42. Old-school

    Regardless of the outcome of this game, reds SP can match elite Brewers, their offense is far better but Brewers bullpen is far better.

    narrow the gap and get a great lefty who is controlled next year as well.
    Amir Garrett cant get out the worst hitter in all of baseball.

    • Rex

      sad but true we have 2/3rds of a great team

  43. Bet on Red

    well thats what we get for not scoring more. the good news now is that BW is officially out as well

  44. Indy Red Man

    0-2 pitch and it couldn’t have been anymore in the middle of the strike zone. I’ll never trust AG. Wild out of the zone or wild in the zone. Worst hitter in the NL and he hangs one? Whats wrong with trying to paint a fb or something?

    • JB

      You called for him last night instead of Hembree. Confusing

    • RojoB

      In the game day graphic, the pitch is charted as dead center of the grid


  45. Mark Moore

    Reds FB page has the video of Barreo’s dinger. He crushed it.

  46. Dennis Westrick

    Yep, walked a .167 hitter! Only full-time batter in the NL with a BA worse than last night’s hero, Geno! And, of course, leads to a cheap run!

    • Mark Moore

      Unlike Geno, JBJ really doesn’t have any power either. Yet we let him beat us that round.

  47. Mark Moore

    And it’s now a 3-inning BP game for both teams. Here’s hoping our late-game magic shows up one more time.

  48. Old-school

    Braves are a mess with Acuna out probably into early 2022 and Ozuna fiasco and needing a ton of money for Freddie Freeman hitting FA.
    Will Smith is signed thru 2022 with an option 2023.
    Proven All star lefty and the braves will be paying him to save meaningless games in August and September as they pay Acuna and Ozuna to not play.

    • Mark Moore

      I hate to see that kind of injury to a young, talented player. I do hope he can come back strong for 2022 (assuming the CBA gets negotiated).

  49. VaRedsFan

    With JBJs hit, we now know how the Brewers felt when Geno and his .175 avg, hit the game winner last night.

    • RojoB

      I amicably disagree–they felt worse because it was off Hader. I’m going to be more stingy with my congratulations of any player that gets the better of Amir Garrett this season

  50. Indy Red Man

    We gifted them the walk, but they stole 2nd to help tie the game. The Reds don’t have much speed, but need to take a few chances here and there. I saw Adam Duvall steal 3rd last week. He has 5 steals I think and he’s an older version of the guy that never ran when he was a Red.

  51. Dennis Westrick

    Amazing what happens when a Reds pitcher throws strikes! Good job AG! Now, how about a crooked number PLEASE!

    • RojoB

      Except that one perfect strike to JBJ

  52. VaRedsFan

    I don’t even mind the hit, but it was pure neglect in not holding the runner. If AG was paying attention and thet swipe the bag, everything is fine

    • Mark Moore

      Huge leg kick and if he goes to the stretch he’s going home the vast majority of the time. That’s not holding anyone.

  53. Mark Moore

    So we get slap-hit-Shogo … and I’m fine with that. But did Lopez kick DB’s dog or something?

    • Mark Moore

      Check that … I’m NOT fine with a K there.

    • RojoB

      Shogo looked pretty silly on that 3rd strike swing though

      I’ve given up trying to figure out the Reds manager–it’s healthier for me and save you guys a lot of grief lol

      • Mark Moore

        Probably the best approach Rojo

      • Old-school

        So now we know why Art warren hasn’t been pitching much.

        Is Santillan not there? Why not just give him the game and throw 3-6 innings,,,whatever it takes?

  54. Jim t

    We have squandered a bunch of scoring opportunities and they tie the game up with a 4 hopper. Just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards today. Hope I’m wrong.

  55. Indy Red Man

    Steal 2nd please! They’re going to be in doubles defense so Wink will have to put one off the wall or over it to score. Get to 2nd and everything changes!

  56. Dennis Westrick

    Question No. 3 for the afternoon! Do the Reds lead the NL in total Strikeouts!

  57. Jim t

    Wink’s bat just seems a bit slower these days. Fouling a bunch of Hitt’s le fastballs off. Really wish he was home resting instead of playing AS game.

    • Indy Red Man

      I’ve never seen so many fb’s down the middle for the Reds to hit! Woodruff was 95-96 which isn’t top end for him. He had several 0-2s right down the middle. Boxberger right down the middle to Freeman & Shogo and they can’t even put it in play. Maybe our boys just need the break. Atleast they’re not hitting either.

  58. Mark Moore

    So from what I’m seeing all 4 of the umpires have struggled with a consistent and accurate strike zone. Am I missing something? And regardless of “mandatory review” there seems to be zero accountability.

    My wife just called out a “make-up strike” on Yellich saying “You get screwed, we get screwed.” How’s that 🙂

    • RojoB

      I think we all agree that MLB Umpires are less vulnerable than Teflon Don

      I don’t know how to make that change, though

      • Mark Moore

        You’ve got to think the players will put something in the CBA to deal with it. It’s just getting beyond ridiculous and it’s changing far too many games substantially. There has to be a way to get it back to a solid, accurate baseline. Maybe some guys just shouldn’t work the plate. I don’t know … but it can’t continue.

  59. RojoB

    Well horse hockey

    Warren down now too

    • Indy Red Man

      I swear? Doolittle and Perez are indestructable, but the guys that can actually pitch drop like flies

  60. JB

    Our best relief pitcher is now hurt. Man our bullpen is jinxed or something.

    • RojoB

      Jobu no like disrespect show by owner ignore bullpen in offseason

    • Dennis Westrick

      The All-Star break cannot come soon enough for the Reds pitching staff!

  61. Bet on Red

    Warren injured…. here is to hoping its something that can be corrected in 4 days.

    • RojoB

      Here’s hoping he captures his Geno moment for this game!

      It’s all the hope we have right now, lets take it

  62. Mark Moore

    Doolittle … that’s a a rollercoaster ride waiting … with potentially missing track at the top of the loop.

  63. Rex

    OMG DooHomer

    I’m going to walk my dog

  64. Indy Red Man

    Sonny had 3 days rest. He could’ve went an inning, but he’s always dinged up too.
    This is a good team, but the front office won’t help? Bell is like a dog along the side of the road that can’t even get a bowl of water.

    • Indy Red Man

      Thats where “could’ve” and “dinged up” come in

  65. docproc

    Can anyone answer: Where is Santillan?

    • RojoB

      Sitting right next to Alejo Lopez on the bench

      • RojoB

        It occurs to me that as a “former” starter, he would not have been able to get ready fast enough after Warren. And I liked Warren being used when he was

    • Hanawi

      He might be the extra inning guy if needed. Can probably go multiple innings.

    • Bet on Red

      not only that, but he got it already having two balls which would change his approach at this at bat

    • RojoB

      He held that tag while his foot came off

    • JB

      Which tells me they will call him safe.

  66. Bet on Red

    That hit is not on doolittle- and should be reviewed into an out on that steal attempt

    • RojoB

      Agreed on the “hit”

      Either one of the players could have caught it. One needed to take charge and go for it

      Although I am glad they didn’t collide and kill each other> and the CS heals the wound quickly!

  67. dhmorgan

    Doolittle didalittle, so let’s give him a hand.

  68. old-school

    Reds are in the heads of Brewers.

    Win this game!

  69. Mark Moore

    Good overturn on that call. But that came from the home office umps, not this crew, so I’m not handing out any redemption points to them 🙂

    • RojoB

      No, but without replay, i can see why he was called safe. Only one perspective for the ump’s eyes

      I’m totally in agreement with whoever said earlier that MLB really needs to investigate the crew from this series. Something stinks

      • Mark Moore

        Completely agree on the real-time call. Not faulting the ump for that. Just happy to have replay that worked that time.

  70. JB

    Doolittle gets out of it. Now that Doolittle has a couple of new pitches wouldnt it be ironic if he becomes the best pitcher out of the bullpen.

  71. Melvin

    Caught another break. If I’m the runner in that situation I make sure my spikes do damage so they don’t try that again.

    • RojoB

      but Adames has to put his ankle there later also

      • Melvin

        I’m not blocking the bag that way if I’m playing. Just asking for serious injury. We’ll take it.

      • RojoB

        Me neither. I was surprised he did it.

        But Mike Freeman has a streak to maintain

      • Old-school

        Long run in youth baseball and fortunate to be around some 30 year youth coaches. General rule by umpires was if the ball and tag beat the runners foot to the bag- out always. Didn’t want spikes/cleats/gamesmanship or collisions around the bag. That the way it should be unless egregiously bad tag.

  72. Dennis Westrick

    Doolittle enters the game I reach for my nitroglycerin tablets!

    • RojoB

      “Elizabeth! It’s the big one! I’m coming Elizabeth!”

      • Mark Moore

        +500 for that particular cultural reference 🙂

      • VaRedsFan

        Back when comedies were funny and people didn’t get offended.

  73. Indy Red Man

    I don’t like that. Freeman played footsie with him and if you can’t mangle the middle infielder then why can he block the base? We got the call, but that doesn’t make it right. The defense can’t have it both ways imo

    You really want to take running out of the game?

    • RojoB

      The ball of his foot was on Freeman, but his heel was on the bag before the tag. I think that is what the ump saw. He was called out in review because Freeman maintained contact while Adames popped up off the bag for an instant. If it had not been for that then I agree with you.

    • Bet on Red

      so then the question is, is it an acceptable counterpoint to insuring that the truely egregious calls are overturned?

  74. VaRedsFan

    It benefited the Reds today, but I hate the micr-second off the bag being called an out.

    • JB

      Same. I dont think replay was put in for calls like that.

    • RojoB

      Anyone think he resembles Christopher Reeve?

      • Mark Moore

        Yeah … quite a bit. Striking young man.

  75. Mark Moore

    Swinging bunt moves JV up a notch.

  76. Gpod

    Naquin needs a break or something…..he’s not hitting the ball hard at all

    • Indy Red Man

      Give me Lorenzohtani please. CF and closer. High school style)))

    • BZ

      Naquin was so clutch early on but he is reverting back to what he is, a very solid 4th/5th OFer. Hopefully Senzel comes back healthy and can take that CF spot back and provide some lineup depth. That 5-9 stretch in the lineup has been brutal the last couple of weeks.

  77. Indy Red Man

    I hate scoring right off the bat and then nothing. Woodruff really wasn’t that good today, but we just didn’t hit.

  78. Melvin

    The obstruction rule should include blocking the bag.

    • Old-school

      Yup,this isnt hockey or football with 3rd and goal at the 1. Runners have a right to slide into a bag without being blocked. They changed home plate after buster Posey so 2nd and 3rd are the same

      • Melvin

        They’ll change it after someone gets seriously injured. Spikes can do major damage.

  79. Slicc50

    Be careful with Avisail Aaron here

    • RojoB

      Yes! Got ‘im!

      But i agree that guy is like a mulberry seed in my molar

  80. Slicc50

    Nice. Let’s get a couple runs now!

  81. Melvin

    Time for another surprise from Suarez? 🙂

  82. Indy Red Man

    Brewers blog is going nuts about Yelich yesterday and the call on Adames last inning. Their bats are horrible though. They make me feel like the Reds pitching staff is the Braves of the 90s! How are they middle of the road in runs against everyone else?

  83. Old-school

    Richard Fitch is a great writer and contributor. But daggumit, this game and series means a lot….or why else would we all be watching it?

  84. VaRedsFan

    Hader-Aide coming in.
    Hader vs, Geno v2.0

    • RojoB

      Did not expect that excrement from Hader.

      Later in the season, bro. We gonna beat you a second night and the team will remember.

      No warnings, umps?


  85. Mark Moore

    Biting sliders … kind of like biting black flies I think.

    But they worked.

    • RojoB

      Him walking toward Geno tells you it was intentional

  86. Melvin

    I’m sure he meant to hit Suarez. hahaha Pinch runner time?

    • Melvin

      My comment was actually meant to be sarcastic. If Hader hit the leadoff batter and put the winning run on first he’s crazy. Suarez, no matter what he may think about himself. lol, is NOT Barry Bonds.

    • RojoB

      That tells you that the reds are in the Brewers heads

  87. Slicc50

    Come on boys, let’s beat their best 2 in a row!

  88. J

    I’m confused by Bell, as usual. This was actually a perfect opportunity to double-switch Aquino for Naquin, and he didn’t do it?

    • RojoB

      Maybe because he wanted Naquin’s glove in CF

      But as i said above, i’ve tried to give up figuring him out

  89. Indy Red Man

    Cmon Geno? Welch making excuses, but is Geno really going to tag from 1st to 2nd? I doubt it. That has to be 2nd/3rd doesn’t it?

  90. Melvin

    Oh my goodness Farmer! Can’t believe we could only get one base out of that. Unfortunate. Had to wait.

      • Melvin

        Should have been half way though. Would have plenty of time to get back to first.

  91. Mark Moore

    Can’t fault fault Geno. I’m sure from his perspective it looked like it would get caught.

    And a Lopez sighting … Finally!

    • Indy Red Man

      Have to disagree. If he goes halfway then he makes 3rd? Only thing I can think of is that he wanted to tag 1st to 2nd, but he’s slower then dirt.

    • Indy Red Man

      It did look like Bradley go to the ball fast because it was a high shot and he had time to get there and back it up. Maybe Geno only makes 2nd anyway?

  92. Bet on Red

    absolute garbage from hader, totally deliberate and total garbage for the umps to not at least warn them. I thought the ball farmer hit would be caught, can understand Geno going back to first there…. gotta get this run in

    • RojoB

      I now have zero respect for Hader

      I want so bad for Geno to score the winning run

      • Bet on Red

        india gets him 90 feet away, I dont care if Jesse Homers or Jesse leans in for a HBP, just get the run in

    • VaRedsFan

      Hader got bet up and away last night…He wanted to establish inside. I’m about 80% sure it was intentional. If the Reds were in last and the game didn’t mean anything maybe it was on purpose

  93. RojoB

    What an ice man India was right there

    Total boss

    • Slicc50

      He always is, gonna be a good one!

  94. Rex

    India has no respect for veteran pitchers

    • RojoB

      That made me laugh a lot

      Especially for weasels that steal his hairstyle and bean his teammate

  95. VaRedsFan

    Winker has to have oppo approach here

  96. Mark Moore

    Can Winker take up a seat in Hader’s head right now? India did it. So did Suarez. Solid fly ball scores a run and could hang another loss on him.

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. Up to Casty to pick him up.

    • RojoB

      Nick did it for Freeman’s streak

      He’s a nice guy like that

      • Bet on Red

        fell out of my chair laughing, but it is true

  97. Old-school

    Reds knock out Hader

    Could have only 2 losses of his year back to back games to REDLEGS.

    • RojoB

      First time in a month the Brewers have had a challenge


      Remember to use the word often for the Brewers

  98. Bet on Red

    2 days in a Row, Nick C breaks the back of the opposition. Hader being removed. I know HH is tired but he does have 4 days to rest. or could TS get the save attempt.

  99. VaRedsFan

    Nick C jr in the stands to witness that thing of beauty.

  100. Indy Red Man

    Nick sprays the ball around quite a bit. If he doesn’t then the shift gets him there. Thats Example A why you have to draft/develop hitters that hit it where its pitched!

    • JA

      Have you noticed that Castellanos rarely os HBP? Or is it just my impression?
      Hes very technically at bat

  101. JB

    Might have to watch MLB Network tonight to see what Plesac says about his beloved Brewers running away with the division.

  102. RojoB

    Cousins is the guy with BTB wild pitches

    White Flag?

  103. Slicc50

    Man no matter how this one works out. I will no longer be criticizing David Bell. He has this team playing very well! Even with a few holes.

  104. LGR

    They pulled Hader vs. Votto to put in a righty?

  105. Indy Red Man

    Osich? Hendrix stuff was on, but I forgot they pinch-hit. Lets get it!! Maybe you warm up Mahle?

    • LGR

      You’d probably warm Gray before Mahle. But he’d go Tony before either.

  106. VaRedsFan

    Osich warming….it’d be nice to add on.

  107. LGR

    Alright. So surely he doesn’t put Brach in, right?

  108. Rex

    can the ostrich get it done or will he lay an egg?

  109. JB

    They need to have somebody warm in case Osich gets into trouble

  110. LDS

    As Many of us have said, the Reds FO really needs to make a deal with Castellanos

  111. Mark Moore

    That catch was hilarious! Guy kind looks half-loaded, but he’s got a souvenir and a story. And we get a K.

    • RojoB

      He does look like he’s had a good share of beer and brats, doesn’t he?

    • Rex Aultman

      I hope that is the only highlight of his night

  112. Slicc50

    Anyone else notice how quiet that stadium sounds right now? Or is it just my tv?

    • RojoB

      Beautiful, deafening silence

      Will it last?

      • RojoB

        Indeed. It lasts

        What a thrill to beat Hader after he intentionally beans Suarez

        Will Michael Hill dish out a suspension?

        OK–sorry if you were drinking milk just now and I made it come out your nose

    • TR

      Another 32,000. stunned crowd at American Family Field.


  113. Melvin

    They can’t hit anything less than 90+.

  114. JB

    I love Winker. Always messing with the crowd

  115. Old-school

    Doug put the headline


    • RojoB

      Hader TKOs himself with clown show bean ball

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      Brewers no longer Hader in the bag.

      Those four umpires need to be reprimanded for how they destroyed the strike zone the last four days. God awful little league umpired zone, ridiculous.

  116. kevinz

    Well Done Reds.
    Now Lets keep this Going.
    After the break Of course.

  117. Mark Moore

    3 of 4 in their house! I’m starting to believe in the possibilities.

    First career save for Osich. No eggs were laid in the making of this win.

    • bug

      How great was that???? That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!! What a clutch hit! Farmer’s hit was big too. And against Hader!!! Castillo pitched a gem (though his walks kept me nervous),… and the bullpen closed it down. What more could you ask for going into the All-Star break?!?! Go REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. LDS

    3 of 4 in Milwaukee and beat Hader twice? Amazing.

    • Doc

      In effect, it also means they beat Peralta and Woodruff (or whatever his name is), the Brewers two aces.

      • LDS

        Pretty stunning. Hope they internalize that going forward

  119. JA

    Well done. Allmost a 4hrs battle, winning in the right side

  120. Melvin

    What this bullpen has done lately is nothing short of a miracle.

    • TR

      Along with others, Doolittle and Osich got it done today.

  121. VaRedsFan

    Well done Reds. Farmer and Geno with big contributions. Nick C gets a hand on the mvp trophy

  122. Doc


    Oh, wait, that belongs in the Brewers game thread!

  123. RojoB

    did you guys just hear Cast?

    “It started before the game. There was some clown on television talking —- about our bullpen. Karma’s real”

    • Mark Moore

      We laughed. Wife said, “Did he just say that?”

    • RojoB

      Who was he referring to anyway? A stab at one of the Reds’ broadcast team?

  124. Mark Moore

    Slipped that one by the censors … good on ya, Nick!

  125. Bet on Red

    Casti broke the brewers like McGregor’s ankle. Did what we needed to do in MIL, going into the break 4 out. Now root for Dave Roberts managing the NL team and use all the Brewers pitching in the All star game to force them to rest them. Nick C. just got Bally sports a FEC violation fine during the postgame standing up for the Bullpen, Good Job by Osich as well

  126. Mark Moore

    Gave the Reds fans attending quite the thrill ride. Everybody contributed in some way, especially our much-maligned bullpen.

    Back at y’all later this week. Feels good to head into the break on an up tick like this.

    • Rex

      nice that The Brew Crew can think about all week

  127. Jimbo44CN

    You have to love Castellanos, I am sold. Sign him for the next 10 years!!!!!!!

    • RojoB

      Nah we’d all be whining about the contract in two years.

      Five years

    • bug

      I hope. He’s earned it, no doubt. Halfway through the season, he’s the MVP in my book.

  128. Dennis Westrick

    HEY Hader! One (1) Question! How did that taste! Nick for MVP! India for ROY!

    • TR

      And the way things are going, it could also be David Bell for Manager of the Year.