A 9th inning go-ahead home run by Eugenio Suárez off of Josh Hader gave the Cincinnati Reds a 4-3 lead that they held onto as they picked up another game on the 1st place Milwaukee Brewers.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (47-42)
4 5 0
Milwaukee Brewers (53-38)
3 7 0
W: Osich (2-0) L: Hader (3-1) SV: Hembree (6)
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The Offense

The Cincinnati Reds were being no-hit through five innings. No big deal for the Reds because the game was scheduled for nine innings. Jonathan India was hit by a pitch to lead off the inning. Jesse Winker grounded a ball into the hole where in a traditional defense the shortstop probably can make a play on, but it’s 2021 and no one was there and it went as an easy single to put two runner on for Nick Castellanos. He worked a full count before unloading on a go-ahead 3-run homer to put Cincinnati up by two.

Unfortunately the Reds bullpen struck again and the Brewers tied the game up in the bottom of the 8th inning. That brought Cincinnati’s 6-7-8 to the plate against Josh Hader and his 0.78 ERA. The odds weren’t in favor of the Reds in this situation.

But hey, that’s why they play the game, right? RIGHT.

Upper deck. Opposite field. Reds lead 4-3 on a 418-foot blast by Eugenio Suárez.

The Pitching

Vladimir Gutierrez had made two starts against the Brewers earlier this year and pitched well in both of the games, picking up the win. Things didn’t start out on a good foot for Gutierrez and the Reds. Milwaukee didn’t hit the ball hard at all, but they were picking up hits. They took a 1-0 lead on a pop up that landed on the infield. But from there it was going to turn around for the Reds starter.

That is until the 6th inning. Christian Yelich led off with a single, but he was tagged out at first base after rounding the bag – or at least according to the umpire.

A 2-out walk was followed by a double by Avisail Garcia, but Omar Narvaez – just named to the All-Star team – was thrown out at the plate to end the inning. That would turn out to be a very critical play.

With a tough 6th inning, but a 3-1 lead, the Reds went to the bullpen. Amir Garrett got the job done by striking out all three batters in the 7th inning. But then the game was turned over to Brad Brach and after a pop up to begin the inning, the wheels fell off. He walked Luis Urias then gave up a game-tying home run to Tyrone Taylor. Willy Adames flew out, but then Omar Narvaez doubled and an intentional walk followed before Josh Osich came out to face Jace Peterson to set up a lefty-lefty match up with two outs. That move paid off with a strikeout, but the damage had been done and the game was tied heading into the 9th inning.

Eugenio Suárez to the rescue, at least for the time being, as his oppo-taco gave the Reds a 4-3 lead in the top of the 9th. That gave Cincinnati and Heath Hembree a chance to lock down a win with three outs. Keston Hiura worked a full count but struck out when Tucker Barnhart held onto a foul tip. Jackie Bradley Jr. then grounded out to Jonathan India for the second out. Pinch-hitter Pablo Reyes came on to hit for Josh Hader and after falling behind 1-2, he worked a walk to put the tying run on the bases. It also turned the lineup over for the Brewers and brought Luis Urias to the plate. Hembree got him to fly out to Jesse Winker to end the game and the Reds at least guaranteed a series split.

Notes Worth Noting

The Cincinnati Reds are now 5.0 games behind Milwaukee in the division.

Josh Hader had only allowed one home run all season until tonight.

32,034 fans were at the game tonight. Roughly 32,000 of them left disappointed.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers

Sunday July 11th, 2:10pm ET

Luis Castillo (3-10, 4.81 ERA) vs Brandon Woodruff (7-4, 2.10 ERA)

173 Responses

    • Max Hennessey

      Made the trip to Milwaukee this weekend with friends, that was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a ballpark

      • JayTheRed

        Did you like American Family Field… I honestly love that ballpark.. Lots of cool features and even when crouds are small there seems to be a fun energy vibe there… As Suarez would say Good Vibes Only!!!

    • Daniel Dravot

      Why couldn’t Garrett pitch the eight? Was he gassed from the 13 pitches he threw to strike out the side in the 7th?

      Brach comes in, gives up the tying runs, and ruins the nice job done by Gutierrez.

      Bell wants to look like a master tactician when leaving well-enough alone would have been the really smart move.

      If you get Garrett to strike out the side, stay with him one batter at a time . . .

  1. Alan Horn

    Our bullpen scares me. Hopefully, after the break we have 4-5 new faces. Hembree and Garrett show signs of being better. When your BP consists primarily of pitchers other teams have cast aside you can expect them to turn into a toad after several good outings. We need more consistency from the BP and I am not sure how many of the current cast can provide it.

  2. TR

    Eugenio gets it done to right center without swinging so hard.

    • Alan Horn

      He is all or nothing but he does come through often in the clutch. Plus, he plays some top notch defense most of the time.

    • VaRedsFan

      We’ve said it time and time again. He looks like a very competent hitter when he doesn’t try to pull EVERY pitch. You’d think he’d turn the corner and use that approach all the time, but alas, he never does. We can only hope.

      • Alan Horn

        Agree. Watch his head and shoulders when he swings. He pulling off the ball. You shouldn’t be pulling a ball on the outside part of the plate. The HR tonight was an exception. India was doing the same early on in the season and seems to have adjusted.

    • MuddyCleats

      Spot comments above and below. That was a great inside out swing; why not use it more often especially w/ RISP.

  3. Roger Garrett

    If anybody needed a good moment it was Eugenio.Great at bat and went upper deck off of one the best in Hader.Maybe just maybe that is the one.Great win for this club.Guit was good,Garrett was awesome and HH gets in done.Try it tomorrow.

    • Alan Horn

      Our starting rotation has been pretty solid lately. Which is good because Greene doesn’t appear to be quite ready and Lodolo has been injured and not yet tested the water in AAA. I think we have control of all 5 starting pitchers next season.

  4. Kevin Patrick

    Are you kidding me?!…. well… I don’t know about being upset about balls and strikes in this game… but that India tag on Yelich was a bit much. Yeah…If I were a Brewers fan, that would have put me over the edge. Freeman on that relay was absolutely fantastic.

    • Klugo

      Yes that was a great play on Freeman’s part!

    • Joe Atkinson

      Have to disagree with you. Yelich made a move toward second. It was small, but it was there, and by rule, that’s all it takes.

      But. The Freeman relay was masterful!!

    • Jim Walker

      I missed the Yelich play in real time but just saw the replay Doug posted here. Cheap call? Maybe, but Yelich’s body language as he pulled up at the suggests he was concerned he might have turned toward 2B too much.

      And I absolutely loved the look on India’s face as he walked over to make the tag. He was the cop that caught the guy who crept through the stop sign without making a full stop (and knew he had).

      • Still a Red

        Apparently India even told yelich as he approached he was going to tag him and he might be out…and with a smile on his face! Yelich stood still…what would have happened if Yelich stepped into foul territory just before India tagged him?

    • JB

      Are you kidding me? We all get upset about the strike zone with umps not calling balls strikes and vice versa. Yelich made an attempt towards 2nd although slight but a rule is a rule. If it was a Red player I would say the same.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Agree, and we had calls go against us too. What about Joeys swing on Ball four. Baloney, his bat never crossed the plate. I loved all the boos, I think that gets this team fired up.

    • Matt Howard

      Agree about if I was a Milwaukee fan and you could get away with that in softball but not in the majors! Yelich should have got back to the bag. He’s an awesome player though!!

    • KDJ

      Yelich was standing in fair territory past first base. They drill into your head in little league to stay in foul territory once you pass first base, or you can be tagged out. Heads up play by India.

  5. Broseph

    Does the umpire union contract run out with the players CBA? Would be a great time to revisit the contract with automated strike zones and other automated play calling to keep the games biggest stars, you know…in the game.

    • Tim

      Have you seen the automated umpires in the Atlantic League where they are test driving it? It is not perfected. There was a highlight from Thurs/Fri making the rounds where even the catcher turns around to look at the umpire in surprise when in-person umpire relays the automated call is a strike. Ball was low and away and out inches off the ground. Not sure how automated call decided that was a strike.

  6. Doc

    News flash: no bullpen is going to be perfect. One of the absolute best closers in the league “blew it” tonight, and he pitches for Milwaukee. Some people seem to think that once you get a lead it is never going away. You might want to check past baseball archives; you will learn otherwise. Always has been; always will be.

    • JayTheRed

      Completely agree even your best guys have bad night sometimes. Think back to Chapman if you can’t think of another example. I remember some games where he just couldn’t get the ball over the plate or someone smashed a game winning home run off him.

      Mistakes happen and so does Luck . and sometimes both happen.

    • Alan Horn

      I agree but our pen is not even good right now. There is no closer with Antone out. A good BP has to have at least a couple of consistent pitchers. Watch how often what happened tonight happens to Hader again. That guy is money in the bank.

    • Still a Red

      True…but you can’t come in and walk the first batter in 4 or 5 pitches, which it seems like the Reds BP has a tendency to do…maybe less so lately.

  7. KYpodman

    Definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results = Brad Brach (this week). Why oh why does Bell keep bringing him in during these situations? You don’t have to save Embree to the 9th. Pitch him against the top of the order in the 8th. Praise Suarez! (Also, our family nickname for Suarez is “soup”, my daughter could not pronounce Suarez, so, she called him “soup” when he came up and it has now stuck with us) Way to go Soup!

    • Reddawg2012

      Definition of insanity – continuing to criticize David Bell when his players love him and clearly he has done a fantastic job of keeping this team together through multiple injuries to key contributors in the bullpen.

      • KYpodman

        Sorry, but, the last 3 games that Brach has pitched (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) he has gone 1 and 1/3 innings given up 7 runs, 5 hits, 2 BB, and 2 HR. Bell keeps running him out there.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Reluctantly agree. This team plays hard for him and it shows. Also, he uses what he has. Brach will recover from this stretch and improve. And, nobody mentioning that Garret struck out three!

    • beelicker

      Bell had to make a defensive switch anyway due to Votto being ejected, so he took the opportunity to double switch because Votto’s spot in the order had just been up, a potential gain to avoid PH in event of disaster (which happened)

      Plus Milwaukee’s pinch hitter for Milwaukee’s P is due up and i believe only RH pinch batters were available and #s 1 & 2 batters coming up after #9 were also both RH, so don’t expose the LHP Garrett to 3 RH bats (he’s got to face all 3) . RHP to start that inning is the right correct call there

      in the 7th, 2 of the 3, Peterson and Bradley, were LH hitters, hence why that was Garret’s inning

      Matchups do matter, but the players still have to execute

      • Bill

        Actually, relievers have to face a minimum of 3 batters total or complete an inning. AG did both by striking out the side. He could have started the next inning and Bell removed him if anyone reached at anytime in the new inning. The best relievers need to be confident pitching against both RH & LH batters regardless.

      • greenmtred

        And, besides, who was he going to bring in instead of Brach? If he’d left Garrett in and it hadn’t gone well, we’d be screaming. Many of us were probably screaming when he brought him in anyway, and only stopped when he’d blown the Brewers out of the water. It’s easy, with the benefit of hindsight, to criticize decisions made without it. Aside from everything else, it’s becoming clear that this club has character; that’s certainly not all Bell’s doing, but I bet he plays a significant part.

      • beelicker

        Garrett wouldn’t have needed to face but one hitter, above, but he’ll also be available today. Brach won’t be and the rookie RH Santillan is still in line for his first relief appearance, if need be. I’d also guess Hader won’t be …

  8. JayTheRed

    Happy the Reds won but the Umpires were not very consistent and honestly that call on Yelich was crazy he was walking back to the bag at first. Glad we won

    To all the people wondering why Suarez is in the line – See the 9th inning and he is tied with Castellanos in HR.. I know it’s been a frustrating season to watch him most days but these are the moments you say good for you man good for you.

    Hembree has been pretty good so far out of the bullpen on most days. I am a little concerned he has pitched a lot lately though. Hope he doesn’t get overused and exposed. Not really sure who I would want out there instead in the current bullpen. Also Brach has been a little roughed up the past few outings. I still think both these guys are decent relievers.. Not Great but decent.

    • Alan Horn

      As a whole the entire BP with the exception of Antone has been inconsistent. Good then bad. It has cost us too many games when we had the lead late in the game.

    • Klugo

      Yes, the reason is Suarez stays in the lineup is his HRs and threat of hitting a HR. It affects pitchers and the game even if he’s not hitting for avg.

      • Alan Horn

        Is Lopez hurt? They haven’t even been using him as a PH lately. If not, they need to send him back down and let him play everyday. Maybe try to learn or get better at 3B and LF.

    • Broseph

      Suarez has the potential sure, but stats have dozens upon dozen of other opportunities he has failed, game on the line or otherwise. Striking gold once in awhile doesn’t matter with the whole some.

      • JayTheRed

        It sure matters against the 1st place team in the division especially tonight.

      • beelicker

        In the 2-o game yesterday, Saurez walked and scored 5o% of the runs ahead of Barnhart’s double. He’s also accomplished a 6-game hitting streak in July and this is now his 2nd HR for the month

        Slashing .210/.300/.381 over his last 3o games … or .207/.258/.345 current month of July, and which monthly BA progression has been Apr .13o, May .186, june .2oo … so there’s some progress at least … or at least some incentive to go mining the split stats for a fresher perspective lol

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree on Brach and HH.Bell just has to go with what he thinks is best but he may want to look at Brach in the 8th going forward.I like him but maybe we try Garrett or Warren next time.Brach is a vet so I expect him to bounce back just never know about pen pieces.Reds relievers when they don’t walk guys and keep it in the park do well just like every other reliever.We are going to have some fun the rest of the way but if we had pen help early we could be right there at 10 over but we aren’t so we play on.

      • Alan Horn

        I forgot about Warren. He has looked great lately but is he for real? Another guy picked up off the scrap pile. Sometimes you strike gold. Time will tell.

    • Carl

      Yelich saw the first base coach point to second, started to turn with a step towards second, then realized where the ball was. At that point he committed to second and the right call was made. I’d expect it to be called that way on the Reds as well. I think what was lost on the play is India being there to back up the throw so that he couldn’t advance, while being heads up to make the tag.

      • JA

        India 100% focused in the game…
        Umpire made the right call. It was like a pitcher balk. Yelich did it (the attempt to go)

    • KYpodman

      On Yelich play the rules states that if the runner makes “ANY” attempt to go to second on a wild throw to first, he is deemed still an active runner and subject to being tagged out before getting back to first or even to second. If you watch the replays he makes a slight move to second after the over throw, thus he is a “live” runner. If you watch the first base coach he is motioning and probably yelling for him to go to second. I partially blame the first base coach for not recognizing his “move” towards second and getting his but back to first. Hey, we will take it though!!!

      • beelicker

        Yes, exactly. The ball hops the wall, and Yelich moves across the foul line from foul to fair territory, establishing at that point a clear positive movement toward second, and then stands there. He’s still live (no time out has been called) and still ‘in bounds’ , that’s the rules, which the umpire is there to enforce. Ump’s not there to read players’ ‘intent’

      • RojoBenjy

        beelicker you nailed it!

        exactly how i saw it as well

        Yelich taking for granted he didn’t have to abide by the rules, he got sloppy and paid for it, then got mad at the umpire for enforcing the rule. Very much like a petulant child in my eyes.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Watched the replay 10 times. He made a turn toward second, very slight then he made it and was walking back to first, never turned to the right. India saw it and that’s why he tagged him.

  9. Tampa Red

    My favorite part of RLN is coming here after a comeback win and reading the game thread hot takes: “Fire Bell and ban him from Cincinnati” “DFA the whole team” it’s amazing, love it, never change lol great win, GO REDS!!

    • RojoBenjy

      That’s a big part of what it’s all about

      Most of us can have a good laugh at ourselves while we’re at it


    Yelich and Votto tonight…and others, if there is a work stoppage next year, or contract renegotiation, I would think the owners, players, and umpires/umpire assocation would all meet to discuss different ways of improvement in the MLB!

    • Rex

      how often are 2 former MVP’s tossed in the same game?

    • Alan Horn

      Yelich on a nitpick call and Votto on a missed call. The umpire behind the plate tonight was pretty bad. Very inconsistent. I wonder how far away electronic calling of balls and strikes is.

      • JayTheRed

        The umpires the whole series so far have been pretty inconsistent at the plate.

      • greenmtred

        In Votto’s case, his checked swing was ruled a swing, I thought. Would electronic thingy deal with that?

      • Jim Walker

        @greenmtred> The swing/ no swing call as it now exists has to be one of the most subjective calls in all of baseball. I don’t see any way a computer ump or replay becomes involved with it unless it is more clearly and technically defined.

        It is very ironic that on the other side, the rule that called Yelich called out on the elusive throw to first is also very subjective.

        How does a human umpire or a machine measure intent or commitment which is a part of the standard in both situations.

      • Alan Horn

        Umps have instant access to the replay we see would help with the checked swing call.

      • Still a Red

        This series has had probably the worst ball/strikes calls I’ve ever seen, at least according to the little square they put up on the screen..though the player reaction seemed to confirm the ugliness of the calls. That said, please don’t leave it up to a computer…the game is already feeling a little computerized with all the stat-focus. If you get rid of umps and refs…who ya gonna yell at!

      • Scott C

        I am not up on the MLB rule for a check swing but the rule in high school is that the bat head must must break the plane of the plate at an attempt to hit the ball. Votto’s bat clearly did not break the plane, it barely started movement toward the plate. For those that say well the beat movement is so quick that it is hard for the umpire to see it. Well then that umpire needs to quit or retire, that is what he is there for. The reason the plate umpire asks for help from the third base ump on left hands and first base ump on right handers is that they have the best view of the bat crossing the plane of the plate. The reason the plate umpire should ask for help is he has the least chance of seeing the bat cross the plane since his concentration first and foremost should be on the ball and the strike zone. This does not mean that they always get it right there is often a fine line but most umpires would err in favor of the batter on anything borderline especially a third strike. It was simply a poor call.

      • KDJ

        I watched some classic BRM games recently. It was amazing to me how far players could go with the swing and not have it called.

    • CFD3000

      I know there are sites that track this stuff so perhaps I’m wrong here. But I actually thought the home plate ump called a decent game and he was certainly consistent at the bottom of the zone. I didn’t really have a problem with that, though I’ll admit that’s also relative to some terrible ball/strike calls we’ve been seeing lately. And the Yelich call appeared correct to me. He made a small but clear move toward second, and apparently India (with the awesome backup) saw it. The Votto call by the 3rd base ump looked wrong to me, but I had to see a replay to be sure.

      All that said, my issue with the umps last night was the ejections. You’ve got to find a way to keep two starters in the game. It’s a close game, late, in a battle between the first and second place teams. Votto was right aight about that at least – it’s not about the umps. That part was really disappointing on both sides.

  11. JayTheRed

    Completely agree even your best guys have bad night sometimes. Think back to Chapman if you can’t think of another example. I remember some games where he just couldn’t get the ball over the plate or someone smashed a game winning home run off him.

    Mistakes happen and so does Luck . and sometimes both happen.

    • JayTheRed

      Doug can you delete this message sorry about the double post my computer did something odd when I went to reply to Broseph above and the wrong message was inserted here.

  12. Klugo

    It’s time to move Brach to lower leverage situations. Let him work his way back to high leverage spots. He’s done it before. I think he’ll do it again. Ebbs and flows of a pitcher his caliber.

  13. Maloney63

    Incredibly exciting game and easily one of the best wins of the season! On a side note, you have an umpire not calling strikes at the bottom of the zone (which Nick took HUGE advantage of!) so Bell brings in a slumping pitcher who absolutely HAS to have strikes called at the bottom of the zone! Those strikes don’t get called and Brach gets extremely upset and gives up a game-tying 2-run blast and a long double off the wall! Bell set up Brach to fail! HORRIBLE managing! Hembree has REALLY been bailing out this bullpen of late!

    • Alan Horn

      Brach didn’t get upset as much as the Brewer’s starter. If the Brewers have a weakness it is they can get rattled easily including the manager.

      • Rednat

        i agree the Brewers are almost as whiny and emotional as the cardinals

      • RojoBenjy

        Fragile is the word

        Let’s use it often

      • Jimbo44CN

        And all the little Brewers in Brewville, went boo hoo hoo.

  14. Rcsodak

    One hit doesn’t fix suarez’s abysmal year. I/4, 2 X’s. Hader threw a meatball to a batter that usually tries pulling that and whiffing. One of them was going to get lucky.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’m pretty much with you but if he’s gonna get lucky i’m glad it was right then!

    • greenmtred

      It doesn’t fix his year, no, but it won an important game. He’s tied for the team lead in home runs and–using a discredited but not meaningless stat–one of the rbi leaders. He needs to get better, but he’s far from worthless.

      • Old-school

        Hes not worthless but hes really bad.
        18 home runs is significant but thats all he brings. He doesnt walk much doesnt hit singles or doubles. He hits a HR once a week. Hes second in the NL in strikeouts with 107
        Hes right at league bottom in avg. obp and positional fWAR
        Defense is all over the place

        Reds are 4 th in MLB in OBP and 2nd in the NL. India/winker/Castellanos are 6/8/9 in the NL in OBP

        Suarez should have 75 RBI

        Great timely HR though

    • Droslovinia

      If someone had told you in March that Suarez was going to have 18 HR and 50 RBI by the All-Star break, would you have been happy or would you have said “yeah, but what’s his BA?”

      • beelicker

        I’m starting to look at it as the more valid complaint is that he should have 2o-25 more RBI. And then you realize the NL leader only has 62 …

    • VaRedsFan

      People would say the same thing about Billy Hamilton, but once or twice a week he would do something that would have a huge impact in winning a game.

  15. Scott C

    Great game tonight, too bad it was marred with terrible umpiring. The strike zone was more consistent tonight than last night but that isn’t saying much. Called high strikes outside the zone that were impossible to hit and did not call low strikes in the zone. Counsell should have been ejected, you can’t argue balls and strikes. But the Yelich and Votto ejections were uncalled for. Yes Yelich did twitch towards second but made no real effort to go to second. Technically the right call, but then don’t eject the guy. Votto very clearly, (On replay) did not swing, he is still out so why throw him out of the game. Sometimes in baseball, just like basketball, let them play, the umpires need some restraint.

    • JayTheRed

      Yelich got ejected for what he said to the umpire not based on the fact he was arguing the call … I could read his lips… There was language we are not allowed to speak here several times in the same conversation.

      • Joe Atkinson

        I was about to say the same thing. I think the umpire even let him lob off a couple of f-bombs before the one that got him tossed.

      • RojoBenjy

        Yep. Yelich was yelling things about the man’s relatives and procreative activity.

        No bueno

      • TR

        Yelich and his first name did not go together in that blowup.

    • CFD3000

      Agree completely Scott C. They’re already both out, on judgment calls so that’s not changing. Just walk away. It’s not about the umps.

  16. Rednat

    I’m telling you I would take the 2021 version of Suarez over the 2019/20 version everyday and twice on sunday. he is slimmer, more agile and can even play shortstop in a pinch. he may not get his 50 homeruns this year but he has come up with some big hits of late.

  17. kevinz

    Intense Game with high emotions.
    Glad got the Win.
    If SP can keep Mojo going.
    Team will have a chance.
    Once Get healthy could go a Nice Run.
    BP is the Obvious worry.
    SP need to go deep into Games and RP Healthy returns.
    Gray being able to stay Healthy a major Key as well.

  18. Grand Salami

    Great win.

    Winker may be coming around.

    Barnhart was a boss behind the plate.

    Brach’s magic may have run out. The 35 year old has an ERA of close to 15 in his last 3 appearances. Hopefully Bell gets the memo and sees Garrett has earned a late inning role again.

    • JayTheRed

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they give Lorenzen chances right away to end games. Then Hembree can pitch the 8th inning a couple nights a week.

      Would like to see Warren pitch a little more often too… Seems like he has done a nice job for us so far.

    • beelicker

      Barnhart’s tag out at the plate was awesome. Worthy of multiple replays. That can’t be easy to see the throw, catch it and apply the tag and hold on while standing in with a guy like that barreling down on you … and look so cool nochalant showing the ball to the ump after

  19. MBS

    So funny when people hate Suarez so much they can’t be happy when he does good. I agree he needs a new approach, or less playing time, until he really turns it around. I still don’t have to give him backhanded compliment when wins the game for us.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree, it reminds me of when there was a faction of Reds fans that wanted to run Adam Duvall out of town because his OBP was only around .300 despite the fact his OPS hovered just under .800 and he played near Gold Glove defense.

      Next year the Reds are going to be in a DH world; and, those 30-35HRs coming down in the order from a DH might look a lot better than now.

      • Alan Horn

        I wouldn’t make Suarez the DH. He is too good on defense. Moose, Lopez and Votto are better candidates. Or maybe Senzel being the DH would help him stay away from injury.

      • Jim Walker

        Suárez inconsistencies on defense are too much for me if the option was available to use him at DH. In the last week alone, he has hit 2 big HRs (and made some other notable offensive contributions) but also blown 2 GIDP opportunities, one of which eventually cost them the game, the other from which they recovered in extra innings as I recall. He is like the box of chocolates in that movie, you never know what you are going to get from him on defense.

      • Alan Horn

        Suarez is much like Concepcion was(one of the greatest shortstops to play the game). They sometimes blotch the routine play then make several extraordinary plays. I can live with that because the gain is usually greater than the pain.

      • Alan Horn

        i. e. he contributes to one rally but helps stop maybe 3 rallies.

      • Scott C

        I agree with you Jim, I would rather see Suarez in a DH role primarily. He can be used to rest the regular third baseman, but unless he cleans up his errors he is a liability on D. What is he -7 something on run prevention?

  20. Optimist

    Very few comments in this thread about VladGut. How many considered him a rotation piece in spring training? With this game, his 9th start, most of his stats put him at league average, and we’re approaching the end of a small sample size disclaimer. He’ll certainly need to make adjustments, but the coaching seems very capable of helping him there. As it is, he’s likely already a very good #5 starter, and if he and Mahle can stay off the injury lists, they’ll be very helpful in reducing the horror of the pen. I expect they’ll let him get into the 7th inning at the next opportunity.

    • MBS

      I’m a big fan of Gutierrez. The Reds needed an excellent start last night, and that’s what he provided. His only 2 blemishes have been against San Diego.

      It was also his 3rd appearance against the Brew Crew.

      Game 1: 7 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 7 K’s on 102 Pitches
      Game 2: 6 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 6 K’s on 110 Pitches
      Game 3: 6 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 0 K’s on 84 Pitches

      I don’t know if it was the game plan, but he was pitching to contact and got through 6 IP with on 84 Pitches.

  21. Indy Red Man

    Went 0-4 on UFC and lost $450, but I’m still happy. Just turned on my computer after my phone died and saw we won by Suarez>Hader! Suarez over Hader is like the chihuahua from Taco Bell mauling a pitbull))))))))))

    Last night youtube and tonite was Fox only which could only get Cubs/Cards in Indy. Can I please watch my boys on regular tv please? Thats 2 big wins right there! Even if we lose tomorrow its mission accomplished considering Thursday got away from them.

    Somebody mentioned the career high in innings for the Brewers. Peralta and Burnes are already over their career high and Woodruff/Hader aren’t super heroes.
    We gotta shot!!

    • Jim Walker

      Did you try streaming on your PC? I’m over here in Dayton, OH so our local ran the Reds on over the air TV but I was streaming via the FoxSports app; and, it looked like both games were available.

      • Indy Red Man

        I was at Buffalo WildWings with a friend to watch ufc. Only had my phone and it died in the 7th inning

  22. Indy Red Man

    Wow. I saw we were up 3-1 after 6.5 and then I went out to my car and it 3-3 after 8. I figured we’d lose. Can’t believe Bell tried to ride Brach again? Is this another David Hernandez situation? Fail fail fail fail hold fail fail fail all in like 2 weeks time? Give the man a break. He’s 35 and the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. Jeez? I’ll lead the chorus booing Bell for that one!! Atleast we won!!

    • Jim Walker

      Sunday is going to be interesting if they are in a save situation since Hembree has gone 2 nights running and looked very used up after a couple of batters tonight. He may have gotten away with one on the 3rd out. Winker was under it all the way but it was near the edge of the track.

      • RKREDS

        Thats why he Hembree gets paid the big bucks (ha ha)…to close out games on consecutive days!

      • VaRedsFan

        Bell could use most of his starters in relief for an inning if need be. All hands on deck before the break

      • Alan Horn

        You have Warren, Hendrix(whom I still think is going to be a great reliever at some point) and Santillian. You can come back with Garrett also. I am scared of Doolittle. Also, like VaRedsfan mentioned below. You can use at least some of the starters in relief. Help is on the way in Lorenzen, Antone, Sims, Hoffman and Santillian. That is encouraging.

  23. Indy Red Man

    Geno’s 3rd game winning rbi in 8 games. Geno almost would’ve won the first playoff game in Atlanta last year if Joey remembered that you run to 3rd and then home instead of back to 2nd base on a ground ball single. I watched it 25 times and I could’ve scored on that ball at 54 years old.

    Just saw that relay. OMG! Again it was their catcher, but that was still incredible. Why was Wink so far over in left-center….especially on an inside breaking ball? But he ran over and of course the ball shot off the wall and went right to him. We’re suddenly catching breaks somehow? Anyway, Wink’s relay was slightly off, but Freeman scoops it and fires a bullet! That was an incredible play by a backup player!

    • greenmtred

      The team has very few really good defensive players, and yet, somehow, they’re starting to play good defense.

      • Alan Horn

        I agree. We were told that Winker, Castellanous and Farmer(SS) were inferior defenders. They have all improved. Farmer could range more but he always seems to be positioned correctly and rarely makes an error on anything he gets to. Castellanous is slow but like Farmer catches most everything he gets to. Votto is even playing better defense. The Reds need to hang onto Barnhart as long as possible. Stephenson can play a lot of 1B going forward(DH) and also spell Barnhart.

  24. Jim t

    Really happy with a split of this series In Mil but man I want to win this game Sunday and take 3 of 4.

  25. BZ

    The Yelich call was one of the few good calls by the umpires this weekend. He took a step towards 2B and that is all that is needed. The Brewers fans booing every call, every strike, and every out was annoying.

    The Votto ejection seemed to be purely ego-driven by the 3B umpire. Votto was walking to the dugout and chirping. It wasn’t overly animated. The 3B umpire held up his hand to tell him to stop. Votto did the same motion as he entered the dugout area and the umpire tossed him. This whole umpire crew needs looked at. They have been brutal for both teams.

    • TR

      Those kind of calls should be reviewable also. Votto, obviously, did not break his swing at the halfway point.

      • BZ

        I agree, he didn’t look like he did there but you never know how the camera angle skews things for viewers. Looked like a check swing though.

      • VaRedsFan

        When Votto checks his swings an just holds the bat there, he is just asking to be rung up. He needs to recoil snap back the swing.
        Brando Phillips was a master at the check swing….rarely got a call against him.

      • Jim Walker

        Google “MLB checked swing rule” and look at the mess that is returned.

        A checked swing (called a “half swing” as referenced in rule 8.02(c)) is not technically defined anywhere in the MLB rules as far as I can determine. Officially it is a totally subjective call. If the home plate or appeal ump says it is a swing, it is.

        Notably, if the HP ump calls a swing and stands by his call (i.e. refuses to ask for help), his call stands no matter what the corner ump may think.

    • Scott C

      I agree this umpire crew has been bad, very bad for both sides. It needs to be looked at by the Umpire Association and reprimanded. And yes the checked swing is a judgement call but as I posted above there are some guidelines as you go up through the ranks. If the plate umpire makes the call, the batter cannot appeal to the base umpire, which is why you often hear (read lips) of the batter why didn’t you ask the base umpire.

  26. BZ

    And I understand some people are programmed to never criticize a major league manager but using Brach in that situation was a bad call. He’s shown he is unreliable and that he doesn’t have back of the bullpen stuff. Why not try Warren who has been effective in low leverage situations or…hear me out on this one…your Top-5 ranked prospect who throws upper 90s, the ability to strikeout hitters, and looked semi-competent as a starter and was subsequently moved to the bullpen to help?

  27. Reddawg2012

    Great win, albeit stressful. Getting healthy in the bullpen and acquiring at least one more reliable reliever would be huge. I’m not sure how anyone can fault Bell for going to Brach in the 8th. Isn’t it safe to assume that Derek Johnson and David Bell are more in tune with their pitchers and how to use them than the average fan is? Yes, Brach was coming off of two rough outings. And after last night, I’d probably hesitate to use him in high leverage situations again anytime soon. But it’s not like there are clearly better options down there. Maybe Art Warren or Santillian gets a chance on Sunday if it’s close late.

    Was anyone at the game? It looked and sounded like there were a decent amount of Reds fans in attendance. Not to the level of Cubs fans at GABP, but I could definitely hear the Reds fans on TV.

    • Indy Red Man

      Brach has struggled and his velocity was down the other night? You’re right though. Its hard to fault Bell because its not like Warren, Osich, Doolittle, etc are proven at this stage. I put it on the front office! When Antone went down again they could’ve worked the phones and done something. They knew 7 straight games were coming up against Milwaukee. They’ve already brought in guys and paying them good money? You’ve already made 95% of the effort needed. Its like having a playoff ready football team and not finding a decent backup kicker when he goes down. Andrew Chafin with the Cubs? He’s 31 and can’t have a big future with them. We traded Travis Wood to the Cubs at one point. Looked him up and he’s only 34))) Younger then Doolittle and Brach if that tells you anything and Wood hasn’t pitched in the bigs in years.

      • Reddawg2012

        I agree 100%. The bullpen issues are an ownership/front office problem. The team as a whole is legit and that’s why the BP issues are so frustrating. They really are so close to taking over the NLC, IMO.

  28. beelicker

    Speaking of struggling, Hader had pitched two 14 pitch innings on the 7th & 8th on 7 days rest, before pitching 17 more last night. He also gave up his only other HR in 35 innings this season on the 7th as well, and never more than one inning. Maybe he’s cracking? He’s come back on zero rest days before, but you’d think he’s maybe not available again today …?

    • Indy Red Man

      Maybe? Plus Burnes and Peralta are already over their career high innings. They went to a 6 man rotation to get more rest, but its still a challenge for them.

      I couldn’t watch the game, but Boxberger should’ve walked the bases loaded on Joey’s check swing. He’s shaky! He walked the bases loaded in New York this week, but then struck out the next 3. Suter is not bad, but their middle relief is only decent overall.

    • Reddawg2012

      It’s definitely possible. The Brewers have dealt with injuries this season, but their pitching staff overall has been remarkably healthy. If they had injuries to the extent of the Reds (number 1 starter missing considerable time, top 3 bullpen options on the IL), it’s hard to see them being in first place.

      • MBS

        That’s a cool link. It looks like Garrett, and Warren are the guns tonight. Hopefully Castillo can give us 7 IP, and the offense a nice lead.

      • Jim Walker

        @MBS, Yeah it is a handy and interesting link. Also I should thank RLN’s own Nick Kirby (@Nicholaspkirby on Twitter) for sharing it with me. He used it as a static display in a preview one day; and, when I asked about it. he passed the link on to me.

        If I had my complete druthers, it would show innings or outs too but it is much better than paging back through box score pitching summaries.

  29. Grand Salami

    Yes, the bullpen is the easiest and cheapest fix so long as you aren’t leveraging for a high end closer (ala Chapman).

    I just don’t think hoping for health is realistic bc Antone and Sim’s timetable is so unclear and Hoffman isn’t high impact.

    • BZ

      I think praying for the non-2020 version of Lorenzen is the biggest hope for immediate bullpen help of the health front.

      • VaRedsFan

        Yes, because he’s had his share of bullpen vomiting syndrome too. He has a knack of letting those inherited runners score.

  30. Hotto4Votto

    Wow what an awful call on Yelich. He and Brewers fans have every right to be upset. The umpire crew was straight garbage this series. And, to be honest, quite full of themselves.

      • Mariners77

        100% the correct call. Rules is rules, as they say. I have a feeling that Yelich’s reaction was less about being upset with the call and more about realizing he got caught in an embarrassingly bad base running blunder

      • JB

        It’s amazing to me that people who comment here all the time have no idea what the rules are. Yelich made an attempt to second. Doesnt need to be a few steps. Just an attempt. Yelich got caught and he knew it. Using the F word multiple time in a umps face will get you tossed everytime. It’s simple.

      • Jeffversion1

        Amen. The rule is the rule. Definitely the correct call there, even if you never see it happen.

        India knew. Why didn’t Yelich?

      • VaRedsFan

        Bingo JB…spot on about people not knowing the rules, then bellow out. Just like the rain shortened game a week or so ago.

      • Hotto4Votto

        And y’all can miss me with this not knowing the rules crap. I know what a turn it, he didn’t make a turn.

      • JA

        Pretty clear out.
        Of Yellich wants to blame somone he needs to direct his energy to his 1B coach who sent him the signal to go.
        Again, the Coolest man in the field, India, played much baseball in that instance being attentive to the bad throw, realize Yelich movement and taggin for the out. Gosh, it was almost a play in the high school playground

    • Hotto4Votto

      Nope. He didn’t make a move. He stopped and surveyed where the ball was. If he had made a move you wouldn’t have been able to clearly see the numbers on the back of his jersey the entire time. There was no turn. The entire time running to first he had one foot inside the foul line. The’s the bath path. He never deviated from that.

      • BZ

        The rule book says absolutely nothing about turning your body. That can be your standard but it doesn’t mean it is right.

      • Hotto4Votto

        What is a move toward 2nd base? Is it not turning towards it?

      • Old-school


        Its all good. People can see different things. Brewers certainly saw it a different way. India is a cool cat

        I would say he crosses first base safe with both feet firmly in foul territory.

        He is tagged out with both feet firmly in fair territory

      • Hotto4Votto

        People do see things differently. Which is why the whole mess with not knowing the rules above is ridiculous. It’s about interpretation of the rule not knowledge the rule. I disagree he made a move. Yelich said after the game his shoulders were square, which to him indicated he didn’t make a move. I agree with that. His body never turned, his stopping motion moved him a bit back across the line. He crosses 1B with one foot on the foul line. Then stops and in that motion it takes him back across the line, but not out of the base path and not what I consider to be a move toward 2nd. If an ump is going to make that call, it needs to be a blatantly obvious move toward 2nd. This was not that, at all.

      • MBS

        If I we’re a Brewer fan, I’d be pissed. As a Reds fan I am confident in the fact he made a move. It’s hard to be objective when you’re a fan. Rules do get interpreted differently, it’s basically the whole job of the Supreme Court, and why you have so many denomination of churches.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Watched it a bunch, he turned left, and then turned around and was walking straight back to first. India knew it and tagged him. Out.

      • Hotto4Votto

        MBS, you’re exactly right. If the roles were reversed and it was a Red in the exact situation the tone on this board would be drastically different about the call. Just as the the Brewers fans likely believe Votto swung. Trying to be objective and not fanatic, it was a bad call.

    • Optimist

      Some questions here – seems a petty call of sorts, but he clearly didn’t lean right, and did edge left. Still, can’t leave that to umpire’s interpretation. Also, I wonder if Votto yelled to India to tag him – looks like Joey was saying something with his back to the camera. Finally, was the 1b coach yelling go, or no, or anything – wonder if all that affected the ump as well.

      Not awful in the sense of game changing/rally killing, but add clearly another small, but lesser, example to add to the pile of questionable calls.

    • Scott C

      If he makes a move towards second, he can be called out, that is where the interpretation comes in, he did step towards second initially but made no real attempt to go to second. You are right it is about interpretation of the rule, a good umpire would look at that and say he made no attempt to go towards second and make no call. If he had done that I don’t think you would have gotten any argument from India, just a shrug and “It was worth a try.” I also think Yelich was up set because, and I may wrong about who it was but I think he was the one called for interference the other night for sliding into India and caused the inning ending double play. And if I am correct on the rotation of umpires that would have been the same umpire that made that call. That would be nice to know.

      • JA

        The interference in 2nd when Geno made a great play? I guess iT wasAdames.

        I guess Yelich was upset because he was caught like the driver that almost stops in front the police, as someone said here.
        Also, if you want to illustrate the definition of “smirk” just look at the 2Bs face gesture.

      • Hotto4Votto

        And, honestly, I think the “step” people are pointing out wasn’t even a step toward 2nd but part of his stopping motion. Hasn’t anyone around here ever sprinted full out and then came to a stop? Do you always stop exactly in a straight line? Not likely. Especially when you may be looking for something? Generally you’ll veer slightly to the direction you are looking. My interpretation is that he was looking to see where the ball was to make a decision on whether or not to go toward 2nd. At that point the ball bounced back into the field of play and was to Yelich’s left. In his stopping and looking to find the ball he moved slightly a step to his left. But again, made no real effort to go to 2nd and made no turn, and was still within the base path.

  31. Old-school

    Rough math but looks like Reds SP in July have not allowed more than 3 runs in any game and have a combined ERA in July of 2.43

    That’s going to give you a chance to win every game.

  32. JA

    Colorado completed a shutout in SD for their 8 win on the road of the season, so Redsis now 4.5 games behind the wildcard.
    I read the post-game comments by Yelich and Council. They sounded very stressed to play these couple of series vs Reds, you can almost smell their fear.

    Vlad had a great game…. He has done pretty decent considering he was playing minors a couple of months ago.

  33. RedBB

    David Bell pitching Brad Brach into the ground. David Hernandez says hi

  34. J

    I wonder how many games India will be suspended for causing Yelich to get so upset.

    • BZ

      Hahaha I appreciated this comment #Baez’d

    • RojoB

      The league office has their request for review submitted to St. Yadier and are awaiting his ruling

  35. JA

    Today’s line up (espn)


    • RojoB

      The Freeman Effect is being put to the test.

      Can they go 9-0?

      • Rex

        6 out of the last 7 at MIL ???

        that would be amazing and I feel the momentum to do it

  36. Redsvol

    Reds are playing great team baseball. We have plugged numerous guys in from minors and from scrap heap into that bullpen and they are holding it together.
    Osich, Warren and Hembree are my new favorite players. Perez and Doolittle are just overmatched right now. Doolittle hasn’t pitched since July 5th – seems like they are protecting a slight injury there. Hoping we can get at least 2 of the Lorenzen, Antone, Sims, Hoffman group to pitch in 2nd half – but health is so huge rest of way.

    Starting pitching since mid-May, has been awesome. Keep it up boys!

    I agree with VAReds – all hands on deck today. Need to treat it like game 7 of the world series.

    Love the starting 8 but would like to see some more youth/rested players sprinkled in during the 2nd half. Lopez, Aquino, Stephenson and Shogo need some more at bats. They’ve played well but would like to see Votto, Suarez, Naquin, Nick, Kyle and Jesse get some more rest for the stretch run. Lets get this last one – blood in the water!

  37. MBS

    Acuna is out for the year. Horrible news for baseball, but I wonder if it turns the Braves into trading patterns for an arm or 2.

  38. Matt Howard

    Great read everyone!!
    Hotto is off a bit. Yelich makes a small move towards 2nd and sees India’s heads up back up.
    He really should have gone back to the bag and this wouldn’t be something we talked about.