Earlier this week manager David Bell said that there was an outside chance that Michael Lorenzen could return this weekend in Milwaukee. First the Cincinnati Reds reliever would need to pitch on Thursday night in Louisville and see how that went, then the team would talk things out to determine if it made sense. A few things happened that changed that situation. It would seem the conversation happened before Lorenzen pitched because Bell noted prior to the game on Thursday against the Brewers that he would be in Louisville during the break.

“I would anticipate Michael, unless something unexpected happens in the next couple of days – in the interest of Michael, our team, our entire season – we’ll probably let him stay in Louisville over the break,” said Bell.

Things may have changed a little bit either way, though, because Louisville was postponed by rain on Thursday night. And the plan was to give Lorenzen a day off following this outing as it was, meaning he wouldn’t even have been available until Sunday.

“Get some back-to-back outings in so when he comes back next Friday there’s no limitations on how to use him,” Bell said. “If he were to come back Saturday we would be potentially trading one inning and giving up those All-Star break days where he could be fully built up and I think in the long run we’ll all be better off there, including Michael.”

Louisville will play every day until the Reds return on Friday with the exception of Monday. That will give Michael Lorenzen a few more opportunities to pitch before getting back to the big leagues and really, even though he didn’t necessarily know it at the time, David Bell was right in the assessment that basically you’d be trading one inning over the weekend for multiple opportunities for Lorenzen to pitch in the next week and be better prepared to pitch when the Reds return at home to welcome the Brewers following the All-Star game.

12 Responses

  1. CFD3000

    Assuming he’s 100% healthy, this is a big upgrade for the bullpen. Lorenzen for Perez? Yes please.

  2. DataDumpster

    Being the situation and opponent being presented for the next several games, I wouldn’t trust Mikey at all. When he put his top objective during SP to be a starter, play outfield regularly and also pinch run, you just knew something would go wrong (just like Suarez’ famous 50 HR goal). That is not putting the interest of the team first and there’s no room for that.
    Lorenzen also has been out more than 3 1/2 months for what? A sore shoulder from overtraining biceps? Remember how terrible of a start he got off to last year by overthrowing the ball? No, he and Senzel et al. have been misused and subject to too much experimentation by Bell and/or really don’t have a place on this team.

  3. Rednat

    just hope we are still in contention when sims, Lorenzen and Antone get back. we have to get at least one win over the next 3 then sweep the brewers at home after the break.

    didn’t read the comments from yesterday’s game but Jonathan India has to be waved around in the first inning on Castellanos bloop hit to set a tone. More aggressive baserunning is needed to scratch more runs against the brew crew

  4. LGR

    Stephenson not in the lineup tonight vs. the lefty? Alrighty.

    • Jeffery Stroupe

      Sounds about right…..it’s almost like tanking second half for draft pick….Bell us getting his lineups from front office.

  5. Mark A Verticchio

    I mentioned on another post, with Miley pitching he should play Stephenson at first and let Tucker catch. It’s not like Votto is hitting lefties at all anyway.

  6. Old-school

    Lorenzen could not have a worst case scenario entering FA. Injury history, only 2 months in bullpen and no hitting or outfield.

    I could see him Re-signing with Reds to rebuild his value.

  7. VaRedsFan

    Lorenzen is certainly better than Doolittle, but he isn’t the 2nd coming of Mariano Rivera. I didn’t like how he thought he was entitled to a starter spot without even proving himself in Spring. Then he proceeded to throw up all over himself when he did pitch, but still thought the spot was his. Then he got hurt. Pitchers need to be elastic, not muscle-bound

  8. SteveO

    Lorenzen with 2 strong innings(28 pitches) in game 1 of doubleheader. He also got a hit!