The Cincinnati Reds have placed right-handed pitcher Sonny Gray on the 10-day injured list with a rib cage strain. They’ve recalled right-handed pitcher Tony Santillan from Triple-A Louisville to take his spot on the roster.

Gray pitched yesterday in Kansas City and threw 7.0 innings of 2-run baseball. So how is it that he’s now injured when nothing seemed to come up during the game?

“It was something I was kind of managing yesterday throughout the game,” said Gray on Friday afternoon. “We’ve got some time now to our advantage and it’s something I need to take advantage of.”

Sonny Gray will fly back to Cincinnati tomorrow in order to get treatment. As for how much time he expects to miss, the answer is good.

“Right now I’d say when my turn comes available I feel like I will be able to play,” Gray said.

Sonny Gray can return in 10 days. That would be during the first series after the All-Star break in Cincinnati against the Brewers. If all goes as planned then there is basically no actual time missed for Gray and the Reds get to have an additional pitcher on their roster for the series against Milwaukee that begins tonight.

Tony Santillan is returning to the Reds roster. He had made four starts for Cincinnati until he was optioned back to Triple-A when Gray returned from the injured list last week and took the spot that Santillan had in the rotation. The Reds announced then that Santillan would head back to Louisville to pitch in the bullpen, at least for the short term, with the idea being that he could return to Cincinnati to help in the second half as a reliever.

Never actually having pitched in the bullpen (his two relief appearances in the minors came in his literal first ever game in 2015, and then the other was in relief of a rehabbing big leaguer when he simply pitched a starters worth of innings after the rehabber exited the game), the Reds wanted to give Santillan some time to transition and get a little experience coming out of the bullpen. He didn’t get much time, or much experience down there. The righty made one appearance with the Bats in the bullpen, throwing a shutout inning with two strikeouts on July 4th in Nashville. He was throwing 95-96 in the outing. For now he’s back to bolster the bullpen and he should be ready to go given that he last pitched four days ago.

21 Responses

  1. MBS

    So Santillana to the pen, and Hoffman to replace Gray if need be after the break

    • AllTheHype

      Yup but seriously doubt this is anything but roster manipulation to add Santillan to pen til Gray starts again.

      • Doug Gray

        I’d disagree based entirely on the fact that Sonny Gray is flying back to Cincinnati instead of remaining with the team in Milwaukee.

      • Allthehype

        Could that just be optics regarding the move, make it look legit? I guess we’ll know after the break.

      • Bet on Red

        Maybe there is something, but with the bullpen being taxed as it was, maybe this is a move to bolster it at the benifit of a starter who wouldn’t start before the break anyway

      • beelicker

        longer ASG break for and also continue treatment on the groin thing too … Mahle said as much in the Q

  2. Steelerfan

    Well, if it had to happen, now isn’t the worst time. Hopefully he can be available for one game with the Brewers.

    Fingers crossed….

  3. jon vera

    Probably just needed an arm for this weekend.

  4. AllTheHype

    Roster manipulation, add a good arm to BP, smart move.

  5. Jeffrey Oakley

    Why not let Green make a spot start. The move has tremendous up side and very little down side if you compare Santillian’s stats as a starter.

    • Sporty

      Greene has been hit really hard so far at AAA. He’s given up 14 runs (12 earned) in only 17.1 innings through 4 starts. He’ll come good, but he needs time.

    • burtgummer01

      Because GreenE has been borderline awful at AAA

      • David

        If they were going to bring up “another” starter, I would bring up Reiver San Martin. He has pitched pretty well all year in AAA. He’s a lefty, too.

        Even if Greene had pitched well in AAA (which he hasn’t), he is still building arm strength from his TJ surgery, as none of the minor league players did a lot of innings last year. The Reds still need to protect his future, which should be great. 2022, maybe.

      • Randy in Chatt

        Hunter Greene is also not on the 40 man roster. Who are you going to release/DFA off the roster to get on it.

      • Jim Walker

        I prefer solidly mediocre 😉

        Greene hasn’t given up a long ball since his first AAA game (4m HR that game, the only hits he allowed in 4 innings of work) but has struggled with control in and out of the zone in 2 of the last 3 starts.

        All told he has made 11 starts between AA and AAA and completed 55.1 innings. In his last 3 starts at AA he went 90+ pitches each and worked 7 full innings, 6.2 innings and 6.0 innings. I’m guessing in part he arrived at AAA just as some mid season tiredness might have been setting in with his arm and legs.

    • Doc

      The same Greene who is struggling in Louisville?

      • JayTheRed

        Yea that same Greene… Guess what he has never been in AAA baseball yet and I hate to say it but the talent level in A ball versus AAA is much greater. Give him some time he will figure things out. It’s the first time he has ever been at this level and just like any new league you have to learn a little before you get success.

        Give the guy a break…. Give it some time.

  6. Eddiek957

    Good move Dodgers have doing that with starters for awhile

  7. Max BRAGG

    Reds are throwing everything off just so fans will not be concentrating on Suarez bad play and NO attempt to upgrade at Shortstop. They bring up Lopez an he sits TELL me why????

    • Ben Walden

      Suarez is absolutely killing this team’s chances to win consistently…on both sides of the ball. David Bell’s mealy mouth defenses of the guy have become so old. The ball between the legs the other night literally cost us the sweep of Royals. He is a shell of himself as a ball player. Why doesn’t Bell SIT HIM for a while? Or send him to Louisville? Let him attempt to work things out. If Bell moved him to SS I will give up completely.