The Cincinnati Reds (44-40) will put their five-game win streak on the line tonight at 8:10 PM against the Kansas City Royals (35-49). The Reds are playing some inspired baseball as they are 21-12 in their last 33 games. The Reds are also now four games above .500 for the first time in July or later in any season since 2014. The Reds are now 6.0 games behind the first place Brewers. They have also crawled to within 4.5 games of a wild card spot.

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo is rolling. He has a 2.13 ERA/2.76 FIP in six starts since June 1st. Castillo’s 1.1 fWAR since June 1st is the sixth highest among all MLB pitchers. He took a no-hitter through four innings against the Padres in his last start before a rain delay spoiled the fun. Castillo has a 2.89 career ERA in 2 starts against the Royals (both in 2020) with 10 K/4 BB in 9.1 IP.

Kris Bubic has split time between the rotation and bullpen (7 starts in 14 appearances). He has been much worse as a SP, as he has a 5.82 ERA and has allowed 12 home runs in 7 starts. He gave up 3 home runs in his last start in a 15-1 loss to the Red Sox. Bubic has 1 career start against the Reds coming last season at GABP: 5.0 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, 2 HR, 1 BB, 6 K. Winker and Davidson homered off him.

Starting Lineups

Reds Royals
1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Tyler Stephenson (C)
3. Nick Castellanos (DH)
4. Joey Votto (1B)
5. Eugenio Suárez (3B)
6. Aristides Aquino (LF)
7. Tyler Naquin (RF)
8. Kyle Farmer (SS)
9. Shogo Akiyama (CF)
1. Whit Merrifield (DH)
2. Andrew Benintendi (LF)
3. Salvador Perez (C)
4. Carlos Santana (1B)
5. Ryan O’Hearn (RF)
6. Hunter Dozier (3B)
7. Michael A. Taylor (CF)
8. Hanser Alberto (2B)
9. Nicky Lopez (SS)

-Jonathan India is back in the lineup! The Reds stud rookies are hitting in the first two spots in the lineup, and they both have hit LHP really well: Stephenson 129 wRC+, India 131 wRC+.

-Day off for Jesse Winker. He is 1 for 20 so far to begin July, so a day off was much needed. You always want Winker’s off days to come vs LHP (career .590 OPS vs LHP, .532 in 2021).

-You really miss Nick Senzel when you see both Tyler Naquin (career .644 OPS vs LHP) and Shogo Akiyama (career .590 OPS vs LHP) in the starting lineup against a LHP.

-It’s good to see Aristides Aquino and his 1.016 OPS get another start. It would be nice to have a DH and Aquino get a shot at playing regularly. The thing to remember with Aquino is the Reds still have control of him through 2025, so there is plenty of time still left for him.

NL Central Trade

The Brewers made another trade. Tellez only has a 65 wRC+ in MLB this year, but he does have a 177 wRC+ at AAA this season. He had a 133 wRC+ in MLB in 127 PA last year. He had a 107 wRC+ from 2018-20 with the Jays in 609 PA. He is certainly an upgrade for the Brewers at 1B, but it is surprising to see the Brewers give up another quality bullpen arm. It will be interesting to see if that comes back to bite them in the second half with so much uncertainty after last year’s short season. The bigger headline here is that the Brewers are really trying to make moves to improve their club. Let’s hope the Reds decide to join the party at some point.


This is certainly a pitching matchup that favors the Reds. Another pitching matchup that favors the Reds is being played in Queens, NY: Brett Anderson (7.20 xERA) vs Jacob DeGrom (1.40 xERA). This could be a great opportunity for the Reds to get within five games of the Brewers by the end of the night. Go Reds!

314 Responses

  1. Doc

    Sounds as though the hare is starting to run scared of the tortoise.

  2. Melvin

    Five back in the lost column. Keep pouring it on….as in stay hot.

  3. Old-school

    Nice write up Nick
    Glad to see India and Farmer back healthy. Good to see Winker getting a deserved day off. Hopefully Castillo and Votto continue their strong resurgence , Suarez takes another step and a good time for the Punisher to flex a few times jogging around the bases.

    Reported today reds are 10th in home baseball attendance in MLB

    Keep winning
    Go Reds

  4. Mark Moore

    Here’s hoping this lineup scores early and often … Crooked Numbers, please, gentlemen!!

  5. Roger Garrett

    Score early and often.Cy Bubic is well so ridiculous to even say so lets not say it.Go Reds.Our offense is about to start rolling again so it might as well be today.

  6. Klugo

    I like this lineup. Thought Winker needed a day off also.

  7. J

    Am I missing something? Don’t the Reds have a quality switch-hitter who could be tonight’s DH, with one of the lefty outfielders on the bench? It is that just too crazy an idea?

    • RojoB

      I forgot about Lopez for a second.

      This would have been a game where Bell would have put Scott Heineman out there, so why not Lopez? But still not as egregious as starting Heineman. So glad he was taken away from Skipper.


      • MBS

        It looks like the LHP is a bullpen piece, that starts up to 4 innings. I wouldn’t worry about the L vs R matchups to much. I think the large outfield was the bigger concern.

      • TR

        My opinion is the L/R matchups, whether hitting or pitching, is overdone.

      • Melvin

        I have a feeling that was a Krall thing and not David Bell. If so hat’s off to Krall for taking Heineman off. I’m sure it’s hard for him to stand up and do what he thinks is right in the environment he has to work in.

  8. LDS

    So Milwaukee continues to make moves to improve their team. Castellini are you watching?

    • RojoB

      That means they know they aren’t built to sustain the long haul. The Reds are still better suited for that.

      Can’t believe I just typed that, but that seems to be coming true this season…well at least for the last month lol

      And the cool thing is that Senzel won’t necessarily have to play CF anymore if/when he returns.

  9. Tim

    Reds in a good position in my opinion. They will be getting some fresh arms and bats off the DL. Will be able to spell some key players and have a few nice pieces waiting in the wings. Also have a much better 2nd half schedule. Should be a very fun late summer.. at least let’s hope so.

  10. Kevin Patrick

    I am very pleased with the defensive possibilities of this outfield…especially in Kauffman. I think it a tad interesting to see Stevenson batting second. I hope he moves India regularly.

    • HoF-13

      This proved prophetic – a few really nice defensive plays out there tonight. Helped out Castillo a lot tonight.

  11. Dennis Westrick

    Glad to see Winker get a day off! He was instrumental in the Reds success for weeks and deserves a rest and rest!

  12. Dennis Westrick

    Also, Reds facing another Cy Young candidate in Bubic with an ERA in 2021 of almost 5.0! Hoping the “good” LC shows up tonight and continues his recent success! Go Reds!

  13. Grand Salami

    Great preview Nick. Tons of info.

    This could be a game where the Reds pad that Run Differential so that their projected wins match actual.

    The Reds will be doing fine this season with the AL central.

  14. Bet on Red

    LC versus bullpen game? extra hitter? They gotta get this one.

  15. Bet on Red

    also, Don’t Freak out over MIL moves. They are making them because they are already starting to fall apart. Reds will do addition through health. Maybe, a LHRP, but no need to sell the farm for a rental, when we get one for free in a few weeks

  16. JA

    I do think that all MLB teams are very competitive. Differences are in the small details. For instance, i think running bases by royals yesterday was not aggressive enough, 3B coach stopped twice their runners (in different innings), would they scored? Nobody knows, but they played not risky, but they could have a 4-1 lead ag the best, a moment that change the game.
    I am saying this because, IMhO, I see the expectations from some fans look like if Reds don’t take a 10 runs lead in the first two innings, they are not a good team. That would happen from time to time, as the opposite as well, but those are not “normal” games…
    What i like to see is the Reds fight every inning.

  17. Mark Moore

    Let’s not make this a comeback win tonight, k? Let’s jump out to an early lead with the Super LC on the mound tonight.

  18. Mark Moore

    Top-tier rookies … we’ve got ’em!!

    Nice way to go with the pitch, TySteve.

  19. Bet on Red

    also, a nick lodolo sighting. He comes off the IL to start tonight

  20. LDS

    JV as cleanup against a LH’er followed by Suarez doesn’t make a great deal of sense. On average, those two in consecutive order is probably not a good idea generally.

  21. Indy Red Man

    That sucked(( Stephenson is a perfect #2 hitter right now though

  22. Mark Moore

    So, after the 2 rookies had their way, it is Cy Bubic on the mound, isn’t it …

    • Brian Rutherford

      Most of the hitters have never seen him and his pitches are all over the place, but yeah they probably should have batted around. +500

      • Mark Moore

        Fair enough that he’s an unknown (even though his stats indicate he’s not very good). Add to that another erratic umpire and it keeps everybody guessing. I never said they should bat around, but the GIDP’s and whiffs get old.

        We’ll see how the second time through pans out.

      • Old-school

        Comment on Reds baseball not other comments.

        Thats the definition of a troll

        Dont need a Nanny state -Brian Rutherford – or thought police .
        Its a baseball blog. Free opinions. Believe it or not- its not your job to correct others opinions you dont agree with. Talk your original baseball ideas and contribute something other than intolerance of others.

      • Brian Rutherford

        Nah Old School, just disagree with his opinion that not even one full time through the order against a pitcher they have never faced and was being wild that somehow they were making him look like a CY Young candidate.

        I made the same logical leap that he did.

        I was talking baseball and disagreed with his opinion, which I am free to do. Thanks for the political science and civics lesson though. Go Reds!

      • Old-school

        They should have batted around?
        Thats sarcasm dude

        +500? That is marks signature positive reinforcement of everyone on this site. Hes the most positive guy here. Thats sarcasm to a logarithmic degree with a personal smack

        stop the garbage Nanny Brian

  23. Dennis Westrick

    Phillies already up 4-0 over Chicago! The Cubs June swoon continues!

  24. Dennis Westrick

    Is it just me or does it seem that most of the outs the Reds are making lately are strikeouts compounded by a bunch of double-play ground balls.

    • VaRedsFan

      Mostly a result of the hitters trying to pull the outside pitch, instead of doing what TySteve did.

  25. VaRedsFan

    No damage on the India error…6-4-3 2 pitches later

  26. Indy Red Man

    They’d have 2 hrs in gabp already. Lets Go!!! I know we’re winning, but we let the worst pitchers get confidence and start picking us apart.

  27. Daytonnati

    Very impressive Reds fan there no camera between innings.

  28. Bet on Red

    Caught a break but I’ll Take it. Aki got wheels though

  29. Indy Red Man

    India has to score on that ball? Hit all the way??? Maybe 3B coach couldn’t see it as well in the sun or something, but he should’ve been waving him.

  30. Bet on Red

    but but but Votto cant go the other way to leftys

    • Mark Moore

      Makes up for his GIDP in fine fashion. The help from their LF’er “going for it” is much appreciated.

  31. Mark Moore

    Joey with a triple … I guess the 2nd time through is a charm tonight.

    • Old-school

      That could be his last triple ever

      Great at bat

      Go reds

      • Mark Moore

        I was thinking they are pretty rare from him. Takes more than just a well-placed hit (which that was).

  32. Indy Red Man

    India makes a baserunning mistake, but Joey picks up there! The Reds are getting it done!

    Nice call by Bell to put Stephenson in the 2 hole also! He’s a perfect inside/out #2 man!

    • VaRedsFan

      Actually thought India could of had a triple, unless he was holding up, not being sure what the lead runner would do.

      He had to hold up the Tyler hit, not knowing if it would be caught.

  33. Roger Garrett

    Not watching must missed a chance in the first and in the third.Its just always the little stuff that we just seem to struggle with.This team never gives up but sometimes we just have trouble getting out of our own way.

  34. LDS

    Wow, JV with a triple, his first since 2019, and against a LH’er only the 6th of his career.

  35. VaRedsFan

    Quite the left jab by the 1st base ump.

  36. Roger Garrett

    Joey with a big big 2 out,2 RBI triple.

    • LDS

      Yes he did but Suarez left yet another runner in scoring position.

      • Roger Garrett

        I hear you and Suarez for me is a big key of if we can or if we can’t.He doesn’t have to hit 270 cause 230 would be a big big help.I watched the replay of his homer last night and it was 83 mph right on the barrell and he didn’t miss it.He will hit some mistakes nine miles but its when we just need a single or a quality at bat to move a runner over is where we need him to show up.

  37. Indy Red Man

    Bet the Reds and Philly/Cubs Over 9.5 tonite. So far so good!

    KC has lost 23 of 29 coming in. They were 29-26 before the roof caved in

    • Bet on Red

      I got the under. To score the over usually both pitching staffs need to be bad. THe Reds can have a good day and the Royals do not, (yesterday for example) then you still are getting the under. And with the over under set at 10…. I don’t see the royals scoring enough, even if the reds put a few more up

      • Indy Red Man

        Good luck! Hopefully the Reds won’t go too crazy on you.

      • VaRedsFan

        Unders were cashing all the time pre-sticky stuff. Not as much anymore

      • Bet on Red

        yea, I also got the HRE under at 30. same theory. but good luck to you as well.

    • Indy Red Man

      Cashed my Over. I’ve been hitting them like crazy lately. Every Arrieta game. I had the Over in Milw and the Cubs got 7 top of the 1st and Arrieta hadn’t even pitched yet. Ended up going Over 2nd inning!

  38. Roger Garrett

    Just wonder what the Cubs may do at the deadline.Starters aren’t very good and pen came back to earth with a big thud and they have guys that will be free agents after this year.Reckon they try to move some of their position guys?

    • MBS

      I’d love to get Kimbrel, it could take a 8 – 12 type prospect I’d guess.

      • Mark Moore

        For whatever reason, I can’t stomach the Chicken Wing guy … and I love it when we get to chase him.

        Expensive “closers” don’t age well for the most part. Check out Chapman’s current ERA (I know it’s only one piece of the puzzle). I’ve got a NYY fan friend who thinks Chappy’s decline is directly related to the lack of “the good stuff”.

      • VaRedsFan

        Chapman lost his control…throwing lots of off speed and splitters…walking the farm. He had micro-era for like 2 months.

      • MBS

        He’s got a .059 ERA in 32 games this year, and has converted 20 or 22 SVO’s

  39. Brian Rutherford

    Tyler Naquin was a great signing. Why did Cleveland give up on him?

    • Indy Red Man

      Hurt alot….basically their Senzel

    • Roger Garrett

      Guy is only 30 I believe so is he or can he be part of what we do next year and beyond?I think so.We are better off with him then without him.He has produced when he plays.

  40. Mark Moore

    Yep. Farmer was the right choice for SS tonight. No doubt in my mind.

  41. Bet on Red

    Farmer does not like your talk of getting a new SS

  42. Old-school

    Farmer day off was a good day

    Reds on a roll

  43. LDS

    Farmer homers? What alternate universe have we dropped into?

    • Mark Moore

      Where ever it is, let’s stay in it and hope it eextends to Milwaukee later this week.

    • Indy Red Man

      .749 ops vs lefties. He’d be fine if he didn’t have to play every day.

    • Roger Garrett

      He is a very good utility guy that wears down as a starter.Just needs to rest some because for the most part he does give a quality at bat.Dude never has been a starter and to start at a defense first position almost every day is just something he has never done.

  44. RedsMonk65

    Seven hits and five runs in less than four innings. Not bad. Keep it up.

  45. Roger Garrett

    Reds doing just exactly what they need to do against a pitcher that is young and learning.Get out early and keep on going.

    • Grand Salami

      This is a comfortable lead and would be a complete blowout minus the two GIDP

  46. earmbrister

    Just joining the party. Need to ask, Joey V TRIPLED?

    • Grand Salami

      Benintendi laid out for the it and it wasn’t close. Then it bounced away from him and back toward CF

    • VaRedsFan

      Reached out and poked it down the left field line…The fielder dove…missed it.

      • earmbrister

        Thanks Sal and Va. Just finished watching the video. Amazing that he hit it that far with what almost seemed like a check swing.

        Wheels Votto. No wonder Billy Hamilton couldn’t keep a place on this roster …

        Seriously though, Votto certainly seems to be totally engaged in every aspect of the game this year, expecially enthusiasm. Giving his all; hopefully he can stay healthy

    • Indy Red Man

      Medium liner down the LF line and Benintendi dove and missed and the ball went to the wall.

      • VaRedsFan

        Legend has it that the ball caromed all the way to the right field line, and both of the other outfielders fell down also to allow Joey to get to 3rd. 😉

    • Bet on Red

      dont let them lie to you, joey was just channeling his inner Billy Hamilton

    • Mark Moore

      Debbie says go watch it. Lot’s of factors as people said, but he ended up standing on 3rd pushing in 2 ahead of him.

  47. Indy Red Man

    I would try to limit Luis to around 90-95 pitches since we need him on Sunday vs Milw

    • Mark Moore

      Not a bad idea. Get through 6 to notch the win and let the pen wrap it up.

  48. earmbrister

    Could this be a 22 pitch walk? Nope 12 pitch. Nice battle.

    • Mark Moore

      Santana is definitely a pro hitter.

  49. Roger Garrett

    Santana is just a professional hitter and has been for a long time.Great battle.

  50. Mark Moore

    BTW, Reds FB page said that was Joey’s 21st career triple (in case anybody wanted to know).

    • earmbrister

      First since ’19, when he had one. Career high is three (appropriate) which he has done three times (more appropriateness).

  51. VaRedsFan

    Royals announcers: Nick C has the 2nd worst chase-rate in the NL.

  52. Indy Red Man

    Nick down to .334

    Adam Frazier, Trey Turner, and Segura (.330) but needs more at-bats to qualify.

    I don’t think anyone is ever going to win a batting title playing in GABP. He’s hitting like .390 at home, but thats not sustainable. Our outfield is just too small

  53. Mark Moore

    100 and done. It was more a matter of how many innings it would take.

  54. Hanawi

    Some vintage Votto lately. Getting on at a pretty consistent clip. Even showing a bit more power. This version of Joey can play 2-3 more years, especially if a DH arrives.

    • earmbrister

      We are privileged to be witness to a true HOFr. Enjoy the sunset, it’s a sweet view.

    • Mark Moore

      Agreed. The DH will extend him through to the end of his contract.

    • VaRedsFan

      As long as he doesn’t go back the the choke up crouch.

      • earmbrister

        He is a student of the game. Joey tried that approach because he thought it would help him. Credit to him that he ditched it and adapted yet again.

      • VaRedsFan

        The thing that irked me was he just finished 2nd (should have won) in the MVP in 2017, then abandoned that approach in 2018. Switched back half the season and started raking again. Then came back and crouched again in 2019 for 4 months before abandoning it again.

  55. Mark Moore

    Royals RP has nearly a BB per inning. So why isn’t he in our pen of a few weeks ago? Asking for a friend …

  56. Bet on Red

    Mets Brewers postponed. We should gain a half game if everything holds

    • VaRedsFan

      We aren’t allowed to count chickens here.

    • RedsMonk65

      Dern. I was hoping DeGrom was going to level those Brewskis.

  57. Mark Moore

    It’s getting close to pumpkin time for me. I won’t make it through to the end, but I’ve got a much better than usual feeling at this point. One more solid inning from LC should set us up nicely.

  58. Mark Moore

    Even, with that dinger, it was a quick inning for LC.

  59. Roger Garrett

    Reds missing lots of chances to add on.Royals won’t roll over.Got to score some more runs.

    • Mark Moore

      Booth was just saying they are up there to swing with the exception of Santana who has a great eye and patience. So a cement mixer like that one hangs and then flies out.

  60. Dennis Westrick

    One (1) more inning from LC would be nice! Reds offense has had their chances to put this one on ice but, once again, they’ve let a small village on the basepaths!

  61. Old-school

    SP rolling .

    Every game game Reds can win because SP keeps them it. When offense clicks, some games can get easy

    This team Could get it on a roll if it cleans up a few things

    • Roger Garrett

      No doubt and if Suarez contributes at the plate we could really go off.Starters are good enough and better then most when healthy.

  62. RedsMonk65

    Farmer shooting for the cycle tonight ….

    • Mark Moore

      Booth wondering if he can borrow JV’s triple.

  63. Mark Moore

    C’mon Shogo! Slap one over the infield.

      • earmbrister

        Lopez had 4 of his 5 MLB hits in the 7/1 game. We’ll see if he’s real over time.

    • LDS

      India injured or Bell being Bell? Imagine what this team could do with a real SS, a healthy bullpen, and a real manager.

      • Mark Moore

        It would be almost as magic as 1990 …

      • RojoB

        Let’s hope it’s not your first choice in that list

      • RedsMonk65

        I imagine India’s ankle is still bothering him from the Cubs series (remember, he was a late scratch from yesterday’s game). But I don’t understand why Freeman over Lopez.

  64. VaRedsFan

    This Hernandez kid has electric stuff.

  65. Mark Moore

    OK, friends. Got to shut it down. I’ll watch the bottom of the 6th and trust LC can continue. Day game tomorrow, so it will play casually on my other screen on mute.

  66. Dennis Westrick

    Another runner orphaned at 2nd base with less than 2 outs! Gonna hang in for one more inning then it’s bedtime for this old man!

  67. Old-school

    Im out

    Late night indy has to bring it home

    • Indy Red Man

      I’m dozing off, but I’ll grind it out)))

  68. Roger Garrett

    Castillo finally got Santana to ground out on a 99 mph sinker.Castillo is back.Can punch guys out but he is at his best when they beat it in the ground.He may go backout for the 7th.

  69. RedsMonk65

    OK, I’m thinking we need more runs. 5-1 is not enough.

  70. Bet on Red

    and geno with the insurance RBI

  71. earmbrister

    Eugenio steadily working his way back. Mendoza here we come!!!

  72. Roger Garrett

    Eugenio comes through and we need him.He and Joey battled against 100 mph stuff.

  73. Indy Red Man

    AA misses those sliders by a foot every time. He’s not great on lefty sliders either, but alot of lefties don’t have great sliders. His future might be a Jonny Gomes platoon type with better defense

    • Mark

      Cionel Perez is awful and needs replaced this week

  74. Roger Garrett

    Gone.Whomever is staying bring it home for the good guys.

  75. Indy Red Man

    This is where Gabp really factors into our pitchers heads. We’re probably up 7-3 in gabp, but a couple of those balls leave the park for them and Luis isn’t pitching to contact like this. Probably go like 5.2

  76. RedsMonk65

    Starting to nod off myself…would still feel better doing so with just a couple more runs.

  77. MBS

    Giving away outs, came back to bite this inning in the butt

  78. VaRedsFan

    Cionel didn’t get the good bullpen vibes memo.

  79. JB

    This is why I said last night that Perez will be the first to go down. He is terrible.

  80. Indy Red Man

    Why do they keep bringing Perez back? He wasn’t ready in April or May and he’s not ready now?

  81. Tom Mitsoff

    I haven’t been able to follow along tonight, but I noticed India was replaced by Freeman. Did India get hurt?

    • Daytonnati

      Grimaced on a ground out and Bell pulled him.

    • RedsMonk65

      My guess: He was still hurting from his collision with Baez during the Cubs series (remember, he was a late-scratch for yesterday’s game). So, I’m hoping it was just a precautionary measure. What confuses me is that Freeman came in instead of Lopez.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’m thinking Bell wanted to see Freeman because Shrock is killing it in Lville. To help decide between Lopez or Freeman

    • Indy Red Man

      Remember when he got tangled up with Baez on Sunday (or Sat?). I think he’s still coming back from that.

      He hit into a double-play and tweaked his leg running to 1st. Hopefully Bell is just playing it safe so he’s good to go in Milw.

  82. Hanawi

    Hard to blame Perez since he did get three guys out. But, he’s probably the first to go.

    • Indy Red Man

      Question is Hoffman/Lorenzen in and Perez/somebody out?

      Seems like it would be Hendrix, but I would ship Doolittle in a heartbeat. Bell has AG and Osich already

      • VaRedsFan

        Ha….no way they are shipping their big off season signing out.

  83. Gpod

    You bring in crappy 8 era pitchers when you are down & need someone to mop up….not in games that you are leading & need to win !!

  84. Bet on Red

    not happy at Perez, My under is in danger now. Hit an inning bet still live though. Need Royals to get one single and then go down in order. 3 outs remaining

  85. Indy Red Man

    Passed ball from Stephenson gave them 1 run. I think he had a passed ball over the weekend too for a run, but I’m not sure?

    I wonder why Bell doesn’t help out our bullpen by bringing in Tucker when we have a late lead? His defense is obviously worlds apart from Stephenson

  86. RojoB

    The ninth inning is getting too interesting for KC fans.

    Put ’em away, boys, let’s go!

    • RojoB

      Ahh…Cowboy bragging a lot on Brach earlier…I blame him LOL

    • RojoB

      Can’t get out those crummy hitters, after he made Santana look silly. SMH

  87. LDS

    Bullpen reverting to mean – too many positive articles I guess

    • Indy Red Man

      Warren anyone? He’s got the best stuff of anyone they have left

  88. RedsMonk65

    This is not good. Walk and HBP to begin the 9th…. Nobody out. Come on, guys!

  89. RedsMonk65

    I should have gone to sleep when I had the chance….

  90. RedsMonk65

    DRATS. Error on Geno. Should have been a DP.

    • RedsMonk65

      I’m going to bed. Hopefully good things will happen in my absence…

    • LDS

      Trade him if they can find anyone to take him

  91. RojoB

    Someone said Suarez was playing kick-butt defense.

    Well, that was a big kick in the butt on a tailor made GIDB ball

  92. Ghostrunneronthird

    This is what happens when you lack a light’s out closer.

  93. VaRedsFan

    Geno made a few good diving plays…3 errors since. That little mini run ended too

  94. Bet on Red

    congrats to Indy you hit the over

    • Indy Red Man

      I have the Reds. I had the Over in the Cubs game

  95. Gpod

    I still blame all this on Bell for bringing on a Aaa pitcher to a game that you had in hand….total stupidity that can’t be defended

    • RojoB

      And HH after that?

      Bell whiffed on that.

      But Suarez has a LOT of blame tonight also. Dreadful error. Really painful

      KC absolutely atrocious team and you hand them the game.

  96. Indy Red Man

    HH 5 era
    Warren 2 era?

    Alrighty then? Warren might be unavailable? We need 1 popup or K and we can get out of this

  97. Bet on Red

    this is gross…. poor use of bullpen tonight

    • Indy Red Man

      Stephenson passed ball in the 8th. Suarez here in the 9th. Leadoff walk/hbp in this inning by a 35 year old with a ton of experience. I don’t know what Bell is supposed to do?

  98. Bigbill

    Is there a worse defensive 3rd baseman in the league? Suarez has been tanking this season all by himself all year. Once more.

    • RojoB

      We need to not see him on the field tomorrow

  99. LDS

    Just wait till Bell’s post game cliches. Worst managed team in the league.

    • RojoB

      Not that I disagree, but his third baseman really soiled the bed. And that was not on him

      • LDS

        Agreed but I’ve wanted to see him benched for weeks and Bell plays him everyday. So still on Bell.

      • RojoB

        We see eye to eye on that for sure!

        I am so ticked at Suarez right now

    • Indy Red Man

      Ok. Bell made Stephenson give them a run on a passed ball. Bell let a doubleplay go between his legs. Bell walk/hbp first 2 hitters in the bottom of their lineup. They got Brach off the scrap heap too. The front office gave him nothing really. Garrett/Sims were his 2 big guns coming in and neither were proven. Antone/Lorenzen hurt

    • Amarillo

      As opposed to Stephenson’s dropped third strike, Perez’s meatball, and Suarez’s whiff on a grounder.

    • Dean Rock

      I disagree. Bell bringing in Perez and pitching to Perez were mistakes. Even pulling India to give him a rest was presumptuous.
      But Suarez botched a double play ball, Brach walked and hit a batter. And Aquino couldn’t make a simple throw.
      Team didn’t step on Royals throat. All of us thought this game was in hand. It felt that way from 3rd inning. Bell managed like he thought it was a mail-in victory.

  100. LDS

    And with Milwaukee postponed, the Reds give up a 1/2 game

    • RojoB

      This team excels at missed opportunities. Just think if they had not missed so many earlier in the season. But, they have created their current position.

  101. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell has done his best to give this game away, putting Perez in was a bad move especially when you are missing your 2 best relievers.

  102. J

    The two relief pitchers with the lowest ERAs will probably never make it into this game…

  103. kevinz

    DP ball to Suarez.
    Throw home for another missed out.
    So kinda crapped the bed.
    Shame honestly.

  104. kevinz

    DP ball to Suarez.
    Throw home for another missed out.
    So kinda crapped the bed.
    Shame honestly.

    • Indy Red Man

      Stephenson is not good defensively. As tall as he is….he should’ve atleast caught the ball and kept the hitter from making 3rd base. Plus the passed ball run in the 8th

  105. Gpod

    5 run lead ….6 outs to get….you bring in your best pitchers …..not someone that doesn’t belong in the major leagues

    • Indy Red Man

      Not when you play 1 run games almost every night. Guys need rest and other guys need work. They had Brach and their best in the 9th with a 3 run lead and blew that anyway

  106. Bet on Red

    who was the last out for the reds?

    • Bet on Red

      never mind. Putting perez in was a huge mistake. Ruined a great start by castillo there. ML cant get here soon enough.

  107. Indy Red Man

    Perez is their leader….just walk him. Unreal. I do give Bell some blame here

    • RojoB

      I was just texting my sister that Sal is exactly who KC wants at bat right there.

  108. RojoB

    They better win tomorrow

    And Suarez better be on the bench

    • RojoB

      What’s more important to David Bell? Catching the Brewers or not hurting feelings?

      If Suarez starts tomorrow I’ll know the answer

  109. VaRedsFan

    Why are you pitching to their best player with 1st base open?

  110. Indy Red Man

    Santana on deck who sucks vs lefties. Jeez. Sick. That is on Bell

    • RedAlert

      Never gonna win anything with this guy managing … I’ve said it a 1000 times

      Reds looked like little leagers that last inning

  111. kevinz

    Tough L for the boys.
    Along seeing India banged up even more.
    Not a good Game at all.
    Now they just need to move on.
    Play earlier game around 2.
    So hopefully they can flush this game.
    Feel bad for Castillo.
    Pitched well and has been lately.

  112. DataDumpster

    No need to panic. The team has been playing well above expectations lately. Bullpen, Suarez and Bell collided; a loss but a needed lesson!

    • RojoB

      I’m actually not panicked

      I’m seething at the sloppy management, and sloppy play

      • DataDumpster

        The “lesson” being that this club, while performing well lately, still plays with a lack of discipline and fundamentals that has been a hallmark of the David Bell era. Is there a means for David Bell to get mad and act on this?

    • Dean

      Lesson? What’s that? Don’t treat a game like it’s over with a 5-run lead in 8th inning? Look the ball into your glove? Keep your throws down?

  113. Scott Cleaves

    Wow. Yes, the pen collapsed, but three errors? And Bell leaving Brach in after a walk and a hit batter? Inconceivable to me.

    • Indy Red Man

      He got the next guy to hit a doubleplay ball, but Suarez watched it go thru his legs. Just a complete meltdown.


      Bell has to start bringing in Tucker for defensive purposes with a late lead. He could start Stephenson against righties more often to keep from wearing Tucker down.

  114. Bet on Red

    ultimatly it is still 5-1 over the last 6 win tommorow and then take 2-3 from the Brewers (or 3 of 4). Season isnt over. This game’s ending was gross but the season is still very much alive

    • RojoB

      yes, thanks for the pep talk–I mean it, not sarcastic. Emotions high for me right now if no one could tell from my posts lol

    • Dean Rock

      We had no business losing this game. Period. It’s also a giant buzz kill that may impact tomorrow.

  115. Roger Garrett

    Just checked the score on TV and really couldn’t’ believe it.How on earth can we be this bad to give up 6 runs in the last 2 innings to a team that is just awful.I see where we kicked it around and walked guys and hit guys so what gives with this little league play.Why to we even pitch to Perez?Why did we even bring our Perez in to a game?

  116. DaveCT

    Doug. @dougdirt. By virtue of the laws of baseball, this loss belongs solely to you.

    I hope you will accept total responsibility!

  117. RedsMonk65

    Couldn’t sleep…checked the score and wished I hadn’t. Unbelievable and totally inexcusable. That was a game we should have won — we HAD it won and then gave it away.

    • Dean Rock

      Epic collapse. Good luck getting back to sleep.

  118. RedAlert

    Appears got a new Edward Sissorhands at third base…

  119. Erik the Red

    Unfortunately a bunch of bad decisions and a lack of execution by the relief core and Suarez continues to disappoint as much defensively and offensively. That double play has to be made no matter who is at third. I am sure Castillo has to be disappointed with not getting a win.

  120. RojoB

    Sam LeCure not so complementary of Bell in the postgame.

    Not exactly throwing him under the bus, he was polite and all…but he knows what’s up

    • Dean Rock

      Was he critical of Bell for bringing in Perez and leaving in Brach?
      I’m mostly disappointed with Suarez. I throw up inside every time he tries to pull a slider off the plate and misses by a foot. And now 15 errors … He needs to be benched and replaced by Lopez and/or Moose when healthy.

      • RojoB

        The comment started like, “the turning point of this game was when Castillo came out”

        And generally polite talking around the obvious. but Sam did not hand the manager a pass

  121. Indy Red Man

    How many teams have passed the halfway point with a winning record against every team in the division and yet:

    6.5 games back??

    • RojoB

      That’s where the terrible record against Arizona and Colorado really impacts the standings

      • RojoB

        And that’s why EVERY game needs to be managed to win, and not thinking 3 games into the future all the time

      • Dean Rock

        San Diego and SF we are 2-11 combined.

  122. RiverCity Redleg

    How does Perez keep getting opportunities in the bigs? Why does Suarez play every day? This was a frustrating loss. Mistake after mistake after mistake to allow the lowly Royals comeback 6 runs in two innings.

    • Indy Red Man

      They win 5 in a row and a bunch of 1 run games and Bell gets zero credit

      A bunch of pitchers/fielders fail and its all on Bell?

      That being said….tonite he screwed up. Perez? He’s about ready to get shipped out with Lorenzen/Hoffman coming so why pitch him there? I’ve also been saying for weeks now that they need to put Tucker in defensively with a lead. Stephenson is that bad behind the plate. Too tall and too big.

      Lastly Sal Perez is their leader. You turn Santana around and make him beat you batting righty. That is not debatable

    • Dean Rock

      These are awesome questions. I’d love it if a reporter would ask them to Bell. Here’s another one … Joey Votto is hitting a punchless sub-.200 vs. LHP since start of .219. Why does he continue to start against them, and worse yet, bat 2nd or cleanup, as he did the last 2 games vs. Lefties. This is not anecdotal evidence. This is a 3-year trend that is not going to improve. I find it hard to believe we can’t find someone to play first base and hit .225 with a little power vs. Lhp. That would be a nice improvement.
      I love Joey. But the numbers don’t lie.

  123. RojoB

    My sympathies to whomever is tasked with the game recap tonight.

  124. J

    The bullpen obviously has nobody who’s really reliable, but Bell’s insistence on using his LEAST reliable pitcher before using any of his better ones is a bit hard to grasp. Has he not noticed how quickly this bullpen can blow a big lead? Does he really think it doesn’t matter who pitches as long as you’ve got a 5 run lead? It’s as if he was getting bored and deliberately tried to make the game more interesting by seeing if he could get away with the most dangerous move possible.

    • bug

      EXACTLY!!!!! Right on the money. It’s like he’s trying to save the decent relievers. But he always ends up using them anyway. Only he brings them in AFTER we’ve blown a big lead. Stupid!!!!!! And he never learns. Embarrassing that someone could be that slow between the ears. How pitiful!!!

  125. Roger Garrett

    He is clueless at times and if given a chance he will prove it.You don’t bring Perez in to a game unless we are down big big big.He is the last man in the pen.You do not pitch to Perez.You walk him,set up a force at any base and pitch to Santana.Look at his splits and you don’t even have to do that cause the world knows he has made his money by what he hits batting left handed.

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      Exactly pitching to Perez was reprehensible. Only a clueless manager makes that mistake.

  126. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    The chain reaction that Bell/Perez set off was despicable, Stephenson also needs to be taken out late for defense, sick of his lazy reaching for balls.

    Cionel Perez burned the pen down tonight in what should have been an easy win. How you pitch to the Royals best hitter with the base open in the ninth is also ,mind boggling.

    This rag arm outfield defense leads a lot to be desired, Aquino gets that guy with a good throw, and even makes the last play with a good jump.

    A devestating loss. Pending tomorrow you go into Milwaukee with a bullpen taxed that didn’t need to be.

    Why is this Perez still on the roster? Bell knows how to hand gasoline to arsonists.

    • Indy Red Man

      AA got the ball there? Stephenson is 6.5 feet tall and yet has the ball go off his mitt?

      • RedAlert

        Agree Indy …how does he not catch that !

  127. RedAlert

    Bell is just a way below average MLB manager period …. his in game management and decision making helped to gift this game away . Not all on him for sure , but it starts with him .

    Game was won and gift wrapped it away

  128. Gpod

    Just listening to Bells postgame… there anyone….anyone that will ask Bell a thought question…..anyone …..anyone…..please !!!!!

    • Dean Rock

      Reporters don’t ask the tough, yet fair questions, as they have to see these people every day. Only in a market like NY or maybe Chicago will you get the tough questions and meaningful reporting.

    • bug

      I never listen to him in the post game. His post games comments are always embarrassing. He does not have a clue.

    • J

      I don’t even bother listening to those things. I long ago gave up on the idea that anyone will ever ask a Reds manager a questions that might actually make him feel a bit uncomfortable. This whole operation is based on everyone being very polite to everyone and making sure nobody’s feelings get hurt, and that includes the media’s relationships with the team.

      • Dean Rock

        Precisely. They all ride the same plane together and same guy signing their paychecks.

      • Doug Gray

        Dean – they absolutely do not ride the same plane together. Heck, half of the people aren’t even in Kansas City. And none of the people asking questions get actual paychecks from the Cincinnati Reds.

      • J

        It’s true they aren’t literally paid by the Reds, but in a way they sort of are. It’s a symbiotic relationship. The media help the organization with PR, and the organization offers lots of access to players, managers, etc. for easy material to write about. There’s a tacit agreement that nobody is supposed to ask questions that make anyone feel too uncomfortable.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t think you understand how this works at all. The team has to give access to writers who are members of the Baseball Writers Association of America unless the writers do something so egregious that they would lose their privileges.

      • J

        Doug, with all due respect, I don’t think YOU understand how this works at all. The team is under no obligation to supply every reporter with an equal access to the manager, players, coaches, etc. Reporters who are mean to the manager in post-game interviews are going to find it very difficult to get their questions answered, or get access to any information the team isn’t required to give them, which makes their job much more difficult. A reporter who can’t get any inside information, exclusive interviews, etc. isn’t much use to that reporter’s news outlet, so they’re going to avoid saying or doing anything that will seriously ruffle any feathers. When Price had his meltdown a few years back, it wasn’t because he was asked a difficult question. It was a perfectly reasonable and pleasant question. That’s the closest thing I can recall to a manager getting seriously defensive or upset about anything, and there wasn’t really any reason for it. As far as I can tell, nobody ever really challenges these guys, ever, no matter what they do. It’s not just a coincidence that all the reporters happen to behave the same way.

      • Doug Gray

        J – I promise you that I understand how it works. One of us actually works as a media member. One of us has applied multiple times to be a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America for the exact reason of being guaranteed access to cover baseball games that I otherwise flat out do not get. The team can’t just cut you off of having access if you are a member.

        I don’t think you understand where the sources are or how many exist out there. Most of the time it’s not the manager or the players themselves.

        I’m just going to end this here. I shouldn’t have engaged.

      • Dean Rock

        Excellent post in response to Gray. I actually was a sports journalist for more than a decade, and what you are saying is correct. Beat reporters will rarely risk ruffling feathers. Columnists, on the other hand, will take some shots, albeit sparingly. The Reds TV and radio crew are glorified cheerleaders.
        If you ever want to listen to a good, fair, insightful broadcast, watch a Mets game with Darling and Hernandez providing anslysis.

      • J

        Apparently Doug isn’t paying attention anymore because he’s got better things to do than engage with people commenting on his blog, but I’ll respond anyway. “The team can’t just cut you off of having access if you are a member” is really missing the point. The team can’t “cut you off,” but if other reporters are getting additional access that you are NOT getting, you’re not much of an asset to your news outlet. They would prefer to have MORE access, not the bare minimum. One needn’t be a member of the media to understand how this relationship works. Nothing that you (Doug — I’m imagining you’re still reading even if you’re not responding) have said here in any way disproves anything I’ve said.

      • J

        Dean, media are definitely a lot more aggressive in bigger cities. I suspect it’s partly just a cultural difference (fans have different expectations, and the media want to live up to those expectations), but I think it also has a lot to do with being “the only game in town.” If a Reds reporter gets the cold shoulder, that’s a serious problem for his/her organization. But if a NYC reporter gets the cold shoulder from, say, the Mets, they can focus on the Yankees, Nets, Knicks, Islanders, etc. The teams are actually in competition with each other for media attention (and they’re all in competition with all the other stuff going on in town), so the they’re in a weaker position vis-a-vis reporters than in a place like Cincinnati.

      • Dean Rock

        I’m surprised Doug pulled his BBWA card on you! I still have one in my wallet, and I’m probably the only one here who has an intimately informed, unbiased opinion. Frankly, I didn’t know who Doug Gray was until I just looked him up. As a fellow Reds fan (and former sports journalist) who knows the organization, I’d love to have more dialogue with him. That being stated, he needs to understand that the media are largely sheep. Reds PR man Rob Butcher is the shepherd. There is a pack-mentality, and rarely do reporters write or say critical things about the players they cover. It’s the equivalent of telling your wife she DOES look fat in that dress.
        But maybe Doug is offended because he has written some critical pieces. I wouldn’t know. Frankly, if I was his boss and he was a beat writer for the Reds, I’d love to see him write stories that chronicle some of the faux pas. How did we miss on all 7 prospects in Cueto and Chapman trades? How does our drafting the past 15 years compare to other clubs? Why was a career banker in Dick Williams given the GM job (pal of Bob’s and family name?) …
        Or from tonight’s game to Bell … You usually play the odds, why did you opt to pitch to Perez vs. Lhp?
        Or bigger picture,
        Votto has struggled since start of 2019 vs. Lhp, have you considered alternatives?
        Point here is that Doug is stating how things work in theory. J is observing how it largely is in practice.

      • J

        Well said, Dean. It’s a little odd, insulting, frustrating, etc. that Doug acts as if these sorts of exchanges are beneath him. He and I have clashed recently, and he seems to lump me in with all the people who spew irrational and uninformed nonsense in blog comments, so I guess I just don’t merit more than one or two dismissive responses. I’ve never been a reporter, it’s true, but I have taught courses on mass media, and know a thing or two about how journalism works. Doesn’t mean I’m necessarily right about everything, but I’m not just making stuff up out of thin air as Doug seems to imagine I am. I appreciate your helping to confirm my beliefs about what’s going in Media Land.

  129. gregmlb

    Should’ve never had Brach start the 9th. At the very least hembree should’ve been warming up in the top of the 9th. Should’ve never pitched to Perez with a base open. I wish someone could explain what has happened to Suarez. He used to be such a good player both D/O. Can’t just put this on the BP though. They left a staggering 21 on Base and we’re just 3-13 with runners in scoring position. Oh and wouldn’t it be nice to have Iglesias as the closer. I don’t care what Doug or the other saber metrics guys say, you have to have a true closer and everyone has to know their role in a successful BP. There’s no way they trade for a real closer because uncle Bob cries poor and really they don’t have anything to trade that isn’t significant to the future. Maybe look at trading Austin Hendricks or maybe one of those comp picks. Just such a frustrating night. Hope for food poising for Bell and Suarez tomorrow so they can just stay at the hotel.

    • Dean Rock

      Here is my take on Suarez … He took a team-friendly deal with his contract because he knew he wouldn’t put in the work to continue his success. He came into 2020 morbidly obese. He has obviously not worked on his defense enough to stay sharp. He makes zero adjustments at the plate… The guy simply doesn’t care about improving. Hence, he’s regressed. Slider low and away gets him every time. He wanted to hit 50 homers this year, and that’s clearly his goal, as he’s trying to lift and pull every pitch. Classy teammate, but doesn’t put in the work necessary. Time for Lopez to start.

  130. bug

    Each and every night the Reds have to win IN SPITE of Bell’s moronic decisions. Some nights they can. Some nights they can’t. Tonight they could not. He’s simply the worst manager I’ve ever seen. No way you put in Perez in a game like that. He should not even be in the big leagues, much less be put in a game that we pretty much have in the bank. But Bell is the best at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. That’s what he does. Horrible decisions, one right after another. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he wanted to lose these games. That’s the only way to explain some of his moves. Well, that, or he has no common sense. Oh well.

  131. Indy Red Man

    Warren has been money and he was off yesterday. I don’t get it?

    If I’m just experimenting to experiment then I see if he can close a game over hoping Perez doesn’t spark a rally. He’s going. HE’S GONE? What difference does it make for him? He’s in Louisville either way

  132. Gpod

    Marty B. was at least someone that would make me feel better after a loss like this because he would tell it like it is & be critical

    • Dean Rock

      Good point. He was an institution and untouchable, which gave him that freedom to speak his mind.

    • Doug Gray

      He also did a lot of telling it like it wasn’t.

      • Indy Red Man

        Yeah he turned into a grumpy old “get off my lawn” man. I’d say about 8-10 years ago atleast. With his open contempt of Dunn, Votto, whoever else he didn’t like

        Fans do it, but he should be above that

      • Dean Rock

        Doug … I’m referring to the Bally broadcast team during a normal, non-Covid year. I know reporters from the Enquirer and other media outlets aren’t on the Reds’ payroll. I’m largely referring to Jim Day.
        And frankly, no one I’ve heard on the TV or radio side are critical, though I guess Lecure might be from the sounds of things.

      • Dean Rock

        Doug, you stayed, ” None of the people asking questions are getting paid by the Reds …” That’s simply untrue. Perhaps we’ve each been careless with our pronoun usage, and or generalized, but the Reds on-air crew is absolutely determined and paid by the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. Who suspended Thom Brennaman? Who decided not to bring back Piecoro?
        So … Clearly the Reds TV audience is getting a Pollyanna version of the briadcasters’ truest thoughts. In fact, I’d argue Thom’s hot mic comment was arguably the most candid, genuine, organic thought spoken on air in recent memory. But that’s a different story.
        Bottom line is that the TV folks will rarely, if ever, point fingers.

      • Doug Gray

        The on-air crew is not paid for by the Cincinnati Reds. They are paid by Bally Sports (though the Reds do have a small stake of ownership here). Fox Sports suspended Thom. I remember for multiple days how I had to keep pointing out that the Cincinnati Reds couldn’t fire him because he was not actually their employee. They could keep him from broadcasting the game, but they did not have the power to fire him.

        The broadcasters are a very small minority of the people who are able to ask questions of the manager after the game. A lot of people who would actually have the ability to ask the questions don’t even show up to ask them, but then tweet them out on twitter as if they were Joe the Electrician instead of “media member who could literally ask the question to the manager”.

  133. Indy Red Man

    Geno has been ok defensively at 3B. They said -1 defensive runs was his rating so does that mean 0 is average? You’re not saving or allowing extra runs? IDK, but tonite was blaring. Even 1 out on that ball and they win when Garrett Ks Benintendi

    • Dean Rock

      Geno has not been “ok.” 15 errors, and that’s with generous score keeping, and some botched double plays when they got 1 out so an error wasn’t charged. He was abysmal at SS, and beliw average at third.

      • Indy Red Man

        His rating at 3B was -1 runs allowed. I think thats average. I wasn’t talking about SS. He just turned a dp to end a Cubs game. He even made a few Brook Robinson throws from foul territory. He’s normally ok at 3B

      • RojoB

        the thing that gets me about his defense is the wild swings of the pendulum

        he turns in brilliant web gems then turns around and muffs routine plays

        I don’t think he has consistent concentration

      • doofus

        Eugenio Suarez is allergic to leather, period. Why do some of us try to spin the story that Suarez is not that bad a defender?

  134. J

    I’m absolutely convinced Bell’s “logic” goes something like this:
    “I can use Perez here, save my bullpen an inning of work, so I’ve got another fresh arm tomorrow. Worst case scenario is I’ll take him out after three or four hitters and we’ve still got a safe lead.” He simply lacks the appropriate level of urgency for a team fighting to stay alive. He’s already marking this game as a W and thinking about tomorrow. Just no sense of urgency whatsoever — as if he just can’t imagine this team blowing a big lead.

    • RojoB

      Would not doubt it.

      Play for the win TODAY while it may be had. No one has a guarantee for tomorrow.

      I had hoped he was learning that lesson a little more sincerely

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      Bell in attempting to keep the bullpen fresh, burned the whole bullpen down with one swooping move. I hope this loss doesn’t have the same effect that first one in SanDiego had a few weeks back.

      But it’s not all on Bell, Suarez needs to turn that DP in ninth inning and not let that ball get by. The Reds look like a very sloppy team at times. Lack of concentration is a big problem for some of these guys.

  135. Indy Red Man

    Their Perez 1.125 ops vs lefties

    Doug can’t even defend Bell there. Doug plus OJ’s dream team couldn’t pull it off. Bell was in a fog obviously

    “If he has a mitt then you must acquit”

    • Doug Gray

      I’m incredibly confused by this comment.

      • Indy Red Man

        You’ve generally got Bell’s back. I get it. Heck I end up defending him almost every night too, but you can’t let him beat AG there with 1b open and Santana on deck

      • Doug Gray

        I literally said nothing at all about the game tonight, anywhere, but you’re in the comments dropping my name about tonight’s game and defending something.

      • Dean Rock

        I think you are splitting hairs and it’s a semantics issue. The Reds organization clearly has an interest and say as to who broadcasts the games. Also, the TV crew always seems to ask the initial questions to the players and manager, so their role shouldn’t be downplayed, especially since that’s how many in Reds country access the team — during, before and after games.
        On another note … Does the broadcast team ever take the team plane the players and managers are on? My understanding was that they do, at least pre-CoVid. Perhaps I’m wrong. Regardless, at the core of all this is that the TV crew is never critical of the Reds personnel and doesn’t ask tough questions. I think both of those statements are accurate.

    • RojoB

      “Their Perez 1.125 ops vs lefties”

      stop hurting me like this! lol

      I’m already mad enough

  136. DaceCT

    The Laws of Baseball require no one ever write about something going white *it* is* hapoening*

    The Gods require it.

  137. burtgummer01

    Blaming Bell for this is sheer ignorance.Some people need to open their eyes or move on to a new team