The Cincinnati Reds and the San Diego Padres will wrap up their 3-game series in Cincinnati tonight. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10pm.

Starting Lineups

San Diego Padres

Cincinnati Reds

Trent Grisham – CF Jonathan India – 2B
Fernando Tatis Jr. – SS Jesse Winker – LF
Jake Cronenworth – 2B Nick Castellanos – RF
Manny Machado – 3B Tyler Stephenson – C
Eric Hosmer – 1B Joey Votto – 1B
Wil Myers – RF Alejo Lopez – 3B
Jurickson Profar – LF Aristides Aquino – CF
Webster Rivas – C Kyle Farmer – SS
Ryan Weathers – SP Luis Castillo – SP

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo

June was an outstanding month for Luis Castillo. After struggling int he first two months of the year, the right-handed starter made five starts in June and posted a 1.71 ERA while throwing 31.2 innings and allowing just one home runs.

He hasn’t shown much in the way of splits this season when it comes to total production. Righties are hitting .277/.335/.434 against him, while lefties are hitting .266/.359/.396 against him. The OPS difference is just 15 points, but how they get there is different. Righties hit for a little bit more power, while lefties draw more walks (and strikeout a lot more). His ERA at home is a bit lower, 4.89, than on the road, 5.40.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Slider
Velo 96.8 97.0 87.8 85.5
Usage 29.9% 20.7% 31.6% 17.7%

Ryan Weathers

The son of former Reds closer David Weathers returns to Cincinnati. Ryan Weathers is in his rookie season and the 21-year-old has done more than hold his own, he’s been downright outstanding as he’s split time between the rotation and bullpen, making eight starts and six relief appearances for the Padres this year. He’s posted a 2.47 ERA in 47.1 innings with 13 walks and 34 strikeouts.

As a left-handed pitcher you’d expect him to handle lefties better, and so far in his career he’s done just that. Lefties are hitting just .214/.254/.250 against him in 59 plate appearances. Righties are hitting just .205 with a .274 on-base percentage against him – but when they do get hits, they go for extra-bases as they’re slugging .420 thanks to six doubles and six home runs out of the 23 hits he has allowed to righties in 125 plate appearances. He has pitched better as a reliever, but he’s been good as a starter with a 2.78 ERA in 32.1 innings.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 94.0 93.6 86.6 86.8
Usage 46.3% 13.2% 32.2% 8.2%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, MLB Network (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: ­76°, cloudy, 19% chance of rain.

News and Notes

Eugenio Suárez gets another day off

For the second day in a row, Eugenio Suárez is not in the starting lineup and Alejo Lopez is getting the start at third base for the Reds. Lopez, a switch-hitter, has stepped up to the plate 57 times this year and faced a left-handed pitcher. He’s struck out one time. He’s hit .388/.474/.490 against lefties this season between Triple-A and the big leagues.

Michael Lorenzen to begin his rehab assignment

The Reds officially sent Michael Lorenzen on a rehab assignment today. He’ll join the Arizona Complex League Reds in Goodyear. Lorenzen will be working his way back with the plan to join the Cincinnati bullpen following the All-Star break.

NL Central Standings

Playoff odds via Fangraphs

Team W L GB Playoff %
Brewers 48 33 0 86.6%
Cubs 42 39 6.0 13.7%
Reds 39 40 8.0 8.6%
Cardinals 40 41 8.0 4.3%
Pirates 29 50 18.0 0.0%

180 Responses

  1. Melvin

    I like this lineup save Farmer, although I will admit it seems he hits better than the stats would indicate. Hope to see Barrero soon. Every game is big. Let’s have fun and win. 🙂

    • beelicker

      Farmer vs LHP 2o2o = .238/.333/.405

  2. Rex

    Great line up. Is tonight the night we beat SD? It looks right to me

  3. LDS

    Swap AA and Votto. JV can’t hit lefties anymore.

    • Melvin

      hahaha Now where have I heard that before. I know. lol Let’s hope he starts proving us wrong tonight buddy.

      • Jim Walker

        He has some proving to do. That’s for sure. Versus Lefties .563 OPS in 2021. wRC+ of 53 (100 is league average; lower is less). And before I get trolled, yes, he is still elite versus RH pitching. OPS of .909; wRC+ of 146 in 2021

        It is very much in the both the team’s and his personal interests that they find somebody who is at least approaching league average versus RH pitching to platoon with him. He’d still start `70% of games and possibly be even better vs RH pitching thanks to the increased rest.

      • LDS

        I’ll take a reversal of a 4 year trend for one night at least.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. I like what I’ve seen the past few games in his hitting though. Haven’t seen that in years. Hopefully it will start to transfer over to LH as well. We’ll see.

      • Melvin

        Votto has hit the ball hard, especially his last one to CF, twice tonight. I like what I’m seeing lately.

  4. Bet on Red

    Happy get paid a million dollars for the rest of your life for being a met a while ago day!! Law of averages says we should take this one. LAw of everything else…. yeah. Glad to see benching Suarez not just lip service. I believe this is the first time we are seeing Lopez batting Right, Right? Lets hope LC return to form continues. ERA has plummeted reciently

  5. MBS

    Glad to see they are sending a message to Suarez, hope he responds like Votto did last year. Bring up Barrero soon. They can’t affor to run out Farmer anymore. 8 games back is teetering on collapse

  6. doofus

    Unrelated. Is not Mississippi State The Cowboy’s alma mater? If yes, then congratulations to him!

    • RojoB

      His 1985 team also had Will Clark, Bobby Thigpen and Rafael Palmeiro

    • Wayne Nabors

      Was one of the best teams in history, had will Clark Raphael palmiero, Bobby Thigpen and Jeff Brantley

  7. JA

    SD is a very good team, playing all sides of the game.
    Our chances is about what Castillo will show up tonight.
    Votto is not hitting lefties lately. He’d fit better in 7th or 8th spot in the line up today.
    Let’s see if Reds can win this game and avoid the sweep (btw, excepting 1 game against SD, Reds were just short in all of them)

  8. doofus

    Earth to the Red’s front office: GET A REAL SHORTSTOP!!!!

  9. Old-school

    Castillo strikes out Tatis and Stephenson laser to catch grisham stealing

    Kudos to the Padres for playing aggressive baseball

    Better execution by the Reds.

    How Tatis laid of the previous castillo 100 mph FB just up by an inch is beyond me.

    Castillo has too much talent to waiver on him.

  10. Indy Red Man

    India 10 hbp))) I don’t get it? He’s not way up on the plate like Rizzo or something? He’s turned into a special leadoff man! Give credit to Bell for that. He had like 3-4 good games and boom….he was the leadoff man! It wasn’t like he was hot for a month or something.

  11. ClevelandRedsFan

    Is Suarez hurt? I’m not criticizing. I love it. But I gotta know if it’s an injury or if Bell thinks Lopez could be better.

    • Rex

      we need to get Lopez hitting, then he can sit

    • RojoB

      From what I could see yesterday, he has a major cramp in the hustle

    • Old-school

      Mental break
      Good idea
      Suarez has had 3 big changes

      1.) shoulder surgery january 2020
      2.) covid shutdown 2020 on top of shoulder surgery – unnatural rehab and no hitting reps
      3.) unnatural off season and position change to SS

      Suarez needs a mental break and needs to get back to his comfort zone.
      I think Injury and lack or reps and covid impacted him big time. Hes not old or done. He is at his low point.

      • DaveCT

        Agreed. Can be a tendency to see sitting as old school benching. I think this is just good management of Geno, the human being.

  12. Dennis Westrick

    I feel like the Baseball Gods owe the Reds after last night’s game being called early! Who knows what would have happened with the Reds having 4 innings to overcome a 2-run deficit!

    • JB

      Or the Reds bullpen had 4 more innings to give up more runs.

      • RojoB

        And Joey with his 3-0 swing snuffed the remaining embers of the inning

      • RojoB

        Sorry that was Stevenson no Votto.

        And López is 2 for 2 now!

        Another atta boy!

  13. Bet on Red

    JR House failure yet again. Now LC gotta lean into one

  14. Indy Red Man

    Dumb?????? 3-0 and they green light w/bases loaded. I hate that? You’ll get the same 3-1 that you got on 3-0?

  15. JA

    Wowowow… Castellanos intentional walk in the 2nd… that’s respect
    Let’s see what is the payoff

  16. Mark A Verticchio

    Plain and simple not smart baseball to give a rookie the green light on 3-0, as was said he would still get a hitters pitch on 3-1. Just another example of Bell’s poor managerial skills.

    • Old-school

      I agree
      Thats baseball now. River boat gambling. Guess and double down and hope you hit blackjack 21. Ironic we are in the “analytics” era

      I would think analytics meant fundamentals. Get on base. Value players who extend at bats and innings and spray the ball to all fields so other teams cant predict.

  17. Old-school

    Castillo settling in
    9 batters after 3 innings

  18. JB

    Dont feel bad Lopez. There isnt a guy in that dugout who hasnt messed up on the basepaths.

    • Indy Red Man

      2-2! I like guys that are just irritating to the other team. He won’t go deep, but you can hit-n-run with him and he can steal a base now and then. Long term though I would think he’d need to bat 8th or 9th when they play him.

      • JB

        He didnt hit that ball hard but he put it in play and good things happen when you do that. I dont believe he will ever strikeout 3 or 4 times a game like Suarez. Maybe Suarez can learn something here.

  19. Bet on Red

    Lopez even got a hit on his walk-up music- Starway to heaven.

  20. Mark A Verticchio

    Interesting thought Brewers vs Padres = 5 and 1, Reds vs Padres 0 and 6 = 5 game difference. Sad but True, But when Brewers played them they were all banged up.

    • Indy Red Man

      Yelich was out when they swept SD. Great pitching can overcome alot of things.

      • Indy Red Man

        When they swept them in SD for 3

  21. Indy Red Man

    No-no stuff…..get it out of the way before the jinx kicks in. Sadak will say it 29 times anyway

  22. Dennis Westrick

    If, by some miracle, the Reds are still close in the NL Central in early September, but ultimately fall short, they only have to look at their record versus the NL West. 1-5 against the D’Backs, 1-6 against the Giants and currently 0-6 against the Padres for a collective record of 2-17. A lot of losses to make up but a long way to go! At some point the Brewers will return to average once they finish playing the bottom feeders!

  23. SteveLV

    Is Lopez’ potential a comp to Nick Madrigal? Realize it may be premature, but that’s what struck me.

  24. Mark Moore

    LC settled in and looking pretty good. I don’t think 2 is enough against these Friars, though. Hope we can hold out and get the W.

  25. Bet on Red

    couldn’t get another inning in so we can get the rain gods win?

  26. Mark Moore

    My niece down in the Lex area posted pictures of her flooded back yard creek. We can’t catch a break here.

  27. Indy Red Man

    It will rain just long enough to get Castillo out and make sure Bell gets Doolittle in at some point))

    Its just not our year

  28. RedsMonk65

    Well, poo. Castillo on fire, we have the lead, and the vaults of heaven open up above GABP. Hopefully a short delay …. but …

    • dhmorgan

      Yeah, lousy timing.
      Three more outs and it could have rained until someone started building an ark.

  29. JB

    Going into today’s games
    Games against Teams under 500
    Milwaukee is 28-27
    Cincinnati 22-16
    Games against Teams 500 and over
    Milwaukee is 20-6
    Cincinnati is 17-24

    It isnt just the crappy teams Milwaukee is beating but they have played far fewer good teams. Meanwhile the Reds need to play better against the good teams. San Diego has made that record look bad.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Thanks JB for those stats!

  30. beelicker

    Pirates picked up one on Brewers 1-2 now in the 6th, naturally Pirate pitcher issues back to back walks leading off the 6th

    • beelicker

      oops 3-1 Brewers, still 0 outs and the .167 ‘hitting’ Jackie Bradley at the dish

      • beelicker

        Had JB jr 1-2, walks him on 3 straight, bases loaded, pitcher up

      • beelicker

        Adames flies out on 0-2 pitch and Bucs up bottom 6th down 1-4

        that is all

  31. RedsMonk65

    Game to resume 9:25 p.m. ET (per Mark Sheldon)

  32. JB

    Of course ESPN does the NL all star outfielders last. It’s tough being a Cincinnati fan.

    • RedsMonk65

      Staying in the game for now. Hopefully will not become a lingering issue (shoulder).

      • Melvin

        It will be sore tomorrow. Poor Senzel would be out for weeks. I can see it coming. Lopez to 2B next game. Suarez back to 3B.

  33. Bet on Red

    because we cant get a break right

  34. RedsMonk65

    Nick C. and Wink both All-Star starters!

    • Old-school

      Pretty impressive 2/3 starting NL outfielders in mlb are Reds

  35. Mark Moore

    Don’t think AA read that well from what I saw. Our other CF’ers would have had that, I think.

    • Melvin

      I thought it should have been caught. I think he catches it most times. Just needs more experience in CF. He was there.

  36. Bet on Red

    I forgot, who is up when we start up again

  37. Mark Moore

    OK, damage limited. Need some crooked numbers in the worst way.

    I’ve got about 30 minutes before I have to tap out tonight.

    • beelicker

      6’7″ rookie throwing some 99 mph RH heat

      • beelicker

        lol Kid don’t mess around … bring that stuff into my little kitchen!

  38. RedsMonk65

    Lopez with another hit. 3 for 3.

  39. JB

    Lopez 3-3. Suarez getting a little uneasy in his seat.

  40. Bet on Red

    THe punisher can destroy the inside of ballparks too

  41. RedsMonk65

    Nice hit by AA to drive in Lopez.

    • beelicker

      This is how your new #2 hitter should operate … get on, disrupt

  42. Melvin

    haha I like that combo with short guy and GIANT getting the job done.

  43. Mark Moore

    Would have liked more than 1, but at least we turned the lineup over. Hope India is OK.

    • beelicker

      and we do have an ‘official game’ now

      • beelicker

        11 pitch inning, JC at 79 pitches/5o strikes

  44. DaveCT

    Man, India is one of the most savvy rookies in memory.

    • Mark Moore

      The kid is good … and I’m high on TySteve as well.

  45. JB

    Reds need more runs. 3 is not enough with their bullpen.

  46. dhmorgan

    Two men on. No outs.
    Come on Reds. Bust this thing open.

    • Jim

      Are you kidding, Votto up when we need a hit. He Cannot get a hit when we need one, Sure when it dosn’t mean anything but when we kneed it. NO. How many LOB does he have this year. Big Numbers!!! A lot of Loses go along with his LOB

  47. Old-school

    Does sadack realize this isnt radio?
    He doesbt need to say jihnsin delivers and ball 1

    Then talk incessantly with obscure stats-

    Worst announcer in cincinnati sports ever. Please shut up
    Reds baseball is unlistenable

    Anyone sync the tv with radio?

    I love cowboy and thrall is good

    • Mark Moore

      Earlier, I had the WLW audio feed playing for that exact reason. I really hope he’s on a 1-year deal and we’re rid of him next season.

      • Old-school

        Is there a delay though ?

        Sadack is unwatchable

    • MBS

      Sadak is bad, but I like Larkin. I know Larkin gets some guff from fans, but he has good insights.

    • bug

      >>>Worst announcer in cincinnati sports ever.

      I concur. Wish someone would stick a sock in his mouth. He’s also a JINX!!!!

  48. dhmorgan

    Why was Winker still planted at first base after that wild pitch?

    • Mark Moore

      I believe Larkin explained it well. You have to see the missed catch, have to check the runner on second so you don’t end up a TOOTBLAN, and then determine if you can still make it. I have to think they wouldn’t have actually thrown on him and risked India scoring from third.

  49. Mark Moore

    OK, I’ve got to head for bed. Hope this holds up and LC gives us at least the 7th.

  50. beelicker

    Impressive AB by Stephenson even if it was an out … such plate discipline and eye for the strike zone battlting back from o-2

  51. beelicker

    Alright .. JC throwing 98 mph sinkers and 7 & 8 due up this could still work

    • beelicker

      Still throwing 98, 99 mph & that was a good pitch he hit, 98.4 mph sinker in on the hands and a strike

  52. Bet on Red

    That rain delay had an effect I think. There was some resettling after that. Mother nature not being favorable over the last week with the reds.

    • RedsMonk65

      Yeah, he didn’t look quite as sharp after the delay. Velocity still good. Location not so much.

      • RedsMonk65

        ….and, I might add, the Padres just have darn good hitters.

  53. Roger garrett

    Pads attack is deep.No easy outs.

    • JB

      They are a good team. The Reds have played well against them. Just can’t get over the hump.

  54. RedsMonk65

    AG gets out of the jam. Good work. Need to plate some more runs.

  55. dhmorgan

    Amir is starting to get his Mojo back.

  56. Bet on Red

    4 for 4… teach him SS every day

  57. beelicker

    Now there’s your Robin to the 2 Batmen!

  58. Doc

    Give Lopez two more weeks of starting and he might have more hits this year than Suarez. Ok, maybe 3 weeks.

    • MBS

      I like Lopez, I hope they find a way to get him playing time.

  59. RedAlert

    Farmer is almost an automatic out . Dude can’t hit squat and playing everyday due to ineptitude of front office . Terrible

  60. JB

    Come on Akiyama. Take one for the team.

      • beelicker

        6 sliders away and Zorro draws the walk!

      • beelicker

        And now is when the submariner hits your lefty batter *gently* on the gluteus maximus

  61. MBS

    WHY? Why do you take Aquino out? Bell can’t help himself. I’m not sure, but I don’t think Aquino has played an entire game. 1 for 1 RBI double with 2 BB. I’m not even a Bell hater, but he is infuriating at times.

    • beelicker

      Naquin stays in for defense, that’s defensible

      • MBS

        Naquin is a good player, but I wouldn’t care if it was Winker pinch hitting for him. My issue is Bell won’t let Aquino play a whole game. Naquin would be either a lateral move defensively or a slight step down from Aquino.

      • beelicker

        Also depends on which relievers SD has left which Bell would be anticipating

    • Melvin

      If it makes you feel any better I too feel like Bell pours cold water on Aquino at times. it’s very hard for him to get in a groove and feel comfortable. When he took over for Puig he played every day and after awhile we were able to see great things that no one else has ever done. Never understood why Bell doesn’t try harder to tap in to that. Maybe soon. Who knows? We won the game. Let’s do it again tomorrow.

  62. JB

    Wow alot of San Diego fans there. Obviously Bandwagon fans. Couldn’t find a Padre fan for 40 years until the last couple of years. They’ve stunk forever.

  63. RedAlert

    Reds – the gift that keeps on giving …

    This team finds ways to lose …..not ways to win … ALWAYS WAYS TO LOSE

  64. Jerry

    I can never understand an infielder throwing side arm to first base. The ball will sink and land in the dirt. They should be throwing from a 3/4 angle.

  65. JB

    Curious to see if Lopez gets to hit. He had an error there and Bell might sit him now and go back to old reliable.

  66. beelicker

    Winker also is in the game so how would he be PH for Aquino? Bell is trying to win this game …

    • MBS

      I think you missed the point of what I was saying again. Also, I was using a hypothetical (Winker as a PH) to emphasize that the issue was not Naquin. Naquin is the number 3 OF on this team, he’s earned that, and I’m glad, I am a big fan of Naquin. My issue is Aquino gets yanked out of every game he plays, for a pinch hitter. Aquino’s splits are not an issue, save the pinch hitter for a pitchers spot, and let Aquino continue to get AB’s.

      Also, no crap Bell’s trying to win. I don’t think he tinkers so much because he thinks it’s going to hurt the game.

      • beelicker

        OK well i guess that’s the difference between being into the game and looking to be a nattering nabob of kneejerk negativism …? Looks like Bell got lefty Naquin on righty Melancon in the 9th even if he didn’t get a hit off him …

      • MBS

        ”You think that a manager pinch hits in the 7th for a possible 9th inning match up? That is hilarious. That’s almost as brilliant as “Bell is trying to win the game”. Bell’s move was for the current match up not the 9th.

        BTW Criticism is not negativity. Saying we can’t do this, or I bet we’ll lose is negativity. Criticism is pointing out pros and cons of something, it’s why they called Siskel and Ebert “Movie Critics”, and not “Movie negativist.”

  67. Indy Red Man

    Error on Lopez of course, but Joey’s got to smother that ball! We’ll get this one though. This team fights atleast!

    • JB

      Totally agree. I didnt think it was that bad to scoop.

    • Melvin

      I was gone but watched the replay. The way the ball bounced it was very hard to handle. Not a normal scoop. Glad we were able to overcome and win anyway. I like Lopez by the way.

  68. Bet on Red

    Had to take the roommate to work, didn’t see the error til now, poor throw he will learn, looks like it took a hard weird bounce on Votto as well. Oh well. Ultimately we all knew this game would come down to Suarez being the hero with a PH walk-off

  69. Roger garrett

    No homer,no score.Twelve hits in 8 innings with numerous chances to score and now fall 9 games off the pace.Just one of those games I guess

  70. Indy Red Man

    Well I don’t think it will be much better next year, but all the young guys will be fully battle tested by 2023 and then Votto/Moose are gone after that.

    Hopefully by 2023, they’ll have Hunter Greene and Lodolo in the rotation and the future should be bright from there! I don’t see that much young talent in the rest of the division.

  71. Bet on Red

    Oh and the Radio guys say that the Padres on second are feeding signs to the batters and have been for some time

    • beelicker

      That *is* something that Bell needs to clean up .. his pitchers being indiffernt to too many runners running wild & free … and the little nuance stuff like sign-stealing gamesmanship

  72. Indy Red Man

    I liked Warren, but I didn’t think he’d look this good! Sometimes you wonder how some of these guys get hit at all in the minors? He’s 28 so he should have a chance to be productive for 3-4 more years!

    • JB

      He had a high ERA at Louisville too. Obviously he found something .

  73. Hanawi

    7 pitchers for the Padres in this game and none of them with an ERA over 3.28 and most under 3.00. Pretty impressive. Reds have had chances, but got to take advantage bc you don’t get many against that type of staff.

    • JB

      Farmer 3 hits. Yeah he is an automatic out. Lol

    • Indy Red Man

      They wouldn’t if they pitched in gabp all the time. I was hoping that ball would get down in the gap. Shocked it went out

      • Hanawi

        Reds seem to have Melancon’s number. 5 earned runs against them, 3 against the rest of the league.

  74. Bet on Red


  75. RedAlert

    Well at least Farmer made me eat crow ! GO REDS !

    Glad he did !

  76. dhmorgan

    Maybe TV doesn’t do him justice.
    But he looks like he’s 45 years old.
    Why can’t these guys hit him?
    Well, someone did.

    • Indy Red Man

      He reminds me of David Weathers. He was better then I thought he was, but I thought he sucked)))

  77. Roger garrett

    Hit number 13 is a homer and it’s tied.

  78. Bet on Red

    what is the Toolban reference for the entire Defense disappeared cause that is what happened

  79. Indy Red Man

    That HR by India in SD will be our high water mark for the season! We were on a 13-3 run and that HR put us up 4-2 on a pitcher that hadn’t blown a save. For a brief moment I didn’t think we would lose again)))

  80. DaveCT

    Lordy. Everything India touches turns to gold

  81. RedsMonk65


    Finally beat the Padres.

    Good game.

  82. Bet on Red


  83. Hanawi

    Boom. Loving Stephenson. Seems like catcher should be sewn up for the next 10 years for the Reds.